We won!

Remember when I was on the Katie Couric show last year to talk about The Traveling Red Dressbut then my cat totally hogged the lime-light?  Well, apparently whatever Hunter S. Thomcat did worked, because I just found out that the segment won an Exceptional Merit in Media Award last night.  This is very nice because it’s the swankiest-sounding award I’ve never heard of before, and also because the segment would not have been possible if it wasn’t for the support and amazing work done by thousands of you here on this blog.  And that’s why I’m giving the award to you.  It doesn’t exist in real life, so you just have to trust me that I’m handing it over to you.  See what you don’t feel in your hands right now?  That’s the award.  You are welcome.

And to celebrate, I’m giving away red evening gowns to several randomly-chosen commenters.  (You’ll get a gift card so you can order your size correctly.)  Just leave a comment if you want in.  And if you want to donate a red dress, photography skills, or want to ask for a red dress yourself you can check out the Facebook page.

PS. It just occurred to me that pretty much anyone can make up awards for anything they want so I’m making this one for you.  Feel free to use it in your resume.

PPS. Several of you have pointed out (quite correctly) that “first annual” isn’t really a thing.  Probably because they recognize I’m not responsible enough to have a second annual award.  And they’re right.  But bad-ass motherfuckers don’t care about logic and grammar.   They care about kicking ass and being awesome.   And about who would win in a fight between zombies and unicorns.  And sometimes they care about grammar too. Dammit, Jenny.  Get your shit together.

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  1. Congratulations! Your blog helps me get through the week.

  2. Congrats on your award and thank you for sharing it with all of us! You rock!!

  3. Red is SO your color! And you have made it our color too. Congrats.

  4. Amazing!

  5. That is so wonderful Jenny! Congrats!

    Aimee Giese | Greeblemonkey recently posted #HelpWomenAtRisk With Minimalist Parenting.

  6. Fucking awesome! I hope it gets me the job…..

  7. OUTSTANDING! I recently became a mother, and the journey for me has been so humbling. I tell myself even though I don’t look what I used to be, my body changed to make a little being. I tell my self everyday and allow myself to take it easy and go at my own pace. My baby’s smile is worth everything my body went through

  8. Thank you so much for my award! I will treasure it always!

  9. Wow congrats!

  10. That’s just awesome. :)

    Mandy recently posted Butternut Squash and Black Bean Enchiladas.

  11. Congratulations!

  12. Love it – its the BAM award!!!

  13. OMG I can’t believe I won a badass motherfucker award…. I’ve been waiting for this moment my whole life!!!!

  14. W00t! I won something! Wouldn’t it be grand to win a red dress too? I’ve never owned anything so snazzy….

    Sephani Paige recently posted Batman Got Run Over.

  15. Thanks – I am updating me resume right now – this is going to get me my next job! And Congrats on the well deserved recognition!

  16. That is amazing! Congrats to you and to all of us for being bad ass mother fuckers! I would love a red evening gown btw… :-)

  17. congrats on the awesome award and thank you, I am a badass motherfucker!

  18. OMG! I was really the first commenter. BTW, I have that segment of Katie saved on my DVR and the husband and I argue about deleting it every time the recorded file is nearing max capacity. Let’s just say I win.

  19. Yes. You.Are.One. BadAssMotherFucker.
    …carry on…

  20. Of course your segment won an award!
    Congratulations, Bad-Ass!

  21. Awesome-sauce. I love reading your blog and laughing at H.S. Thomcat. Congrats!!

  22. Well deserved! And I want in! <3

  23. Aww congrats! And of course I want a red dress… I need a pick me up aftee I have this baby that is making me feet frumpy and messing with my blood pressure!

  24. Thanks for sharing! You autographed my book of my red dress pictures when you were on tour for Let’s Pretend and it is definitely in my list of “things to save in case of house fire.”

  25. That is so cool!! I’m jealous and happy for you all at once, my fellow cat-loving, nutty blogger. Hugs to you and your star cat.

    Lisa R. Petty recently posted Stained Glass Welcoming.

  26. I need that award on my resume, having been unemployed for some time.. lol.

    Congrats on your real and fancy award!

    itzybellababy recently posted Blogger opp-Nighty Night Giveaway Announcement.

  27. Congrats! It was a fantastic segment!

  28. Awards that don’t exist are the best kind.

    Heather Thorkelson recently posted A conversation with Erin Giles – Founder of End Sex Trafficking Day.

  29. Wooo Hooooo!!! I always KNEW I was a bad ass motherfucker!!! And congrats!

    Ragemichelle recently posted Menopause Mind: Now With Rapid Fire Action!.

  30. This is even better than when I was Time’s Person of the Year!

  31. Jennifer, it was a great and moving segment. Several co workers were discussing and I giggled inside since I know the other side of the Bloggess. TEE HEE!!


    Katie recently posted Confession Friday: I Eat Kiddie Cereal.

  33. Awesome! congratulations, it is such a great project.

  34. Congrats on the win! I remember first hearing about the travelling red dress and that’s honestly what started me visiting (stalking) this blog.

    Brooke Creech recently posted A Lace Obsession.

  35. Yay! I’ve never won an award before. I’d like to thank God, my parents, and all the douches I was smart enough not to marry.

  36. A well deserved award, if you ask me. Congratulations!!

  37. Congrats to you and us, “Bad Ass Motherfuckers”!

  38. Congrats on the award! That is most awesome and you have the most awesome readers! Isn’t that awesome? We’re all awesome! Woot!

    Sorry, I’ll put down my double shot cafe mochaccino latte espresso deluxe and back away quietly. But congrats for realz. And I’d like in on the red gown giveaway, please, thank you!

  39. Congratulations Jenny you are AWESOME and we, your followers are very thankful for your sharing it but also for allowing us to be a part of your life! I am proud to be a “Badass Motherfucker” right along with you!

  40. Congrats! I hope to win a badass muthafuckin’ taxidermy award some day…

    eBinard recently posted Devo Raccoon - anthropomorphic taxidermy Mounted Raccoon Head ethically sourced by ebinard.

  41. So cool!!!

    Jennifer recently posted Bye Bye Birdy.

  42. How awesome is that!! Congrats to all of you!! This is such a great idea and one day I hope to be an actual participant in some way, shape or form :)

  43. I always knew I was a badass motherfucker. Thank you for finally confirming it.
    (No need to consider me in the drawing for a dress … unless you really want me to show the Internet my feminine badassery.)

    Daddy Scratches recently posted Wanna rub my lamp?.

  44. Hooray for you Jenny!

  45. 47
    Kee Hinckley

    It’s seems like Hunter S. Thomcat ought to get an evening gown too.

  46. that is really fantastic!! congrats

  47. I’d like to thank my mom and dad for always supporting my badassery. My husband for being such a motherfucker that it inspired me to be one too. And of course, Kanye.

  48. Ooh, ooh! Mr. Kotter, Mr. Kotter!

  49. Congratulations, Jenny!

    Ana Ramsey recently posted Weekend Wrap-up and a Snippet.

  50. All awards kick ass! Congratulations!

  51. 53
    Laura Garnett

    Congrats on another accomplishment that you weren’t even trying to achieve!

  52. I’m totally printing that out, framing it, and hanging it on my wall at work!

  53. Pretty cool – congrats!

  54. That’s awesome Jenny. Congrats! And thanks for sharing it with us.

  55. Can I use my imaginary award for imaginary self-defence in the event of an imaginary burglary? :D Congratulations! You did some amazing work on that project and absolutely earned the recognition!

  56. Cats always have exceptional merit in media! :D Congratulations to Hunter, and to you as well!

  57. This is absolutely awesome! Congrats Jenny and Hunter S. Thomcat! (BTW, I’d love a random red dress to accept my badass motherfucker award!)

  58. Congrats and I could really use a red dress right now. <3

    Haley recently posted Do it their way once in awhile..

  59. (Oh, and I still have that segment on DVR- I admit to playing/pausing it occasionally and saying “Look, my picture is on Katie Couric’s show!)

  60. I was sent a Red Dress from your friend at Blog con Queso and I just wore the hell out of it at my 10yr college reunion. It just came back from the dry cleaners and is hanging on my door. It’s like a red badge of courage for me. I love you for starting this project!

  61. Wow! Congratulations on being an Exceptional BAMF!!!

  62. Would love to win a red dress! I love your blog!! It has helped me get through many a rough day, and we truly are every bit as appreciative to you, as you are to us!! (Next book tour needs to be closer to Tampa though!!)

  63. Oh…and yes, I would love to be included in your drawing… I have no reason to NEED an evening gown. I guess I could wear it while I’m washing dishes or something

    Ragemichelle recently posted Menopause Mind: Now With Rapid Fire Action!.

  64. Congrats, love!!!! You deserve it!! ???

  65. This is awesome! I’m a big fan of the Traveling Red Dress so this makes me really happy! You are one badass motherfucker!

    Meredith recently posted A noble cause.

  66. That’s so crazy cool!!! And an incredible reason to win!

    Natalie recently posted How to have a KICK ASS Halloween.

  67. Awesome! Everyone needs a kickass red dress! :-)

  68. Congratulations!!

    Maxine Dangerous recently posted Slump Day.

  69. 71
    April Stansberry

    Congrats! We all knew you were amazing!

  70. I want to make these on business cards and hand them out! Everyone needs to know how badass they are!

  71. Congratulations! And thank you, I always wanted to be acknowledged for being a badass motherfucker.

  72. Whoop, that is the best non award I have never held in my hands!! And the chance to win a red dress to walk around in whilst non-carrying it?! Awesome-ness!! Well done on the award too :D

  73. You deserve all the awards. Congratulations!

    Janet recently posted Closed.

  74. This brings me so much joy. Best regards to Sir Hunter S. Thomcat. He is the cat’s meow.

    Oh, and congratulations to you, too. =D

  75. nobody deserves it more than you! congrats!

  76. This is the best thing I’ve read all day… That said, I’ve been in a Microsoft class all day so the competition wasn’t that stiff.

  77. That’s awesome! Congratulations to us!! Also, a red dress would be amazing :)

  78. Now I’m a Bad Ass Ninja Mom AND Bad Ass Motherfucker. Dear My Mom: You SEE?!! Being a Bad Ass teenager DOES mean a Bad Ass Successful Future!

    Mona (Moxie-Dude) recently posted Viva la Mexico.

  79. Congrats on the award :) Love your blog!

  80. Wow…where do I begin. I want to first off Thank God for this Badass Mutherfucker award. Without him, I wouldn’t be here. Next, I want to thank my agent, my family (ma and pops, you stood by me when I was at my most fucked up and I thank you). I also need to thank my stylist who keeps me lookin’ hott. Oh and I can’t forget my husband who puts up with my shit on a daily basis. I also need to thank my co-workers who KEEP me fucked up and give me something to bitch about. And last but not least, The Bloggess, for giving me this award and understanding how being screwed up can be fun! Thank you…thank you all. *tear*

  81. Congratulations! And thanks for the award!

  82. Wow, I’ve never won an award before….i’m a badass

  83. Best. Award. Ever. Unless you count that time I won an award from my hairy dog as best groomer ever. Which was imaginary as well. The award, not the dog. :)

  84. Ah! That’s so awesome! Congratulations!
    And… before I go, I just want to tell you: you were fantastic. Absolutely fantastic.
    *picture that being said by a Time Lord in a leather jacket*

  85. It’s a major award!

  86. Congratulations, that’s really awesome AND badass!


  87. 89
    Kathryn Franks @Thrushiebaby

    My award speech: “YOU LIKE ME!!! YOU REALLY LIKE ME!!!”

  88. awesome sauce! I really, really want to cross stitch that award onto a pillow!

  89. Wow, very impressive!! Congrats!

  90. Wow… that’s really awesome!!!!

    Stephanie recently posted Partying with HarperImpulse.

  91. Wonderful!

    I’m in Baltimore, Maryland and I would be happy to photograph red dress wearers! I’m no professional but I take decent photos. http://www.flickr.com/photos/10428495@N05/ Most of the recent ones are dogs doing agility, but I’m pretty sure if you want to jump over some things in a red dress, I could do that pretty well, too!!

  92. I’d like to thank the Academy, and my family, and my cats. They like us! They really, really like us!

  93. That’s so awesome! Congrats!
    I totally want in. I’ve been wanting to do the red dress pictures for a while now, and never had the balls to actually do it.

  94. Wow! Congrats on the award. I will have to look up the interview. I have read your book and loved it. BTW, I may have located Beyoncé’s father, there is a huge metal chicken at a restaurant near me. It is a huge cock.

