But is it Art? (No. It’s Hunter S. Thomcat.)

Art is, by definition, hard to define even when labeled as such.

Case in point: My cat after rolling around in Hailey’s sticker collection.

But is it art?


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  1. Looks like ART to me.

  2. I actually do kind of want to frame this and hang it on a wall.

    But no, it’s not art.

  3. It is art… freakish and pissed off art.

  4. Wait, are you having chest pains? Nausea? Dizziness? Because I think you’re having an arty cat.

  5. This is my definition of Art:

    If you can see it, feel it, and you took the time to bring it in to being, I call it art.

    Unless it was a natural body function.

    JRose recently posted Hanukkah 2012: 5th Night -Nom Nom Nomukkah.

  6. The look on your cat’s face says, “Yes, this is art. Very transgressive art.”

  7. You can tell it’s art because it has a label on it that says “Art”. It would be illegal to label something with the wrong word.

  8. I have seen modern art which was much less artistic than your cat.

    Kari recently posted Wheaton’s Law as it applies to driving.

  9. Errrrrr…..so..

    okay…why does he look stoned, and or frightened?

  10. “The stickers represent the labels society imposes on the individual. The cat… the cat’s just a cat.”

    Steve D recently posted #431 Deus Ex Benedict.

  11. I say art. He placed those on himself without help.

    Rea recently posted He may be an ass....but that ass is my kid!.

  12. The subject matter is definitely evincing emotion(s). These are just some of the things this piece says to me: WHY?; I will kill you in your sleep; and Revenge WILL be mine.

    Call Me Jo recently posted Fa La La La LaAAHH!.

  13. If I were you, I’d print and frame this and hang it up! In fact, I kind of want to. It’s the best art I’ve seen in awhile.

  14. Your cat is a freak. A freak who knows his art though. He posed himself to look like a Picasso. That is talent.

  15. Hmm…”is it art?”. I’m going with yes. Yes, it is.

    Dolores recently posted Not a real post or anything even close to a real post.

  16. “Ack! I have Art on my face! Get it off!”

  17. Let him loose in a museum and see what people say.

    neal recently posted Facebook Monday: Pirate sounds and kicking ducks.

  18. He looks so unimpressed. But tell him art is subjective and it’s all valid. Wear oven mitts when you help him tidy himself up.

    Leanne Moffat recently posted Blues Man.

  19. The colours and perspective are very interesting. See how I spelled ‘colours’? Fucking legit.

    John recently posted jessica’s sugar cookies.

  20. That’s the artiest art that ever arted.

    Carrie - Cannibalistic Nerd recently posted Gift Guide for the hard-to-shop-for people in your life.

  21. That is art with an attitude.

    Kara recently posted The Dollyrots – Because I’m Santa.

  22. yes 100% yes.

    I want a magnet of it to put that art on my fridge

    nicole @ I am a Honey Bee recently posted Sausage and Lentil Soup.

  23. That cat is pretetentious, and needs to quit succumbing to labels.

    Julie the Wife recently posted Sick as a Dog.

  24. As Bill Maher might say, “New Rule: if you have to tell someone it’s art, IT ISN’T.”

  25. So you are saying that the cat did this to himself…and not you to him?

    Morgan Eckstein recently posted Stuff that you need to know about being a writer (but were afraid to ask).

  26. Performance art? Hunter S. Thomcat’s take on the consequences of labeling oneself?

    Anne Stinnett (Wickedelfchild) recently posted Thanks, But No Thanks.

  27. Cat + Art = Cart
    Cart (insert ‘does not equal’ sign) Art

    Can’t argue math. (That being said, I do believe art is in the eye of the beholder because it’s the only way I can justify trying to sell my impromptu drawings as art for $.50 so I can buy a soda at work).

    Kayleigh recently posted Once Upon a Time Daylight Savings Tricked Me...Twice..

