Just to answer your question in advance, I have a lot of small wigs because I thought they’d fit the dead weasels but then it turned out they were slightly too large and I hate returning things.

Victor:  Why did you put a wig on the cat?

me:  Better question:  Why do you always assume it’s me?  I’m not the only one who lives here, you know.

Victor:  Hailey?

Hailey:  Yeah?

Victor:  Did you put a wig on the cat?

Hailey:  Why would I put a wig on a cat?

me:  This proves nothing.

Victor:  You don’t have to get all defensive.  I just don’t understand why you do shit like this, crazy cat lady.

me:  I have a lot of very small wigs.  I have a lot of very small cats.  This math does itself.

The cat has a face for wigs. It's a gift that you can't just ignore, Victor.

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  1. The short blond wig makes HST look like Billy Idol! Awesome! You totally need to get him some black leather.

  2. Seems obvious to me. Cats need hair care, too. Maybe you can call the pink one “Kitty Purry”! 😉

    thedoseofreality recently posted I’ll Stop The World And Melt With You.

  3. My Weimaraner has a head for tiny cowboy hats. We must exploit what we have.

    Krimu recently posted Everybody does it..

  4. My husband doesn’t understand why I make clothes for my cats. They just look awesome, that’s why. He never had a problem with the Red Wing Jerseys I made them…….

    Brighte recently posted Itteh Bitteh Kitten Little Black Collar by gigitucker.

  5. Love the Cleo-cat-ra look in photo #2.

    Janine Smith recently posted {Project 365+1: Week 42}.

  6. I feel like I am not utilizing my very small cat to its full potential. To the very small wig shop!

    Meagan recently posted October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month.

  7. 7

    You sure that is hunter s thomcat and not Elizabeth Tailor?

  8. Nothing screams “HAD TO BE DONE!!!” Like small wigs on cats.

    Smokeynall recently posted The First Goalie Post..

    I may or may not be guilty of putting a “Build-A-Bear” wig on my weiner dog (along with a baby blue velour jogging suit).

  10. Love the look, dahlink.

  11. Where do you get a cat mani-pedi (or I guess pedi-pedi, since it is four feet, no hands)?

  12. Nicki Minaj, Ramones, Jedward, and… I can’t place the last look. How could your cat work on his impressions without wigs?

  13. For some reason, I think the small wigs could have potential for an awesome halloween costume.
    No idea what that costume would be, but the potential is SO there.

  14. Victor: Actually, you only have one small cat. I think you need to check your math.

  15. Orange cat. Black wig. Blue toenails. That math does itself too. In fact, this might be the basis for my Halloween costume, if you dont mind.

  16. When I trim my wigs I turn the clippings into tiny hair pieces and then put them on my Shiba Inu because her hair is too short… so maybe it’s not as crazy as Victor thinks. Of course I’m a bad example of sanity, so there you are.

    Nienna recently posted Khaotic is Right.

  17. Oh my, he looks AMAZING!

  18. I’m not really a cat person but Hunter S. Thomcat is bring me around these days. All cats should have a manicure and a wig.

    Barbara recently posted Sugar, We Need To Talk.

  19. The small curly one makes him look a touch like Little Richard. So there’s that.

    Sara recently posted Facades.

  20. Umm…how can you NOT put a wig on a cat??

  21. #4 Cleo-cat-ra. Bwha ha . Giggle snorted my coffee. Thanks for that. Oh The Bloggess, what brightness and humour you bring to a dull day. HST couldn’t look better.

  22. I’m particularly enjoying the Cleopatra look in the top right. Do you have any tiny Egyptian crowns to complete the look??

  23. Great. Now I want a cat.

    Not because I like cats or even WANT a cat, but after struggling while trying to get the rainbow afro wig that came with our copy of “Madagascar 3” onto my dog this weekend, I see that cats don’t give you nearly as much shit.

    SO worth it.

    moooooog35 recently posted Scar Wars - Episode IV: A New Gash.

  24. That pink wig is super fabulous and so 80’s. My dolls want to know where you buy your wigs. D:

  25. I love how the wigs bring out the blue in his nails!

  26. This cat gets more and more like Lady Gaga every time I check in. May I say, I absolutely LOVE it!

  27. It’s surprising that after all this time Victor is still surprised. He just walks right into these things. Silly man! Wigs on a cat…GENIUS!!

    Amanda Lovan recently posted End of the line.


    Arnebya recently posted This Child Is Your Child, This Child Is My Child (and neither is better than the other. Right?).

  29. I’ve dressed my rabbits up in little outfits, and I’ve thought about a hat…but a wig would be PERFECT!

    Bailey recently posted Just what I needed.

  30. The wigs do suit the kitty, but I am sad that due to size issues we do not get to see attractively coiffed dead weasels.

    SarcasticNinja recently posted It's Tough to Be the Queen - Part 5.

  31. 31
    Rumble Kitty

    So is Hunter trying to decide whether to be Katy Perry, Cher, Christina Aguilera, or Reba MacEntire for Halloween?

    I used to put my bracelets on my senior kitty’s head because it made her look so darn elegant and princessy! Well, for the 5-30 seconds that she would hold still anyway!

  32. 32
    Anonymous Lurker

    Top, left: Cleocatra?

  33. Goodness gracious great balls of fire! Is that HST or Jerry Lee Mew-is in the blonde wig?

  34. 34
    Anonymous Lurker

    Top, Right….duh…

  35. I think the dark haired wig is more Jen from the Dark Crystal…Hunter S. Tomcat is a gelfling!

  36. Better question: why were none of these wigs afros?

    Ashley recently posted An attitude of gratitude..

  37. HST is the best cat ever.

    We put birthday hats, Santa hats and cowboy hats (whatever is appropriate for the occasion) on the horses at the barn where I board, so this seems perfectly normal to me.

    Kathy recently posted Adventures in Orchids.

  38. The wig on the bottom left corner makes Hunter S. Tomcat look like Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart OR Jerry Lee Lewis. Either way – where is his little piano?

    Rhana @ Dumb {Squared} recently posted I'd take credit for Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears if I could.

  39. I *LOVE* the blue nail polish! Really finishes the look; particularly in the black wig.

  40. That curly red wig looks like a mullet. A beautiful beautiful mullet. Well done.

    Izzy Mason recently posted Fire Safety.

  41. OMG, the dark wig makes HST look hawt. And the nails are still stunning.

    leslie (crookedstamper) recently posted SOS #74 - Out of the Jar.

  42. HSST is a drag queen. I think that’s awesome.

    Chuck Baudelaire recently posted Behind the 8-Ball.

  43. Love them all but especially Hunter as a brunette. It maks his fur POP. 🙂

  44. Caption for the bottom left…. “A hickey from Kinicky Kitty is like a Hallmark card.”

    Beckles recently posted We're Off to See the Wizard....

  45. Loving the lil’ Kim pink one!

    Renia Carsillo recently posted Breast Cancer 3-Day Sign Sponsors…Accent American Inc.

  46. You make my day.

  47. The first two times I read that title, I thought you were fitting dead weasels with WINGS. Needless to say, I was a little confused by the hairy cat pictures. However, it never one occurred to me that it would be crazy to put wings on weasels. Hey, I don’t judge. That’s how much I love you.

