Letters to my sister

Emails with my sister (who is recovering from surgery and is not really a junkie):

Lisa:  I’m taking lots of Percocet and it just makes me sad.  But then I watch Arrested Development & that makes me happy.  But then I start hallucinating ghosts and stuff & that makes me confused.  Thought about going for a walk earlier, but I’m pretty sure that’s the first step to being homeless.

me:  You are terrible at being a junkie and those drugs are wasted on you.  Switch to crack, maybe?

Lisa:  I was thinking Rogaine.  If I’m going to be strung out I might as well have nice hair.

me:  I’ve always wondered if the people on Rogaine ever get insanely overgrown thickets of pubic hair?  Because how does the pill know exactly which hair you’re wanting more of?

Lisa:  Huh. How does Rogaine know where to grow?!  You wanted a mullet?  TA-DA, back hair!  French braid?  How about knuckles so hairy you don’t need gloves anymore.  Thanks, Rogaine.

me:  What if suddenly your eyebrows are like dwarf beards, and you have to braid them just to see stuff?

Lisa: Oh, but you could weave beads and stuff into the braids.

me: Or daisies.  You could have whimsical hippy eyebrows.

Lisa:  Remember when hair feathers were a thing?  I bet we could bring those back.  But now they’re eyebrow feathers.

me:  Oh, and ear hair.  MY GOD, THE EAR HAIR.  Although, I guess if you had long enough ear hair you could just super-glue it to your cheeks.  And then?  BINGO-BOINGO: Mutton-chops.

Lisa:  Except when people were like, “Nice mutton chops, lady” you probably wouldn’t be able to hear them because of all of your ear hair, and so you’d miss a lot of compliments.  And then people would think you were bitchy for not acknowledging them.

me:  That’s why I’d wear a t-shirt that says “Sorry.  I can’t hear you over all my awesomeness.  And by ‘awesomeness’ I mean ‘super-excessive ear hair’.”

Lisa:  This makes way too much sense.

me:  It’s because you’re still high.

Lisa:  Ah.  That explains it.

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  1. She needs the amazing Wax Vac…saw it on an infomercial! It rocks! ;) And so does Percocet!

    thedoseofreality recently posted “Arie” Ready To Find Out The Big Winner?!.

  2. Wishing your sister a fast recovery. I am sure that her awesomeness comes from her genes & not from the drug she’s taking ONLY because of the surgery.

    absence of alternatives recently posted Fifty Minutes.

  3. Oh, you two are so pretty, mutton-chops and all, y’all!!

    What would you do with excessive butt hair, though? You’d have pretty crappy feathers if you braided that, yeah?

  4. My sister just had an epidural. For the baby and all. Our convo was quite similar.

    Courtney Weber recently posted Last class of NYC Spellcraft Series….tonight!.

  5. I also wish your sister a fast recovery. :)

    Courtney Weber recently posted Last class of NYC Spellcraft Series….tonight!.

  6. Fur Underwear, or “Funderwear”. Hairmuffs for the ears. Hair-Uggs, or “HUGS”. Instead of a beret it’s a “Hairet”. My God, this stuff just markets itself.

    Julie the Wife recently posted Winners Announced!.

  7. Toe hair so long you have new shoes.

    You and your sister are awesome. Hope she’s feeling better soon.


    SmithShack71 recently posted mother nature showed up.

  8. The possibilities are incredible. Hairy knees? Elbows? Who needs to worry about dry skin anymore… Or, wait, that’d mean dandruff from your elbows. Shit..

    Borg Blog recently posted #250 or.. so who am I? (Third time's the charm?).

  9. 9
    Annadanna from Canada

    I’ve always had a concern about foot hair. I don’t have any but I know people who do and I think it’s one of my worse fears that I will become a foot-haired person.

    Annadanna from Canada recently posted Our love story will freak your freak.

  10. Of note: Rogaine is topical. But I suspect it might do wonders for ear wax. Win-win!

    kaela recently posted Blubarb Jam.

  11. You’re sister is awesome as are you! :)

  12. 12
    So, I've Been Thinking...

    I would so love to see the eyebrow daisies! Not so much the ear hair.

    So, I've Been Thinking... recently posted Are We There Yet? Getting to Bloggy Boot Camp.

  13. Ah, I love people on drugs. Well, medically necessary drugs, anyway. I’m awesome on drugs. I fall asleep every two minutes, wake up, and ask everyone if I cried during surgery. Over and over. It’s funny for them, at least.