  28. This needs to be in a gallery somewhere.

  29. Bwahaha. Your posts make me miss having a cat around, kinda. Also, you should submit this photo to http://stuffonmycat.com/

    That is definitely art, even if it is a little abstract.

    Kera - Dreadnaught Darling recently posted Jay Shafer Resigns from Tumbleweed Tiny House Company.

  30. maybe he wants to be named Art.

  31. You could sell that masterpiece for a couple million dollars… and then share with all of your readers.

    Rachel recently posted Half The People In Town Have Seen My Boobs.

  32. YES!!!

  33. Of course it’s art! It’s a masterpiece :)

    Erin recently posted Wordless Wednesday:The Break of Dawn.

  34. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The same goes for art.

    Yes. Yes it is art.

    Bailey recently posted Whine fest.

  35. “I don’t know what art is but I know it when I see it.”

    I think that was Voltaire. Or Jesse Helms.

    But hey, Hunter looks to be quite cutting edge. You should book him in some galleries.

    Kate recently posted marketing strategies 101.

  36. His face is genius.

    Ashleigh recently posted We all deserve a medal..

  37. Clearly it is performance art–a critique on the modern norton that anything can count as “art”. So meta, so bold. A masterpiece, really.

    whirling nerdish recently posted Writing Scared.

  38. Art is in the eye of the beholder…I would love to have this picture in my home :)

    Heidi Bryan recently posted I just stopped my daughter from putting the cat in the trashcan....

  39. It’s only art because of the face. That is what makes it art.

    Amanda recently posted in which I try to preserve my Christmas spirit.

  40. HayleyGHoover once made a nine minute video of herself eating a burrito. She called that art, thus, so is this.

    Az recently posted If Your Memory Serves You Well.

  41. That’s a lotta Art! He certainly has grown into his name!

    Sj recently posted There's A Part Of Me That Wants To Say..........

  42. He looks weirdly deconstructed, which I’m pretty sure counts as art. If only he’d rolled onto the letter F.

    Jacquie recently posted My Gay Friend Jonnie.

  43. Anonymous just made me laugh out loud.

    C L E A R L Y, those are name tags, which is brilliant because cats never seem to know their names when you call them and Art has found a way never to forget. Or you could go with Tra, since upside down, it’s street like that…..

    Robin Dance recently posted Life's metaphor: on tasting the sweet gift of lemons (plus a Lisa Leonard giveaway and coupon code).

  44. Ooooh, he’s getting to be a big boy. Yes he is. Oh yes he is. Wook at hims chubby wittle cheeks.

    Birdman recently posted Harry Holimas.

  45. It’s ART to you, and that’s what counts.

    Laurie F. recently posted Family Matters.

  46. Such angry art lol.

  47. Clearly it’s a critique of the futility of humanity’s desire to both exist within and stand apart from the concept of “labels.” I would label it art.

  48. If it looks like art… walks like art… meows like art… it’s art. :)

    jessie marie recently posted Just to get it off my chest so I can breathe....

  49. Performance art gone awry from the look on HST’s face.

    I second the request for a magnet.

  50. It has that certain je ne sais croi.

    Liesl recently posted I killed a squirrel, once..

  51. Performance art at it’s finest!

    KaraB recently posted And the streak continues!.

  52. Totally. It’s like an Art at-cat

    Robyn recently posted Blogging withdrawal (apparently).

  53. I was filing some paperwork in my office and noticed some areas where the paper was bitten off. My cat (who looks like yours) licks the glue of envelopes, and lays on every single thing in the house and in fact is blocking my moniter with his body while I type this. He’s SO helpful!

  54. It looks like he is paying homage to Marcel Duchamp and the dadaists : D. Art is in the selection or something to that effect.

  55. 55
    Imperfect Jessica

    As they say, art is in the eye of the beholder and by the looks of it? Art is in HST’s eye

    Imperfect Jessica recently posted Being bullied.