    Vi recently posted Trying to trust.

  48. I am loving that black wig. HST looks just like Elizabeth Taylor in Cleopatra!

  49. 49
    Brattus Rattus

    So, wht exactly do you drug your cat with? LOL

  50. Those are some seriously glamorous cats. Well done!

    Happy Blue Gal recently posted Let There Be Light.

  51. How does he manage to make the perfect face for each wig? So much confidence, he’s rocking the shit out of all those wigs. He was born for this!

    Carolina recently posted My parking brings all the guards to the yard.

  52. So, being a dead weasel lady is better than beind a cat lady, or…?

  53. http://www.kittywigs.com/wigs.html You’re welcome everyone 😀

  54. That cat needs a lawyer…

  55. HST looks FABULUUUS!!!! You should submit those pictures to that Stuff On My Cat website.

    Devon recently posted Fire In Ice by Devon Stewart.

  56. I think the black one makes him look like Cher…..”If I could turn back time….” He totally needs the outfit to go with it so he can go dance on a ship with sailors.

    karen recently posted When You're a Jet You're a Jet all the Way: Part 3.

  57. I agree, my first initial response was “Lady Gaga” . Now, if he would wear a meat dress without eating it…I think you’d really have something there.

    Maura @ evewaspartiallyright recently posted Bell Pepper Slaw.

  58. 58

    No, the question is: Why WOULDN’T you put a wig on the cat?
    And the short blonde wig is totally Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. All HST needs now is a black leather duster. He already has the fangs. And the cheekbones.

  59. But they are adorable, what’s to question?

    Shawn Walter recently posted Does this count?.

  60. OK, since no one stated what I think is the obvious…the fourth one is his Carrot Top impression.

  61. Its no good when the kid can start denying it. But with that said, am I the only one seeing Billy Idol on the bottom left? He has the face for wigs for sure!

  62. Also, I’m pretty sure wigs on cats is all the rage in the most cosmopolitan of areas.

    And I really wish there were “Like” or “Bwahahaha” or “OMG, YOU ARE RIGHT!” buttons attached to the comments because there are already a lot of comments for which I’d have mashed those buttons.

    Erica recently posted My cat is a zombie…from hell.

  63. The last one made me think I was getting Rick rolled for a second there – _-

    Ive got my eye on you Lawson.

  64. I am totally going to get wigs for my hermit crab. Ohhhhh yeah!!!!

    Stephanie recently posted The Paradigm of my Ex-Boyfriend.

  65. Wow. And I thought my pugs put up with a lot of shit. Don’t get me wrong – I’m totally on your page about this. I’ll have to send you a pic of my pug dressed as Jackie O. That pillbox hat just makes the whole ensemble.

    Mod Mom Beyond IndieDom recently posted I Have OCD and My Family Fucks With Me.

  66. The bottom left photo makes Hunter look like Sting. Or a 1990s Justin Timberlake.

    Lorca Damon recently posted The Lazy Post.

  67. That is one laid-back cat. He stayed still for having the wigs put on him, styled a bit, and then photographed. My old cat would have been attacking and destroying them within about 3 seconds. I love HST’s calmness with his uncanny sense of style! He’s so PERFECT!

    Skye recently posted Following Through.

  68. I’m definitely getting a Billy Idol vibe from the short blonde wig. Well done!

  69. This post is just more proof that you are everything I want to be in life.

    natalie recently posted SVU drinking game...I know, I know, brilliant..

  70. I think HST is channeling Katy Perry in the pink wig and blue nails.

  71. Okay. Need the wig website plzkaythnxbai. Not buying them from the cat wig place. Too many green papers for them.
    I got a Build A Bear Harley Hoodie. I don’t have the bears. I have a fluffy grey cat that it fit nicely. Problem is, I put clothes on the cat, she falls down. Walks a few steps, falls down.

  72. The red hair wig with the blue nails cracks me up!! Victor should be proud that you found something so creative to do with the wigs that didn’t fit the weasels. Yeah, my husband wouldn’t be impressed either. He still looks at me like I’m crazy when I complain about my characters not wanting to do what I need them to do. 🙂

  73. My favorite is the Billy Idol wig.

    I support your cats-in-wigs initiative!!!

  74. I love the wigs. My cats would probably eat me in my sleep if I put them in a wig. Maybe. Who knows, they might like it!

    deva by definition recently posted My Favorite Recipe Resources.

  75. You are nuts. The good kind.

  76. What you’re seeing is four pictures of the Undecided Voters.

    Shelley recently posted Welcome.

  77. That is on seriously glamorous cat.

    Colleen recently posted The Princess of Opinions.

  78. The picture with him in the dark wig looks like something out of The Dark Crystal movie… just saying. Kind of creepy. But I agree with you that the cat clearly was blessed with a great wig face and it’d be a shame to deny him that.

  79. Definitely the red. No question. The blonde would look great on my Tortie.

    The Kidless Kronicles

    Nicole@TheKidlessKronicles recently posted Monday: Tests and Choices.

  80. Love it, love it all.

    Lindsey recently posted His Name is Helmut.

  81. Love HST in his various wigs! I haven’t read the comments, so if this has already been said forgive me. The second one with the black wig makes me think of Lindsay Lohan for some reason. I’m not sure that’s really a good thing. You might want to subject him to random drug/alcohol tests and take away his driver’s license.

  82. this is amazing!! you are my hero!

  83. This post really cracked me up! Evidently you’re not the only one who thinks this is funny!

  84. Good thing you don’t have a chihuahua. Ours wouldn’t even leave a sweater on, or a Santa hat. She said they were humiliating. (At least that is what her expression said.)

  85. I just LOVE you!

  86. Hahaha…I’m surprised kitty let you put them on him!

    Mayor Gia recently posted Boyfriend Clearly Doesn't Want Me to Blog Anymore....

  87. Oh my, that cat is dynamic. If I put a wig on my dog she’d probably just eat it. And then probably poop in an unrespectable area.

    Creative Liar recently posted Pillowed.

  88. I’ve tried putting my hair extensions on my cat more than once, so I can totally relate. He gets away before I can clip them in though.

  89. I don’t understand Victor. If you had a wig that would fit a cat, why WOULDN’T you put it on him?

    a recently posted Privacy, please.

  90. It’s funny to read this because I was just shopping for a tiny sombrero for our chiweenie – chihuahua x dachshund. I’ve been informed that Wal-Mart carries the tiny sombreros, no doubt stitched together by the United Front of 8 yr old Children of China. We’ll never be able to compete with China if we don’t get our children to work. Oh…don’t get me started on politics!

    Roberta recently posted Dog Days.

  91. Is it me or do the red and short blonde ones look like merkins?

  92. I hope he takes care of you in his old age…the cat I mean.

    Kim recently posted Tips for Tuesday – Biohazard benefits.

  93. 93
    Jenny (Not the Bloggess)

    Every one of those wigs looks amazing on him! I especially like the curly blond hair. It almost looks mullet-esque.

  94. Okay. The cat does have a face for wigs. Amazing.

    Lugh: lol!

    Em recently posted List It Tuesday: Overheard.