    LisaR @ Who Stole My Baby? recently posted The Three-Month Burn-Out Death-Trap.

  14. I’ll have what she’s having please! lol

    Miami Makeup Artist Veronica recently posted Makeup Artist Secrets.

  15. See, since Rogaine is topical you could potentially use it JUST like writing “I’m a Dork” in sunscreen on someone’s back at the beach. Random dots of rogaine on, say, the tops of someone’s toes…it’s like hair crop circles!!

    Jess @ NoPithyPhrase recently posted When Snow White Gets Old (and Crotchety...and probably demented).

  16. I used to wonder the SAME thing about Rogaine! But nobody else seemed too concerned about the possibility of it causing wild and unruly growths of hair so I figured I must have been missing something and kept the thought to myself.


    Sara Hamil recently posted Of fear and apps: A lazy runner’s guide to getting motivated.

  17. You left out the possibility of the one giant, random hair growing out of your forehead. Fueled by so much Rogain that it grows in hyper speed and no matter how fast you pluck it, it keeps on coming.
    Your date is horrified by the constant dinnertime tweezing.

  18. Well, at least the carpet WOULD match the drapes. A fine lush frisse with the upgraded pad….

    Mary Anne F51 recently posted The Guilt Trip – Or I Guess I’ll Just Grow An Extra Toe.

  19. I think the armpit hair would be worth talking about… you would need bigger shirts, and you could have your braids come out of the sleeve. Win-win.

    Brittani recently posted {ADVERTISING} THUMBTACK.

  20. Nose hair, ladies. The nose hair diet! You spend more time keeping hair out of food than you do eating!

    tokenblogger recently posted Got an email….

  21. Please don’t encourage this generation, who are already freakishly obsessed with handlebar mustaches. We don’t need any more “hair” trends!

    Drew recently posted Lost in Translation.

  22. Two Words: Butt Hair

    Kerry :) recently posted One Day….

  23. I’m not sure why, but it does make sense.

    Maybe I should check my meds…

    Carol recently posted Writers Write.

  24. Yep. You two are definitely related.

    GK Adams recently posted So Then….

  25. Sisters are the best, especially when they play like you two. Note: you don’t need drugs to be high.

    Burns the Fire recently posted 5 Songs to Get Yer Freak On.

  26. I absolutely could already weave beads and daisies into my eyebrows, if I didn’t groom them. I guess I was meant to be a whimsical dwarf hippie? My husband is the same way. Oh, my poor daughter. We’re saving money for her laser hair removal fund, instead of the typical college fund.

    A Morning Grouch recently posted Bow To Your Thighness: 3 Guiding Principles For Physical and Mental Health.

  27. My sister, mother and I would often joke about being able to braid the hair on our big toes. I thought we were the only weird ones out there, but clearly not. Although, we were not on percocet at the time….

    ashley recently posted Spring has sprung....a leak.

  28. If I grew excessive butt hair, I’d dye it rainbow colors, cut holes in all my pants, pull it through, and pretend to be Rainbow Dash from My Little Ponies… just sayin’.

    Megan Rath recently posted Ain't Yo Mamma's Meatloaf... Cake?!.

  29. If there were ever any doubt this was your real sister, that has been laid to rest today.

  30. Talking about someone being high, probably the best choice of reading material I could have picked while sitting in the lobby of the Highway Patrol office.

    And Rogaine is probably all that hair that grew out of your forehead needed to turn into a unicorn horn.

  31. All I can say is thank G-d I don’t need Rogaine.

    Corey Feldman recently posted Contest for a free audiobook of The Sexton and the Reaper.

  32. not to take the fun out of it… but isn’t rogaine topical? so you just put it where you want the hair to grow?

    Lauren recently posted She & Him: Volume 3: Album Review.

  33. My only question is: Does your sister have a BLOG?

    I’m anxiously awaiting a response here…

    Carm recently posted 31 Days of Blogging: Day 5 – 10 Songs I Love RIGHT NOW.

  34. Interesting that only Lisa was on narcotics. Your ideas just come naturally. Full of awesome

  35. You know you are on a bunch of percocet when Jenny starts making good sense! I have always wondered about Rogaine myself. I don’t need to be Helga the German waitress with the really long armpit hair.

    Sara recently posted It's Nearly Here (Insert Horror Music Here).

  36. I cannot grab a razor fast enough. Thank you for the motivation!

    Gina Fenton recently posted Strike Three… Keurig.

  37. Or perhaps you would give yourself hypertrichosis and then join the circus: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hypertrichosis

    Melissa B recently posted Happy Shit – 5/31/13.