  95. <3 <3 <3

    Since they didn't work the first time..

  96. How totally amazing!!!
    BAMF, baby. That’s what you are. :)

  97. How awesome?! I just knew I was a bad-ass morherfucker and now this award just proves it.!

  98. Not even a little bit surprised. Way to go, chica!

  99. Congratulations! That was the only full episode of Katie that I have ever watched (I like her, but really, it’s a long show, who has that time?)

    *holds non-award* I would like to thank all my friends who I spammed with links to the Traveling Red Dress facebook page because it is such an empowering project and who made this this *looks at clock* 9:58 on a Friday morning possible.

  100. Congratulations!

  101. Wow, I felt something in my hand. So it was your award? Thanks. And Congratulations to you.

  102. 105
    Lissla Lissar

    Congrats! That’s amazing!

  103. Awesome! Great news!

  104. FABULOUS! I’m very excited, and I accept this Badass Motherfucker award in the name of all those who have come before me in their badassity.

  105. congratulations! The segment was wonderful and definitely deserved to win!!

  106. I totally need a fabulous RED dress….I don’t have one and didn’t even know how badly I needed one until I read this! Pick me, pick me, pick me, Pleeeeeeease! ????

  107. Things like this make me insanely happy. Good for everyone.

  108. Awesome! Changing lives, one red dress at a time!

  109. Congratulations, the swanky award is well deserved!

  110. You are true inspiration! Thank you Jenny!

  111. That’s awesome! Well done, Jenny!

    stace recently posted Winner of the 10-word ghost story contest!.

  112. *happy dance!!!*

  113. I love it when good things happen to good people for good reasons. Woo hoo!

    Stephanie recently posted Momma’s 12 Days of Christmas 2013 is Coming! You Know the Drill!.

  114. 117
    Laura Kelley

    I am so happy for you! The whole idea and message behind the Red Dress is so inspiring; that’s wonderful!!
    You rock!!!

  115. Yepppers,
    I always knew I was a motherfucker, but I LOVE being Badass now too. Thanks. Now does the dress come with an interview with Katie? I need to find out what happy pills she is taking. :)

  116. Congrats, Jenny.

    BTW, I just got a Barnes&Noble ad for Christmas stuff…they’re featuring ‘Elf on a Shelf’ to start a new tradition. Also one for birthdays.

  117. Congratulations! And I’d like to thank the academy for my Badass Motherfucker award. It was an honor just being nominated, but beating out Samuel L. Jackson is a thrill all its own!

  118. I’m printing out my Badass Motherfucker award right now so I can hang it over my desk. Woo hoo!

    Zebra Poundsworth recently posted If I could be twenty again, I would wear a slutty costume.

  119. That is amazing! This is such and awesome initiative. Every woman deserves to feel beautiful and have at least on photo of them looking hot in a red dress!!

  120. LOVE the traveling red dress concept….very uplifting :) Congrats on the award – it’s well deserved!!!

  121. Such a bad-ass!

  122. Cats get shit done!! Congrats!

  123. Congrats, you totally deserve the award, this is such a wonderful movement! :-) I adore the Travelling Red Dress Project, and I had so much fun helping my Girl Scouts earn their Bronze Award using this concept and putting on a Red dress event for girls with Cancer. I would love a chance do wear a red dress myself at some point. :-)

  124. Congratulations to you and to Hunter S. Tomcat (because we all know he’s the true star, right?)!!

  125. So completely awesome. Thanks for being you Jenny!

  126. That is the coolest never heard of award ever. Congratulations!

  127. Given the problems I’ve had getting a job, bad-ass motherfucker would be an awesome thing to add to my resumé. Congrats on the swanky sounding award.

    helenrov recently posted Another Impromptu Hiatus.

  128. Congratulations! And thank YOU for the award – I will put it in a prime location in my cubicle!

  129. congrats!!
    I’d love to get in on the draw for a travelling red dress… but if you choose it based on merit, I’m sure there’s someone that deserves it more than me. I’d be happy to win it based on random draw tho :)

  130. Congrats! You deserve this award and more!

    Natalie recently posted The trouble with being a girl. (No, not that one. A different one.).

  131. Can I enter to win it to give it to somebody else? Or does that not make sense? Canadians can’t really buy from Amazon.com if we don’t have a US address. :( But if I could enter, I’d give it to whoever comments something super poignant, somebody who needs it and never gets picked in random draws? Or I could just be normal and forfeit on Canadian grounds? I guess we can cross this bridge if I’m randomly selected?

  132. So who gets to keep the award? You, or Hunter S. Tomcat??? (Don’t say Katie Couric, she wouldn’t have won it without the two of you)

  133. Thanks for that Bad ass award! Who knew we were so kick-ASS?! I’d love a red dress as my BFF has just recently Regina George’s me. Bitch. Help me SHOW her the error of her ways…and thanks, Jennie, for being such a cool-ass Bloggess! :D

    Alli recently posted There Are Better Things Than Ding Dongs (like this Ding Dong CAKE!).

  134. If I win the red dress, do I also win an occasion to which I get to wear the aforementioned red dress?

    Also, I’m pretty sure a major award such as this is supposed to include a leg lamp. You should probably check to make sure Victor didn’t return it.

  135. Shit..now I have to write an acceptance speech..

    You are so many kinds of awesome!!

  136. AWESOME!!!!! (Totally in for the contest)
    Also have a red dress to donate that doesn’t fit anymore… off to the Facebook page…

    Carmen recently posted Let's skip the middle man shall we?.

  137. Congrats to you! Congrats to us all! I am going to hang my award on my wall tonight!!

  138. Congratulations on your badassery!!

  139. Congrats! I love that segment!

  140. Congratulations! Hunter S, Thomcat really knows how to win an audience.

  141. 144
    Christina M.


  142. Congrats! And thanks for sharing the bounty with the rest of us. The Bad-Ass Mutherfucker Award will be treasured…always.

    Rebecca recently posted fangirling.

  143. Congratulations! This is great news!

  144. You are amazing! And so am I! And so is everyone who follows this blog. You’ve helped me through some really dark days. And you’ve introduced me to the awesomeness that is Doctor Who. Thank you.

  145. 148
    Dayna Bennett

    Your blog is the best! It gets me through!

  146. I totally already had the BAMF on my resume, but it’s so nice to not have to lie about it anymore.

    Penne recently posted Lessons from Daddy.

  147. I’d like to begin by thanking my mom, my kids and my hubby for making me such a good badass motherfucker! And not to forget the generosity of the hostess with the mostess (stuffed animals) for being a light at the end of a shitty tunnel to always brighten our days!

  148. I always dreamed that maybe, one day I too could be a badass motherfucker. So thanks!!

  149. I’ll bet that bitch Katie Couric thinks she should get credit for this.
    Just kidding. I love Katie.

    It’s your important message, Jenny, that brought this all about. We thank you for that. <3

    John Lewis recently posted My Acting Résumé.

  150. I would love to win a red dress! Also, to be the Badass Motherfucker of the year is just… humbling. Thank you to my devoted public (which would be my anger-issued, sometimes-possessed dog, Charlie).

  151. Random comment! I love your blog! You are my “honesty” role model.
    Yay for awards! I’m revising my resume now.

  152. You are totally awesome! Congrats on your award!!! The traveling red dress is a splended idea, and I actually know someone that participated in it. I would love my own red dress too!

  153. Thanks! You are BAMF Queen :)

  154. Woohoo! Well deserved and keep rocking on.

  155. 158
    My Kids Mom

    Woohoo! I won! Thanks for the pick me up – a great way to end the week. Actually – congrats on the award and the segment was as amazing and inspirational as you are. Keep being you!

  156. WOO HOO! We is classy up in here!

    Seriously, congratulations. The light you shed helps SO many people. You’re a gift.

    Jennielynn recently posted Wii Vignettes, Starring My Son.

  157. Congrats on your award! I would love a fancy red evening gown! I don’t really have anywhere to wear it, either, but I could play dress up and get my partner to take me out to dinner. He’d probably stay in shorts (because pants are the worst things ever, in his opinion, which is why we live in Austin so he can be pants-free* most of the year), but that’s ok because I would look fabulous enough for the both of us!

    *pants-free = shorts; he doesn’t just go into public in his underwear or a kilt (although he’d look pretty rockin’ in a kilt)

  158. I won? I’ve never won anything! hahaha! Well, that isn’t true. I’ve won $1000 on the radio. That was pretty cool. :)

    You deserve so much more than this award for your red dress project! You rock and I think that might have been how I originally found you and started blogstalking you!

    There is a new word! Blogstock! hahaha! I’m a blogstocker!

    LeAnnWoo recently posted T-25 Break.

  159. That’s awesome! You’ve inspired me to get a red dress and rock it out, though I admit to not having found the one yet. I’m still lookin’ though, and the whole idea is inspirational. :)

    Marielle recently posted Placeholder.

  160. So awesome

  161. Congrats! You deserve all the awards!

  162. 165
    Jackie Dropek

    Everyone can use a red dress moment, and thanks to you so many people have. It’s a wonderful thing.

  163. Ditto to all this stuff people say. You’re great. You deserve all kinds awards. Especially ones with trophies, or Red Lobster gift cards. Stuff like that.

  164. Oh.. whaa?? I won something?? whoa.. *Doing my best incredulous Taylor Swift face* I.. I gotta go.. so yeah.

    RachRiot recently posted Getting Off On The Wrong Foot.

  165. That’s awesome! This is just further proof that you should bring Hunter S. Thomcat with you everywhere- if you get stressed, or nervous, just have him interact with whomever you’re supposed to be talking to.

  166. Congrats to you and congrats to all of us for being BA MOFOS! Oh happy day!

  167. 170
    Rebecca Rae

    That’s wonderful!!! You do more good than you know! Thanks for keeping it real!

  168. 171

    Ooh yeah Go US! We are Badass Motherfuckers, it’s about time it was officially recognized *giggles*
    I think I’d like in on the red evening gown drawing, even if it may be a bit christmasy with my teal hair right now ;)

  169. I would 100% love a red gown! I’ve never won an award before! I can’t believe it, you like me you actually like me. I’d like to thank my brother… I mean my husband. Thank you so much. Thank you so much. I gotta go. Bye!

  170. badass motherfucker may be the most fantastic thing on my resume. like, ever.

  171. YAY us, we rock. *virtual highfive*

  172. Congratulations! Anything that awards you for being you is great. We will always want more of The Bloggess.

  173. 176

    Best and also only award I’ve won in a long time! Thank you for recognizing my badassness!

  174. I put my award on my desk at work so that everyone would know what a badass I am. And CONGRATS!!!

  175. Congratulations Jenny! You’re amazing!!

  176. And slowly but surely, the cats are not only taking over the internet but also television. Next, the world.

    Congrats on the award and thank you for the Bad-Ass Motherfucker award. Something tells me it won’t impress my mother though.

    Leigh recently posted Kinda sick-ish (Day 112 KEDfaY).

  177. That’s awesome! And timely, if you see the tweet I sent you a little earlier (I’m @admiralandrea) about Red Dress Manor. Here’s the linky in case your Twitter is so busy, you can’t see me! http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2476404/The-house-thats-frozen-time-Eerie-images-inside-abandoned-Red-Dress-Manor-clothes-wardrobes-photographs-walls-love-letters-strewn-floors.html

  178. Thank you for being such an inspiration!

  179. Because I love the word fucker, I thank you. Congratulations on your award.

  180. Way Cool!! And thanks for sharing!

  181. I wish this award was like that tiara in Mean girls, so i could break it apart and give a little bit of it to everyone… Oh, wait, it IS for everyone? Oh, in that case, Yeah! I am a BAMF, and I accept this award on behalf of all my homies!
    P.S. I would love a red dress and the chance to feel pretty for once.

    Nicki recently posted I am a terrible pet parent (anyone want to adopt?).

  182. You deserve it – thanks for changing so many lives for the better.

  183. That BAMF award is totally going on my resume…

  184. Wearing red has always felt powerful to me so when I read about the Red Dress an few years ago I loved the idea! Congrats on the award, it’s so well deserved!

  185. You’re always such an inspiration Jenny! (Thanks to you, I was able to go back on psych meds this week, after managing without them for 8 years, without completely feeling like a failure as a human being! So thanks. A lot.)

  186. Holy fuck you’re popular and thank you!

  187. I knew you could beat “Inside Chipotle!”

  188. 191
    Kassia Finn

    You deserve all the awards, made up or not.

