Pimp out your shit. Not literally though. Unless you’re selling feces. Then you might have a problem.

Just a quick thank you.  The cost to keep this blog up are stupid expensive but I’m incredibly lucky that so many people support the blog by buying space in the sidebars.  Lots of them are writers and bloggers themselves and you should totally do yourself a favor and check them out because they’re lovely, and also because they are better than chocolate tacos.  Chocotacos. Great.  Now I want a chocotaco.

Also, the people who buy ads here keep me from having to do irritating things like break up posts into several pages, or having pop-up ads, or slide-shows to artificially manipulate page views.  We owe them all a drink.  Or five.

A regular blog post is coming but this morning I just want to say thanks to anyone who has ever supported this blog, either by advertising, by supporting my advertisers, by buying a book or something from my store, or who simply left fabulous comments which vigorously disprove the “DON’T READ THE COMMENTS” law of the internet.  I love you guys.

Also, I realize that lots of you know of or have fascinating shit that you’d probably like to pimp out and so today I’m opening up comments to let you pimp out whatever thing you think needs more attention.  Charities, kick-starters, books you love, etsy shops, your favorite blog post, videos that make you laugh, something you made that you’re really proud of, whatever.   (Try to limit it to less than 3 sentences though because most of us have ADD here.)

And seriously, thank you.  You keep my world going around.  Someone bring me a chocotaco.

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  1. My husband’s PC game: Tower of Guns! http://www.towerofguns.com/

  2. I’m pimping out my own shop!! French Toast Kitty – Etsy shop full of mid-century mod, awesome cool stuff!!! Working hard to make a little extra money. https://www.etsy.com/ca/shop/FrenchToastKitty?ref=si_shop

  3. Can I pimp someone else? Elan Morgan has something called Five Star Friday. It helps lift up great writing that we the people nominate. In a sea of linkbait, she brings the real deal. Nominate someone, read something. http://www.schmutzie.com/submit-an-entry/

    (I LOVE Five Star Friday. ~ Jenny)

  4. Nothing to sell… just my blog where I do cool shit with my kids. http://www.tpcraft.com


  5. I make greeting cards – here’s my etsy shop: http://crookedstamper.etsy.com

    Thanks, Jenny!!!

  6. I dream of earning enough to be able to buy ad space here. For now here’s my blog full of original poetry and comments and writing prompts:
    And a massive thank you too! x

  7. My best friend’s novelette is about a woman samurai. Might be of interest to some readers? http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00HGJM43O

    Laura Lis Scott recently posted A to Z is for Audacity to Zen.

  8. I really want to pimp out my Grand Am, but I’ll settle for pimping out my favorite blog post. It’s the story of when I got a text from a Craigslist ad that someone (I suspect one of my students) posted using my phone number and the weirdo on the other end of the message was the first one to freak out and leave the conversation.


    Shelley J recently posted Throwback Thursday - Procrastination Edition.

  9. The internet is lucky to have you. Today, I will be pimping my public service announcement about toilet rats. Because toilet rats are a thing.

  10. Get 15% off at the Atlanta Lady Thrashers Women’s Hockey store with coupon code “UPSET”! Check out LadyThrashers.com

    LT recently posted The U.S. Women’s Olympic Hockey Team Cried on the Medal Stand. You’ll Never Guess What Happened Next!.

  11. Ha! I am alllll about pimpin’ (you know, when I’m not lying around watching Netflix)… and this reminded me that I need to email about ad space ;-) But, you know, in the meantime, if you like dark, psychological stories with boy bands, or historical fiction with ice boats and screwed up family trees, you can check out my books here: http://cynthiahillbooks.com/about-the-books/

  12. Conversation pieces from my Etsy shop

  13. I would like to pimp out myself, er…take that back! MY BLOG! I want to pimp out my blog! Come see me at: thehappyredhead.com

    Natalie- the happy redhead recently posted we’re not in Kansas anymore.

  14. 17

    All I’ve done lately I’m really proud of is thousands of words of Dean/Cas fanfiction…which I’m understandably hesitant to link to under my real name. But guys, it’s REALLY GOOD.

  15. I just have to say, your book is freaking hilarious. But I can only read it in places where I am alone. I started it at an airport and in an airplane (from audiobooks) and people probably thought I was legitimately insane. I was laughing and crying, and looking all sorts of crazy. With that said, read my lame blog that I don’t update nearly enough….

  16. You are the wind beneath my wings. And by “wind” and “wings” I mean “taxidermied animal” and “mantle.”
    I have four books you can buy:

  17. My blog scrappiemomma.org. 3 words????? Good Lawd thaz worse than Twitter.
    I blog about, my oxymoronic personality bc I luv Joel Osteen & bass~thumpin twerkin~bootie~music. I swear when I pray. Ex this morning: “shit shit shitJesus Please please let me effin find the top of this coffee pot oh God bc I will freaking die this am w/o coffee..” I try to be funny & heartfelt. Somex it works. Sometimes people think im angry.

  18. Well I sure would love to fund my kickstarter campaign in the 11th hour – The Bloggess is one of my backers. I’ll give you a chocotaco if you do! http://kck.st/1kiwoqC

    thetattootourist recently posted Don’t Pick That! Top 10 Things NOT to do with a Healing Tattoo.

  19. Your local library! Your local literacy program! Your local kid’s club! Mentors and tutors and teachers! YEEEHAAAAW!!

  20. Oh, how kind! Thanks! sheepyhugs

    I’m am nice to people for free, and I make fun iPhone/iPad games for money. https://itunes.apple.com/gb/artist/quantum-sheep/id333502540


    @quantum_sheep :D

  21. I will use it to solicit donations for St. Judes. I’m running Warrior Dash to raise money for them. You can donate here: http://fundraising.stjude.org/site/TR?px=2486766&fr_id=10767&pg=personal

  22. Imsorrybroke3wordrule. Shit. I dont think I can delete.

  23. Maybe this will work?
    Made my wedding dress into art yarn, and then knit a tinfoil hat from… tinfoil.

  24. LOVE YOU! I’m running a kickstarter to make a book of the collaborative illustrations I do with our 4-year old!

  25. This is my friends’ shop – they make great geek and steampunk accessories!

  26. I have a blog dedicated to my amazing daughter. Does that count?

  27. GAH you’re the shit, Jenny! http://www.rachriot.com/ and follow my RachRiot fan page on the book of Face! Thanks!

    RachRiot recently posted B.I.T.C.H. It's Real..

  28. No, Thank you for always sharing such awesomeness!
    Now time to pimp out a kickstarter for Chris Lowell & his film Besides Still Waters: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/chrislowell/beside-still-waters-a-chris-lowell-film

  29. Thank YOU, Jenny, for all you do to make us weirdos feel normal! <3 The postpartum depression community needs help passing through a petition to get new mothers screened for PPD. http://learned-happiness.com/2014/03/14/every-mother-every-time/

  30. Love you, Jenny!

    I’d just like to remind everyone to donate to local charities that do good in your area–like your local YMCA! You can find your YMCA at http://www.ymca.net/give/give.html

    burritosandborscht recently posted Review: Tender Is the Night.

  31. I’m a writer (in progress…not yet published) and an artist with Muscular Dystrophy.

    Always love having new friends at @GulfCoastStudio on Twitter, or you can follow me at http://facebook.com/ugottafriend on FB.

    Thank you kindly and happy taco Tuesday (pass me a chocotaco)!

    Kelli recently posted Long Overdue Health Update - 3/22/14.

  32. We love you Bloggess!! :)
    And because life’s too short to not get dirty… http://rocksandsun.com

  33. I’m pimping out my son, sort of… He is 6 years old and has a disease called Neurofibromatosis. We’re trying to raise funds to support our NF walk, but we’ve not done all that well.

  34. My friend has a Kickstarter to get her stationery to the NYC Stationery show!

    Also, come visit my blog, just for fun and whimsy. http://simply–a.blogspot.com

  35. I guess I will pimp out my blog http://joaninja.com It’s sometimes funny, sometimes totally useless. :)

  36. Adorable crochet critters and really useful craft advice: http://www.revedreams.com/

    Music, voice acting, webcomics, and more: http://www.bsodcomic.net/

  37. I draw cartoon portraits of peoples pets. Dogs, cats, derpy taxidermied deer, whatever you like. :)
    <a href=”http://www.etsy.com/shop/mydogsaid”

    karifur recently posted One small step for a man, one giant leap for me.

  38. Thank you for opening this up today. Long time reader here, but seldom commenter.
    My little Etsy shop is: https://www.etsy.com/shop/CrookedSmileCreation

  39. I moved my blog and seem to have lost half my followers in the jump…I’m over at blog.edesignsfashion.com with all my crafty, sewy, dealing with small children nonsense now!

  40. my blog post about when to give advice…http://buildingwingspan.blogspot.com/2014/03/when-should-you-offer-advice.html I love your book, it was a Christmas to me gift. And so worth it.

  41. This is very generous of you. Thank you, Jenny! I am pretty proud of my last two blog posts- talking with young children about race, sex, swearing, etc… Trying to reduce stigma.

    kathleenbeanblog recently posted Enter in.

  42. As luck would have it, my post today features a fake picture of me and the lovely and talented Bloggess. I mostly talk about books, because BOOKS. Pimp Pimp, Pimpity Pimp.

  43. My friend and I started a podcast in which we only discuss awesome things in 15-20 minutes. I look forward to recapping our happiness of the week, and to sharing it with anyone who needs it, too.


  44. http://www.beccajeffadopt.com – we are looking for a birthmother for a private open adoption OR
    we are also looking to go to a new expensive agency and need help:

  45. I blog at http://www.honestmom.com about raising daughters and managing depression. I manage to laugh about it sometimes, too.

    Thanks, Jenny. You rock.

    Honest Mom recently posted How to help and support a depressed friend: do’s, don’ts, & resources.

  46. North American Travel site…learn about their history, the people, and other shit like that. http://www.americansmalltowns.com

  47. Thanks, Jenny!

    I crochet a little of everything, but my favorites are my pet hats. Custom orders are more than welcome.

    Sarah Colleen recently posted Pet Accessory: Crochet Easter Bonnet - hat for small pet - rabbit, bunny, guinea pig, cat, small dog, small animal by ACleverColleen.

  48. My friend Jules has pretty cool shit in a funky little shop in Medicine Park, OK. She’s also an alchemist and makes super delicious lotions, potions and such. Her shop sponsors a roller derby team! How much cooler can you get than that?! https://www.facebook.com/lunajoon

  49. Pimping out my photo ‘business’ :) We travel! (we’re still building the business in to an actual ….um, business)

  50. Gabbie and Alice – 2 girls in 2nd grade that for their 8th birthdays asked for people to not get them presents, but instead donate to the in-school food pantry in our town’s elementary school. They raised over $19K so far and a u-haul full of food. http://www.gofundme.com/GabbieandAliceTurn8 These amazing and selfless little girls are world changers.

  51. Thanks, Jenny! I make handmade journals, cards, prints and more. http://birddoodle.etsy.com

  52. Why? Because we are F*cking Hilarous.

  53. … I have nothing to whore out… worst. pimp. ever :(

    But That's For Another Blog recently posted Emma Stone, Spice Girls, and Your Dog Pooping on Your Pillow… it’s that kind of Friday..

  54. Well I made Jenny’s Mad Eye Toady, I wrote a couple of books that she didn’t seem to hate, and now I make Hellraiser lamps (because of course I do). https://www.etsy.com/listing/181428940/hellraiser-lament-configuration-inspired?ref=listing-shop-header-3

    (the other stuff that we do is over there in our shop as well)
    Thank YOU Jenny, and your second professor is dressed but needs his accessories. I’ll have him done eventually.

  55. When I have a bad day, I just look at this, and my day goes from fuck, to fabulous. http://justanotherstaticheart.blogspot.com/2014/03/this-is-why-people-think-im-weird.html

  56. I can pimp out myself, can’t I? I self published my book, it got 130,000 downloads, hit the Amazon top 10, I got a three book deal and now I’m having a panic over deadlines, so if you could go download it you’d make me very happy: http://www.amazon.com/Sealed-Kiss-Rachael-Lucas-ebook/dp/B00BE9EUW0/ (oh yes, and it’s set on a Scottish island and it’s got MEN IN KILTS and snogging and seals and it’s like Bridget Jones with castles)

    Rachael recently posted I’m speaking at BritMums Live 2014.

  57. A friend of mine is struggling to find a good home for a very good dog who had a rough start in life. Please check out https://www.facebook.com/AHomeforAtticus to read all about him. He needs a home with no other dogs or pets, and he will love you forever.

  58. Read my grammar blog. I sear it’s semi-funny. And call your senators and congress folks to ask them to support diabetes research!

  59. Thank you Jenny! Do you like science fiction? Like webcomics? Check out http://www.cryo-joe.com ! The comic follows the adventures Joe Kelsey and a group of explorers who set out on a mission of exploration to a near star and get more than they bargained for…

    Drew recently posted Page 2: Beginnings.

  60. 65
    Brattus Rattus

    April 12 at the SunSet Lounge in Escondido, California. 9 pm – 2 am

    We are having a “Fuck Cancer” Fund Raiser. I just beat cancer so that kicked off the idea. Lots of prizes. Good music. Good times. Best of all, the funds raised are going to cancer research.

    Fuck Cancer.

  61. My friend’s FABULOUS Steampunk-inspired Jewelry! http://www.etsy.com/shop/SimpleDiversions
    Thank You!!

  62. I’m fundraising for Girls on the Run — a local organization that uses running as a tool to support the growth of strong, confident, and healthy young women. I love how running makes me feel inside and out and this program encourages just that to young girls.

    Whether small, large, or just in spirit, I appreciate your support!

  63. Hot Glass art and jewelry: http://www.celtcraftdesigns.com

    Fused, slumped and torched glass pieces.

    Ruaidh recently posted One of the things I was taught..

  64. 69

    Awesome job now the pregnant lady wants a chocotaco too and in this tiny part of northern NJ there isn’t any to be had!!! I guess hubby’s going on a chocotaco expedition:)

  65. I am a yarn whore…please buy my shit so I can get more yarn



  66. 71

    Awesome book reviews: http://www.bookshelfbombshells.com

    Awesome nerd culture by chick nerds: http://www.headoverfeels.com

    Both free and entertaining!!

  67. This ii not my blog but its an awesome one for anyone TTC, going through infertility, adoption or know anyone who is.

    Shit its really just a funny ass blog I like to read cause it talks about vajayjays and swimmers and I enjoy 2nd grade humor.


  68. I figured it might be a good idea to promote Nerd HQ here, since Jenny is a wonderfully passionate nerd herself! Actor Zachary Levi and his company The Nerd Machine hold Nerd HQ every year during Comic-Con and help a charity called Operation Smile raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for operations for children with cleft lips and/or pallets while holding some awesome parties and panels for fans. Due to some sponsorship issues, they need our help funding this event, and they’re only asking for $5- for more information and/or to donate, please go to IWantMyNerdHQ.com.

  69. Mother’s Day is coming! Spend the day with her, with your grandmas and aunts – compile a family cookbook! http://www.creatinganheirloom.com/ http://amzn.com/1494292521

    Wendy recently posted International Waffle Day - Mar. 25th; Chef Alex Guarnaschelli.

  70. This just made me laugh. A magician making dog treats disappear and you get to see the dog’s reactions. Totally made me laugh really hard. Everyone needs to laugh :D http://sftimes.co/?id=284&src=share_fb_new_284

  71. Jenny – you are the best!
    I’m a total geek and made a pretty little village in a video game. Screen shots: http://murrenpursuesthedream.com/2014/03/24/moving-day/

    Murren recently posted Moving Day!.

  72. Do you guys know about Amazon Smile?

    Register and choose your favorite charity or no -profit, and they gey a tiny percentage of your purchase price. Yeah, it’s a really small percentage, but it’s shit you were going to buy anyway.

    My charity of choice is the Red Door shelter here in Chicago. One of the few groups that works with abandoned rabbits, and since Easter is coming and the world is full of irresponsible assholed

  73. If you’re a blogger you should really join me, Baby Sideburns, Jen from People I Want to Punch in the Throat, and so many others at BlogU this June. It’s small, affordable, and you’ll learn a crapload of awesome stuff. And NickMom is sponsoring an open bar for our Saturday night party. So there’s that, too.


  74. In the spirit of Jenny’s ever-so-awesome potty mouth, you guys should totally check out my INAPPROPRIATE & SOCIALLY AWKWARD baby and toddler clothes. Seriously. http://www.etsy.com/shop/biasedbaby

  75. Thank you for the opportunity. I work helping cancer patients whenever they have problems with their health insurance. From coverage ending due to being unable to work to challenges the families experience with their existing coverage, I try to give them the peace of mind they deserve and recognize the survivor’s efforts.

    I’ve been raising funds selling tacos and salsas (my Instagram @mexicanity has some of my weekly experiments) but any extra help will be appreciated. Even one dollar goes a long way. Thanks in advance for your kindness!


  76. My team, the Scare Climbers, is competing in a race to the top of a 51-story building, and we plan to still be alive at the end of it. It’s a fundraiser for the American Lung Association and today we’re trying to get $12 donations. Thanks, Bloggess! http://action.lung.org/goto/joan

  77. I’m sure this will largely be ignored, but what the heck! In just under 6 weeks, I’m walking 39.3 miles in the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer in honor of my survivor friends and all women! I’ve dedicated hours of training. Please support me if you can!! http://info.avonfoundation.org/site/TR/Walk/WashingtonDC?px=7373569&pg=personal&fr_id=2361

  78. You’re awesome, Jenny! If you’re ever in Southern California – any of you – please stop by my new age center, The Owl’s Lantern. Or virtually visit it: http://www.theowlslantern.com – thanks!

  79. Thank YOU for being awesome!!! :D
    I’ve just started making jewelry, inspired by pokemon, american horror story, just everything that makes me happy :D http://www.daisychubbshop.tumblr.com

    Daisy Chubb recently posted daisychubb: Official WIP pic for the tumblr! Working on some....

  80. Raising the last of the funds for artificial insemination before my eggs shrivel up and die. hahaha

  81. I write a blog. Lately, I’ve been posting every 2 weeks as I made a deal with a friend to give one another “friendly reminders” if we forget to post. It seems to be working well so far. I’ve remembered every time, and she… well, lets just say she’s gotten quite a few “friendly reminder” e-mails. :)
    My favorite post: “Gandalf The Grey, But Not So Wise.” http://jeanietortoisefly.blogspot.ca/2011/11/gandolf-grey-but-not-so-wise.html

    Jeanie recently posted Will Wonders Never Cease?.

