This isn’t a real post but it made my whole day so I’m sharing it here

Kelly Vivanco is one of my very favorite artists ever.  To see why just take a look at this and this and this and all the rest of her paintings.

This morning she surprised me with a painting of my own and I wanted to share it with you…


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  1. That should be the cover of the paperback release! Awesome. Just. Awesome.

    Sayre recently posted First of the Month - a couple of days late.

  2. Awesome. You have best friends!

  3. Nice….Now you need Victor to build you a studio when you can display yourself…er…yeah.

    Jana recently posted E is for Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezie.

  4. Love her work, and this is AWESOME!

    Oly recently posted My head. Population: 4.

  5. Oh wow! It’s lovely! So adorable :-)

    Bozo recently posted F - Fighting with Fasts.

  6. Why do I now want a tiny hairdryer to use on my poor cat… who would NOT be pleased? Beautiful pic!

    Queen of All Things Good recently posted When Good Managers Go Bad... or at least get punchy.

  7. I love how the skull is the hair dryer and it’s just floating above…

  8. Awesome! I see why you love her!

  9. That is gorgeous! You really have the best friends.

    Amanda recently posted the first worldiest of problems.

  10. LOVE this.


    Stephanie recently posted There will be so many times..

  11. Why does Natalie Portman have a mouse on her head?

    moooooog35 recently posted BIG NEWS!! I'm Expanding my Empire... One Cookie at a Time.

  12. I second the paperback cover nomination. This would be pretty perfect.

    Cassandra Neace (@CassandraNeace) recently posted Going Public: Neruda and Merwin.

  13. These are SO FANTASTIC!

    Malkah recently posted True History: Victimless Crimes of Passion.

  14. DUDE!!!

    that’s better than strawberry gravy any day

    Lori recently posted True conversation that just happened.

  15. My favorite details is how the dryer blew the skull right out of his hand. This is just grand.

    Julie recently posted Embracing change: Gain vs. Loss.

  16. poor wittle fella !

    Gina aka Slappy recently posted Friends.

  17. !!! The best! I love it. It really should be the back cover of your paperback release, that would be so cool.

    Valorie recently posted how to make the best ice coffee you've ever had at home.

  18. WOW! So cool. I love it. She’s very talented!

  19. But it NEEDS twine!

  20. I love it! Next you’ll both be using the hot comb.

    Cindy Reed recently posted Three is a Magic Number: In Which I Reveal the Origins of My Nickname..

  21. dude, that rocks…..the eyes totally have this……deep, soulful……”I will screw with you and you will love me for it” thing going.
    Nailed it.

  22. She captured your Mona Lisa smirk beautifully! How great that she did that painting of you.

    joy at joyfulthings recently posted Next Stop - Portage and Main.

  23. That is beautiful Jenny. I went and checked out her artwork and fell in love. I need more walls in my house dammit.

  24. That is excellent. Love it.

    Rebeccah recently posted A Walk That Took A Very Unexpected Turn.

  25. 30
    Jen Brooks

    That. Is. Awesome. Just like you. :-)

  26. awesome! <3

  27. How amazing. You have way better friends than me. Even though my internet friends are totally awesome.

    Chelle recently posted A Tatttoo With a Side Order of Self-Confidence.

  28. Wow that is greatness.

    Valerie @ Life 4 me by me recently posted Efflorescent wishes.

  29. I could have sworn he was juggling.

    Mom In Two Cultures recently posted The Family Portrait.

  30. That is indeed completely awesome :-) And yes, like Jen (#29) said – just like you!

  31. Awesome. We should all be so lucky as to be caricatured with dead mice on our heads.

    Rob R recently posted I’m Craving my Wife’s Shampoo.

  32. wow. agreed that this should be on the paperback cover of your book!

    Char K recently posted Nascar fans will appreciate this….

  33. What a great Good Friday gift! Happy Easter, Jenny!

    tamaratattles recently posted Camille Grammer Goes in on Dimitri's Baby Momma.

  34. –>I bet that made you ridiculously happy. As it should.

    WebSavvyMom recently posted Lost in Translation.

  35. Beyonce needs one too. Totally has to have her own painting.

  36. Hahahahahahhahaha, I think someone needs to draw zombie Jenny. ASAP.

    Stephanie recently posted Music and Healing a Broken Heart.

