Not a real post, but still awesome

Hi.  This isn’t a real post but I’m posting it anyway and so I think that makes it a real post.  Unless you’re epileptic, in which case you need to leave now.  It’s for your own good.  Come back tomorrow when I write about something less likely to make you fall down.

Okay, see the video above?  Open it to full screen and stare at the center of the video for the full minute that it plays.  Then immediately look at your hand.  Then bring your friends over to watch it and when it ends say “Never mind the video.  What is wrong with your hand?”  Then back away and tell them that’s exactly what people’s hands look like right before they morph into a werewolf.  

Or not.  Just a suggestion.

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  1. 1

    Front or back of hand?! Or is that totally irrelevant?

    (Palm. ~ Jenny)

  2. Holy crap, that’s freaky.

  3. I’ve never done acid … but I’m pretty sure that I now know what it feels like to do so.

  4. Trippy! And yes, Daddy Scratches. it is a lot like that.


  6. Pretty sure I saw an episode of Doctor Who that started this way. Or maybe all of them. Holy shit my hand is a portal through spacetime.

    Susan recently posted Can’t Talk Podcast Episode 38: Doing Hard Things Makes Hard Things Less Hard.

  7. what fresh hell.

  8. Brain’s like, “Whatsamatter with your hand?!” and Mind is like, “Chill brain, I’m just messin’ with ya . . . no seriously just chill . . . no really.”

    Anubis Bard recently posted Grills Preserves in the wet season.

  9. And on LSD your hand will turn into a fucking troll! Fucker is so hard to whack off with.

  10. pretty cool! love it!

  11. 12
    Maurice Moss

    I can’t see the illusion, but I did see “The Day Of The Doctor” today.

  12. HOLY CRAP! Talk about a flashback to college! Dude!

  13. Pretty sure that acid trips are less severe than that.

    The Dose of Reality recently posted Fashion Woes & Wacky Weather in the Springtime.

  14. blinks
    What’s wrong with my hand? Should I cut it off?
    Please answer quickly!
    crawls under desk and curls into a tight ball

  15. Oh rats. Nothing happened.
    Am I an alien?


  16. I don’t think my phone screen is big enough. Nothing weird happened

    (The size of the video affects how much you see the distortion. When I look at it on my phone it doesn’t work either. ~ Jenny)

  17. Oh…man. Motion sickness right at my desk. Please excuse me while I vomit. ;)

    sestasik recently posted I promise not to pee on your mailboxes.

  18. 19
    Shannon akaMonty

    I think I feel seasick. Cool.

  19. This was particularly awesome for me, as I already have a built in depth perception issue. :P

  20. Okay, I feel kind of jipped on this. I did as instructed, the video itself kind of made my vision go funny, but when I immediately looked at my hand afterwards there was nothing different looking about it.

    Elizabeth recently posted Dreaming of Hair.

  21. Nothing happened for me. :-(

  22. For some reason, all I can think of is the Twilight Zone.

    Shelley J recently posted I guess I'm just having bacon.

  23. Am I the only one who expected something to jump out at me the entire video?

  24. One year when I was vacationing in Kauai, I was taking pictures of a well-known double waterfall when a tour group came by. The guide told everyone to pay close attention to the waterfall. He suggested they pick a spot in the flow and follow that all the way down. Then do it again, and again. Suddenly, he shouted, “Now, look at the cliff!” As everyone gasped at the rock face that now seemed to them to be moving, he did this spiel about how Kauai was a living island, and there’s life everywhere if you know where how to look. It took all my restraint not to laugh, and I almost piped up that I witnessed this exact same phenomenon every time I spend more than an hour on a riding lawn mower. But I decided I probably shouldn’t ruin anyone’s fun—especially the tour guide’s. ;)

  25. That is totally fucked up. I’m going to go get the grad students and use it as a weapon of mass freakout. Thanks!

  26. I always knew there was a monster in my hand…

  27. Wow! So this is what it’s like to be a monkey? I have the urge to throw feces and touch myself. It really has nothing to do with the video though. But now when people ask me why I have those urges, I can say it’s because I have monkey hands. So thank you! Thank you for giving me the excuse I always needed. LOL

    YourMotherIsADirtyGirl recently posted Vagina, Vagina, Vagina – It’s just a word!.

  28. I always wondered what my hand would look like if I was a werewolf.

  29. Crap! Stuck in an alternate dimension now. It’s the one without shrimp. I quite like shrimp.

  30. watching for the full minute actually took 5 minutes because i’m sitting at starbucks and their internet is slow so by the time the full minute of video had run i’d already looked away like 5 times and pounded down a venti coffee. so now my hands are shaking but i don’t think that has anything to do with the video….