  82. Thanks, Jenny! Just launched our new site, with my husband’s photography now available for digital download. <3 http://blackinkvirtual.com/photography/

  83. My theater company, Retro Productions, is working on this amazing new play (for your NYC readers and anyone else who can make it to NYC the first two weeks of May) called AN APPEAL TO THE WOMAN OF THE HOUSE by Christie Perfetti Williams. It runs May 3-17, 2014.

    What would you do if history knocked on your door?
    It is just after midnight in May, 1961 when David and his fellow lost Freedom Riders knock on the door seeking assistance in the form of a phone and a place to stay until daylight. But Gideon, who knows this is Klan country, is reluctant to let in this band of mixed race college kids until Rose forces him to open the door with the acknowledgement that “they’re just babies.” What follows is a touching story of race, love, acceptance and learning how to stand up for what you believe.

    FB PAGE: https://www.facebook.com/RetrosAppeal
    Fundraising page (our video is up there too): http://thefield.org/sa/550733

  84. We do workshops in the summer teaching people how to make halloween props. It helps pay for our halloween obsession. If anyone is in the Portland, OR area Jun-Aug you might want to attend one. If you are in the area in October check us out. http://davisgraveyard.com/workshops/

  85. I’d like to pimp out one of my favorite humor blogs, One Funny Motha: http://www.onefunnymotha.com. One of my favorite articles of hers is on Detached Parenting: http://onefunnymotha.com/2013/01/31/detached-parenting-the-only-way-to-parent/

    Kelly Fox recently posted Blogapalooza: My First Boyfriend.

  86. I’m gonna pimp my wife’s series of lesbian vampire novels set in San Antonio. I would read these even if I WEREN’T married to her — they are full of snarky bitey goodness. http://tinyurl.com/mwraxy8

    Jennifer recently posted Magazine Freebies: Free Subscription To Better Homes & Gardens.

  87. Just the stuff I make. Save the broken vintage I say! Well and allow me to keep being a hoarder, well not hoarder cause I have it all so nicely organized, OK no, I’m really a vintage hoarder. I make cool stuff out of stuff that isn’t really jewelry too. OK and I hoard that as well. So yes, enable away.


  88. http://www.Kiva.org. Loan to entrepreneurs world-wide, helping folks work their way out of poverty; when your loan is repaid you can loan the money out again. Win-Win! (thanks for sharing the pimp space Jenny!)

  89. Drinking glasses made from wine bottles we collect from bars and restaurants so they don’t end up in landfills. Perfect for wine slushees! http://refreshglass.com/shop/

    (I have two of these! Love them. ~ Jenny)

  90. Thanks Jenny!! You are awesome!
    Check out my blog if you want to :-)

  91. I have two blogs on WordPress: Et Cetera, etc. (general topics) and Bipolar Me (one guess). Visit anytime!

    Janet Coburn recently posted I Blame the Cats. Always..

  92. In the spirit of this post I visited your advertiser, Silk Words. It reminded me a lot of any Nora Roberts romance.

  93. 101
    Annie Coburn

    Five Points. It’s the revenge of the roadkill. With puppets, and a Bradley Cooper lookalike. It’s like I made it for the People of the Bloggess. (Which kinda, I did.)

  94. Jenny, you always inspire me to be brave. So does my friend, Tyler Glenn of Neon Trees.
    He bravely came out as gay via Rolling Stone magazine. And he brought the reporter to my music venue, Muse Music (https://www.facebook.com/MuseMusicCafe), when they were in town, which was an added bonus. :)


  95. I’d love to be able to afford one of your ads one day. For now check out my Etsy shop for Night Fox Jewelry–Modern Elegance Crafted by hand http://www.etsy.com/shop/nightfoxjewelry
    Thanks, Jenny!!!!

  96. 104

    You are awesome. Pimpin my blog and facebook page, thanks! http://bakesinslippers.com/ https://www.facebook.com/bakesinslippers

  97. My most-read post is about poking leather with a fork, but I guarantee there’s more interesting stuff here if you look around. http://wennymakesit.blogspot.com/

  98. I sent you my Major Mini Dress in Red My Mind after your red dress post. I’m a lingerie expert and my new company is empowering women by making shapewear fun!

  99. I started a CAMPAIGN… one that fights against media sensationalism and moreover, against giving undo notoriety to violent criminals that commit mass-shootings or bombings. We don’t need these people’s names and faces all over the news/news feeds. JOIN at http://www.facebook.com/antinotorietycampaign

  100. If you’re in Downers Grove (outside of Chicago), stop by my awesome spice & tea shop to buy some yummy things! Mention Beyonce or Jenny and I’ll give you 20% off your order. :)

    Spice Merchants
    5225 Main Street
    Downers Grove, IL 60515

  101. I want to pimp the awesome charity fighting extreme poverty that I’m lucky to work for- Concern Worldwide. In NYC and want to come run four miles with us on April 12? http://www.concernusa.org/springrun

  102. I’m pimping out the dog rescue that saved me when I was depressed. Through them I gained friends, dogs of my own, and I formed happy little dog families all over the state of Arizona: Arizona Boston Terrier Rescue. http://www.azbtrescue.org.

    They can always use donations or volunteers.

  103. Mark Horvath is doing incredible work at Invisible People. Check it out and click the donate button if you can http://invisiblepeople.tv/blog/

  104. Really goofy outlook on motherhood, fitness and how my dog is trying to kill me.

    bethmarkley recently posted If I go missing one day, someone talk to the dog.

  105. Thank you for being Jenny Lawson (my vote for person I’d most like to have as my neighbor), anf letting us pimp our rad shit. I make awesome kids clothes… including a Tardis skirt.

  106. I volunteer for Diamond Dachshund Rescue and we are having a wine tasting on April 4th in Boerne, Texas. It’s called Wine for Wiener Dogs. Not sure it gets any better than tasting wine to benefit rescuing dachshunds! We will even have a brewery there. If you can attend, please do. If you’d like to buy a ticket as a donation, that is also welcomed. Thanks for considering it!


  107. Thanks for hosting this. I’m linking to a funny post from a friend. If you’ve ever thought about buying a house, selling a house, or living in a house, here’s the BEST way to test it out b/4 moving in: http://www.foxywinepocket.com/2014/03/18/the-open-house/

  108. Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy is the leading genetic killer in children. Urge the FDA to Say YES to Accelerated Approval for safe, effective therapies for children with Duchenne. We need 100,000 signatures by midnight on March 29th. http://t.co/QFvDW7iPkf

  109. 118
    Melissa Koczur-Mitchell

    I have about a zillion tabs open right now thanks to all of you commenters. Thank you, Jenny, for giving your readers an opportunity to pimp themselves. Gonna go read/shop/donate/sign petitions now.

  110. I don’t sell anything, I just started a blog about my family’s life on a gulf island in Canada. I’m a graphic design student, we own a hair salon (the hubs is a stylist), I’m a proud soccer mom, and I’m writing my memoirs about being a hippie kid & growing up in an apostolic Pentecostal “cult” fundamentalist community… And then finding my place in the world outside of religion… I’ll be sharing some of those amusing stories on my blog too… http://islandsneezer.com

  111. I’m really, really proud of the things that I make out of paper!


    Framed, in shadow boxes, 3D layered images :D

  112. I write a book blog that is… Well, it’s full of books. Anyway, today’s post features a fake photo of me with the lovely and talented Bloggess, so please come visit me? http://www.wordsforworms.com/2014/03/25/top-ten-tuesday-my-bookish-bucket-list/

  113. Thank YOU for being so fabulously hilarious and candid and crazy :) I’ve recommended your book to at least 5 people since I read it, and they all bought and loved it!

    I’d like to pimp out my blog, The Memorist (www.thememorist.com)!

  114. My first book! Took me a year to write it and when it went live I about had a panic attack.

  115. Thanks! I’m the one who advertises on the top right of The Bloggess blog in the space that says “Enjoy a Quick Laugh?” If you haven’t clicked it yet, try this post to see if it tickles your fancy! Thanks for checking it out! http://www.sothenstories.com/startling-discovery-inspires-hooha-award

  116. 125

    Very cool of you to do this, so thank you!

    We wrote a novel, and it’s pretty awesome. Black Elvis, a drunken janitor, and a stripper embark on an epic quest to not become zombie food in Dead and Moaning in Las Vegas. 99 cents this week only, and thanks to all who check it out. http://www.amazon.com/Dead-Moaning-Vegas-Brandon-Meyers-ebook/dp/B009B8BFAG

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  120. I love the song “Happy”….I play it everyday. Pharrell Williams or WOTE(Walk Off The Earth) versions…I love them both. I am sure in 6 months I will hate this song.

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  123. 132
    Leigh Spencer

    My first book is out! Tequila and Cookies. http://www.amazon.com/Tequila-Cookies-A-Poetry-Collection/dp/1494915618

    I may name the next one Sangria and Chocotacos in your honor, Jenny.

  124. I’m going to pimp Adam Ellis because he made a hat for a dead rat. http://instagram.com/p/l7k0A4oU05/# And he’s funny.

  125. Lots to plug, but I’d rather tell you how wonderful you are. I love your talent and your honesty.

  126. Do you have naturally curly hair and are at your wit’s end on how to manage it?

  127. Thanks Jenny for the room to pimp! You blog and book is awese and can’t wait to the next one!!
    Here is my shameless plug! Make one of a kind coffee scoops to add a little bling to your usuall morning coffee routine! Check out my Etsy shop:) http://www.shesacrafty1.etsy.com
    Thanks again!!

  128. Thanks Jenny I did buy your book and I had a hard time reading it cause I was laughing so hard. At one point I think my husband thought I was having a seizure! lol
    Thanks for the laughs and I would like to share my artwork with you!


  129. My stepdad’s art! He does a lot of sculpture with bicycles, and I have never met anyone who didn’t immediately love it. It’s very cool, sometimes whimsical, and he puts a lot of thought into it all. http://www.vanderwegesculpture.com/

  130. I make jewelry! Not a lot of people buy it, probably because I’m not so good at the mainstream thing. Some of my stuff is cute-weird and I love it, but no one else does. But i’mma pimp it out anyway because my student loans are coming due soon and I’m afraid of them. So check my store now, and then come back in a couple days, because I just bought a bag of silver cat charms and things will happen:


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  132. I sell photographic prints and sex toys. But not together. Because that’d be weird. Photography is the Zenfolio link; Passion Parties is the sex toy link. jennessasby.com

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    Thanks so much Jenny!!!

  134. Please visit http://theracetoyes.org/ and sign the White House petition to have the FDA fast track trial-proven medication to treat Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Your signature could save a young boy’s life.

  135. 144
    Diane Galloway

    How about a fundraiser for another 100% disabled Veteran screwed by the VA system: http://www.gofundme.com/5yioj0

  136. I’m running my very first half-marathon on April 6th. Running. Not walking. I have RRMS and have struggled through the training but I’m gonna do it if I have to sleep for 3 days afterwards. Proceeds are going to help victims and families of the Boston Marathon bombing so yeah. http://orrrc.org/index.php/orrrc-events/april/84-orrrc-marathon-a-half-marathon

  137. My husband and I lost our first baby at 21w pregnant in December 2013 due to severe fatal anomalies. We are still in huge medical debt (yes, despite insurance) and would love to spread our story.


  138. I wrote a book about how everyone has wisdom, regardless of age! I think it’s pretty awesome. Also – I’m a Creative Specialist so I do a lot of stuff including logo design, custom sneakers and animation. Check it out: http://www.faunawolfcreations.com

  139. Not me, but a lady I know that makes the best natural soaps, lotions, shampoo and other stuffs! http://www.hhsoap.com/

  140. http://www.ourmisconception.blogspot.com – My uterus is missing like Jimmy Hoffa, my husbands swimmers swim backwards, and I have a surrogate with purple lady bits. Just any another day at Infertiletown, USA. This has now been pimped, so check out my broken uterus chronicles!

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  141. 150

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  142. Everyone is invited to the 2014 Texas Wine & Rogue Art Fest in Salado, Texas this weekend, March 29 & 30. Not my event to pimp out but I so worthy of a shout out. They are Rock Stars at Salado Wine Seller! They grow it, make it and know how to celebrate it. Check out their story on the website and get a look at all the cool artists that will be at the event. 20 small wineries and some truly a-freakin-mazing artists, mixed with great food and cool music.

  143. If you are a woman of child bearing years, please make sure you get a full days requirement of folic acid (in orange juice and commercial bread) to avoid Spina Bifida and neural tube defects. The defect occurs before you even know you are pregnant.

  144. The music of Jeffrey Lewis always makes me feel better and more people should hear it :

  145. https://www.bookbub.com/home/
    This place is awesome. Free books, cheap books, so many books! I am literally backed up on my reading for at least the next 2 years with the amount of books i have gotten for FREE! Name one person who doesn’t like free stuff……See! You can’t, cuz everyone does!

  146. Here is my weird book, called Something Smells Like Pee. http://www.amazon.com/Something-Smells-Like-Pee-Observations/dp/1481215620

    I wanted to support the Bloggess by advertising it here, but you’ve got a waiting list and I have no patience or money, and also I totally suck at book promotion (which I am now learning the hard way) and advertising here just made WAY too much sense.


  147. First Book is awesome. Specifically my local group, of course, since I’m active in it. ;) We give books to kids in need. Every child needs a book of his/her own. http://supporters.firstbook.org/site/Clubs?club_id=1079&pg=main

  148. My husband and I lost our first baby at 21w pregnant in December 2013 due to severe fatal anomalies. We are still in huge medical debt (yes, despite insurance) and would love to spread our story.

  149. Great Tuesday Gift :) thank You

    I’ll pimp out my biz. We make custom web sites, blogs, and mobile apps and do all the techy things to support them, like hosting, and SEO, and training. –> http://www.i-tul.com

    +++ Support your local CASA, they are the rocks for foster kids and spend their time to make an incredible difference. http://sacramentocasa.org & http://casaplacer.org

  150. I wrote a novella. It’s a story about things that are out of your control, like growing up, falling in love, and having a bomb land on your desk. It’s only a dollar. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00IMRQ64W

  151. 163
    Jessica Schwab

    I hope this is ok – the catastrophic mudslide in Oso, WA is right in my backyard. If anyone is able to help out the families involved, you can text ‘RedCross’ to 90999 for a $10 donation. Or donate directly online. http://www.redcross.org/news/article/Red-Cross-Responds-to-Washington-Mudslide Thank you, and please consider keeping this grief-stricken community in your thoughts & prayers.

  152. Want to find out which personality type you are? Type your blog’s URL.

    Thanks Bloggess! I would love to get the widget which includes blogger’s latest posts, but it’s not yet available for .com. You allow us to pimp every day!

    susielindau recently posted Reflections on a Perfect Night – Photo Essay.

  153. What a majorly cool thing to do, Jenny! I’ve found all sorts of wonderful things to support here. :) And now I’ll pimp my books ’cause I’m proud of them. I used to hang out with Rock stars, party with them, even made out with a few. So my Rock romances have real Rock guys who do real Rock stuff. Plus, the books will get you all hot (in a good way!) http://julipagemorgan.com/books

  154. 166

    Thank you for opening this space to pimp out our dreams: mine is a pretty cool project, which will allow people who care like you and your readers, to help street children and stray dogs. http://www.dogitforward.com Let’s start the Dog It Forward movement!

  155. My latest blog post: How do you react when your young kids (6 & 10) are watching a TV show and the subject of sex change surgery comes up? If you’re me, you stall and distract and hope they forget.

    TechyDad (@TechyDad) recently posted Unprepared Parenting Moments.

  156. I kick major ass!!

  157. I’m pimping my porn site— Oh wait! it’s NOT a porn site. Some of you will be disappointed then, but it sounds like one– so there’s that. http://yourmotherisadirtygirl.wordpress.com/

    I hope when I’m popular like you, I can return this favor to the little guys. You rock.

    YourMotherIsADirtyGirl recently posted A Nod to the Little Rod…..I’m Talking D!ck.

  158. I’m trying to get back on the writing horse, if there is such a thing. Billy Wylde takes a look at the outcasts of society, and how, “every man deserves to see at least one star in his sky, no matter what he’s done.” It’s life and death and judgmental tractors on the farm. Plus if you like, you can vote for it. http://impoetry.livejournal.com/223871.html

  159. Help us build a giant dog park in Chicago! If you can’t donate money, use our Amazon Smile link and they will donate a percentage of your order to us.



    DFAC recently posted 150 Days of Donations: #5 Carry In not Carry Out.

  160. How fun! I’m pimping out my embroidery and it is definitely not feces…double checks Nope, no poo. etsy.com/shop/StitchFreakOnline
    Thanks, Jenny!

  161. My stepdad’s artwork/sculptures! http://www.vanderwegesculpture.com/

    I love his work – whimsical and fun, including several pieces that make me think of Dr. Seuss books, and always with a lot of thought and reflection on the world put into it. He’s a dyslexic art history professor who sculpts largely using bicycles as his medium, and I think everyone should see his stuff. :)

  162. I have a great album of fiddle music – http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/amymcnally

  163. Check out Nadia Bolz-Weber – a female, tattoo-covered Lutheran pastor who brings an amazing amount of clarity and insight into our relationships with God, established religion, and each other. While I am good with God & Jesus, I’ve never had much patience for dour, judgy church-people. If you feel the same, you will really enjoy this woman!!!

  164. Thank you for all that you do, Jenny! You bring added interest to our shared name. And my shameless plug here: Check out the self-explanatory http://www.GeekMom.com, and my fiance’s site on mental health awareness, http://terminallyintelligent.wordpress.com. Thanks!

    Jenny Williams recently posted Stephen Fry on Humanism.

  165. I was one of tehe VM movie backers, so I ask fans to go see the movie in theaters this week while it’s still out. And then maybe buy the digital download or VOD. There is also a book, a soundtrack and a score you can purchase, plus all 3 seasons. By supporting the movie, you support the fans who helped make it happen, and that can only lead to sequel(s). Thanks!


  166. Nothing to pimp and I’m too old and worn out to be trying to pimp myself.
    Just want to Thank You for always making an old geezer geek’s day a little better with your humor and candid blog posts and tweets.

  167. A shout out to the Humane Society of Kodiak, which runs our local animal shelter, http://www.kodiakanimalshelter.org

  168. Like my small business: facebook.com/GlamGeekBoutique

  169. After pimping my site, I just wanted to leave a second comment to thank you and everyone else who comments here for being an antidote to the “want to rip the commenter out of the screen and slap them around a bit” kind of comment sections you find in too many other places. (Like the one place where someone actually claimed that people suffering from depression could just “decide to be happy.” Where’s the “drop an anvil on the commenter’s head” link?)

  170. I once made a giant hostess cupcake for a website called “pimp your snack”. In an unrelated note, I’m pimping my etsy shop, although it’s a bit sparse at the moment. More nerdy jewelry and superhero bags will be added soon.