  56. The smallest feline is a masterpiece.
    – Leonardo da Vinci

    So, yes, art. Even without the label.

    Kelly and Geoff recently posted Christmas shopping for the young woman in your life.

  57. His face is the best part of the whole picture

  58. I had an art history teacher in college who would always say “art is whatever you think it is.” Hunter S Tomcat must think he is art.

    Lisa Branam recently posted Cards for $0.29 Shipped! Today Only.

  59. Eye of the beholder, Jenny.

    Natalie the Singingfool recently posted I’m Genuinely Concerned for My Cat.

  60. Yes that is definitely art.

    Lovelyn recently posted I Love You, Honey.

  61. he’s giving you the stink eye

  62. Lulu Comment 4 wins

  63. Looks like art to me! Heaven knows most pinterest users find cats in odd positions to be art!

    Nikki recently posted Curly hair is complicated, but Justin it is OK to be straight.

  64. FACE!!! yes, I third the refrigerator magnet. please.

  65. There’s art written all over him!

  66. The look on his face that says “I really don’t understand what the fuck is happening to me right now” – that’s definitely ART.

    Tammy recently posted To the brink of insanity and back.

  67. The cat is not art, but your photograph, which has artfully captured the essence of cat, is worthy of acclaim.

  68. Stop pretending, Art is hard.

    I will always adore you for introducing me to Amanda Palmer, and Copernicus the homicidal monkey, Beyonce the big metal chicken…. mmm I think I’ve made some sort of point. LOL

  69. 69
    Pat C in Washington

    You do know there’s a website called Stuffonmycat.com where people torment their cats by um…putting stuff on them. I would never do that to my cat. He’d probably do something hideous to me in revenge as I was sleeping. Like poop in my ear.

  70. It’s performance art. Look at that face.

  71. Love your cat. She is a piece of iconic art in her own right!!

    Janine Huldie recently posted The Most Wonderful Time Not So With Lily Crying In The Car….

  72. The best part is his face. He looks irritated like ” really? you grabbed the camera instead of helping..not cool.”

    Nickie recently posted creeper old Italian man totally hit on me.

  73. It’s a performance piece. Clearly you don’t understand art.

  74. Hilarious art. I’ll give you a batch of chocolate chip cookies if you try to frame him.

    Sara recently posted Kids are NUTS.

  75. My wife, an art major, once tried to explain to me what makes it art, but as far as I know, I just like it.

    Moar cat art for the win.

  76. It begs the question. :-)

    Burns the Fire recently posted I Love Jew, Philip Roth.

  77. Very modern. I like it.

  78. So cute! He’s looking a little chunky. :]

    Robyn Webb recently posted Dear Would-Be Readers.

  79. I think he is going to get a few calls from agents and sponsors to get him an endorsement deal. I see it now: Hunter S. Thomcat says go to museums!

    Tanya recently posted ITS CHRISTMAS… well almost.

  80. You have the COOLEST, AWESOMEST cat in this whole universe!!! As cool as the cat in The Cat From Outer Space!!!!

  81. This is my favorite thing on the Internet today.

  82. Bad angle. Hunter looks like he ate Hunter.

  83. Sometimes I feel like art is smacking me in the face, too.

    radioactivegan recently posted The one where I actually cook something for once.

  84. my first paper in college was an essay on “what is art?” and I believe every single one of us freshmen started the paper by using webster’s definition and “expanding” it. As I recall that was my first college F.

    Kp recently posted Wedding Wednesday: The Devil in the Details.

  85. The cat is not art but the photo of the cat is art.

  86. Most awesome cat facial expression ever. I need this art for my wall.

  87. HIS FACE!!!! His face is definitely the funniest part. He looks so disgruntled.

  88. Art is art if you say it is.

  89. Art is open to interpretation – I vote YES. :)

    jesspants recently posted this cake is most certainly NOT a lie.