  95. Totally made my day, Jenny!

  96. How do you keep the cat from eating the wigs??? (because my cats would be all over that)

  97. Can I tell you how much I love that the normalizing explanation for this includes the words “because I thought they’d fit the dead weasels?”

    A lot. The answer is a lot.

    Curiosity recently posted Schrodinger’s Junk Mail.

  98. 98

    So, I haven’t read ALL of the comments like I usually do, but, the long pink hair with the swept-to-the-side bangs looks amazingly similar to the “My Little Pony” toy…just sayin…

  99. This is very inspiring. It makes me think my 3 felines are wishing to be red heads today and dress up as The Little Mermaid. It is Halloween season, after all.

    Indiana Lori recently posted Need Straw? Have Baler..

  100. the last one? patrick swayze.

  101. Ha! Just imagine how many responses he’d get if he signed up on CougarDating.com
    Screen name: Menopaws
    Headline: “Fetching Feline Seeks Furry Friend For Feral-Friendly Fun And/Or Full On Frolicking.”

  102. #3 is definitely the best IMHO. Very Billy Idol, suitable for the bad ass snuggle catness of Hunter.

  103. I can’t believe he still has the softpaws on. Mine would have ripped that stuff off long before now.

    Kelly at Cibatarian recently posted Up-coming Events.

  104. love the come hither look in the pink wig…my kitties would make me bleed if I tried to wig them

  105. My DH wants to know why you aren’t sharing the wigs with Bald Eagles! I think HST looks FABULOUS. His blue softpaws look great but I think he might prefer pink for a change. Just saying!

  106. That is what I call a fashionista kitty!

    Mexmom recently posted Being busy at work and finally feeling good about it.

  107. HST is very patient, allowing you to decorate him. I feel like I’ve been challenged to dress up my Great Dane. Hmmm.

    Sue recently posted Bogie, learning more every day.

  108. You know what would make the outfit? A bayonet.

    Rita Arens recently posted I Can't Look at This Without Laughing.

  109. Love.

  110. I totally needed that…. A Bayonette, Riding a horse

    Kerry recently posted Listen… If I tell you I shaved my legs… Im hitting on you...

  111. HST = best small wig model EVER. Seriously. That cat has a gift.

  112. It’s not crazy until both of you are wearing matching wigs. In a Glamour Shot.

    If that sounds like a dare, so be it.

  113. A better question would be why ISN’T Victor putting wigs on cats.

    Heretic Husband recently posted Wackjob Wednesday 10/10/2012.

  114. I love love love that HST will apparently actually sit there and accept wigs on his head. Our kitties would either a) slouch around growling as if we’d weighted them down with a donkey, or 2) bitten and clawed us until we didn’t think cat wigs were funny any more.

    Perhaps HST indulges in hallucinogens like his namesake? And, he’s just thinking this is all one straaaaange trip?

    The curly blond wig makes HST look like Martin L. Gore of Depeche Mode. STILL ‘rocking’ the peroxide curls 30 years into his career. Oy.

    Jeff Preuss recently posted Okay, so by all rights I should be 600 pounds..

  115. …I love you so very very much right now.

  116. …I love you so very very much right now.

  117. The Lucille Ball wig brings out her cheekbones. The blonde one just screams floozy.

    Kat recently posted What I learnt this weekend..

  118. So full of awesome I can barely stand it!

  119. Um, does Victor not see how clearly happy HST is wearing those wigs?

  120. Is it HST or Brian Setzer…you decide

  121. it wasn’t until this post that i realized, damnit, i am soooo not living. not only have i never put a wig on a cat, i have never even thought about doing that. and it is awesome.

    also, perhaps even sadder, i didn’t even know about the existence of tiny wigs.

    anna recently posted 31 Days of Halloween: Day 22 - Halloween House Decorations.

  122. Oh, sweet mother of invention… the one on the top left. I’m dying. And the pose. I love that these wigs even exist. Someone MADE THESE.

    When I Blink recently posted How To Choose Pet Names (Not That Kind of Pet Names, Sugarlips).

  123. You just made my husband cringe so hard, I heard his teeth grind.

    So, thank you. ;0) <3

    Tracey aka KidLit! recently posted The World's Largest Thermometer! Finally..

  124. OMG, where did you find those?!?

    I. Must. Have. Some!

    Kristine (Mommy Needs Therapy) recently posted How you can help my Trauma Mommas!!.

  125. So…. Minaj, Cher, Idol, and Lucy.

  126. What I utterly love and adore? That HST is just all “Yeah this is my wig bitches, stop hatin”

    Lori recently posted Why I should never be allowed to get attached..

  127. I really have no idea why Victor asks questions anymore. The man should just learn to nod and smile.

    Alice recently posted Improved Publicize.

  128. And my husband thought I was crazy for suggesting a smoking jacket for our dog!

  129. OK, so a little bit of wig envy here. I’d buy one for Saucy the Jackalope but I doubt they would fit over his antlers.

    Lonesome Jackalope recently posted My Really Great Ideas, Part Two: Criminal Elements.

  130. LOVE IT! I do the same thing to my cat Oreo with my mini tiaras and miniature hats… he doesn’t seem to mind and often looks as if he enjoys the attention and the glamour of it all… I think Hunter looks fabulous… 🙂

    Heather recently posted Ginger-Doodles: The Best Cookie EVAR!.

  131. Well, the blue fingernails would have looked *silly* without a wig…that’s why!

  132. Great. Now Bob B. McKitty is jealous. He’s like “I wish the Bloggess was my foster Mom. You guys suck.” Thanks a lot.

  133. The short blond one is my fav

  134. Not only wigs, but BLUE nail/scratch covers on the cat. I love this. Mine all have halloween costumes, a bee, a shark and a dragon and anyone who calls me crazy is getting a dead mouse on their door step.

  135. The short blonde one is my fave. Reminds me of early Justin Timberlake, except more handsomer. Your cat certainly *does* have a face for wigs. Have you considered getting him into modeling professionally? I mean, unless you don’t want to get all pageant mom on his ass.

  136. Obviously HST needs the wigs. Even cats need to go incognito sometimes, also. Victor doesn’t understand this?

    Jaime Dodds recently posted I'm alive....

  137. OK, I just ordered your book because I cannot count on my family picking upon any of my hints….weasels, stuffed crocodiles/alligators, etc.

    Now i have to go outside and throw the stale bread inside the pool enclosure so the dog can’t get to it, but the birds and the squirrels can. Dog just circles the pool…..watching…..

  138. Also, in my house, a conversation including the phrase, “WHY do you have doll wigs?” is not at all out of the realm of possibility. So, had I not read the blog headline, I never would have felt the need to question why you might have them.

    The better question would be why anyone WOULDN’T have an assortment of doll wigs around the house.

    Jeff Preuss recently posted Okay, so by all rights I should be 600 pounds..

  139. Why WOULDN’T you put a wig on a willing cat? HST knows he works a wig like nobody’s business.

    Katie recently posted The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao by Junot Diaz.

  140. I am lucky if I can get my very small cat to keep her collar on. I try to have the older cats explain to her that she is naked without it and all cats who live in our house must be clothed in collars at all times. I can’t even imagine getting her into a wig. I must try this anyway.