  171. Professional theatrical costume designer and technician – sharing my portfolio. If anyone is looking to commission anything from a Halloween costume to a wedding gown, take a peek. I’d love to make you something fun and funky! http://www.MarciAgnes.com

  172. Aw, how lovely of you! I’d love to buy an ad off you sometime in the next year. :) Some of the sites I’ve visited through your ads have given me hours of entertainment (or envy at the shiny things!)
    In the meantime; I’m a freelance writer (writingbyapril.co.uk) and I write elsewhere too (http://wizzley.com/authors/April_M/ for instance).

    And so as not to be entirely selfish, I’d like to pimp Maggies, who support people with cancer and people affected by cancer, including friends and family of those with it. https://www.maggiescentres.org/

    April recently posted Planning a Wizard of Oz birthday party.

  173. If you like original stories built on unique premises, check out my book, The Meek.

    Everyone on the planet shrinks to about 4 inches tall and cats eat really well for a week or two.


  174. I just really want you to see this picture of my cat Prince Michael Jackson!

  175. Love your blogs!!! Pimp my glass?? http://Www.bellavistaglass.moonfruit.com
    Thanks, you rock!!!

  176. Jenny, you are awesome for giving people the opportunity to do this. And for many, many other reasons. Your book was one of the best purchases I ever made, and I buy a lot of stuff. The only thing I want to promote is senior shelter pet adoption. <3 Thanks!

  177. I am writing to say Thanks to you! I have just started a new blog and recently found you. I love reading your REAL blog…It keeps me laughing and always coming back for more! :)
    My new blog is: http://www.dailywineandchocolate.com/

  178. 191
    Travis Cotton

    These make great father’s day gifts:


  179. 192

    Thank YOU!

    I guess I’ll pimp myself. I don’t blog about personal stuff very often, but at the end of every month I post a media update in which I review every book I read and movie I watched. Occasionally there’s also a video game review. I can be found here: http://sairentohiru.blogspot.com/

    On the non-selfish front, I would like to pimp Meaty by Samantha Irby (hysterical memoir) and The Fall (breathtakingly beautiful and achingly sad movie starring Lee Pace).

  180. Bow ties and other accessories! Help me pay my ridiculous medical bills each month!

  181. YAY! Thank you Jenny.

    If you need iOS (iPhone/iPad) development needs, get in touch with us:


  182. Thank you for the opportunity!

    My friends are putting to kickstart an anthology called: Freaks & Weeping Children: An Anthology of Dark Fiction. There is only 4 days to go and a lot of money to raise. Karina Cooper, Delilah S. Dawson, Catherine Scully are just some of the names you might recognize. Take a peek: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/michaeldwoods/freaks-and-weeping-children-an-anthology-of-dark-f

  183. Oh god, so many blogs links and etsy stores for me to click on. I’m like a kid in a candy store (or a john cruising up a street lined with hookers, to keep Jenny’s metaphor going).

    And while we’re at it, I’ll pimp out my own Noble Squid Workshop. We design wedding invitations exclusively for you: http://www.noblesquid.com.

  184. I am promoting my blog design/resume/virtual assistant business. Why? Because my daughter needs braces and a tongue cradle and our dental insurance covers very little of it. If I don’t get her the braces soon, she will need jaw surgery. She’s nine and gets made fun of at school because of her teeth. Skewed Design Studios

  185. This video make me cry and cry, sharing for all the animal lovers and in case these two still need a home. http://youtu.be/1Xg2G_oINqc

  186. Thanks! I’d like to bring attention to Noonday Collection, a company that uses fashion & design to create economic opportunity for the vulnerable. For our artisans, we provide dignified jobs at living wages, no-interest loans, scholarship programs, emergency assistance and long-term trade. You create a marketplace for our artisans so they can earn more and work less and keep their families together. We also give a portion of our sales to place orphans in forever families. http://www.gracemiller.noondaycollection.com

  187. Three year old girl who called Gov Christie out on her house not being fixed yet from Hurricane Sandy cannot live in the RV they’ve spent the last 16 months in anymore. She has a disease that at any time can grow tumors along her nerve endings. Recently, a Go Fund Me has been set up so one of the rental properties the family owns can be fixed up enough to move into. Please share:


    Oh, and I’m a boudoir photographer in San Jose, CA. Will travel. :)

    JillianTodd recently posted Boudoir Outfit Ideas or What the Heck is My Body Type Anyway?.

  188. 201

    I dye yarn! My shop is YOUR MOM KNITS https://www.etsy.com/your/shops/YourMomKnits/stats

  189. 202
    Dan Stockman

    The novel I wrote about a guy who tries to find the girl he loved as a teenager. You can imagine how well that works out. Also, there are insects – cicadas, specifically. http://www.amazon.com/dp/1492213306/ref=cm_sw_su_dp

  190. 203
    Brian Darby

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  191. My daughter Marissa really wants to go on an educational trip, that we cannot afford. She found this site, to try to get donations. Very limited time. Help? http://www.gofundme.com/7qp39w

  192. I just started drawing a webcomic a few months ago. It’s a supernatural high school coming of age story.

  193. We’ve got hand-made whimsical and wearable monster-themed stuff we know you’d love (and it would help pay daughter’s way through film school too!!!)
    http://www.MostlyMonstersChulaVista.com and on Etsy at http://www.MostlyMonstersCV.etsy.com

  194. Authors…. If you’re looking for a book cover, I would love to talk to you. I still have a few openings in April. But they’ll go quickly!


    Renee Barratt recently posted How Much Does Your Image Count?.

  195. Thanks Jenny! You’re awesome and your book is effing hilarious! Pimping my blog post about Mike Rowe because you’re letting me. Don’t worry, there’s no feces involved. Well, it’s dirty, but no poo.

    Teri recently posted Kids: They cost. A LOT......

  196. I am pimping out a photography business that my daughter owns with her boyfriend. Check it out – if you live in Vermont you should ALWAYS use them for your photography needs! They’re awesome!

  197. http://waitingforsatan.wordpress.com/
    If you like sad people and MS Paint art, you’ll love me.

  198. I wrote this post when I was depressed about the chaotic state of my life, and overwhelmed by the clutter in my house. I managed to get out of the fetal position long enough to snap a few photos, and wrote something that still makes me laugh: http://collectingtokens.wordpress.com/2013/05/14/quick-home-organization-projects-from-american-hovel-magazine/

    alejna recently posted cold comfort.

  199. For those who are interested in telling their Story, here’s my site. http://www.christianmarieherron.com/story-by-design.html

    Thank you Jenny! Loved your book and look forward to the next one. :)

  200. Thanks to Jenny for PIMP DAY!

  201. My husband’s fishing blog. Someone should read it since I don’t! fishthebaja.com

  202. Pimping out my husband…NO! Not like that!! 7 yrs in PR/Social Media/Comms, he’s been unemployed and looking for the last 9 months. NYC area. Someone hire him and I’ll buy all the chocotacos you want! http://www.linkedin.com/in/kraftmatthew/

    Katinkering recently posted Blogging Through Breast Cancer.

  203. I have an Etsy shop, though it’s kind of pathetic and really well-named.


    Also, as a mother who knows what it’s like to unnecessarily lose a child to adoption, I’ve gotten to the point that I really want to help other moms who don’t really want to give up their children but are being forced/coerced/pushed by circumstances/nicely browbeaten with stupid propaganda by self-serving people, into doing so. I’m not sure where to begin and already had one false start but if I come up with an answer before you do another of these posts I am totally going to pimp it here because one person’s heartbreak doesn’t justify causing another’s, period–and wow, I did limit myself to three sentences, runon as they are. :)

  204. Nothing to pimp out…just wanted to say that I’m pretty sure you’re a lost member of my family. Okay not really, but you’d fit in really well. :)

  205. Okay…Here is my favorite recent blog post…only because my 15 year old son is so goddamn clever and funny and all around AMAZING. http://www.rubbershoesinhell.com/like-father-like-son-also-dont-stand-chance/

    Michelle recently posted Washing Dishes And Drinking Vodka.

  206. I have prints of Samuri farting on each other. :) (More coming soon)

  207. My Zazzle shop with random stuff like cards for people that have been diagnosed with Depression and stamps, canvases and jewelry with my original photography.

    Jane @ The Blue Morpho recently posted Dear Universe, I Have an Announcement.

  208. I would love for anyone who has any extra money at all to consider donating to either:
    Make a Wish @ http://wish.org/
    4Paws for Ability @ http://4pawsforability.org/

    We all know the amazing work that Make a Wish does and my daughter just had her wished fulfilled for a seizure alert dog thru Make a Wish and 4Paws for Ability. 4Paws is the only licensed service dog facility in the country that will give a service dog to kids with the level of disabilities that my daughter has. Along with providing amazing service dogs to kids with special needs, they give the to our Veterans who need some extra help after coming home from war. They are just amazing. Thanks for looking!

    Joanna recently posted Tough Decisions.

  209. My husband’s mechanical shop. http://www.quantummechanix.net/
    Arlington/Mansfield, TX area
    I would like to one day be able to afford Chocotacos, support local small business!

  210. Check out my etsy shop, I think you may like it. I crochet animals as lifelike as I can make them, yes that does include a taxidermy style lioness head just having eaten a unicorn. I also crochet amigurumi etc. https://www.etsy.com/shop/OokamiArt

  211. Six weeks ago, I got knocked up by a stranger who lives 3,000 miles away and a nurse with a steady hand. Shit got even realer when I found out there’s TWO feti up in there. I’m writing a blog, which will eventually become a memoir. Check it out if you like that kind of shit.

    Amy recently posted The "What's Happening to My Body?" Book for Amy.

  212. Very sweet for you to do this. My ebay store: http://stores.ebay.com/bbgaragesale – it helps pay for my health insurance and other necessities, like chocotacos.

  213. It’s hard out here for an introverted pimp.
    Jenny, can you see me half waving from the back of the room, half hiding behind the door?

  214. I’m selfish so I will pimp out myself. If anyone wants to help save the ginger race, you might want to consider donating to our fertility treatment fund. https://fundly.com/team-baby-help-us-pay-for-fertility-treatments

  215. Marty is so wickedly talented.

  216. Buy Allie Brosh’s book HYPERBOLE AND A HALF. For when you have read and re-read THE BLOGGESS, and her book, and it is late, and you need something funny and meaningful to read.

  217. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/444983916/pietas-secularum My darling husband is kickstarting a curriculum that is a scholarly look at Christianity. It’s not religious, it’s about religion, and it’s got stupid small start up costs! PS, Jenny, you are one of my inspirations when my depression gets the best of me. Keep being YOU!

  218. I forgot my url! Here it is again in a nutshell and sorry I’m posting twice!
    Help a girl activate her #limitlesspotential by donating to Girls on the Run Boston! I love how running makes me feel inside and out and this program encourages just that to young girls.

  219. This is an annual fundraiser against cancer organized by a dear friend of mine. If you can’t donate, please pledge to give out as many high-fives as you can on April 17th. http://www.stayclassy.org/fundraise?fcid=298696

  220. AHHHH!!! I have eleventy billion tabs open now!! What a cool post!

  221. BTW: I’m going to click on every link in the comments and see what I can bookmark, like, comment on, or buy. Thanks for giving me something to do today that’s more fun than cleaning up after our new puppy, who is adorable, but still… Shopping is way better than picking up poop.

  222. I got off of my ass and set a goal!
    Maybe I’ll inspire others to be motivated and set goals and live their lives instead of just sitting around waiting!
    Do things!

  223. 238

    I write mystery/detective fiction in that sort of funny hard boiled style. Give Ray a try. You might like him.http://museituppublishing.com/bookstore/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=132&Itemid=82

  224. 239
    christine carbone

    People that love Harry Potter/Star Wars, etc. love: The Shadow of the Gauntlet
    I loved it and I am not even a sci-fi gal….. Here are the Amazon reviews: http://amzn.to/1dsjB6b Available on Amazon or direct http://www.scargen.com

  225. Jenny, you are awesome! y’all, please check out my blog and books! http://kitfrazier.com/wordpress/?p=4197

  226. I want to “pimp out” my non-profit afterschool program. It’s called The Mini Mermaid Running Club and it’s all about empowering young girls to value themselves and appreciate their uniqueness, learn to love movement, and to learn how to advocate for themselves and see the truth and lies we are constantly bombarded with as women about who and what we are supposed to act like/look like/be like. We offer the program at no cost to schools with greater than 65% of students receiving free or reduced priced lunch.


  227. My bestie makes wonderful jewelry; goth, steampunk and just plain elegant, using hand beading and jeweler’s resin: http://tmoriginalsjewelry.com
    And I do custom wedding albums/family albums, including design, retouching, and fixing not-so-great photos, for newlyweds & families at http://www.alacartealbums.com

    So much great stuff in this comment thread!

  228. Leukemia/Lymphoma patients often need bone marrow transplants to save their lives – and it’s not the big scary needle in the back type surgery dramatic tv shows would have you believe! You can sign up online to be sent a DNA cheek swab test which will then add you to the online worldwide registry that is used to search for bone marrow matches – if you do match, you do a simple blood draw which is used to CURE PEOPLE OF CANCER. Incredible!

    Sign up here:
  229. My bestie makes wonderful jewelry; goth, steampunk and just plain elegant, using hand beading and jeweler’s resin: http://tmoriginalsjewelry.com
    And I do custom wedding albums/family albums, including design, retouching, and fixing not-so-great photos, for newlyweds & families at http://www.alacartealbums.com

    So much great stuff in this comment thread!

    Jeliza Patterson recently posted Eve’s Gift (study).

  230. LOVE this blog – one day would love to be able to buy space to support more wine slushies! Pimping out my business – http://www.myinitials-inc.com/alicia-shumaker ….this mama’s got bags, and totes, and organizers…and needs to buy more diapers!

  231. 247
    Loree Parker

    I’m Director of Programming for Norwescon, the Pacific Northwest’s premier science fiction and fantasy convention. We’re all-volunteer, non-profit, and a heck of a good time if you’re into that kind of thing. Our next convention is Easter weekend, and we’ve got an awesome lineup if I do say so myself: http://www.norwescon.org/

  232. Jenny, this is very thoughtful of you.
    I’d like to pimp my blog, http://www.katie-stew.com/blog
    I write about mostly food, because I love eating and drinking, but also about books and art. I hope you visit!

  233. I’m pimping out myself (but not like that)… because I want to go on 50 first dates during the next 12 months. Why not?

    Stubbs recently posted 50 First Dates.

  234. My new hilarious dating blog. I promise you’ll laugh out loud.

    damedessa recently posted The Date with Daddy Issues.

  235. The game my fiance made for me for Valentine’s Day: http://www.cube-and-star.com

  236. On the weekends, I sing lead in a classic rock cover band: http://www.easttexasgarageband.com … I’m the fluffy gray-haired dude singing “Oh, Pretty Woman.”

  237. Today’s post is a good one to stop by and chat about bullying of book reviewers. http://nursewannabeinfl.com/2014/03/25/when-street-teams-go-rogue/

  238. If you think sustainability is important and work at or go to a college or university – check out this amazing site – http://www.foodrecoverynetwork.org/

  239. Are you still reading this? You should take a break and look at these cool messenger bags and accessories for Interesting People –> http://www.BagChemistry.com

  240. Please read my blog. I write about my first love: books! http://fitzwater-stevens.com/bookgrrl/

  241. Recycled and quirky jewellery with added skulls in the Uk. http://www.pookledo.com

    sarah recently posted Multi Coloured Glass Pearl Bracelet by Pookledo.

  242. I am going to pimp out a special kind of technology, which I personally have no contribution in, but I think it’s awesome because it brings my I-want-warm-cheesy-popcorn-smell-to-be-my-ringtone dream. http://edition.cnn.com/2014/03/17/tech/innovation/the-ophone-phone-lets-you-send-smells/

    Miss Gee recently posted Over Thinking BuzzFeed Quizzes.

  243. I write a humor blog that I’d love for you to check out! My Hubs and I are childfree by choice, so don’t expect a mommy blog.

    Kris London recently posted Bigfoot BS.

  244. Chocotacos?? Where can I get some???

    I’m pimping out my PSA on the Barre fitness craze. Don’t. Do. It. http://myyearofsweat.wordpress.com/2014/02/26/pure-hell-at-pure-barre/

    You’re welcome.

    nancytex2013 recently posted psa: don’t run with a broken ass.

  245. My brother wanted to learn to make apps & I like to drink… Lickety Shots was born! Try them out. They make your day better & increase your popularity at work (except with the boss)!
    Love you Jenny! Pimpin’ ain’t easy but you make it look like it is!

  246. You just always wanted to be a pimp didn’t you Jenny! Well I’ll happily allow you to fulfill that dream. Thanks for being so awesome

    Molley@A Mother Life recently posted And so begins another long stretch of Single Parenting.

  247. I’ll totes pimp out my own blog. 80’s and 90’s YA novel snark! It’s good times, I promise!

    Jess recently posted Are You There, God? It's Me, Margaret..

  248. First of all, your book is phenomenal, I loved it. When’s the second one coming? And second, I’m a proud consultant for Rodan + Fields and would love to help your readers find BEAUTIFUL skin (boys AND girls alike!). Thanks for always keeping us laughing :D

  249. My blog about my life as a mother and a wife and hating laundry….. http://www.mommaosmusings.com
    Thank you Blogess!!!!

  250. 268
    Sue Sewell

    Kids’ book about special needs puppy “Poppy the Three-Legged Puppy” by Sue Sewell available on Amazon! Great for all kids 2-8.

  251. 269
    Madame Defarge

    My Etsy shop. I can also make jewelry with your photos.


  252. I love that you have decided to allow us to pimp ourselves out in recognition for supporting your site! I love that you don’t do all the crazy ad things like other sites!

    I would love to share my newly formed Etsy shop: blurredlinesofsanity.etsy.com I only have one Doctor Who themed item up as of now, but I am working away in a dark room making more things I promise!!

    Admin recently posted Etsy Shop News!.

  253. Nothing to sell.. yet. I have a book I’m working on that was practically born (created?) to be advertised on The Bloggess side bar, but I’m still writing.

    That said, this is cool. Thanks Jenny!

  254. Humor from The Black Inn (aka: the cheap place we stayed during renovation.) http://lindamalcolm.com/me-and-my-boys/finders-keepers/

  255. Pimpin’ a dear friend & awesome soap maker/artist: http://www.alamocandelaria.com – Her stuff is amazing!

  256. I am a volunteer with Impact Bay Area, a grassroots nonprofit that teaches full force self-defense and verbal boundary setting to women, teens, and little kids. http://www.impactbayarea.org/

    They are awesome and are developing LGBTQ classes this year, and if you give them money it turns into scholarships so no one ever gets turned away due to lack of funds.