  38. While recently high on Percocet myself (because of a pinched nerve in my ass) I sent a gentleman who is trying to get to know me and wants to take me on a date a crap load of funny (to me) memes I found online… he doesn’t talk to me as much… .

    Annette DiGiacomo recently posted Coworkers and online dating….

  39. I’m pretty sure Rogaine is applied topically? But in any case, I am jealous of your sister’s pain meds, as I wrenched my back pretty good yesterday trying to erect a climbing wall for cucumbers. Ow.

    Fia recently posted Moxie Cake (with Nor’Easter frosting).

  40. Remember the Flowby and Wayne’s World? You could get it, and Rogaine, and then donate your hair to Locks of Love.

    T. A. Woods recently posted Wordless Wednesday-eye can see!.

  41. I don’t know how to describe just how awesome that train of thought was. But now I have to try because I need to convince all my friends to read this blog!

    Dean recently posted A change of heart... kind of..

  42. I understand your sister and the pain meds, but you are just hilariously awesome (that’s a different T-shirt) without the drugs. :)

    BatPoopCrazy recently posted End of the School Year and the Working Parent.

  43. I saw someone else say Rogaine is applied topically, and if that is so, it opens up an entirely new door for practical jokes.

    Allison recently posted Poppy Seed Chicken Bake.

  44. hahhaha i want that tshirt, and the strongest drug im on is caffeine. im not sure if thats better or worse…

    Charlotte @ Commitness to Fitness recently posted Thank You!.

  45. Yes, Rogaine is topical. But Propecia’s not – darling honey is on it and boy does it make the hair on the backs of his hands, tops of his feet and eyebrows grow super thick and furry. On his head, where he wants it? Not so much. Also makes fingernails and toenails grow super fast, so he’s constantly trimming them.

  46. Man, everyone else gets the good stuff. Even when I had a baby all I got was Tylenol-3. For the second one they gave me Midol. Midol!

    Observacious recently posted Are best actress awards sexist? Could a chick beat Tom Hanks?.

  47. I haven’t slept since Saturday, so that all makes perfect sense to me.

    Jillian recently posted Reality Is Like Being Drunk (No, Wait).

  48. Meds after a surgery can really mess up your mind! After I had my c-section with my son, the first time I saw him I saw a cartoon baby instead of my baby. It was the craziest feeling. I hope your sister heels quickly.

    Tanya recently posted Three Key Characteristics of a Smart Social Media Policy.

  49. there’s no denying that you two are related.

  50. Hair feathers are so back in fashion. Espically where I live in Canada. We have all these hippies walking around with them blowing in the wind…..but you want to get up-wind of them as the patchouli perfume they wear to hide the, ‘I’m a dirty hippie and don’t shower smell’ is a bit much. They also have these belts (where they hide thier weed) that have pockets that hang in the front, they kind of look like a belt with testicles hanging off them. Imagine a testicle belt whilst high on percocet……oh hippies, so much fun when you can’t smell them.
    Also, I wouldn’t encourage a hippie to take Rogaine. They refuse to have any sort of personal groaming skills, and that would be a sasquatch waiting to happen.

  51. I’ve reached the age that, as a man, the lovely hairstylist just clips my excess ear hair for no added charge. I’m sitting there pleasantly chatting and then *ZOOM ZOOM* they are clipped and clear again. I need to tell her to leave my awesomeness alone, (where awesome = excessive hairiness of course). I hope she reads the Bloggess.

    Leroy recently posted Your DUI Attorney.

  52. 52
    Heather Greywolf

    I found the PERFECT toy for your sister while she’s recovering!!

  53. Something new to ponder…..how DOES Rogaine know where to grow? That’s just scary.

    Leslie recently posted Meeting Justin Furstenfeld: Our Blue October Adventure.

  54. I think it helps to be on drugs when reading your blog. It really does make sense that way. But I don’t do drugs, I have taken some in the past for pain and stuff, but not on a regular basis, so maybe the drugs wouldn’t help your blog make sense. Maybe I should take some drugs and re read this to see….I’ll get back with you on this.

  55. You two obviously have the same genes…

  56. i now need rogaine.

  57. When Lisa is on Percocet it’s like you two have a hive mind. Perhaps she has been assimilated.
    “Percocet bringing families together since…”

  58. Hope your sister as a speedy recovery, though that would be cutting short the opportunity for some more awesome blogging material…

    Nicky recently posted Too much internet makes the baby go blind.

