Throwback Thursday

So, apparently there’s this thing called “Throwback Thursday” where you can just post any old picture of yourself and not actually have to write anything, and I was like, “THAT IS THE LAZIEST THING EVER AND IT’S LIKE IT WAS MADE EXPLICITLY FOR ME.”

Here is a picture of me, age 8:

Cotton.  It’s what we had instead of marshmallows.

My little sister, Lisa, is also in the picture.  We’re picking cotton in fields that surrounded our house.  This is what real cotton looks like before it’s processed and turned into underwear.  Real cotton is full of seeds and stems which ruin everything.  Much like marijuana.  And after you pick it you have to dump it into big trucks and go cotton-stomping.  That’s when you jump on a giant truck of cotton to smush it so that you can fit more cotton in it.  It sounds way funner than it is because the cotton is still filled with scratchy seeds and pointy stems.  It’s like jumping on a trampoline covered with splinters, or in a giant pit of cotton candy that has a bunch of angry hornets in it.

Hang on.  I thought I wasn’t supposed to have to write a post here.  Why is this so long?  I’m doing this wrong.


Never mind.  You know what?   This is a picture of me and my sister holding marshmallows.  The end.

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  1. Whenever I would see raw cotton as a kid I would want to chew on it. Same impulse with raw potatoes. Why IS that???

  2. I love your dress, very Laura Ingalls Wilder

  3. The marshmallow fields of texas. How exciting!!!

  4. My dad used to pick cotton and got a seed stuck in his ear and now he’s half deaf in that ear.

    If it makes you feel better, I do blog commenting wrong.

  5. Marshmallow grow in fields? That’s so awesome. I learn something new every day!

  6. Well done on the not writing anything to go with the pic. Completely awesome as we know nothing about growing cotton here in the UK!

  7. Adorable! My throwback pictures…oh man. I think I’ll pass. I like looking at other people’s though.

  8. This is SO LHOTP… Makes me want to read your book intro again. Ha!

    Nic recently posted Tell Me Again Why We’re All So Competitive?.

  9. I just posted a random photo of my dog and asked my readers to do all the work of coming up with a caption. I didn’t know it was called “Throwback Thursday!”

    susielindau recently posted Roxy Is Ready to Go! A Contest.

  10. You are one funny chick.

  11. 12
    Tammy Proctor

    I want marshmallows now. And I second the dress being very Laura Ingalls Wilder though at first I thought it was a nightgown. But I’m on my phone so Imma trust Anny Mouse that it is indeed a dress.

  12. By the way, I love the adorable photo!

  13. I love your non-post….post. I so enjoy throwback Thursday, but mostly because I like to see if other people had a messed up past. Makes me feel more normal. LOL Such a cute photo by the way, it’s sweet.

    YourMotherIsADirtyGirl recently posted If You Are Faking It, It’s Your Own Fault. Say What?.

  14. Wife. Mother. Blogger. Taxidermy enthusiast. Cotton farmer.

    You’re like freaking Wonder Woman! Is there anything you CAN’T do??

    Lynette recently posted I suck at blogging.

  15. Who picks cotton in a dress anymore? Crazy.

  16. I think your way is much more entertaining than just posting the picture. The picture by itself didn’t make me laugh till I cried, like your story did. In my opinion you get it right every time Jenny! Love your book & blog~ it never fails to make me smile. You are a gift to the world!

  17. I love seeing people’s pics from Throwback Thursdays. Especially the older ones as we didn’t grow up during a time where our entires lives were documented digitally on Instagram, Facebook, etc. And I now want to visit the marshmallow fields. :)

  18. Every Thursday when people start posting their TBT pictures, I think about doing the same. Then I realize the picture I want is in that one scrapbook that’s in the big plastic bin that used to be in the closet but then got moved to the garage and I think now there’s a bunch of other stuff piled on top of it and most likely I’d have to move the car to make room for the stuff after I took it off the bin so I can get to the scrapbook and find the picture. Then I say “fuck it” and post a picture of a monkey or a squirrel. So far no one’s noticed the difference.