  37. Wow, her work is beautiful.

  38. If you squint your eyes and look real close you can see Will Wheaton collating papers inside the third roller to the right.
    p.s. I may or may not be drunk.

    RachRiot recently posted Cluster Chuck.

  39. That’s fabulous. I love the little Hamlet mouse. Says Hamlet’s Mistress…. Duh.

    Amy - Hamlet's Mistress recently posted Guilty Wives - James Patterson & David Ellis.

  40. That is fantastic, is your book trailer!

    kim/reluctant renovator recently posted More Passover Prep. Or, How Not to Make Horseradish.

  41. Lovely. Just lovely!

    Andrea Mulder-Slater recently posted Keeping the balance... with a dance move.

  42. Even prettier than the real you, and that’s saying something. It’s not actually true, of course, but, it is very nice.

    Tom recently posted Virgin of the Panecillo.

  43. Love love love it… whimsy and the right attitude at the same time! Use it for book number two… or the new Fox animated series based on your book… and uh keep it away from the stalkers (just saying…)

    alfred lives here recently posted Sprocket Me, Baby!.

  44. Love it!

    SharonCville recently posted Nostalgia.

  45. <3 <3 <3

    Peg recently posted Chevron love.

  46. thanks for the share!! Kelly V is excellent and a very lovely painting of yourself (and Hamlet)

  47. 53
    Susan Brunjes

    That is simply divine! What a FANTASTIC artist…now I must go check out her wares.

  48. It’s awesome how many pictures of you people have taken it upon themselves to create, but have you ever wished you’d put a different picture of yourself up in the first place? My photo is on all my books and I kinda wish I’d brushed my hair first. Looking good, though!

    Lorca Damon recently posted Gifted, My Ass.

  49. Thanks for linking us up to her. Those are some amazing works.

    They look like they belong in a book…or a book should be written around them.

    red recently posted Jedi vs. Ninja - Who's In?.

  50. That is flipping fantastic!! What a great depiction of you. She is tres talented. Bravo.

    Misty recently posted Weekly Whacked: Sell it, Baby!.

  51. Ha! The mask comes off!

    Nikki Rules recently posted In The Closet.

  52. I’m new to your blog, so I don’t know the meaning of the mouse in the red cape, but he/she sure is cute :-)

    spiritgal recently posted Cosmetic Tip Tuesday/Review: Inexpensive Makeup-Remover Wipes.

  53. You have had so much artwork done….. when do we get to see a Bloggess art gallery?

    Still waiting for a Banksy portrait to be done….

    Brandon, The Ho from Idaho recently posted Youble - My New Gym (Back on the Fitness Track).

  54. Love it! And I love her stuff! I didn’t look at the ones you picked out first, and we ended up picking a few of the same ‘likes’.

  55. Nicely done. Girls got talent!

  56. Your in the newspaper industry, right? Is that a bribe for future benefits by any chance… LoL

    Keep smiling

    Tom Stronach recently posted Kids, Religion and Food!.

  57. LOVE it! That’s just amazing. Nothing pithy or cute to add–just straight-on admiration. Well done!

    AlohaKarina recently posted Your home sanctuary spaces: It’s all in the details.

  58. I agree with Sayre and whoever else said this should be the paperback edition cover, because it really is awesome.

    Courtney recently posted Ami looks like a redneck trucker and Billy looks like an escapee....

  59. You have got to luv the talent. Much better than the stick figures that seem to plague every piece of paper I attempt to make art out of.

  60. That is amazing! I love her work, especially Stream, Knothole, Thoughts and Green Tea! Thanks so much for sharing! :)

  61. Jenny, I think you’d like my friend Dorielle’s art too. Link from my name. xoxo

  62. That is so much more than awesome.

    tokenblogger recently posted Passover beings Friday evening….

  63. 71
    Keaven Neely

    Beautiful! Love it.

  64. classic!!!!! the dryer blowing the skull right out of his hand. ……keep having a titter when i think of this…BRILLIANT post.x

  65. The painting it awesome!! I sometimes wish I had talent to paint and draw instead of the insane need to write, but I don’t have that talent. She does and it is fabulous!! :-)

  66. Ohhh I envy your painting skills! I soooo love this! I wish I could draw myself, too. LOL

    Kathy recently posted Suffolk County Child Support.

