Have I ever done this before? I don’t think so.

Three things that made a week full of rotten wood and crying in the closet turn around completely for me:

1.  The hundreds and hundreds of fantastic suggestions to the Rules For Life List.

2.  Finding the final Sookie Stackhouse book had been released and reading it in a single sitting.  STOP JUDGING.  THEY ARE AWESOME.

3. Finding out that my fucking amazing friend, Allie Brosh, is back from the dark side.  She’s one of the people in my life that truly gets what it’s like to be trapped in a full-on, completely-detached-from-reality depression and survive, plus she did it for about 87 years (in depression years) and that gives me such hope that even when it feels like my mind will never snap back…it always will.  Probably.   Now stop whatever you are doing and go read her blog.  But don’t crash her server.  So maybe go in alphabetical order, or by the age you lost your virginity.

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  1. Sookie Stackhouse is my hero. Translation? No judgement here.

    Katrina recently posted What’s in my bag?.

  2. Shit.. By the age I lost my virginity? Everyone else will get to read it before me!

  3. Dude. Judging someone by the books they read is super annoying.

    Says the girl who is just now discovering Harry Potter – at the age of 31.

    Jaime recently posted I spent way too much time figuring out how to type an up arrow on the keyboard for authenticity.

  4. I’m on my way to crash her server right now. I love a good come back story and could really use one right now.

    Karen Peterson recently posted I'm spending Christmas on a beach in Honduras..

  5. I already read it, so I am absolved of all server-crashing actions.

  6. Oh crap I forgot the last Sookie was out!

  7. OMG I was just reading her blog when you posted this! Great minds….;)

    Miss Gee recently posted Mind Puke Should Be A Real Thing By Now..

  8. SO GLAD that Allie is back. I’m sending that link to everyone I know.

    Ellie Di recently posted {Inkchanger Week} Agent 97 appears.

  9. No judgment! So glad you posted this. I had just signed onto Twitter to Tweet you about her post. :-)

  10. You don’t know this, Jenny, but you and Allie both saved me once. Thanks to you both. I’m glad she’s back too. SHRIVELED CORN 4 LIFE, sistahs!

    Robin recently posted HOLY SH!T I JUST ATE MY OWN EYEBALL.

  11. I was so happy when I saw Allie tweet last night!

  12. I am more excited that Allie Brosh is back online than I have ever been about anything.

  13. Your Rules for Life list made my week too! I may print it, scribble over the naughty words, and hang it in my office.

    Amanda recently posted An end user testing guide.

  14. I’m so glad!

    To me the best part was to see a friend post about your rules on Facebook. I didn’t know she knew about you (although now that I think about it, it totally makes sense because she’s pretty cool, so it shouldn’t surprise me at all).

    Carol recently posted Why and how to blog.

  15. Thank goodness I’ve already read it, otherwise I’d be sitting here waiting until my virginity-age was called ( which would take a long time).

    Brian recently posted cubicles are for crying sometimes.

  16. OMG SHE’S BACK. I’m in a huge depression hole and that is the best thing I’ve ever heard so much that I ‘m totally tearing up right now.

    Alison recently posted How much for a steamy hour of hotel time?.

  17. What if we haven’t lost or virginity? I totally have, but still curious.

    Therealkmarrs recently posted After All This Time.

  18. Reading a book in one sitting is amazing…If you love Sookie try reading Lonely Werewolf Girl by Martin Millar.

    So much fun!

    Sarabeth recently posted Private Dancer.

  19. Too much amazing on the internetz these days. All I want to do is laugh at blogs.

    LisaR @ Who Stole My Baby? recently posted How to tell if I’m sick, and something about a dream I had..

  20. By the time I read Allie’s latest post yours had already been up for, like, 6 minutes.
    Which is FOREVER in internet time.
    …So therefore probably corresponds nicely to the virginity loss order…

    Claire J recently posted Rebirth of the St Andrews Lynx.

  21. I lovvvvee Allie :) My week was totally rescued last night when I saw her “i’m back” tweets!

    Sarah recently posted I Don't Know About Princesses...and Other Girly Things.

  22. 22
    Heather Greywolf

    ALLIE’S BACK????????

    OMG, that’s awesome news!!!!! I’m so happy that she’s okay, I’ve been really worried about her.

    Meanwhile, sorry this past week has been so rough for you, Jenny. Just remember that sometimes the voices in your head are completely full of shit. You’re awesome no matter what they try to tell you.

  23. I can’t stop crying reading her post. I am so glad to hear she’s getting better, but I know she has a long road ahead of her. Depression is an asshole.

    Julie recently posted Don't forget!!!.

  24. She describes better than anyone that journey. I wish I could print this out and hand it to all my friends just to show them.

  25. Virginity. I am first.

    Ashley recently posted Mother’s day wish:.

  26. Allie is back? I’m crying. I’ve been worried about her and missing her so much!

  27. YES! Just finished reading her post. I hope things keep getting better for her. Heading to the bookstore now for Sookie . . .

  28. Welcome back darling! You got this shit covered.

    Jessica recently posted Ali Spagnola barred from performing in Michigan college community.

  29. Just read Allie’s post. Really good and easy to relate to, even if you don’t deal with depression. Very cool that you gave her the shout-out.

    just JENNIFER recently posted Looking a Gift Horse in the Mouth.

  30. Allie is one of my favorite web writers, and having gone through some of the same ridiculous feelings and lack thereof, I’m so, SO glad she’s found the strength to write and make cartoons and make me feel ok about it, too. That’s one of the reasons I love your writing, too.

  31. 31
    Joseph Prisco

    I thought of you when I read Allie’s post. I am sooooo glad you two are connected because you both are amazing people.

  32. I’ve been saying since Alnds with you since I heart you both so much and know you’re battling the same darkness as I am. So beyond thrilled to find that you’re already friends. Was so relieved yesterday to hear from her. Hugs and healing to everyone.

  33. I saw yesterday! I’m so thrilled she’s back. <3 Allie.

    whiskeypants recently posted Look At This Fucking Dog.

  34. I am so freakin happy to have her back!!!

    Sue recently posted Can you name a time when you were absolutely certain....

  35. So happy the Rules list was a fun read for you! I enjoyed contributing and reading as well.

  36. Love the Sookies. Just downloaded to my Kindle and read all but the last two chapters (no spoilers!!) but had to go to work.

  37. So glad that she’s back. I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy to get an update from an internet stranger before.

  38. Good Morning! You are fabulous!

  39. I saw her new post on my facebook feed and scared my child by my wild “yes” scream. Everything is slowly becoming right with the world.

    Felicia recently posted Goodbye....

  40. The only thing better than reading an Allie Brosh depression post, is reading one while wearing a red dress …

  41. This is a huge day in terms of the blogosphere and depression. How she described it describes what I and many, many people are going through perfectly.