  90. This is better than 3 basketballs floating in a fish tank selling for $500,000. I bid a million.

    Girl to Mom- Heidi recently posted Crooked Love Book- Kindle Edition and a Giveaway!.

  91. Jesus H. Christ was that cat in the pills again?

  92. Think of it as performance art.

    Nita recently posted Sprite and malice.

  93. Dat face!

  94. Ceci n’est pas un chat.

    Jen recently posted Wordless Wednesday December 12 2012.

  95. That is fucking amazing art.

    Mom Off Meth recently posted In sickness and in health..

  96. Le chat brun, en colère…

  97. Thank god for those labels on that cat! Otherwise I wouldn’t have known this was art.

    Holly Folly recently posted Flowers For Algernon Gave me an Existential Crisis..

  98. Please please have this a print. My kitties would love to have this hanging in their area. It would look great over their new cat play tower. Even cats need decor.

  99. Well of course it’s art!?!?!

    Just because he’s been in your meds again doesn’t make it any less so.

  100. 100
    Michele-San Diego

    “Help Mom save me!” He is too cute….art indeed :)

  101. It’s official. He is the essence of art.

    Emelie recently posted This is Why I Don’t Go Fishing.

  102. It’s art if someone calls it art, and many people already have. Also, awesome photograph. Crazy time is always the best.

  103. A Picasso or a Garfunkle? No matter, Art any which way you name it.

  104. Made me giggle.

    Kathleen recently posted Anything Can Happen on 12-12-12 Day.

  105. Does that come in a 52×60??

    Christina @ The Beautiful Balance recently posted Why you should never open kombucha in public.

  106. He is only telling you it is art because he got caught. Just seconds before he was desperately trying to get it off his face, then you walked in and he was all, “Hey. What? No this is totally intentional. It is ART. You don’t understand it so you judge me.”

  107. Anybody else having that problem where a word doesn’t even sound like a real word anymore? That’s where I’m at. Art. Art. Art.

    I feel like a seal.

  108. 108
    Curiouser & Curiouser

    Kayleigh (#27)

    Fur + Art = Fart

    Now we know this IS art because it’s artsy fartsy! (Yay math!)

  109. It’s clearly a piece of meta-textual performance art commenting on the arbitrary labeling (and valuation) of modern “pop” art. You can tell because Hunter S. Thomcat has the “WTF is this nonsense?” expression so commonly seen on people experiencing both pop art and the accompanying price tag for the first time.

  110. 111
    Lady Macbeth

    Ceci n’est pas un chat. -Magritte

  111. Oh…it’s most definitely art.

    Cheryl D. recently posted Poems by a Guest Poet.

  112. I only want to know when this will be available in your webshop

  113. http://www.blogger.com/comment.g?blogID=3946289812089685956&postID=7067843851970062374&isPopup=true

    it definitely is art!! in another news,you are worth embarrassing grades as well!! :D

    neers recently posted a godess called The Bloggess.

  114. I only want to know when this will be available on your webshop.

  115. Looks like Art cubed that would seem it would be cubism so my vote is yes, technically art.

    The Suzzzz recently posted Savannah's BBQ.

  116. Please make this a print and sell it in your store thingy. I would buy the crap outta that art.

  117. I think its Art because Hunter S Thomcat resents that you’d have to label him as Art for him to be considered Art and that’s kind of like a rebellion…an artful rebellion…:D

  118. Art is in the eye of the beholder.

    Kaitlyn recently posted Feels like the whole world should have changed - Kait's Mixtape.

  119. Art should be beautifully incomprehensible. “I only understand what the most banal of artists is trying to tell me,” yada yada.

    As this photograph makes no sense to me whatsoever…you’ve got yourself some high quality art here, girl!

    Claire J recently posted London and the Weather Reports.

  120. I didn’t realize you were so artistic! Have you ever considered doing one of those gallery-things? Victor would have to get you a few more cats, but it could be cool.