  257. Check out my online shop: http://www.kits.etsy.com. I make Mini Book Pendants, like the one I made for Jenny of Let’s Pretend This Never Happend

  258. I’m an avid stalker of your blog, but I don’t comment because apparently my social anxiety extends to the internets. All that to say, you always help me feel brave so I thought today was as good a day as any to post, since it not only scares me to comment but to put my blog out there…

    Anna Kristine recently posted Life Lessons That Make You Say YOWZA..

  259. I paint faeries and enchanted things with pixels and sell them as prints or useable merchandise. I’m actually more talented than I look… at least that’s what strangers keep telling me.

  260. I’m pimping my Dickens Fair pinup photo session with Stormtrooper.

  261. Here’s a little snippet of my blogging. It’s all about still growing up at 50 with two alcoholics, two dogs, two cats, stepchildren, my own children….no taxidermy at this time but I am thinking this option may reduce the amount of pet fur I am eating…vacuuming.


    Love reading about your world.

  262. Bags what look like monsters. Also, ebook covers, wallets, and an invitation to monstery special orders. Bags without eyeballs produced as well.

  263. Linen pinafores ..see my etsy shop. Aptosbeach.etsy.com

  264. Thanks, Jenny!

    I wrote a blog post about my recent miscarriage to try to break down the stigma around talking about miscarriage. I swear, my blog is usually funny.


    Heidi M. recently posted The MaMade Blog Hop #8.

  265. 283
    Karen Boeder

    My husband is riding the MS 150 in three weeks, please help him raise money! He’ll ride 150 miles on a bike, no problem, ask people for money though, he has trouble with that. https://secure3.convio.net/nmss/site/Donation2;jsessionid=8E26982FB40BF236819228CE78B9DEB9.app321a?idb=999378462&df_id=46239&FR_ID=22598&PROXY_ID=12820

  266. What a thoughtful thing to do! Thank you for doing this, Jenny. You are a great reminder of all that is good and kind about the blogging world. Now, which post to pimp out… hmmm, how about this one? http://notesfromtheshallowend.com/jamie-oliver-youre-dead-to-me/

  267. 285

    I actually JUST got back from selling at a convention! My friend makes custom etched glass and barware- and all of it is geeky! There’s a lot on the site now, and more is going up as soon as we photograph is. She also takes commissions- really she can put almost anything on a glass. And since we’re big nerds, we won’t look at you funny when you make a request!

  268. Need SEX ADVICE from someone totally unqualified to give any? Write to me notreallyabarista@gmail.com. It’ll be fun. And weird.
    I’m Not Really a Barista

  269. Not much in my Etsy shop at the moment, only one lonely little Doctor Who bib, but there’s always something happening on my facebook page. https://www.etsy.com/shop/muggabug and http://www.facebook.com/muggabug. Thanks!

  270. I pimp first my book, LAUGHS LAST which everyone will love: http://www.amazon.com/Laughs-Last-Dylan-Brody/dp/0989455254 And second Jackie Kashian’s new stand-up special because she’s fantastic. http://www.allthingsrecords.com/

  271. I would like to pimp out my weight loss coffee business. Check out my site for more info:


  272. World Vision just decided to hire (or not discriminate against hiring) people in homosexual relationships. As a result a lot of far right “christians” are dropping their support for the children World Vision helps. If you would like to counteract this ridiculous stance of taking money away from hungry kids because of a stupid doctrine debate – go sponsor a child here:

  273. Today the student athletes at Ryerson University are running a Twitter campaign to raise awareness and funds for mental wellbeing and the Do it for Daron program at The Royal in Ottawa, a youth-driven initiative focused on raising awareness and inspiring conversations about youth mental health. Tweet & RT the hashtag #RamsTalk and the Ryerson Rams will donate five cents. As of 12:00 there had been 7,907 #RamsTalk tweets, $395.35 and counting! http://www.difd.com/ #DepressionLies

  274. I would actually love to try advertising in your sidebar, but in the meantime I’ll stick with this. I blog about being a “domestic nerd” who loves video games, knitting, crochet, and books. It’s a weird mix, but I include pictures of my cats to make it somewhat palatable. Here I am: http://www.wildblueyoshi.com

    I also sell handmade jewelry in my etsy shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/WildBlueYoshi

    Katy Bug recently posted Oh, Yarn. You Deceptive Devil..

  275. Well, there’s my blog – http://www.andreamulderslater.com. But then there’s my husband’s artwork. He paints entire pictures using a single line that never touches or crosses itself. http://geoffslater.com/linepaintings.shtml

    Andrea Mulder-Slater recently posted The crow caws at 5am.

  276. I want recognize Canine Companions for Independence and the great work they do! Please visit their site and read about them. Also, for anyone in the Atlanta area, there will be a charity fundraiser: http://www.cci.org/faf/home/default.asp?ievent=1077173&lis=0&kntae1077173=651F3F8FE80A4D9CB296D58D0539FAD8
    If you want to donate to the event or participate, here’s another link: http://www.cci.org/faf/donorReg/donorPledge.asp?ievent=1077173&supid=390044438
    Thank you Jenny for the opportunity to post this!

  277. I don’t know about chocotacos — but I’ll testify to the glory of salty nacho chips with vanilla icing.
    This discovery had nothing to do with trying to keep myself from eating my daughter’s chocolate-dipped pretzels. Really.

  278. I’m still oogling a giant Beyonce in town thanks to you.

    Crochet octopuses and other goodies: https://www.etsy.com/shop/aetherieworks

  279. I used to write a blog, but life got in the way! Check it out anyway! https://www.agirlnamedcharley.wordpress.com

  280. I just want to thank everyone who has ever jumped over to my blog after I’ve commented here – I hope I haven’t disappointed anyone. Hugs, Jenny!

  281. Oops…Hey, Jenny, the first comment I posted (that didn’t seem to appear) is showing up now. I didn’t mean to comment twice. The first comment, number 123, could probably be deleted if you get a chance/want to. Thank you and I’m sorry.

  282. i don’t have a site or anything, but…

    Jenny, i saw you when i was just starting to write my Master’s thesis, and i saw you again the day before i submitted it. And the thing i have to pimp out is… my thesis was named the Outstanding Thesis of my College for 2014. i didn’t win the overall University prize… but seriously being told my thesis was good enough to beat out all the other theses from all the other department in my college (social sciences), not to mention the fact that my department wanted to nominate it in the first place, is the biggest victory i could ever have dreamed of.

    And you honestly, really, helped me through it. i don’t know how i could have done it without the lovely distractions you supplied me with, plus the blanket encouragements, and those wise words from Neil Gaiman “Pretend you’re awesome.” I did. and i guess now i kind of am.

    So i guess in pimping myself, i’m pimping you too. Wait. That sounds wrong. But seriously. Thank you.

  283. OK I do have my own items to pimp, and thanks Jenny for allowing me to pimp. I make jewelry from spent bullet shells and sell empty bullet shells on etsy – https://www.etsy.com/shop/BulletsNBeads

  284. I bought the book! Does that count? And since I get a large part of my readers from this website, I owe YOU a thank you. Nothing to sell, but I can share one of my favorite older blog posts here: http://itsa-long-story.blogspot.com/2013/06/standing-in-lines.html

    stef recently posted Plant-Based, Whole Foods, Blah, Blah--Yeahright. An Update-.

  285. I’m actually about to do a charity!!!! I’ll give u details when I get it started. I’ve decided I can’t help everybody—but I CAN help one person!! That’s my new charity motto.

  286. I’ll pimp out one of my favorite charities that helps dogs and kitties get adopted. I live all the way across the country but they are family supporting family and 100% go to the animals! http://projectpearlnc.org

    Love how you care for animals and find the awesome in their personalities! Check them out of FB too people!!

  287. And also I will plug Merimask… https://www.etsy.com/shop/Merimask who I had the fun of discovering at a local event when she was selling leather butterflies. SPECIFIC SPECIES butterflies, mind you. If/when we ever move to a bigger home, I want one of her masks like she designed for Cirque de Soleil!

  288. This is one of my favorite blogs. She always tells a great story about some pretty hard stuff. Plus, she doesn’t sell out to ads, etc, so I wanted to give MOE at http://www.momintwocultures.com/ a shout out!

  289. 307

    There is a really cool small monkey business who did a really cool thing for kids this past week. The owner opened up and shared her money with a children’s charity so I want to take this chance to share her “page” with you! It’s super awesome and I would have shared anyway even if she wasn’t sharing anything, I just thought I’d throw that in! http://www.facebook.com/themonkeyshow1 (There is a website too that connects from the page but I don’t remember it)

  290. My boyfriend made a pretty awesome new iPhone game. If you love to hate Flappy Bird, this is the game for you!

    Jordan recently posted Follow me to my new blog..

  291. Jenny, I love your blog, and love your book. Hurry up and get that next one out so my wife and I can almost die laughing again. And for all your other faithful followers: anyone that has a small business, or is trying to start one, the company I work for is giving away 10 All-in-One printers and 3 five packs of ink with each printer. All you have to do is fill out a form that tells a little about your business and future goals. Full contest info can be found at the inkfarm.com blog.

  292. Kickstarter for Small Town Witch – an amazing book written by amazing writer and gorgeously illustrated by awesome ladies that’s finishing in a couple of hours and I want it to hit the last stretch goal because then we’ll get an audio drama! :O (I can’t wait to get my hands on my copy of this book!)

    And while I’m here, you may want to check out my free mystery-fantasy webcomic which is going kind of slow right now because I’m working on my portfolio to get a job (anyone want to hire me? I draw pretty art!): http://morethanahunch.smackjeeves.com/ ;p

    Pedes recently posted p-the-wanderer: Outfit concept for a Magic Academy female....

  293. Oh, and I really enjoyed your book! I bought the Kindle version and read it at work. I got nothing done at all for about two days!

    my photography store: Phonemes

    Jane @ The Blue Morpho recently posted Dear Universe, I Have an Announcement.

  294. Well, I’m not selling anything, but I do love when people visit my garden blog! http://lifeinrobinsnest.blogspot.com/

  295. Thanks Jenny! I’m an American Expat living in Milan, Italy. I blog about our adventures at Café Carlson. Here’s a recent post about the weird excitement of finding American junk food in Milan.

    Heather Carlson recently posted Apple Dumpling Experiment….

  296. Handmade jewelry and supplies :-)

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  298. I am terrible at self promotion so I am using this excuse to get out of comfort zone. Plugging my blog, The Married Writer. Thanks for inspiring me!

  299. I draw owls and frequently other animals having horrible/awesome adventures and trying to eat ice cream. I also rant pretty frequently. Maybe don’t read it, actually.

    naralesser recently posted Hey, L? IT’S A THING NOW..

  300. I always get a couple of hits on my blog when I post here, so I will shamelessly promote it given your generous permission. Read about my experiences working as a TV extra (and other nerdy stuff) at http://nosmorex.wordpress.com. Leave a nice comment if you like it.

    Thanks for everything you do, Jenny. You’re the bestest.

    NosmoRex recently posted My Acting Résumé.

  301. I have nothing to pimp out except my blog, and I think there’s been enough of that already on this comment thread. So I’ll just tell you to keep being awesome.

  302. My etsy store! Currently: kids clothes. Vintage inspired, made for modern kids.
    (Thank you, Jenny!)

    Caroline recently posted Spring/Summer 2014 – “Karen” Baby Tiered Sundress.

  303. I don’t have any shit to pimp, but my friend Travis wrote an awesome book. I highly recommend it and think you should go buy it. http://www.lulu.com/shop/travis-mcclain/reunion-at-the-bluegrass-inn/paperback/product-21166287.html

  304. I’m pimping my Etsy shop! Check me out and enjoy 20% off with coupon code:SPRING2014.

  305. You make a great pimp Jenny! Does this mean you are going to start wearing a dodgy velour sweatsuit and gold chains?
    I am pimping out my blog of style & travel, Wandering Chic, please check it out and comment! Love to hear where I can improve

  306. Thanks Bloggess! I’m pimping my real estate business. Do you need to buy, sell, or lease in LA? I’m not an asshole. Email me at info@katkirkpatrick.com. I may buy you beer and tacos, too.

  307. 326
    Auntie Meme

    Please go visit Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge in beautiful Eureka Springs, Arkansas. It’s like a shelter for big cats. No adoptions :-) though. Lovely happy cats in natural environments. And Northwest AR is spectacular. http://www.turpentinecreek.org/turpentinecreek/aboutus.html

  308. 327
    Karen Pestano

    This tweet seriously cracked me up this morning:
    @_blotty “U think ID EVER be UR friend? HAHA ur a SHORT, HAIRY LOSER. The light leaves my dog’s eyes. I’ve established myself as leader. But at what cost?”

  309. Jenny, first off I want to say that I love you and your blog. I literally laughed so hard that a little pee came out when I read your post about the giant metal chicken.

    Today I want to pimp out my friend’s Go Fund Me page. He’s battling Lou Gehrig’s Disease and has spent the three years since his diagnosis raising and then giving away $100,000 through his charity. 100% of the money he collects is donated to other families battling Lough Gehrig’s disease, even as his own family struggles to make ends meet. Now his family needs money to pay for a stem cell treatment that will drastically improve his quality of life and even prolong his time left. Check out http://www.gofundme.com/7s3tdo and consider giving a few bucks to a good guy who needs to catch a break.

  310. Nerdy, geeky, and naughty things in my shop https://www.etsy.com/shop/bluelawboutique

  311. Unique and vintagey stuff!

  312. My blog is ending in 5 days because I can’t afford it, but it was not as cool as yours. Just a way for me to talk some things out. I will miss it. I will cheerfully read yours though!

  313. Messed up posting the link! Grrr http://www.etsy.com/shop/MySisterandMeLLC

  314. I’ll pimp my new life hacking/healthy living blog: http://www.thehustlelife.com and my ebook on snapchat marketing: http://www.amazon.com/Complete-Guide-SnapChat-Marketing-ebook/dp/B00I45HSIK/

  315. We dip your sh*t!
    Custom Hydro-graphics to bling your gear!
    Anything from guns and cars to cabinets and wine racks.
    Hundreds of prints to choose from including camo, animal design, marble, etc.
    DeadEye Liquid Graphics
    Find us on Facebook or check out our website.

  316. 336
    Magge Allen

    Silence in the Library Publishing is putting out a science fiction anthology featuring over 30 top authors, including Gene Wolfe, to benefit author CJ Henderson, who is battling cancer for the second time. Check it out here: http://igg.me/at/monkey-around Thanks!!

  317. Sentence the first: CthulhuSlippers is a comic (illustrated by yours truly) about what happens when Great Old Ones try to run a Mega-corporation.

    Sentence the second: I made a shirt about warm bread because everyone loves warm bread (except probably gluten allergic folks unless it’s rice bread which is also best served warm).

    Sentence the third: All the rest of my silly creations can be found over at my blog <a href=”http://www.thefuzzyslug.com>The Fuzzy Slug.

    Thanks Jenny! :)

    Natalie Metzger recently posted Corgi Rainbow!.

  318. Umm… I recently took third place in adult women’s freestyle archery for the entire state of California…. And that made me pretty furiously happy….

  319. I would like to pimp my weight loss coffee business. Check out my site for more info:


  320. Please consider joining my Extra Life charity team, or sharing, or donating… I’m not picky. Every cent goes to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals! http://reviewdad.com/extralife/

  321. 342
    Moron Goddess

    I’m pimping out my writers’ group in the Seattle area: Green River Writers’ Group. We are mostly novel-writing people, but we do short stories and non-fiction as well. We meet every other Tuesday at Panera in Kent, WA at 6 pm. Our next meeting is April 1st. I promise it’s not an April Fool’s joke.

  322. Mystery and Romance blend together when competing detectives Carolyn Woods and
    Jack Heart find they are surrounded by murder on every side.

    H.K. Sterling, Author recently posted Interview with K.D. Rose!.

  323. I paint things in chalk pastels, mostly flowers, sometimes they don’t look too vagina-y. :)
    My Facespaces…

    My Website…

    And you can follow me on Twitter (danastrotheide) or Instagram (also danastrotheide)

    Dana Strotheide recently posted Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and sometimes not even then....

  324. 346
    Moron Goddess

    I’m pimping out my writing group. We meet every other Tuesday at 6 pm-ish at Panera in Kent, WA. We are mostly novelists of all genres, but we also have some short story-ists and will even take non-fiction. Next meeting is April 1. I swear it’s not an April Fool’s joke.

  325. Out of the Darkness walks for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. It’s just a good cause. Donate to the cause, walk yourself, or help a team or individual meet the (very tough) $1000 minimum. http://www.theovernight.org

  326. I have a shop with original artwork and prints that I just opened a couple months ago.
    Surreal and abstract paintings mostly. Lots of bright colors.

  327. Jewelry & jewelry sculpture created with recycled watch parts!
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SmithfitsBazaareEmporium
    Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/shop/smithfitsbazaare

    Thanks, Jenny! <3

  328. Thank you Jenny!! Now I don’t have to feel awkward or anxious about pimping my new consultanting venture. Safe, natural products from J.R. Watkins: personal care, home care and natural flavorings and extracts. Consultant # 490722.


  329. After growing up in a house full of taxidermy- including a giraffe- you make me feel right at home! Maybe you’ll feel at home at my webstore too- http://www.favortheearth.com/ Thanks for the laughs & letting me pimp myself!

  330. I have no idea how Ann would feel about this pimping, but if anyone is in Southeast Texas I would love for you to check out our local Listen to Your Mother Show that is happening on May 4th. Click my name for a link to the details.

    Thanks Jenny.

  331. I will pimp my hometown, New Orleans. It’s spring, the weather is gorgeous and we love to have visitors! NOLA is a city where we celebrate the crazy, weird and flamboyant. Come on down!

  332. If you are a victim of sexual assault we are here for you http://www.woar.org – 24 hour crisis hotline – 215-985-3333 – our services are completely free. Doesn’t matter if your assault was yesterday or 20 years ago, we are here for you.

  333. I would be honoured if some of you would check out my blog: http://cosmopolitaninthemaking.wordpress.com It’s mainly about photography and random shit, but now I’m going to move to Greece for a while, so that’s going to be interesting, promise!

    bodaada recently posted Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections.

  334. Following my bliss by getting the stink off people one butt at a time.

  335. My blog of places I’ve been (Amazon cruise to the the local park), crafts and garden/cooking.

  336. I’ve got one: Support your local ballet company!
    Track them down and INSIST on going to see a production. It’s fun! Or go and take class. That’s even more fun!

    This is the company to which I belong. They are terrific people, and Lois Ellyn, former George Ballanchine protegé, is a genius.


    (Local to Fullerton, in southern California. But there must be one near you! TO THE INTERNETS!)