  19. The cotton trucks always look like they’re transporting giant marshmallows down the highway. I always wondered why they didn’t just bounce and jiggle out of the trucks…then I remembered they weigh a lot.

    Kelly @ Cibatarian recently posted a.k.a. Friscos.

  20. Cute photo! Marshmallows remind of how blonde & gullible I am. In my mid-twenties, I was watching the news in my apartment when they began a story on farmers and the marshmallow industry. They visited fields full of healthy marshmallow crops, and even showed workers harvesting them. They discussed different techniques used to attain the different colored ones. I was all, “Holy shit, I had no idea marshmallows grew in fields! This is amazing!”

    And then they said, “April Fools!”
    Fuck. I’m an idiot.

    bethteliho recently posted That Time A Comedian Stripped For Me. Sort of..

  21. Another suggestion for next time: the post title should be “This #TBT Photo Will Change The Way You See Everything.” People love to change the way they see everything.

  22. I like how you seem to be secretly wiping it on your forehead to test the texture.

  23. So “the touch, the feel of cotton” is in fact rather sucky, then. Who knew?

  24. I seem to remember a story from grade school about a dude named Eli who turned cotton into gin. Now that’s a superpower worth having.

  25. This week is like superduperthrowback WEEK, cuz of all the Beatles stuff everywhere. Here’s your connection: Marshmallow fee-ulds forevah! (you know you just sang that in your head)

    You’re welcome.

    TheFakeGourmet recently posted Snow Day Chicken Pasta — the one where my daughter made up lunch.

  26. that is probably the most adorable photo ever.

    well, second most adorable. i have one of me as a baby with a bottle of dewar’s scotch that has a nipple on the top. thanks, dad.

    steph gas recently posted i just don't know..

  27. Adorable. You two look surprisingly happy to be holding prickly cotton. P.S., You have ruined cotton candy for me forever. Thank you.

    Kelly Fox recently posted I Cancelled Valentine’s Day.

  28. This is adorable. Marshmallow fields forever. Like Strawberry Fields, but better.

    Jess recently posted BSC #12: Claudia and the New Girl.

  29. At least you posted something. I had to get up at 6am so I could be to work at 7, and when I logged onto my home computer and started at my empty new blogger post all I could think of was “Fuck it, I so very much want to go back to bed for 5 minutes” and so I did. Yeah, I was late for work this morning.

  30. I showed your picture to my 5 year old daughter and said “oh wow, look, MARSHMELLOW FIELDS!” She got super excited and said she wanted to go there on vacation, because marshmellows are her “favorite thing EVER”. And now she’s crying because I had to tell her that I was just joking because that’s really just cotton. THANKS JENNY.

  31. Ah, East Texas memories. Driving up to Texas A&M when I was little (from South Texas) for a game, we’d stop near Snook (that’s a real town name) and pick cotton just for fun. Former slaves across the South rolled in their graves every time. I feel I should apologize. :)

  32. I remember going out and doing the same thing as a kid! That was an experience I never want to repeat, especially because my mom decided I was a small human cotton gin and kept handing me pieces to de-seed. Itchiest. Stuff. EVER.

  33. Well shit, I think I did Throwback Tuesday this week by accident. Ah well, I suck at rule following anyway.

    Jess at No Pithy Phrase recently posted Things Are Weird Right Now, So: DISTRACTIONS!.

  34. You know they make seedless marshmallows now? It’s all the rage.

  35. “Real cotton is full of seeds and stems which ruin everything. Much like marijuana.”<—-this comment just made my day. Thank you.

    Nagzilla recently posted Metrodome Memories.

  36. True story–I attended college in TN and was friends with a girl from NYC (I am from Maine originally) and we were driving around one Sunday afternoon when she said, in her very distinct New York accent “Cool. Marshmallows.” (which sounded like maaaahshmallows). I at first was baffled, until I realized that she was looking at a cotton field. And was totally serious.