    I’m so happy she’s back.

    Zena Zee recently posted Acceptable Places to Lose My Virginity.

  42. 42
    Deidre Blankenship

    Zomg! I just finished reading her post and then saw yours. If her server crashes it wasn’t me!

  43. Those Rules for Life Plus+ should be carved in a monument next to Mount Rushmore so when people come from all over to see giant dead president heads on the side of a rock, they’ll leave with something useful. Like an x on their head. Or something.

    Lucy Ball recently posted UNhappy Mother's Day.

  44. I was first in line; yeah, I’m that old. Don’t judge. The Amazon reviews say that the last Sookie book really sucks. Do you think so? I’m still waffling on downloading the audiobook.

  45. I don’t judge people by the books they read. Unless they read only Nicholas Sparks and Danielle Steele. Then I judge them all over the place.

  46. I read Allie’s post earlier and very nearly Tweeted it at you. I imagine for people that have never experienced depression that her blog will read like insanity, but when you’ve experienced it, it’s spot on.

    Rachel recently posted Small Town.

  47. Allie’s back?!!??!?! AWESOME!!! Also, we love you.

    Ashleigh recently posted Depressing, Hard Day.

  48. 48
    Lenee' Supadupacoolandfly

    So happy Allie is back! Read today’s post 4 times and then shared it on the Facebook. I’ve missed her so much!

  49. I just bought the last Sookie Stackhouse book… and if I wasn’t already reading the Meryl Streep Movie Club I’d be devouring it right now… Can’t wait to see what happens.

    Lauren Q recently posted Spring Dreams, music for the season.

  50. I received the notification of a new post from Hyperbole and I was dancing on the ceiling. She’s often in my thoughts and to see her posting again is wonderful.

  51. I seriously have no idea how I explained depression to my friends before I found hyperbole and a half. Actually I didn’t. I just made incoherent mumbling noises about holes.

  52. I cut in line & read it already when I saw her post on Facebook. By rights I should be waiting a few days before it’s my turn to read it.

    Having found my own piece of corn a few years ago I can totally relate to that part & I understand better what I can’t relate to as well in others experience. She describes it so well, especially the grey hoodie. Mine was camouflage, because I was fairly certain that my visibility to others was non-existent.

  53. My network admin is either a douche canoe, or knows how old I was when i lost my virginity. Either way, Im not going to be able to read this till this evening. So I’m bummed. Make me feel better and autograph a copy of your book for me?

  54. Agh! I didn’t realize the last Sookie was out! Next stop: Amazon.

    I’ve read Allie’s blog before, so I’m happy to head over there and read her comeback kid story (we all love them).

    And Tamara – your comment made me laugh out loud. I’m with you, sister!

    Jenny recently posted Quality Time with Quinn.

  55. You are often the bright spot in my crying in the closet weeks, so I am glad that someone is that for you. Going to read Allie now because by age of lost virginity I get to go first. I wear it like a badge of honor. XO

    Sara recently posted Out Loud.

  56. on the other hand, I’m overjoyed that Allie is back. She’s awesome, and I’m so glad she’s back

  57. wow. fabulous post. very insightful and I love, love, love the drawings. thanks for the new reading material. I have lots of catching up to do.

    monica recently posted You dropped a bomb on me, baby..

  58. Oh Sookie, please let this last book be awesome. Then I can forgive Charlaine Harris for the crap in between and forgive HBO for True Blood.

    Julie recently posted The Most Wonderful Time of the Year.

  59. The new Sookie book is out? Awesome!!! Thank you. True Blood starts back soon. No judgement here.

    I read Allie’s post when she shared it to fb. And I am SOOOO glad she’s back too. Kudos as I’m SURE your readers will totally crash her servers. In a good way.

    Stephanie recently posted Vanilla cinnamon French toast.

  60. You beat me. It took me 2 days to read the book. Only because I was so damned tired I HAD to set it down. I am glad she ended up with who she did. I called it about 1/2 of the way home. And NO I am not spoiling it!
    I am rereading the last few chapters, I went through it too damn fast! If I remember correctly, Charlaine Harris is going to do a wrapping of loose ends-I *think* it’ll be out in November. You’ll have to check her website.

    And yes, I watch True Blood. I realize they are really different from the books, but hey…

  61. Is it weird that I get the corn thing? Maybe I’m reading too much into it…

    Danielle recently posted On Feminism and Chivalry, or Wake Up and Talk Straight.

  62. I am sorry your week has sucked on toast. But in order:
    1. AWESOME list; full of great advice. If I could needlepoint it would go on a cushion. A really big cushion.
    2. I luuuurve the books even though the fairy wars were making me roll my eyes and snort and make rude noises in bed and my husband woke up and queried if I needed some Bean-o.
    3. Allie is amazing, as you are amazing, and I am so glad you have a talented, wonderful, artistic friend to support your own talented, wonderful, artistic self. Hang in there.

  63. Bloggess and Allie in one day? Joy!

  64. I’m with you on the Sookie Stackhouse books entirely. Just finished the new one an hour ago, in fact. I’m just sad it’s the last one we’ll ever get. :(

    Jennifer Taylor recently posted Geek and Sundry Tabletop Contest!.

  65. I totally read the new Sookie Stackhouse book in one sitting as well. No judgement!! You are totally awesome!

  66. Waiting my turn for the “R’s” to get their chance to read Allie. Always celebrating those who return from the darkness back to the light, especially after experiencing a particularly dark winter here in the Blue Ridge mountains. You rock Jenny and Allie.

    Cindy Reed recently posted Fine, call me a mommy blogger: I’m proud to be a woman writing online..

  67. 67
    Kristen Ojeda

    My husband TOTALLY laughed at me when I squealed with delight at seeing the new book in the Target circular on Sunday! It made my week! I can’t wait to sit down and read it. He doesn’t get why reading is fun. But then again; I don’t get why he needs so many toy helicopters. I guess we can call it even.

  68. Just when I think humanity is doomed, Allie returns and the outpouring of love and support give me hope.

    awesomesauciness recently posted It Was a Great Camping Trip, Except For the Projectile Vomiting.

  69. I am so happy that Allie is back!!!! She’s such an inspiration in so many ways that my brain can’t even handle her amazingness. Today is truly a glorious day.

    Emelie recently posted Ermagerd!! A SITS DAY!!!.

  70. I’ve been creepy stalking her blog ever since she disappeared. I’m just hoping she’s really really back!

    Marcia recently posted You Didn't Even Have To Think About It, Did You - Original Acrylic Painting Art by seriousface.

  71. I love Sookie Stackhouse books too! I’ve taken my time reading through the series and I plan on downloading a few on my Kindle for beach/poolside reading this summer when I’m in Greece and Italy because European vacation = perfect setting for raunchy gothic Louisiana vamp & supes stories.