  141. Is it wrong that I noticed the painted fingernails first and asked, “How did she get that cat to sit still for that long?” Followed by, “Please, GOD, do not let my daughter attempt that on our cats.”

  142. “Why do you always assume it’s me?” — I’m going to use this.

  143. I’m so jealous, Jenny! My cat will have NOTHING to do with costumes of any kind. Putting clothes on him causes temporary paralysis, apparently. Sure with I could be a “crazy cat lady” and dress my cat up… but it just leaves me feeling like a horrible human being instead. lol. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NmYuyVadncA

  144. That is so wrong. So very very wrong.

    BNPQOE recently posted Godspeed My Little Viking.

  145. I used to drive through a neighborhood where a woman had a ceramic goose sitting by her door. This wouldn’t be notable except that she dressed it up everyday. She had different outfits for different occasions. When it rained, the goose wore a raincoat and matching hat. At Halloween, I think it was Batman. It also had a cheerleading costume for football season. There were others but I can’t remember them all. I’m pretty sure there was a Santa outfit as well. IT WAS AWESOME! Sadly, they moved and took the goose with them.

  146. I find it interesting that Victor questions the wigs and not the blue nail polish. I think he just has something against wigs. Maybe he should see someone for that.


  148. He questions the wigs but not the blue nail polish, lol

  149. I. Love. This. I wish I could get my kitty to sit still, but she freaks if she sees anything that remotely resembles messing with her. Yeah, she’s a true scaredy cat. HST rocks!

    Alyssa recently posted Who's ready for Halloween?? Not me!.

  150. I fucking love it.

  151. I love this. I had a cat who liked to wear a sombrero. I had this tiny little sombrero that someone gave me on a bottle of tequila they brought back from Mexico. Evie would sit with her little hat on and drool she was purring so hard. I’m assuming it’s because she was mexican… she hated the little cowboy hat I got for her.

  152. Adorableness aside, the fact that he seems so willing and content to getting dolled up is fantastic. He’s officially cooler than my cat.

    Banana Stickers recently posted Take Off Your Pants Humor (WARNING: This post will make you itchy.).

  153. LOL! He does look dashing! (I must agree with the Billy Idol remark, as well as the blue nail polish.) What a patient fellow HST is.

  154. I don’t mean to alarm you but your cat seems to have that disease where the nails turn blue. Like blueballs, but it with nails. Or claws.

    Marinka recently posted Dilemma.

  155. Love the black wig; VERY Cleopatra; he should be eating figs off the vine.

  156. The white wig makes him look just like Uncle Lewis from National Lampoons Christmas Vacation. He just
    needs a stogie to make the look complete.

  157. Maybe Victor is jealous (don’t tell him I said so) try putting wigs on Victor next time. Men, they all crave attention.

    Laurie F. recently posted My Banana Has Freckles.

  158. Your husband calls you “crazy cat lady”!!?? Aaahhh, romance lives, even when most of the animals are already dead…

    Love and Lunchmeat recently posted Tequila and Fairytales.

  159. You have the prettiest cat EVER. The wigs, the nails – perfect!

  160. I was hoping for a tag on here for all the awesome pictures of this lil guy. I love him.

  161. My JenJen would so let me put a wig on her, I need to find one. Willow would probably object and blood would be involved, so one wig should be enough.

  162. Cleocatra 🙂

  163. The red one is definitely channeling Lyle Lovett. HST is a Texan, after all.

    SharonCville recently posted Nostalgia.

  164. nice nailpolish!

  165. And you painted the cat’s nails blue? Or was that someone else in the house too?

    Mary V recently posted Time for a Quickie?.

  166. My family puts wigs on cats all the time.


    I mean, how could you not put a wig on them? In my opinion, they’re just asking for it.

    Waldie recently posted Bureaucracy is not Just an American Thing.

  167. the top left picture has me humming, “my little kitty, my little kitty….”

    HST would make an amazing my little pony-cat.

  168. Nicki Minaj got nothing on Hunter S. Thomcat.

    ColdBlooded recently posted Jack O’Lanterns..

  169. It’s like Victor’s never even heard of a confidence wig. Sheesh.

    Ashleigh recently posted Dreaming Through the Depression.

  170. Someone had to get a leg up on the whole feline male pattern baldness thing, right?

    Alyssa S. recently posted Damn you Camouflage Day.

  171. Fabio, Cher, Justin Timberlake, and Lucille Ball.

    Just sayin’.

    HST has got to be the most chill cat to let you put those on him and let them stay there long enough for pictures. That, or you’re the Cat Whisperer.

  172. My husband says you and I are NEVER, EVER allowed to accidently meet at the HEB. But STRONGLY believes he and Victor need to begin a support group. I say they just don’t understand awesomeness when it hits them in the nose. My favorite is the pink. A very “Do not bother me boy, you are not worthy.”

  173. You have the most patient cat ever. Mind would not stand for wiggyness. She’s such a diva. Which then lends itself to the question – if she’s such a diva, why doesn’t she want to wear a wig???

    Jen recently posted Embrace Your Dreams.

  174. My daughter and I are sitting in the ER for the third time in7 weeks, trying to get her diagnosed. You made us laugh very hard, and we appreciate that. That cat totally needs regular wig photo shoots.

  175. Why does the last picture with the red wig remind me a little of Amanda Palmer?

  176. HST in the pink one reminds me of Lady Ga Ga…..

  177. I’m pretty sure we’re related in some obscure way…

  178. Pussy Riot!!

  179. Have not read all the comments, but I’m weighing in. I think HST looks like Lady Gaga, then Cher, Jerry Lee Lewis and Little Orphan Annie!

  180. You’re well on your way to a one cat show of Rocky Horror.

    Carrie - Cannibalistic Nerd recently posted A Trip to the State Fair, Part One.

  181. What I love even more than the fact that you put wigs on cats is that HST LETS you put wigs on him. And then totally poses.

  182. Bahaha, just what I needed this morning. We recently got a new cat….”Oh Haley. Mama has a treat for you!”

    Meagan recently posted Family Photoshoot Preview.

  183. This is amazing, and he looks awesome. How did you manage to paint his nails though? I would love to do that to my kitty, but doubt I would be able to get her to sit still long enough not only to paint them, but also to let them dry.

  184. He totally looks like Paris Hilton in the first one! Thanks for the laughs, too cute!

  185. Who knew HST had such a gift for celebrity impersonations? Katie Perry, Cher, Billy Idol and Lucille Ball! He is a master, and it seems so very easy to him!

    Kelly recently posted October Free-Motion Challenge.

  186. I wouldn’t worry about it.
    Men just don’t get it. Doug doesn’t understand when I suit up Gizmo in armor before we go to dog park; but a Chorkie just doesn’t stand much of a chance against a Pomeranian with an attitude.

    Bodaciousboomer recently posted You never have 8 arms when you need them….

  187. The red one and the blonde one make HST look like what Benedict Cumberbatch would look like if he were a cat instead of the otter that he really is, with his various non-Sherlock hairdos.
    I’m kind of jealous that you have wigs to put on your cat. But my chihuahua needs a bath today and her punishment for rolling in crap is to have me draw eyebrows on her and take pictures and post it on Facebook… so, yeah.