  189. OMG, this award is heavy! We can use to squash spiders into oblivion. Thanks for that. I’m honored as hell to be a Bad-Ass Motherfucker. Seriously, congrats on the award! That must’ve made your day. My ‘red dress’ is a tiny brown hat with a big ass peacock feather and a golden dragonfly. It gets looks, but I’m pretty sure it’s because people are jealous that they didn’t think of it first.

  190. Congratulations. That is awesome.

    Maybe it will convince me to finally go do my red dress session. All I need is a photographer. And a dress. Maybe I’ll win one of those gift cards and it’ll make life easier. I’m all for easier life :)

    (Check your email. ~ Jenny)

  191. Congratulations!!!

  192. You rock, Jenny!

  193. Congratulations to you, me and everyone! Also, I want in. ;)

  194. Yay us! And big YAY for you (and big Thom) particularly, too!

  195. Awww! It’s great to finally be recognized as a BAMF. :)

    I’d love to get in on the red dress love. Working full time, back in school for my masters, and training for my first half marathon has me feeling stretched thin. Tolkien phrased it best, like butter over too much bread.

    Keep kicking ass, woman!

  196. Awesome news! Not that we’re surprised, we already know how fantastic you are! Congrats!

  197. 200
    Christina K

    Congratulations! Such a wonderful acknowledgment! If I happen to win, I’ll be giving the gown to my little sister who is battling stage IV melanoma.

  198. I would love to be included in the drawing–I can’t tell you how much I needed a validation of my badassery today. After getting loads and loads of professional rejection lately (like, to an obscene level) I needed someone to remind me that I matter. I’m going to make a badge of my own like this, and it shall read, “Hearken, all ya’ll abject fuckers! I AM FAAABULOUS.”

    (Check your email. ~ Jenny)

  199. 202
    Tina Penguins

    That is so awesome! I love the idea of the Traveling Red Dress and it is great to know that the people who give amazing-yet-previously-not-known-about awards do too! Congrats!

  200. Winner winner chicken dinner! Congrats funny lady!

    Lori recently posted Just suit me..

  201. Wow! i’ve never won anything before. I’ll treasure this “virtual” award forever! And my resume needs updating too, so thanks for that as well!

  202. Oh my gosh, congratulations! I found your blog through the red dress project, and you totally deserve this. And Hunter S. Thomcat. Cats always deserve awards.

    Anya recently posted I'm back, girls and boys!.

  203. Yay! An Award! Cats make everything better. Except banana pudding. Congrats!

  204. Congrats Jenny! You and your project deserve it!!! My daughter could really use a red evening gown and I would love to be able to give her one!

  205. 208
    Cheryl Mattis

    I was in the audience at the Katie show last year. Came to see Brene but was thrilled when I discovered that you were there as well. One of your red dress recipients, Susan Neiber, aka Whymommy, was my mother’s neighbor. Her blog, ToddlerPlanet, introduced me to the entire blogesphere where I found amazing, intelligent and inspirational women like you, Brene, and so many others. It gave me chills to see that dress on the stage. (Went home with a gift card to buy my own red dress which turned out to be traffic cone orange in real life! Will wear it next time I have to do road work and don’t want to get hit.) Love you, loved your book, and congrats on the award!

  206. Big congrats on the totally deserved award for your segment!

  207. Not trying to be a dick or anything but failing totally. It should be “inaugural” or “Annual” on the certificate not “First Annual”

  208. DANGIT! Why am I not wearing a super awesome red dress & dressing up as the Bloggess for Halloween?! OR I coulda been Beyonce the big metal chicken! BLAST. Totally missed opportunities. Costuming fail.

  209. Thank you so much for this award. I haven’t prepared an official thank you but this award made my day. Tee hee…I so needed this today… :-)
    Your blog never fails to make me smile when I need it most… :-)

  210. Congrats! That’s so awesome that they recognized your efforts!

  211. Congrats! I love the idea of the red dress and would love to find one for myself.

  212. I am totally printing that award and hanging it over my desk at work. I’m sure my boss will be ever so impressed! I might even get a raise! Or a banquet in my honor! And I would certainly need a red dress to wear to it!

    You completely rock, by the way.

  213. You deserve all the awards ever, for being so damn awesome.

  214. 217
    Amanda Miller

    Congrats!!!! That is fantastic news! Will you share the award with Hunter S.? ;)

  215. This is my first time commenting, though I’ve been stalking you for quite some time now.
    This project (and also this blog) is made from pure awesome-sauce. And magic. There can never, ever be too much confidence in the world. Neither can there be too many red evening gowns worn by women all over the world.
    And also, thank you making it okay to be rambly. And strange. And using words that have not been used before, but that still make sense. And for all the laughs.
    Thanks for being so awesome with us and for us and greetings from a very small country in Europe, Estonia!

  216. I certainly hope whoever accepted that award in person thanked Mr H.S. Tomcat. Obviously it was he who sent the votes over the edge.

  217. That is so bad ass! Congratulations. No one can deny the power of the Red Dress.

    Mellisa recently posted The Last Board.

  218. Congratulations! I don’t have cable but I still managed to catch that. And what a great way to celebrate. But they definitely should have used your name for the award.

  219. Gosh, I never win anything. :)

    ..Can I put this up at work?

  220. And this just goes to show that what you touch turns to gold. Can you maybe come touch something over this way?!

    Queen Of All Things Good recently posted This Is What Was Disturbing?!.

  221. Wow, what a great award! I can put it right next to the “Dive Naked” tshirt I had framed, because it was such a success when I wore it to teach Bible school! Life just keeps gettin’ better, Bloggess.

  222. Congratulations! And thank you for my award! I’d love to wear a red dress- how awesome!

  223. you are the bomb.

    magpie recently posted Affected by the Hearsay Minions.

  224. I would like to thank the academy for this imaginary award. Indeed, I have always felt like a badass motherfucker, so it is wonderful to be recognized. I will place it in my trophy case with all my other imaginary awards.

  225. That imaginary award is going to look so bad-ass on my imaginary mantle.

  226. So I remember when I first heard about the red dress and whatnot and I was super interested in it but I thought to myself that there wouldn’t be a dress that would fit me that I would be able to appreciate stylistically so I never pursued the matter. After some MAJOR life changes I am finally back in the gym and trying to lose weight and be a healthier, better me which includes treating the bipolar and PTSD, having divorced an abusive ex husband, and finding the person that I was before I got buried under all of the negative experiences that I had. Maybe I will try to find a red dress after all…

  227. I LOVE the red dress project. Congratulations, you fabulous soul, you! xoxox

    Erin recently posted Teach Them Well & Write Down What They Say.

  228. So awesome. Count me in!

    melistress recently posted The Groupon Treatment.

  229. congratulations Jenny!! You deserve this!!

  230. I am printing that award out for my co workers. Hilarious!

  231. Congrats! Your blog is amazing!

  232. 235
    over the hill mom

    Awesome!!! You deserve it! Congrats!!!!

  233. Yay!!! Your blog has helped me through bouts of depression by reminding me that I’m not the only one. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  234. I love when worthy causes win awards!

  235. This is fantastic! So well deserved. When I finish my cancer treatments I plan on getting a red dress and celebrating. Then I can pass it along to other awesome women.

  236. I received a red dress over a year ago, when I got it I didn’t really feel worthy of wearing it for a photo shoot so it’s hung in my closet. The red dress now will be making an onstage appearance (unfortunately not worn by me) and after its performance will be going to a photo shoot with me. I now feel worthy. I have overcome several obstacles in the last year of my life. I’m a fighter and a survivor and you and the tribe I have found have made this possible. I will be finding someone to send my dress to as soon as my photos are done.

    Annette DiGiacomo recently posted Still the worst blogger ever… But I’ve been doing research???.

  237. I could be “devil in a red dress” for Halloween. Or Thanksgiving. Or Christmas and Hanukkah. Or 4EVA.

  238. I so want to lick your face again.

    Cat recently posted Could be worse...could be a spider.

  239. Yes, I definitely want in & congratulations! :)

  240. You like me. You really like me! I’d like to thank the Academy…. What, you’re giving me an award and I don’t get an acceptance speech? I call shenanigans.

    Shelley J recently posted I should probably stop naming the creepy crawlies..

  241. Congratulations! That’s really amazing news ! Obviously that piece was quite inspiring for so many!

    If I were to wear a red dress it would probably freak out my 7 yr old. For years I wouldn’t touch red because when I wore it I felt so “out in the open”. And as much as I like attention I didn’t like THAT much attention. So I always told her I would never wear it because the color just didn’t work for me, it was too much. And yet she tells me all the time she thinks I would look great in it(I did buy red underwear and that freaked her out).

    Also, red is close to orange which is the color for MS, and mine is not doing well these days at all. And I would never EVER wear orange. So maybe red would be close enough? I wouldn’t mind giving it a shot. Plus it might thrill my kid to no end to see me in the color.

    Jen recently posted When it Began.

  242. I am honored. I’m ordering t-shirts for me and my dogs to let the world know how big a Bad-Ass Motherfucker I am. Think you can get Samuel L to follow me around announcing this to everyone? Cause I’m thinking the shirts just won’t do it.

    Shelle, Milo, Dixie and Newby,

  243. Hooray for us! We are stupendous!

  244. CONGRATS EVERYONE… We seriously all rock.
    I think I am going to update my resume with this new award. Is motherfucker inappropriate for a resume?

  245. Congrats on winning!

  246. I love this! What a great award! PS the contest is cool too, but you are way cooler!

  247. 250
    Gina Danger

    Can we get red dresses in Canada!? :D

  248. Congrats, Jenny!! You are a class act.

  249. These posts in my newsfeed always make me laugh! Congratulations!

  250. Hell yea, that’s awesome! I’m in!

  251. Congratulations!

  252. Congratulations! You deserve it for how much you inspire & touch so many people!

  253. I would TOTALLY benefit from a red evening dress…. and then I can send it on it’s own travels! I thought about doing the same with a grey/silver dress and branding it with ‘depression lies’. I know it’s just a moment, but feeling pretty is a moment that depression didn’t hold you down and nail you to the floor. I live for those moments.

  254. You deserve every award coming to you. Your blog and the readers comments has brought me countless moments of laughter, inspiration, and self-discovery epiphanies. Go you, and thank you!

  255. Awesomesauce! I really enjoyed your book, BTW. Thanks for bringing your humor and perspective into the world!

  256. 259
    Megan Moody

    That is amazing! Congratulations to you and to the readers! I love the red dress project and what. It stands for, it would be an honor to be apart of it.

  257. Congrats! Everyone needs a red ballgown. Feeling beautiful is a right, not a privilege. :-)

    Casey Fitzsimmons recently posted A surprise? Por moi?.

  258. I am so excited for the Traveling Red Dress project. It it such an amazing and uplifting idea. I hope one day I can take my own pictures in a Traveling Red Dress.

    Melissa recently posted Still Kicking Around.

  259. That segment was excellent! Red Dresses rule. Congrats.

  260. That’s awesome news (both you award and mine)! I’d love to wear a red dress and do a photoshoot– this year’s been a bit on the rough side, and I’d like to start next year in the right mindset!

    Sarah recently posted Vignettes: Back to School.

  261. woo hoo! Red is NOT my color but I still think this is an awesome thing.

  262. Congrats! I’ve done red dress sessions for my daughters. So fun!

  263. Oh Jenny… Your little tribe isn’t so little anymore. You’re kind of the epitome of bad-assed-mother-effers and I hope that a smidgen of your generosity and awesomeness rubs off on the rest of humanity. Because we kind of need it. Desperately.

  264. You continue to amaze me! (Ditto for Hunter S. Tomcat)

  265. Thanks for being inspiring to all of us in so many ways. We laugh, we cry, we’re right there with you. =)

    Jenny Williams recently posted The Face of Mental Illness – 10/20/2013.

  266. I am forever grateful to you for the Red Dress. I had my red dress moment a couple of years ago (after winning one you were giving away), and it really changed things for me. I still use those images to remind me that I am beautiful and strong and brilliant. Congrats on the award. You’re awesome.

    Cathy recently posted I can sum up everything I know about life in 3 words….

  267. Congrats ;)

    meeshie recently posted Things and stuff and such.

  268. Love you and all that you do! Thank you for making my life a little more awesome. You are a true inspiration.

  269. Awesome!!

  270. The traveling red dress is truly inspirational

  271. That is so cool! Sounds so schwanky too! Congrats!

  272. And a well deserved award it is ! Now, hide the alcohol lol

    Shawn Bergquist recently posted Oh. My. GAWB!.