    – Patrick

  337. I built this website. AND YOU SHOULD TOTALLY VISIT IT! http:www.rtseg.com

  338. I’m not here to pimp, only to ask: Am I still supportive of you if I stole your book from my brother’s girlfriend because she isn’t cool enough to love and respect your sense of humor? She doesn’t know I have it yet….its been 4 months….anyways, love you, despite my cheapness.

    Kate Rowan recently posted Heyo, Nut..

  339. My sister and I do a little show that is funny. We love your book!

  340. Thank you for this opportunity! I guess I’d like to pimp out myself. Anyone care to check out my new blog? http://kelideen.com Thanks in advance! I’ll be checking you all out too, but not in a creepy way…maybe.

    Kristen E. Lideen recently posted I Don’t Believe in New Year’s Resolutions.

  341. What a lovely idea, Jenny! I’ll pimp my friend’s Etsy shop, which has gorgeous handmade jewellery and embroidered baby clothes: https://www.etsy.com/shop/CommonCraft

    She’s slowly filling it up with more items, but of the ones she already has listed, this bracelet is my personal favorite: https://www.etsy.com/il-en/listing/180546542/silver-and-blue-bracelet-womens-bracelet?ref=shop_home_active_1

  342. my close friends are artists. Denise does jewellery, paintings and felt arts ( mostly ) and Gary does sculpture, sigils and drawings. among other things. they are also fantastically interesting, if a little curmudgeonly.



  343. I’m a writer and a 2 time cancer survivor. Recently, a bunch of other writers got together and donated stories to try and use our talents to help make a difference. This is the result. You should buy it.


  344. Pimping out my fundraiser page: raising funds and walking all night for suicide prevention

  345. Oh my goodness! There’s do many comments, no one is going to read this one. The women at {she crew} are planning an awesome summer program for teen girls in Chicago and they are in the midst of raising money for their program. Go here to read a vastly more eloquent summary and to donate: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/she-crew

  346. I sell Thirty-One, which you can get here: http://www.mythirtyone.com/jaxsellsbags … if you purchase the Suite Success purse from me, you can hop over to Etsy and buy Doctor Who (or in my case, Beatles) skirts from https://www.etsy.com/shop/Timestitcher?ref=l2-shopheader-name (who I don’t even know but am impressed by her skill). Oops – 4 lines. I never could follow rules.

  347. I love you. 2. I have two blogs that I’m pretty sure only one and a half people read: http://aheasley.wordpress.com/ and http://chopperchronicles.blogspot.com/. With any luck, I’ll get that number up to one and three-quarters.

  348. I grew a boyfriend one time. Talk about shrinkage issues! He rides around in my purse these days in a shrunken state. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TSVlCfZV3Bg

  349. Want to read possibly the worst book reviews in the history of ever???? Wellllll, look no further kids ’cause here’s your link . . .


  350. I make lace boleros to wear on your wedding day. B/c you don’t want grandma to know you have “strategically placed” tattoos. Or you have a weird rash on your arms known as “Chicken Rash” (look it up). Or you need to hide your side boob cleavage b/c you went to happy hour instead of the gym. (This is a valid choice. Wine is good for your health. Start good habits now for a happy marriage.) https://www.etsy.com/shop/AlisaBenay

  351. I love you. 2. I have two blogs that I’m confident only one and a half people read. Hoping I can get that up to one and three-quarters. Read my fecal matter at http://aheasley.wordpress.com/ and http://chopperchronicles.blogspot.com/.

  352. I make chainmail in vast profusion…dice, dragons, and jewelry, oh my! wandering_mail.storenvy.com/

  353. I will use this opportunity to first THANK YOU Jenny for being awesome and helping me understand why my job in Intensive Mental Health Crisis services is so important and how far reaching the problem really is. and second to solicite donatings for the American Cancer Society!!You can donate here http://main.acsevents.org/site/TR/RelayForLife/RFLCY14NE?px=35879597&pg=personal&fr_id=59785&__utma=2443503.54979858.1392136053.1395417577.1395768976.12&__utmb=2443503.11.9.1395770659803&__utmc=2443503&__utmx=-&__utmz=2443503.1395768976.12.4.utmcsr=AR_Donation_Received_CY14_blackbaud|utmccn=Relay_For_Life|utmcmd=email&__utmv=-&__utmk=18517562

  354. Walk around your neighborhood! http://www.gatheringpoint.com – my husband’s company, wherein you enter your zip code and find out all about what’s happening near you. YOu can also do tweet clouds!

  355. Not really anything to pimp, but it would be fun to send some of your readers some of my cranes.


  356. I make handcrafted goat’s milk soap and lotions, perfumes, lotion bars, felted soaps, etc. I even have a few Doctor Who themed soaps :) http://maitribathbody.com

    maitriscraps recently posted New Lotion Bar Now In Stock ~ Earth Magic!.

  357. I pimp you frequently on my blog because you are part of the Trinity of Bloggers. If you must know the other two, duh, Insane in the Mom-Brain and Moms Who Drink and Swear. If you want to see your store at the bottom of posts and what not… http://www.dribblesngrits.com

    I also blog at (If I have to scream no more calling each other poopies to my kids one more time)
    http://bellafontsblog.blogspot.com/ It’s more about what I’m learning about blogging as I blog.

    dribblesngrits recently posted Awkward Pumps and Love.

  358. Not my shit, but something I just found:
    Come Out of the Dark is a campaign to begin a better, richer national conversation about depression. Sign up for their e-newsletter and they will mail you a free glow in the dark wristband.

  359. My music…because, why not? I almost never pimp myself: http://www.reverbnation.com/darceyhile

  360. And two blogs that aren’t mine I want to pimp…

    Ooops I said Vagina Again at http://hdfloyd73.wordpress.com/about/

    Mommy Needs Wine not Whine at http://mommyneedswinenotwhine.com/

  361. I’d like to pimp out my husband- well, the game he is developing and his graphic skills more specifically- http://fredrikdesigns.com/category/blog/game-developement/

    Can I pimp out a second thing? This is my custom costume design facebook page- https://www.facebook.com/Cloth.Menagerie

  362. I did this once but apparently I had technical difficulties….called not enough coffee. And it didn’t work.

    Pimpin’ my latest book….okay first book EVER. Check it out on Amazon.


  363. I’ve gotten published on Huffington Post twice in the past five days. :D http://www.huffingtonpost.com/chi-sherman/

  364. Late to the party, as usual.
    Tutus (child & adult) & nerdy cross stitch patterns.

    Tada! Three sentences. Oh shit! Now I’m over the limit!

  365. This, this is cool. I love Poe. :0)

  366. I had to shut down my Etsy woodworking store when I went back to school. My main website is just avatars made from vintage sources, nothing special: http://www.vintageavatars.com

    I do have a Tumblr of weird thrifting finds and another of crappy iPad art that would make me happy if people looked at them.
    http://fuquerie.tumblr.com/ and http://crappyipadart.tumblr.com/

  367. I make little things out of polymer clay! Both geeky and non-geeky, although my geeky stuff is my favourite! Things like ornaments, wine charms, and magnets! I’m terrible at advertising so I really don’t know what else to say. Maybe some key words? TARDIS! Superhero wine charms! Star Wars stuff! Browncoats!

  368. 394
    Benita Flores

    I have nothing to pimp out, but I did want to share one of my favorite sunrise photos…. I am obsessed with sunrises and sunsets. I took this photo by my home in Corpus Christi, Texas….can y’all say “Ahhhhhh” in your most relaxed tone of voice? http://t.co/SoJEo5qp4P

  369. My sister’s awesome mystery novel (lots of snark, I promise!!): http://www.amazon.com/went-Palm-Springs-Three-Blondes-ebook/dp/B0085MG7XO

  370. Kids (and grown up kids) art prints that are pretty awesome…thank you! xo

  371. Thinking of writing your own book? Not sure how to get it published? Let me help! Pimping my self-publishing boutique, Blue Lobster Book Co.! http://bluelobsterbookco.com

  372. 400
    Sandy Davis

    Your book and blog get me through so much! And, seriously, its been a hard month… <3

    Also, if anyone would like to support my relay for Life team that would be Awesome!

    Thanks for the opportunity Jenny!!

  373. 401

    I just wanted to leave a link to my etsy store where I make and sell light up hoodie jackets https://www.etsy.com/listing/169750266/light-up-jacket?ref=shop_home_active_1

    Your blog and book are awesome. =D

  374. Thanks for the opportunity to do some undignified pimping!

    We have a home improvement/DIY blog LIKE EVERYONE ELSE, but ours features some geeky humor. Also cats (e.g., http://www.dohiy.com/2014/02/05/its-hard-out-there-for-a-couch/)! And it’s Simpsons-themed. Check it out! http://www.dohiy.com.

  375. Just in case there’s anyone in the Bay Area, I’d like to pimp the used bookstore where I work. Everyone who works here is really great, and the books are awesome! Our twitter: @knowknewbooks

    Thanks, Bloggess! Yours is one of the few places online where comments don’t make me angry.

  376. Because the Interwebs are full of cats, but maybe your home is not…
    Help feral cats in Toronto! (Don’t worry, they won’t smoke your crack.)

  377. I’m pimpin’ Tyson the rescue kitty who needs just a little more money to pay for his heart surgery http://strayhavenrescue.org/

  378. Something I’m really proud of…I know a lot of people say it, and Jenny you do have an awesome one, but my three children are amazing. I seriously got lucky with them. They give me headaches, but the hugs, humor, intelligence, and sticky kisses on my cheek are so wonderful!

  379. Shameless Self Promotion: 24problems.com

    I give advice and make observations. Unfortunately, I am not qualified for it.

  380. http://wp.me/p4iSWa-8e Pimping out an amusing favourite…….

  381. I’m late to the party as usual and pimping crap about the sucky phase of midlife known as menopause. Actually, right now I’m pimping out reasons you should go to a renaissance festival, and it’s not all just about the booze and boobs. There’s weird people in cat masks eating turkey legs there. What more could you ask for? http://www.menopausalmom.com/2014/03/10-reasons-why-you-should-go-to.html


    In 1970 a 2-year-old orca whale was taken from Puget Sound (Washington State) and has been performing for over 40 years in Miami in the smallest marine mammal tank in North America. The comment period to grant her endangered species status like the rest of the orcas from Puget Sound ends in 3 days… It’s time to bring her home and support those people that haven’t given up. http://www.orcanetwork.org/Main/index.php?categories_file=Lolita

  383. Thank you for this, Jenny!

    And thanks to everyone who pimped out their stuff today. I’ve spent the day reading, laughing, thinking, sympathizing, and absolutely not getting any work done. I call that a win. This is such a weird and wonderful tribe!

    Shelley J recently posted Throwback Thursday - Procrastination Edition.

  384. Thanks Jenny! How about some afterlife reading? Spirits…They Are Present, by Janet Mayer. Your loved ones, including pets live on ya know! Taxidermied pets included! (Included, meaning they live on, not included with the book!) Just wanted to clarify that!

  385. Need to laugh more? Subscribe to the Her Royal Thighness blog at http://www.RoyalThighness.com, where you’ll be treated to stories about being hit up for Botox in the middle of a pelvic exam, picking a fight with a mall Santa, growing up as a dodgeball target, shopping for fat clothes and more!

    Her Royal Thighness recently posted The Day Barbie Decided Ken Wasn’t Her Cup of Chai.

  386. Not pimping but just wanted to say something.
    I love your blog, and love your book, and love your pics and attitude.
    My wife and I flick each other links to your site when life is getting us down.
    I have to say though I am sick of “mainstream society’s” predilection to downgrade mental illness into some form of joke currency, such as everyone is a bit autistic,depressed, anxious, or OCD.
    As someone who has to live with these and other issues on a day to day basis, I’d love to see anyone have to live my experience just for one day and see just how funny it is when these things colour your perception and rule your behaviour; even trying to avoid these behaviours feels like falling into the trap of acknowledging and allowing for it.
    That’s all; love the site, love your work, and love the majority of the comments.
    Oh, and the next time I’m feeling a bit Bipolar (yet to be formally diagnosed, but I think it’s in the mix somewhere), I’m going to town on your shop, love the shirts, and totally relate to “feeling stabby”.

  387. My grandson (age 6) went into cardiac arrest last week and my son had to travel 10 hours away to be with him. One of his co-workers started a fund to help with his expenses while he has to be off work. Even if all you do is share the link, that would be awesome! http://www.gofundme.com/Lilsteves

  388. So I painted this for this guy and I haven’t heard anything about it because he’s still on tour. However, it’s awesome and I want to share (You can buy a print!): http://www.octopusgallery.net/2014/03/05/a-deer-holding-a-painting-of-a-deer-like-it-won-best-deer/

  389. 417
    Sarah Colleen

    Nearly forgot- this time of year, make sure your friends know not to get rabbits/ ducks/ chicks as Easter gifts. Most Easter bunnies (who should live 7-12 years) die before their first birthday due to improper care.
    http://makeminechocolate.org/ (National Campaign based in Columbus, Ohio)
    http://magichappensrescue.com/ (Baton Rouge area rescue on whose board I’m proud to serve)

  390. Also want to pimp out my friend Kendra, who is focusing on her Steampunk jewelry while between jobs. Her stuff is very cool and shiny!

  391. So everyone else is like “I wrote a book!” or “I’m fundraising for charity!” and I’m all “I write these blog entries about my dog’s butt.”


    literalnut recently posted Anti-Aging: When Your Oldness is Simply Unacceptable.

  392. So I painted this for this guy and I haven’t heard anything about it because he’s still on tour. However, it’s awesome and I want to share (You can buy a print!): http://www.octopusgallery.net/2014/03/05/a-deer-holding-a-painting-of-a-deer-like-it-won-best-deer/

  393. Barbie needs armor. My friend Jim Rodda is going to make some for her if just a few more people back his Kickstarter. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/191197566/faire-play-barbie-compatible-3d-printed-medieval-a?ref=search

    Thanks, Jenny! You give me hope.

  394. My friend makes the most awesome hats for kids (and she will do them in adult size, too!) They are all custom made to exactly what you want! https://www.facebook.com/pages/Fun-and-Funky-Kids-Hats/208451479183380

  395. YEAH! Pimpin Out my Psychic Medium Skills. (Yep. I hear voices. And then they tell you awesome things about your past and future. ) Plus, I’m funny as SHIT! https://www.facebook.com/LoriGraceReadsTarot

  396. Happy to promote my sweet girl. All we are asking is a few “shares” to increase the chance of it reaching her target audience, the cast of hairspray. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G1kAiKG-D0A Thanks for watching!

  397. I sell stickers! They are… uh… just a really random collection of things I thought, “Damn, that should be on a sticker!”

    Yay! Thanks! Love!

  398. One of your advertisers, Sandrandan Jewelry, makes me happy every time I open the earring drawers in my very large jewelry armoire. The jewelry is FABULOUS and quite inexpensive. And each piece comes in its own cute little box with a stretchy gold ribbon. I’ve given many pairs of earrings as gifts and kept many, many, many for myself! Check it out, people!

  399. “Gena | Your local library! Your local literacy program! Your local kid’s club! Mentors and tutors and teachers! YEEEHAAAAW!!”

    ^Heartily seconding this! Also, have a free book for your kids: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00CCID3ZW

    And an ehug for anyone who’s recently lost a pet: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R-CLWgh-SrA (Support your local animal shelter or humane society!)

    You’re all amazeballs.

    Vivienne Mathews recently posted When it's Time for a Change, it's Time for a Change....

  400. Ahhh! Pimp it! Fundraiser for children with autism! Try to ignore that I’m using “pimp” and “children” in the comment. http://my.heartspring.org/campaigns/3649

  401. This is my friend Jen’s shop-

    She makes incredible, geeky, and AMAZEBALLS knitted stuff. It is seriously worth a look if you are in the market for adorable baby stuffs, cool hats, etc.

  402. I’m pimping out my blog: http://www.anarchyinthesandbox.com. It’s about my life as a parent, but there are a lot of F-bombs and lolz.

  403. My shit to be pimped is this:

    Raising money for the Mario Lemieux Foundation by running the Pittsburgh Half Marathon in 40 days. I’ve gone from an obese couch potato to running half marathons in 2 years. Now I’m trying to give back a little.

    Thank you!

  404. Wow, I think this is the most commenting I’ve ever seen on a single blog post!

    I think we have a similar reader group, so here’s my thing I’d like to PIMP THE SHIT out of:


    Life. Love. Travel. And everything else post baby. It’s really incredible how such small little beings can change every single facet of your life. Hope you’ll all join me on this journey of randomness.

    New Post: Off the Yucatan

    V @ Life+1 recently posted Off the Yucatan.

  405. On behalf of Gluten Free Prairie Bakery…
    Help save the bakery!!

  406. I’m pimping out my blog: http://www.anarchyinthesandbox.com. It’s about my life as a parent, but there are a lot of F-bombs and lolz.

  407. I’d love to $ell my art or give it away FREE to a good home* http://SaatchiOnline.com/iGooMEGA

  408. Pimping out 2 things. One is my own blog, about life, adventures, school and thoughts. http://credo-kelly.blogspot.co.uk (it’s where I am now)
    The other is the student run exhibition I am a part of. If you’re in Scotland, or want to be, come by! http://makingwaves2014.wix.com/makingwaves2014

    Kelly recently posted Roots, family, golf courses, and Facebook photos.

  409. I’d love to pimp out my Etsy shop! I cut things and print things. Well… I make hand cut greeting cards and also sell various prints!


  410. I would like to show some love to my friend over at Ribbons and Robots. http://ribbonsandrobots.storenvy.com/
    Each creation is so full of detail and love and I want to own ALL of the things!

  411. I already advertise here, and have for a long time, but I’ll pimp my shit anyway!

    If everyone person who reads this blog would buy just one piece of jewelry a year from https://sandrandan.etsy.com/, I could retire from my soul-sucking day job and spend my days designing and making wonderful things. Anyway, I predict that I will be famous someday, so consider the bragging rights you’ll have when you own an original “Sandrandan” piece!

  412. Oh, Mary Beth! I just read your comment about my shop (Sandrandan.etsy.com) and almost cried. Thank you so much!

  413. SUPPORT WEARING TUTUS TO PREVENT CANCER! Team Tutu wears tutus and walks a 30+ hour relay in Portland every year to raise funds for American Cancer Society. We have multiple cancer survivors and are chock full of Bloggess fans! Support our teams efforts by buying a tshirt https://www.booster.com/teamtutu14 or making a donation http://main.acsevents.org/goto/TeamTutu2014.

  414. A place for people with loved ones coping with food allergies in Orange County, CA to share tips, suggestions, gripes, concerns, hopes, fears, observations and support.