  188. The blue – that is those claw-cap things, right? Do they work???? I’m thinking that my boy NEEDS them.

    The wigs? Why wouldn’t you put wigs on a cat? Seems reasonable to me.

  189. I don’t understand why Victor is always so shocked by your actions. Does he know you at all?

  190. 192
    Sam Whiteoak

    The last one is obviously Malcolm Mclaren…

    Sam Whiteoak recently posted va te faire foutre.

  191. Hunter S. Thomcat was totally meant to be your four legged furry child! He always looks so happy and contented in his pictures no matter what he is doing at the time(trying on wigs for what I’m sure will be the start of his kitty-in-drag show, cuddling and making out with taxidermied animals, etc).

    P.S. I think that Hunter needs a drag name!

  192. I like that you can also see the blue claws. It’s like Hunter S. Thompson is a drag queen. An adorable furry drag queen.

    Natalie the Singingfool recently posted A Post of Random Charms Captured in the Big City.

  193. Since my cat is hairless… is it bad that I’m actually thinking of getting him a wig. He does wear clothes and doesn’t mind them – since he is always cool. Maybe Neko secretly wants a wig, he always stares at me lovingly when I comb my hair… hmmm food for thought. Jenny, You. Are. A. Rock. Star. in my book!!! & yours.

  194. Your cat has better hair than I do. I give up.

    Dana the Biped recently posted Advice To Live or Die By. Whichever..

  195. The Lil Kim wig is my favorite. Now if Hunter S. Thomcat had a pastie (pasty?), his costume would be complete.

    Becky Mochaface recently posted Tuesday Trivia: Space.

  196. The blonde one does make HST look like Billy Idol. I think the red mullet is my favorite though. That one just makes me laugh.

    Courtney recently posted Life with an older dog (and other fun stuff).

  197. I heard cats have nine lives and I’ve heard of “cat-o-nine tails” but I’ve never heard of cat-of-nine-wigs. This is a first!

    Robert K. Blechman recently posted The Only Published Twitter Novelist at the New York Public Library!.

  198. Love the black wig…it makes Hunter look like Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction.

    Issa recently posted Day 56 - Oh, Look...A Post-it!.

  199. HST is no Billy Idol. He’s Brian Setzer from the Stray Cats.
    He’s got cat class and he’s got cat style.

  200. do those little nail caps work cause i have kittens with nails. extra nails cause one of them has too many toes. also your cat looks fabulous and knows it.

  201. Oh, put some bangs on the black wig and he can do a Bettie Page impression. 🙂

    Kara recently posted Cheap Trick – I Want You To Want Me.

  202. Pic 4, Lucille Ball!

    Ginger Blog Man recently posted Slut-O-Ween Girls Listen Up.

  203. I’m laughing so hard that I’m giving myself a rash. HST must be extremely mellow, or maybe he’s still medicated from stealing your meds last week…

  204. The second one, the black one? Doesn’t it kinda make him look like the boy Gelfling from “The Dark Crystal”? Or am I just really dating myself here…? *chuckle*

    Now *I* need to go and get some small wigs for my cat…

  205. I have no issue with the wigs Jenny (says the woman who knits sweaters for squirrels) but I am questioning the cat’s choice of nail colour. Did I miss that story?

  206. You need to make a calendar with Hunter S Tomcat wearing wigs!!! Big time money maker potential!! I would buy that over any other calendar! Lmao!!!

  207. i think you just won the price to the longest blog post title EVER.
    loving how the cat just seems used to this shit. the blue nail polish is another clue.
    clearly victor doesn’t understand anything.

    onsanity recently posted with the flip of a coin.....

  208. I can understand how some might see Billy Idol in the bottom left picture, but it is actually Perfect Tommy from The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai. Obviously.

  209. I have a hairless cat…she’d love to have wigs!

  210. HST is clearly enjoying the attention and loving his look. The pink Ariel one and the blond jheri curl are my favorites. I think you should own this and then find a way to market this to other cat owners. Maybe there is a real need.

  211. This is 100 times better than dogs wearing sunglasses.

  212. Hell… even H.S.T. knows he’s rockin’ the blonde!!!

  213. Which one for Halloween?

  214. Love it!

  215. This is the Kim Zolciak of cats. Especially since she’s totally tolerating and humoring you with this shit. You should have legit names for all the wigs so you don’t get confused. Like, the first one is the Katy Perry and the second is the Big Ang. If you are going to go there….at least be organized about it.

    Natty recently posted Weight Update.

  216. I love to dress up my dogs (2 westies) in costumes. I never thought of a wig, but man it sure change the look of the pet’s face…..love it!

    Jenny Starley recently posted Dude, you should be a comedian.

  217. Okay, now I’m CONVINCED that you and I are psychically linked, because I just put Squid (the cat) in a blonde mullet this morning. And he OWNED that mullet.

  218. I can’t tell you how much these pictures just brightened my day. All pets should have a wig option. Might just be a bad-fur-day.

    Gail recently posted Upcycled Sweater Coat in Plum, Raspberry and Grays 100% Felted Wool with Hood, Thumb Holes by gailjoseph.

  219. Is it just me or does the first one look like a Maybelline ad? “Maybe he’s born with it. Maybe it’s Maybelline. Or possibly a ginger ninja in a wig.”

  220. How many cats do you OWN? Hmmm…

  221. You do know there is a whole BOOK – my aunt got it for her birthday – it is awesome. http://kittywigs.com/book.html

    mommylisa recently posted I've got a brand new pair of rollerskates....

  222. Maybe someone said this already, but the blonde wig on Hunter makes him look like Spike from Buffy.

    Shannon recently posted Thrilling Fear Replaces Depression.

  223. HST is going to start a new trend! He should create a whole line of cat wigs. I would go out and get one for Thomas J. Kitty-kitty right now!

  224. I see a whole new pictorial blog arising from this. Wigs on Cats. Furthermore, Wigs on Weasels. Dog Wigs. Earwigs.

    Kathleen recently posted Perspective, Curiosity.

  225. what other blog could possibly start with a title like “… I have a lot of small wigs because I thought they’d fit the dead weasels…”

    And yes, Hunter S. does have a face for wigs I must admit.

  226. Hey look, its Lucy!!! Where’s Ricky?!

  227. OMG!! I have an elderly cat who looks a lot like Hunter S. and all I have to say is he better be glad I don’t have any little wigs! Those pictures are too cute!!

    Tamara Tipton recently posted Getting better.

  228. Victor thinks it strange you put wigs on cats? Yet he doesn’t even mention the blue nails??

  229. VIctor’s just jealous he can’t pull off wigs like that cat can, don’t worry!

    Rayna recently posted I fell for a boy who told me I didn’t belong.

  230. Wigged cats on halloween are so damn perfect. love it!

    VANESSA recently posted Epic Mickey 2 & My Epic Time At Disneyland! #EpicMickeyDLR #PowerOfTwo #Disney.

  231. THE SPCA is on to you!!

    Geek Goddess recently posted The Bloggess visits New Hampshire?.

  232. This is so many different kinds of awesome…Love it! Now I must have cats and tiny wigs. Meanwhile, I’ll occupy myself with accessorizing my Weimaraner.