    ALSO, so happy about Allie too! I was seriously just thinking about her last week and hoping she was doing ok. Having never dealt with depression myself, I found her posts to be so insightful, honest and frank about what it is like. And yay for shriveled corn under the fridge!

    Kalli recently posted Urban Decay’s Naked Skin Foundation Review.

  72. Sookie books can make most anything better.

    Karen Sanders recently posted I Made It.

  73. I’ve also been stalking her blog. I discovered both of you around the same-ish time and always felt like I had discovered 2 people who were supposed to be some of my BFFs. I was afraid that was why she had disappeared, and I’m glad she’s back.
    Now, if you’ll excuse me i have a pillow fort to hide in for a while.

    Kelly recently posted Sometimes my nerdiness gets crafty (AKA-Doctor Who Christmas).

  74. I wish I was you because then I would personally know both you and Allie Brosh. And I would have already read the last Sookie Stackhouse book instead of wishing I had.

    Shawn Walter recently posted How I spent my last kid-free day, in pictures.

  75. Holy coincidence! I had just read her blog before I came here! Thank you both.

    Kathleen recently posted May Flowers.

  76. 76
    Rebekah Mae

    I was totally judging you. But that’s mainly because I read “Sookie” as “SNookie” as in, Jersey Shore Snookie. Who did come out with a book.

    I feel bad now.

  77. So glad to see that Allie’s back. immediately thought of you when i saw that. Here’s to Allie seeing many more pieces of shriveled corn

  78. thank-you, thank-you, thank-you for introducing me to Allie. Idon’t know how I never knew of her before. Just thank-you.

  79. I feel like I hang on the edge of the abyss and anytime I actually get the courage to tell people about how my feelings are down at the bottom of a well( so I can kind of see ’em sometimes, and know they exist SOMEWHERE) the person will inevitably tell me “no, you’re ok”. And then I wonder “Am I ok?” Cause no one seems to notice otherwise, so maybe I am fine? Except for feeling not fine all the time. I’m confused. I wish someone would just say there’s something wrong with me, then I might feel relieved instead of mildly disturbed all the time.

    (You are not fine. Which is a good thing. Because that means you can get better. Keep seeing doctors until they believe you. It sucks to have to be your own advocate but that’s part of dealing with mental illness, sadly. You aren’t alone. ~ Jenny)

  80. Happy, happy news. Thank you for spreading the good word. I have been worried and check Hyperbole & a Half every once in a while. Great news.

  81. You and Allie give me hope. It’s not often that I find people out there who have the words to express what many people feel / have been feeling. Thank you both. <3

  82. Allie’s back! That is good news! Made my fuckin’ year to hear that she got to the other side. If only I could bottle this random internet stranger affection we’ve all got for her and the like and send it to every depression battling person I read in order to ease their suffering. Well, if that worked it would be a hell of a lot nicer place this big blue dot we all muddle through life on. Maybe someday we’ll figure out how to do that. Sigh.

    Oh, Allie. Stay. We need you! Random internet stranger hugs to you and Jenny.

  83. Wow, that was a really powerful piece. I’m thinking my day is going to be a bit more serious now actually.

  84. I am SO happy she’s back!! Saw a sneak peek last night and was so excited! Depression sucks balls. And who WOULDNT read a sookie book in one sitting? Duh.

  85. Yes! I already read Allie. I too was super worried about her and hoping she would stay with us. Now that she has come back it’s like super awesome and everything is rainbows becasue another amazing person fought through something so freakin awful. And won.

    Holly Folly recently posted A Story Contest and Some Back Pain.


    For real, though, I am so glad I read you guys – I am lucky to have never struggled with depression, but you two specifically make me a better, more compassionate, more helpful friend when people I love are dealing with it. Thank you.

    Sarah recently posted A surprisingly serious post about bra shopping.

  87. The two of you are like the giant scaffold that keep things standing when the walls have crumbled, until I realize that I’ve gotten to the edge of the wasteland just to find out that depression has lied, and I start the long trudge back, looking for the corn.

  88. How funny, I was just going to post a question to you today to ask if you knew how Allie was! SO HAPPY to see she has returned and is doing ok.

    Catherine recently posted Busy doin' but not bloggin'.

  89. Thank you for this and for making me aware of Allie’s blog. She is brilliant and I hope she publishes a graphic novel about her battle with depression. She is brave. She is inspiring. She is so far beyond what words can say.

    Brandy from http://brandysbustlings.blogspot.ca/

    Brandy recently posted Gizoogle - Fo' all y'all biotches who wanna find shiznit!.

  90. 90

    I’m having a rough week. It’s all hormonal. It always is with me. I am on good meds right now, which makes the rough times only last a week or two, which is WAY better than the alternative. But I am having a rough week. And this post (and subsequently Allie’s post) just reminded me that there is an end in sight. And that I am not alone. And that soon enough, I will want to exist again. So for now, I will put one foot in front of the other and my head will catch up eventually. Thank you for the reminder.

  91. Thank you for introducing me to Allie. That was by far one of the most profound and moving posts I’ve ever read on depression. It’s a brilliantly written sad work of art. I felt every. single. word.
    I wanted to share something on my blog for Mental Health Awareness month and this is definitely IT. Love, Light and Laughter to you both! xo

  92. 92
    Pete Darby

    I am damn glad I read her blog before yours, because… in order of the age you lost your virginity? You know who’s behind me in that queue? George Bernard Shaw and some nuns. And by no means all nuns, just some.

  93. Yes. Allie coming back from the dark side was a bright spot in a week that was pretty great to begin with. And no judgement here about Sookie. As soon as I’ve finished the stories I’m working on and have them up, I’m taking a “Sookie Day” and reading it cover to cover.

    Jennielynn recently posted Reasons to Walk Your Kids to School (Extremely Cursey).

  94. Sooo happy to hear about Allie. I’ve been “looking” for her every couple of months since her last blog entry.

  95. Between you and Allie my week is now complete (in a non-creepy-stalker sort of way). Excellent.

    Jess recently posted I'm Too Lewd for Google...Mwahahahaha.

  96. I love Sookie…No judgement here. :) Love the rules of life. They were awesome.

    Stevie recently posted Top Ten of My Favorite 80’s Movies.

  97. I am relieved. She’s been sitting at the bottom of my bloglist for way too long (it orders itself by posting dates). So sad she’s been down in the pit, but thrilled that she’s finally crawling out of there. I shared on FB and there is one person I REALLY want to read it. Trying to stay in touch with someone in depression at a long, long distance is difficult at best, and downright scary when you haven’t been able to connect for a while.

    Sayre recently posted 18 and 14.

  98. 98

    I fully support reading books in one sitting, whatever the title. So excited to see Allie back; I signed up for Twitter a few years ago just to follow her!