    Also, you would need to post warnings outside your gallery:
    “WARNING: If you are allergic to real art in various forms, do not enter!*
    “*may contain cats”

  121. I’d recently been brainstorming a whole line of Lego sets yet to be released, ( as a mother of three boys, life often revolves around Legos)- my favorite idea is a Bloggess set complete with taxidermy and removeable curlers- now it also comes with Art Cat!

  122. If you took it with a large format camera, or at least a medium format camera, and developed a type C print yourself I’m sure you could exhibit it as high art ;-)

    Dark Matter Fanzine recently posted Iron Sky team goes to Hollywood – and crowdsources aliens.

  123. 124
    Rob [FFS beam me up Scottie, everyone else on this planet is fucking mad]

    Certainly Artful.

  124. I have a rule (which I stole from the Red Green show): If I can do it, it’s not art.

    Heretic Husband recently posted Chapter 14 - In which I accidentally become an Episcopalian..

  125. It’s cat art!

    Invader_Stu recently posted Invading Holland T-Shirts.

  126. Thank you, thank you for letting this be the first thing I saw when I woke up cranky today. Like the other commenters, I want to print and frame this and put it somewhere so that I see it every day. This art is priceless.
    Xoxo. Stephanie

    Stephanie West recently posted (2 mom friends + 2 daughters) + ice skating = 4 smiles.

  127. When did he get so big? At least he is still causing trouble…. er… making art. Same thing.

    laanba recently posted Airshow Flags.

  128. I had to download this. It absolutely needs to be framed and hanging on my wall!

  129. HST! Of course it’s art. It’s a beautiful, thank you for the morning giggle work of art. I would display it. Thank you for all that you write and all of the moments you share. You are priceless.

  130. Art is in the eye of the beholder. And my accountant. And the guy who used to live next to my parents. And a nickname for one half of Simon and Garfunkel.

    Amy (KidFreeLiving) recently posted A Hotel Choice for Every Lifestyle.

  131. I think your picture of it is art. :)

    HR Minion recently posted Career Fairs: Part 3.

  132. Right. I’m sure he was rolling around in it. It did not happen to land on his face by a completely fortuitous application to the face by an innocent human who just *happened* to be passing by. It was completely accidental.

    Not judging you. I also happen to love torturing my cat. Especially when she forgets she loves cuddling and I remind her by trapping her under the covers with me.

  133. Oh, it’s definitely art. In fact, I’m fairly certain you could sell that. For a lot of money. Fairly quickly.

    Stephanie recently posted Momma’s 12 Days of Christmas Presents Fuck You, Elf on a Shelf by Mary McCarthy of Pajamas and Coffee.

  134. I say it’s art is someone says it’s art, so it must be art since I just said it was art.

  135. Looks to me like a case of catnip overdose…

  136. Obviously this is a sign that your cat is the Mona Lisa of cat’s. He was meant to be studied and cherished by leagues of scholarly cat ladies.

  137. 139
    Cheryl in Wisconsin

    He hath labeled himself Art. Suddenly he is more valuable.

    “What is art? Art is a window washer.” Anybody who lived in Madison, WI in the 80’s will know that one.

  138. Poor baby.
    Yes…it is art – but uncomfortable art….
    so that means it’s cutting edge – right?

  139. Could Hunter be lobbying for a name change?

    Courtney recently posted Goodbye, old friend.

  140. Yes, it is definitely art! Performance art, at least. i love it!

    Deborah recently posted Santa Claus is Coming to Town....

  141. Ouch…how did the removal process go? Geez, leave it to me to think about that instead of the aesthetic value of the scene. ;)

    Kristen @ The Balanced Bowl recently posted Why Health and Fitness Matter.

  142. You should definitely put that on a t-shirt! LOL

    Kat recently posted My two loves: internet and reading.

