So, yeah…

So I just turned in the first full draft of my next book and I’m simultaneously relieved, ecstatic and terrified (because that means the next step is editing, and editing is hard because all the usual voices in my head telling me that I’m shit turn into real voices from real people, although the voices of editors are much more kind and are more like, “This is great, but have you ever considered using commas?  Because most people find them quite nice.”

Regardless, the first giant hurdle is done and so it looks like the book will probably come out this year.  Yay!  And you should go buy the first one so you’ll better understand the second one, but I have to warn you that it’s confusing for most normal people so if you’re normal then maybe just read it in another language and then you’ll have a perfect reason to say why you don’t get it.  It comes out in Polish in a few months and I just saw the cover and there’s a bear on it.  And it’s a very nice bear and I was happy to approve it, but the weird thing is that I don’t actually remember a bear being in the book.  So basically I’m confused about my own book.  So now I know what other people feel like when they read me.

I’d put a picture here but I don’t know if I’m allowed to, so instead I’m going to put this gif of Hunter S. Thomcat and Ferris Mewler playing in an empty cardboard box.


Subtitles:  “Come in here.”  “No.”  “Come in here.”  “NO.”  “GET THE SHIT IN HERE.”

Also, I have a ton of half-written posts that I never finished because I was distracted by procrastination and so now I’m going to try to write them all up, so you’re probably going to see a bunch of weird stuff that might make me seem more ADD and manic than usual, but it’s not a cry for help.  It’s sort of weird that I have to clarify that.

But (yay!) I’m finished with the book I’ve been writing for the last two years (for a few seconds at least) and to celebrate (and to thank you for sticking with me even when I go kind of crazy) I’m going to give away a few autographed copies of Let’s Pretend This Never Happened.  Just leave a comment and I’ll pick a few randomly.  Or if you don’t want my book I’ll send you a gift card and you can buy Allie’s.  It’s quite good.  Or you can read this one.  It’s made for kids but if you don’t read children’s or YA books you’re missing out on a lot of good shit.  Just saying.

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  1. Congratulations on finishing your book … and thank you for again making me feel like an underachiever. ;)

  2. Hooray for the second book getting another step closer to being in my hands! I can’t wait to read it. :)

  3. Yay! I can’t wait to read the new one :)

  4. Congratulations! I cannot wait to read this one.

    Portia Turner recently posted The Cause of Spontaneous Combustion!.

  5. CONGRATULATIONS! I can relate since I just finished mine, but I am still looking for a professional editor. I can’t wait to hand it off! The critique will come later. gulp

    susielindau recently posted Woohoo! 1337! What?.

    Also, love the cat gif. Cats and boxes are the surest way to win at internets.

    Jennifer recently posted Japanese Turkey.

  7. Awesome. And congrats. :) I’d love to hold a book your hand once touched!

  8. Your cats are the best. :P And who wouldn’t want to read a book with a mouse on the cover, that becomes a bear in Poland, cause… Yeah I got nothing. ;)

  9. That’s so exciting! Can’t wait to read it.

  10. Yea! I’m so excited for the newest book to hit the shelf! Can’t wait to read it! You are awesome!

    Rhonda recently posted A Reminder About Stranger Danger.

  11. Loved your first book. Congrats on #2. I look forward to reading it (and Allie’s too!)

  12. Congrats on the book! I loved the first one. I had mentioned buying it to my sister and the next day it was waiting for me on my doorstep! Gotta love a sister who never questions your choice of reading material.

  13. Yay, you for finishing your second book!! I would love a signed copy of your book. I don’t think there is anyone who follows you who wouldn’t want your book.

    Cats and cardboard boxes = endless entertainment.

    marydpierce recently posted Weekly Photo Challenge: Abandoned.

  14. OMGOMGOMGxA MILLION! Can’t wait to read this thing!!!

    Nic recently posted I Was Home During a Psycho Intruder’s Break-In Attempt, and I Survived.

  15. Congrats on finishing book 2! I can’t wait to read it, you’re first book was like you were in my brain, no confusion here what-so-ever.

  16. You are awesome, as always! Can’t wait to read the new book. Last week I experienced a much darker spate of depression than I normally have and I used some techniques in some of your posts to cope…then I spent 2 hours poking through your Pinterest pages (and wherever else that took me), laughing my ass off.

    I guess I’m just trying to say–you make me smile, laugh and help with the real shit too. :)

  17. I don’t think I need to say that I am excited. But in case I do, I’m excited. ;)

  18. I lent my copy of “Let’s Pretend…” to a friend going through a divorce–I’d LOVE to be able to her her an autographed one!

  19. Congrats, I haven’t read the 1st one yet, but it’s bought and on top of the (physical) to read pile.

  20. Congratulations! As a journalist who is finding it hard to be motivated, I know how amazing it feels to finish!

  21. I can honestly say that you have helped me get through some serious shit in my life. I think you are fabulous and i <3 you. I cannot wait until your next book comes out!!!!! I am making a goal to go to a signing :)
    Allie’s book was awesome sauce as weel :)

  22. 22
    Richelle Schilling

    I can’t wait for the next one! Congratulations! Also would love to win an autographed version of the first one, let’s be honest.

  23. WOW! That’s great! I’m constantly writing a book in my head, but it never seems to make its way on to the paper! Can’t wait to read it.

  24. Yay!! Can’t wait for book 2!!

  25. Congrats, you are done! I loved the first one and Allie’s book. Seeing you here on tour was also fantastic. I can’t wait till this one is out. Thanks for braving the critics and editors for us.

    Kelly and Geoff recently posted OPEN MIC OPERA on Tuesday March 11 at 7 pm in Cambridge.

  26. Congrats!! Can’t wait to laugh like crazy reading it!

  27. Can you just make a book of cat gifs? I would totally buy that.

  28. Congratulations on finishing your book!

  29. 29
    Shawna Biccum

    Sigh. I still haven’t had a chance to wad the first one!

    Must go borrow it.
    :) congratulations!

  30. Such exciting news! I loved the first so much. Legit laughed to tears at some points. Cannot wait for the next one :)

  31. OMG I am so excited I am so going to give this book to my parents when it comes out here!

  32. Loved the first book–can’t wait for the second!

  33. I already have your first book and Allie’s, so I’m just posting to say I am geeked to read your next one.

  34. Houray!!! So excited for you! Good job. You’re a glorious genius.

    Also is it a real bear or a taxidermy bear? I like bears.

    Marianna Annadanna (from Canada) recently posted Tomorrow is the end. Fucking balls..

  35. My kids are home for the 38947389247th snow day this year, and we’re trapped inside because it’s all nasty and icy out, and I feel like I’m slowly going completely insane … but I just thought you should know that the fact that you’re going to have a second book — and that it might even come out THIS YEAR — makes today infinitely more bearable somehow. So thank you.

  36. Congrats! This is super exciting. Can’t wait to read the new one.

  37. I haven’t gasp read your first book yet, so commenting in hopes of winning a copy! :D I kept hoping to make it to a tour stop and get my copy then, it just never happened.

  38. 38
    Siobhan Tunstead

    Congrats! the voices in my head say congrats too.

  39. You linked to three awesome books in the post! What else is worth reading (other than your next book which I will have to wait for)?

    5kmm recently posted Testing.

  40. 40
    Joann Mariani

    Let’s hear it for another round of giggling out loud like a lunatic whilre riding public transportation! Can’t wait for the new one.

  41. 41
    Brittany Weber

    Yeah I can’t wait to read the next book!

  42. Ahhh, cats and boxes. Add wine and the fun never ends.

  43. 43
    Beth Anne Heath

    Congraulations! Your book is my husbands daily bathroom reader! :)

  44. Good job on turning in that draft! I still refer to your book as “the one that made me laugh so hard I almost died” to my husband. I can’t wait to read the next book!

  45. Woohoo! Can’t wait to read the new one!

  46. Exciting! Is there a title yet?

  47. 47
    kelly hollis

    YAY FOR FREEE AUTOGRAPHED BOOKS!! Can’t wait for #2!

  48. Go you! That’s fantastic.

  49. I just love the five minutes when the all encompassing Stuff is finished, before you replace it with even more stuff

    And also is love a book :p

  50. The gif. I have nothing better to add.

  51. Congrats! This is super exciting. Can’t wait to get the new one!

  52. your book seemed perfectly normal to me.

  53. Books are the best things in the world. I’m o glad there is a second and that I can get my hands on it in less than 365 days. Commas are overrated. Also, March 16 is my 2 years without cutting so you should like party your socks off :)

  54. 54
    Harmony Williams

    I would love a copy of your book. I’ve read it but I checked it out from the library so I would love a copy to loan to my friends and family (plus to read again myself).

  55. Already clearing a space on my bookshelf (and in my heart) for your new book. pick me What? Who said that?

    random elouise recently posted YOUR MONDAY MORNING PICK-ME-UP.

  56. I am so excited about your next book! And I totally understood the first one. Actually, that’s a scary thought. Anyway, love your writing, your blog and, yes. Your neuroses.

  57. Commas are cool but semi colons are much cooler and way less mainstream.

    veronica recently posted Frankenchicken.

  58. Congrats on book 2!!

  59. I have the kindle version of your book, but would love a hard copy… I like the smell of real books and tablets just can’t replicate it… maybe they should look into a “book smell” app… somebody invent that shit…

  60. HUGE fan from Mexico over here!

    I loved your book. It changed the way I thought about myself. It made me understand that life’s imperfections and weird moments are the ones that define who we are.

    I learned to embrace my imperfections, awkwardness, and crazy-ass weirdness and actually appreciate them.

    Thank you for everything!

  61. Congratulations! So happy for you!

  62. Oh my gosh, can’t wait for the next one and I’d love a signed copy of the first one!

  63. Huzzah!!!! And congratulation on finishing the second book : D. I am so looking forward to it!

  64. Yay! Congrats on sorta finishing the second book! Loved the first and am definitly looking forward to this one!

  65. 65
    Christina Wilson

    Cannot wait for your next book!!!

  66. Yay! I haven’t read your first book yet either. Stupid things like food and rent taking all my money.

  67. YEAH a 2nd book:) would love to have a hard copy of the first one:) i have the e-book and well it hurts my eyes:)

  68. DIE VAMPIRE DIE, Miss Jenny!!! So proud you’re killing those vampires to show something we are all so excited for :D

  69. please release the audio version at the same time… I can not read the written word.. my wife will think I am cheating!

  70. Would love to have the book. No matter how much my hubby and kids tick me off reading your stuff makes me laugh. :) Thanks

  71. Please send me a copy… I had a hardcover but it was stolen because of awesome. It was too good, and my mom or my sister took it but they’re not talking so I’m suffering. Basically, it’s your fault I’m out the book so you kinda owe me.

  72. Congrats!! I can’t wait for this one to come out!! :)

  73. 73
    Jean Carlos

    Can’t wait for the next book, I totally laughed until I cried while reading the first one! Happy to be “not normal” so I totally got it!

  74. I already have and have read both of them, but an autographed copy would be nice.

  75. HUGE congrats on finishing and turning in the book! Can hardly wait to read it! (I’m sure the editors just sprinkle commas on when you aren’t looking, anyway. Don’t sweat the commas. Me, I suck like a Dyson. Writing-wise, I mean. sigh I have to go now…)

  76. Well done :D Can’t wait to read your next book (no pressure :)

  77. Whoop whoop! Book two!

  78. YAY! And here I am editing stories for my lit mag. I promise we editors try to be nice, and everything we say is us trying to make you look your absolute best. (Even if we get frustrated about the comma thing sometimes.) Congrats on the new book!

  79. 79

    I am pandering for an autographed copy of your book. I bawl every time I read it. It is tragic and hilarious. I have purchased copies and sent them to strangers on Twitter. I think you are a hero!

  80. Congrats! I just got my first ever article published today. Three cheers for everyone!

    Steph recently posted And This Is Why I’m A Cat Person.

  81. I already own both your book and Allie’s, because you are both awesome sauce, but I haven’t yet read Kate DiCamillo’s newest (although I have read a few others of hers – Despereaux was so lovely).

    Congrats on finishing the draft of the new book.

  82. Congrats! I would love a signed copy of your first book!!

  83. 83

    Oh well done you! Congrats. Commas are overrated. Mwah!

  84. Omg! This is so exciting. I can’t wait to read it.

  85. Oh lawwwww…. you do make me laugh!

    Mandy @ South Your Mouth recently posted Skillet Bowtie Lasagna.