  67. This is fantastic! I’m going to spend some time exploring her site, now- I love her work!

    Gesci recently posted Queen Elizabeth II in York for Maundy Thursday.

  68. 76


  69. you lucky, lucky girl!! She’s my favorite as well! amazing!! how big is it?? I have a tattoo on my ankle from one of her paintings.

    Aimee recently posted Paleo Stuffed Peppers.

  70. That is gorgeous. And reminds me, after I read your book on my breand new ereader, i am lending it to my sister. she said and i quote “isn’t that the one with the mouse on the front? I kinda wanna read that” then I had to explain to my family, including my very proper grandparents, your taxidermy habit and how I wanted to put Juanita on my birthday cake but my toothache has cancelled all cake plans.

    Brea @ Real Housewife N. Idaho recently posted F is for Family.

  71. Very Cool!

    Corey Feldman recently posted Egret and the Moonbow.

  72. Love it.

    Morgan Eckstein recently posted Seven Days of Easter Kitties Day 5.

  73. That is beautiful!

  74. Lucky!

  75. Wow, Kelly’s paintings are fantastic, even though she’s missing a scene where a fancy mouse is riding on the back of a flying platypus in the Sonoran Desert. Other than that, what a great talent.

  76. Iwant her to illustrate my book, the one that I haven’t written yet, but will start writing right this second if only to get her to illustrate it.

    Laurie Ann recently posted Sad Laurie is Sad, but Happy Chair is Happy.

  77. That is perfect. Simply perfect.

  78. Um, rad. Sign me up for your life, yo.

  79. So fantastic! I love artwork like that. I am in the process of adding new pieces to my own collection so that there are no so many naked pictures of me in my house, and these are awesome!

    Sweety Darlin recently posted Then she was a Ethiopian Anorexic Nicaraguan Orphan?!.

  80. I like her art. I want one :)

    Pish Posh recently posted F is for French Hipster Bees.

  81. My fave thing was when a reader made me an evil Snuggle Fabric Softener Bear®. It was all in the eyebrows.

    p.s. Check out that swan-like neck she gave you!

    in bed with married women recently posted Bikini Condom, We Hardly Knew Ye.

  82. How awesome is that!!?

    mara recently posted The Dog..

  83. I have a feeling you’d really like this art:

    She has the most interesting yet true-to-life take on motherhood I’ve ever seen.

    Scarlett recently posted Horses, In Real Life.

  84. How talented! It’s perfect. You’re lucky to have such talented friends.

  85. OMG, that reminds me of a dream I had once where I had dead rats nesting in my hair. GREAT PICTURE, though. :-)

    seabluelee recently posted Scavenger Hunt: April Already?.

  86. I second The Ho from Idaho’s request (Comment 58) for a Bloggess art gallery – that would be so cool!

    Zippy recently posted Five or six or maybe eight things I’ve learned about Twitter.

  87. She so perfectly captured your happysadchildfunny soul. lovely.

  88. That is amazing! She’s got quite a talent.

    banana stickers recently posted April Fools! But no, seriously, the dog is dead..

  89. That is beautiful art, but why did she make you look like you saw a ghost? Oh wait….(in loud stage whisper) did you?

    imperfectmomma recently posted Dear you.

  90. That’s amazing! She’s very talented.

    Amanda recently posted A Look At The Thoughts Running Through A Boy’s Head While Playing Sports.

  91. I love this so hard.

    Which is saying a lot, given my debilitating fear of both mice and portable hair dryers …

    bschooled recently posted Love Bites. Literally..

  92. Wow, I especially loved “Offshore”. Incredible talent!

    Nicky recently posted I ran away.

  93. Wow, she did an amazing job capturing emotion. Beautiful painting.

    Reanna recently posted Tax time makes me think of my vagina.

  94. NOW I know what to do when a taxidermied mouse climbs on top of my head! Of COURSE!

    Perfect portrait. Thanks for sharing :-)

    Jillian recently posted If Wedding Invites Could Talk.

  95. This is fabulous! You should definitely get a print done of that!

    NATurally Inappropriate recently posted Twatbadgers.