  273. Once again, Beyonce get’s overlooked…..
    Maybe you should put her in a red dress?
    Because red dresses make everyone happy :)

  274. I’d love a red dress so to wear fairy wings with a dance around in a park in moonlight, but you winning an award is just as good.

  275. Congratulations! You inspire me to be real in my writing. I recently wrote about my son’s yarmulke falling in the toilet and then him subsequently peeing on it for my column in the Baltimore Jewish Times. No more hiding what real life is like, thanks to you!

  276. Congratulations! Any blog that uses the term bad ass motherfucker is a winner in my book. You rock!

  277. Yes!!! I love being a bad ass !!!! Holla

  278. Congrats! Jenny, I think everything you deserves an award. And, thank you sharing it with us.

    I just have one minor suggestion for the BAMF award. It needs Beyoncé poking out somewhere. She’s the original MFer in your stable. :-)

  279. It’s about time I won something! Yay for me! Thanks JL!

  280. This is the best nonexistent award I’ve ever gotten! The only thing that would make it better is my own red dress.

  281. I want in!

  282. I really need a red dress.

  283. I’m thrilled for you. And us.

  284. You totally deserve it!! Not only are you a wonderful specimen of humanity but shoulder cats need to be recognized as the awesomeness that they are.

  285. Congratulations on your award!!! And you are the most badass among us!

  286. I’d like to thank the academy…but seriously, can I add this to my resume? I LOVE what you do here. Keep it up!

    Tea Silvestre recently posted Bring Home the Bacon Marketing Plan (Mastermind).

  287. I would very much like a red dress. I have been struggling a lot lately and would love to be the start of a new dress that is sent traveling around the world to inspire others. But first I need to wear it and remember that I am worth it to remind me to find beauty in me, the moment, and appreciate the fact that I am still winning the debate against depression’s lies.

  288. Amazing! All of this!

  289. Whee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  290. I love my award! Thank you so much. :)

    Linda Sherwood recently posted Going Darker.

  291. 295
    Jordan @ food, sweat, and beers

    Badass Motherfucker Award > the scores of “Sunshine Brightness” or “Angel-faced Optimism” awards I see on so many blogs today.

    I shall take it and place it proudly on my resume, a sign of victory in the face of weakass father-fuckers. And when they invite me on stage to accept it, I shall twirl wildly like Katniss Everdeen, ablaze in a red evening gown.

  292. That’s bad-ass! Does Katie Couric get a red dress, too?

  293. Nice :)

  294. First…CONGRATS!! Second….I’m going to keep my fingers crossed I can snag one of these awesome prizes. My family has fallen on very hard times, and my depression has gotten the best of me at times through this….roller coaster ride as of late. Being able to wear my own red dress, and feel beautiful, and positive for even a little bit would raise my spirits. I’m not trying to sell a sob story, because I know this is chosen at random. I just know you too suffer from depression, and honestly….I’m not sure how to handle this. Your stories give me a moment of laughter, and I thank you so much for that! :) Again…congrats…you deserve it :)

    Courtney recently posted Hello, My name is Courtney, and I'm a nerd.....and damn proud of it!.

  295. That is awesome Jenny. I love your blog and the fact that you post “real” issues. Keep up the good work.

    Teresa Cavanaugh recently posted Miss Violet crossed the bridge.

  296. 300
    Gina Stanback

    Wonderful award for a wonderful cause! This award will replace all of those ‘Participant’ ribbons accrued throughout the years.

  297. Congrats! That’s fantastic!

  298. That’s great! Congratulations everyone!!

  299. They say to never take candy from strangers, but awards from people I’ve never met but follow religiously on the internets must be okay, right? :)

    Morgan recently posted It is Difficult.

  300. Does Beyonce’s catch phrase need to be changed to “Knock, knock, bad-ass motherf***er?”
    Also, red brings out the green in my hazel eyes. :)

  301. 306
    Shani Pearce

    Congrats to you, and thanks for the award; it’s about time someone recognized my badassery.

  302. Congratulations!!! This is amazing! Just like you! xo

  303. Thank you for the award. It’s nice to have my badass motherfucker-ness validated. It’s great to know it ain’t all in my head. Thank you for making life a little more fun and a lot more awesome.

    Nicole recently posted Mothers' issues are feminist issues.

  304. I would like to thank the Bad Ass Dress Association of the Seriously Sad (BAD ASS). It was an honor just being nominated. Congrats, Jenny!

  305. Wow! Congratulations! It makes me happy to see other people recognize your awesomeness.

  306. Aw that’s great to hear! Congrats :)

  307. First, I would like to thank the Academy, which is you. Then I’d like to start by thanking my 8th grade math teacher , Mrs. Tobias, who changed my life with the simple wisdom that is: “If all else fails read the directions”. I’d like to thank every woman that has ever rejected me (and that is, pretty much, every woman I ever met) for helping me to face adversity and find that precious way to rise above it. Lastly, I would like to thank my therapist that helped me to understand that only “I am responsible for MY happiness”. Without which I could not be the happy, loving bad-ass that I am today! Tear.

  308. Awesome! Totally would love to shoot(with my camera) some fabulous ladies in their red dresses! Heading over there now.

  309. 314
    Flatlander In Vermont

    Thank you, this just made my craptacular day full of overwhelming depression topped with a lovely foam of bad news, significantly better. I also think I’ll go offer my services as a photographer on the Facebook page so maybe I can do something fun to pull myself up out of this damn funk!

  310. If I get one of these dresses, I will totally drag my friends out to a cemetery for a photo shoot and let them take turns in the red dress and whatever hot dresses they drag out of their closets.

  311. Congrats on the award!

  312. Congratulations!

  313. 318
    Kelly Connor

    Yay! Amazing news!

  314. Does your award come with a statuette of Sam L.?

  315. 320
    Christa McElroy

    Awesome, Jenny!! Congrats and thanks for sharing it. I loved that bit, Hunter rocked it. :D

  316. HST should get a badass ninja kitten award for winning everyone over in his silent interview. :)

  317. Congratulations to you! And to me!

    If I win a red dress, you can be sure I’ll send you pictures because I’m 100% confident I can rock the look. I won’t even shave off the beard! :D

    MikhailBorg recently posted A Modern TARDIS Traveller.

  318. Congratulations on the award. And I guess congratulations to all of us for winning too. I’d love to win the red dress. And after we use it, we’ll pay it forward. Congrats again.

  319. Oh that’s great! Congrats. I would looooooooove a red dress. <3

  320. Congratulations! You’re simply the best…

  321. That’s exciting! Congrats on the intangable award! PS: I look really good in red.

  322. Neat! I’m about to turn 30 and rock the shit out of this decade as a new mom with twins. Maybe I’ll buy myself a red dress and wear it on walks with the stroller.

  323. Yea for all of us! We totally deserve this! Much love to you Jenny!

  324. 329
    Barbara Stecker

    Congrats! And you REALLY DESERVE THIS!!

  325. 330
    Debbie Lentz

    I’d like to thank all the people who helped me win this award. You know who you are. Thank you. :)

    Seriously, everyone who reads this page is a badass mofo, and Jenny Lawson is the BAMF uber alles! This gives me an idea for some monogrammed towels…

  326. AWESOME!

    I will seek a mouse in a red dress in honor of the event. Surely someone has created one, somewhere.

    Or will!

  327. Congratulations!

  328. This is what I’ve been trying to tell people for years. Thanks for the validation!

  329. Congratulations! You deserve it! I mean….we ALL deserve it!

  330. 335
    Amanda Bullock

    That is so great. The Traveling Red Dress is such an inspiration and I’m glad to see it pay off.

  331. I’m totally putting this on my resume. It will make my skill set stand out for sure.

    KMB recently posted Bad Movie Afternoon: Infection....the Invasion Begins (Part 1 because of all these images).

  332. I love this. Also, you. In a non-creepy way, of course.

  333. So many people want a red dress. Who knew?

    mousebert recently posted And you miss her….

  334. Yay! Congratulations! I love the Red Dress Project and I have been trying to find just the perfect dress to do a photoshoot myself.

  335. Congratulations everyone! I think I need little trophy with the award you made up though!!

  336. Thats awesome! I always wanted an award :) Thank you! We greatly appreciate it :)

  337. 342
    Amanda Wimer


  338. Thank you – I’ve been waiting my whole life for someone to acknowledge my badass motherfucker-ness! You keep it all so very real; much appreciation for that1

  339. Who wouldn’t love a red dress?! Just watched the Katie clip of you, not sure how I missed it the first time around. You.Are.So.Awesome.

  340. I’m going to frame that award and put it next to the pictures of my kids at work. That way, whenever anybody gives me any crap, I can just point to it and be like, “Ummm… Did you forget that I’m a badass mother fucker? Your argument is moot.”(Plus, then I’ll get to use the word “moot” in a sentence which I haven’t done since Speech and Debate in high school.)

    Amanda recently posted And We STILL Don’t Have Snow Boots.

  341. Hooray! Honestly, this blog helps so, so much. (Even to helping make a day when one of my 3yo twins has been throwing tantrums do *hours* look brighter! …If that makes sense. My brain is brokenish.)

  342. Congrats! That’s awesome! I love your blog, you deserve it! :)

  343. 348
    Anna Flowers

    How great is that! You are wrapped up in excellence and dipped in awesome sauce!

  344. I gave away my one and only red dress to someone who needed it more than I did (and it looked better on her to boot), so I’d love to get a replacement. I’m so short that any long dress will drag on the ground, but that’s fine – I get to just hike up my skirts and pretend I’m a heroine in dire straights who must make her way across the muddy fields in her ball gown. Congratulations on the award!

    Tamago recently posted The Time I Was Told to Burn for the Good of the Company.

  345. I’ve been telling people I was a BAMF for years, AND NOW I HAVE PROOF!
    That might be getting printed on shiny paper. And then laminated. So it’s official.

  346. I could totally use a red dress. I promise to share it with all of my friends & have a red dress festivus we won an award party with photos & the rest. Thank you to everyone that helped us achieve this most highest of honor of bad assery. Wow- autocorrect hated all of that- especially festivus.

  347. I would LOVE a Bad-Ass-Red-Dress!

  348. Last night on my drive home I saw a billoard that said Suicide is Preventable. It’s part of the Know The Signs campaign in CA. It made me think of you–in a good way.
    Thank you for being so open about your “stuff”. It has helped me allow myself to be vulnerable, too, and that has lead to better self-esteem, a successful relationship and a reduction in depression meds.
    Thank you, Jenny. Really. From the bottom of my heart. :)

  349. Congratulations!

  350. Oh a fabulous red dress sounds so lovely right about now. Thanks for all the honesty, inspiration and laughs. You deserve this award and many more.

  351. This was all so unexpected. It’s an honor just to be nominated but to actually win the Bad-ass Motherfucker award is incredible. There are some many people I need to thank: God, of course, my mother, my loving partner, the academy of bad-ass motherfuckers, the writers, the entire cast of my life who really made me the bad-ass I am today…

  352. Congrats on the award, and thank you for giving it to us readers! Awesome job!

  353. Go Hunter! You are a media darling! Oh, yeah – nice work displaying the kitty, Bloggess. You’d make a great Price-is-Right girl.

  354. Yay!!! This project is awesome and I would love a red dress!

  355. Thank you for thinking of me. Wow!

    FishyGirl recently posted Blink, BAM.

  356. Shut yo’ mouth! Time to update my CV. Congratulations to you (and Hunter S. Thomcat). :) I’d love a red dress.

  357. That is so amazing for you! Congrats!

  358. That’s awesome, congrats! It’s all Hunter S. Thomcat’s doing…everyone knows that cats rule the world.

  359. Congrats! That is awesome!

  360. Boy, you have no idea now much I really needed that award this week! I want to thank the little people…seriously, the 3, 11 and 14 year olds in my life who made this week possible.

  361. That’s awesome! I’m just now listening to your audiobook, which is hilarious. :)

  362. The award was well deserved. Red dresses rock!

  363. thats awesome congrats! I would love to have a red dress. I promise after I find a reason to wear it to share it with others.

  364. Congratulations!!! Much deserved! Would love a red dress – to wear and then pay forward!

  365. 370
    Samantha layman

    Yay! May I use this award on my application for pharmacy school? Can I use you as the reference?

  366. 371

    Congrats! Fingers crossed – everyone needs a knockout red dress.