  59. You have made me want whimsical hippy eyebrows!

    Melissa Lawler recently posted Tyson #WhatsYourTopping Twitter Party.

  60. This is the best conversation ever.

    Allie recently posted A Place to Stay: 7F Lodge.

  61. No one has seconded you putting that shirt in your shop yet? Clearly not enough druggies in this comments section.

  62. Once a hairdresser clipped my husband’s eyebrow hair. I was so mad he had to give me a drink to calm down. I should’ve slipped him some Rogaine so I wouldn’t have had to wait so long for them to grow back. All the best ideas come around after!

    Marcia recently posted Listen - Original Mixed Media Art - ACEO Size by seriousface.

  63. Love this. Now I wish someone would experiment so we could finally know the truth.

    Danielle recently posted Feeling Pinterested, Day...something..

  64. You’re not all there, are you Jenny..? Don’t change; I need the giggles!

  65. As Kaela said, Rogaine is topical. It is a liquid or foam that you put on your head. That is how it knows were to go. You are thinking of Propecia which according to this website is completely ineffective in women and does not increase body hair in men. http://www.bernsteinmedical.com/medical-treatment/medications/propecia-finasteride/

  66. True story: I have an older cousin with mutton chops. And another with handlebar mustachios. And a third with both those plus a pointy beard.

    My family reunions are like a Civil War reenactment on lunch break–you know, no costumes.

    Dana the Biped recently posted Mr. Sandman, Bring Me a Dream. Not a Fucking Mess, You Asshole..

  67. My best friend is going in for some surgery here before long. I think my visits will probably be much like this. Should be fun.

  68. I’ve learned so much more about Rogaine than I ever wanted to know from the comments alone. WIN!

  69. I’m so glad your parents stopped procreating after two kids.

  70. And we’ll just draw a veil over the effects of the drug on swarthy women.

  71. No question you two are related. That read like a conversation you had with yourself! Love it.

  72. Hmmm, who would have guessed that Rogaine could change the world?

    Amanda recently posted Homecomings and Exorcisms.

  73. I have just added your sister to my list of “awesome people I wish I could have lunch with”.

    (obviously you are already on this list)

    Kari recently posted I might never eat a double chocolate jumbo muffin again.

  74. Also added to my list? People who don’t point out that I ended the title of my list with a preposition.

    Kari recently posted I might never eat a double chocolate jumbo muffin again.

  75. Unless they didn’t point it out because they didn’t know that ending a sentence with a preposition was wrong. Those people are disqualified from the list.

    Kari recently posted I might never eat a double chocolate jumbo muffin again.

  76. You two don’t even need drugs to be funny, entertaining and ponder the weird things in life.

    lisa t recently posted The Wine Diaries-Lawsuit Fallout.

  77. 77
    Melissa Mitchell

    This page so needs a “Like” button for the comments. You guys are hilarious!

  78. 78

    I have often thought about the “where does the hair grow” thing. I fear the giant, woolly muff becoming self-aware.

  79. You can tell you two are sisters :) I thought Rogaine was applied topically?! That might make the hair growth localized.

    If you get that much eyebrow hair, please consider hair-chalking that stuff up. Talk about a double rainbow.

    Jean recently posted What to Wear to an Interview | Plus Size & Weight Loss Tips.

  80. i’m frightened by the prospect. I already have weird hair (usually just one) growing. what if they had friends? if I was on rogaine, i’d also end up on anxiety meds.

    monica recently posted I'd like to thank my mom and God...oh, wait.....

  81. I am pretty sure Rogaine is more for keeping the hair you already have in place, rather than growing a lot of new hair, but I could be wrong.

    Still funny though ;)

    Ashley Bee (Quarter Life Crisis Cuisine) recently posted What I've Been Eating -- Cape Cod Round-Up.

  82. I think eyebrow feathers would be awesome.

    Jen recently posted Tuesday Tails: Tommy, a Doberman in Lycoming County PA.

  83. You AND your sister are both funny?! Holidays with you two must make for lots of laughter-induced stomach aches!! Hope she’s better soon. Cheers!

  84. I think you’re on to something. We could totally convince the kids that eyebrow extentions are the next big thing. And then, once eyebrow extensions are all the rage, we sweep in wtih our overpriced eyebrow feather line. This is totally a million dollar idea, or, at least a $5,000 idea, which I would totally take right now.

    PinotNinja recently posted Fatboy Slim Always Knows Just What to Say.