  99. Allie! Allie! Allie! Allie! Allie! Allie!!!! OK, her name is starting to look strange as a word now, so I’ll stop typing it. But I’m SO glad she’s back, and thank you, Jenny, for the heads-up! I’m off to partake in the server-crashing right now!

  100. 4. It will always snap back. With a vengeance.

    Melissa recently posted The Big Online Wedding Reveal.

  101. The Sookie Books are amazing! I feel like I am in a type of reader mourning knowing this is the last one :( I kond of want to go to Merlottes for a beer now…or boxed wine.

    Becky recently posted Valentines Day Revamped.

  102. Checking out her blog. And reading your list – for the next two hours! Holy shit!

    Crystal recently posted Building A Readership Beyond Your Blogging Community.

  103. I can’t judge anyone’s reading choices. I gave in to all the hype around the Twilight series and read it a couple of years ago. Wish I hadn’t, because I think I killed brain cells. Anyway, I *like* the Sookie Stackhouse novels. While I’m sad to see them end, I’m glad that the author ended the series before it got boring. I’m looking at you, Janet Evanovich.

    Courtney recently posted We’re in!.

  104. Saw Allie’s pre-post last night and almost cried I was so happy….both selfishly happy and so very happy for her that she’s broken through!

  105. 106

    Allie lives again. All Hail!

  106. The only reason I didn’t read the final Sookie Stackhouse book in one sitting is because I forgot to take the day off from work. I think they’d notice if I had just read it at my desk all day.

  107. I love the Sookie Stackhouse series and need t read the latest, but just haven’t had a minute to myself. Hoping to real soon :)

    Janine Huldie recently posted ‘The Pink Girl’ Gets Her Mobile Fun iPhone Case Review.

  108. Allie’s back! Woot!

  109. I was SO excited to see her post pop up this morning too!

    Chelsea @ Riding Escalators recently posted Gettin' Hitched - Literary Style: DIY Rehearsal Dinner.

  110. Thank you for sharing your friend’s blog, I am very tearful after reading that.

    Vivian recently posted I'm not the only one.

  111. A friend of mine has a t-shirt that says, “I lost my virginity a long time ago. But I still have the box it came in.” Love that.

    Tom recently posted Ready for Restoration, Kabáh, Yucatán, Mexico.

  112. The rules to life list is truly awesome. My recommendation is this.


    As bad as things get, at least there’s one good thing in your day!

    Stephanie @ Athlete at Heart recently posted My Week in Pictures.

  113. SO so so so glad to see Allie is back and feels non-crappy enough to post! I missed her writing so much and was really concerned when she disappeared into her hole. She’s one of the few people (you included) that are able to put depression into words that most people can actually comprehend.

  114. I literally came here JUST to make sure you knew and see if you’d posted >.<

    Squishy Amber recently posted Well meaning friends and not-so-surprising revelations.

  115. Not figuratively, literally. That is the entire reason.

    Squishy Amber recently posted Well meaning friends and not-so-surprising revelations.

  116. I mean, for this particular visit to your site, not every visit. That would be silly.

    Squishy Amber recently posted Well meaning friends and not-so-surprising revelations.

  117. Thank God we went by virginity lost because that meant I could read sooner. And I so so so so so needed Allie’s post. Climbing out of April nothingland, hand over hand. “:But you’re a funny blogger! If you’re depressed why are you so funny?” BECAUSE HUMOR IS MY GODDAMNED BEARD. Why is it that it’s comforting to see other people going through the same thing? Because I don’t WANT them to be going through it. But still. I raise my dead fish in my clenched fist in solidarity.

    Julie the Wife recently posted Squirrel, You Picked The Wrong Yard.

  118. I’ve decided that if a friend ever comes to me with depression issues, I will first direct them to a shrink. Then I will read them all of the wonderful anti-depression posts by you and Allie. You guys say it right.

    Allison recently posted Shen Yun, Part I: Pizza and Fire-Guys.

  119. Aw man, now I’m going to have to get Sookie for more than I wanted to pay for it. I flove her.

    And I totally thought about you when I saw Allie’s post about depression, I love that two very brilliant, strong women who bring joy and laughter in our hearts have the courage to speak about the very serious, difficult subject of depression. Y’all are so courageous and I admire you both.

  120. This made my day!

    Dana the Biped recently posted A Little Early for Mother's Day, But....

  121. If I’d go by the age I lost my virginity, I would definitely be there already. Hey I’m from West Virginia and it was before the Internet and smart phones were popular. We had to pass the time some kinda way. I’d already won Mario 3.

    T. A. Woods recently posted Good Samaritans having an ear to listen.

  122. Read it, re-read it, and read it again. I’ve missed Allie so… and while I hated to read her pain (or lack thereof), I was amazed by her ability to describe something so indescribable.

    Peach recently posted Judge not..

  123. PS: Love Hyperbole and a Half. You have such cool friends.

    T. A. Woods recently posted Good Samaritans having an ear to listen.

  124. 125

    in regards to your 2nd comment poster…Jonathan, if we go in virginity order, i’m never getting a chance to read it. so, yay!! you can read it before me!!! go you!!! woooo!!!!

  125. Sookie Stackhouse, Dead Ever After
    I read it in one sitting too!! I love, love, love Sookie!

  126. I am SO excited that Allie is back. There’s a picture of her new book (though it looks like a rough draft) floating around on imgur. Can’t wait to read it and put it right next to your book on the shelf!!

  127. I think Allie is amazing!! I discovered her back in 2010 and I have had her on my read ever since. I read her post this morning and my heart hurts for her. She did a great job at approaching this topic. So great. So glad she’s back.

  128. Seriously, you and Allie are my insane sanity (does that make sense?) in this blog world. Two of the most honest, down to earth and REAL people that I can relate to and always put a smile on my face. Thanks for being who you are!

    Brandi recently posted Gluten Free Shopping is Hard..

  129. Does this mean I need to post the age I lost my virginity before I can read the post. Cause I’m not gonna, and am going there right now anyway. Also, I don’t know what a Sookie is. Does that make me a bad person.

  130. Uhmmmm…do we have to used date of lost virginity? Can someone let me know when you reach ‘G’ on alphabetical order? I am knee deep in spreadsheet hell!

  131. Was SO glad to read her post today..

  132. So glad Allie’s back! She really has a way of stating EXACTLY what it feels like to have depression.

    Katy Bug recently posted I Can Has Zazzle?.

  133. So many people are hating on the new Sookie book, but I get the feeling it’s because it ended the way I always wanted it to, and not the way TV fans decided it should.