  31. As I am very susceptible to motion sickness I fear the results of watching this video in full or even small screen. If I’d only been as aware of possible adverse effects before watching other videos on the internet I wouldn’t need to invest in some sort of selective brain bleach ie Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, but with less love lost.

  32. I usually don’t do these because someone once linked me to something similar but it had that whole “scare” thing where something pops up after about 45 seconds and it screams. I did this one because I knew you’d never do that to us.

    Unless it was Halloween. Maybe. Probably not even then.

    I could see you linking to one where a baby chicken suddenly pops up and it peeps at you or something instead of screaming. Because…that’d be messed up?

    I’m going to stop rambling now. I’ve had caffeine and have no food in my belly. This is what happens when I do that.

    Stopping. Riiiiiight now.

    Okay, now.

  33. I think I have been hypnotized. Am I going to end up doing something unusual when some says “watermelon”????

  34. Awesome! I imagine this is what hard drugs are like (I know that I’m wrong) LOL

  35. So what does it mean that my eyes (or really my brain) plays this kind of trick on me normally.

  36. I think it would be fun to show this to toddlers.

    Michelle recently posted Wait wait wait…20 Years?.

  37. Now I know why the Salem witch trials took place.

  38. I’m an epileptic, so I HAD to do this…you know, because you told me not to. It’s cool though, b/c I don’t have photosensitive epilepsy (only about 3% of people w/epilepsy do.) On the other hand, I already had a hell of a migraine today, so I probably should’ve listened to you in the first place. Now I’m going to freak my kid out with it!

  39. I don’t think this works unless you’ve got 2 working eyeballs (I don’t).

  40. I have to believe this is what meth addicts see when they’re jonesing.

  41. That was hard to do (a minute is a LONG time!), and it would have been even weirder if I would have felt my hand bubbling…

  42. Okay wait….If I get an urge to spit on coworkers or rub the ceo’s belly, I am totally blaming this video.

    I will also be needing excuses for the other days.

    Michelle recently posted Wait wait wait…20 Years?.

  43. I’m scared to try freaky illusions this early in the day, but will come back and check it out when I’m more awake…or maybe I can use my teenagers as guinea pigs first, just in case.

    stef recently posted The House Next Door--A Sad End Caused by a Bad Choice.

  44. Palm? Damn, now I have to do it again.

  45. That was awesome! I’ve always wanted to find out what it would be like to morph without making any commitments. It did mess with my motion sickness though.

  46. Ew!!

    Kathleen recently posted Upside Down Tangerine.

  47. Apparently I don’t know how to do this trick properly because I looked at my hand and nothing happened.

  48. I really could have used this yesterday. Yesterday was crap, and this would have been wildly amusing. ;-)

    That Nerdy Girl recently posted How much is that egg roll in the window?.

  49. I thought we’d agree you’d only use your blogging powers for good!!! I am freaking out right now!

  50. Just don’t look in a mirror instead of looking at your hand. It’s a bit harder to dismiss as optical illusion when your own face is crawling around in front of your very eyes.

  51. IT’S ALIVE!

  52. I’m epileptic so of course I clicked through. The curiosity! I couldn’t stand it! Why am I neglected and cast aside?! But then I discover it’s for seizure avoidance, which is generally a good thing. I didn’t watch the video, because I have amazing self-control.

    Melanie Crutchfield recently posted Things You *Really* Shouldn’t Say To Your Kids.

  53. Wooooooahhhhhhhh.

  54. I get cataplexy (yeah we are thinking narcolepsy but not officially diagnosed yet), and I didn’t have issues for once. The ADHD test the shrink gave me had me twitching and drooling, and it was just white text on a black background for 8 minutes straight. My hand looked totally cool. The monster eating the diamonds was awesome.

  55. That is cool.
    The crotch shots at the end of the video were totally unexpected, however.

    (Nothing says “optical illusions” like hallways that look like vaginas. ~ Jenny)

  56. Holy crap, that’s some freaky ass shit.

  57. Okay. I have to say this. What if you did this then looked at a bare vagina? Would it look like you are about to be eaten by one? I don’t know. Worth a try for people who like vaignas…….report back though. I want to hear the results.

  58. Daddy Scratches said: “I’ve never done acid … but I’m pretty sure that I now know what it feels like to do so.” Well, I have and it is a bit what it can be like.

    I attempt to describe what it’s like in my fictional tale called Purple Haze. The acid sequence I describe occurs about threequarters of the way towards the end, for those who can’t be bothered to read it all the way through. It is also fictional, but I think it gives a fair idea.

    Here’s the link:

    The acid sequence in the film Easy Rider is incredibly realisitic. I don’t advise anyone to do it.

  59. and when I say bare vagina I don’t mean shaved, I just mean a vagina with no underwear on. Yes, you wouldn’t want a shaved vagina as it just wouldn’t be as frightening as a hairy one. (and vaginas don’t really wear underwear, we do, or do we?????? Hmmmm…..)