  86. Thanks for always brightening my day!

  87. Congratulations on finishing the new book! Can’t wait to read it :)

  88. Ohhh, so excited for you that you finished your book…and can hardly wait to read it! Read your 1st book twice. :D

  89. I’m so proud, and your publisher had a crazy awesome turnaround time if they can get it out this year. I can’t wait.

    Thank you for being so awesome, and I look forward to more hilarious things to read. :D

  90. I have your first book by my bed, waiting for me to finish the one I am reading now. So if you pick me, I guess I will go with Allie’s. :)

  91. Bravo! Best wishes for gentle editing. (You can pay forward if I win–I own your book, and Allie’s). Thanks!

  92. So excited for the book! Loved the firsy one so much!

  93. 93

    So exciting! Congrats, Jenny!

  94. Oh I’m so glad you are putting out another book. I need more things in my house that show the neighbors I’m weird.

  95. I chose your first book as my book club’s read-of-the-month in summer 2012. We laughed so hard we cried!! Can’t wait for the new one.

  96. Hooray and Congratulations on finishing up number two! Excited to break another spine a la Bloggess ;)

  97. 97
    Amy Anderson

    Books are good. I want one. Hopefully yours.

  98. Maybe the bear is referencing the fact that you ‘bear all’ in your book.
    Very exciting! And I feel for you on the editing bit. Or I would if I could find anyone to edit my stuff. I get all ready for the criticisms and then I just get a few comments about the tense I use and NOTHING USEFUL to make my writing readable.

  99. I would die if I was picked. Jenny, you are so amazing! My friend (ex friend now), STOLE my copy of your first book. I WANT IT BACK. She claims she doesn’t have it. Whore. Anyways, I’d love to win a signed copy, so if I see her next I can be all “oh yeah, I have a signed copy”, and when she says hers isn’t signed I can be all “AH HA, I knew you stole it!”. See, this needs to happen.

  100. cannot wait for the second book! I recommend the first one to everyone…when they are finished some of them look at me weird.

  101. Congrats! The editing process can be scary, but remember…YOU wrote a book – not everyone can do that.

  102. Hurray! Congrats!

  103. I already have a signed copy of your book, I just wanted to congratulate you. WOOHOO!! Go Jenny, you did it! Congratulations!

    Maya recently posted My Own Worst Enemy.

  104. Oh I can’t wait!!

  105. 105

    Yay! Presents for all!

    itzybellababy recently posted My Etsy page products.

  106. 106
    Lyn Whittlesey

    Congratulations on completing your book! I am in awe of anyone who can write a book! I feel like if I wrote my life story people would be nodding off after the first page or two, maybe sooner. But I suppose that it could be a good marketing gimmick. You know, something like “Having trouble sleeping?! Well we have got a cure for you! Read Lyn’s book! We guarantee that you will be sleeping like a baby in no time!”. I find my life story fascinating and often relive moments and think about what I should have done or said differently. Come to think of it, perhaps that is how I torture myself.

  107. I read your first book.. looking forward for second.. !

  108. Congratulations! (I tend to make epic typos, and I originally typed conratulations, which also seems appropriate, somehow…)

  109. Super congrats. Maybe now I’ll be inspired to really hit my second draft. Can’t wait to see what little insights you packed away in this one.

  110. Big Congrats for getting this far, and can’t wait to see your random posts… :)

  111. 111
    Amy Frevert

    Poor Ferris Mewler. Orange cats can be soooo mean, just ask my two non-orange cats.

  112. I’d love a copy of your book. I think of you as being Junie B. Jones for grown ups. Or those of us pretending to be grown ups.

    Dylan Emrys recently posted “You Know What Causes That, Don’t You?”.

  113. I freaking love your book. I laughed ’til I cried. And felt a little less alone.

    Kat recently posted Bring on 2014.

  114. Congratulations!! I’m STILL struggling with finishing my first…damn nasty internal editor. Sigh. Can’t wait to pick up the new one…I’ll have to re-read Let’s Pretend in the meantime. :)

    Jess at No Pithy Phrase recently posted Furballs Run My Household.

  115. Yay, you! Glad I’m not the only adult who enjoys my kids books. My DD and I read Flora & Ulysses aloud, parts of it made me tear up. Love me some Kate DiCamillo. Also Mo Willems– I am sad that my DD is too old for his target audience, but we always read his new books whne they come out anyway because hs makes us giggle. Plus we NEED to find the pigeon. Allie’s book was great, too.

    Can’t wait to read your new book!

  116. Congrats!! Also….ME! PICK ME! PWEASE??? :D

  117. Can’t wait for the next one!!!! When can it be pre-ordered? I have you first, but would love an autographed copy!

  118. I cannot wait for the new book!

  119. 119
    Ethel Mertz

    Congrats on the book! I can’t wait!

  120. Congrats on finishing the first part! :) You are awesome.

  121. Congrats on the 2nd book! I’m reading your first for the 3rd time.

  122. Editing sucks for most people so don’t sweat that. Your voice will shine through, and copy editors are often geniuses, and we love you so it’s all going to be okay. Pinky-swear!

    Fran FW recently posted Photo.

  123. Yay! I’m doing a victory dance with you…only, it’s in my head, because I can actually dance in my head, but not so much for real. Anyway, can’t wait to read it!

  124. YAY! for finising your book! I look forward to reading it. I love your first book. I’ve also read Allie’s and I agree, it’s great. Now I’m all interested in the other book listed! It looks like something I MUST have.

  125. Congrats on finishing the book!! You are a riot!

  126. I would love to win a copy!

  127. Congratulations! But I’m still biting my thumb in wonder over “itchy cat nipples.”

  128. I am super eager to read this new one because now possibly I might be able to catch you on this book tour instead of being dumb and missing it for work again.

  129. Way to go!! It is awesome that you are done and yes editing can be annoying, but you wrote it. That is a lot more than most people have done!

  130. I’m fortunate enough to have a copy of your book with a bookplate you signed for me when you were in PDX. But I’d sure love a copy of Allie’s!! Funds are right right now, or I’d have bought it already.

    Woohoo on finishing book 2!!

  131. HIGH KICK on the draft! And I just went ahead and bought Allie’s book. How could I resist after all those blurbs?

  132. Currently I spend my days reading dating profiles and re-writing them for I’d love to win a copy of your book because even though the profiles often give me a laugh, it’s not a pee-pants laugh, it’s more of a, “oh bless your heart, sir or ma’am, I can’t believe you actually put that in your profile,” kind of laugh. Make me laugh the good kind of laugh again, Jen!.

  133. What a freaking awesome accomplishment, again!
    I’d rather you autograph a cat and send it to me but a book would be the next best thing.

  134. Pick me. I like bears

  135. Holy crap new Bloggess book so happy

  136. 137
    Sara Simeral

    Yay! Can’t wait to read the next one! :)

  137. Congratulations! Really looking forward to your new book. Allie Brosh’s is in the same galaxy of awesomeness.

  138. Woo hoo! Good job finishing the book!

  139. Yay on the book! I get ya about editing. It can be painful, but you’ll be fine! You’re awesome!

  140. Congrats on your book! I absolutely loved the first one (and it is my go-to for gifts for people) and am so excited for your next one to come out! :-)

  141. Congratulations! I can’t wait to read it!

  142. I have to admit I’ve already purchased and read your first book and I cannot wait for the second one!! Would love to have a signed copy for my bookshelf though, I only have the digital version currently. Love you! :-D

  143. I’m just thinking you NEED to be manic and ADD to live the life you’ve grown into. Y’know? :) Love you as always.

  144. I would love one before it comes out in Polish with another strangely disturbing animal on the cover:)

  145. Can’t wait to read your next book. Try not to doubt yourself. We all think we write shit. And we may even think it’s shit after it’s published. But other people don’t. So, there’s something. Congratulations!

    Jenny Williams recently posted Fasting.

  146. 147
    Amber Peppers

    congrats on finishing! can’t wait to read the new book!

  147. 148

    I bet you get a million comments from people wanting a copy of your book. I already have a copy – but I would love an autographed copy!

  148. 149

    Yay! Good for you! I can’t wait to read it. Let’s Pretend This Never Happened helped me out on so many bad days.

  149. I would love an autographed copy of your first book and can’t wait to read the second. Congratulations finishing the first draft!

  150. 151

    Congratulations!! Can’t wait to pick up a copy. :D

  151. UBER excited to read the new book, also I’m pretty sure beaver translates to bear in Polish… so that might explain it…

  152. Fantastic! Congrats! I have a well loved copy of Let’s Pretend, but it is always out on loan to someone in my family :). I would love a copy to selfishly keep on my bookshelf!

  153. 154
    Margaret McDowell

    Yea! A new book! Please pick me to receive LPTNH because I am the biggest procrastinator and I’m too poor to buy one.
    (Not really poor. More like a horrible liar.)

  154. Congratulations! I look forward to reading the second book when it comes out!

  155. I’m going to buy your book a fourth time. My hardcopy keeps getting loaned out then inexplicably is missing.
    So then I got it from amazon, but i need a copy with the extra chapter cuz sometimes I’m ocd like that.
    On your next book, please do a sighning in Tucson AZ. I promise I’ll ditch work to be there.

  156. 157
    Rachel Findlay

    I can’t wait to read your new book!

  157. Love your blog. Congratulations on finishing your book!

  158. 159

    Congratulations!! Can’t wait to pick up a copy! :D

  159. Just finished your first book, found out I exist in a world where there are other people like me. Most appreciated.

  160. I think you need a tee shirt in your shop that says “I’m sorry but I was distracted by procrastination”. I’d buy it. Oh and your next book, too sweetie because you are the bomb!

  161. Congrats and Cheers!

  162. Awesome! I’d love a hard copy, I only have the digital version :)

  163. 164

    Yay! Good for you! I can’t wait to read it. Let’s Pretend This Never Happened got me through so many bad days.

  164. Funny you should mention a bear. I just finished reading the chapter in your book when you talk about your miscarriages and the wonderful birth of Hailey, when you talk about what the doctor would find during your first ultrasound and you mention the baby being twins, triplets, a Republican or A SMALL BEAR! There you go. THAT explains the bear on the Polish book cover.

    Teri recently posted Celebrating REAL stars again....

  165. 166
    cassandra rowe

    I was at a discount store the other day and saw a frisbee that had a phallus on it and wanted to buy it for u but figured that’d be super weird or maybe Victor might get super jealous cuz it was a pretty big phallus. Maybe it was a banana but it totally looked like a phallus. Either way you should be totally stoked that you were the first person i thought of when i saw the banana phallus frisbee.

  166. 167
    Amanda Cruz

    Oh my! You are on a roll today! I seriously talk about you and Beyonce (the chicken) on a weekly basis. It is now how me and the lady I order office supplies from start all of our conversations. Congrats on the step forward on your new book!!

  167. SO EXCITING!! I’m gonna make my work book club read it when it comes out. (I work with awesome people.)

  168. ME ME ME!! Please?

  169. 170

    How exciting! Congratulations on finishing the second book! I haven’t read your first one yet, so I would love to win a copy of it!

  170. I can’t wait to keep my husband awake with my cackling laughter when I read your second book, like I did when I read your 1st!
    Congratulations, Jenny! <3

  171. Yayyyy! So excited for the book to come out. The editors may be scary, but in the end it is all worth it. Just remember, you are awesome & nobody can take that away. :-)

  172. Awesome! Congrats on finishing, I look forward to reading it.

  173. Can’t wait to read the next book and your random blog entries.

    Melanie recently posted 30/30 Challenge.

  174. Congrats on finishing your book! Can’t wait to read it ^_^

  175. Congratulations! I can’t wait til the new book comes out!

  176. Ok, I NEED a signed copy of your book. Because stress.

  177. Congrats on the second book being almost ready to be printed! That is awesome! :)

    (It’s so, so far from ready to be printed. But with a few months of editing, deleting and rewriting…fingers crossed. :) ~ Jenny)

  178. Yay, new book! Congrats!

  179. Oooh Me! Pick Meeee! and also congratulations!

    michelesometimes recently posted Michele Sometimes at RFD.

  180. Your first book is like you took my voice out of my head and wrote it down. That probably scares you. It scared me at first, but now I feel pretty good about it, because it’s like I have a twin who does not know that I exist. Only, sometimes I wonder if everyone feels that way about your writer’s voice and so maybe I don’t have a twin, only an author that I like and identify with. My husband refuses to change his name to Victor and that’s probably good because it would be a little creepy. Anyway – I cannot wait to read the new book! By the way, I read your first book to my children. I know – adult language, but they know that I cuss and they cuss in the house just not outside of the house (ok, in the car, too). They loved it!

  181. Well done! Now give me a signed copy of your book. :-D

  182. 183
    Julie Harris

    “Let’s Pretend This Never Happened” is on my list of FAVORITE books of all time! I’ve been a voracious reader for over 50 years and I laughed so much when I read that book that I had to switch to water-proof mascara because the tears were staining my face! When I read your blog I can picture every character in your life because your writing is THAT GOOD!

  183. Congratulations! I loved the first one.

  184. 185

    Pick me! Pick me!