  85. I’ll have what she’s having!

    Karen Peterson recently posted Karen's Tips for Surviving Summer Wedding Season.

  86. Haha, LOVED her rant on Rogaine!

    Adjunct Proff recently posted It's About Time (Travel).

  87. You know, I was about to do a lot of drugs, but I read this Cautionary Tale, I mean, “blog post” and now I’m going to give clean living a try!

    Marinka recently posted Outrage.

  88. On ear hair. My husband trims his and calls it, “Trimming the Shires.” I have no idea what this means.
    And one day I was putting on an earring and felt something on the back of my ear. I had grown an inch long white coarse hair out of the back of my earlobe. Maybe someone slipped me some Rogaine? Mystery solved.

    Woman_on_Pause recently posted Martha and Me.

  89. Tell your sister to share her meds because Jenny on Percocet gets me laughing at the mere thought. Though, it would be hard to think of Jenny as even funnier. Nah. Your friend, Laurie F.

    Laurie F. recently posted Carry on Tuesday: My Favorite Things.

  90. 90
    E M Foster

    You know, I have some awesome conversations with my sister, but your conversations with your sister are far more interesting. Last night I got accused of inventing an excuse to open a bottle of wine. Well, that accusation came from a lot of places on Facebook. I don’t need an excuse to open a bottle of wine. And not one person told me they like my Gettysburg wine glass that was in the picture with the bottle of wine. What’s wrong with people? Wait. What was I talking about again? I’m blaming the vicodin.

  91. Will you be my sister? I have two sisters–one is a doctor and the other is a recovering addict, so we NEVER get to make jokes about Percocet!

    Baddest Mother Ever recently posted A Grown Up Kind of Boo Boo.

  92. Well, you just put the post I wrote, last night, about having my entire pubic area napalmed, in perspective. It could be sooooo much worse. :) Perspective! Now, I have it!

    Megly Mc recently posted Yet another post in which I am wearing no pants..

  93. I see awesomeness runs in your family! Love it, and love your sister on Percocet lol.

  94. Props for the use of “bingo-boingo.” That totally made my day.
    And now to go take more Percocet.

    Melissa recently posted What’s in a name?.

  95. So one has to be high to reach your level of crazy, this makes sense. Because that’s the same level of crazy I’m at, love when the boy is on pain meds, (ya know if he weren’t in pain and suffering) I suddenly make sense to him

    Kitty recently posted Learning When to Let Go.

  96. 96

    Waxing that would be a bitch!

  97. That conversation totally reminded me of this book called “Moosestache” that my 5 year old twins think is just hilarious. http://www.amazon.com/Moosetache-Margie-Palatini/dp/0786811706

  98. Except for how your eyebrow hair only grows so long before it falls out… How does that work?? Now I’m going to go on a binge reading through my anatomy and physiology textbooks… And as for why i have those…. Nursing Student… Not just a weirdo. :P

    Brooke recently posted It IS A VERY Special Day..

  99. She will probably not remember any of this! But now she can’t even deny it! It’s immortalized here for a while!

  100. 100
    Shannon Fielding

    Mutton chops? Damn!Now I’m hungry!…Not for hair, for chops….Really….I don’t eat hair, that would be silly….Wouldn’t it? And it would get caught in your teeth and stick out your mouth. And nothing looks worse than unruly mouth hair. Although then you wouldn’t need floss, you could just use the hair…or not. I mean you don’t use floss to get floss out of you teeth, so why would you use hair to get hair out of your teeth? Where was I going with this? I’m so confused…and hungry. But for what?…Oh Yeah! Mmmm, mutton chops….

  101. Totally chuckled out loud to myself over this one, the dog came over to check on me.

  102. People on prescription painkillers can be hilarious to talk to – their filters are GONE. Hope Lisa feels better soon!

    Courtney B. recently posted Construction gripe.

  103. 103

    I read the back of Rogaine (for women) package a long time ago and it said something like a side effect might happen of growing facial hair. I don’t think they were talking about one wild stray hair…so my mind went off the chart and I was picturing the possibility was there to grow a beard…mustache….sideburns, nose hairs that was so thick the buggers would be encased, eye brows that stood at attention and you could never get them to lay straight….oh I’m exhausted now. Although I wouldn’t mind bushier eye lashes…

  104. I think someone’s been secretly slipping it to me because my legs hairs have been long and luxurious for years.

    One Classy Motha recently posted Tips for Tuesday! A Napkin Folding Tutorial…perfect for a bachelorette party (wink wink).