    Lisa recently posted Halloween Costumes, My Nemesis: So We Meet Again.

  233. Hunter is rockin the Doctor Who look. As pointed out when sharing with a friend, the lower left is Jon Pertwee and lower right is Tom Baker. Hunter should be the next Doctor. At least he’d finally be ginger

  234. The wig collection doesn’t phase me – everyone has weird stuff floating around the house – I’m most impressed that he let you do this to him. BTW – Hunter S Thomcat’s twin brother is living under my deck but he’s a scaredy cat and always looks mad so I think he’s the evil twin.

  235. 237
    gina in alabama

    Short curly blonde wig = Judy Holliday “Born Yesterday”
    Short curly red wig – Lucille Ball “I Love Lucy”
    Not sure about the others, but love WIgs for Cats!

  236. Clever, as always. And I am a fan of the brunette look. Very chic.

    Kristen @ The Balanced Bowl recently posted Crunchy Chicken Tenders, the Healthy Version!.

  237. My lord, you make me laugh, girl! Lesbian experiences and crazy cat lady stuff. Love it!

    Nicole recently posted tough dog update.

  238. 240
    Fanciest Nancy

    Seeing HST in the pink wig, and with the way he is posing, looks like my little pony, too me at least. It’s the snooty face he is making.

  239. 241
    Helena Handcart

    Best post ever! I reallllly needed this laugh today! Thank you.

  240. Hunter S. Tomcat is my favorite. Please, more HST.

    HST Forever.

  241. 243
    Julie Jackson

    Are you the last person on earth to hear about Kitty Wigs? Do I need to send you a copy of my book, “Glamourpuss: The Enchanting World of Kitty Wigs”? I always kind of thought we were separated at birth.

  242. You know, the fact that the cat doesn’t mind blue nails and wearing wigs just proves he was made for you!*grin*

    Chris Dean recently posted Introducing Team "Whack-A-Troll".

  243. Where does one find small wigs? I have a large sized cat with a small sized brain holder & I have Christmas cards to make…

    Erika Marie (@ErikaMarie) recently posted Dear Nabisco,.

  244. You have a knack for making a bad day, pretty gosh darned bright.

  245. I’m starting to get a little worried about what this may do to Hunter’s sense of masculinity…………..

  246. I once dressed my cat like a lobster, I was on a lot of pain meds.

  247. Seriously, you should do a whole photo book just on HST in different wigs. I would SO put that on my coffee table. Oh, wait, I need a coffee table. OK, I’d so BUY a coffee table so I could by that coffee table book. That’s just how awesome I think the idea is.

    But, when you become wealthy on this, please just remember who thought of it first. You’rewelcomeverymuch.

    Valerie P. recently posted The Stuff Legends Are Made Of....

  248. I see Rebecca DeMornay, Pia Zadora, Spike, and Danny Bonaduce. LOVE!

    Hj recently posted COOKIES!.

  249. The wigs and the nails—priceless!

  250. Am I the only person who looked at HST in the black wig and thought of Lucy Liu in Charlie’s Angels?
    Also, to whoever said the pink one reminded them of My Little Pony, I concur!

    Nat recently posted Adventures in Seaweed.

  251. Hunter S Tomcat is already hooking for drugs? Damn.

    Holly Folly recently posted A Letter From the Morrow Jungle..

  252. The curly red one makes me think of Joe Pesci in Goodfellas. He wears it well.

    Theresa recently posted Zumba Dancing Prostitutes.

  253. My grandma threatened to disown me if I dressed my dog up for Halloween (I’ve completely direguarded that and am working on a fez and now tie for her doctor dog costume) but she said nothing about wigs. My dog has a tiny head. Ideas are happening. I’m sure my dog is hiding somewhere in the house as I type

  254. Just: THANK YOU. I have been in such a shitty mood lately, and seeing those pics made all the cranky juju vanish. Thank you.

  255. Cats in wigs, about as good as it gets, baby.

    Girl to Mom- Heidi recently posted Funny Kid’s Letter.

  256. I’m about 50/50 split on feeling upset that I was unaware of AND kind of okay that I didn’t know about a tiny wig market.

    Ava Love recently posted The Completely Trite and Banal Adventures of Cliché the Pirate.

  257. Thanks for this, I needed the laugh today! You’re awesome. 🙂

  258. thanks for the laugh. Been soooo depressed (as usual) this week and needed the LAUGH!!!

  259. 261
    Lady Penelope

    Dead weasels with tiny heads are the *worst*

  260. OMG you painted his nails! I thought my mother was the only crazy cat lady that did that!!! Step away from the eyeliner, it’s just not cool! 😛

  261. Wigs AND painted nails!! That is one stylin’ kitty cat!

  262. Hey, to each his (her) own. Frankly, I think Hunter S. Tomcat looks fab in his various “dos.” But then again, my Pug Mabel is often seen strolling through the house in her Japanese kimono, complete with black wig that has chopsticks protruding from the bun.

  263. 265
    Ms. Cats Meow

    Hmmm….Lady Gaga, Betty Page, Billy Idol and either Ron Weasly or Fry from Futurama. HST is quite the impressionist!

  264. Just look at his face. He OBVIOUSLY enjoys his wigs.

    I mean, at least you’re not making wigs out of cats…you know?

    Kristen recently posted Equal Opportunity Onslaught.

  265. …and now my four cats want wigs. The dog just wants to watch. THANKS Jenny.

  266. There’s a Cleo-CAT-ra resemblance in the one photo……

  267. I really like the pink one….maybe HST can get pink extensions?

    katie metzroth recently posted Knitting Movie Review – Seven Psychopaths (no spoilers).

  268. I soooooo wish I had little wigs to put on my kitty! I’m kind of jealous of you so tell Victor to put that in his juice box and suck it…hahahaha!

  269. I think the next mini wig should be one of those that the barristers and judges wear in the UK.

  270. Those wigs look great on the kitty! Especially the black wig. That is totally his color.

    Rachel recently posted Super Concussionator.

  271. I like the pink one. Has a Lil Kim feel to it. Thanks for the giggles!!

    Kez recently posted An open letter to my mothers’ group..

  272. You do realize all you need is some editing, a little vignette and you can SELL that shit as ART? Or stick it on a coffee mug or something? People will totally buy it.

    Kristen Mae recently posted Idiots With Viable Uteruses and Why I Want to Learn Korean.

  273. Those wigs really make that nail polish pop!

  274. I’m not sure if it’s your fault or Hunter S. Tomcat’s, but I just nearly had an asthma attack laughing with delight at the sight of Hunter posing in his various wigs. Is he the perfect cat for you or what, the way he happily poses bewigged???

  275. My cat would SOOOO not tolerate that shit. I’d be scratched to hell!!

  276. My husband commented while viewing this post that “the brown wig is very Anna Wintour.” He gets you.

  277. Oh my hell! He looks like Lyle Lovett in the last picture!

  278. I think I need to go cat wig shopping…but I should probably also make sure that I have a lot of band-aids before attempting to put one on my cats.

    Issa recently posted Day 57 - There is a Special Level of Hell for those who Scam Job Searchers.