  60. yes I did too much acid in the 90’s…

  61. That is exactly how the back of my hands looked during my first acid trip.

  62. Is this what REAL drugs feel like ?? LOL

    Michele recently posted Barn Cats, Stray Cats and Field Mice.

  63. I think I’m gonna need some Xanax on hand for this.
    Or at least have these people sign a waiver first.

    Psychobabble recently posted My Playful Little Goober.

  64. I wonder what would happen if you were on shrooms or something while trying this.

    Adrasteia recently posted Adventures in Serging or How I Almost Took a Baseball Bat to The Thing.

  65. Unless you’re epileptic, in which case you need to leave now.

    Or if you have Ménière’s. Those type of videos can definitely trigger some fun vertigo or a drop attack. I only watched a little and wheeeeeeeeee the world is spinning super fast. (I know I’m not supposed to watch optical illusion videos, but I almost always try anyway. Ha. ;) )

  66. 67
    T "TehTimmah" Bend

    That was fun. But now I have a headache.

  67. Ha! I totally have epilepsy and my FIRST thought when I opened this post was ” I should leave now”… bummer.
    Someone tell me what I’m missing!

    (Everything you look at melts in waves, like it’s bubbling. ~ Jenny)

  68. I wasn’t epileptic before watching the video but I am now. :-l

    nancytex2013 recently posted correcting my bad form in time for April goal setting.

  69. Shall I ruin it for you by explaining the physiology behind the phenomenon?

  70. Oh! My eyes kept crossing and now I have two left hands that are sinking in on themselves.


  71. Not related to this post but, I had a dream that I was at a consignment shop with a bunch of my stuff there and that you had the show room section right beside mine and when I walked in, you remembered me and my daughter from when you were in Tempe, AZ (She’s the redhead that asked “Why are you so awesome?” At the q&a and I shared my haboob pics with you online after the signing) it was a cool dream and we were like awesome friends by the end of it. Just thought I’d share.

  72. Thank you for the epileptic warning! I’d much rather have a warning than find out the hard way I shouldn’t have watched something.
    You are always so thoughtful to those of us with issues! <3

    angelsara007 recently posted Positive Things.

  73. What the heck is it doing to my pores?!

  74. My hand looked normal but I seem to be clucking like a chicken…should I be concerned?

  75. I think I need to go lay down now.

    Kelly recently posted I do love a challenge!.

  76. A real post? Maybe not.
    Awesome? HELLS YES!!!

    The Hook recently posted 5×5 With The Hook: Ann St. Vincent.

  77. I thought it looked like my hand was rapidly aging. Kind of scary…. I keep looking back at my hand to make sure it really doesn’t look like that.

  78. That was so cool! My hand was bubbling.

  79. I’m not sure what was more creepy – what my hand looked like after watching, or the creepy shit that came up after the video got done playing. Did you SEE that chick with the head on her shoulder? Whoooo CREEPERISH. Just sayin’… More optical illusion stuff is what it was, but holy hot dog that shit was whack!

  80. Woah. Dude. Holy bubbling flesh Batman!

  81. That. Was. Cool!

  82. Nothing happened to my hand – although I do feel slightly sea-sick after trying to make something happen four times in a row :-)

  83. That was completely cool, except the whole time I kept thinking that this was going to turn out to be one of those videos where you stare at it and then a zombie jumps out and screams at you.

    karenmpeterson recently posted The Tortoise and the Hare-isson.

  84. Did nothing for me. But I’m probably dead inside and that’s why.

    wolfshades recently posted Bum Doctor.

  85. screw looking at my hand, i looked at the apple i was eating and it was pulsing like a heart :S

  86. One, after participating in this, I feel like what the nuns say was true after all, and two, I find it very disconcerting to have done this simply because “Jenny told me to.” Now I am asking myself, “If Jenny told you to eat raw chicken, would you? What about lick a sewer grate?” You’ve got me questioning my ability to make my own choices in life.

    Way to go, JL.

    LisaAR recently posted Lessons from a Failed Tube Top Experiment – My Messy Beautiful.

  87. After the hand, I decided to try it out on my beer belly (don’t judge) and it was totally on it’s way to a reenactment of that scene from Alien. Oh yeah!

  88. My husband doesn’t see it. Somehow I’m not surprised.

  89. Well yet another thing my stereo blindness fails at. :( Can I still get a werewolf hand? Please?

    skullwoman recently posted Adventures in the Punk DIY Kitchen: Eggplant Parmigiana.

  90. Do not watch this on a 27″ LED Cinema display under any circumstances. Just commit me.

  91. 94
    Elizabeth M.

    I’m quite positive I’m going to go throw up now. Not epilepsy but sweet Christ that is awful and horrible.