  105. 106

    I love that your wacky sense of humour obviously runs in your family :)

    KezUnprepared recently posted I don’t know what I’m doing, but I like it..

  106. The hair on your head is unique to the rest of your body and Rogaine targets the unique structure of that hair. It can only grow on top of your head. Okay, that’s enough science, I’m out.

    Amber recently posted I’m happier than a Weeping Angel at a convention for the blind.

  107. I like you sister. You should have more conversations with her.

    Sandy recently posted Comment on Studio Update by Christine.

  108. So speaking of HARES… it’s a magic act featuring rabbit sex.

    Really. (maybe this will cheer your sister up, or maybe totally freak her out)


  109. Lower back hair! You could grow it out and shape it into different animals with hair gel! It would be like getting a new lower back tattoo every day of the week but without the pesky needles!

    Amanda R. recently posted My Boy. He’s Disgusting. So Are Tongues..

  110. She should probably have gone for that walk. Percocet can back a girl up, ifyouknowwhatImean.

    Audrey recently posted a trip to the Cleveland Botanical Gardens.

  111. And here I thought your blog post was funny. The comments are killing me! Hope your sister recovers quickly.

    Gigi recently posted Gigi's Travel Agency...May I help you?.

  112. This conversation makes me so happy.. I completely understand such questions..

  113. Cool genes! Seriously, I really like your genes. :-)

  114. You are BOTH hilarious! Thanks for the laughs! (and the disturbing visuals!)

    Darcy Perdu recently posted I’m Sorry — WHO Planted That Evidence?.

  115. When I was a kid my mum kinda scarred me by telling me I was going to have short stubby fingers like my dad. I spent years thinking I would have short stubby hairy hands. People really need to be more careful what they say in front of kids.

    Laura Morrigan recently posted A Gothic Sunday Part 1: The Mausoleum.

  116. Oh and my fingers grew up very long and dainty, thank you VERY much!

    Laura Morrigan recently posted A Gothic Sunday Part 1: The Mausoleum.

  117. ^ Yeah, they’ve already done the eyebrow braid thing. And there’s no telling how much of that is ear hair.

    Vaeru recently posted Goodreads Review for Blood Bound by Patricia Briggs.

  118. Excess ear hair is not all it’s cracked up to be.

    Unless you are stoned.

    And wearing feathers.

    HogsAteMySister recently posted After 20 Years Down Under, the Moore Tornado Stirs Up My Okie DNA.

  119. I’m not sure what I’m craving more after reading this post – Rogaine or whatever your sister is taking. I wish I’d read this before my daughter had to pick a science fair experiment…

    whatimeant2say recently posted We Tried to Make You a Gift, But Hobby Lobby Screwed it Up.

  120. 121
    Trixie in TX

    Okay, well…. I’m over at Dr. Weil dot com, searching for vitamin supplement info (stupid 40th b-day)….
    and low and behold there is Bloggess merchandise in the Zazzle advertisement in the side bar. HA! I know that weasel and those cats!!! Creepy stalker-ish…. right?!


    leanne tankel recently posted Running (second only to drinking) Is My Favorite Sport.

  122. I laughed hysterically because Percocet does the exact same thing to me

  123. “Sorry.  I can’t hear you over all my awesomeness.  And by ‘awesomeness’ I mean ‘super-excessive ear hair.”

    I smell a new t-shirt….

    Tracey recently posted Do They Have Overnight Camp for 3 Day Weekends?!?.

  124. Does anyone else remember “The Peanutbutter Solution”? I bet that’s what Rogaine really is.

    Shana recently posted I don't need marble halls, I only need you ~ Anne Shirley.

  125. This sounds like a normal Tuesday evening conversation with my husband…sans narcotics.

    Either we are both crazy and our normal conversations are similar to those with someone whacked out on drugs, or your sister is brilliant on opiates.

    It’s obviously the second one.

    Lisa Newlin recently posted I’m getting splattered all over the internet!.

  126. Bingo-Boingo, it’s official: you and Lisa are both nuts. All that remains to be decided is which of you is the biggest wacko.

    Could it be that your sister wasn’t the only one on some good drugs during this conversation?

  127. This cracked me up. I would love to have a conversation like that every day.

  128. You could be harvesting that hair to make merkins for the more follically-challenged. Awesome, plus an entrepreneurial opportunity.

    Alison recently posted Chocolate and hazelnuts...you know where I'm going with this.