  37. second marshmallow reference of the day and my kids haven’t even asked for OMG-mom-it’s-snowing hot cocoa and marshmallows yet. During the summer they talk about marshing the mallows, so this morning when I saw a diy marshmallow shooter on Pinterest, I thought, “Holy crap, we can launch the mallows.” But this is about cotton. Hrrm.

  38. That’s some cotton pickin’ dress there! :grabs coat:

  39. I grew up on a farm and cotton picking and chopping was a part of my life for years. But I always loved jumping in the trailer full of cotton and tramping it down. Loved the smell. Thanks for taking me back.

  40. I really love your dress (and your non-post post). Being a girl from the northeast I have not experienced “Real cotton”. It tastes just like vanilla cotton candy right? That’s what I’ve heard… but not really….

  41. If you hadn’t put an explanation, I would have thought you were throwing snowballs while inappropriately dressed. See, some things need explaining or child services get called.

    ej Taylor recently posted Fornicate under consent of the King, Henry..

  42. Can I post someone else’s throwback picture? Or what about that iphone app that lets you photoshop pics? Can I photoshop my child self into a cooler environment than my plaid living room circa 1976? The cotton field looks pretty good – hornets notwithstanding – got any room?

    thetattootourist recently posted Love is a Battlefield – and Here are the Tattoos to Prove it!.

  43. 45
    The Original Lisa

    Your marshmallow is bigger than mine. No fair. Mom likes you more.

  44. That is the kind of beautiful picture I’d like to show to my daughter and pretend it was me. I will try and hold back.

    Conway Blog recently posted Pencilgram.

  45. I love that it looks like it snowed all around a cotton field when it’s being picked. I hated that as a kid we had to remove all the white shit from our yard when the cotton was being picked.

  46. Everyone knows there is no such thing as marshmallow fields. Now spaghetti trees, well, that’s a different story (to see the annual spaghetti harvest, search for spaghetti harvest BBC; you can thank me for the giggle, later).

    sebellin-ross recently posted The curated kitchen: exquisite tea.

  47. LOVE it!! I grew up surrounded by cotton fields, too!! It’s a whole other world… ahhh, memories of youth are flooding back!! Thank you!

    Rachel recently posted Farewell 2013 and Hello, You Sexy Thing, 2014!.

  48. I love the words that went with the picture. And if I get around to it today, I’m going to do the same thing. Breaking the rules!

  49. Funny! Both because you’re funny but also because this is NOT where I decided you must have grown up…I was thinking something more along the lines of a hippy commune in California or a cardboard box in the alley behind Oxford University or something…not that there is anything wrong with growing up in a cotton field.

    Jenny Neff recently posted My first recipe: Getto-Gourmet French Fries.

  50. “Much like marijuana.”, which immediately made me wonder if you’ve tried it. Then again, I sometimes think I’m one of the few people who hasn’t.

  51. I love cotton!

    Kathleen recently posted Bossypants.

  52. Thanks for ruining my interest in the cotton industry! Looks like I’ll have to stick with marshmallows.

  53. You are beyond precious!

  54. The worst smell in the world is a huge truck full of wet, raw cotton. OMG.

  55. Wait just a cotton picking minute. You mean to tell me there’s seeds in stems in marijuana? Now I’ve heard everything.

    Smokeynall recently posted The First Goalie Post..

  56. Trying this again! I am a mess.

    Kristie recently posted Clark Gable Kent Banished to the Short Bus.

  57. Marshmallows have pig, cow and horse hooves in them, just saying. Nothing’s perfect, not even marshmallows. Oh what a world! What a world!

    elliwest2014 recently posted Never buy chap stick again!.

  58. I did things like go to Chuck E Cheese….

    Alicia recently posted Hairspray.

  59. Ha, based on the FB post it gave me a suggested “you might like” link to: Bill Kirchen’s ‘Seeds And Stems Again Blues’ (song starts at 1:40). Enjoy

  60. I thought you were holding huge pieces of hail or ice. Yeah growing up in the Northeast!

    skullwoman recently posted Adventures in the Punk DIY Kitchen: LImoncello and Steak Sauce.