  367. Congrats Jenny, and HST as well. If u were closer we could throw a BAMF party and invite all of the ‘hood cats (the ones with good street creds) for a Whiskas Buffet. We could walk around going, “dude, where’s my cat?” and check the undersides of all the hood cats for their CIN (its like a VIN on a car but for cats.)

  368. Woo hoo!!! Congrats and thanks for sharing!

  369. My amazing boy/girl twins are 6 months old TODAY and so I agree that I deserve the Badass Motherfucker award and I thank you. I’m sooooo tired all the time and now that I think about it…I think I’ll regift my award to the Foldgers company for their instant coffee that let’s me survive. ;)

  370. Congratulations! You help me through my struggles with depression. You are an incredible writer!

  371. Whenever my wife hears me laughing out loud in the office, she knows I’m reading your blog…thank you for the smiles :)

  372. Congratulations! You continue to be an inspiration!

    Gerta recently posted Day 8 of Operation “Get Fit” and I’m still shaped like a Lego person.

  373. This is wonderful! I hope you’re aware of how many people you help just by talking about things like this. You make an amazing difference in this world just by being you.

  374. Congrats! I love the story behind the red dress.

    Keitha recently posted Lunches October 14th - 24th.

  375. Ooh, I’m saving my award for when I graduate with my Masters degree. ‘Cause that’s what it’ll be in. Bad-Ass Motherf&%kery. Ooh, yeah.

  376. 381
    Janelle Westfall

    Holy crap. I’m job hunting, and having an impossible time. I’m thinking that award is EXACTLY the thing I need to really make my resume stand out. This is so totally going to work. *nods*

  377. Love your blog! Makes me laugh hysterically when I need it most :)

  378. I love everything about the traveling red dress, and would love to be able to have my own red dress photo shoot and then send the red dress off into the world to brighten up the days for lots of other people!!

  379. Congrats!! I love your blog and how open you are. Thank you for providing me hours of entertainment and overall making my days better! You are amazing, keep up the good work!

  380. Yay! A selfless act receiving proper recognition is a great thing.

  381. Congratulations!!! Also a red gown would be excellent to wear to the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary fancy IMAX 3D that may lead to night terrors for the 7 yr old forever if there are too many Weeping
    Angels. Damn, if I still fit into my wedding dress I would go as Donna.

  382. Awards are nice.

  383. sa-weet! I always knew I was missing an award that was my due, and now i have it though a “Major Award” ala A Christmas Story would have really made my day because then I could hold up my empty hands to random people and yell, “It’s a Major Award!” The reactions would be priceless.

    Joanna recently posted Choosing thankfulness.

  384. Yay! I am so happy to have found my tribe amongst all you badass mutha-effers (I’m trying to tone down the sailormouth. I have two tiny tape recorders living with me these days).

    Great job, HST, and all of us :)

    (also, if this looks supiciously familiar, i apologize. I tried to post a minute ago and got an error)

    Julie recently posted Travel: Hocking Hills.

  385. It’s about time you won a fancy award! You’ve helped so many people and your awesomeness is off the charts. You deserve it!

  386. I wonder if this award is big enough to break up into little pieces and give it out to all the red-dress wearing women who made it possible, a la’ Mean Girls? :-) Congrats to everyone!

    (Yes, even you, Hunter S. Thomcat.)

  387. ** Yippie-yi-yo-ki-yea motherfah-kah **

    Congratulations to you and Hunter S.Thomcat :)

  388. I could really use a red dress moment right now. I lost my Uncle to diabetes in Jan. My Aunt in June to sudden kidney failure. My Grandfather 10 days later to a heart attack, and I’m going to be leaving in 2 hours to put my dog dog for sudden renal failure at the age of 4.

    You are a bright spot in an otherwise shitty year. Thanks Jenny.

    Jennifer Rice recently posted Soccer Weekend #2 Alvin.

  389. That is just amazing, but I do like the name you gave the award. Actually, having worked in television, I think that is a good translation from “TV speak” to “normal person” speak.

  390. Yay! Now I’m officially badass! Thanks!

  391. 396
    Joshua Penrod

    I’m a guy but can I have a dress? If it helps I’m fabulously gay ;)

  392. That is awesome! I so look forward to your posts!

  393. 398
    Darlyn Rieger

    Love it! We all need these every now and then! Plus my most awesome favorite color is RED!

  394. Congrats! You deserve it…

    Shannon recently posted Robot gift packaging.

  395. Your blog pretty much makes me smile my first smile of the day, which is huge, since I rarely feel the need to smile at anything less than awesome whilest still on my first cup of coffee. And I would totally wear the red dress to read your blog, thence bringing the whole shindig full circle.

  396. I promised my mom when I was little that if I ever won an award (at the time I was sure I was going to be a famous actress/singer/songwriter) I would thank her and my dad in my acceptance speech and absolutely no one else because if it wasn’t for the two of them, I wouldn’t have been born so nothing else would’ve mattered.

  397. That’s wonderful! Funny story, I was delivering a pizza the other night and they had a giant metal chicken on their front porch. When the girl answered the door I asked her if it’s name was Beyonce. She was so shocked that we read the same blog she gave me a hug and a great tip.

    So yeah, thanks for that. :)

  398. Gonna go put up an imaginary shelf for my non-existent award! Thanks!

  399. Amazing. I’m so glad that your important work is getting recognized. Taking the stigma out of mental illness and empowering women to put on their red dresses is a huge deal. Love you lady!

    Sara recently posted Boots..

  400. Congratulations! You rock Jenny and so do your cats.

  401. 406
    Anne Zavalick

    Personally, I think Hunter S. Thomcat – and you, of course – should win every award ….ever. But that’s just my opinion! Congrats on your latest fancy-schmancy achievement. You AND your cat rock!

  402. Congrats on the award all of us! I love being part of this community.

  403. Congrats! Love the red dress movement.

    Definitely want in the drawing for one. It’s probably past time that I got myself a red dress. :)

  404. Do the dresses come in cat sizes?

    Gina Fenton recently posted The Gardasil Vaccine… Just say NO.

  405. 410
    Angela Glass

    You’re worthy of MANY an award in my book! Thank you for being YOU and giving all of us the courage to be US! And I’m very appreciative of the laughs you bring to my days. :)

  406. OMG! I have always dreamed of winning a BAMF award. First, of all I want to thank the sweet baby jesus…

    ilikebeerandbabies.com recently posted Puppy Dogs and Rainbows Friday.

  407. Congratulations! You deserve all the awards.

  408. Thanks Jenny for all you do. This award is an honor for all of us :) Totally going on my resume.

  409. We won!! We won!! (Insert Carlton Celebratory Dance) I have to say, The Travelling Red Dress is one of the most magical, beautiful, and powerful things I’ve ever seen. Thank you so much for creating this.

  410. I’m going to print out that award and hang it above my desk.
    Right back at’chya!

  411. Congratulations!! And thanks!! This has been a fucking shitty week so I appreciate you giving me an award! Haha. I think it’s about time I stuff myself into a red dress because life has been huffing some serious dong for me lately. Much love!

  412. Congratulations–you deserve it and you rock. :)

  413. Congratulations! A well-deserved reward for a really awesome project. I still dream of getting a red travelling dress. I’ve never worn a fancy dress in my life (no prom, no wedding) and it’s long overdue.

  414. That Badass Motherfucker award will be the biggest thing to hit my resume since I quit listing my cats as work references.

    Beth Bartlett recently posted Your weekly horoscope for Oct. 21.

  415. 420
    Christa McElroy

    I just realized — you won an EMMA. Obviously so much more sophisticated than an EMMY.

  416. Congratulations!!

  417. Sigh. A red dress would do wonders right about now. Congrats, my favorite bad-ass motherfucker.

  418. Woot! I never win anything!

  419. Exceptional merit in media, blogging, truth telling, and red dresses! Thank you for all that you do.

  420. YAY!!! You are one amazing and fabulous motherfucker! I only hope your brain allows yourself to realize it.
    Even more awesome- “our” award! I never win anything! Feels great! :D

  421. OMG this is so unexpected! *pulls out five pages of single-spaced thank you list and oh so fab reading glasses*

    yay for fancy schmancy awards!!

  422. Congrats!!! May the Traveling Red Dress never stop traveling.

  423. About time someone’s giving an award for BadAss MotherFucker’s – I should have at least 27 by now. Can that be BAMF for short?
    Love you Jenny – you make my day!

  424. I would like the thank my family for making this award possible and especially you Jenny!

  425. Congratulations to you!!!

  426. We probably should be using it as one word: BadAssMotherFucker.
    You ROCK.

  427. Congratulations on the award. You and your cat rock!

  428. Congratulations! Thank you for your writing. You make me feel normal…

  429. You touch lives in weird and wonderful ways. Thanks for saving so many of us, and congratulations. You deserve it!

  430. Congrats Jenny! I love your blog, it makes me smile when nothing else can. And your cat is awesome too.

  431. I’m so excited, I am currently on a job search and was looking for that certain something to spruce up my resume.
    Now I can add the Bad Ass Motherfucker Award, its just what I needed. I feel like Shaft! Now all I need is a black turtleneck and black leather suit. I wonder if I’ll get my own theme song?

  432. Congratulations, you very well deserve it! Your blog has instigated a plethora of intelligent discussion within my community, and had probed some hard feelings and true looking into oneself. I appreciate everything you share. Thank you!

  433. 439
    Kelly Guzniczak

    Congratulations! You are the original SAW! (Super Awesome Woman!)

  434. Congrats! That segment on “Katie” was moving and funny, just like your book/blog. If I were to win a “Bad Ass Motherfucker” award I would so hang that on the wall in my office.

  435. Aw, that’s brilliant. Well deserved. Your posts cheer me up every week! x

  436. 442

    Congratulations!! You are awesome, of course it won!! And if I win I will definitely send the dress off after I get a chance to be a part of the Traveling Red Dress awesomeness!

  437. Congratulations on the award (and being a bad-ass motherfucker)!

  438. 444
    Brandy Herren

    Thank you for finding the humor in crazy situations and sharing with us.

  439. 445
    Brooke Gebhart

    Congratulations! You are an amazing human being! I would love to be part of this!!!

  440. I’m really proud of you, this blog, and this community! yay!!!!

  441. 447
    Heather Stack

    So kind of you! Your blogs really help so many people! Thanks for all you do!

  442. 448

    Congratulations! And very well-deserved too. And what a lovely dress you picked for your give-away!

  443. Yay! Congratulations! I watched the interview on Katie! It was pretty awesome!
    I’d love a red dress. I’m a single mama to two amazing daughters and while I’m still struggling on my journey and battling a touch of depression and anxiety thr girls are my reason to go forward. I’d love a red dress so I can use it to do a glammed out princess photo shoot with my daughters, they are 5 and 6 and I’d love to have the photos for them to have to remember how all three of us are making our livesbetter together!

  444. Congratulations! If you ever get to Michigan, there’s a store you have to visit on the west coast that has a birch bark canoe full of lovable taxidermy. There’s a corn cob pipe smoking possum, a banjo playing fox, and a shot gun toting raccoon among others. You’d love it!

  445. That’s so amazing! Also, your award name is awesome enough that you don’t even need a prize to go with it for the winner!

    Karen recently posted Why sharing the letter from "one pissed off mom" was important.

  446. Cats always help :P Grats!

  447. I am so getting a red dress for me and my 3 daughters.

  448. 454
    Tracy Gibbons

    Congratulations! I would love to earn an award I heard about before too.

  449. This blog is the most fucking awesome blog ever. It makes me laugh. It makes me realize that even though I have dealing with mental health issues for years I am not alone. I can see the humor in life again. Thank you so much for this. You motherfucking rock.

  450. 456
    Nancy Smith

    This is awesome! And of course Hunter S is the awesomest!

  451. I just started reading your blog, and I AM IN LOVE. My sorority has a red dress gala every year, and I hope to pass along some of my red dresses I’ve worn over the years.



    Britney Sauer recently posted Trumped.

  452. Congratulations! It just proves that EVERYTHING in life is made better by cats! =^..^=

  453. Yay! Way to go! Yet another win for the kitty resistance and their bid to take over the world through media.

  454. Awesome!!! I have never won an award. The feeling must be exhilarating. Congrats and keep up the good work. You touch so many lives with your words. You make a huge difference in this world. It’s nice to know that someone out there cares and is willing to share their life with their readers – with no filters. Thanks for being who you are!!!! Hugs!!!!

  455. 461
    Melanie Ford

    If I had a red dress, I could pose for portraits with me dead weasel, WonWon! And congratulations on your (our!) terribly prestigious sounding award.