  129. “Sorry. I can’t hear you over all my awesomeness. And by ‘awesomeness’ I mean ‘super-excessive ear hair’.
    I see a zazzle tee shirt link about to happen…

  130. I don’t know what Percocet but I think I need to find out….

    Kattie recently posted Awful.

  131. Fab mental image before my breakfast! New Rogaine ads featuring female sasquatch roaming the woods on Percocet. You lovely (and by lovely I mean hairy) ladies forgot about the oh-so-crucial nasal fur…waiting for addendum to emails to add discussion about nasal fur!

    Jackie recently posted Love is Patient (A surprisingly short post, for me).

  132. 133

    Pharmacy lesson of the day: Actually, minoxidil is available in 2 strengths in tablet form. It was originally used to treat hypertension and just happened to have the fun side effect of hair growth. That’s when companies started marketing the topical version.

  133. Sisters bonding over drugs… I love those precious family moments.

  134. Sisterly bonding moments!

  135. I want to be part of your family. But only for about 15 minutes. Any longer than that and I’d get freaked out. But that 15 minutes would ROCK!

  136. Dude.I am on vacation and ear hair is making sense to me too! Too high on awesome German food!!

    Miss Gee recently posted I'm Getting A Strange Sense Of Deja Vu Just Writing This, One Of Those Inexplicable Things..

  137. Oh my gosh!!!! This is like talking to my Mom or Sister! BUAHAHAHAHAH!

    Morraha recently posted Coming Undone..

  138. I enjoyed being on Percoset after my surgery, thinking that I was doing brilliantly. Two weeks later I checked my checking account and evidently Percoset leads one to believe that bank balances are fun! I had made such a mess of my account. Enjoy the Percoset but avoid math while on it.

    Molly Dugger Brennan recently posted Letter to a Young Dumbass.

  139. I recently sent my perimenopausal nose hair to Locks of Love.

  140. I keep wandering around my office today proclaiming: “Sorry. I can’t hear you over all my awesomeness.” (I leave the excessive ear hair part out . . . )

    Robyn Straley recently posted Pink auroras and special unicorns . . ..

  141. 142

    rogaine is topical, but hair doesn’t always grow where you put it. my dad put rogaine on his head ONCE and it made his back hair grow so much that my mom now has to shave it every few weeks.

  142. Just wishing I could have sat around your family dinner table when you were both little.Awesome!

  143. I think I’ve had this conversation with my husband. Spooky!

  144. Hysterically funny – I fell off my chair laughing! Love you and your sister!!

  145. Ah, I see it runs in your family. That’s nice.

  146. Don’t make me laugh! Recovering from hernia surgery, without Percocet, because it makes me ofeel even crappier. But tihis is hilarious.

  147. TWO of you! #WIN

    leslie (crookedstamper) recently posted SOS #104 No Patterned Paper.

  148. I almost couldn’t see through the fits of laughter past ‘pubic hair’.

    YOUR conversations are the kind of high I could use. At least, NOW I don’t feel so alone.


    Carrie recently posted Bet you never thought you’d see Post-it Notes, a Hippie Van and Zombie-talk in one place, huh? You’re welcome..

  149. This.
    This is a little piece of perfection, right up there with “The Grieving Owl” by David Sedaris.

  150. Oh, I want to read Sedaris’ new book–is it, as I suspect, good?

    leanne tankel recently posted Running (second only to drinking) Is My Favorite Sport.

  151. 152

    LOL!!!! I just read your last three post and they were awesome. I, also like you sister, am on Percocet b/c of surgery I had on Monday. I look forward to reading these post again in the near future having not remembered reading them the first time. HA!!!

  152. Ohmygoodnessgracious!!

    This is my first visit here and I will be back! A customer and I were sharing blog links the other day and she suggested yours, along with some others. Sooooo glad I stopped by! You two are hilarious! My son has
    a sticker on his guitar that says: I love mullets. Made me think of him and remember how he laughed about mullets. He would have loved your blog and your keen wit.


  153. Off to get prescription for Percocet….

    Meredith recently posted Thanks For The Coupons For All The Shit I Didn’t Buy..

  154. OMG I love this exchange! I am recovering from surgery and messaging my sister as I type this. SHARING!
    Carrie the Just Mildly Medicated gal

    Carrie recently posted Injectable Power Port for IV therapy to treat Dysautonomia.

  155. 156

    I cannot believe there are 155 comments and not a single one has mentioned the obvious.

    Hair growing on your toes? Instant Hobbit costume!

  156. Leanne, husband & I are listening to bits & pieces of “Discussing Diabetes with Owls” -read by David Sedarius. I’ve nearly peed myself a couple of times!