  61. I love how proud Lisa is. “COTTON! YAAAAY!!”
    Meanwhile, you’re back there being all “Yup. Sure is cotton.”

    Emelie recently posted Relationships with John Hamm.

  62. Looks like you and your sister have picked tiny clouds from the sky.

    Burns the Fire recently posted To Iran, with Love.

  63. Your marshmallows’ next stop is Tomball, Texas. There in my toddler story time, your marshmallows transform into Texas snow which I throw over kids’ heads every winter while singing, “The snow is falling down, falling down”

  64. You know, my fiction is about a young farm wife and her husband and little boy on a cotton farm in the Dust Bowl, and you’re right.

    Farming is not for sissies.

  65. Got Cotton?

    Jane @ The Blue Morpho recently posted You Know it’s Cold When….

  66. At my grandparents’ farm, I used to ride in the back of the wagon sometimes when the combine emptied barley into it. Our being there didn’t serve any purpose, but I liked all the bugs that came through with the grain. Maybe it helped keep the combine operator more alert – what with not killing the children and all. Anyway, just like playing in the grain bins (which we also did) in the end you ended up about as itchy as you could get without actually having poison ivy.

    Anubis Bard recently posted The Love Note to 2014 - February 2nd to 8th.

  67. OMG – you and your sister are soooo cute. Also, where I come from (a place called Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, which sounds way more exotic than it really is) we had wheat growing around our house so this reminds me of my childhood. Good times :-)

  68. I love you , Jenny. :)

  69. I do a lot of sea chanty singing, and am rather fond of the tradition of “Cotton Screwing Songs”. Which aren’t nearly as naughty as they sound. Seems they packed the cotton into the hold with a big screw device to pack it in really tightly. Hence “I wish I was in Mobile Bay, screwin’ cotton all the day”. Yeah.
    Of course, if any water got into the hold while you were at sea, the cotton would swell up and your ship would pop, but nobody seems to have sung about that,,,

  70. 72
    Carmen Piranha

    Tossing and stacking hay bales is fun, too! They’re a little heavier than a cotton ball, but you also get all the chaff in your hair and down your clothes, and it feels like you’ve just gotten all sweaty (because this is always done when it’s 137 degrees in the shade) and rolled around naked in some of that pink, itchy house insulation.

  71. I knew exactly what that was. When I was little, we lived in Los Angeles, but my grandparents lived on a farm in the Central Valley. On trips up, my mother would make us stop and pick cotton for a minute so that we would know where it came from and how hard it was.

    It occurs to me now that while this was an attempt to teach us a number of valuable life lessons (my mother was always, always about the teachable moment), we were also stealing. Which is not at all what she meant to teach us.

    I just thought of a blog post. See what your picture of marshmallows did?

    Tragic Sandwich recently posted Mostly, I Hope Jadis Isn’t in There.

  72. It occurs to me that any outdoor childhood picture of mine would include a skanky cemetery in the background.

    Michelle recently posted Move Aside Corvettes..I Have My Own Sinkhole Problems.

  73. Because you are an overachiever, Jenny. You try to half-ass it, but you just can’t. Me, on the other hand…I’m not even half-assing today. More like quarter-assing, or eigth-assing. God, I’m sorry. It’s new meds.

    Steph recently posted I’m Not Awkward. I’m Just…Squeaky..

  74. I grew up with a cotton field behind my house. You’d be amazed at how many people don’t know that cotton doesn’t come off the plant fluffy and usable despite learning about the cotton gin and what an amazing invention that thing was.

    All my childhood pics have my siblings in them too. Unless you look at my school pics. Please don’t look at my school pics.

  75. The pic is awesome, but it is, like everything, made even more awesome with all your witty banter floating around it. =)

    Kristen Mae at Abandoning Pretense recently posted Timing is Everything - a true Love Story by Trish Stapler.