  185. YAY! I’m so excited for the new book!!! It shall be wonderful I’m sure :)

  186. There IS a bear. It’s a dead bear raised up out of the way on a table. I may or may not have read your book a thousand times…

    Ashleigh recently posted Drowning and Depression.

  187. Congrats on your book! Can’t wait to get it. :-)

  188. I’m leaving a comment even though I am pretty sure you wouldn’t post to Australia. But I just wanted to let you know the first piece of yours I read was the one where you bought the bear head and I laughed so hard I had to close my office door because I’m a school counsellor and I was afraid they might have thought I’d lost my mind, in there by myself cackling with tears rolling down my cheeks. You funny.

  189. Yay! A new book- I need more pee my pants humor in my life right now :)

  190. Well done, lady! Way to hit a major milestone. I would luuuuuurve a signed copy of yer book if you see fit to give one to me. :D

  191. Can’t wait for the second book, the first one has now been recommended to every person that mentions, even vaguely, that they read in any form. A signed copy would be amazing! Also, apologies on behalf of Canada for all the hassle coming to talk to us in Winnipeg last month. i know we had nothing to do with it, but apologizing is part of our cultural heritage. We can’t help it.

  192. Congratulations! This is a happy day for you and us, your readers! Can’t wait for your next book!

  193. Congratulations! (And I’m really looking forward to reading that.)

    I already have your first book, and even though it’s not signed, if I should win, please just send it to somebody who really needs a good laugh. But sign it to me anyway, I hear that’s nearly traditional by now…

  194. You Rock Jenny… Can’t wait to read the next book!

  195. Ooooo sweet. I had your book on my Kindle and then my Kindle tried to die a horrible death and when I brought it back to life, all my books were gone. It made me super sad because I hadn’t had a chance to read your’s yet.

  196. Congratulations that is so awesome. I loved the first book and now I’m actually wondering why I don’t have a copy. It made me want to read random excerpts to people on the streets :)

  197. Congratulations! I love your kitties :D

  198. 199
    Jennifer B.

    Congrats on finishing your second book. I read your blog faithfully and it always puts a smile on my face. So, thank you! :)

  199. So the voices in our head turn into real people? Damn, there goes my magnum opus for another 30 or so years.

    Congratulations!! I hope you know how much you rock.

  200. Congratulations on finishing your book! Just remember:do Hemmingway said the first draft of anything is shit, so if it’s shit, you’re on the right track! :)

  201. Yay new book! I should really go get a copy of your current one, it’s just painful trying to get decent stuff where I live and postage is a bitch.

  202. 203
    Lisa Yzaguirre

    Yay!!! Congratulations on finishing the new book! Can’t wait to read it!

  203. That was ROCK, that us unless you want to get Rick Rolled

  204. Can’t wait! The first was fantastic!

  205. Well done! I’d love a signed copy of your book.

  206. Congrats! Happy day for you and us, your readers!

  207. Another book, &%&%!!! You have destroyed my brain with Happy. I wouldn’t say no to an autographed copy, either… :D

  208. I agree that YA books have a lot of good shit. Anyway, leaving a comment because I am very much in need of a copy of your book, so this is impetus for you to pick me (ooh ooh, pick me, pick me!). Of course, should you not pick me, I’ll probably buy a copy anyway because a) I want to read it and 2) I’m going on vacation soon and love to take good books with me on vacations. The fact that I’m going to buy it even if you don’t send me one shouldn’t be an incentive for you not to send me one, though!

  209. 210
    Nancy Smith

    Congratulations on finishing your second book! I haven’t yet read the first but I definitely plan to!

  210. 211
    Stacey Buck

    My husband bought me your first book for Christmas and I think it’s one of the funniest things I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading. I seriously read whole chapters out to him! To be honest it’s gotten us through some tough times lately so for that I’d like to say thank you ( things still aren’t great btw so please hurry up with the next book).

  211. Congrats! I can’t wait till it comes out.

  212. 213
    Xid Trebor

    Ohh . . . a signed copy – that would be awesome. Do you think Hunter S. Thomcat would sign it too?

  213. 214
    Justin elson

    Can’t wait to read the new book. My mom gave me your first one which is awkward and awesome all at the same time!

  214. I would very much like a copy of the first book!

  215. So exciting, I can’t WAIT for the new book!!

  216. Congrats!! Break out the vodka.

    Psychobabble recently posted Reminders.

  217. Congratulations!!!
    When are you coming to Alaska?
    We have cookies. and moose. and moose cookies.

  218. Well done on finishing your second book!! I’ve read your first book so I am a fan and I’ll definitely be reading your new one when it is published. Also thanks for brightening up my day and making me feel like I’m not alone in my abnormality.

  219. Congratulations! I can’t wait to read it.

    Angela recently posted Angelina Jolie, Louis Zamperini interview with Tom Brokaw.

  220. 221
    Bunny Goodrich

    Dearest Bloggess,

    I am amazed that you wrote a second book!!! I am working on my Masters, I also work as an RN, and I too, am a tad crazy… I never bought your book because I feel GUILTY reading anything but school work, but your blog keeps me going, THANK YOU!!!! much love and even more success!!! bun

  221. Congratulations! One (big humongous gigantically important) step down!

  222. LOVED “Let’s Pretend this Never Happened”!!! Got the audio version and hearing it read by you made reading your blog even better! Can’t wait for book number 2!

  223. Hooray!! I’m so proud of you for finishing another book, and I can’t wait to read it!

  224. I only just discovered you a few months ago, and because of that I have not yet experienced “Let’s Pretend This Never Happened”. So I have to say Congrats!
    and editing shouldn’t be too traumatic!

  225. Wasn’t there a picture of a bear your dad was working on that was elevated to the roof of a garage on the book?

  226. I lent my copy of Lets Pretend to a friend and I don’t know if I will ever get it back. Please pick me! And I can’t wait to read your new book!

  227. Woohoo! I’m so excited for your next book. I was in Vegas with my family, and I brought your book to share, but when my sister tried to take it home I told her she would have to be REALLY careful, since you had signed it. She decided instead to just buy it herself. I’ll have to check out Flora & Ulysses. My son is a huge reader and would probably appreciate it, thanks :)

  228. 229

    Congrats on finishing your next book!! :) So excited!

  229. Can’t wait to read book #2!!

  230. Good for you Jenny-can’t wait! I go to the library several times a week (sometimes for books/sometimes to pick up my teens who are “studying” with their girlfriends). Each time I’m there, I discreetly take your book off the shelf, walk over to their fancy-shmancy display case, and remove whatever it is they want the good folks of NH to read, and I place your book on the pedestal where it belongs. You’re the best

  231. 232

    I love both your and Allie’s books! I always look forward to a new post from you so having a new book will be awesome.
    Congrats on getting the first draft out! Is it kind of like packing… You know how you are so organized when you start and everything is in a box properly labeled and by the end you are just wanting to be done so you are throwing all kinds of leftover crap into boxes labeled “miscellaneous” and you’ve no idea what you are going to find when you open it? I’ve never written a book, but I think that is how I’d feel.

  232. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! I am so excited for your second book, I finished the first one recently and now I may just flail about till the second comes out!

  233. I love(d) your book!!! It granted me many odd looks on a flight to Atlanta and then back when it first came out. I feel like I should book a flight just so can I repeat the experience with book #2 – any suggestions?

  234. Love your blog! Congratulations on finishing your new book

  235. Congratulations! I can’t wait to read the second book! I loved the first one and recommend it regularly.

  236. Yay! Cant wait!

  237. Congratulations! You should give me a signed copy of your book, because I only have an Ebook version of it and how can you sign on of those?

  238. It’s kind of awesome that it’s coming out in the same year, you know?

  239. 240

    Ooh, pick me, me, me, me! I don’t have your first book yet – I read the library copy.

  240. 241
    Dark Matter Zine

    Congratulations! I’m not sure what would be scarier: book one or book two!
    From a reading perspective, I can’t wait :-)

  241. Congratulations on finishing the book!

  242. 243

    Yay!!! Congrats! Would LOVE and autographed copy! Also, keep lil old Spokane WA, in mind when it’s time to book tour! Be fun to have you visit up this way!!!

  243. Hurray can’t wait to read it or the posts you are going to finish.

  244. This is how I found your book. I got a Kindle and was browsing biographies cause that”s what I like to read. Your book popped up. I liked the title and the Mouse with the cape so I bought it. Best thing ever. I told my Sister and Cousins about it. They all wanted to borrow it. But its on a Kindle so i cant do it. A few months passed and my son came home for a visit. I was telling him about this great book I read by Jenny Lawson. Of course he was only half listening to me as twitter had his attention. So I’m telling him about your conversations with Victor. Me….Victor….Me…..Victor. Well, he stopped dead in his tracts and said “Jenny Lawson, The Bloggess? I said “yea, that’s what I have been saying”. He showed me a photo taken at the farewell party of The Best Show on WFMU. Someone gave him a framed stained glass mouse with a cape. He said it was your book cover. My son is @betheboy

  245. Hoo-rah! Can’t wait

  246. Nothing — NOTHING IN THE WORLD, and yep, that includes orgasms, the miracle of birth, and the discovery of salt caramels — has ever felt better to me than finishing the first draft of my first book. It was the sweetest moment I’ve ever known. And now I, too, am working on my second. I hope yours is a rollicking success! Congratulations, Jenny, and so much aloha to you.

  247. Yay for the new book! If you happen to select me to receive the signed copy of the first one, I will treasure it always. I will hug it and squeeze it and call it George. Er….

  248. Congrats! I enjoy your stream of thought posts. It is how my brain is working lately. My mantra is…don’t let you head explode!

  249. Book 2! Damn yeah!

  250. please pick me! my friends love your book and I haven’t read it yet…..

  251. Congratulations on your accomplishment!!! I’d love to have a copy! I’ve checked it out three times from the library already. lol

  252. 254
    Chris Rasure

    Good lord you make me laugh…

  253. Thank god!! While waiting for book 2 I started incessantly rereading book 1, it has slowly become an increasingly obvious problem.. Congratulations! Can’t wait :)

  254. 256
    Aileen House

    Oh sweet merciful spaghetti monster, please let me win an autographed copy of this book! It felt like the Rosetta Stone of life, or at least made me feel less alone in my very busy brain! Notice I didn’t say productive, just very, very busy ;D
    Either way I will still be buying the new one, because I need it!
    Thanks and good luck with the editing

  255. 257

    Can your second book just come out now?! On second thought, my thesis is due the first week in April. CAN IT COME OUT IN APRIL?!?!?!?!

  256. Yay! And yes please!

  257. Congrats on turning in your first draft! I can’t wait to read it when it comes out. The first is definitely a favorite of mine. I bought an ecopy, but I would love a hard copy because I recommend it to everyone, but don’t have a way to lend it to them.

  258. Yay for first drafts! Gotta start somewhere… :)

  259. Can’t wait!

    Katie Abascal recently posted EVENT UPDATE (Oscars 2014).

  260. Just wondering,Jenny, if you put a giant cardboard box over your desk and computer, you and the cats might be way more productive.

    Or maybe that’s a really bad idea.

    I am not sure, which.

    But I did use a comma, so there’s that..

    HogsAteMySister recently posted I Have Seen the Future of Rock’n'Roll, and His Name is Still Bruce Springsteen.

  261. You want to give me the book. (Mainly because I can find out where you live and I’m not above doubling the number of giant metal chickens in your yard.) (Or maybe I should say I will double the number of giant metal chickens in your yard IF you give me the book?) (Just pretend I only said whichever one of those increases my chances.)

  262. Yay!!! Cannot wait for the second book. Congrats for getting the first draft turned in, that’s huge. Thanks for giving a voice to all us weird people.
    I won’t mind a signed copy… That is if you pick me :)

  263. Congratulations!

  264. I loved your first book and can’t wait for the new one!

  265. 267
    Karolina J

    Congratulations! Can’t wait to read it. Your last book made me laugh by balls off!

  266. W00T for another book!! I already have yours and Allie’s too, but they need companions!! Editing sucks donkey butt, but you’ll get through!

  267. I. Can. Not. Wait. For your next book to come out! Congrats on finishing the first draft!

  268. Good news!

  269. 271
    Angela W.

    I can’t wait for the new release! I would love a copy of your book…well, ANOTHER copy as my brother “borrowed” mine and it seems he’s adopted it now.

  270. Yay for the new book. You have no idea how your crazy book stopped me from thinking I was crazy. Thank God you were recommended to me!!

  271. Congratulations! (I almost forgot to leave a comment being so utterly distracted by the wonderful cat gif. Hehehe)

  272. Both you and Stephen King coming out with books? 2014 is coming up ME!

  273. Congrats!!

  274. congratulations!!!! i would be so psyched to win your book. i enjoy your blog so much!