    I REALLY wish my Uncle Jim was still alive. That man had eyebrows that looked like long haired hamsters, and he was silly enough that he would have totally let me braid his eyebrows or put daisies or feather in them.

    This man-omg, I miss him-he was BIG-like 6 foot something, and had to go close to 400 pounds. He lived into his mid 80’s..he told us he was in the pool in Florida & this little old woman came over & would throw heads of lettuce in the pool. He said she was nearsighted & thought he was a manatee & didn’t want him to starve. I laughed so hard at that. *sigh*

  157. Do you think guys who can’t grow beards, but who desperately want one, ever think about Rogaine for their face? Or hair plugs on their chin?

    Dawnie recently posted 10 Signs You're Not Getting Laid Tonight (by me).

  158. Totally unrelated…

    I have a picture of a toaster-jackalope!
    It’s SO YOU!
    But this widget has no upload thingy. Sad.
    What to do? Ah HA! The prompt website – its to the pic, not really my website.
    I hope you like it

  159. Being a patient sucks…I’m at Mayo in Florida during the first tropical storm of the season prepping for a colonoscopy and endoscopy (at the same time a.k.a. worlds grossest three way) I currently feel like I’m about to fall through my assh&$e and hang myself. I can’t wait for the fun drugs.

  160. you rock.

    just had to say so.


    _teamgloria xx

    teamgloria recently posted scenes from wednesday: burbank, warner bros, nickelodeons and milkshakes on the other table.

  161. My sons are all grown up and have facial hair. I secretly smile that they have bald spots in their beards, because that means they are still my babies .

    Geek Goddess recently posted Friday Flicks! Omaha Beach Then and Now.

  162. My sister and I have conversations like this all the time, and we don’t even need the percoset. I hope your sister is feeling better soon, but your fab conversations keep being as funny as this one was.

  163. Paula–is that me Leanne, or another Leanne…glad to hear the Sedaris book is that funny!!!

    leanne tankel recently posted Running (second only to drinking) Is My Favorite Sport.

  164. 165
    Maria Lingle

    Can you please make shirts that say “Sorry. I can’t hear you over all my awesomeness. And by ‘awesomeness’ I mean ‘super-excessive ear hair’.” Because that would be fantastic.

  165. Then there is always spray on hair… that shit weirds me out just a little bit.

    Holly Briley recently posted It’s A Work In Progress.

  166. Paula, comment #157 – You just made me seriously pee my pants AND cry laughing at that comment OMG!! Every time I just think about it, I lose it again! Holy Shit, that is hilarious! (and I am at work!!) Thanks

  167. See? And this is why my friends all want me to try drugs. I have these conversations when I’m stone-cold SOBER.

    Emelie recently posted What Happens When I Promote Myself In New York City..

  168. Leanne Tankel-you, yes you! Buy the book or better yet, listen to the audio book, because hearing the author tell it like it is adds a whole new level of funny to it.

    And Devan, glad I made you laugh. Uncle Jim would have liked that.

  169. Any post that talks about “ear hair” gets a thumbs up in my book. There’s just not enough conversation on that topic. Thanks for helping out the cause! Doing a shiver because I just got the heebie jeebies right now thinking about it. Ewwwwwww

    Brenda Dion recently posted Could Someone Buy Amanda Bynes a Thesaurus…Please!.

  170. Oh, giggly! I guess I missed this earlier because my own actual sister came to town in person. And I was addicted to Arrested Development. But now I’m weaned.

    Kathleen recently posted Co-inka Dink.

  171. I think BINGO BOINGO: mutton chops is going to be my new catchphrase

    Mark Magness recently posted Save Gaer Schools.

  172. I think you are both high.

  173. I love the things people say when they are drugged up and recovering. My mother couldn’t stop talking about having lunch with Donald Trump after her knee replacement.

    Punky Coletta recently posted Have More Sex.

  174. Is it bad that reading these comments just made me wonder if I could use spray on hair to give myself Hobbit Feet?

    Merrick recently posted Main Street Cinema!.

  175. This is probably one of the greatest conversation pieces ever told. And I came up with a new tagline for Rogaine; “Rogaine. When you want to look like Chewbacca.”

  176. I once saw an old fellow with so much nose hair I thought he snorted mini dish scrubbers. Maybe he packs extra grub in there for the winter. You know, those old people tend to wonder off and get lost in the woods. And then if gramps had too much ear hair, how will he hear the search party yelling for him? What a quandary.

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