  76. I can’t say why, but you and your continued silly and awesome posts are really helping me right now. Thank you.

    Jenny Williams recently posted Rearranging Furniture.

  77. Oh Lordy, pick a bale o’ cotton…

    Great photo! I remember watching my hippie parents clean the seeds and sticks out of their pot using the lid to the Monopoly box. I hated the smell of Monopoly.

  78. And it’s perfect. I had a bit of my own flashback today too, but I didn’t include pictures of me…

    Maybe next time.

    stef recently posted TV. THIS is Entertainment These Days? You Have GOT to be Joking..

  79. Funny. I grew up next to a cotton field, also in Texas.

  80. I love the picture, but cotton picking does not sound even a little bit fun.

  81. Congrats on being an overachiever for TT.

    Psychobabble recently posted Amazingly Wonderful Worries.

  82. I used to live in Phoenix and to get to the Mesa amphitheater, you drove through cotton fields. (It’s all houses now.) I stopped by the side of the road and picked some up once, that had blown around, maybe two or three cotton balls, and sent it to my son so he could see what cotton looked like before it went through the whole make in into clothes thing.

    I’m glad you do Throwback Thursday wrong. Just saying.

  83. You make me happy. I love this post! Amanda- Chicago, IL

  84. Milf runner #79 “I hate the smell of Monopoly”, that slayed me. And I love knowing there’s a Stems and Seeds Blues song.
    I, too, thought the pic was of some kind of freak snowstorm in Texas when you were little. But I’m sitting here in like the 6th snowstorm of the season. All I can see is snow and ice it seems.

  85. You have to be in North Carolina for the Marshmallow farms….

  86. Awww. That’s just so cottonpickin’ adorable. Viva la 80s and 90s and American Girl for bringing prairie back.

  87. Up here in southern Ontario, a marshmallow field is actually a hay field after the round bales have been formed and covered in white plastic. And out marshmallows are much bigger than yours.

    manuregurl recently posted I Will Never Be Mother-of-the-Year – Like Ever!.

  88. It’s interesting that your sister is happy and cheery and you look pensive and kind of grown up for an eight-year-old. Foreshadowing? It’s a great picture.

    Skye recently posted Epic.

  89. When I was little I got to throw hay bales off a huge haystack my grandfather had made in his sort of slapdash barn into a truck. It’s a miracle I didn’t kill anyone in the process. Eight-year-olds don’t have the greatest aim when shoving hay off a tower-like structure. Ahhhh, country living.

    Adrasteia recently posted The Fate of Aphrodisia.

  90. I thought they were snowballs.
    Wordless Wednesday is also a made-up weekly holiday where you don’t have to write!

    Caley recently posted Happy Chocolate Strawberries (Valentines) Day!.

  91. Please let’s figure out a way to make marshmallows grow in fields! Then I wouldn’t feel so bad about eating them because they’d be “all natural” or even “organic” and considered a “real food” instead of something completely manufactured.

    AmberLynn Pappas recently posted The Big Move.

  92. You were like Laura stomping down hay for Pa so they could survive The Long Winter!!! MY hero!

  93. It’s so fluffy I’m gonna diiiiiiiie!!

    Sandy the Fearless Scribe recently posted How a 90s movie inspired my Fictional Hollywood Bucket List.

  94. I love the photo. And I’m glad you got the not writing anything part wrong, because otherwise I might never have known about the hornet-swarming cotton-candy feeling of cotton-stomping.

  95. sigh I’m a loser that just figured out the whole #tbt #mcm thing. I’ve spent a LOT of time staring at screens going “What the fuck is a tbt and what does it have to do with this picture of Nicole with a bucket on her head?”

  96. Last year, my husband and I drove out to New Mexico for a vacation and we passed some cotton fields and I was awed by it because I had never see one before. I really wanted to stop and pick some just to see what raw cotton was like. (No, not a city girl. I’ve lived in Michigan my whole life and we don’t grow cotton. LOL)

  97. That is an awesome picture. You are right, cotton picking isn’t all it is cracked up to be. Then again neither was raspberry picking at my grandparents farm….