  134. 135

    Wow….Allie really nails it. So glad to see she is back but GOOD DOG that is exactly how I am feeling!!! Especially trying to explain to well meaning friends that I just CANNOT SNAP OUT OF IT. :-(

  135. I had just been sent Alie’s blog link by a friend. Great find. And about reading a book in one sitting, I think everyone should take a spare closet and turn it into a reading cave, with thick pillows on the floor, a tiny bookcase, and a small but powerful light. I dreamed of having that when I was little. I’m going to install it now that I own a very old house with nooks and closets to spare.

  136. P.S. I also recommend the web site Dear Coquette — http://dearcoquette.com/ — for a kickass view of life. It makes me feel strong.

    Molly Dugger Brennan recently posted Comment on The Gratitude Quilt.

  137. Oh fuck yeah, Allie being back!!

    I’m not buying the new Sookie book. But I do have it on reserve at the library.

    Jen recently posted Wordless Wednesday May 7 2013.

  138. I was beyond excited to see that Allie is back! I hope she is doing well.

    Nicky recently posted Too much internet makes the baby go blind.

  139. Thanks for mentioning Allie. I’ve been hopeful that she’d find her way back and was so happy for her to see her posts this week. I realize both of these emotions (hopeful and happy) have been difficult for her this past year. Both you and Allie are courageous ladies!!!

    Carolyn recently posted Have I ever done this before? I don't think so..

  140. I just got the latest Sookie book too. Ahhhhhh! So excited. I havn’t finished it yet, but only because my boss dosnt appreciate how proactive I am.

    Boss: Reading a Sookie book at work isn’t really part of your job.
    Me: It says at the bottom of my job description “other work as assigned”.
    Boss: I didn’t assign that to you.
    Me: But now when you do, I’ll already be done, and that will be one less thing on my plate.
    Boss: I’m not going to assign you to read that book.
    Me: Well, not now that you know the work is already done…why bother right?
    Boss: I’m _never_ going to assign you to read a novel at your desk.
    Me: Never say never.

    I’m a model of efficiency. Oh well, back to Sookie. And feel free to judge me instead of the Bloggess. I can take one for the team.

    Laura recently posted Great Gatsby.

  141. I love Allie so hard. Both of you make me feel a little less alone.

  142. :D I read Ally’s blog before I read this one, and I am so glad you’ve linked to her. I’m so glad she’s back!

  143. 144
    Pat C in Washington

    Having Allie appear in my reader yesterday made me burst into tears and laugh at the same time. I leaped about and yelled “she’s back! She’s back!” and scared the cr*p out of my cat. Her gentle re-entry today and description of depression seemed so spot-on to what my son was experiencing it nearly put me on the floor. But there was no withered corn to rescue me. She’s back! She’s back!

  144. I read the new Sookie book in one sitting, too, but first I had to read the two that came before it because my brain had forgotten all sorts of stuff and I didn’t know what was going on. I’d have read all of them, if I could have found them, but I think my sister has been hoarding my vampire books, just so when this day arrived I’d be frustrated. She’s like that.
    Just to annoy her, I told her how the last book ended. So there!

    Jonna recently posted What I Am.

  145. I was so glad to see Allie back. I love it when people I care about aren’t dead.

    Rachel recently posted Trigger Warning: Sum of my Experience.

  146. 23… 23… anyone older than I was???

  147. BTW Allie’s book is coming out in October. GO BUY IT!!!! Sorry for being shouty. ;)

  148. Allie has always been my super hero. I am so proud of her. And you. Love you both for your honesty about hard mental times and how you make me laugh.

    Stacy recently posted Crisp Brick-fried Chicken with Rosemary, Thyme and Garlic.

  149. I have a dangerous addiction to True Blood, so…no judgement here.

    So happy Allie is back! She says things that are in my brain, but funnier than I could.

    Kat van Loon recently posted Vlog: Kat’s back, and zie shares how zie deals with a bad day..

  150. 151
    Rachael Beaton

    … I’ve been counting down to the final Sookie Stackhouse novel for over a year …

  151. When I saw her post last night in my blogger feed and went and read that she said she would be posting today. Is it weird that I immediately thought of you? I just kinda of assume you guys are like BFFs in real life and have morbid and hilarious sleep overs all the time. Wow, that makes me feel slightly stalkerish to be imagining play dates for grown ups who I don’t know and may or may not know each other in real life. If this was a different blog I wouldn’t publish this comment, but eh, it’s your blog so you might enjoy the cringe worth confession I have just made.

    Natalie recently posted The Schwartz's vs Some Spontaneous Fun.

  152. How did I know you would be familiar with Hyperbole? I have been very worried when she disappeared for a second time after writing the first depression blog. I’m very sorry that two amazingly talented women (among others)are affected by such a debilitating illness. I’m glad to hear you are her friend.

  153. 154
    Amy in StL

    And now when I go to stupid conferences where they want you to line up by last name or by hometown or something, I will always suggest lining up by the age you lost your virginity.

  154. I bought that sookie book for my mothers day present (yah i buy my own gifts, gives hubby a break and i get good shit) and am forcing myself to wait until mothers day, agh.
    Love the depression post, totally on the nose, pinned it.

  155. SOOOOOOOO Excited for Allie to be back! I searched internet only a few weeks ago for about an hour looking for any post at all from her and saw she’d posted some time back on her Facebook page, and I didn’t see anything after that. Just…awesome. I want a “Laughs at Corn” shirt now.

  156. If we go by the age we lost our virginity I probably should go first…

  157. Thanks for the suggestion for Allie’s site! You’re certainly right. She’s great. The visuals on her site are amazing.

    Jessica Smock recently posted Am I a Similac Strong Mom? Deconstructing the Breastfeeding Wars.

  158. 159

    Yay! You and Allie win ALL THE INTERNETS.

  159. I love Hyperbole and a Half! Parp! Moum! I want to be the 3rd Musketeer with you and Allie.

  160. wow. I just found Hyperbole and a Half this morning aaaaannnnnnddddd I had no idea the final Sookie book was out. Now that I’ve loaded it on my Kindle, I will be reading it on my weekend road trip tomorrow. Yea for you for telling me about it! I loved your book, by the way and have recommended it to everyone I know who can read.

  161. Going to go read Rules for Life and Hyperbole and a Half right now.

    Just fyi, I finally bought your book. I am REALLY excited to start on it, it’s my next in line. :)

    Samantha recently posted For the Love of Reading.

  162. OMG. Yesterday was SO AWESOME. Sookie and Allie all at once! I almost can’t handle it.

  163. 164

    I love love Sookie in the books. The True Blood whiny version makes me want to punch things.

  164. SO HAPPY Allie is back she was the first blog I got into and I think we’ve all been a bit worried after her last post. There are 2 blogs everyone who knows about blogs at all knows about, The Bloggess, and Hyperbole and a Half. Imma go read her comeback post now

    Kitty recently posted Start slow? Or jump right in?.