  456. Your writing brings a smile on some of my darkest days. Thank you, Jenny.

  457. You like me! You really really like me!

    (that was bad. I’m sorry.)


  458. So…at the risk of sounding like a grammar nazi, something cannot be a first annual – – it has to be a first-ever. People use the term first-annual all the time, they are wrong.
    That said, I started reading your book last night and I love it. You are a personal hero. I wish you lived nearby so we could be friends…but now I sound creepy and I am not. I have the psych. eval. to prove it.
    So.. yeah. I’m gonna go before this gets weird.

  459. The traveling red dress is an awesome idea and well-deserved for a made-up award. Rock on!

  460. Yay for red gowns! I wonder if you got the one that I sent to you earlier this year :)

  461. Conga-rats!

  462. To Jennifer Rice, I’m so sorry this year has been so hard for you. I hope 2014 is better.

    To Jenny, I looked at the other Merit Award winners. You are deservedly in very good company.

    And thanks for the BAM award. I will soon be working for a manager who would actually find that funny. :-)

    Sue recently posted Maybe I don't understand DNA?.

  463. Awesome and thanks for sharing the award and the red dress with us. LOVE, love your blog!!

  464. Congrats to you and to Mr Thomcat too! You should hire that cat as your PR guy!

    Bethany Lovell recently posted Faetal Illusion is LIVE on B&N.

  465. Congratulations! While we’re giving out awards no one has ever heard of, I’m also giving you the award for Awesomest Person on the Internet.

    Karen Peterson recently posted And then I accidentally tweeted out my home address..

  466. Congrats! The BAMF award will be going on my resume directly.

  467. I’m going to say that I won TWO 1st Annual Badass Motherfucker Awards – because I can :)

  468. Congrats!!!! Love you Bloggess.

    Kim recently posted Epic Summer Road Trip.

  469. 475
    Tracie Steadham

    Everyone deserves special! Red dress
    Campaign helps so many! I would love one!

  470. Wow, I’d like to thank the academy of bad-assery for this recognition. I’m a let you give me that award, but you know, Beyoncé, the metal chicken, really had the best bad-assery this year!!

  471. Congrats, it was a good segment!

  472. 478
    John Kirkpatrick

    Congrads! Wine slushies all around – except for those of us paying attention to our meds.
    I would love to give my good wife a red dress from you.

  473. This is WONDERFUL! Congratulations us. And you, Jenny.

  474. Loving the real and fake awards – the badass mofo might have to go up on my wall. Yay!

    Ethne @ Wom Mom Blog recently posted BLUE AND RED WEDDING MAGIC!.

  475. 481
    Jennifer W.

    Congrats to me (oh, and you)! I’d love to make an acceptance speech, but I’m long winded, so they will probably start playing the music, then I’ll have to rush and I’ll forget to thank my mom, and oh, forget it. You should keep this award because it’s stressing me out. And because you deserve it.

  476. Yay! This is awesome! Hunter totally stole the show

  477. Man, we’re all so accomplished. We’re like probably-existent award winning machines.

  478. Rock the fuck on, Jenny! That’s wonderful news!
    While I don’t comment often, i read this daily-I love this blog and all of the awesome commentors!

  479. 485
    Charlotte Angharad

    So awesome! Thanks for sharing.

  480. The cat should get a red dress too… just to be fair… I’m not kitting.

    Mona recently posted Don’t Ya Wish Your Bestie Was Awesome Like Mine!?!?!.

  481. Oooh, that dress is amazing. You are way more amazing, though. I really do love your blog, and I’d love to win a shiny red dress. :3

  482. Congrats! I would love to get a red dress for my awesome SIL. She has MS and loves to dress up. Red is her signature color. It would make her feel like a bad ass.

  483. Love you and all you do. (And Hunter S. Thomcat of course!) Thanks for making depression and anxiety seem much more bearable. You totally deserve awards and medals!

  484. Way to go! Congratulations to you and kitty too! I would love a red dress, can’t say that I’ve ever had one!

  485. Awwwwww Okay seriously… I’ve had my Red Dress Moment… so I don’t need the gift card… But I totally require my award!!! Consider this my resume…. Bad Assery is my magical power!

    Kerry :) recently posted Just keeping with the theme this week… Vast!.

  486. Hooray! Congratulations!

    That dress you linked to – *swoon*

    Nicole Maki recently posted Papertrey October Blog Hop Challenge.

  487. Thank you for being amazing. Thank you for being upfront about your arthritis so I don’t think it’s a disability and more of a interesting character quirk. And thank you for being a badass that I can look up to, because all badasses need to have role models.

  488. Yay for prestigious sounding awards. I’m thinking of categories for the badass muthafucker awards: best badass comeback to a catcaller, best basass pet halloween costume, best badass way to quit a job….

  489. So wonderful. You deserve whatever awards you get. You bring hope to so many people, and we appreciate you! Also, I would like to get a t-shirt with that award on it, but I am around little kids a lot, and they just don’t understand… ;)

    Rena recently posted Be kind, rewind OR Don’t be a Jerkface.

  490. Me, me, me! I’ve always been comfortable with my body, despite being bigger, but having my first baby earlier this year really threw me for a loop. My body changed enough that most of my clothes no longer fit. We can’t afford a new wardrobe, so I spend most of my time in cheap tank tops, old maternity clothes, and PJs. Throw in the exhaustion of new motherhood (and the energy it takes to keep up with two stepkids) and one does not end up feeling very good about oneself. I’d love to have a red dress, to feel good for a day and pass it on.

  491. congrats on the win! Now the big question: Will there be a Hunter S. Tomcat sized red dress in the future?

  492. 498
    cassie mcginley

    Thank you so much for continuing to write your blog. Your website is awesome and your book was hilarious! I kept laughing hysterically at work while reading it. People probably thought I was crazy. I always recommend it to people who want a funny book to read. It’s my favorite :-)

  493. WHAT?!?! No photo of a smug Hunter S. for virtually winning that award for you? (I always think of that photo of him leaping up all twisted and freaked out from your bed when you whooped during the broadcast…)

    It’s enough to get a cat’s whiskers out of whack! *laughs*

    Congratulations! Keep on doing good things!

    Grey :)

    Greyson Stoehr recently posted My Last Post....

  494. 500
    Tracey Edgar-Stubgen

    Such a well-deserved award! Congratulations!

  495. How awesome! Yay for Red Dresses! Yay for making women feel special. I love this so much!

  496. congrats! i’m so happy for you! i’m not ready for my own red dress yet. but i’m so inspired by those who’ve found the courage to wear theirs, and – in so doing – made this award possible! you are all awesome, most especially you, jenny. thank you for everything.

  497. *sniffle* I’d like to thank my mum, my dad… All the badass motherfuckers who brought me to this day… And most of all, The Great Bloggess herself for *actually* making all this possible and being the most badass of badass motherfuckers the world has ever known.

  498. 504

    Congrats on winning! You deserve every ounce of the nonexistent award. I imagine a nonexistent award is really really heavy. Keep up the good work. I would love to be apart of carrying the weight of an imaginary, yet portly award.

  499. Your blog makes me laugh when I need a smile, cry when I need a release, and take a good look at myself when it’s necessary. You make me feel less alone. Thank YOU, Jenny, for all that you do.

  500. Congrats to all my fellow BAMFs and to the lady who made it all possible! I would love to win a red dress, in a big, bad way. I am a first time mama to a chronically ill kiddo. We are constantly in and out of hospitals, in fact we spent almost the entire summer in-patient. Last month we almost lost our sweet boy after a sudden illness. Winning the red dress would be a wonderful brief escape from the constant worry and anxiety.

    Thank you for being so brutally honest about your anxiety and depression, Jenny. It gave me the courage to finally address my own so I can be more present for my son. Lots of love!

  501. Kudos on the award, and for HST stealing the show! Count me in for the Red Dress!

  502. I would like to thank you, Jenny Lawson, and your readers, as well as my husband, my six cats, and my mother (who passed away after a long illness yesterday) for this ethereal award that I, too, have never had. Its transparency and silky lack of substance — light as air — are magnificent! I could never have beheld such a marvel without any of you. Thank you. Sharing it is an honor.

  503. Congrats! My daughter is wearing a swanky red evening gown, but she accessorizes with bonnets and shawls so it doesn’t have quite the edge.

    Jennifer Jo recently posted random.

  504. I love my new award. It fits perfectly on my imaginary award shelf!

  505. Good for you! Your blog definitely gets me through bad days. Just knowing someone else goes through some of the same crap I do makes me feel better.

  506. 512
    Jennifer Fink

    Be Bad Ass EVERYDAY!

  507. I’m terribly flattered and honored to receive the award, and to be in the company of so many other BAMFs!

  508. That dress is beautiful and my boobs would look amazing in it. You should see by giving one to me! Lol!

    Congrats on the award

    Amy recently posted Mongolian Beef.

  509. You rock!!! Congrats! :)

  510. You’re a badass and one of my favorite people. Ever.

  511. AWESOME!!! Congrats on the award!!!!

  512. Congrats on your award! Your traveling red dress project 100% deserves the recognition, don’t downplay it! You have touched so many women’s lives (including my own) I’m happy your work keeps getting shout outs!


  513. Favorite movie quote; “And when your dead I’ll wear a red dress to your funeral”
    Cher in “Moonstruck”. I hope I win so one magical day I can say this to someone and have the wardrobe to back it up. Fingers Crossed.

  514. Yay! You’re totally amazing and deserve it :D

  515. Cool to be recognized for something we all knew! You, Hunter S Thomcat, the red dress – all rock a substantial amount. Chest bump!

  516. I came to your blog late–sorry, it wasn’t even fashionably late–so I missed the red dress episode until today. I’ve been having a horrible down-cycle to my depression this last couple of weeks, but seeing this today REALLY helped. I’m so proud for you be recognized with an award. Your book, your blog, and now your idea of the red dress are things I can look to when I’m feeling pretty much like my resting-bitch-face is the only face I can have. :-)

    Thank you for sharing yourself and your humor (and the awesome taxidermy and cats) with all of us. You make such a difference.

    Jill Hughes recently posted Homesick.

  517. I’d much rather have a red dress than a pink ribbon. I’ve already had the pink ribbon and have the scars to prove it.

  518. 524
    Andrea Cutts

    Congrats on winning! Or rather, congrats on bringing Hunter S Thomcat who was adorable and just goes to prove that cats will one day rule the world. In all seriousness, I love you and this blog. I love hearing about all the shenanigans that you get up to. This blog has helped me through some rough times lately, and I want to thank you for that.

  519. You make my day with every post. Congrats on the award!!!

  520. I would look like ass in a red dress, but I’m so taking that Badass Motherfucker award! Sweet!

  521. Awards, even ones you can’t see and have never heard of are great! I love your blog and your book and I think if there were more people in the world like you, it would make things a lot better all around. Keep up the great work and fight the depression evil that sometimes takes hold. Fight the good fight every day.

  522. Congratulations to everyone :-) in my favorite corner of the blogosphere.

    Lauren recently posted Dream State Escalate: 42.

  523. Congrats! To you and Hunter S. Thomcat. You both deserve it.

  524. I recently gave your book to my kids’ therapist. She returned it saying that it should be required reading. I’m going to give her the award too!


  525. Obviously, Hunter S. Thomcat is a Badass Motherfucker.

    Also, the traveling red dress is pretty much a badass too.


  526. Congratulations!

    Robin recently posted Age.

  527. Bad-ass Motherfucker is my middle name! I like red dresses. Word.

  528. Thanks for the award! I will treasure it always!! Love the red dress!

  529. Congratulations, Jenny! I would love to start a traveling red dress campaign myself… pick me!

  530. 536

    OMG, being relatively new ’round these parts I HAD NO IDEA!!!!

    I totally wish I had a picture of me in my dress (black satin, off-the-shoulder with a huge ivory collar-thingy) that I wore when I was Chair of a conference. In front of over 1000 people there. With the top of my head shaved from brain surgery. Wearing bedroom slippers.

    When I have a bit of money, I want to donate a red dress.

    Thank you for reminding me today that I dared greatly (being chair of that conference) once. I was feeling pretty suicidal yesterday and I was thinking of you, Jenny and all the awesome peeps here in the Commenting section. Depression lies.

  531. Your blog posts give me belly laughs…..such a great medication!!!

  532. Congratulations! Red Dresses Rock!

  533. I’ve always wanted a Badass Motherfucker award! (How sad is it that I type that word enough that it no longer gets a red underline with my spellcheck?) I’m going to have that engraved on my wallet now.

