My morning in pictures:

Me:  Hi, Starbucks guy!  Is the maple latte available yet?

Starbucks guy:  No, we don’t have it in stock yet but all of those holiday flavors should be arriving any day now.



Other Starbucks guy:  Actually I don’t think we’re doing maple this year.  Wasn’t popular enough.



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  1. I understand…I sit around all year waiting for the ginger bread latte. It better be out soon or I might go postal…this is how much I love them. Sorry for your loss.

  2. I don’t think we had maple around here. Definitely gingerbread (which I long for). This summer I felt a terrible loss and missed banana coconut. I was heartbroken.

  3. I love the photo illustrations of your end of the conversation. Also, maybe he was wrong. Those Starbucks guys often are. Here’s hoping.

  4. a) it does my heart (and my loins) good to see a photo of Andy S this early in the a.m.

    b) I had the same situation on my hands at Trader Joe’s yesterday when I pulled one of the employees aside and had holiday se — uh, I mean, requested whether the candy cane jo-jos, aka, my personal holiday crack cocaine, were in yet. only I got the good-answer-version, followed by a case of them delivered into my clutches.

    c) I would totally have a three-way with Andy and that cat.

    d) I believe I may have just shared too much.

  5. Bet they have it in Canada. Damn Canadians. LOL. Just kidding, you crazy Canucks. You know we all love you. 😉

  6. I have been rendered speechless.

    Love the pictures.

    Holiday flavors? Haven’t checked lately, but we did have a little snow yesterday…

  7. I keep asking about the maple too, and was told the same thing. The gingerbread is my favorite, it’s like heroin. I believe it came out mid-Nov. last year. I’ll be ready.

    The Starbucks in Barnes & Noble has a marshmallow mocha, but apparently is unique to them- a franchise, not corporate Starbucks. Sounds like I need to browse books.

  8. See the problem is you are wanting a latte. Who wants a latte when you can have a mocha?! Hello, it has chocolate, it doesn’t get any better than that. Oh, and they carry peppermint mocha (my own personal crack) year-round, THAT’S how good it is.

  9. No. I’ve tried the mocha and it tastes like chalk. It’s like I’m drinking some fiber drink but without the added promise of a satisfying poop later.

    And peppermint anything grosses me out. Except Peppermint Patty. That chick rocks.

  10. I’m a fan of the peppermint white chocolate mocha myself. They don’t have the chalkiness of the regular mocha. Altough I’ll drink just about anything they offer. Starbucks sees way to much of my money.

  11. “It’s like I’m drinking some fiber drink but without the added promise of a satisfying poop later.” Baaaahaaaa! I laugh, but I’ve always thought the same thing. ALthough not quite so vividly.

    The gingerbread is my personal crack.

    I bet you can buy the maple syrup they use in the maple latte online (or something similar). You can buy damn near anything online.

  12. And oh, um, yeah.

    I apologize if you acquire any stalkers after the Brittany costume post. I, um, emailed it to a few people and apparently some of my hubby’s male co-workers really liked them. I mean REALLY liked them.

    Don’t worry. I won’t tell them where you live. I can’t imagine that perverted groupies camped out on your lawn would go over well with the neighbors either.

  13. Last night we got a caramel macchiato. A venti, the big mutha.

    They left out the flippin’ caramel.

    And we didn’t realize it til’ we were well down the road.

    I hated Starbucks in that moment…$5 for a crappy drink.

    Grrrrrrrrr (and not the “good” kind!)

    OOoooo, and this was about YOU! YOU (sorry!).

    Hope I don’t have to hate ’em more for not having your maple flavoring….

  14. So today I thought about all of your comments and ordered a gingerbread latte. The experience was not altogether unpleasant. It’s not maple but it’ll do.

    Thanks, internets!

  15. I was going to suggest that you move up here, but Kyla beat me to it. You’d think all us Canucks were addicted to that sickly sugary crap the way they peddle it to us.

  16. Good thing Starbucks doesn’t depend on me for its revenue…given that I don’t drink coffee. But…the maple by itself might be nice. I’m strange that way.

  17. Still cracking up over those pics. LOL!

    Mmm maple sounds fantastic. Is it just your Starbucks that won’t get it or are all of them going to pass on it? I may have to stop and ask MY Starbucks guy if they’ll have that flavor…

  18. Not a big maple fan. But I love coconut and pineapple together – oh, I know, a pina colada latte. That would be a big summer hit, I’m sure. Like peach tea, only better. Actually, I’d miss the alcohol, though, I’m sure.

  19. Oh evil Starbucks. I cannot stay away. I did enjoy a pumpkin spice latte not long ago – yumma. But there may be something to the Canada thing as I was in Toronto now that I think of it.

    Just took a job on a campus and there is a starbucks about 100 yards from my office. Just informed today my office will be moving to the same building as Starbucks in January – ACROSS THE FREAKING HALL FROM IT – they are trying to make it easier for me to commit my starbucks sins. Damn you evil starbucks! I will provide a Maple report if I sense the smell wafting across the hall.

  20. don’t worry honey. Come north. We’ll give you all the maple you could ever need. wait, did that sound dirty? I didn’t mean… or, well, if you want… um, er, just come visit some day, okay, and we can stir some maple syrup into your latte.

  21. please stop. this is killing me. i now have to explain to everyone in the office why i have fallen out of my chair and have pissed my pants laughing.

    i think i’m in love with you.
    thank you for visiting my journal and leaving a comment. highlarious indeed. highlarious, people!

  22. and, of course, I didn’t notice that your comments are at the top of the entry… my previous comment is about the scooter laptop seat with the beer hat and other mandatory necessities. although high fivin’ a cat is fun too.

  23. i feel ya! was totally waiting for Starbucks to bring back Maple Latte and am terribly disappointed that they didnt have it. I have been searching everywhere!

    by the way, there’s a “Starbucks: Bring back maple latte” group on facebook. join us to petition starbucks to bring it back!

  24. I’m so glad I found your blog. You totally crack me up. I’ve never had the maple but if I could never have my pumpkin spice latte again, I’d cry.

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