  165. I LOVE Sookie and did before True Blood came out. I also love your book and have been harassing everyone I know to read it. Now. So, thank you. I also hope you have heard about the giant killer slugs in Texas.

  166. I can’t judge you for reading the Sookie Stackhouse book in one sitting because I totally read it in one sitting too. Loved it. Sad that there won’t be more but satisfied with the ending.

  167. That was such an awesomely perfect way of describing depression. I loved it.

  168. Thanks Allie. I use your entries to explain how I feel to people who don’t understand my own depression. You’ve helped me.

  169. Gah. Nvmd. That was mean to go on Allie’s page. Thank you for sharing.

  170. 171

    Allies is freaking brilliant and the truth in her post had me crying several times. I have never read a more perfect description of the monster of depression. I am so happy that she’s fought to come back and tell the tale for us all. I know that those who have never suffered from depression will never completely understand it, but if they read her post, they’d know what it feels like, at least intellectually.

    Thank you for continuing to be honest…

  171. Welcome back Allie! Any friend of Jenny’s is our friend too. The Sookie Stackhouse books should be honored for bring us Eric Northman and Alcide Hervaux!

  172. 173

    Never have I seen put into words what was inside my own head. Until just now. How courageous.

  173. As I’ve passed menopause, I find my spirits returning to the optimistic girl I was when I was 12 years old.
    After years of depression it is like the sun has come out.

  174. It has always seemed massively unfair to me that the people who bring the world so much happiness are saddled with the weight of depression. I want both of you to know that the ways you’ve opened up and shared what you’re going through is beyond incredible. It is a great thing you do. Depression’s number one lie is that we are all alone and no one can understand us. Between the both of you, there are now hundreds (maybe thousands) of people who feel less alone.

    Patti B recently posted Knitting? What's that?.

  175. I bought the ebook at 12:03 the day it came out and proceeded to spend the next 3 hours reading the entire thing…

  176. Already read Hyperbole’s post. I’m SO glad she’s back. (I’m sorry I didn’t wait my virginity losing turn… ) … as for Sookie… I’m waiting for my copy to get in at the library. If it takes too much longer, I might have to go buy it!

  177. So happy to learn that I’m not the only one that read the new Sookie book in one sitting. Picked it up on my lunch hour and had it finished at just about midnight after getting home from work! Love your blog, love your book, love you!

  178. Depression years? I like this. I do consulting and I see 1 consulting year as 5 in a regular job. Depression years I think though must fluctuate depending on the depth of your depression. For me some days = 1 depression year. Some weeks. Or some months. Once you come back though those times seem to float away so fast you can’t remember them as only being last month. Thank goodness we humans can recover.

  179. first and fore most I would never judge anyone by what books they read if it has words I will read it, and I have found some truly amazing reads in some really unexpected places. If they are going to judge you based on what you read you do not want to know them. It is kind of like if they are going to judge you because you like to dress up in steam punk garb and sell wands at cons you don’t need to know them.

    next depression is rough I know I have been fighting it since I was 12 along with some other things. I know this sounds funny but the only thing that keeps me on this side of suicide is the suicide of my best friend’s older brother 19 years ago. I am writing a book about it but it is a long slow journey that has required a lot of self reflection. I will let everyone know if I ever finish it. I am on chapter five and have been writing for almost as many years.

  180. Listening to Sookie on Audible.com in that lovely Southern accent is the bomb! Almost afraid to download, knowing it’s the only one.

  181. So so so happy that Allie is back!

    Just Vegas recently posted Self-Soothing.

  182. 184

    I WAS STOKED TO SEE ALLIE WAS BACK!! I followed Hyperbole and a half after a friend linked me to her- the blog entry about her dogs and moving (http://hyperboleandahalf.blogspot.com/2010/11/dogs-dont-understand-basic-concepts.html …. go. laugh. hilarious!) …i was immediately hooked on Allie, and looked forward to her posts daily. she was my first and favorite blog…then **poof**…gone. i’m so happy she has returned, and is kicking depression’s ass!!

  183. I have been randomly googeling Hyperbole and a Half for so long, I only have to type in Hy and it knows. I am so glad to see another post. You oddly become worried about these people you don’t know. Clearly something is going on, and you don’t know what, but you really hope they are ok.

    Been reading her for years and she has brought me so many joys. Glad to see a post. Lots.

  184. I have been randomly googeling Hyperbole and a Half for so long, I only have to type in Hy and it knows. I am so glad to see another post. You oddly become worried about these people you don’t know. Clearly something is going on, and you don’t know what, but you really hope they are ok.

    Been reading her for years and she has brought me so many joys. Glad to see a post. Lots.

  185. Wow. Just came back from Hyperbole. Felt like she had somehow been riding around in my head except that I haven’t found the corn yet. I’m very grateful though for people like you and her. You guys show the stuff you’re made of and it gives me hope.

  186. Somehow I just knew that you and Allie would know each other. You are both my heroes for your frank postings about depression and how it impacts you – between the two of you, you are making huge strides forward for mental health awareness and I thank you for it.

  187. I saw Allie was back last night and was waiting eagerly for today’s post! I laughed and I cried and I’m SO GLAD TO SEE HER BACK!!!

    “Clean All the Things!” is our weekend bugle song.

    When we went to New York a couple of years ago, we were overjoyed to bump into a guy on the subway wearing the “Simple Dog” t-shirt. These are ways you know your clan.

    Kats recently posted 100 Blog Posts - #23.

  188. Loved that list.

    Punky Coletta recently posted There was no time to wipe..

  189. 191
    Sharon Pike

    I know this is probably totally the wrong place to post this – but I thought it might be important to/for you: Hyperbole and a Half has come out of pretty much a year long bout of depression – and she documented what it feels like to go through it. As someone who does not suffer from depression – but with a husband who does – he said it’s amazing how accurate her descriptions are. This reminded me of you and made me consider that this might be something for you to read, too, and to pass along to others. It’s even got pictures to help. :) Anyway, here’s the link. I hope it’s of worth to you in some fashion.


  190. 192
    Elizabeth M.

    I have to admit that while I’m thrilled beyond belief that Allie is back and is okay, her post is turning into a huge trigger for me.

    I willbeokayIwillbeokayIwillbeokay

  191. Allie’s blog made we want to cry.

  192. What is wrong with us, with so many of us, that we all feel this way? Were folks like this centuries ago, or is there something in our society nowadays that is stripping so many people this way?

    Anyway: it’s astoundingly accurate. Except for the tendency to let the story tip up into happiness and/or rainbows at the end. No story ends happy. It ends with us dead.

    Also: corn for her is vagina dentata for me.

  193. I love Allie… I suppose it’s just nice knowing there’s more than me with crazy adhd/comorbids out there

    Whitney recently posted Thanksgiving Day vent.