  143. Hunter S. Tomcat is quoting Amanda Palmer: “Stop Pretending Art is Hard!”

    that is awesome!

  144. My art professors have always defined art as anything using one of the senses that elicits and emotional response, whether it be good or bad, that is not a natural function of the body. By this definition, because it makes me feel happy seeing this picture of Hunter S. Thomcat covered in stickers and looking disgruntled, I would call this art.

  145. The look on his face is all “I regret nothing.” I am guessing he changed his opinion when you had to yank those off, though. But I heard in order to create meaningful art, you must suffer for it.

  146. This could be considered art! It is definitely cute enough. I would hang it on my wall.

    Tanya recently posted How to Choose Professional Organizations to Join.

  147. Art is his party nametag alias.

    You: Weren’t you the cat that threw up the hairball in the Henderson’s punch bowl at last year’s NYE party?
    HST: No. That was Art. Art can’t hold his licker. or his liquor. He’s an embarrassment to cats.

    Also, you now need to meet people named Henderson.

  148. HST is just so adorable! Of course, I may be biased because he looks just like my Jack: orange on orange with big orange eyes. As I often say, “Every home should have an orange cat, and every orange cat should have a home.”

  149. His “art” is much better than the stuff I’ve been creating lately. I wish I would have thought of sticking art stickers all over myself. I’m so bummed!

  150. All these comments and no one has noticed that Hunter appears to be missing an ear? It’s a performance piece channeling Van Gogh, Picasso, Warhol and of course, Lautrec.

  151. Why does art always judge me? And get mad when I make it wear stilts?

    Heaton recently posted Everything You Know is Wrong.

  152. I once saw an exhibit at a world renowned art gallery that included a dirty fish tank with a basketball floating in it. If that’s art, Hunter S Thomcat is a masterpiece!

    Euphoria Girl recently posted About The Time My Fourth Graders Battled Cybermen Without The Doctor OR Any Sonic Screwdrivers.

  153. if the internet says it’s art,cause the internet can’t say anything that isn’t true. the internet says that….ha ha

  154. Maybe the cat is suffering an identity crisis and thinks his name is Art!

  155. he looks the way I feel when confronted with most conceptual art.

    Rebecca Jane recently posted What the Hell Have I Been Doing?.

  156. I’m pretty sure it’s art. I mean, says so right there. “Art.” I like things that tell me what they are.

  157. Cats are the strangest people.

  158. Dude, get that Cat to MoMA! You could make a fortune!

    Meg recently posted A Very Worthy Cause.

  159. I think the photo could easily be called art.

    Corey Feldman recently posted Egret Volume 2 – comments needed! Please de-lurk.

  160. Maybe he’s trying to tell you that he wants to change his name to Art and get a black beret to go with his new persona.

    Anna recently posted Chocolate Walnut Cake.

  161. Yup that’s art right there

    Bionic Dee recently posted Zombie Apocalypse Training for 9 yr olds.

  162. Art is in the eye of the beholder…”Behold, it’s Hunter S. Thomc(art)!”

  163. This looks better than most art I’ve seen. I once saw a toilet on a platform that someone claimed was a dippy representation of simplicity or some horseshit. Bollocks, it was a toilet on a piece of plywood. At least Hunter S. Thomcat put some effort into it.

    Adrasteia recently posted Vaccinate ALL THE PEOPLE!.

  164. I’d always heard the composition of cat was:
    matter + antimatter = it doesn’t matter
    But as an art major……..I say art. Cats with ANYTHING stuck to them is hilarious to me. Try tape on their feet. Fun-E.


    Jason recently posted When The Training Wheels Come Off.

  165. 169
    Brattus Rattus

    Jenny – WTF are you feeding that cat? LOL He’s getting MIGHTY fluffy.

  166. It has to be art, *it says so right on it*.

    Shawn Walter recently posted Meanest mommy EVER.

