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Harvey. Such an asshole.

It’s late but I can’t sleep because I’m watching  timelines and texts from hundreds of friends affected by Harvey.  We lived in Houston through many hurricanes, storms, and floods but I’ve never seen anything like this.  I’m watching friends lose their houses and I’m also watching friends out rescuing strangers.  It’s breaking my heart and making my heart whole and then making me want to airlift everyone out of rain and into my house where we can binge watch tv and snuggle small animals.  But I can’t do that so instead I’m going to link to a few places that give great resources and ways to help.

How to help people affect by Hurricane Harvey.

And this one:

Hurricane Harvey: Here’s How to Help.

And a giant thank you to those who are helping.  To those who donate, who rescue, who care, who sleep at work for days because they are needed, who stay strong for others even when they are breaking.  I’m sending love.  And donations.  And more love.  If you want to leave suggestions in the comments for organizations that are needing help you can.  (The Red Cross is great and I just gave them another donation tonight but there are also a lot of other organizations that are helpful and stick around after Red Cross is gone.)

Back to funny stuff soon.  Just needed to get this out.