  92. heh.
    V fun. I will refrain from showing this to the Tiger, who went to the ER this weekend after an attack of vertigo (whose symptoms are close enough to stroke to warrant the trip). At any rate, a puking spouse really isn’t worth the hilarity.

  93. it’s so very Doctor Who!

  94. 97

    Wow…1 minute is a long time to try to focus…

  95. Coddamit, is this like those dot pictures where everyone else sees the citadel and all I see are dots? it made me dizzy and my hand just looked wrinklier than usua, maybe I should try again after the ear infection is cured. Why do I do whatever Jenny tells me to do? cos usually it works out ok, usually…

  96. First of all, my attention span was only 30 seconds lol. But, it worked anyway. My hand looked like bread dough that was still rising. Weird

  97. The suggested video screen was moving… o_o On an unrelated note, I’m the 100th comment!

  98. 101

    I learned 2 valuable things from this exercise. LSD would probably make me vomit and 1 minute is a LONG TIME!

  99. 102
    Fran Germain

    OMG! it totally worked!!!

  100. okay, I did this once and looked at my hand and it was so cool, that I did it again but this time I looked at my pet chicken, Idris. Now I’m scared of Idris.

  101. You can do this with waterfalls too. Seriously, stare at a waterfall for a minute and then look over into the rest of the landscape. Someone taught me this years ago near Twin Peaks.

  102. I think you probably should have added that we be seated to perform this experiment.

    On the bright side, I was involuntarily seated halfway through…so I guess it all worked out in the end.

  103. 106


  104. Does this mean you can be sued by pretty much everybody in England?

  105. I wonder what a chimpanzee would do if you put it through this exercise….

    Desire recently posted This Post is Below the Belt and Offensive to Camels.

  106. I was super afraid it was going to be the one that makes you see Jesus everywhere for hours. But I trusted you and I’m glad I did because now I know what my hand would look like if it was stuck between dimensions. Awesome!

    rarasaur recently posted (vlog) The oldest trick in my book..

  107. How do you get your hand to turn back after transforming?

    Luna LaBlue recently posted Gallbladder Problems.

  108. What happens if I already AM a werewolf? Does it become a normal human hand? I’m confused.

  109. You’re right! That is totally what one’s hand looks like just before you go full werewolf. Oh, wait… probably shouldn’t have shared that. WATERMELON!

    Dan recently posted Basic math.

  110. Thanks for the spoiler in the comments because with my migraines I took one look and said “NO WATERMELON* WAY am I going to do that!”

    Since you didn’t say what watermelon was secret code word FOR…. and I have been trying clean up my language to avoid being avoided at PTO meetings and school events…. I am trying to use “WATERMELON” in place of the F-bomb. It’s not satisfying. Other alternatives being sought.

  111. Geez…I really did fall down…

  112. I feel like an extra on the Dazed and Confused movie.

    Jane Ryan recently posted Words to Live By..

  113. It would appear my double vision, astigmatism and other assorted eye issues protect me from the effects of this optical illusion.

    Matthew Miller recently posted Janet's Revenge Available in the Kindle Store.

  114. Totally off topic but I saw this and thought immediately of you:

  115. 120
    Judy, Judy, Judy

    that was a very long minute – glad it is over but now there are crawly things on my hand

  116. Oooooo…………..Fun times! Who needs drugs when we have THE BLOGGESS???

    Tammy recently posted Hawaii!.

  117. 122

    OK, now everyone, try it again ,,, but instead of your hand, look at your spouse.

  118. Yeah. It did nothin for me.

  119. Sweet! That’s like having an endless supply of free mushrooms!

  120. seizing!

    Shaunacey recently posted Frumpy is a state of mind.

  121. This makes EVEN LESS SENSE at four am at the end of a 48-hour streak of insomnia.

  122. I don’t know what’s better, your posts or all the comments.
    And I think that video broke my eyes?
    So worth it.

  123. I really want to do this again, but it made me dizzy the last time. I am a danger to myself.

    Michelle recently posted Cupcakearians.

  124. 129
    timothy watts

    Brilliant not real post

  125. 130
    Rhonda Colwell

    It didn’t work for me. Should I be worried? Is there something wrong with my brain?

  126. It’s a transmorgifier

  127. That broke my face.

  128. 133
    Devon Lafferty

    I need a couple minutes to recovers after that! That is like one of those things your looked into as a kid. When all those shapes would change colors. They are called kaleidoscopes. I use to love them as a kid. I could sit there and stare into those things for hours at a time. If you are bored and looking for something to do, you can build your own!

  129. Nothing. My eyes, or my hand, are/is defective. Boo.

    Tara recently posted Todays Theme: Stolen thunder.

  130. Thanks… I think I am sick now.

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