  167. Ha, ha. Definitely art. When our cat gets a sticker stuck to him, there’s no way I could catch a picture of him; he becomes a grey tornado until the sticker falls off or is snatched away.

    Alexis recently posted Enchanted Polish Austin Powers.

  168. Art is in the eyes of the beholder… Or some shit like that. I hope you pointed and yelled “ART!” at the top of your lungs. Because it just looks like it needs to be yelled.



    Valerie recently posted Remember That Time I Became a Hobbit?.

  169. Yes it is art.

  170. 174
    Lady Penelope

    I don’t know why HST feels the need to label himself… repeatedly…

  171. I think you know what Amanda Palmer’s answer would be…

  172. I think you know what Amanda Palmer’s answer would be…

  173. 1) Yes it is art. In fact, I would call it Performance Art.

    Nicki recently posted My 6th Sense Is Pissing Me Off.

  174. Hunter S Thomcat is a natural clown — which as you must know not all cats have that talent. I love him. Our kitty passed away last summer and I miss her antics like crazy- so Thanks for the Fix Jenny! And Thank Hunter too please :)

    PB recently posted I Should Be Working.....

  175. It is art if the cat says its art, and clearly that is the implication. He can’t speak, so he has made his motives clear.

    JIll recently posted Keeping track.

  176. And the award for the worst stalker EVER goes to ME!! How did I miss this post? And in answer to your question, No. It isn’t art. For that, he needs to be chopped in half and floating in a tank of formaldehyde…Or laying on an unmade bed…

    Sam Whiteoak recently posted WTF? Fitness edition..

  177. It must be one of those performance art pieces that makes you stop and think because of the surreal nature of it.

    But I think it’s the sign of a clever mind. That cat is dynamite, and a True Lawson.

  178. Wow! He’s growing up so fast. One day, they’re interrupting your Katie interview, the next they steal your pills and go on tweeked out rampages. Then- the proudest moment- when you realize that if your cat can only get his shit together, you could totally leech off of him well into your Nursing Home Days. Get that feline an art tutor. Preferably angsty. Angst is in right now.

  179. The one on his face kills me every time!!

  180. Gosh! Hunter has gotten so big!

  181. I will pay top dollar for a print of this to hang in my office and/or home.

  182. The face that cat is making is priceless.

    Jaimie Dubuque recently posted O Christmas Tree…Or the wax heard ’round the world..

  183. If it looks like art and it smells like art, it must be art. Or is that fart? It’s one of those.

    uniqueweirdness recently posted I May Be Late to the Party, But I Still Have Time to Dance!.

  184. What I want to know is, what kind of stickers are kids collecting nowadays? Back in my day, we had glitter unicorns and velvetty dolphins…none of this black-letters-on-a-white-blackground stickers. What is this nonsense?

  185. When I was 10 we went on a field trip to the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston. There was a canvas painted all white. It had one red stripe put on it with a paint roller. I was told that was fine art.

    Your cat is a better artist.

    Bodaciousboomer recently posted I was never Bootylicious….

  186. HST looks less than amused which totally makes me super amused.

    Devon recently posted Fire In Ice by Devon Stewart.

  187. I’d make it my desktop wallpaper…which is obviously the qualifying sign of art.

    Julia H. @ Live Young & Prosper recently posted What I Ate Wednesday #2.

  188. Kinda reminds me of PutABirdOnIt.com.

  189. oooh! are you a fellow Amanda Palmer kickstarter backer??!

  190. After rolling around in stickers, I would say more like performance art. Bravo Hunter S. Tomcat. Bravo

    Karyn Gorman recently posted The Unwelcomed Guest.

  191. I can’t stop giggling at the expression on his face. I have to admit, though, that when I first saw the picture I immediately thought that you had put the stickers on him yourself. It seemed like a perfectly normal idea.

    Headset Hellion recently posted Secrets.