  275. 278
    Nancy Whitfield

    Congrats on finishing the book! I can’t wait to read it – wonder if it’s too early to preorder?
    Also, “GET THE SHIT IN HERE” about made me shoot Coca-Cola out my nose. I love you & your ADD manicness. Is that a word? Well, it is now. Look what you made me do. ;)

  276. Congrats! Let the countdown begin!

  277. 280
    Karen Stanley

    congratulations! and I would love a copy of the first book to have and to hold :-)

  278. You are awesome!! Can’t wait for the new book :)

  279. I’m commenting in the vain hope you pick me. Then I will keep the autographed copy and give my dad my current copy with the turned down corners and chocolate stains.

  280. 283
    Karen Brinkmann

    Pick me! I’d love an autographed copy! You’re the best. And you’re still the best even if I don’t get picked. :-)

  281. Both you and Stephen King coming out with new books this year? 2014 is coming up ME!

  282. 285
    Melanie House

    Hooray! I have your first book on my kindle. Every now and then I go back to it and just read a chapter because it makes me smile. Can’t wait to read the next one!!!

  283. I am absolutely usually a lurker, but for the possibility of winning an autographed copy of your book, I’m coming out of the shadows! It’s totally worth revealing myself! I mean that in a clean, wholesome way.

  284. YAY NEW BOOK! I’m so excited for you! I’m excited for me, too, because now there’s going to be another awesome book to read!

    Just generally excited over here.

    Danielle recently posted On Arguments, Or Try Talking With People Instead of At Them.

  285. Wow there are a shitton of people who commented and must really want your book. Like Me. Joining in happily on the bandwagon!

  286. Excellent! Please advise when it’s available for pre-order!

  287. I’m so glad you finished your book! It brings me closer to the day I can read it! :)

  288. Congrats!!!
    I’d love a copy of your book! Especially since I haven’t read it yet. I do promise to read it. Eventually. It will just happen faster if you send me one. ;-)

    Fox recently posted The Great Kit Kaper.

  289. Congratulations!!! What a great feeling of success that will probably last for 5 minutes.
    I’ve read Allie’s book, so I think it just make sense that yours is up next. Please. Pretty please. With taxidermy on top.

  290. Congratulations! I can’t wait to read it!

  291. Congrats! I want to read both of your books!

  292. I love your site and book. Every time I’m down or having a very bad day I read your site makes me smile and feel like I’m not alone. Thank you.

  293. Yeah for you … and for commas and for hurdles and Polish bears. You just rock.

  294. Congrats! I loved your first book (and Hyperbole and a Half), so I’m looking forward to the next one! =)

  295. So excited about a new book from you!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve read the first one at least 5 times so far. Congrats!

  296. I am so excited for the new book!!!

  297. 300
    Kim Darron

    I loved your first book! I cannot wait for the second!

  298. 301
    Suzanne Herzfeld

    So excited!!! Thank you. When your books come out it makes my holiday shopping so much easier. EVERYBODY gets a copy. :D

  299. 302
    Shannon Morris

    Huge relief I’m sure – looking forward to it!

  300. Congratulations! I can’t wait to read both!

  301. Congrats on finishing! Can’t wait to read both books!

  302. 305
    Kay Hagen

    Kate DiCamillo = awesomeness. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve read her Mercy Watson books to my daughter. Let’s just say it was over and over, and over.

  303. I have your first book — loved it! I am excited to read the second book. I would still like to win because, really, who doesn’t like to win?

  304. Congrats! Would love a signed copy of the first book!

  305. I really want to win a copy of your book. My birthday is tomorrow and your book would rock as a bday present. Just saying!

  306. Congratulations on the new book and I would love a copy of your first one!

  307. Sometimes I think commas are wholly unnecessary. At least that’s what I tell myself when I write…
    You oughta write kid books. Fewer need for commas.
    Editing is the easy part, truly. You’ve forged your way through the rough stuff. Now you get to have other people do all the work and tell you what to do. That’s SO much easier than having to do stuff on your own. But I just fired my editor, so maybe I need to go back and read up on commas…
    And back away from the coffee…

  308. If I could pick anyone to hide in a bathroom with, it would be you. I’ll settle for hiding in a bathroom with your book, though.

  309. Congratulations!! :) xo!

    rarasaur recently posted BI Meetup, So Cal Style – March 22nd.

  310. 313

    I can’t wait for your second book. It will be another book club classic for sure.

  311. Congrats! I can’t wait to read it!

  312. I haven’t even quite finished the first book, but I’m already pooping with sheer excitement for the second. Should people poop from excitement? I don’t know. Probably not. But if I won an autographed copy, I’d probably give the copy I already own to the less fortunate. I.E. my coworkers who need some goddamn humor to slide the sticks out of their asses. Is that too far? I don’t know.
    Good luck with editing. I’m immensely happy that your first book sounded so real. Don’t let them stiffen your natural voice – yours works just fine. Keep shining, Jenny. The world needs more you.

  313. Can’t wait to have the newbook in my hot little hands! Just so you know…Ioved your first one so much that I bought 4 copies of it…and spread those across 3 different countries (US, Canada and New Zealand).

    Marianne recently posted Lazy.

  314. Hi. I like you.

  315. I would LOVE a copy of your book! I think it’s been on a number of birthday/Christmas wish lists and still has not made it into my hands. I should really just go buy it, but an autographed copy is sooooo much better.

  316. “it’s confusing for most normal people”

    It’s a good thing that I strive to be normal as infrequently as possible. I find it very boring.

    I know what you mean about those voices in your head though. I have them too. They’re constantly telling me that I’m horrible at everything I do (web development, parenting, being a spouse, being a fully functioning adult, acting normal when I have to, etc.). I know that the voices are just lying and I resist them. There are times when it oddly feels “comforting” to give in to the voices and that’s when they are at their most dangerous. Sometimes it helps to mentally give the “voice” form and then kick it out of my head – bonus points for hurting the voice in the process. (Does that last sentence not sound normal? Good. See paragraph 1. ;-) )

    TechyDad (@TechyDad) recently posted Letting Your Child Shine (Or Fail).

  317. congratulations on getting the second one finished! i can’t wait to read it and tell everyone about it.

    turtlesong recently posted a turtle’s eye view – notes from the internet apocalypse by wayne gladstone.

  318. I am looking forward to reading BOTH of your books since I already love reading all your posts!

  319. Yay for new book. And the old book, which I have not yet read.

  320. I can’t wait to read your next book! But, I’d be really happy to get an autographed copy of your first masterpiece. :)

  321. I’d looooove a copy of your book. Been wanting to read it forever. Good luck with editing!

  322. I’m excited that step one is done!

    In other news, I regularly get taxidermy photos showing up in my news feed and want to send them to you. The most recent was of one squirrel giving another squirrel a tattoo.

  323. 326
    Debbie Doggett

    I would love to read your book. And your cats are cool.

  324. I totally need a hardcopy of your book! I bought the Kindle Edition and I love it, but I need the hardcopy. NEED it.

  325. 328

    Oohhh pick me! Pick me!! I love your writing and Allie’s too! Congratulations on your second book! All my exclamations seem like i’m shouting a bit, but I did avoid typing in all caps.

  326. Congrats on finishing book #2! I want yours, I already have Allie’s…

  327. Super excited for your next book!

  328. Too impatient to read all the comments but there was a bear in your last book.

  329. 332
    Nancy Landry

    Can we vote for others to get an autographed copy of your book?

    I have an (un-autographed) version, and apparently will be buying the Hyperbole and a Half before days end (because it looks hysterical), and your new one as soon as they are done commafying it.

    If we can, I nominate Aileen House because her Rosetta Stone comment made my day. :-)

    (Congrats on finishing your book!!!!)

  330. Congrats on your completion of the first big hurdle. Can’t wait to read book 2.

  331. I tend to overuse commas. Very, very badly. But you finishing your book gives me hope and motivation to finish mine. Although, mine will probably end up in free pile on Amazon… but it will be finished. And I can try another one, b/c why not? Congrats on finishing your book and for being a wonderful role model for writers! :)

  332. 335

    Congrats on finishing the second book. I lived the first one and am definitely liking forward to reading the next one!!

  333. I just spent an honest to goodness 15 minutes plus watching the video. I almost didn’t finish reading the post. Some of my viewing time was spent wishing my cats would play together instead of plotting the other’s death, some was spent wondering if Ferris relented and dove in willingly or if Hunter pulled him in, and obviously I spent a great deal of it reading the subtitles in my head in what I assume are Ferris Mewler and Hunter S. Tomcat’s voices. But mostly I just giggled like an idiot. Thank you, I needed that today!

  334. 337

    I’ve been stuck in my house for three days with my kids…OK, the first day we weren’t stuck, but if I’d KNOWN then that we were going to be stuck inside the next two days I’d have gotten the heck out of my house when I had the chance. So a 2nd book is awesome news. So would a pizza delivery driver being able to make it up my ice-encrusted driveway, but I’ll take what I can get.

  335. 338
    Heather Price


  336. 339

    Yay! Can’t wait for round 2!

  337. Yes, please, may I have another.

  338. Can’t wait for the 2nd book! Crossing my fingers that Columbus, OH ends up on your book tour list this time!! CONGRATS!! :)

  339. Congrats on finishing your 2nd book – I’d love to read your first one!

  340. I’d like a new copy. I loaned mine out a number of times and now I can’t remember who has it and don’t want to look like a fool asking everyone I know if they have it and if they don’t and never did then I will look like I’m off my nut which I am but I do like to feign some dignity.

  341. Yea! Congrats. Can’t wait to read your new book. Your first was beyond brilliant, especially the third time!!!

  342. Congrats! That’s something to celebrate. I’d love a copy of your book so I can celebrate with you!

  343. Congrats on the new book! I hope the Polish cover is a photo of Colonel Wojtek.

  344. Yay! More books! Putting Flora & Ulysses on my list of books to read.

  345. 348

    Congrats in finishing the bulk of the second book. Definitely looking forward to reading it! The first one was great!

  346. Congratulations!

  347. I love your cats! I can just see them saying everything that was subtitled. . .

  348. Congrats :) GFY (the first time my daughter texted me that “gfy” I thought she was saying “go fuck yourself” but it turns out she was saying “good for you”!) :P

  349. Yay for finishing this step!

    In other news, I regularly get taxidermy photos showing up in my news feed and want to send them to you. The most recent one is a squirrel giving a tattoo to another squirrel.

  350. I loved your first book; can’t wait for the next!

  351. Yay! I’m so excited for you, Jenny!

  352. I read your book out loud to my 12yo when she was sick and trapped on the couch (with a tiny of mom editing) and we both laughed our butts off. We’d love a signed copy!

  353. Also, my iPad finished my comment before I corrected my name. Who has a name of “Amp”? Not me,

  354. I can’t wait for another dose of awesomeness! Great job!

  355. 358
    Rachel Grace

    You make me happy. Yay for a new book!

  356. love it i read your blog all the time ;) your cat reminds me of jack my cat ( his name is Jack the Kitty King ) cant wiatto read your book

  357. Looking forward to the new book. It must feel at least little good to have it “done.”

  358. 361
    Julie Mackin

    I’m hoping this book also discusses colon cleanses because I’m always looking for a good one. Alexander McCall Smith went on and on about one in a recent book but he didn’t give any practical information like you did, so I’m struggling here.

    P.S. I also try reading glasses on at CVS and pretend to look a little more like a librarian. Sometimes I regret having Lasik because I really enjoy lowering the glasses and staring at people in a way that says “you plebeians, I am so much smarter than you.” In the end, I put them on my dog and she manages to convey the exact same thing.

  359. Can’t wait for the new one!

  360. 363
    Brennie Sue

    I am so excited for your second book!!! Please put up the link to the preorder as soon as you know it. Congrats on getting it done!

  361. I have been waiting for your new book for a year and a half I laughed out loud so many times it was silly. My kids thought I was nuts till I read it to them. They were 13/15 at the time. I’ve lent the book out to everyone who reads. They all love it, but I lost it. It was never returned. Hmm I still have my kindle edition, but its not the same. I so cant wait for your new book. Love your blog. Love you. Love Victor. Love Hailey. Hunter S Tomcat too. and Feris Mewler. And Beyonce. I am a very dedicated Canadian Fan who wants you to come to Edmonton Soon Pretty please? West Edmonton Mall is great! not alot of taxidermy though. Sorry Pretty Please?

  362. 365
    Jesse Dee

    I want that damn bear book.

  363. Hey, congrats! The second book is always harder to complete than the first.

  364. Ooh! I want a signed copy!! Pick me, pick me!!

  365. You are awesome :) and I’m not just saying that because I want a book…..or am I ? …. no I’m really not. Honest.

  366. It’s huge that you can send them out – your work I mean… I have a pile of stuff and only 1/2 has been read by other people because of the terror of letting it go and getting bad reviews of it. I know, sad but it’s why some of my stuff has been web-published vs taking the courage by the horns and trying to send it out.