  534. First Katie Couric…then, the world! muhahahaha.

    Oh, was that out loud? heh heh

    Congrats, Jenny. :)

  535. Congratulations! Totally Bad Ass!

  536. My very first Bad Ass Mo FO Award! That beats Perkiest Blogger and Blogger Least Likely to Make a Glaring Typo any day!

    The Grammar Belle recently posted Falling for You.

  537. You’re amazing.

  538. Congrats! Super awesome!!!

  539. Congratulations Jenny! I’ve been working so hard on my badassedness and it’s wonderful to finally have it recognized!

  540. I love this blog so much, it makes me feel so much less alone in my anxiety, panic attacks, and general craziness.

    Congrats on the award!

  541. Jenny, you deserve all the awards you get, and an ice-cream sunday to boot. :)

  542. How wonderful!! Congratulations! Looks like you are finally getting somewhere with this whole blog thing.

    Would you be interested in reviewing these nipple stockings? We’d like to roll them out for christmas…

    Shawna M recently posted Silent Sunday.

  543. Congrats on the award! I’d love a red dress, I need something to wear to a wedding. Slash have badass cred among my Bloggess-reading friends.

  544. That is an awesome sounding award. Congratulations.

    Lovelyn recently posted Yes, I Write Limericks.

  545. So I can add the Bad Ass MotherFucker award to my blog’s awards page? Can I say it came from you? Because I’m sorry, but that would look so totally epic and, well, bad ass!

    Nagzilla recently posted Another Con Adventure, Part One.

  546. How sweet.. the media got something right for a change! And Hunter is one bad ass mo-fo and deserves some extra catnip!

  547. Congratulations!

  548. This is totally going on my resume!

  549. That’s awesome! Congratulations!

  550. 556
    sandy davis

    Didn’t the cat technically win the award then? I’m sure he would share too… Right? Oh well loving the BAM award! <3 Have an awesome day!

  551. I need that Badass Motherfucker award on a t-shirt. Congratulations on being awesome and encouraging awesomeness in others as well.

  552. Not like I’m surprised or anything. For all the struggles our community goes through, we all also pretty much win at life. And you, our neurotic leader, most of all!

    Jenni Q recently posted Boys Are Not "Behind".

  553. You deserve this award and any other award you win, or don’t win. You’re just that awesome.

  554. Congrats, you deserve it. You have helped so many people, more than you probably want credit for.
    Loves ya

  555. Good lord, please Jenny do NOT get your shit together. Where’s the fun in that??

    Jess recently posted I'm Too Lazy To Write Two Posts: Cross Posting "Dear UnSubtle Gym Rat: My Crotch Is Not For You.

  556. Fantastic! Congrats to us all!

  557. I’d like to win a red dress but I don’t go anywhere fancy enough to wear it. So I would give it to my local chapter of Cinderella’s Closet and a deserving girl would get to pick out a dress and wear it to prom in the spring. Win, win, win and win.

  558. Congratulations! You are such an inspiration and have the ability to put feelings into words in a way that few can. Please keep doing what you do!!!

  559. Congrats! Well deserved. We all need our red dress moment!

    Julie recently posted 6 years ago today . . . ..

  560. I aspire to have the courage to wear a red dress.

  561. Yay for invisible awards! *grasps tightly in hand*

  562. I’m so excited, I am currently on a job search and was looking for that certain something to spruce up my resume.
    Now I can add the Bad Ass Motherfucker Award, its just what I needed. I feel like Shaft! Now all I need is a black turtleneck and black leather suit. I wonder if I’ll get my own theme song?

  563. Yay for you! I already have a friend in mind to whom I’d give a red dress…

    Allison recently posted Troy Noir, Private Eye: Part II.

  564. Congrats!! that is an awesome award!

    KayLynn recently posted I Believe.

  565. I’m going to put this award right next to my Biggest Bitch and Fat Fucker awards!!! I’m gathering quite a collection…

  566. I think you should do red dress paintings…you know, painting is therapeutic if you add wine and maybe vodka or both. I’m going with both.

  567. You are an amazing person….I want to be like you when I grow up :)

  568. I have lived Badass Motherfucker for the last decade. About time someone notices and gives me an award. Thanks for noticing!

  569. Congrats!

  570. Congrats Jenny and Hunter!! I’m happy to take red dress pictures in the Louisville KY area -Keep in mind I’m an amateur tho- :)

  571. I’ve never worn or owned a red red before….

  572. Awesome! Congratulations and thanks for our award!!

  573. you’re amazing!! congratulations!!

  574. This is great! I read your blog daily, and when I say daily, somtimes that means hourly. Why? Because I can, and that makes me happy.

  575. Congratulations!

    That award would look great on a t-shirt….preferably with an added picture of Samuel L. Jackson on it.

    Barbara recently posted Official DietBet Final Weigh In.

  576. That is some awesomely badass news! Congratulations!

    Joy Voltenburg recently posted Adorable baby quilts – pinwheels and log cabins.

  577. Congrats! If I win I am going to be thrifty with my dress purchase so I have money leftover for a bad-ass motherfucker wallet.

  578. Red makes me feel like a bad-ass, so there. And, its your award to give out, you can say 1st Annual if you want to!

  579. Congratulations! I think I need a red dress in my life.

  580. I want in!! Red dress-a-palooza!!

  581. Wooo Hooo – what an awesome thing a red dress can do!

  582. 588
    Kristin McHale

    There is no point in making the bad-ass motherfucker award an annual thing because you would win every year anyway!

  583. You are a Badass Motherfucker for giving away red dresses!

  584. My friends and I have red shoe parties all the time, just because. I would love to rock a red dress at the next one! Although no one rocks the red dress like you do….

  585. Congratulations! Thank you for the humor you bring to my life. :)

  586. Congrats, Jenny! And very well-deserved! (And congrats to all you other bad-ass motherfuckers too!)

    Heather recently posted A Spider Story.

  587. WOO-HOO!! You deserve it!

  588. OK, I admit it–I’m a sporadic reader of any blog, even yours, which I find to be the funniest, smartest, one out there. (I DID read and love your book, though, just so you know…) Anyway, I JUST NOW clicked over and watched your clip from Katie, and found myself getting all choked up over all those previously suicidal people still being around because of your openness and honesty and the chain of openness and honesty that arose from it. Nice work, Madame Bloggess! Congratulations on all the good that’s coming to you of late. You SO deserve it.

    P.S. You have such a sweet voice that it kind of cracks me up a little to imagine you presenting me in person with the Bad Ass Motherfucker award.

  589. My therapist has been trying to convince me that I’m a badass for years. I guess there’s now proof.

  590. WooHoo! Good good you!
    Also, thank you for the Badass Mother Fucker award. Although technically it should go to my husband ( who has sex with me and I am a mother.) He is really not a badass unless putting up with my assholeness counts.
    Love the traveling red dress. Changing the world by proving there really is no such thing as normal.

  591. I was a kid, my mom said red brought out the color of my acne and I should never wear it. I’ve been acne free for over ten years and still have very few red items in my closet. I could use a red dress…

  592. Here’s to Bad Ass Mutherfucker’s!!!!

    BatPoopCrazy recently posted OMG! Please tell me that’s not your junk!.

  593. Congratulations! I would love to sign my emails with Badass Motherfucker!

  594. Jenny, I just want to thank you for this awesome idea… I am currently working towards (and less than a year away from) receiving my black belt in taekwondo… and once I do, I am totally going to have my red dress moment with my black belt on! I cannot wait to be is a fabulous red dress and getting pictures taken of my doing kicks and punches! XO!

    Jess recently posted The Wide World of Kids’ Sports: The Oprah Show Or The Amazing Race?.

  595. It’s been a rough few years. My parents got divorced when i was a freshman in college, my brother was deployed to Afghanistan and then blown up shortly after i graduated, and this year has just been an unending shitshow. 2014 IS my red dress.

    Judith Elsroad recently posted Believe it or not, i *do* have a filter..

  596. Put me down for one amazing red dress please!!

    Angela recently posted How to Use Twitter for Business and Marketing.

  597. Congrats!

  598. I’m commenting for the dress…
    Like 99.9% of the other commenters pretending they care about you getting some award they’ve never heard of either. ;)

  599. Congratulations! You deserve a completely hypothetical award! I’d love a red dress, part of me thinks I need one. It’s been a crazy year.

  600. Congratulations!

  601. Whoa! Love your humor, your writing, even this red dress idea, but holy crescendo musical scores, that KC show makes me heave with self-help-book vile. Guess that is why I don’t watch TV. Did Brene swallow Deepak Chopra? She’s like some female menstruating cliche of platitudes and inspirational posters I try to avoid looking at in doctors offices or corporate lounges. Obviously love you so if you care to red dress in honor of all us jaded female readers who now hate you for ‘guiding’ us to click on that KC website link (would have prefered KFC), feel free to donate a red dress to Dress for Success or my local free paper gal. Gave her a dress once. It empowered her to take a box cutter to the couch of her now ex-boyfriend after she caught him cheating (true story). Not shoplifting “vulnerability’ therapy but she found some sort of power from it … although now she’s in a homeless shelter so I guess that didn’t work out too well.

  602. 608
    Lisa Victoria

    I regularly use ‘first-annual’ on purpose just because it IS silly, and silly is awesome. I have 4 to 1 odds on the zombies even though the unicorns are the true BAMFs.

  603. 609

    I would totally rock a red dress and pass it on!

  604. Congratulations!! I am savoring the sweet secondhand taste of success. From your mouth. That’s weird, isn’t it.

  605. congratulations, badass motherfucker. you fucking rock.

  606. Way to go! And thanks for the award! I accept!

  607. if I won, I would wear it to Radiation everyday for 30 days. then I would pass it on to another cancer-fighter. but I’d probably have it cleaned first.

    Snod V recently posted Conquering One Fear.

  608. Greatest award ever! And massive congratulations! And I’d love to throw my hat in the ring for a dress :D

  609. Congrats on our (your) award! How exciting!

  610. Huzzah!! Congrats to you Jenny!!! You deserve this, and many more awards :-)

  611. Soooooo what you’re saying, is, Hunter S. Tomcat is officially a media award receipient? That Bastard! There will be no living with him now. Good luck with his demands. Catnips, mousies, liver pate’

  612. “funniest, smartest, one out there”

    DAMN! Now all I can think about is that accidental comma.

  613. I am new to your blog and just saw the interview. I have treatment resistant major depression, chronic and intractable migraines, and fibromyalgia — those are the big 3 followed by the equally sexy IBS, anxiety disorder, loooong list.

    I have had all of this since I can remember. But 5 yr olds in 1979 DIDN’T get headaches, and at every new twos and turn (awesome OCD at puberty, everything 6 times, if I lost count I had to start over again). I was told I was just overdramatic, trying to get out of school and other events, or was going through a “stage”.

    Migraines diagnosed as I entered college. Misdiagnosed as bipolar for 5 yrs in my early to mid 20’s. I had ECT to save my life but lost 3 years of my memory which included meeting, falling in love with and marrying my first husband. He would have never left me because our divorce was upsetting to him because it was the first time in his life he “failed”. Yeah, fuck “The Vow”.

    I pulled myself up and over everything my whole life — mostly because when I wasn’t in public I was asleep. Then our son was born. No time to sleep. I had to take more time off of work (lazy liar) and finally could no longer work. A specialist I had just met said, “You have to stop working — NOW.” She was the 5th if my awesome team of doctors to say this, but the others ASKED “Can you stop working?” Hell no!! I brought in money we needed.

    By some miracle I got approved for disability. Then had to declare bankruptcy. Then more ECT (only lost 2 mos of memory). My husband and I separated, but thank god, figured ourselves out with this new awfulness and have been married 10 yrs (lived together now total of 13 yrs, met 20 yrs ago. I left him because (not that I knew this then) I felt like a worthless broken thing he was now stuck with — and that no one else would ever want. Turns out they DID. And with time apart he was able to choose to be in a marriage with the new me.

    I have not been out of bed for 4-5 years. Before that I could still drive and do a few things. It is hell. Seeing you on the Katie clip was amazing. I imagine being interviewed all of the time, but I can’t fly, I can’t do long car trips, I am 39 and have used a cane for 6 years (also have wheelchair and walker). But you said everything I would. That it sucks. That I only talk to and see my husband and our 7 year old. My lips crack when I go to the doctor (kind of like date night for us) because I NEVER SPEAK.