  415. I make fine art photography. With my phone. And it’s not that dreamy, vintagey crap that everyone else sells ;)

    You should totally buy some. http://www.asheadesignlab.etsy.com

  416. I’m an inexperienced pimp but I try to do new stuff all the time so here’s my blog if you are into the Enneagram and/or parenting and/or kids. http://www.ninekindsofkids.wordpress.com

  417. My cat Andre is a genius, and he can type. He will gladly give you Sophie if you read his post. http://lisarpetty.com/2014/03/16/confessions-from-the-cats-desk/

  418. Neriums coming to Canada y’all… awesome ground floor opportunity in a multi million dollar company.

  419. Rumor has it if you do what you love you never have to work a day in your life. I’m trying to see if it’s true…visit my photography page for prints. If you see something you are interested in but want a different format, contact me and we’ll see if we can make it happen! =) http://fineartamerica.com/profiles/lenstripping.html

  420. Pedersen´s Last Dream is desperate for a publisher. Aren’t we all? Read the latest installment: Life on a small Arctic Island:


  421. I crochet baby hats and they’re awesome.

    My favorite is the Tardis – https://www.etsy.com/listing/154130945/tardis-0-to-3-month-doctor-who-tardis?

    She needs a home on a baby’s head.

  422. Um, I crochet baby hats. Most I send to my Grandma to take to the local hospital for premature babies and newborns and kids with cancer, but I’ve recently decided to try and sell the surplus. https://www.etsy.com/shop/aspotinthecorner
    Also, I started vlogging (heaven help us all): https://www.youtube.com/user/trekkiepirate/videos

  423. My blog, Everyday Adventures! The post linked below leads to some awesome death makeup.

    Allie @ Everyday Adventures recently posted Disaster Day.

  424. 455
    Elizabeth Rainwater

    I want to pimp out Gabriel Dunston who’s an artist and writer. He’s publishing his next book, Purgatory Pub (first two chapters are on his site at http://www.firelightsmedia.com) which is about what happens when your shoulder angel and demon have a beer and talk about you.

  425. Not really a craft but I teach dancing and run a reference web site at http://www.danceminder.com
    I also make holograms http://dragonseye.com/blog/Holography-Archive/

    michaelharrison711100668 recently posted DOTW: Ballingeary Jig Set.

  426. You can look at cool custom guns here: http://www.dandbmetalfinishing.com
    You can look at my yard here: http://www.deanaandthechesterfieldzoo.com

  427. 458

    I love this video – perhaps because I come from a family of musicians http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lXKDu6cdXLI

  428. Thank you Jenny!

    Pimping my etsy shop, full of hand knit fingerless gloves and coffee cup cozies: https://www.etsy.com/shop/FabFiberCreations

  429. My best friend makes super awesome wine charms and sells them here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/therealworks
    Thanks, Bloggess!

  430. Project Junktopia is a miniature world made of up-cycled junk, inhabited by 6 quirky animated characters. This stop-motion short is for all of us who never give up!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sQbtTNaki_0&list=HL1395774146

  431. Thanks Jenny! I sell Stella & Dot and I’m going to pimp out my Facebook page because we have an Autism Boutique starting April 1, for which 100% of profits go to the HollyRod Foundation which helps families dealing with Autism and is just an amazing charity. http://www.facebook.com/larasmithstelladot

    P.S. – OMG I have to work today – but I’ve already clicked through some of the links – it’s gonna take MONTHS to get through all the great stuff on here! I love this tribe!

  432. I have a Blog that is for advice about anything. It just started and I would love some questions to help get it off the ground.

  433. I’m pimping out a really, really lousy joke, that my son won’t let me tell his friends. He’s in 4th grade & already embarrassed of his mother — I’m so proud he’s precocious!

    Anyway, did you know that The Lego Movie* was originally intended to be an animal documentary? Yes, the theme song would be “Everything Is Possum.” (You’re welcome for the earworm.)

    *I do understand that anyone who does not have a 9 – 12 year old boy has probably missed this movie, but it’s the latest obsession at our house. Until we go see The Muppets this weekend.

  434. Second funniest blog ever and not just because its mine: http://stickyjamhands.com/

  435. My 5yr old son was recently diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. We’re doing this walk to show our love and support for him, please give what you can. http://www2.jdrf.org/site/TR?px=8951551&fr_id=3297&pg=personal

  436. Cupcake Friday Project http://www.cupcakefridayproject.com is my all from-scratch baking blog empowering anyone who wants to bake to just friggin do it.

    And yes, I often bake with booze. It’s great :)

  437. I blog, not nearly as funny as you, but I try and keep it real. newborn stuff and dirty diapers (and how to clean them-cloth yo!), a 5 year old that can read as well as I can, and a 2 year old who’s going to surprise us all, I’m fairly sure.. No pinterest pretty crap. Just life.. without bubble wrap… http://www.lifeisnotbubblewrapped.com

    Jill S recently posted What’s getting done these days.

  438. Do your friends call you a “creative type?” Do you like to be challeneged? I have a project for you! Check out StoryBox and be inspired to create something bad-ass and share it with the world! http://www.story-box.us

  439. Thanks Jenny!
    I make small stud earrings for “Studs”, and women too…………

  440. I buy your books. I want to own a Beyonce chicken.
    I sell jewelry – and its AWESOME. :)
    Facebook.com/candiceandjulia or candicelamb.origamiowl.com

  441. I make jewellery ~~ https://www.facebook.com/ButterflyChainDesigns
    (and I realize that being a comment in the low/mid 400’s probably isn’t going to get me seen ~ but you never know unless you try!!!!)
    P.S ~ I LOVE you!! Thanks for always making me laugh!!

  442. Can I pimp my blog? Or myself? I seriously cant wait for your next book!

    maurnas recently posted Sad Sexy Math.

  443. I have to pimp out the charity I just love and work closely with. They do amazing work in Jeremie, Haiti. Check it out. Incredible stuff happening over there with little bits of help from lots of people.


  444. I just want to say thank you. Your blog makes me smile, sometimes it makes me laugh out loud. I have four grown kids… my youngest son is breaking my heart. Hard to explain, but not much makes me smile these days. You can see it in my eyes, which even to me have become …blank…empty. My kids are my whole life. Sad really, since at 60, you would think that I might have a life of my own, but no. Not so much. So, Thank you for the smiles

  445. sgcreativeproject.tumblr.com! Just started a new blog and could use a follower or two thank youuuu. I promise it’s all short and sweet! Some pics, some baking, some crafts, whateva.

  446. Blended family mommy blog. We have boys. And boogers. And a girl. And messes and fun.
    Thank you!


    Aimee recently posted We're back!.

  447. I need to pimp a charity that I love. They do amazing work in Jeremie, Haiti. Check it out. Incredible things happening with a little help from lots of people.


  448. My friend Amy’s amazing jewelry is at: http://www.etsy.com/shop/Noduri
    <3 Jenny!

  449. Cyclocross: it’s bicycle mud wrestling, or bicycle steeplechase, with beer and costumes. And its soundtrack should probably be yakkity sax, or death metal. (you tube search “cyclocross” – you’ll see). And these women are taking over: https://www.facebook.com/WomenCX http://www.womencx.com @WomenCx

  450. 482
    MICAA Miles

    Buy my book!!!!!WAH Professionals to help you decide if the work at home lifestyle is for you. Available on Amazon and kindle as well as the create space store. Please like my page on Facebook. Micaa Miles. I am just starting out and live the support. I rant about random things and have ea link to my blog there. http://WWW.blogspot.com/enchantressmicaa. Thanks so much!!!!

  451. 483
    Ethel Mertz

    This guy from easy: https://www.etsy.com/listing/183797295/things-ive-said-to-my-children-underwear?ref=ss_listing
    He had a poster with a picture of boys’ underwear and made me one with a picture of girl panties because I asked nicely. It says “I’m not talking to you until you are wearing underwear.”

  452. Damn, I have nothing to pimp. Um, I am awesome, so there.

    But, seriously, I’m so thankful for your awesomeness. It makes me feel better on the really shitty days. And you have posted so many amazing things, I have discovered so much coolness to share with friends.

    Oh, I know! My friend has an etsy shop, and makes amazing AND geeky Fascinators! There are even Star Wars and Doctor Who Fascinators! If this is your kind of thing, check her out!

  453. Thanks for the laughs Jenny!
    Ever wonder how penguins fly? They DO! Check out my children’s book “Penny and the Penguin” to find out how. Available at amazon.com


  454. The charity I work for http://www.oneheartland.org – a place where belonging begins!

  455. Is Toto your favorite character from The Wizard of Oz? Then check out Col. Potter Cairn Rescue Network’s website cairnrescue.com or blog http://cairnrescue.blogspot.com/
    You can adopt a cairn, donate to help rescue cairns, or just look at the adorable pictures! Thanks Jenny!!!

    Angel R. recently posted Found Female Cairn/Mix - Annandale, VA.

  456. If you like sci-fi, fantasy, or historical fiction, take a look at my blog, where I post reviews of books, games, and movies in those genres. I also occasionally blog about science and other stuff. 100% guaranteed no feces for sale.

  457. Don’t have anything to pimp out yet. One day. One day….
    But thanks for the opportunity!

    Y recently posted Happy Australia Day.

  458. Thanks to a lot of hard work, my first app for iPhone & iPad, myGraph, is live in the app store. This app allows you to print completely customized grid or graph paper from your iPhone or iPad to any compatible AirPrint printer. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/mygraph/id791752294?mt=8&uo=4&at=11l5Ji

    C. Keith Ray recently posted Microblogged on Twitter.

  459. http://www.the27thmile.com/
    A One Fund Boston benefit anthology, and a good read.

  460. My partner’s jewellery, pretty damn amazing stuff: http://www.stevencorfield.com.au

  461. Come on over to my website, http://www.keppiehed.com/ . I’m a writer with some real books to my credit, but this is where you can check out my work for free.

    Thanks so much, Jenny. Like everyone else, I’m a huge fan, and this was very generous of you.

  462. My friend has this amazing Jewelry shop jewelry.luvcherie.com She makes all the things on there, and they are fabulous. Also, she inspires me because she has many challenges to being able to keep her business going, but keeps working to put her creativity out there.

  463. 495

    Sculptural Firebowls handmade by artist John T. Unger are luxury fire features valued for exceptional beauty, craftsmanship and design. American made firepits, hand cut from 100% recycled steel, John T. Unger’s Sculptural Firebowls have been featured in The New York Times, HGTV and DIY network.


  464. My writing tutor Cat Connor writes great crime books based in America (we’re in New Zealand) http://catconnor.com/the-_byte-series/

  465. andwhatisaidit.com Go Check it out!!!

  466. My friend Vanessa uses her scrub business to promote PTSD awareness!!! http://www.scrubsoflove.com

  467. My photo blog which keeps me sane when other stuff is stressing me out too much: dftbaweinspiring.wordpress.com

  468. 501
    Shayna York

    I totally want to pimp out my erotic short stories…nothing too weird! You can find them on Smashwords, Amazon and Barnes and Noble. The series is Her Hollywood Hero – story 1 is 12 Steps to Desire and story 2 is Catch a Fallen Star. Two more are in the works. Check them out on my publishers’ site: http://jupitergardenspress.com/?s=Shayna+York&submit.x=11237&submit.y=-183&submit=Search&post_type=product

  469. I JUST opened my Etsy shop yesterday. And I’m not selling feces.

  470. I have started this little blog where I read a book every week?

  471. 504
    The European Mama

    Hello, I’ve been reading but not really commenting. Not sure why. Probably because I was scared, or something. But since you’re so kind to let me share my blog, I’ll do just that: http://www.europeanmama.com. And please let me share my friend’s Lynn’s blog, http://www.nomadmomdiary.com. She’s hilarious!

  472. Thank you so much. I’ve raised almost enough to send my adult, autistic son to a WONDERFUL local culinary training center. I was going to use my tax refund to finish it off, but I’m not getting one this year. The perks are the treats he makes! Win/win!

    The Glitzy Faery recently posted Adorable Little Shamrock.

  473. I also have a blog – mostly food, house and gardening, but I do throw in an occasional kid post. I don’t need to give them ANOTHER reason to charge me for therapy later.

  474. Anyone want CHOCO TACO’S?!? No, just kidding. I am so proud of my new Indonesian inspired, easy to follow, tasty recipes food blog

    Frances recently posted Asinan (Indonesian coleslaw).

  475. A swell little ETSY shop.

  476. How about a series of books promoting kick-ass princesses who do their own rescuing and defy all the usual tropes? May I present: Princess Charming!

  477. We’re trying to save our Theatre, Metropolis, IL has an old run down art deco movie house we are trying to bring back. Please support it http://www.savethemassac.com and of course Superman! http://www.supermancelebration.net.(we raise money at the celebration for the theatre, it’s a win win)

  478. I started a blog to cheer up a friend and somehow got featured on Buzzfeed and now have over 3500 followers. Calming Brits and Irishmen

  479. There is so much awesomeness being plugged here so what the hey I’ll throw in my lot as well. My blog: http://thefearlessscribe.blogspot.com/
    A short-story I wrote and have done a fabulously crappy job of promoting: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00EGYFSZS

    Sandy the Fearless Scribe recently posted A home for my unpublished writing.

  480. For fans of Romance and Fantasy, my amazing sister-in-law has published several books which are available on Amazon.


    She also has a website, with some short stories and other updates.


    And she occasionally writes on Twitter.


    Thank you, Jenny!


    Crime of Poisson recently posted Harry Potter and the Ten Year Redo.

  481. Pimping out our baby blogship, http://hellowackylemon.com/
    We don’t make anything, but write about other people making shit. Thanks, Jenny! You are super!

  482. I wrote an article (okay, technically a blog post) about how to make the best nutritional choices you can within your food budget and what stores/markets you have access to. My target audience was people in food deserts who pretty much only have access to Walmart or Food Lion or whatever, grocery-wise, but the basic principles apply even at Whole Foods or Trader Joes. So in case it helps anyone: http://saltycrunchybitterfresh.blogspot.com/2014/03/hunting-and-gathering-at-walmart-or.html

    Kathy S. recently posted Hunting and gathering at Walmart (or anywhere).

  483. I would love to see some new “faces” over on my blog. I don’t have a special theme; just this and that about my life and the way I see things. http://adayinthelifeofkat.blogspot.ca/

  484. 517
    Crystal Tolbert

    I really want to pimp out my own business here, but there is something much more important. ADOPT DON’T SHOP! Support animal rescue and animal shelters. There are far too many animals dying and it needs to stop.

  485. 518
    stuffed nutria

    I secretly dress up a coworker’s taxidermied rodent. https://www.facebook.com/StuffedNutria

  486. 520
    cheryl ray

    I have nothing to pimp. I do want to tell you that I’m glad there is a place to celebrate the beautiful absurd weirdness in this world. You are my people.

  487. I’m pimping my business. Thanks, Jenny, you rock!
    All natural bath and body products (also on facebook, twitter and pinterest)

  488. My husband’s obsessed with ChocoTacos…

  489. My favorite website — it shows you both sides of important issues to let you make up your own mind! http://www.procon.org/

  490. My own blog of course (cathyshowsup.blogspot.com) about trying to be healthy in spite of real life, but two other favorites: theswallowflies.blogspot.com, and herecomeshappiness.blogspot.com – about health, gratitude, and joy, with swearing.

    Cathy recently posted indian, korean, and some "running".

  491. I’m not going to pimp anything, I just wanted to say thank you back because you linked to a post on my blog a few weeks back, and my page views went frickin’ crazy. For about three days I knew what it felt like to be a super popular blogger, and it felt really good. Mwah I kiss you on both cheeks.

    Ruth recently posted Project 52, Week 12.

  492. I’m pimping out an old blog post I wrote…I’ve dealt with depression and self-harm for over a decade, and running is finally what helped me stop the cycle and face recovery. Maybe it will help others, too. http://www.abkruns.com/2012/10/addiction-and-cure.html

    Thanks as always for sharing this hilarious, jarring, and honest blog, Jenny!

    Ali K. @ Hit the Ground Running recently posted And So it Ends.

  493. Somehow I am skeptical that anyone will scroll this far down, but I’ll put it out there – I’m an American way over my head in Switzerland, and my blog is http://www.destinationmacaron.blogspot.ch
    PS – Just picked up my own copy of your book today (the library copy was not sufficient, I had to OWN it). You are expensive in Switzerland (but then so’s everything else)

    Margaret recently posted Ten things you should know about Switzerland (particularly Zurich).

  494. My next novel comes out July 15, and I’m IMMENSELY proud of it. Like historical fiction? Like road trips? Like fart jokes? You’ll love SEEING AMERICA. Pre-order from Amazon here:

  495. such cool people/things here.

    the best I’ve got…I donated a kidney to my brother a year and a half ago, and now I’m running in the Donor Dash 5k to help raise awareness for organ donation. share your spares! :)

    Sponsor me!

  496. Chocolate to save the rainforest and help families survive:

    Here’s a thing my better traveling half is doing with her life at the moment: using organic chocolate to help people living in the rainforest not starve. Also, they are out of funds to keep going. Also, did I mention it’s chocolate?!?

  497. I went to Taco Villa today after work and bought a ChocoTaco in your honor.

    Shelley J recently posted Throwback Thursday - Procrastination Edition.

  498. I sing: http://www.kristinbehrmann.com
    I love how many people that read this blog make or do or are. So cool.

  499. Pimping out an event I put together to raise money for MS!

  500. if I could pimp out my shit and people would actually listen to me, I would work my ASS off to get the phrase “I’m so OCD” erased from the entire world. And then I’d like raise some money so they can fix my brain or something……

    kellml289 recently posted I just really enjoy leaving notes.

  501. I’m just a dysfunctional veteran trying to help other dysfunctional veterans! And I sell some pretty awesome skincare and bath & body products! Seriously, there’s A LOT of love behind business and I’m passionate about supporting PTSD awareness through my biz. ❤️

  502. Thanks for letting me pimp out my blog http://www.thesimplehive.com. I’m not selling anything. It’s just a way to appease the voices in my head. And thank you for making me laugh maniacally. My husband won’t let me read anything of yours while we are in traffic. I disturb him, he says.

  503. Lasers, wood, and stained glass. My friend puts these together to make breathtakingly gorgeous art that you can own: http://jelliottdesigns.com/product-gallery

  504. I wrote a short fiction book, it’s probably my biggest accomplishment thus far: http://earnestlyextraneous.tumblr.com/post/78143775632/book-release
    Completely free to download!