  98. look at you two with your little cottony friends. so adorable! you did get to keep the cotton you picked and put googly eyes on it and paint it interesting colours, right?

    turtlesong recently posted rape is not a plot point.

  99. When we were growing up, my little sister and I used to see those big cotton trucks on the road all the time as they were toting cotton from the fields. Given that the entire part of the truck storing the cotton was basically a big bin that you could see into, and cotton was flying out all over the place, we liked to imagine the cotton was popcorn and the truck was the popper. I’m fairly certain my father fully encouraged us to stick our heads out the window to catch the “popcorn” in our mouths. (We weren’t in seat belts, you know. This was the 70s, yo.)

  100. Is this pre-turkey?

  101. I remember playing in piles of cotton and getting in trouble because we mixed the cotton that still had seeds with the pile that didn’t…oops…

    Brandy recently posted Themed Thursday: Women of Star Trek.

  102. I keep wanting to grow cotton and then card it and spin it and dye it and knit it. But I am pretty sure that would ensure my single status permanently.

  103. I guess I’m the only one who saw that shirt and thought “Hollie Hobbie” instead of Laura Ingalls Wilder.

    And like you, I grew up around cotton; so naturally I am allergic to cotton. And watermelons and cantaloupes…I mean the family grew them too, not that I was allergic. A watermelon allergy would be tragic in west Texas.

    Shelley J recently posted Beauty "don'ts" from the girl who did.

  104. I remember my first time getting to have “fun” picking cotton…like you, Jenny, I was unaware of how pointy cotton is in the wild.
    Also? The phrase “shitting in high cotton” is supposed to mean that you’ve got it made. I have no idea where the phrase originated…my boss used to say it all of the time (the Southern boss, not the Yankee one). I asked him and he was all, “Well, you see…it would be all good…because you could take a crap and no one would be seeing you…and as an added bonus, you’d have cotton to wipe your butt with.” Clearly, a man who has never actually picked cotton (or shat in a field of it).

    Marianne recently posted Hare-y Situation.

  105. So how long is “just a cotton-pickin’ minute”?

  106. What’s weird is, I was literally (I promise I don’t mean figuratively) thinking to myself yesterday “I wonder if the Bloggess has ever blogged about marijuana. Now, I’m not even a fan of it personally (I’m not crazy against it either I’m just not like oh boy let me move to Colorado because pot is now legal). And now today there is a post about it. Freaaaaky

  107. “It beats pickin cotton and waitin to be forgotten.” Oh wait…

  108. I’m soooooo glad you do TBT wrong. So funny. And educational. And what a cute pic!

    kathleensummers recently posted Scrapbooking 2014; my take on Project Life.

  109. OK. Now I finally understand why I see so much inexplicable shit on my FB page on Thursdays. Obviously, I have been ‘beneath’ the curve regarding pop culture and probably Social Media as well. Thanks for The Enlightenment. I feel as if now, I can speak intelligently at cocktail parties (as if!)
    Thanks again.
    –A Texan
    P.S. I have picked cotton and I have hauled hay. Both are not fun.
    Oh, and by-th’-way: I took the liberty to copy a link to this on My FB page. Hope that is cool.

  110. My Daughter always tells me that (funner) isn’t a word. So nice to have you validate, for me, that it is. lol!!!

  111. I’ve never had to pick or stomp cotton, but when I was a kid we had to go bean walking, which is when my brother and I and a bunch of the neighborhood kids and my parents had to walk row after row of soybeans pulling weeds. So basically we had to weed a very big garden that was totally soybeans. The neighborhood kids got paid. We didn’t. I’m still a little bitter about that.

  112. I hated ‘stomping cotton’. The stripper that was throwing the next load on us scared the crap out of me! That’s why I’m such a good cook. Mom let me stay in the house to make dinner. (aka lunch at noon) Proud to be a cotton farmer’s daughter…in the house.