  279. This cat is sooo made for wigs. Is their a name or personality that goes with each? Even if there isn’t…I feel that’s a great holiday card.

    Katie recently posted Loved.

  280. Jenny-
    I think I found you a friend. Please, somehow, make millions of dollars together.

    Kaylie recently posted All I do.

  281. So basically you’re his pimp and he’s your ho. Here put this wig on baby and work it. Next stop heels for those fierce paws…

  282. Cher impersonator contest winner!

  283. I think my kitten would start plotting my death if I put a wig on her…. your cat is so patient.

    chemgirljaime recently posted how thongs are ruining the economy.

  284. 286
    Cactus Sally

    Patti @ #91: Really. Celebrate diversity. While they may *look* like Merkins, they could be Canadians, Germans or any number of other nationalities.

    I bet HST doesn’t have a wig that looks like this: http://boingboing.net/2012/10/23/louis-coulon-and-his-11-foot-b.html

  285. Holy crap sister, and I’m not even a cat fan but I totally get it, your cat cries out for wigs. It would be cruel to say no with your inventory. Victor is just incatmane. .

  286. Pink wig, blue nails, Katy Perrycat for the win!

    kelly @kellynaturally recently posted Go to Your Baby.

  287. So, in a totally unrelated comment – well, not totally unrelated, you are putting wigs on a live cat, i just read on CNN about the Morbid Anatomy Library in Brooklyn. It is home to “anthropomorphic taxidermy.” Seems right up your alley.

  288. All I have to say is that you have a very photogenic cat. He must just KNOW he’s meant to be on camera. I’d say he’s a ham, but he’s a cat. Not a pig.

  289. Thought you might enjoy this … http://cat-bounce.com/ … if you click on the differnt cats you can get them to jump around 🙂 … ah, a potential distraction for HST!

  290. I like the long, pink one!

    Cheryl D. recently posted Very Adorable, But a Lot of Work.

  291. He KNOWS he’s fabulous!

  292. I read the title of this blog post in advance. Thanks for the heads-up, I’ve definitely had my questions answered. However, at this current point in time I think I STILL have way more questions than answers. Why would dead weasels need wigs? Or is that explanation some kind of euphemism: i.e., “I put a wig on my weasel”.


    Claire J recently posted 24 hours in Paris.

  293. HST as drag queen – awesome!

  294. That was funny to wake up to, and perfect. I have two appts on my birthday, this was my first smile of the day, thanx! =)

    Janika recently posted happy birthday!.

  295. very nice

  296. You should partner with Raquel Welch and expand her wig line for small pets. It’s a natural next step!

  297. Maybe it’s just me, but HST TOTALLY looks like a My Little Pony in that first pic!

  298. That last one makes him look like Jerry Lee Lewis. Keep him away from any young cousin kitties. Buy him a piano.

    Amy (KidFreeLiving) recently posted The Dog Opens a Vomitorium.

  299. 301
    Johnny Feelgood

    Besides you, Ms. Lawson, what authors do you recommend seeing at the Texas Book Fair (if any)?

    (Maureen Johnson is awesome. ~ Jenny)

  300. I really need to get my hands on some of these small wigs. I have two cats just hanging out looking like regular cats!

    Shannon recently posted Why Wednesdays? – Why I Run: Series Recap.

  301. Wigs….not just for the bald anymore!

  302. If you ever want to unload any of those wigs…

    non-girlfriend recently posted Wednesday Girl Waits With The Whine.

  303. You need a blue Kitty Perry wig!

    Mod Mom Beyond IndieDom recently posted Help My Vagina Go Viral!.

  304. They wouldn’t make wigs that small if you weren’t supposed to put them on cats!

    Ligaya recently posted .3. Meow.

  305. There is no way any of my cats would wear a wig. This is awesome.

    Claudia from Idiot's Kitchen recently posted Farfalle with Italian Sausage & Peas.

  306. Dammit, where do I get such small wigs. My cats would look great in them.

  307. There’s got to be doll wigs the right size for cats here: http://monique.com/. Also, some craft stores have wigs. And hats to torment your cat with.

  308. http://52c36x-pnmtaay66x5ojmsrb8t.hop.clickbank.net/. I think they could use some of your fresh ideas. 😉

  309. After years of lurking on your blog, I have to finally post and admit that I LOVE your dedication to your cat (and wigs)! LOL! Plus, I love that he’s totally metro with the blue nail polish. Nice touch!

  310. He looks regal and British in the third picture.

  311. How did you manage to score such a passive feline?
    Mine would have ripped my face off.

    Melissa recently posted This Is Halloween – Part *Boo*.

  312. That cat is WORKING those wigs. Truly a work of art, each one.

    And bottom right? Even my 4 year old spotted it. “That cat thinks he’s Ariel, Mommy.” All he needs is the mermaid tail now.

  313. What makes this even better is the blue nail polish.

  314. OMG I don’t even have words for that. Although, honestly the dark brown wig goes really well with the blue nails. Just sayin’

    Ashley recently posted The Benefits of Being Nice aka. WTF Happened to Manners People??.

  315. The REAL questions is, “Why doesn’t Victor put wigs on your small cats?” Get with the program, Victor. It is what we do.

    Sarah recently posted Sunday.

  316. Those wigs are CATASTIC! I just adore you – I’ve bought the hard cover of your book and the digital copy (gifted in various formats SIX TIMES!) as I had to share your hilarious genius. Your wig post reminds me of the Seven Psychopaths spoof Seven PyschoCATS – it’s hilarious. I mean…Christopher Walken as a hairless cat…in a wig. Yes, you’re welcome! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=knYfDZQeMZ4&feature=youtu.be

  317. cats with wigs and manicured, blue nails. awesome. where else could you find this???

    monica recently posted "Mrs. DayintheLife, you're no Jack Kennedy.".

  318. I love pic in the black wig…as if to say: “Seriously…I’m way out of your league!”

  319. So my husband can’t possibly understand why I’m laughing so hard at this post and so I show him and am all, CHRIS, JENNY IS HYSTERICAL, SHUT UP. He tells me I need to be committed and obviously doesn’t understand cat wigs and so to make him understand why we’re all rolling on the floor laughing, I tell him it’s actually not your fault, it’s the fault of Hunter S. Thomcat, who is seriously always up to something. At that point I show him the picture of Hunter choking the monkey and he pretends I don’t exist. Point of this story is sometimes I love you more than my husband but he really, whose fault is that? His.

    Heather Hopkins recently posted Unemployed Life in Krautworld.

  320. first time commenter long time stalker.

    While hunter S tomcat is cute, is Ferrismewler becoming camera shy? or is he afraid of wigs? plotting world domination?

    Team Ferrismewler

  321. 323
    Sweet Caroline

    I am not going to read more than 300 comments, so if someone has made this suggestion before, I’m sorry.

    I really need to have those four pics of HST on postcards. Please. Please. Please.
    Or notecards. Either one. In a box of at least 12. Please.

  322. Clearly he isn’t in love with Julie Jackson’s obsession either.

  323. 325
    Telzey Amberdon

    Very small wigs = “wiglets”. It’s a real word, an awesome word!

    Very small wigs on cats.

    Wiglets on cats.

    I maintain that the second sentence is funnier.