    Congrats to you! Seriously…. congratulations!


  367. I actually know where the bear was in your book. Your dad had one on a table hanging from the garage ceiling. Oh, and the thing about polar bears being unwelcome guests at dinner parties. I was just listening to that part in the car. I can’t wait for the second book!!

  368. Congrats. THere’s nothing like typing the end to make your whole day bright. A week even.

  369. I’m so excited! I absolutely loved your first book!

  370. I already own your book (pre-ordered the ebook version) and loved it! But I’d absolutely love to have a signed real copy also!!

  371. Yay! Can’t wait for the second one!!!!!

  372. brava!!!!! I applaud you and all the wonderful things you do!!!!!!

  373. Pick me dammit. I pre-bought the Kindle Edition and have read it a dozen times, I have made all my friends buy hard copies and gifted a few to those who wouldn’t succumb to my peer pressure. That and I adore you…in the least creepy way possible. I mean I wouldn’t dream of sending you, say, an In-humanely taxidermied unicorn or anything. I even have a red dress to donate to the cause!!!


    Alyssa W. recently posted Olives.

  374. Amazing!! Congratulations on getting it done. What a huge accomplishment, especially while trying to juggle life and hunting for dead shit—–um— I mean stuffed animals. :)

    YourMotherIsADirtyGirl recently posted A Nod to the Little Rod…..I’m Talking D!ck.

  375. Congrats! Looking forward to your new book & more laughing out loud.

  376. Congrats on finishing the book. And if you haven’t read Aileen House’s comment (I think it’s right above mine. Comment #238, regardless), you should and she should get a book. She referenced both the Spaghetti Monster AND the Rosetta Stone. She is one of us.

  377. I bought your book, hardcover no less. But i may have to have my jaw wired and that is far more important cuz that is worse than all this shit combined. And you know Jenny, I’m a serious foodie. I shudder to think. Your friend, Laurie F. ps wish me luck. oh, and my kidneys are failing too. Life sucks and then, more snow is coming. Xanax is not covering this. recently posted Haiku Horizons, Scrap.

  378. OMG your cats :D

    Also; congratulations on the book! I’d give you a Cookie, but 1: I can’t make cookies, it always turns into a disaster, and 2: we’re on different continents. I don’t think they let you ship cookies like that. But if they did, I’d send you a piece of whatever I manage to bring to work in my birthday next week. Honestly, it’s my birthday an I have to do the work? Djeez.

  379. 382

    EEEEEEEEEEEEEE! can not wait for your second book! I gave half my family and all of my friends copies of your first book. Congrats!

  380. Congrats on finishing the book. I can’t wait to read it!!

  381. Oh shit, and now I feel bad because I totally forgot to say CONGRATULATIONS on getting it done!!!! I can’t wait to pre-order that one too!!

  382. Now it looks like the blog has eaten my comment which was that there is a bear in your first book and I am too impatient to read all the comments and see if anybody already said that. Now I have to go back to gluing fringe to my husband’s old suit coat for his Mardi Gras costume.

  383. I am a voracious reader and have your book on my list of books I need to buy. I’d take a copy of your book, Allie’s book, books you have laying around the house, whatever!

  384. 387
    I. W. O. A.

    Go you!! I would adore an autographed copy of your book. Today is my eighth wedding anniversary and that would be the best gift ever. :-D

  385. 388

    Congrats on finishing your book. I think anyone who says they don’t want your autographed book that they won on your blog is not a very nice person

  386. Pick me, please. Love you and your book. <3 And I’m a writer too, so I relate. Maybe I’ll even send you a copy of mine for your awesome daughter!

  387. Woohoo! Congrats on finishing book 2 for now :) I loved the first one & can’t wait for the second.

  388. 391
    Davey McHenry

    Congrats on finishing your book! Would love an autographed copy of the first one!

  389. 392
    Tricia Pofahl

    I can count on you to bring a smile to my face – some days more than others. Thank you and congrats!

  390. Congratulations! It must be nice to have a short break between writing and editing.
    I always love/hate going back to half written posts to try to figure out what the hell my point was going to be.

    Murren recently posted Honoring the Craft.

  391. HOOOOOORAY! I’m totally popping a bottle of $7 champagne. Y’know. In your honor. I mean, as a reader, it’s basically my DUTY AS A GOOD CITIZEN TO DRINK IT ALL, JENNY.

    Jessica recently posted So, Your Life Is A Shit Show. Now What?.

  392. I can’t wait to read your new book! Your writing has given me a lot of laughs at a time when I’ve needed them the most. I would love a copy of your first book. I gave mine away, but the good news is, it has made the rounds and made several people happy.

  393. Congrats on the giant progress! Can’t wait for the second book!

  394. Congratulations! What an achievement! I would love to have a copy of the first book!!!

  395. Yay!!!!!! Can’t wait!!!
    I borrowed the first one from the library…I believe I was the first one to borrow it, having put it on hold before they got their copy. But I’d love to have my own copy of your first one and of course will get the 2nd as well!

  396. I think it ate my last comment which was simply: EEEEEEEEEEEEEE! So excited to read your next book! I gave my friends and family copies of your book for Christmas. Congrats!!

  397. Congratulations! And also, YES to YA. Started reading my children’s books when they were young so I would know what they were putting into their brains; now my youngest is 17 and it is awesome to be able to have these conversations about books.

  398. Yay! Can’t wait to read your next book and I would love a copy of your first book.

  399. 402
    Catharine Scott

    thrilled to know another book is on the horizon!! Jenny you are amazing!! I love love loved your 1st book and gave copies to all of my friends. Your shares about RA & depression are so helpful to me & other readers that similarly from both.

  400. Bears on books, cats in boxes and a new book on its way!!! Yea!!!

  401. I already have two copies of the hardcover but saw that the soft bound has a new chapter so I would love to have a copy of that <3

  402. Yay! I’m so excited for you. I suck at finishing things. So I know how awesome it feels to finish something. I’m so excited to read your next book!

  403. The promise of your new book this year just made my day! Sending hugs and happy thoughts to help you through the editing process. Yay, you!

  404. I cannot wait to read the new book! My husband thought I was crazy when I read the last one, due to my laughing out loud with tears streaming down my face. I loved it!

  405. Thank goodness! I was diagnosed with cancer in August and a friend promptly sent me a copy of your first book. I’ve been laughing my head off ever since. Although the funniness holds up on the 8th read, I’m eventually going to need some new material to read to the infusion nurses. Thank goodness there’s a new book on the way!

  406. Yay! You get to do the “I’m done dance.” It goes however you want, so long as you revel in the doneness of the thing that you did. You must FEEL the done. Also, “Fortunately, the Milk.” Genius of which I am sure you approve.

  407. I’m pretty excited for you new book…because I laughed out loud a ton at your first one and who doesn’t need that?

  408. Bravo, Jenny! and thanks for taking the time and blood and sweat and tears to pour out all the words that will some day reach us and give us a good firm hug or spank or high five or etcetera as the case may be. xo

  409. Your cats cracked me up. And I don’t like cats. Maybe it was your subtitles. Congrats on finishing book 2!

  410. I can’t wait for your second book! An autographed copy of the first would tide me over nicely in the meantime, though. I’m sure a bunch of other people said that already, but I’m two-hundred-forty-odd comments late to this post and I just don’t think I have it in me to read ALL of those comments just to make sure I’m being original. That sounds exhausting. Now I’m exhausted. This blog comment is quickly spiraling out of control…

  411. I would love a copy of your book. So here’s my comment!

  412. Congrats on finishing your book. LOVED the first one and can’t wait for the follow-up!

  413. go jenny!

    on a totally unrelated note, you succeeded where everyone else i admire failed… you made me curious enough to finally watch doctor who… i love you forever for it!!!!

    i might always be late to the party, but i make up for it with enthusiasm.

    Stubbs recently posted <del>15</del> 10 Things Bloggers with Stubby Thumbs and ADHD Don’t Do.

  414. Congratulations! I’d love to read your book, I haven’t yet! But your blog is one of my most very favorites.

  415. Can hardly wait for your next book! Allie’s is also super awesome!

  416. 419
    Peter Harle

    I can’t wait to see the new book. If you are ever in Minneapolis, be sure to check out The Book Trader, a used bookstore that happens to be crammed to the gills with oddly taxidermed critters, old fraternal gear, toys, and other fine crap. I once saw an entire 40s skating rink diorama there, complete with tiny skating ground squirrels in human clothing. At some point it had become infested, so there were areas where the squirrels’ teeth and skulls were visible through their fur, which only added to the amazing effect of the thing.

  417. 420
    Gena McGregor

    “Let’s Pretend This Never Happened” is what I told myself as I deleted my Tinder account.

  418. So excited ! I didn’t even realize you were writing another. I just found your book (through Patrick Rothfuss) and binge read your blog back a few years.

  419. looking forward to reading your new book… I read the last one in 5 hours or so.. laughing the whole time.

  420. That’s awesome! Congratulations!

    I think there was a slightly deceased bear on a table hoisted up near the roof? of the carport? during one of the visits to your parents you describe. Other than that, I got nothin’.

  421. Yay! Congrats on finishing book two!

  422. Comment, FTW?

  423. 426
    Erin Cook

    Congratulations! What an accomplishment!

  424. 427
    Kay Simpson

    Woo Hoo! Can’t wait for the new book. Love the gif of the cats.

  425. Can’t wait to get the new one!

  426. I loved your first book so much I’m going through withdrawals and eating an embarrassing number of hershey’s kisses, all of which are leftovers from Valentines because getting fresh kisses is too difficult, but a signed copy of your first book would really go a long way towards me putting this bag of sugary death down.

  427. 430
    Rebecca Eubank

    I was trying to type in my email address, and phone auto corrected (or architected as it just did again) to “wcca” for the first part. And that made me think of WIC (or SIX according to autocorrect again) and Wicca, and so I thought that maybe the cosmos is telling me I should be a witch with a little side kick in tow and that we both should be on food stamps. Then thanks to the other autocorrects, I thought maybe the Universe is saying I should be a designer witch with 6 kids (or 5 if I count as one of the six) and we all are on welfare since apparently I’d spend all my money on styling (or settling according to auto correct again) myself and the way too many little hellions (who apparently are children of the Sun – Helios – thanks to autocorrect).
    overr most of your published book

  428. I sure would like a copy of your book, instead of borrowing it from the library!
    Congratulations on the new book!!!

  429. congratulations! I love your first book and can’t wait to read the second.

  430. 433

    I’m so glad you have another book coming out! I made my book club read your first one & unfriended anyone that disliked it! Honestly, who loves commas so much that they hate a book for not using them?! I can’t wait to throw your 2nd book back in the ring! Keep on keeping on!

  431. The cat trap is working!

  432. 435

    LOVE you Jenny!! My kids repeatedly told both my husband and I to stop reading your book because they were worried we were going to “laugh our heads off!” Please feel free to use the quote if you’re so inclined, lol!

  433. The promise of a new book makes 2014 look even better!

  434. Congratulations, Jenny!

  435. New book!! Awesome I need a new an workout because of ALL THE GIGGLES!

  436. Even if I’m not picked for the giveaway, your book is the first one I’m getting off my wish list when I get my first paycheck from my new job in a few weeks! Congrats on submitting book 2!

  437. Yay!! A book!! At some point! Woo Hoo!!!

  438. 441
    Petra Sletten

    Congrats! Don’t worry too much about those commas, I’m sure people will love your book anyway. Never see anyone complain about the lack of commas in your blog :)

  439. The promise of a new book to read of yours just made 2014 look even brighter. Yay!

  440. Yay for finally finishing your book. You do realize you’re way ahead of the curve. I can’t even finish the dishes.

  441. LOVED your first book – cannot wait to read the new one! 👍

  442. Congratulations on the second book. I am very excited about it. I read the first one while I was away on training for the Army. I helped me through a lot of days that I wanted to punch someone. When I got home I bought a copy for my mom as a thank you for keeping my kids while I was gone. Sadly, there was only one copy. Some day I will get a copy for myself. Some day…

  443. 446
    alice smith

    I would understand your book, cause I totally get your warped sense of humor. Love it.

  444. Yay!! I have just about worn out my copy of your first book from reading it so many times (and that’s really impressive since it’s the kindle version), so knowing that another one is on its way is the best news I have had this week. Possibly this year. Or decade. Whatever. Yay!!