  194. I am married to an asshole–SO THERE!

    OK…going to read her now…

    leanne tankel recently posted Gee, Amanda…..Why Are You Such A Bitch?.

  195. 198
    Morgan M

    <3 Allie – just read her Depression part two post before reading this post of yours and I immediately pinned it and shared it to my facebook page saying "This is the best way, and most accurate-for-me way, that I've ever heard/read someone else describe depression. I'm so happy that hyperboleandahalf.blogspot.com is back and has found her piece of corn. If you have/have had/know someone who has depression, please take the time to read through this ?"
    I'd buy her and you and I a round of drinks, any day if we were all in a bar together and cheers to that piece of corn.

  196. You are unique, original and an absolute jewel of this world and I for one am so very glad that you are in it.Please, please stay here, even though it sucks big ones sometimes. I’ve been depressed and gone down into the blackhole of nothingness and it’s really scary and it really sucks and I know that not much others say can help, but I just wanted you to know that it can get better with the right meds and the right people in your corner. I’ve been reading the many comments left for you and it’s obvious that you are treasured and loved by many. Just wanted to point it out to you…

  197. The best part? “What are you doing?” “I’m interacting with you”

  198. Love Sookie, she’s great, and so are you ~

  199. thank you for the good news about allie..i’ve truly been worried..her narrative hit my a place i didn’t think was still so raw..i will forever be mere steps from that edge..

  200. Thank you, thank you, thanks for telling us she was back!!

    Zoe Right recently posted Praise Jesus!!!.

  201. I am so glad she is back. Between you and her I feel so understood!

  202. Allie’s BACK! It’s like I wasn’t breathing right until just now seeing this post. *sigh* This is good.

    Lil recently posted Extra Credit.

  203. 206
    Cynthia F

    I read it in like four hours. I’m now sad. I think we need a Christmas short story.

  204. Glad to read your rules were a big hit, Jenny! “The Gospel According To The Bloggess” is surely next, no doubt.
    By the way, did Allie get that plug for free?

    The Hook recently posted The Hook’s Field Guide To Hotel Guests..

  205. I’m so glad she’s back too! I’ve missed her blog!

    Angie | Big Bear's Wife recently posted Banana Peanut Butter Baked Oatmeal : Flooded and Regular #BrunchWeek.

  206. I was so, so happy to see her back. And I bookmarked her last 2 posts, because frankly, people around me usually think I’m being dramatic or a bitch when things get bad for me. I mean, it’ll never convince someone who has already made up their mind, but she’s a lot clearer than I am on what it feels like.

  207. Thanks for posting the link to Allie’s blog — it hit the spot last night. I can see it as a pamphlet in doctor’s offices.

    Or maybe it can be part of a short book — a “Depression Lies” anthology, with contributions from you, Wil Wheaton and others who brilliantly articulate their battle experiences.

  208. Sometimes, I just like to read through the comments to see the titles of recently posted blogs – it’s more fun that my reader, and I know that I will enjoy these people, because we are all attracted to the weirdness that is you like moths to a bug zapper.

    Minus the whole death thing.

    Morgan recently posted Dorothy Parker, Where Have You Been All My Life?.

  209. I was so bummed when I saw the book cover for Dead Ever After said it was the final Sookie Stackhouse novel. Say it isn’t so!

    Sue recently posted Squirrel drinking from my bird bath.

  210. I know you said you were going to leave Nathan Fillion alone, but he’s holding a baby squirrel!!! (an alive squirrel) That’s got to be better than twine.

    Casey F recently posted Try, try again, little dog! YOU CAN DO IT!.

  211. 214

    I was sitting on Twitter (I have a rich, exciting life) when Allie’s first post came up and did a double-take, then nearly burst into tears from relief. I have been so, so worried for so long. It was like the best Christmas present, finding out she was still out there after months of checking her site periodically for signs of life.

    There’s always hope. Always.

  212. This entire post makes me happy. I saw on FB that Allie was back, which literally made me jump up and cheer. I pre-ordered the Sookie Stackhouse book because I love her and read it in one day (didn’t have time for one sitting) and I still love her. And your rules for life list is brilliant.

    I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again, thank you for your complete honesty about everything you deal with…it helps those of us with similar problems feel not-as-crazy and not-as-alone. :)

  213. Of course it makes complete sense that you know Allie – I was so excited to see her posting again today! What a description – I can say I really get it now. I so appreciate you and her and making your lives available to (selfishly) me.

  214. how have I lived w/o Allie Brosh?! The most accurate and funniest description of depression, and the journey through it, EVER!!! It should really be included in the DSM-5. You know, so those stupid Super Hopeful Therapists will shut the hell up with that stuff.

  215. Oh, no! I didn’t loose mine, yet, does that mean I can got to Allie’s blog? :(

  216. 219
    Amber Vaughn

    How awesome is that! I was just thinking about Allie when I clicked on your blog and now I find out she’s back!!!!! Amazing news! I hope she is feeling a lot better :)

  217. 220
    Allison Burroughs

    You and Allie need to release a book together.
    I think I just made such an awesome suggestion that I should be promoted to like…most extreme and awesome fan ever!!
    Now please invite me to dinner with you and all your taxidermied pets.

  218. 221

    I couldn’t post on Allie’s blog because apparently some douche-canoe has decided that 5000 comments is the limit. So I’ll say it here. I fucking love you guys. And I don’t care if you think it’s bullshit I’m still going to love you.

  219. I am so happy she’s back… and it makes me happy that you two are friends because you’re quite possibly the best people on the internet.

    Ashley Bee (Quarter Life Crisis Cuisine) recently posted Chef, or Food Writer? -- Spicy White Wine Mussels.

  220. I read Allie’s blog yesterday and ding! She rang so true for me. Excellent, excellent.

    Sookie Stackhouse is worth reading just because her name is so cool. Don’t judge me, either.

    If you’re not having fun, don’t do it. :-P

    Lea recently posted For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also..

  221. Omg! Hyberbole and a half is back! I remember reading her first depression post and then she disappeared and I got really sad and worried for her. I’m so glad that she is back and feeling better

  222. hyperbole* >.> I do know how to spell, I just woke up from a nap and my fingers and eyes are still sleepy

  223. I was so excited to see that Allie was posting again that I almost peed myself…But then I decided that reading her new post was a better idea. Besides, after having a kid just about everything makes me almost pee.

    Hmmm…Maybe I shouldn’t go around admitting that on the internet.

    Ashlee recently posted Cucumber Salsa.

  224. 227

    Thanks for the Allie heads- up. I was worried. Weird to worry about someone I’ve never met I guess but there it is.

  225. As I was rejoicing and reading that Allie was back, I thought to myself “I wonder if Jen knows Allie, they’d get along” Guess I was right!