    I made my living in acting and sales. Now I just yell at the TV and the cats. Cats are very forgiving.

    I am hanging in there, but it is so hard. I am so isolated, and can’t be counted on to do anything. Now I lost another doctor I trusted and have to replace him…

    You make me laugh until it hurts, and feel a little less lonely on the really awful days.

    Congratulations, and thank you!!!!

  614. Congratulations to you and Hunter S. Thomcat!

  615. Does a giant red onesie count? I guess I could put a red tutu on it and it would be a red dress, but whatever. I just think you’re kinda cool and I’m glad you won the bad ass motherfucker award.

  616. Badass Motherfucker is so going on my job apps.. :)

  617. ::sniff sniff:: I’ve never received an award before! I’d like to thank my computer for not dieing before I could read your blog, and my eye doctor for prescribing the right glasses….

  618. Congrats! You deserve it and so do all who have helped and participated in the Traveling Red Dress!

  619. Congratulations!!! I love the award! (Plus, I think 1st annual applies fine if you happen to be living in multiple timelines. See? Totally reasonable.)

    Rara recently posted Clever titles are for the rested..

  620. Congrats Jenny! :-)

  621. You are awesome- thanks for sharing your crazy life!

  622. You are magical. Congrats! I want a red dress. Please and thank you.

    Karin recently posted Lesions and Masses and Nodules. Oh, My..

  623. This is the best award I’ve ever not felt in my hands, like, ever!! Badass!!!

    Liesl recently posted Because of the Socks.

  624. Congratulations! So great to see you getting all this recognition for your awesomeness.

    I’d love to be entered to win a dress.

  625. That is so awesome, congratulations!!

  626. I knew I was a badass motherfucker but thanks to this snazzy award so does everyone else now! Congrats Jenny and fellow readers!

    Sonal recently posted Bad Lip Reading: Game of Thrones.

  627. i always knew i was a bad ass motherfucker. Thanks for confirming it :)

  628. haha, i love how your cat is the reason for all this…I got a few new followers to my own blog because of my cats , pretty freaking awesome!

    Nicole recently posted End of the Week Roundup.

  629. BadassMOFO…. I’m in!

    I’d love to wear a red dress to the awards ceremony too :P

    Renee recently posted How much does your image count?.

  630. Love it! I would rock the hell out of a red dress ;)

  631. Congratulations! And I would accept the award but I am paranoid that I would end up tripping and breaking my ankle/leg/kneecap/arm/pride in the process of collecting it. I, too, would like in on the red gown <3

  632. Congratulations, you Badass Motherfucker you!

    Renee recently posted It's a disinfectant kind of day..

  633. Congrats!!

  634. That is one sweet-ass award.

  635. I would love a red dress but if I won I’d probably give it to my friend Karen who’s had a shittastic week and could use some Red Dress magic

  636. Thank you so much for the BAMF award. It’s true, I totally deserve it, as do YOU. I love the Traveling Red Dress project and I want you to know that MY red dress will be purple. I look great in red, but wearing the color red turns me into a bitchy BAMF. Nobody wants that. I also look sublime in purple. That’s why MY TRD will be Purple.

    I love you so much, Jenny. YOU are the bomb. :D

  637. I love you (in a totally non-creepy way)!

  638. That totally made up that award for you, didn’t they? :D Awesome either way, and even more awesome that you’re sharing the fun!

  639. I said I wasn’t going to cry, sniff, such an honor, and to share this with such wonderful badasses is a dream come true. Thanks everyone, we fuckin’ rock!

  640. That is seriously awesome. This is the most amazing award that I’ve never not held. I’d like to dedicate it to the mail carriers who helped make it all possible. Congrats to you and everyone who’s taken part in any small or large way in the travelling red dress experiences.

  641. I love your blog and your viewpoint and I am happy to receive your magical invisible award! I think my husband is frightened that I have found your writing. He had his hands full with me and my own ideas, but yours are MUCH more fun.

  642. Congrats!

  643. Congrats! I love following your Twitter account and your blog.

    PS- Send help. Currently being held hostage by a cat using my lap as her bed and her grooming parlor.

  644. Fricking Awesome! Congrats! Red is my best color!

  645. You deserve all of this so much. Congratulations

  646. Jenny:

    I love your blog but have never commented. I’m doing so today because I want the red evening dress!! I’m having a bad week being totally overwhelmed as a working mother of two teenage girls. While Im at it, I want to let you know that it is kind of freeing to know that there is another mother out there who curses – not with “a-holes” and “bee-yotches” and “friggings” but the full force of an f-bomb. I thought I was the only one. Its nice to know I’m not alone. Thanks.

  647. I could really, really use a red gown right now for my mom. Not that I’m any more worthy of probably all of the people here. But it’s been one rough couple of years for her. So here’s to crossing my fingers!

  648. That’s awesome!

  649. I think the “First Annual” sound fucking awesome!!!

  650. Unicorns. Definitely unicorns.

  651. If we win do we pick Red or Vermilion? The vermilion seems redder to me than the red.

  652. Yay for you and Hunter!
    I could totally use a Red Dress! I was just diagnosed with Addison’s Disease and it’s been a burden I never expected to bear.
    Love you!

  653. Woohoo! finally! You deserve a badass motherfucker award!

  654. Congrats! That’s awesome!

  655. You’re always surprised when your awesome talents and general badassery are recognized and celebrated. That just makes you even more special in my book. Know this: you deserve EVERY single accolade you’re receiving, you ARE that good, and knock, knock, motherfucker – you need to OWN that shit!!!

    And seriously, that BAMF award you just made up – the statuette needs to a miniature little metal chicken. Make it a real thing. PLEASE. You know you want to.

    P.S. I could really use a red evening gown right now – not because I have anything swanky to go to, but because it would cheer me up from some sad stuff I’m going through right now to twirl around in a floofy red dress and forget it all for a little while. Go, Jenny!

  656. You’re awesome lady! Almost done with the Audiobook. I’m going to miss you when I’m done…

  657. This is far superior to many other awards I’ve been given in the past. Thank you Jenny – as usual, you rock!

  658. That is so amazing! I adore everything the red dressstands for. I would be so honored to win one.

  659. memememe!!!! me! … oh, and congrats :)

  660. Congrats, you deserve it.

  661. Thank you for making me smile on the daily ;)

  662. Congratulations, Jenny! The Travelling Red Dress is such an amazing project!

  663. Frankly, it was the one and only time I cared about the Katie Couric show. Congrats! :)

  664. 670
    RaJean Walker

    I have said this several times, Jenn is me and my BFF’s, BFF!

    I accept this award and promise to always be an awesome motherfucker!

  665. Carry on you bad ass mother fucker, carry on

  666. Red dress project rocks my world…. that’s all.

  667. I’d love to be included in the contest. And congratulations!

    Dawn recently posted no weigh-in, just pics.

  668. I just want to know if I can use the award as a blurb on my eBook. (It’s zombies, so it would fit.)

    This is cool, congrats, seriously!

    emuse recently posted the creative process.

  669. I have a little list of chronic, can-kill-me diseases; and I’m old (66) and in not very good physical shape. But seeing the pain some of my friends (my age & even younger) are in and the operations that they have had to endure recently motivated me to do something I hate: exercise. I do a little weight training with a lovely torturer… er trainer… but mostly I walk. I’ve gone from 5 minutes to 3 miles in just under 60 minutes. My goal is to finish (just finish… I figure I’ll be the last one over the finish line but that will be OK as long as I make it there) a 5K race next weekend. And assuming I manage to finish that race, to celebrate, I am going to find a red dress somewhere and wear it… possibly out in public! And maybe I’ll dye my hair blue to go with it… I’ve always wanted to do that! Thank you Jenny for sharing being you! It helps me at least to stop being so afraid of being me… where people can see.

  670. They say things happen in 3’s and this is the 3rd award for my family this week! I thank you for that :)

  671. 677
    Karlyn Weaver

    I kind of love that you have had the bad ass motherfucker influence on your cat.. or was the cat the influence on you?


  672. I think the unicorns would shit rainbows all over the zombies. Unicorns = 1, zombies = 0.

    Courtney recently posted Assumption is the mother of all fuck ups..

  673. Congrats, well deserved!

    bethany recently posted Happy Anniversary, my love..

  674. I kind of love that your cat has been influenced by your bad-ass-motherfuckerness.. or was it the cat that influenced you?


  675. Congrats Jenny!

  676. woot woot. I always knew in my heart that I was a badass motherfucker… and I am thrilled to finally be recognized for it. I would like to thank my badass motherfucking dazzling smile for greeting me in the mirror every morning. I would also like to thank my badass motherfucking mouth for telling me how fucking badass I am every day. Thirdly, I would like to thank my badass motherfucking brain for being so badass motherfucking brilliant all the time. Lastly, I would like to thank this badass motherfucking blog… for being an open forum to use one of the greatest words I have ever heard or spoken without retribution or regret. Viva la Bloggess.

    Penni recently posted Fender Bender – Blogger’s Quilt Festival.

  677. I bet Hunter S. Thomcat will just try to steal all the glory. Don’t let him!

  678. You (your blog) is the second most important part of my day, every day, right behind coffee!

  679. First of all, congratulations! I hope that moments like these help you to press on through the dark times, and the exhausted times, because your humor and honesty and your determination just to keep writing and the courage to put your stories out there have done so much good for so many people.
    I will print this award out and paste it in one of my inspiration books/journals where I write, doodle, draw, copy down poetry and song lyrics, paste pictures and do collages to encourage myself to follow your example and continue to find my own voice and clarify my own creative vision.
    I hope you start to feel better soon, and I look forward to seeing posts from you with updates because I read your blog not only for the funny stuff, but also for the stuff that you choose to share about some of your struggles and not so fun times, because it helps me feel like I am not alone in some of my own doubts and struggles.
    And *takes a deep breath* — I would like to put in my request for a chance to win a red dress. Because I want to put one on and my picture taken in a graveyard while barefoot and dancing to “Happy Phantom” by Tori Amos. Then when those voices of doubt and self criticism try to keep me down, and/or my depression starts turning up the volume on the lies, I can look the picture and then look in the mirror and affirm that I AM BADASS.

  680. Thanks for everything you do with your travelling red dress. Having been hospitalized from depression, it is not a joking matter. Passed a conversation recently where a young lady told someone she was suffering from depression and the MUCH older lady told her she just needed to recognize that everyone has problems and that hers aren’t worse than anyone elses. Lady-that is NOT what depression is! I stayed back to speak with her and she was in tears when I told her my story. She as 2 children, one is 5 mos old so postpartum is probably a factor, too. Keep up your wonderful work!
    PS-I would love to have a red dress. Never owned one before and our anniversary is coming up in 4 months!

  681. Congrats! The red dress project meant a lot to me. This is icing on the cake. My dress is long passed on. it would be fun to do it again.

  682. Congratulations of being a badass Motherfucker!

  683. First, that would be a decent battle between unicorns and zombies. I would like to watch that because I’m not sure which has the advantage. Second, congrats on the award. Everyone who reads your blog know you’re awesome and deserve every award out there including the Badass Motherfucker award! Third, I would love to be able to rock a red dress and it would totally make my entire year.

  684. Unicorns.. definitely unicorns.

  685. OH! I got comment 666! how awesome is that.

  686. 693
    Jennifer Stone

    That is AWESOME! Congrats!!!

  687. The Traveling Red Dress project, and the women who wore those dresses, were among the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen.

    Beth recently posted Roger Ebert: 1942-2013.

  688. Your posts make me happy. And thank you for the award! Its finally my turn!

  689. 696
    Cheryl Howard

    You rock lady. So does your motherfucking cat.

  690. Congratulations and thanks for sharing!

  691. So happy you won! I would totally love a red dress!! AND I will put my 7 mo golden retriever Penny in a RED Dress too and send you photographs. You can’t stuff her yet, she’s not old enough…

  692. I watched you on Katie’s show! That’s how I discovered your blog! Congrats! Love it!

  693. Congratulations to Hunter S. Tomcat! And to you too. :-)

    I could so use a red ball gown for the cruise we’re going on next February. It’s a cruise full of nerds and geeks, and nerdy, geeky entertainers, and we have a Paul F. Tomkins Mustache Memorial event where everyone wears fake mustaches, and we’re going to have a room that is a giant ball pit for adults this year! If I told them I was wearing a Bloggess gown, so many of them would get it, and love it! And it would be a good stand-in for Wil Wheaton, who won’t be able to go this year. :-(

    So in conclusion, PICK ME! PICK ME!

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