  445. 448

    ED. NOTE: Ryeginald here again. Correction: I’m apparently THREE HUNDRED AND SOME comments late to this post, as opposed to the previously reported two-hundred-forty-odd. The rest of the comment still stands, though. Do I get points taken off for posting more than one comment? If so, please consider this the same comment as my previous comment. Is that cheating? If so, I’m sorry. This is why contests give me nightmares.

  446. Love your posts!! And your book-I borrowed it from a friend and read it and tried to keep it but they forced me to give it back so I really need one!

  447. 450
    Heather Gabell

    Loved the first book!

    Can’t wait to read the new one – congrats!

  448. Congratulations! Can’t wait to win a copy of the first one. :)

  449. Congrats! Can’t wait to read it. I bought the digital version of Let’s Pretend This Never Happened and kick myself for not getting the hard copy. I did find it at my local library and now place it randomly so more people will experience the joy :)

  450. Who needs commas? I’m sure it’s fine as is.

    I am so excited for the second book. And an autographed copy of the first would be awesome.

  451. Congrats on writing your book :)

  452. I’ve been procrastinating buying your first book for so long that now there is going to be another one, which I will also procrastinate buying, probably until your third book comes out or I quit my job or my son turns 18 and can move out (hey, that’s only 10 years and 355 days from now! ). One of these days I will read at least one of these damn things.

    Anyway, good luck on your new book!

  453. sweeeeeeeet… can’t wait for book 2!!!

  454. Pretty sure commas are overrated. That’s what I heard, anyway.

  455. Yay: Good for you! That’s awesome.

  456. 460
    Laura Wattles

    Yes please, I need your book like hot needs chocolate. And because I’m a poor graphic designer who has to wait for books to show up at the library, and then get on a waiting list, and I NEED to read more about crazy taxidermy and loopy conversations with your husband, because I live is every day but can’t put into words what it’s like, but you can.

  457. 461

    When I read your book, I actually peed my pants. Just a little, but I legit peed my pants I laughed so hard. Hubby looked at me like I was insane, cause I was just reading to myself and laughing hysterically. He reminds me a bit of Victor. I have taxidermy in the house too, and he hates it. I downloaded your book on my Kobo, but it doesn’t work so well after I dropped it in my oatmeal one morning. Then there was the day my dog got ahold of it, so now when it does turn on I can’t read the bottom right corner of any of the pages. And if I leave it on too long it kind of smells like oatmeal. Where was I going with this? Right. Book. So it would be nice to be able to read it again. I’ll definitely be buying #2.

  458. Yay! happy dance But really, commas are not all that nice. See how I snuck one in there? I think it was rather ambiguous. I suppose if it’s not mean, then a comma is nice. But that is like a Schroedinger’s cat thing and I just can’t go there without a few drinks. Maybe that means you need to drink more before talking to your editor.
    Anyway, congrats! Deep cleansing breaths. It’ll be awesome :)

  459. 463
    Megan Meuer-Becker

    Loved your first book, can’t wait for your second!

  460. I’m beyond excited there is another book coming out. The first books is easily one of my favorites. I laughed until I cried repeatedly. I can’t wait to read book 2!

  461. I would love a copy of your book!! Especially an autographed one. Congrats on finishing the (allegedly) hardest part!

  462. Congrats!!! I would love an autographed copy!!!!

  463. Awesomesauce! Way to go!

  464. Woohoo… Your first book was great and reminded me that as screwed up as my family is, it’s still something to celebrate.

    I bet you thought I was going with a “at least my family isn’t as weird as yours” thing didn’t you? Well it’s not. Your family and mine are on equal footing. If our families lived across the street from one another the rest of the neighborhood would hate us all. But we’d either have the best, most amazing neighbor get-togethers or we’d make that whole “Hatfield and McCoy” thing look like a tiddly win game.

    Either way I suspect it’s good that our families don’t actually know each other. We might accidentally end the world if they did.

  465. Can you please make sure this is out by Christmas?!? Your books are THE THING for the hard to shop for people on my list! : )

    katie metzroth recently posted Knitting Movie Review – Vampire Academy (no spoilers).

  466. Congratulations on finishing the book! Can’t wait to read it!

  467. Congratulations on finishing the book! I can’t wait to read it!

    karenmpeterson recently posted The 86th Annual Academy Awards Play-by-Play!.

  468. Congratulations! I can’t wait to read it! (But alas, I’ll pass on the book copy because I have my Kindle version PLUS an autographed copy that is actually on a pedestal in my library).

  469. Congrats on finishing book #2!!!

    I wouldn’t mind an autographed copy of your first book, but I’ve already read it but haven’t yet bought Allie’s book… so I’m torn as to which prize I would want. That’s assuming I win, which I probably won’t because my luck for these sorts of things kinda sucks.

    Either way, I’m happy for you on this new milestone!

  470. Congratulations on finishing your book! I’m planning a trip to the States in a month and will definitely get BOTH your books (at least the first one)… Tell you all about it when I’m done!!

  471. Yay! Another book to add to my list. I still need to read your first one

  472. I work at the library but have not looked for your book… odd… but I would luv to own it and I promise to make everyone I know read it

  473. Always go with kitty gifs.

  474. I am UBER excited! Congrats!!! Now to wait patiently for your next tour!!!

  475. Congratulations on your second book! I am dying to read the first one, and as soon as I am legally allowed in the library again I am definitely going to make it the first thing I check out.

  476. 480
    Sari Everna

    Here’s hoping the editing process is quick and painless. Best of luck!

  477. I got the first book from the library so I would love to have a copy for my very own! Pick me, pick me!!!

  478. Score:

    Bloggess 2 delenn13 Nada…Zilch…..0

    You win!

  479. Reading this was so much better than paying attention in differential equations.

  480. I LOVED your first book and cannot WAIT for your next one to come out!!

  481. I read your book while I was camping and I think my in-laws might have begun (after 10 yrs) to realize just how truly messed up I am. Laughing hysterically one minute, bawling the next. So, thank you for that?

    Cassie recently posted lost amongst the willows.

  482. 486
    Jen dewolf

    I would love to win a copy of your book. Your blog has become an important stop in my day to day life. I frequently repeat your words, ‘depression lies.’ I find them grounding and comforting. Thank you for all you do.

  483. Lets Pretend This Never Happened totally validated my current human existence, and it made me wish that we were best friends. Needless to say I’m drooling over the arrival of another book. drools

  484. GO JENNY!!! From this point on, we should all comment without using a single comma. That way when your editors remark on your lack of punctuation you can say “My readers don’t believe in commas either.”

    Also, if I win I would like my book copy to be inscribed thusly: “Tori Deaux already has a book signed by me but she’s greedy and asked for another one but is justifying it by claiming she’ll give it to the first person she finds who looks like they really need a laugh. So this is for that random person. Laugh You Random Person You – Laugh! P.S. Writing without a single comma is HARD. So all claims that it’s a sign of laziness are wrong. Also I don’t believe Tori will actually give this copy away so if she does please let me know – signed, Jenny Lawson and the Taxidermy Menagerie.” :)

  485. I already have your incredible book, signed and everything, but I’d love a copy of Flora & Ulysses.

  486. 490

    Congrats!!!! I CANT WAIT TO READ IT!!

  487. Dammit. I left a comma in! Siiighhhh.

  488. I devoured your first book in a couple of days. I can’t wait for the second one to hit the shelves! I would love an autographed copy cuz the one I have is in ebook form. I would never lend the paper one to anyone. They can borrow my e-copy any time, though.

  489. 493
    Rachel Jackson

    First, congratulations on finishing the second book! I am sure it will be as awesome as the first one (from what I hear) which I can confirm after you read this and determine that I am, for once, a winner!

  490. Congrats! I can’t wait to read the new one!

  491. 495
    Lisa Hill

    I loved your first book, so I am really excited about the new one! You have invaded my brain in so many ways. I laugh out loud at things that remind me of what I read. People tend to avoid me when I do. :-) I never realized how much taxidermy is out there. I could send you lots of photos of pained looking foxes holding business cards on trays.

  492. 496
    Marianne Delorey

    Oh, Pick me! I’ve always wanted to win something. The lottery is not looking likely, so can I have your book? Please?

  493. 497
    jennie erdly-tambellini

    Your first book reads like my head…funny cra cra & real as shit.
    There I said it, can you send me a book please?

  494. oh, yes please yes please, i have my own copy of your book (of COURSE!) but i’ve lent it out to probably 20 of my friends and would LOVE LOVE LOVE a signed copy. so very excited to hear that the 2nd book is in the works. love your writing, thanks so much for sharing it with the world. keep writing! keep being your awesome self!

  495. Fantastic! Can’t wait for the new book. And I’d love an autographed copy of your first one, mainly because I lent my copy out and it’s now traveled through so many friends I’ve lost track of where it ended up. Everyone loves it. The cat gif made me laugh out loud at my desk. Thanks for that too!

  496. 500
    Katie Lynn

    How exciting! So far I have yet to listen to your book, but I have read it in both ebook and hardcover. I’d love to have a signed copy to lord over everyone.

  497. 501
    Alicia Lane York

    There aren’t words to describe how happy I would be to have a second copy of your book with your signature on it. (Technically 4th since I have a hard back, the kindle edition and the audio.) I’m not obsessed. I just like to lend it out a lot so ALL of my friends get to know you.

  498. 502

    Congrats on the 2nd book! Can’t wait to read it. But I hope it isn’t out too soon as your first one arrived in time to get me through a sudden loss in our family.

    A couple of years a go, my brother-in-law sent my sister flowers for Valentines Day for the first time in years. (and your first book came out that year)

    This year my hubby sent me flowers on Valentines Day for the first time in a very long time. Our anniversary is later in the month & some times he get s them for that. But hardly ever for Valentines Day. (and your second book is on track to come out this year)

    When I told my sister my husband was trying to kill me, she cracked up laughing.

    Her hubby passed away suddenly 2 months after he sent her the V-Day flowers. So by her reasoning my hubby was not trying to kill me, he was puting himself in peril!

    Your first book arrived the day of my brother-in-law’s funeral, and was my escape after all that family.

    So if your book comes out soon, I think I really should increase my hubby’s life insurance.

  499. Yay! And congratulations! This is huge news and well deserving of a wine slushie. :-D

    Kelly @ Cibatarian recently posted National Museum of Civil War Medicine.

  500. Woohoo. I can’t wait for book 2!

  501. Comment!

  502. 506
    Barb Danes

    Oh, pick me please. I’d love to win a copy

  503. I can’t wait!

  504. Congrats on the booK!

  505. 509

    I really need something to read. I’m on week 8 of 11 weeks of modified bed rest. I’m running out of things to keep my mind busy.

  506. Congratulations on finishing your book! I would love one of these copies, because I have yet to read it! (I just recently found you!)

  507. Yay! I’m glad that you’re having another book coming out (eventually)! It would be cool to get a copy of your book (I only have it electronically) and be able to have my mom read it. She loves your blog, but can’t read on kindles because they give her headaches. I have also read your book to my father. There were lots of edited lines and thoughts along the line of ‘Yeah, I’m just gonna skip this entire paragraph.’ so I would rather not have to repeat the experience. Thanks for the givaway!

  508. 512

    Many congrats! I’ll be first in line!!

  509. 513

    Thank you so much for writing your book! I laughed so hard knowing that someone else is just as crazy as I am (and who finds commas completely unnecessary because really when you think about it, you don’t use commas in your head). I have had several of my friends read it and they all said, “Dude. This is you.” And I said, “I know, right?!” They send their condolences to your friends because my friends feel your friends’ pain (especially with the word vomit that comes out on social occasions. The classic example was when I was trying to tell my new neighbors welcome to the neighborhood, and ended up telling them about how I could see into their living room window at night, and we watch a lot of the same shows, and stay up late, and bleh…. They got blinds the next week haha).

  510. Thank you for the post, the gif and the caption. I’m not sure which part I enjoyed most. But as I try to match teams to the unpaid bills for toll in Norway I do appreciate the laugh.

  511. 515

    Woohoo! crosses fingers ^_^

  512. 516
    Joyce Christensen

    Yay! You’ve finished, what an accomplishment! I would love to read your book; if its like your posts I know I’ll enjoy it. And by the way, your cat trap is working.

  513. 517
    Pam Arthur

    Ohhh! Can’t wait until the new one comes out. I’m doing the happy
    dance. : )

  514. I already have your book, but I’d like an autographed copy even more. I haven’t read it yet, but I’m going to. Right now I only read mind-numbingly boring textbooks, because, you know, grad school. I get to resume pleasure reading in December.

    workforfoos recently posted Introverts Unite. Or Not….

  515. 519
    Betty Depee

    I would love to have your book. I have one on Kindle, but a REAL one would be super!

  516. Congrats on finishing the book, can’t wait to read it!

  517. 521

    Ordering the Rosetta Stone Learn to Speak Polish so I can read the one with the bear on the cover…it may be the funniest one yet!