  96. EW reviewed your book, mentioned your website, and now I have to read how many fucking back posts to catch up? I didn’t want to like you ( I already have a ton of DVR guilt! And so I can’t possibly do blog guilt too), but then I read “unicorn success club” and now I’m so afraid I will miss something really funny, AND everyone will be talking about me because I don’t know all the cool posts Jenny Lawson has written.

  97. This picture belongs in a Museum of Fun!

    Judy Hettena Wright recently posted And Now I've Gone Too Far-The Game of Thrones Tax Meme.

  98. Whoa. That looks great and all…but what is Ferris gonna think about this?

    Isn’t up top where he stays??

    Carrie recently posted I’ve apparently been really busy doing a lot of nothing this week. What a shock..

  99. Great! This is awesome. As well as her other paintings.

  100. It is fabulous! I love it! You are right, her artwork is unique and wonderful.

    Momma Fargo recently posted Bubblegum Bandits.

  101. Wait, now I have to stare at that picture – you all see a skull getting blown out and here I thought Hamlet had a teeny Phantom of the Opera mask…

    julie recently posted I Choose Pants: How Years of Crisis Training Becomes Useless at 5:00a.m..

  102. Man, I love that. Like would hang it in my own house. And not as a creepy shrine to you, but just because its that awesome.

    Marta recently posted Notes Between the Paper Sheets.

  103. Amazing! Thanks for sharing the painting and the artist.

    Clip Snark recently posted One Mad Bunny.

  104. AWESOme !!!!

    peachesandpearls recently posted let there be cake ...hmmm cake ..

  105. Wow that is fabulous, love her paintings!

  106. This is the most awesome thing in the world. I am slightly jealous!!

    The Rebel Chick recently posted Rubbermaid 2-in-1 Recycler Review & #Giveaway.

  107. What fun!

    Kathleen recently posted Purple Coneflowers.

  108. That is awesome!!!!

  109. Love it! You should have it framed and hang it above your fireplace mantel with one of those picture spotlights on it. ;)

    Jaki (Slim Down U) recently posted Wrap up the wrap parties with the trash.

  110. What Jaki said! Love the style.

    Nicky recently posted Pins pins pins/Week wrap up..

  111. incredible! now just be sure not to spill any strawberry – or other flavored – gravy on it!

    Anna recently posted Great Kids Easter Craft Ideas.

  112. That is so freaking amazing. Art is the ultimate gift and art about yourself, even better!! I heart you Bloggess!

    Lola recently posted Respect the Run: Kicked the 15k’s a$$, BTW I chafed my gooch & I <3 female runners, and Babu.

  113. 123
    Dennis Dillow

    I think this artist di a great job of capturing the true Bloggess spirit.

  114. “Drunking” is better than saying “Piss up” which when you are drunk becomes “Pish up”

    Vivian recently posted SPAM WHAM.

  115. Beautiful!!!

  116. Lovely! Thanks for introducing some philistines to a great artist.
    I bet you would also like Ursula Vernon’s paintings.
    I especially love the series of animal saints. It is almost time to invoke St. Wombus and the miracle of the Zucchini :)

  117. This is the best picture ever!

    Cheryl D. recently posted Life Well Lived--Defining Your Personal Style.

  118. Getting that painting is probably worth the entire blog thing, isn’t it?

    Geek Goddess recently posted She’s so picky she’s probably waiting for a man with a “Warp Drive” zipper….

  119. Looks great, but I’m not sure if Hamlet should be tossing around that mouse skull. It’s probably brittle. And stuff. You know, like how mouse skulls are. Um… yeah.

    The end.

  120. What an amazing job she did!!

    Crazy Tragic Almost Magic recently posted #PhotoADayApril Week 1.


  122. LOVE as well!

    Jennifer recently posted Automattic’s Worldwide WP 5k.

  123. Ask her if I can share these with my students and have them write the stories behind them. They look like stories waiting to be illustrated by words from my gifted kids
    Shari- your soulmate that you haven’t met

  124. This is an awesome image!

    Naked Girl in a Dress recently posted An Exclusive Interview with The Bloggess.

  125. Wow, I am SO jealous. I LOVE Kelly Vivanco and it is my dream to have her paint my kids. Not literally paint them, but make a painting of them. But you knew what I meant.

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