  192. if some mad Brit can stick a dead cow in a glass square filled with Formaldehyde and call it art and another mad Brit can reproduce her dirty smelly bedroom with fag ends smelly knickers and rotten food and call it art why can’t Hunter S Thomcat in this photo be called ART – no debate really

    Tom Stronach recently posted Book Review: Betrayal by Julian Stockwin.

  193. Cats are what they want to be. So I say: Ask the cat.

  194. 200
    Randy Martens

    Its a Cat AND Art!

  195. Clearly he’s a Dada artist. Art in a very anti art way. Also, he looks pretty pissed. Watch out for his claws.

    Keri recently posted FO Friday – I Have got to get me One of These!!!!.

  196. So glad to see HST again! He’s gotten so big.

  197. Completely perfect.

    Corinne recently posted What can YOU do when you set your mind to it?.

  198. Purrfurrmance art?

  199. 205
    Telzey Amberdon

    Look up “Salvador Dali” in Wikipedia and scroll down; there are not one, but TWO pictures of the man himself with the exact same look on his face as your cat. So, yes, it IS art. Because Salvador Dali says so.

  200. I’m curious if this will show in the comments. My favorite part of thebloggess wordle is “chaos tentatively.”

  201. He can be both….and he doesn’t look happy!

    Mishka recently posted Jingle Bell Hell 2012 Race Recap.

  202. it is art just not very good one :)

  203. LMAO. Expecting to see that in the NY Metropolitan Museum of Art next time I go!

    Jess recently posted Homeless guy wants a piece of the pie....

  204. i saw this and prompted burst out laughing. oh man, i really needed that today. LOVE YOU!!

    p.s. you should sell this as a print. and then i will buy it and frame it and hang it on the wall.

  205. All this talk of performance art has me wanting to see him repeat it in real life. Would it be considered animal cruelty if you put him in a giant see-through cube filled with ART stickers and stuck it in a museum? Soundproof cube, obviously.

  206. His facial expression is my favorite. Also, love the AFP stickers!!

  207. If someone can draw a triangle and call it art then this is art. Mostly because I’d much rather have this hanging on my wall than a painting of a triangle.

  208. 215
    Quirky Chrissy

    If it looks like art and smells like art and says art…it must be art.

    Quirky Chrissy recently posted Sunday Morning News: Monkeys in Coats.

  209. Every time I see this, I laugh and since i have it up in my browser right now all the time, I laugh quite a bit. Thanks for this.

  210. How much for this masterpiece? I must have it on my wall at once.

    Rebekah Mae recently posted Group Presentations: Pt 2.

  211. That Blue Steel look + Mona Lisa pose is quite impressive. “Art” is an understatement.

  212. Hey Blogess – you goddess. I’m really hoping you’ll just post something soon. I’m counting on you to remind us that life does, indeed, go on and that we aren’t really a hopeless case of hate and sadness. You seem to have a balance between shitty reality and love and light – and we could all use a little of your juju right now.

    Anyhoo. We love you and need you.

  213. I’m gonna go with Not Art, but that’s because of my cat Westley the Dread Pirate Roberts that cat in black. :-) Picture sent via twitter. :-)

    Cecily recently posted Yes, I Am Kind of Inviting Pain….

  214. I luvs Hunter S. Thomcat.

  215. That’s cat’s face is a work of somethin’…

    Melissa recently posted I am sad and angry, but I am not shocked..

  216. Catz cant spellz. I thoughtz it sayz RAT.

  217. Could there be a print of this to purchase?

    (I wish, but no, because I found the graphic on free images and added the quote, but I worry that sometimes copyrighted work accidentally ends up there. If I could find the photographer and ask directly if it was okay I’d totally make it available. ~ Jenny)

  218. So, just why does your daughter have a collection of stickers with “ART” printed on them?

    Oh, wait… “your daughter”… never mind, I answered my own question. :-)


    EdT. recently posted The Next Iron Chef: Redemption, Achieved.

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