  518. Congratulations on finishing the book, from a loyal reader/sporadic, anxiety-ridden commenter! (Yes, commenting on stuff gives me anxiety. I gotz issues.)

    Also, I’ve been laughing at that gif of Hunter S Thomcat and Ferris Mewler for like five solid minutes.”GET THE SHIT IN HERE.” dies

  519. Wait…you wrote a book?!

  520. Congratulations, Jenny! That is all.

  521. 525
    Jenni Shoe

    I’ve been wanting to read your first book, but I just had a baby seven months ago. So I figure I’ll get to reading it when he goes off to college and I have my life back (and that’s assuming we don’t have anymore…which is wildly optimistic to the point of crazy…)

  522. Really looking forward to your next book! I really enjoyed your first one – it was hilarious! And try not to listen to those little voices. They don’t know what they’re talking about. Except maybe for the voice actually belonging to your editors. They probably know what’s what with the commas. ;)

    Kristine N. recently posted Movie Review – Thor: The Dark World (Spoilers).

  523. So I have to admit I feel like a bad person for not having read your first book yet. But I do love you.

  524. Congratulations! I’m looking forward to your next book, and can’t wait to read it!

  525. 529
    Erin Moore

    What a great accomplishment! I came to a book reading in corte madera, CA, a while back, and on the way home I saw a green fire burst shooting star streak the sky. What a fun night!! And I made a friend that I still talk to! Yay!!!!!! Jenny, you rock.

  526. Isn’t there a bear in LPTNH? A dead one up on some sort of raised platform in your dad’s, er, abattoir?

  527. Congratulations! I can’t wait to read the second book. I was living in San Antonio at the time of the first release and had the pleasure of meeting you at a book signing. I hope you travel to New York for a book signing with the second book. I love to see you do a reading again.

    Tarl recently posted Advice Least Needed is the Most Heeded.

  528. 532
    Pamela Holmden

    I borrowed a copy of your first book and almost didn’t give it back because you made me laugh. I know I need my own copy and an autographed one would be wonderful. congratulations on finishing the second. I’d be very, very kind if I were your editor.
    Pamela Holmden

  529. congrats! xx

    niki recently posted black..

  530. Oh, could I have one, please?

  531. Can’t wait to read more about the crazy, wondeful world of you! Love you Jenny!

  532. Hoping you haven’t chosen anyone yet. I really want one. :) I have your calendar & the “You’re baby’s so cute…” card hanging in my office at work. The card is especially fun & twisted because I work at a pregnancy & baby store!

  533. 537
    Jessica HZ

    I got about half way through the e-book version from my library. Then they disappeared it. I guess that’s better than charging me late fees for being a slow reader, but still. I would love to have my own copy to slow-read at will.

  534. Would you please consider picking me for an autographed book? I’ve bought and given away three of yours now and three of Allies. Which means I need to buy more copies…Also, when you have time, check out Anne Thomas on youtube.

  535. Hooray!!! I’ve been waiting forever and ever for your next book! sighs dramatically

  536. Hooray! I can’t wait to read it.

  537. I loved your book when I rented it from the library. I would love your book even more (if that’s possible) if it was in my own library!

  538. I cannot wait to read the second one! I was given the first one as a pick me up gift during my divorce and there were totally days where Stanley the squirrel made life easier!!! I cant wait to see whats next!!

  539. 543
    Tiffany J

    My daughter (Whitney,17) is such a gifted writer and I’m the opposite- a great editor. I feel like I’m fucking up all of her work because then it’s not really HER work the way she intended it to be. Congratulations on such a big deal. I’m totally going to have a fancy cocktail in your honor tonight!

  540. Anne Thomas, more complete version of her story

  541. Congrats on finishing the book – I have wanted to read your 1st one for awhile so would love to win a copy, but if not will definitely before the new one hits stands. And is anyone normal? :) Keep up the great work – this is the best blog out there!!

  542. Congratulations! I loved your first book and can’t wait to read the next one. :-)

  543. I’m very much looking forward to reading your new book when it comes out. I fell in love with your writing with the first read of your blog, and loved your first book. Sadly, I loaned it to one of my mothers, and the one in question is a semi-closeted hoarder, so the chances of getting it back eventually are fairly slim. That said, it would be awesome to be chosen at random as the winner of an autographed copy of your first tree spawn. Congratulations on your continued successes, and blog the hell on, Jenny!

  544. 548
    Gail Karuna-Vetter

    Your book has been on the top of my “do want” list for forever now, but the book faerie has not gotten it for me yet. :(
    A signed copy from YOU would be even better than a magic book faerie! <3

  545. Can’t wait!

  546. I peed reading the first one. Literally.

  547. Lol your posts always make me feel normal, because your an awesome amount of epicness!!! And congrats on the turn in!

  548. Let’s pretend I never read your book and you can send me a new one that I can read over and over and over again. My cat Fred would approve.

  549. Aaaahhhh! I’m so excited for your second book! I LOVED your first one!

  550. Squeeeeeeee!!!!!

  551. Please include a warning label, “Warning: drinking and reading may result in you snorting your drink out your nose from laughing too hard.”

  552. Congratulations, sweetie! That’s wonderful! I dream of publishing someday, still…you’re actually doing it. Thanks for the free book opportunity too!

  553. Squeeeeee!!!!

  554. So. Freaking. Excited.

  555. 559
    Ray Nation

    If I tell you my cat belongs to a street gang, will I get an autographed copy of the book? =)

  556. You just made my year! Knowing that I have a new Jenny Lawson book to look forward to reading will fill me with “happy thoughts”! And I would love to win an autographed copy of your 1st book as my lying mother never returned mine & we are no longer speaking.

  557. Yay! So very excited. I haven’t read the first yet because every time I try to read something it gets thrown down and stomped on by a domineering toddler, but I really think I’ll enjoy it whenever I’m able to get to it. Love!

  558. 562

    I would love an autographed copy of your book. Since I didn’t realize you were in Winnipeg to come see you and get mine signed. You’re awesome! Yah for getting your second book done in under 2 years!

  559. Congrats! What a huge step!

  560. I would like to read your book. Perhaps I will read it to my cat.

  561. Yay! Congrats on finishing your book!

  562. You da bomb! Congrats on finishing your book draft!

  563. 567
    Lori Marler

    Enjoy your TA-DAAAAAAAA moment. I am quite impressed, having never written a whole book (except a kids’ book that I never illustrated so it’s still in the drawer). I would love to win a copy of your first book with your genuine autograph. PLEASE?!!!

  564. Congratulations on the birth of your next creative endeavor. I look forward to it’s publish date in a way I haven’t since I was waiting for the next Harry Potter book. I have the hardback of the first, and the paperback as well. I have no hope of getting the signed one as I don’t do well with winning things. The only time I won something was at my office Christmas party of my very first “adult” job (and by “adult” i mean after I finished school, not the “adult industry”…sorry, rambling) and I got fired the same day. So, yeah, luck is not my thing.

  565. GO YOU!!!!

    Michelle recently posted Amazing Graceless Strikes Again.

  566. Congratulations on finishing book two. Thanks for the opportunity.

  567. I absolutely LOVE your book, and the way you right. It’s like you went into my head and wrote down the way I think. I find it amazing that you and Allie are friends because both of you are awesome!!

  568. 572

    Congrats, and I love your cats.

  569. More than once someone came into the room while I was reading (the library’s copy of) LPTNH to find me with tears in my eyes from laughing so hard. (They had no way of knowing that I’d also nearly wet my pants from the laugh-exertion!) Since then, I’ve recommended it to all sorts of friends who I happen to know ran right out and bought it. I’d sure love my own autographed copy! So looking forward to the next one!

  570. Yay! Can’t wait to read the next book!

  571. I CANNOT even tell you how excited I am to hear that a second book is imminent. My mom was just diagnosed with cancer, and my brother and I spent the weekend with her before she started her chemo today. A good part of Friday afternoon was spent laughing our asses off over our own retellings of your book. So much so that we convinced my brother to go pick it up; he finished it before he left. I anxiously await the exact moment I can pre-order your new one. Rock on, sister.

  572. OMG. I cannot wait to read your next book, Jenny! Your first book was as funny as your sense of humor! I’m sure that your 2nd book will top the bestsellers list just like your first book. I had the pleasure of seeing you at your book signing in San Jose a year ago and I’m wishing to see you again on your 2nd book tour !!! Best of luck to you and keep up the great work!!! :D

  573. Can’t wait for the next book!

  574. 578
    Melissa Mac

    Ooh!! My dog (Black Labrador) is named Hunter (yes, after the same Hunter S. Thompson.) And, he has a stuffed black labrador toy, whose name is of course, Stockton. I think that should get me a few points. :-)

  575. Congrats!! I have no idea why I haven’t yet read your first book…even if I don’t win, I’ll have to get my hands on a copy!

    Amy | Amy's Cooking Adventures recently posted Roaring 20's Party.

  576. Pick me!

  577. Oh, I already have your book and Allie’s book … but Flora and Ulysses is on my Amazon wish list.

  578. Damnit! I’ve read (and loved) them all! I guess if you pick me, you should pick a library and donate a copy of your book to them!

  579. 583
    Anna Jolley

    Congrats!!! I’d love to read your books.

  580. 584

    I’m sure you hear this all the time but I have pretty intense anxiety and your first book was a huge comfort to me. It let me know that I wasn’t alone and I just wanted to thank you and say that you’re amazing.

  581. It’s kind of weird that you posted this today. I am actually reading your first book for the second time. And recently, I’ve started reading your blog from the very beginning. I saw a metal turkey this weekend in Hot Springs, NC and I wanted to take a pic of it and send it to you and say “gobble, gobble motherfucker”.

    Congrats on your second book! I can’t wait to read it.

  582. 586

    You wrote and turned in a book. I got out of bed this morning. We’re about even, right?


  583. Meow!

  584. 588

    So, today there was a pink travel mug on the counter in my classroom. It has clearly been there at least over the weekend, and quite probably for several days before that. One of the kids tipped it over, and it spilled everywhere. Not sure what was in it, exactly, but it smelled like rancid goat bellybutton and it was kind of reddish. Nobody claimed ownership. I had to clean it up, and now my hands have that leftover goat bellybutton funk to them, you know – just to remind me what a lovely start to the day I had.
    A copy of your book would do so much to remedy this feeling. I’m quite certain of this.

  585. You’re the best and I hope I win :) can’t wait for the second one!!

  586. Congrats! Ohhh, yeaaah–a good critique can sting a bit, but it’s worth it. Just because certain authors could probably get their grocery lists published doesn’t mean they should. (Oh, you know the ones. You are not one of them. Yet. But when you join that elite group, please embrace your editor.)

  587. Omg! I just loved your first book! Can’t wait for the second 1! Congrats!

  588. I seriously need another copy of your awesome for a friend who needs to be in the tribe. She’s going thru a rough year and could use a giggle, some inspiration, and to know she’s not alone. I’ll buy it soon enough but I’m not ashamed tho ask for a freebie. :-)

  589. Congratulations and good luck with the editing! I enjoyed your first book very much and look forward to the second :)

    D.B. Sieders recently posted Welcome Tanisha Jones!.

  590. 594
    Andrew Shuping

    I can’t wait for the second book and I want an autographed copy!

  591. I really don’t know whether to be pleased or terrified that your writing makes so much sense to me. Anyway, well done – note the comma :) :) and keep going poppet. x

  592. Congratulations! That’s a huge accomplishment.

  593. 597
    Shannon Caldwell

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! If I read the second book half as many times as I’ve read the first I may have to sue you for the page-turning-induced carpal tunnel I will inevitably develop. So, for both of our sakes, I hope it’s a colossal disappointment. :)

  594. I have NEVER been picked randomly for anything. I’ve only been picked on purpose a handful of times. Nevertheless, I WANT YOUR BOOK!

  595. I spent longer than I care to admit watching your gif. Congrats on your second book!

  596. I cannot wait to read the next book!

  597. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE a copy! I have purchased 3 now, and keep giving them away. A signed copy will stay with me! (I bought the audiobook for my grandmother, she LOVES it) PICK ME!

  598. Congrats on your second book! Can’t wait to read it!

  599. 603
    Liz Weber

    Congrats on finishing your book (whew!) and PICK ME (please (0: )

  600. Yay! I can’t wait for your new book to be released!!!

  601. Yay! I love signed books.

  602. well done! looking forward for the next one!

    Simone recently posted The Book Marketing Plan - Installment Two.

  603. I was on a cruise in October, and while waiting for my drink at the bar I saw another passenger carrying YOUR BOOK on the way to her lounge chair…I startled her terribly by saying with great enthusiasm (i.e. basically yelling at her), “OH MY GOD I LOVE THAT BOOK I’M SO GLAD YOU’RE READING IT!!!!!!!” Considering how shocked she seemed, she must not have been very far in. Otherwise I think she would have gone with the flow a lot better.