  505. 540
    Steve Smith

    Broke my ankle. Got a service puppy. http://www.cci.org being a foster mom to a lab puppy, greatest experience of my life!!!! think about doing this..,

  506. I’ve been blogging since the death of my sweet (and sometimes naughty) dog, because I’ve been having a hard time dealing with it and find writing is helpful. If you have lost a pet and feel lost because of it, maybe we can help each other through? lifeafterivan.blogspot.com xo

  507. I started my etsy site when I was unemployed and desperately needed something to do during the day and I really missed graphic design (and the extra money was nice, I do enjoy not being homeless). I sell original and custom prints and printable items. Anyway, here it is: http://whimsywonderdesigns.etsy.com

  508. Never posted here before, it kinda triggers my anxiety a bit, okay a lot, but started reading this book I think you’d love… Stiff: The Curious Life of Human Cadavers http://www.amazon.com/Stiff-Curious-Lives-Human-Cadavers-ebook/dp/B00421BN2C/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1395782950&sr=8-1&keywords=stiff+the+curious+lives+of+human+cadavers
    Hope you like it, I can’t put it down and its cracking me the hell up.

  509. 544
    Lydia Arnold

    Fair Trade!!!!! I work at a fantastic shop in Dallas. We straight pimp a fuckton of fair trade items, y’all. http://www.kiez.us. My bosses don’t know I am writing this, so I never wrote the word, fuckton..even though it is a perfectly acceptable unit of measurement. Thank you for your blog. Thank you for you.

  510. I started my etsy site when I was unemployed and desperately needed something to do during the day and I really missed graphic design (and the extra money was nice, I do enjoy not being homeless). I sell original and custom prints and printable items. Anyway, here it is: http://whimsywonderdesigns.etsy.com

    Kim. W. recently posted Book Review: The Copper Witch by Jessica Dall.

  511. 546

    OMG!! Why would you do this!!???? I have things to do!! Like look for a job!! (was recently made redundant) I only went to one llink that was close to the top and now gotta continue reading his shit. (Daddy Scratches link saved) Scared shitless to go further. Can’t bear not to try French Toast Kitty… Looks like I’ll start on my list tomorrow.. I’ve had to stop reading your comments for a reason. It’s like going down a rabbit hole… LOVE

  512. I would like to pimp my own photography website. For everyone getting married, look here, i am willing to travel from Netherlands to anywhere in the world,… ;) http://www.roelanddebruijn.nl, trouwfotograaf, bruidsfotograaf!

  513. 548
    Courtney Marietta

    The school where I work: The Palmdale Aerospace Academy, http://www.tpaa.org. Because we’re awesome, and nerdy, and they gave me the job title of “ninja”.

  514. HOLY CRAP! Look at all these pimps! I love it. And Jenny for being so cool! I like this odd little story I wrote. It’s short. Kinda weird. It starts with the end, then fills in the rest. ALICE FALLS.


    marydpierce recently posted Weekly Photo Challenge: Abandoned.

  515. A really funny city-girl-in-the-country story from one of my other favorite blogs http://thepioneerwoman.com/blog/2006/05/frontier_follies_love_will_keep_us_together/

  516. Ooh! I am a dysfunctional veteran helping other dysfunctional veterans! ;) I use my skincare/bath & body biz, Scrubs of Love, to spread PTSD awareness and contribute to Wounded Warrior Project. <3 Check us out on facebook! http://www.facebook.com/scrubsoflove Or our website http://www.scrubsoflove.com :)

  517. Oh, and if you cool stuff- check out HadPip’s! I love her stuff! She has a Maleficent DT pen. Nuff said. :D http://www.facebook.com/HadPipsBoutique

  518. i read a lot of these and clicked on a few – some talented people here! thanks for this opportunity, jenny.

    i don’t sell anything. i write. my blog is about me: life, recovery, school, depression, chronic illness, cats. there’s actually a lot about cats. and disney. things that make me happy. you know.


    steph gas recently posted ahh, wednesday..

  519. Feels weird to do this, but… I’m a dancer trying to fundraise enough to get to some top workshops this summer. These are the kinds of workshops that can mean the difference between a professional dancer and a hobbyist, so… http://www.gofundme.com/anna-workshops

    Jenny, your blog is best blog. Likewise, your book is best book.

  520. 555
    Kevin from Canada

    I can’t think of anything I want to pimp out more than Jenny Lawson. Wait, that didn’t sound quite right. Might help with the blog costs though!

  521. Jenny, I think this is how you continue to break the whole damn internet.
    Love you BUNCHES!!!
    Sarah, the Queen

  522. Once a month please go out and see some live music in a local small club. Take a chance on a unknown band. Support your local music scene. Please!

    skullwoman recently posted Record collections and feminist politics.

  523. I’m a kick-ass graphic designer. I do lots of vintage design (from pretty much any time period, or made-up ones like steampunk). I design lots of logos and business cards and such, but I especially love doing really unique personal wedding invitations for weird couples. I have not yet done any with taxidermy on them, but I totally would. I did do one very classy invitation that heavily featured the couple’s pet hedgehog. http://www.RosentholDesign.com

  524. I hope everyone reads comments all the way to the end! My friend has been writing forever and just published. If you like crime novels please buy one of his. Jenny, thank you.

  525. Duh. http://www.amazon.com/Ed-McGinnis/e/B00CB8BPMG. Forgot to add his link!

  526. My friends have a Kickstarter for an original movie musical they’re trying to make…there are only 8 days left, and they’re not even halfway funded, so I’m less than hopeful for them. But maybe the wonderful folks here will see this, donate, share the link….can’t hurt! :)

  527. 563
    G. Trent Galbraith

    http://cc-kneeraiser.org/ help an amazing musician and person, Christa Couture, get a new knee!

  528. 564
    Jeane-Azzie's Attic

    Thank you, Jenny, for being you…a friend and I often ask each other, “What would Jenny do?” when confronted with certain situations. Pimpin’ out my Etsy store with jewelry for people AND dolls (BJDs!)


  529. Pimping out my favourite Charity postpals.co.uk

    It is a charity for children (and their siblings) in the UK. The request is not financial (for the most part) but simply time based – send a letter to a child – as post often brightens up someones day

  530. I just started a gofundme page for our family farm. We raise non-gmo chickens and turkeys. We appreciate any help! http://www.gofundme.com/7rvx30

  531. 567

    My brother and sister-in-law have a blog/Zazzle empire where they write and make stuff about Arrested Development, sloths, robot overlords, the Oregon Trail, and DIY weddings. Not quite as funny as Beyonce, but we can’t all be The Bloggess. That would just be confusing. https://www.facebook.com/NothingMundane

  532. EYH- Expanding Your Horizons. Professionals encourage young girls and women to enter STEM fields. Find a chapter near you at: expandingyourhorizons.org

  533. I just opened a new Etsy store! I don’t have a whole lot in there just yet. Follow me, so you don’t miss anything. :) It is awesome of you to let us share.


  534. I am actually starting a new web series with a local videographer called “Teach Me How.” It’s going to be kind of hilarious at its best and detrimentally boring at its worst. I’d love to have you on one of the episodes…and I’m in your neck of the woods:)

  535. I just want to pimp my blog. Don’t Judge Me.


    Desiree recently posted "I am. I am. I am".

  536. I wrote an android app that simulates playing the lottery millions of times. It’s actually very depressing :-(


  537. 573
    Dr. Carolyn

    Can I pimp my daughter? Not for sex of course. She’s a 2013 NYU grad in Romance Languages Italian and French, loves fashion, social media, pop culture, boy bands, and journalism AND IS STILL UNEMPLOYED. I didn’t pay top tier tuition for her to work in a bakery shop. Got a job in Manhattan? Let me know and I’ll shoot her your contact information. Drcarolyn.faulknerbeitzel@gmail.com. Thanks Jenny. I love your book.

  538. I make custom, made to order stuffed animals! Check out my shop, Ribbons & Robots…and if you are looking for something you don’t see currently offered just shoot me a message, I’m certain I can make you something you will love!!

  539. artists? writers? lovers of cassette tapes? i’ve got a load of journal/sketchbooks- 100’s!
    small sampling http://www.zibbet.com/whittamore

  540. 576

    Slippery Crockery! I have been a thrift store rat since I was a teen in NYC, now it is my business. Vintage clothes and housewares and art. And up cycled vintage. I love my work!

  541. That’s really nice of you- thanks! I just released a book– not hilarious like yours, but a freezer meal guide/recipe book you can find here


    Thanks!! Off to check out everyone else :)

    Make Ahead Meals recently posted Make Ahead Meals Sample Recipe- Ginger Tempeh Soup with Ramen and Bok Choy.

  542. Ooh, I have a book blog!

    If I had the money, I’d probably buy an ad for it on your site, but alas I’m poor. But I review a lot of books (including yours!) and when I review children’s books my four-year-old daughter helps me out.


    That’s the link to my review of your book!

    Beatnik Mary recently posted The Big Book of Things to Make, by James Mitchem (DK Publishing).

  543. Animal lovers? My friend is trying to save her dog’s eyesight


  544. 580
    Denise Lemoine

    I’m here to pimp votes for my dear friends daughter; Kira Young. She’s the only US finalist in the Horseware Grassroots Rider contest which ends on March 25; 7 pm in Texas time. Vote for Kira at blog.horseware.com because she’s a super cool girl who deserves to win and she has pet rats.

  545. I have nerdy stuff here! https://www.etsy.com/shop/StudioLTD?ref=l2-shopheader-name
    You need some jewelry made from keys and circuit board, right? A raygun for your wall? How about a computer key coffee break plaque? Maybe a mirror? If something catches your eye,you can use the coupon code ‘CRAFTSTER’ for 10% off. Thank you, Bloggess!

  546. Pimping my daughter…for a job! 2013 NYU grad still unemployed. Speaks Italian and Frech, loves to write, market, PR, boy bands, fashion, and social media. Have a job or know of a contact in Manhattan, ring me up. Drcarolyn.faulknerbeitzel@gmail.com

  547. Pimping my non-profit organization Fareground Community Kitchen! We will be opening a cafe where everyone and anyone can come eat a delicious, healthy meal – using a “pay-what-you-can” model. Our website is Fareground.org and our Indiegogo site is http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/fareground-community-cafe.
    Thank you so much!!

  548. 584
    Tammy Lauer

    My daughter’s Birthday Bash for Charity! Help her reah for goal to support a local family shelter!!


  549. 585
    Kris Apple

    Okay, here is my plug, for which I have zero shame. There is a very nice lady I know who has stage 4 cancer and was robbed of all her musical instruments while she was at chemo. She loves to invite other musicians to her house and just jam. She’s 88 years old, and you would love her, because she’s a hoot. These instruments were not insured and some, such as the violin given to her by her father, are impossible to truly replace, but her friends are trying. http://www.gofundme.com/78owug

  550. https://www.etsy.com/shop/duaecat has geeky catnip toys and crochet dolls.

  551. Here is a link to the story of my raccoon Harbor, with video and photos. It’s hard to be depressed when watching him. http://www.buzzfeed.com/summeranne/the-rescued-raccoon-who-is-about-to-make-your-day

  552. Ooh fun! I’m pimping out my Etsy shop. I knit baby stuff and also dishcloths. Thanks for looking!

  553. I write nothing about babies. Ok, well I might write about a baby if it were a really ugly baby and I had an uncomfortable moment with the mother of the really ugly baby. I write about other stuff, almost exclusively. Oh, and I refuse to sell you a purse. Or jewelry. And I don’t crochet. I don’t even know what that is, really. http://amycoryblog.wordpress.com

  554. 590
    Suzanne Maxim


    Stepping way out of my comfort zone and pimping my art

    Thanks for your awesome blog Jenny :)

  555. I am trying to win a scholarship to Stationery Academy! #StatAcad #cpaperie

  556. I just wanted to share that self-pollinating a squash is called “selfing.” I looked up from my gardening catalog and asked my husband if he’d been “selfing” lately. He looked offended… or maybe guilty. :) Because sharing is caring.

  557. The Buckos! http://www.thebuckos.com

    Musicians from Seattle and fans of ham, cheese and lite-brite.

    Pay what you what, something or nothing at all.

    Hit us up, we’re nice.

  558. “My god, it’s full of startups…”

    I’d like to pimp my new online sports team, The Forum Tropebloggers. Except I just made them up, so there’s nothing to pimp, literally or figuratively. I really need to get my shit together so I can pimp it properly someday.

  559. I’ve got a graphic novel coming out a week from tomorrow! It’s called “Beautiful Scars” and is coming from Archaia/BOOM! Check it! https://boom-studios.com/beautiful-scars-hardcover.html

    Guin recently posted Beautiful Scars: Meet the Amazing Amanda Vissell! Plus, new release date!.

  560. Not meant to be a selling thing, since it is for American history teachers, but…you said what I am proud of: http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Store/Cotham-City-Cartoon-Notes

    This is how I learn best, so I bring the idea to my kids in my classroom. I hope it helps them too.

  561. I design cross stitch patterns (and stitch them, too), crochet things, make fabric flower hair clips, and I can sew like a mofo. I love doing custom things!

  562. You are welcome…for a future purchase of ad space… if my chronic ADD allows me to get to it…really:)

    brokenhallelujahbook recently posted GINSBERG AND BURROUGHS BOOK(S) PORN PUBLISHED POST!.

  563. Hi there! I’m an Illustrator. I have an etsy store full of all my artwork. I also recently published my first Children’s book. It’s the story of an industrious young Garibaldi damselfish who builds a steam-powered contraption from the wreckage of a sunken ship in order to explore that mysterious realm above the ocean’s surface. My website is http://www.tursiart.com and my etsy store is https://www.etsy.com/shop/Tursiart Thanks for letting me pimp my stuff on your very awesome blog! You are fabooo.


    Katana Leigh recently posted The Essential Guide to Writing For Children and Young Adults.

  565. I don’t randomly pimp my blog, mostly because I ramble. A Lot.
    But I’m working on a series of posts about shaming, bullying, guilt, and over all crap people shouldn’t do. So, ya’ll can check it out, or don’t.
    There are no taxidermied animals on my blog. Sorry.

    Tiffannie recently posted Shame, guilt, and other bullshit..

  566. 602
    Lisa Partridge

    My brother in law is a FREELANCE CARTOONIST AND ILLUSTRATOR. He is also a wonderful man, husband and father. His work is excellent.

  567. I don’t have anything to pimp out, I just wanted to let you know that ‘chocotaco’ is the greatest word ever to say out loud. Thanks for that! chocotaco chocotaco chocotaco…

  568. Here’s a link to the some of the search terms that brought people to my site. They’re more hilarious than anything I could type there anyway.


    Curiosity recently posted She is kind of functional. Nice and warm..

  569. Ask your local Gay and Lesbian Film Festival to select my short comedy “B2F”!

  570. Ten year-old Faith Abbey will walk 100 km (60 miles) to bring awareness to childhood cancer and raise $10,000 to donate to Childcan. Please donate here: http://childcan.kintera.org/faf/donorReg/donorPledge.asp?supId=0&ievent=1092281&lis=1&kntae1092281=3A7A3435AFDD46BEB79B25887CEBD708&team=
    Thank you!

  571. I totally read “chocotaco” as chocobo. And now I think chocobos should be made out of chocolate and they should be called chococobos.

    Also, you can find my totally awesome steampunk jewelry shop at http://www.etsy.com/fripparie.

  572. my etsy shop:

    I sell vintage clothing, fabrics, sewing patterns, kitchen
    15% off with coupon code BLOGGESSLOVE until 3/31/14

  573. I’m still so excited to see your posts on WordPress! I run a parrot welfare blog seeking to improve the lives of captive birds. You see, they’re real psychos (in the best way possible!) and not good pets. So that’s my goal: help your average person maybe not get bitten until their arms look like a junkie’s from the scars, like mine. :D

  574. Spy GARDEN! ! http://www.spygarden.com ! woo

    Spy Garden recently posted Marie-Antoinette, Gardener.

  575. Here’s my blog http://awesomelyunprepared.com
    It’s basically about me always feeling Awesomely Unprepared for life. Not even exciting kinds of life stuff – just the every day stuff haha. Hopefully I’m insightful, kind of funny in a dad joke kind of way and if you like adopted people who think “mummy wars” is the scourge of the earth, you might not mind it :)

    KezUnprepared recently posted (Part of) A day in the life with a 2 and a bit year old..

  576. I’m totally pimping my books :)
    Are you a Reader? Check out my paranormal series, Kindred of Arkadia, first book can be found here http://amzn.to/Qdzl2n Hey a book with over thirty 5 Star reviews can’t be all bad right ;)

  577. I want to pimp this animal rescue. They are brand new and doing a lot of good.

  578. I didn’t see this yet: TWLOHA http://twloha.com/ is amazing!

  579. Wanna laugh? Wanna cry? (Okay, mostly laugh) justponderin.com

    Lisa Dingle recently posted …on flying pig clouds and letting it go (loudly).

  580. Hi! We are doing the 5 Boro Bike ride in May to raise money for the ASPCA – no donation too small – please help us reach 2000$??
    http://www.teamaspca.org/index.cfm?fuseaction=donorDrive.participant&participantID=2958 <3

  581. Thanks Jenny!! I want to pimp out my real estate website- http://www.LouisvilleRealEstatePros.com. So, if you’re reading this and want to look at homes in Louisville KY, please check out my site! If you register, please list Gerri as your agent!! (BTW Jenny- love you bunches!- You’re awesome!)

  582. Switch on your fat-burning hormones by eating smarter. Or just buy these Eat Smarter cookboks so you don’t even have to think. http://www.amazon.com/Carrie-Brown/e/B00FIU8WES/?_encoding=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=390957&linkCode=ur2&qid=1395794875&sr=8-1&tag=foodifootn-20

  583. 621
    Elizabeth Green

    First a confession: I have never had a Chocotaco.
    Second: yay getting people drunk!
    Real post: I am wanting to start a blog/thing. Can I get any advise as to where? Squarespace? Hover! WordPress?! Anyone?? Is this thing on?? (taps computer) it will be for a blog and photo gallery. Need handholding as technology is not always friendly to me.

    (I’m a big fan of wordpress. ~ Jenny)

  584. I definitely have my own shit that I want to pimp, but instead I’m posting this link. Jenna made the brave decision to leave her abusive fiancee, and has a campaign to raise money to get a fresh start. No one is obligated to donate, of course! Check her out, though, her cause (and others like hers) is totally worth it.


  585. Read my blog where I travel the world and eat weird stuff. Jenny- keep up the WEIRDNESS!!!


  586. Cool stuffs for mommy and littles!! Custom bow ties, coffee cozies, bibs and more. 👊

  587. Well, fine then, since you are encouraging it. I’m a single girl with a blog about single girl shit and sometimes penises and stuff. Have a look if chicks with sailor mouths don’t bother you.


    And thanks, Jenny. You are such an inspiration :)

  588. Not affiliated with me in any way, but by god I love the stuff she sells! Skull casts! Also nice to support independent artists!