  113. My mom and her brothers used to pick cotton growing up in S.C. Her brother would pee on his so it would weigh more.

  114. As a child I was convinced that the huge white balls (bales of hay, wrapped in plastic) in farmer’s fields were marshmallows…Of course, where else would they grow?

    kosturcompose76 recently posted Letting Go.

  115. Yay I hope this becomes a regular weekly post for you!! : )

  116. Cotton candy with angry hornets…you crack me up!

    edimminger recently posted Bad Love Songs.

  117. Sweet someone not black picking cotton. It’s like a high five for Black History Month. [I kid. I kid]

    Tamara Woods recently posted Valentine’s Day gift for your writer (Guest Post).

  118. When them cotton balls get rotten

    You can’t pick very much cotton

    In them old, cotton fields back home.

    And that’s all I have to say about that.

    HogsAteMySister recently posted My Grampa’s Hat.

  119. I just yesterday explained to my class of nine year olds that cotton comes from a plant and they didn’t believe me! Such a CUTE photo :)

  120. cotton picking sucks? do tell us more…during BLACK HISTORY MONTH.

  121. Posting a picture of me? Not happening. That’s why I’m the photographer.

    jasteck recently posted My Marijuana Plant.

  122. @Bridget Schwartz Mullin, “The stripper that was throwing the next load on us scared the crap out of me!” Totally conjured up an entirely different image in my head than the one I am sure you meant to describe. :)

  123. I wondered where your Dad got the stuffing for his taxidermy.

  124. 126
    Midwest Mama

    Breakin’ the law. I did that with my post too. Pick my first crush and gush about it? Why do that when I can revisit roughly one-third of my Its Not You, It’s Me phone calls. :) Adorable picture.

  125. Prairie dresses used to be my go-to dresses. Now I think I look silly in them. Or maybe it’s just because I stopped wearing dresses.

    Sue recently posted Don't mess with my weekend..

  126. Lisa looks happy and carefree but you….look at your eyes. You are plotting crap far into the future. Admit it.

  127. hey our marshmallow fields looked just like that when I was little. pickin cotton was not for the feint of heart for real.

  128. My dad was a crop duster here in Arizona, so cotton it was — I remember distinctly my deep disappointment at the discovery that cotton on the vine was all stabby.

    Of course, that may explain why I didn’t realize that fiberglass was dangerous…

  129. You look adorably Laura Ingalls in this photo, Jenny!

    Brenna recently posted A look back.

  130. The beauty of growing cotton these days is you don’t have to pick it by hand or smush it in trailers. That always looked so fun til I did it and you are right that shit hurts! In case others would like to see more info on cotton, I love it so much, its a big part of my blog

    Janice Person aka JPlovesCOTTON recently posted Did you know Old McDonald was a really bad speller?.

  131. You never do ANYTHING wrong, Jenny, you simply do amazing things.
    You were a pair of angels, by the way – with devilish tendencies.

    The Hook recently posted Next Year, I’m Booking Valentine’s Day Off..

  132. 134

    I used to live in the Central Valley of California, cotton country. I had the esteemed privelege of riding on a float, dressed in a brown sweatsuit with cotton balls glued all over it for the annual Cotton Festival. This stint is now item #1 on my CV, right after junior volunteer rodeo clown. I feel you may be the only person who could understand my childhood.

  133. I used to live in the Central Valley of California. Cotton country. I had the esteemed privelege of riding on a float, dressed in a brown sweatsuit with cotton balls glued all over it, for the annual Cotton Festival. I list this honor on my CV, right after Junior Volunteer Rodeo Clown. I feel that you may be the only one who understands my childhood.

  134. I used to do all that! Stomping on cotton. Maneuver barefoot!

  135. nonsense Jenny. You have done it perfectly. Again.

  136. I love this! I’ve never known anyone else my age who has picked cotton. When I was 7 we had a cotton field behind the house we were renting in Bossier City, Louisiana. One day my mom made my sister and I pick cotton to teach us about the evils of slavery. My mom is awesome.

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