  604. I already read your book but it’s much easier to force people to read a paper copy instead of the ebook on my iPad – plus if I lone out the paper copy, I won’t lose my bathroom computer to slow readers!

  605. Congratulations on finishing your first draft!

  606. I am currently going through the editing process with my first-ever book. Totally dead-on about the voices now having a physical form. Freaky.

  607. I am happy for you and I hope to get to read your new book.

  608. Loved your first book and even if I don’t win one of your new books I’ll have to go out and buy myself a copy anyway.

  609. That post about your kid and the fractional hamsters was brilliant. But she’s growing up surrounded by so many taxidermied “pets”, I’ve gotta wonder if she was actually looking forward to a pen filled with partial rodents, or if she just has a very Wednesday Addams sense of humor. Both should serve her well in life.
    Oh – and congrats on the initial hand-off!

  610. Congrats! I already have your book, but would really love to read Allie’s. Unfortunately, the current balance of my bank account is 8 Euros. And a few cents. Don’t remember the cents, it’s been a few hours since I checked.

  611. 615

    Congratulations! Two major accomplishments! It is so inspiring to see another blogger not only getting published, but also creating a New York Times bestseller. I loved your first book and cannot wait to read your second. Rock on, sister.

  612. What does it mean if you weren’t confused at all by the last one? Whatever, I’m ridiculously excited about the next. Congratulations on finishing it!

    And that gif is all sorts of win.

    Jess recently posted BSC #18: Stacey's Mistake.

  613. Congratulations on book #2!!!

  614. I loved your first book! I listened to the audio version while on vacation. I’m excited about the second one!! Hopefully you will do another audio version :)

  615. Woohoo new book! Can’t wait. I loved the first one. Like, a lot. I made my wife read it too.

    Dave DeBaeremaeker recently posted What Is At The End Of The Sidewalk?.

  616. Can we guess the title? I’m thinking “I’m Still in Denial this Ever Happened” or “Cats, And Other Random Crap”
    (Regardless I very much look forward to reading it once it’s out!)

  617. YAY! time for a happy dance!

  618. A new book? Awesome!! (And I’m glad I’m not the only one who finds editing harder than the actual writing.)

  619. Pretty please! I really want one, I’ll be good to it. I might even buy some taxidermy to keep the signed book company and make it feel at home.

  620. Me, me! Pick me! I haven’t read your first book and I am ever so much more deserving than all those other commenters. Ahem.

  621. Congrats!! That is so amazing. I can’t wait to read it. :)

  622. 626

    Yayyyy! Congratulations! I laughed my ass off listening to “Let’s Pretend…” as an audio book …although, I somehow missed the part about why you sang the chapter titles, and I meant to go back and re-listen to the beginning, but I never did, and I still don’t know if there was a reason, but I assume you said something about it early on, during the boring copyright author page type of stuff, or while I was trying to avoid crashing, or something, and it’s still kind of a mystery….

    Anyhoodle…. Congrats!

  623. Yay!

  624. Please! Pick me! My life is crap right now and I could use a good laugh! Thank you!

    Love and taxidermied unicorns!

  625. 629
    Maggi Oswald

    Loved your first book, can hardly wait for the second. I know you are beset by voices who criticize an demean you. but I am so glad I found your blog because you always make me laugh.

  626. 630
    Ginger Holloway

    So excited for your next book — but I would love an autographed copy of Let’s Pretend this Never Happened! I only have it on my Kindle. So please, please, pick me. After all, I am SURE that 586 is your favorite number. And this is comment 586. So it Karma.

  627. I have not read your book yet but would love to. Unfortunately I’m too cheap to buy it at full price so I’ve been looking for it in used book stores and flea markets but have not come across it yet. A signed copy would be pretty fucking incredible. This is the first time I’ve ever commented on here but read you daily. I can’t believe there are almost 600 comments on here already!! Anyway, congrats on finishing the book and I’ll stick with you through sick and sin (pun intended).

  628. Yay!! Congratulations!! I can’t wait until it comes out because I will sooooo be reading it!!! :-D

  629. I discovered your blog today and I have cried from laughing so hard multiple times today. It was a fantastic way to start off my week-so thank you. For a few moments today I felt like maybe I wasn’t alone in my totally crazy view of the world- thank you for that too!
    Getting a copy of your book from you personally would be a huge win for me, but even if I don’t, I’ll be getting my hands on it sooner or later!
    You’re awesome.

  630. 634
    Randi Ward

    Would LOVE a copy ! My family is probably just as messed up- my mother insisted we were royalty, descended from Queen Mary and she talked about a ring known only as the Lake Diamond, which no one has ever seen!

  631. I want the book I want the book I want the book :) I’ve bought 3 copies and then given them away because everyone deserves it, and I’d really like one to actually keep and display on my bookshelf.

  632. yay! Second book!!

         The bloggess

    Has written another book

  633. YAY!! Did you go to Gruene to finish it?

  634. 638

    Congrats on your new book! I am very excited for you. I would love an autographed copy of your first book! I only have the Kindle version :-(

  635. 639
    Melissa Seng

    So exciting!!

  636. I am so excited to read the new book. Congrats! Don’t believe the voices. They lie.

  637. Happy, happy, happy. I am so happy you have written the new book. When I read your first book I wanted another one right away and soon, it will be available. Please keep us updated on the expected release date. Good stuff.

  638. Yay you

  639. 643

    Oooo ooo ooo! I’d love a copy of your first book!!! Congrats on finishing the second one!

  640. 644
    Jessica S.

    Would love a signed copy of your book :)

  641. Meow meow meow ( words from chopper the Atlanta office cat). He will read your next book as he fully enjoyed the first one before he chewed the corners off. He thought it was laced with catnip

  642. I let my gf borrow my signed copy of your book because I’m nice. She’s now my ex and never returned my book because she’s not nice and I refuse to ask for it back because, just no. So, I need a copy to help soothe my soul and to possibly avoid me going to jail for trying to sneak through her dog door, which I would enlarge with a chainsaw, to retrieve my cherished copy.

  643. Congratulations to finishing your second book! If I won a copy of your book, I’d give it to my brother. He likes weird stuff, so he’d probably love it.

  644. Oh PLEASE randomly pick me!! PLEASE!!! Today has been CRAP, what with BWL trying to turn our water off and no jobs and no money…PLEASE!!

  645. 649
    Maureen G.

    I work in publishing so I hope you’ll forgive me for pointing out a typo here, second paragraph:

    “…It comes out in Polish in a few month and I just saw the cover and there’s a bear on it. …”

    you need to add an “s” to “month” so it’ll say “months”

    Congratulations on finishing the second one. I understand how agonizing it can be. I’d say “good luck!” but pffffft, it’ll do great! That’s a given. :)

  646. 650
    Anna Otto

    Congrats! I loaned out your first book and never got it back, so a new one would be lovely :)

  647. 651
    Nicci Mann

    omg, i would LOVE a signed copy! my local book store didnt have it, so i had to get the digital copy :( but, the sounds of laughter from the bathroom as i read it (during some “me” time on the toilet >.>) made my boyfriend wonder what the hell was going on.

  648. Congrats! I can’t wait to read more about Beyonce and other stuff like that! Funny stuff!

  649. I am so excited!! I can’t wait to read the next one! I preordered your first one and stalked my Kindle until it was released. I’ll stalk this one too!!

  650. I would love one!

  651. Wahoo for the book being finished! So happy for you :D

  652. 656
    C. Herriage (@TheFeralPony)

    Congrats on finishing the creative birthing process. I’m stuck here in East Texas in this miserable ice storm and could really use something new to read. Or a drink. Yeah, definitely a drink.

  653. 657
    John Kirkpatrick

    I own a copy of both your & Allie’s books but would LOVE to give an autographed copy of your book to several people.

  654. 658
    Joe Jeppson

    You have a book?

  655. Just discovered your blog and am looking forward to reading your books!

  656. 660
    Kirsten Tofte

    Yay for a new tome from one of my fav authors!!

  657. I would LOVE to win your book ~ love reading your posts, and I always look forward to the new ones!!

  658. 662
    Tonia Wisniewski

    I had an autographed copy, but I loaned it to a friend and never got it back! I would love a replacement, I promise not to share this one!!

  659. I’d love a copy of your book! I got it from the library and ended up reading half of it out loud to my husband when he wanted to know why I was laughing hysterically — he really needs to read it himself.

  660. I would love to get Allie’s book! Oo oo, pretty please :)

  661. Nice job, lady. I’m totes jelly. :P

  662. Congrats, lady. I’m totes jelly. :P

  663. I bought a copy of your book for my best friends but I still haven’t picked one up for myself. Hopefully, I can get to a store to buy it before “Ramblings of a Hootsnatch” or whatever you name #2 comes out. =D

    PS. If you actually name it “Ramblings of a Hootsnatch”, I’d like a free copy.

    PPS. I could use a mango lassi too while I’m at it

  664. I have your book, but I don’t have your AUTOGRAPH. Here, let me fangirl like a Beatles fan in 1965. AHHHHHHHHH. And on another note – “This would make me lose my mind, up in hea, up in hea” Because I’m old school & bad ass rapper in a old, crippled, white girl package.

    OH HOLY BALLS – this means you’ll be doing another book tour? Can I guide you to Indianapolis? We have cornfields, rednecks, geeks & booze. Come to Indy – it’s just like Texas, but way more fuckin snow.

  665. Yay, Jen!! Can’t WAIT to read it. Love the gif.

  666. I would love a text copy to go with the audio version I already own. …But mostly I just wanted to say congratulations. You have done something really neat.

    Curiosity recently posted She is kind of functional. Nice and warm..

  667. I need your book!

  668. 675
    Corynn F.

    I read your first book, and loved it, but I have ADD so I don’t really remember much of it, so I need to read it again but my OCD won’t let me go to the bookstore to buy it…so yay winning one would be good.

  669. Commas! But I get it! Just saying.

  670. Woo hoo!!! That’s great news!!! Congratulations!!!

  671. 678

    I. CAN. NOT. WAIT.

    Please tell your editors to hurry the hell up, plzkthxbai.

  672. Would love another copy if your book. I got the first one from a good friend while I was recovering from colon surgery. I loved your book. Then I gave it to another friend who needs a laugh. I hope she continues to pass it on to her friends who need a laugh. I want a new one to keep and start a collection with your second book. And your third…….

  673. Congratulations on completing your second book! I can’t wait to read it!!

  674. 681
    Jodi H :P

    O.M.G I can’t wait for your new book! And i would love a signed copy of the first one. I would get to tell my friends all about it and for once they would listen because ITS SIGNED. Like, THATS AWESOME.

  675. Congratulations on finishing your second book! So excited!

  676. Woohooo! Congrats. Can’t wait to read the next one.

  677. Congratulations! Can’t wait to read it!!

  678. 685
    Andrea Cotham

    I need another copy of your book! I only have five. Five is a bad number. Please make me even again!

  679. My sister would so love an autographed copy of your book! She won’t get it until I read it, but still.

  680. So excited for you! Can’t wait to read your next one!

  681. Congratulations :) Go You!!!!!!!!!

  682. Congratulations and best wishes. I would love a copy. thanks.

  683. Hiya,
    I’ve only recently discovered you, but you’re awesome, very funny while also being great at addressing serious issues in a very relatable way. I really enjoy your posts, and look forward to your new book (and will need to read your first one, an autographed copy always helps!!) :-)

  684. I don’t have either book, so feel free to send me both. I’ll take the one with the bear on front too ;)

  685. Oh, I’m so excited … can’t wait to read it. What;s the Title?

  686. Congrats, Jenny! I’m starting the whole publishing journey on my first and have a Google Hangout scheduled tonight with the editors of the publishing company which means they’ll get to witness me uncontrollably blinking while my four-year-old colors on the screen. I’m incredibly happy/terrified but still mostly in the happy zone. I would love love love a signed copy of Let’s Pretend This Never Happened!

  687. Way to go! Now get started on the 3rd one!

  688. Ooooo…. Yes, me please!!! Oooo, Ooooo, ooooo…. =]

    Chris recently posted 365 reasons to be grateful, days 1 to 31.

  689. I can’t wait to read your new book! Let’s Pretend This Never Happened Some More: Even More Pretending- just shooting a title out there.

  690. OMG so excited to hea the new book is coming soon!! WOOHOO!! I already have the Kindle version, paperback version, and 2 gifted versions of your current book so maybe if I win I could check out Allies?

  691. I need a random copy of your book because I loaned mine out and the last person wouldn’t return it.. and I promise to buy and pimp out the second one as well.

  692. 699
    Ann Bresnan

    Would love to win your book!

  693. Can’t wait for the new book

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