  589. Just pimping out my blog! I write about nerdy stuff like TV shows and video games, and sometimes about parenting and home life stuff. http://www.geekmeetslittlefeet.com

    Kristine N. recently posted How I Met Your Mother – “The End of the Aisle” (Spoilers).

  590. OMG another Etsy jewelry shop! Wheeee!
    But seriously, though.

  591. The smorgasbord known as (my) life… DIY & crafting, animal issues, veganism, writing, traveling, cooking, reading, pets, yoga, saving the world, cultivating passions, finding myself and following my heart.


  592. Definitely the only place online I can safely read comments. Well done, everyone!

    My thing: music!

  593. OMG, another Etsy jewelry shop:
    But seriously, though.

  594. For the singers/performers among you – y’all know about the little man inside your head that tells you how crap you are WHILE you are in the middle of a performance? http://amusingsofalyricsoprano.wordpress.com/2013/07/02/one-of-those-days/

  595. Hi there! I’m an Illustrator. I have an etsy store where I sell my artwork, and I also recently published an illustrated children’s book – Fish out of Water The story of an industrious young Garibaldi damselfish who builds a steam-powered contraption from the wreckage of a sunken ship in order to explore that mysterious realm above the ocean’s surface. My website is http://www.tursiart.com and my etsy store is https://www.etsy.com/shop/Tursiart
    Thanks so much for letting me pimp my art on your awesome blog, you are faboooo!

  596. 634
    Joyce Pugh

    http://esperanza.org/home/ Amazing people doing great work. A micro finance institution that supplements their group lending program with initiatives that improve education, vocational training healthcare and an integrated network of social services. Helping people lift themselves out of poverty

  597. Time for some shameless self-promotion! My blog is all about embracing life’s silver linings, check it out here >> http://www.anastasiaamour.com

  598. I’m promoting my mom’s Etsy shop where she makes incredible handmade aprons out of some really unique fabrics.


  599. My jewelry’s not taxidermied, but there’s something giant and metal, something that uses body parts, and a few with childhood toys. http://snagmetalsmith.org/members/pushingvision

  600. Pimpin’ my campaign to create a sustainable brewery in Detroit utilizing solar power, wind & bikes to produce energy for brewing!
    Pedal-Powered Beer Project: http://igg.me/at/Pedal-PoweredBeer

  601. Just want to pimp our blog about adult onset food allergies, information, articles and yummy recipes http://survivingthefoodallergyapocalypse.wordpress.com/

    denisedaniel recently posted Roasted Vegetable Stock.

  602. 641

    Love your crazy humor and wit Jenny and I’m old enough to be your mother!!! Promoting my line of beautiful and unique Heirloom Baby Items for that very special baby. http://www.cicibiancababy.com

  603. Wow, a great opportunity, and a list I hope to get through by 2015! Thanks, Jenny. :)
    My wife loves blogging and teaching/speaking about blogging tools. She is building a platform called I Teach Blogging. Free membership with forum, tutorials and videos. It’s a soft launch and more is added all the time.
    Thank you for visiting and doing a quick sign-up!!

    Andi recently posted Share a blog post draft with a friend.

  604. You should buy my book because it’s $2.99 and it’s funny. It’s called The Dirty Sweatpants of the Lost Colony and it’s about TREASURE. http://www.amazon.com/The-Dirty-Sweatpants-Lost-Colony-ebook/dp/B00E3F5U8K/ref=sr_1_fkmr0_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1395799532&sr=8-1-fkmr0&keywords=the+dirty+sweatpants+of+the+lost+colony

    Julie recently posted Fireplace Before and After.

  605. 644
    RothRocks ReWrites

    Just looked at 300 posts, bought some great stuff. Thanks, Jenny for another sleepless night. My friend makes unique baby gifts and is having her first baby soon. So go see her stuff at https://www.etsy.com/shop/rachelsewcrazy

  606. 645

    My Etsy shop with mostly mugs with pictures on them. https://www.etsy.com/shop/SecondChanceCeramics
    THANK YOU!! :D

  607. I have a blog. It is filled with pictures and stories of my family. They all have 4 legs, except the chickens. And the fish. My readers love my family and think I’m funny, but I pale in comparison to Jenny. http://www.the7msnranch.com

    the 7msn ranch recently posted Johnny stands his ground.

  608. I am raising money for the Lilith Fund in Texas in honor of my first baby whose pregnancy we terminated secondary to a diagnosis of Potter’s Syndrome.


  609. I have a kid’s book series – http://www.thecleverestmonkey.com … last Christmas I joined with some of my friends, and we donated 120 copies of my first book to Toys for Tots. This year – two more in the series are being released – I hope to donate 200 or more copies! :)

  610. 651
    Colleen Baker

    I want to say Thank You to Jenny for allowing me/us to Pimp out our stuff on her Blog. My favorite part of the day is reading what the Bloggess has to say. You ROCK, Jenny.
    This is my Etsy Shop….I sell vintage, retro and other cool items. Come check my shop out.

  611. Whatever, I like reading the comments people leave on your blog. I always find at least one that’s as funny as your blog is!

    totallyrandomgoodadvice recently posted Business Casual: Not That Casual.

  612. You’ve already pimped me more than a couple times recently which completely blows my mind, however, we’re still going here. For those that don’t know, I’m dying of cancer and could use a little help. http://gfwd.at/1bzBSgR And if you don’t want to give to me then give to someone else. Show the world that the human race cares and is prepared to help those of us who have been dealt an unfortunate hand.

  613. Amazon is donating up to $1 million to charity – $5 at a time plus 0.5% of your one-time purchase via their SMILE program. Check their homepage, upper right hand corner. You can pick your charity of choice off a list. Now go, buy a pony or something expensive.

  614. My friend Nate’s new book, Thimblerig’ s Ark.

  615. My sissie`s shop! She makes really cool beaded earrings! http://www.etsy.com/shop/CrowColors

  616. 657
    Rich Turner

    I don’t sell anything….but my coworker has a cousin going through a rough battle:


  617. I make fantastical needle felted creatures (like this rainbow unicorn) because I can’t do real jobs that you have to get out of bed to do. I also take custom orders. I’ll make almost anything (including rogue taxidermy type creatures and your favorite scifi creatures- like the dalek in my shop).

    J Rose recently posted He's An Orphan..

  618. My own blog. Nowhere near as good as this, obvi, but we have fun: http://hatetosaytoldyouso.blogspot.com/

    Moni Barrette recently posted Chris Martin & Goopy, sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S...oops!.

  619. 661
    Jenifer Kelley

    I am collecting donations for Relay for Life. I lost my dad to brain cancer in 2008, my army veteran cousin is currently fighting cancer, and just 4 days ago I lost my dog to cancer. Cancer sucks! Help me kick cancer in the ass by making a donation.


  620. Dark Matter Zine http://www.darkmatterzine.com/ is an online magazine focusing on geekery but mostly the written or movie kind. I’ve interviewed lots of interesting people http://www.darkmatterzine.com/category/interview/. I’ve been doing this for 3 and 1/2 years, mostly full-time, all for free with only 5 people ever making donations. I’d appreciate some love :-)

    Dark Matter Zine recently posted London Eye by Tim Lebbon.

  621. My best and oldest (seriously, she is older than me!) friends blog makes me laugh (almost) as much as yours. Here’s to people just living their life and doing their best. http://anunscriptedlife.com/

  622. I’ve tried to click on as many links as I can, but there’s friggin’ hundreds of them already! I have Aspergers and ADD, so I can concentrate like a motherfucker right up until I can’t and then I’ve got the attention span of a plastic bag. One of those useless ones where you put something pointy in it and the whole side splits open.

    Anyway. I have a blog about Aspergers and stuff. I’m in the process of giving it an overhaul to try to make it not suck. It’s here: http://www.lettersfromaspergia.com

  623. Nothing to pimp here. Just want to say that I adore you, Jenny! If I ever publish a book, I hope you’ll do this again so I can pimp myself here. Aaaaaand I can’t believe I actually just typed that sentence. :-)

  624. Jenny. I think you’re responsible for getting me a 300 item bulk sale (my link was way back at comment 51). The buyer didn’t come directly from here, but etsy shops that are getting more views tend to show up higher in searches, so I think I owe you big time for this! Thank you so very much for this. This one sale will earn more for me than all of my previous sales combined. I am grateful. So is my daughter. I told her we’d finally get to go to Chuck E Cheese when I get paid for this order.

  625. I’m in a children’s clothes sewing competition like project runway but for kids and I’d love it if you’d all take a minute to vote for my look! Just scroll to the bottom of the post and look to vote for Call Ajaire Sunbonnet Panda Pinafore. Bonus: you’ll get to see cute pics of my daughter :)

    Ajaire recently posted Put Me In The Zoo - Project Run & Play Week 1.

  626. Love you, Jenny! As for the pimping, check out the charity I run in Tanzania, working with the orphanage we adopted our two children from, which just got funding to create a family-style children’s village for kids who can’t be reunited with family after aging out of the orphanage! It’s a HUGE deal for us, and we need support to make it happen. http://www.thesmallthings.org – thanks!

  627. My hubby’s book– it’s dark, and realistic, with mental health turns and perspectives on life that still haunt me. Totally worth reading and not just cuz I’m his wife…but also because that… http://www.amazon.com/Orange-Buffalo-Grayson-Queen/dp/0615801676/

    rarasaur recently posted 21 Things I Irrationally Hate.

  628. My step-mom may be a vampire. Anyway, she wrote a book on Transylvanian Vampire Folktales.

  629. 672
    Lisa Shannon

    Artist and Illustrator Graeme Partridge-David http://www.okaywerun.com
    Artist and Stop Motion Animator Deanna Partridge-David http://www.etsy.com/shop/Deedeebirdy

  630. I’m a copy editor. I edit people’s writing – any kind of writing – and I’m very nice. http://www.kjcedits.com

  631. I write a blog, mostly about stuff I buy (I’m addicted to subscription boxes) or whatever floats my boat (i.e. what I have bought when manic). http:// awesomepossumblogorium.blogspot.ca is the place to be and I’m on Twitter @awesposblog :)

    Taylor Hawkins recently posted Good Things in the Mail - March 25, 2014.

  632. My friend Matt runs the Hero Construction Company. They go into schools and teach kids about being heroes not bystanders. It’s an epic movement that has implications beyond the traditional “anti bullying” programs. He’s also put together the hero round table conference to bring together workd experts on heroism. It’s awesome! http://www.theherocc.com/

  633. I’m a beauty product whore pimpin’ out my blog.

    Maurissa recently posted Fun in the Sun: Just the Basics.

  634. 677

    I want to let everyone know about an organization who helps women who are truly being pimped out. Selah Freedom helps victims if sex trafficking. You can learn more about them at selahfreedom.com.

  635. I am a someone who has a tendency to be ridiculous and over-dramtic and get into adventures because I can never seem to say “no” to something that sounds even remotely like an adventure. So naturally, I write about theatre and the arts and encouraging it in education of everyone! I write for Broadwayworld (http://www.broadwayworld.com/author/E-HReiter) and I am trying to establish my site on theatre as well at http://www.sempercasus.com

    Any readership is appreciated!

    Sempercasus recently posted Who doesn’t want to spend an evening with Duncan Sheik?.

  636. I would like to encourage people to listen to B1A4, a pop group from South Korea that I adore because on top of being good at singing, they also appear to be really nice people.


    Elizabeth recently posted Limits.

  637. I have to type this quickly, because I’m going to be comment #666! w00t! I want to pimp out this blog posting I wrote – I don’t actually make any money, but it’s kind of hilarious: http://www.nottobetrustedwithknives.com/2013/06/27/why-you-should-always-proofread/

  638. I have nothing in my life to Pimp out. I wrote a poem. Will that work?

    To Age With Wisdom

    I am almost sixty now.
    Each year etched somewhere
    in the gray of my hair,
    the thickness of my waist.
    Everyday my hands look
    more like my mothers.
    And still I have not changed.
    My heart still bleeds tears
    of when I was 12. when I was
    23, when I was 36. when I was…
    I remember things now:
    Things my mother told me,
    Like yesterday, yet years ago
    About always remembering…
    “Someday you will miss me,
    Your mother is your only friend.”
    I remember the mysteries,
    things she never said.
    About the fear of being.
    Pain of losing her father young
    Pain of losing her first born
    Fear of the outside world.
    Fears of being, just being…
    No child listens to the words.
    The Parent is a god:
    The Child is an atheist.
    It is not until God is dead
    Does the child find religion

  639. I’m pimping out my own words!! I have self-published 3 books (a collection of short stories, a novel, and a self-help book/memoir). People say nice things on Amazon, so maybe my books are OK:


    Thanks, Jenny!

    risingwoman recently posted Happy birthday, Alex!.

  640. Hi. My friend’s son Luke is getting a kidney after a 2+ year wait from a living donor on April 9th at Seattle Children’s Hospital. This is a military family and they are going to have mounting expenses with all the travel they have to do back and forth to hospital and things that aren’t covered by their insurance. I would appreciate it if you could help us raise $45000 to ease their financial burden.
    Transplant fund: http://tinyurl.com/oobjtq7

  641. I am on the advisory board of the You Can Do This Project. The easiest way to describe it is that it is similar to It Gets Better but for people with diabetes. It is all about being a light in someone else’s darkness. Everyone has a story to share (and everyone needs to hear some encouragement every once in a while too!).

    You can check out the videos that have been recorded and find out more about the project at http://youcandothisproject.com

  642. Thank you, you are awesome! I am a Young Living member and would love to help you all change your medicine cabinet and your life! All natural essential oils are replacing my OTC meds one after another! My blog for info about the oils (and my crafty things!) http://www.florellis.blogspot.com and to order a premium kit to get started http://Www.tinyurl.com/florellisyleoils

    Stephanie Flores recently posted Allergy sufferers, these are like gold!.

  643. 686

    I built a cool secret bookcase door which hides a little guest bathroom and I’m not even handy! Watch my YouTube video!
    http://youtu.be/xM09ZUmLGIo. Thanks, Bloggess ;)

  644. 687

    I built a very cool SECRET BOOKCASE DOOR! It hides a little guest bathroom, haha.
    Watch how on YouTube at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xM09ZUmLGIo&list=UUKkZ0h6DF5-GfLFtcUXxCVA.

  645. First? You are amazing, Jenny, and I love your writing. Second? I’d love to pimp out/shamelessly promote my blog, http://www.squareonemom.com. Sometimes it’s about my family. Other times just about random stuff. But it keeps me writing and away from reality TV shows that are embarrassing and major time-sucks. (Teen Mom 2, I’m staring directly at you.)

  646. I’ve always loved that the comments on this website are just as great as the posts. Your fans are pretty awesome people in general. Even if that includes me ;)

    CrissyMoss recently posted What is ‘Evil’?.

  647. Know a comic book geek?! Looking for something unique for them? Come by my etsy shop, I’m a geek and I make geek gifts!

  648. Paint-dipped wood earrings, wood beaded necklaces, little painted wooden cups and boxes for jewelry storage!


  649. Paint-dipped wood earrings, wood beaded necklaces, little painted wood cups and boxes for small jewelry storage!


  650. Pimping out a friend’s new online shop with lots of pretties! http://www.occasion-avenue.com. Also a new blog by me and the new hubs! http://www.chungbohling.com

    Connie recently posted Let them eat cake..

  651. 694
    jeanine farrell

    pimping maybe not..i would like to suggest that folks donate the output from their microbially balanced colons to those less fortunate..an astonishing number of people suffer and many die from intractable diarrhea when their guts are overrun by c. difficile..in trials, all it’s taken was the introduction of some, heh heh, good shit to reverse the condition..see ‘gulp’ by mary roach for a more detailed (and far more amusing) description of the process..kinda hard to get people to hop on that bandwagon tho..i suggested that UPS might lend its tagline (‘what can brown do for you?’), but no..sigh..maybe you can help to spread the good news about sharing one’s shit w the microbially disadvantaged..btw, new reports suggest that Crohn’s has a microbial etiology as well..please help

  652. I helped fully fund this Kickstarter project for OpenBCI, a low-cost, programmable, open-source EEG platform that gives anybody with a computer access to their brainwaves. Brain-computer interfacing (BCI) is a relatively new field of science with a seemingly limitless range of applications. Medical grade BCIs are often used in assisting people with damage to their cognitive or sensory-motor functions, however, more and more we are seeing affordable BCIs emerge in neurotherapy applications that assist people with ADHD, anxiety, phobia, depression, and other common psychological ailments.
    I donated because one of the creators is the son of a friend. At my reward level, I could honor someone who suffers from a debilitating neurological or cognitive disorder. This could include: depression, anxiety, ADHD, dementia, addiction, paralysis, or any condition that can be linked to the brain. All people honored by this reward will forever be listed on their website and in the comments of the OpenBCI core code library.
    I chose you, Jenny Lawson.
    Because as The Bloggess says, “Depression Lies.” But brain waves don’t, and hopefully we can see the truth using OpenBCI.

  653. I’m pumping myself!!! I’m a new designer! I love love love the jewelry. I have to become financially independent and really soon. Thank you :)

  654. So much great stuff here. My browser is now full of tabs, and I might have to cancel the rest of my working day. And it’s all your fault.

    One of my best friends have fibromyalgia. I guess a lot of you know that’s really bad shit. She wants to be able to get around so she can go to the doctors, meetings with social services, get treatments and have some kind of a social life without going into a coma of pain and tired.

    She has access to a car, but doesn’t have the licence because that’s expensive as shit in Norway. So she’s saving up, which takes a looong time when you’re living on whatever the social services feel like giving you (hint: not much).

    So, she started a fundrazr campaign so she might get money for half her licence, at least. Every little helps, said the old lady and pissed in the sea. Can’t hurt asking you guys for help, can it?


  655. Nothing to pimp out, just wanted to say that I bought your book yesterday after finding this blog a few days ago. Not via a weird google search btw. Via http://www.annewheaton.com. Which is also an awesome blog.

  656. I hopped on to pimp myself out, then got distracted by all this amazing stuff that people do, then felt bad about myself because I don’t have the talent for all this amazing stuff that people do and…where was I? Oh yeah…my travel blog. Could you have a look? I could use some blog love today xoxo thanks….http://apassportaffair.com/

  657. I could pimp my blog or something else, but… I wanna pimp this song I stumbled across after watching the adorable singing nun on Italian the voice – this is a song the judge she chooses has made, and I know diddly-squat Italian, but its so cool! J-AX Musica da rabbia (possible TW: blood) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YTHZfjElhu8&list=UUpeQe0391XqSnrLVxldlnug&feature=share&index=3

  658. This is my poetry blog, not usually as hilarious as our favoritie lady’s is, but I try.


    Check it out, send me your writing. Let’s be friends, but only on the internet.

    A. Francesca recently posted He’s one hell of a writer, but no good on paper..

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