    Robin recently posted Still waiting.

  226. 229
    Angie from the NM

    I’ve been a stalker of yours for years and got onto your sight from Allie’s. I love you both!! Make me laugh so much when I’m down, and that’s a lot lately!! My Zoloft isn’t working to well!! Love you both!!!!

  227. A) I’ve never read Allie before but now I’ll probably spend all night reading her blog. Thank you.

    B) I never judge anyone based on what they read. I love ALL books. I read everything and anything(almost, almost but I won’t judge others for reading what I don’t like). Books are just awesome.

    C) I always wish there was a way to reach out to you privately. I know there’s not, but a girl can wish. Actually I’ve been dealing with a major depression lately that just today hit such a point that I can’t & don’t want to go into details here that had me in tears for hours. I lashed at my husband until he said ” I’m here but don’t know what to do”. My mortality has recently come into question due to a longtime illness worsening and I’m terrified. Absolutely. I honestly am afraid of how soon this could take me. (now swigging whiskey as I write this). I know it could be MANY years but it’s so unpredictable damnit I don’t know.

    Anyways, I’m considering antidepressants for the first time ever. And soo…yeah. I don’t know what to do. I always feel like I’ve used up my my talking points with friends & family so I’ve just shut down.

    sigh. yeah so that’s it. I’m now going to go read Allie’s blog because the way everyone’s talking she sounds amazing.

    (Remember that even when your family seems tired of it they want to help. Also there are lots of hotlines out there that can help steer you in the right direction. Depression lies. Don’t believe it. ~ Jenny)

    Jen recently posted Come what May.

  228. 231

    Don’t get mad when someone points out you’re wrong. You just learned something, and learning is awesome.

  229. I am rereading the whole Sookie Stackhouse series now that Dead Ever After is out. Did you know there’s going to be another book released called After Dead, which is basically a “Where are they now?” of all the characters? I can’t wait for that, either!

  230. Sookie is amazing! No judgement here :)

  231. 234

    i can’t comment on allie’s site since she’s already full, but thank you for sending me to it. my oldest child is schizophrenic, upgraded or downgraded, not sure which, from “just” bipolar. omg. this says so much what i feel trying to deal with from his diagnosis – brilliant musician/philosopher to bum on the street and i am mom but i can’t make it better – to what i see him deal with – he still has the brilliant moments punctuated by moments of Eskimo vagrant, and he knows he has this brilliance but he can’t make his mind behave. too horrible.
    gah. thanks.
    it helps. amazingly obama-care came on board just in time for his crisis – at age 21 when most young men go wacko – obamacare let us keep him insured to cover all the meds and therapy. of course, now, he’s 25.5 years, so pretty sure he’ll be off the charts and off any care – sadly, i don’t make what a congressman makes.
    it just chaps me that, fortunately, he’s really non-violent, like most schizophrenics, even so far as to be vegan, so, like, he won’t shoot up a mall and get health care that way. he only self harms…..erk, gone too far. tmi.
    thanks. it was a great description, and really gave me insite for him. i’m a science geek, so i need all the help in personal interaction i can get.
    yeah, not sure how i produced a brilliant musician. my 2yo sunday school class asked me not to sing jesus loves me cuz it was too awful.

  232. 235
    Mrs. Potts

    Oh snap! Allie is back?! Thanks for the heads up!!

  233. Allie is now officially the greatest thing ever, right after you and you right after unicorns fist pumping glitter grenades.

    Tiffany recently posted Tiffany and a series of very bad, no good days... pt. 1.

  234. Thanks for the head-up on Allie. I’d begun to wonder if she was, well……….gone.

    It’s not even mind-boggling to me that the blog got FIVE THOUSAND comments.

    We are not alone.

    And the part about “……I somehow managed to convince myself that everything was still under my control right up until I noticed myself wishing that nothing loved me so I wouldn’t feel obligated to keep existing….”? That actually knocked the breath out of me. Been There. Done That.

    Please thank Allie for all of us for being brave enough to share. And thank you, Bloggess, for continuing to remind us from time to time that “Depression Lies.” Some days that is my mantra.

  235. I really don’t know how to introduce this link other than here’s another awesome blogger (who apparently struggles with depression as well) try and explain what depression has been like for him over the past 9 months. It’s funny, makes you think, and is written from a very accessible and approachable perspective.


  236. I decided to follow suit, sat down yesterday and read the entirety of the new Sookie Stackhouse book. Thanks!

  237. Oh my gosh I am SO EXCITED that Hyperbole and a Half is back! Thank you for sharing this news Blogess.

    Also thank you for being so awesome and making me feel sane and normal.

  238. Allie’s comeback post was THE highlight of my week! So glad to know she’s climbing out of the hell-hole.

    Balanced Idjit recently posted I'm terrified of the Government.

  239. GOD! You’ll never know me (although I wish you did) but I want to thank you for getting me through some of my completely fucking nasty and shithole days. I think this is no small feat and something you should def add to your major list of accomplishments!

  240. I love your list and you make me feel okay for feeling stabby from time to time. I have to update mine and include – do not tell a whole room full of people the cake you just spent three days making is a touch dry and could have been better because they just might agree with you. Live and learn! Glad Allie is back.

  241. Hell fucking yeah Allie is back. I am SO FREAKIN’ HAPPY that A) She is recovering and B) She is back to posting glorious comics for us to enjoy. Allie is definitely one of my Top 5 Most Amazing Human Beings in the Whole Universe. Can I nominate her for Vice President of the Unicorn Success Club? <3

  242. 245

    I’m still searching for my piece of corn. I would have given up years ago if I didn’t have a daughter to look after. :/

  243. Oh how I wish I had her creativity!! I wrote about the same thing today but hers is so much more amazing than mine!! Also? I am so glad there are people out there like us who will tell our stories to the others like us who can’t yet. I hope it makes them feel less alone.

    Steph recently posted The Big “D”.

  244. Love that you love the Sookie novels!

  245. I read the last Sookie book in one sitting too. I wasn’t really “sitting”. I read while cleaning, cooking and taking care of all the living things in my house. My hubbin is finally convinced that I am insane!

  246. My husband and I recently went to visit my mom in New Jersey and she dragged us to the Jersey Shore. As it turns out, Monday is “strippers get in free” day at the Tiki Bar (weird) where we all proceeded to get drunk and then play skee ball on the Boardwalk. Keep reading. This actually pertains to the post. My husband won a pair of glow-in-the-dark vampire fangs, so I naturally made up a new hit show combining vampires and Snookie from the Jersey Shore. It’s called “True Bloody Shores.” My husband proceeded to put on the fangs and chase me around the rest of the day screaming “Snookie” instead of Sookie in his best Bill Compton voice. Relates to the post because… the Sookie Stackhouse mention. Boom. Did I mention we were drunk?

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