  324. I posted Hunter’s photo collage on my FB. A friend if the kitty was wearing my MERKINS! I had to wikipedia merkins and then I peed my pants laughing…. You even make me laugh indirectly. I love it!!!!

  325. I so want the pink passion http://kittywigs.com/pink.html for my cat named little shit. Nigel needs the rainbow Fro, http://kittywigs.com/img/preview1.jpg, and a grill.

  326. 328

    Can you say calendar?!? Cats with Wigs 12 Months of Cat Wiggery. (There, you can have it just send me one.)

  327. I noticed HST is also rocking the blue nail polish along with his wig collection. I respect the cat that isn’t afraid to be himself. My sister and I would dress up our cat in doll clothes when we were little. Dresses, hats, shoes, even let us put him in our baby doll carriage and walk him around the block. However, touching his nails was where he would draw the line. Dressing in drag, he was ok with but touch his nails and he’d cut a bitch. Cats….

  328. The conversation in my head: I read the title. Little tiny wigs. Oh my god, what did she do to the cat?
    First line, Victor: why did you put a wig on the cat?
    I’m obviously in your head. I think I should be apologizing for that.

  329. This may have been asked already, but I recently went off of my medications and it’s affecting my ability to scroll through lots of replies to check. That last part, about affecting abilities and such, might be a lie. Anyhow, why does the cat have blue claws?

    Seriously. Blue? I could see red, but blue?

    Also, wine.

    These statements may or may not be related. But blue? really?

  330. I can’t believe Victor had to ask! LOL!! BTW you need a big, curly, red wig. Like Princess Merida. Totally fits 🙂

    Annie recently posted Discuss pigs in gestation crates: are they humane?.

  331. Totally the second coming of Amy Winehouse

  332. Orange goes perfectly with everything!

  333. I want to dress up a cat in a little witch’s hat and attach a mini broom made with popsicle sticks to its paw and have it give out candy for Halloween.

    Problem is, I don’t have a cat. Do you think my neighbors will mind?


    Kiran@Masalachica.com recently posted Normal.

  334. That is most bizarre set of glamour shots I’ve ever seen.

    But he does look rather good as a brunette.

    Kellie @ Delightfully Ludicrous recently posted Nothing to fear but fear itself ... what a load of bullshit....

  335. Personally, I think that the pink wig is quite fitting for your cat. Perhaps you should keep it on the cat daily. You know, just for fun.

    Chrissy recently posted Sometimes I Cry.

  336. I like how calm HST looks through all of this. How does Victor know hat HST didn’t ask for you to put the wigs on? I wouldn’t tell him that thoguh, it may not help the whole “crazy cat lady” argument in the way you would prefer. ….

    Tanya recently posted 100!.

  337. No No! Not blue for the claws. he should be wearing red, or purple at least!
    However he is still one handsome cat , nearly as gorgeous as my ginger boy. Who wouldn’t tolerate a wig for one microsecond unless he was sedated.

  338. HST looks like he knows he is looking so fancy in those wigs. He’s the best!

    Becki Jolly recently posted "The League": The Funniest Show I Never Watched.

  339. The pink “My Little Pony” wig is especially fetching.

  340. This is the best thing I’ve seen on the internet today! <3

    Krissie J recently posted 2012 Dogfish Dash.

  341. I feel sorry for the cats. And I don’t even like cats.

    Naked Girl in a Dress recently posted Defining Real Beauty.

  342. The brunette wig really compliments Hunter’s ginger hue…….

    francerants recently posted Lady Gaga.

  343. OMG! *snort* Bwahahaha! I *need* those for my cats! 🙂 I love Hunter S. Thomcat’s very nonplussed expression… It’s like he’s saying “Bitch, of course I make this look *good*!”

  344. The two on the left are simply amazing and absolutely made for HST! Victor is just being silly. Like, totally.

    Lisa Marie Mary recently posted Peace-Loving Hippies Just Don’t Belong at Football Games.

  345. My husband always asks me why I’m so patriotic…..(I’m from the States. He’s from Spain). Next time, I will show him this post. Cat wigs…only in the USA 😉

  346. Thank you. I SO needed that little laugh. You rock.

  347. 349
    Imperfect momma

    It’s ridiculous how good HST looks in those wigs. Especially the black one

    Imperfect momma recently posted A post about my God.

  348. Upper right is def katy perry.

  349. Am I the only one seeing Paris Hilton in the top left??

  350. Wow, HST really does have a face for tiny wigs. Just wondering, does he feel victorious in having stolen these wigs from their rightful owners? (Even if they couldn’t use them.) HST certainly seems like the kind of cat who would associate with criminals.

    Klementine recently posted Contradictory personality types and confusions..

  351. To true, I think you on to something here!

    Amanda @gidders1 recently posted Discovering Nature.

  352. I’m so glad that you put kitty caps on Hunter. We’ve been trying to decide whether to put them on our cat, Zuul, but I’m not sure she’ll sit still long enough for us to do it. Did you give him valium before you put them on him? Our dog gets her nails done every couple of week, typically with green nail polish. This week it will be red to go with her Marie Antoinette costume and her AWESOME wig. You’re not the only one.

  353. Looks like HST finally got the lid off the Rx “pills, pills, pills” he was playing with earlier. Totally relaxed.

  354. HAHAHAHAHAHA those pictures are hilarious.. just a little curious about the dead weasels though??

    Erica Reinhart recently posted Sports and Dental Safety.

  355. HAHAHAH amazing. The pink wig is my favorite.

    Christina @ The Beautiful Balance recently posted Thursday Things 10.25.12.

  356. Um Dude…That is just friggin’ hysterical!!

    Jenn recently posted Frankenstorm and Greg Brady.

  357. http://kittywigs.com/wigs.html
    you must check out this website!

  358. Do I even need to ask why your cats claws are blue?

  359. This is the best thing I’ve ever seen. EVER! For some reason, Hunter in the black wig reminds me of E.T. Maybe it’s his expression?

    Marissa recently posted currently reading: dead until dark.

  360. I am lying in bed reading your blog thinking my 3 year old is finally asleep next to me when she rolls over looks at the laptop and says “look at the cat with such beautiful hair”. I love that her first reaction is the cat’s hair is awesome and not why does that cat have hair!

  361. TOO FUNNY! I showed my 4 and 5 year old and they had a good laugh! Love the blue nail polish… nice touch.
    Keep up the great work.

  362. The lower-right picture strikes me as being very 1980s. Maybe an auburn Jon Cryer in Pretty in Pink.

  363. Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooomg. The pink wig makes HST look like a My Little Pony. I just lol’d for a straight minute…….

  364. OMG… This makes me so happy 🙂

  365. I never thought I would see Joey Ramone come back as a cat!

  366. LOL. I love the cat wigs. I want one for my cat 😀

  367. It’s true, HST was born to wear those wigs, it is uncanny!!

    Tara recently posted No positive spin necessary!.

  368. Buahahahahahahaahah!!!!!!! The pink and white wig makes me think of my little ponies. And the black wig is very Cher. Digging the claw polish too.

    Morraha recently posted Writer's Envy..

  369. These are so very wrong…

    Itzybellababy recently posted Energy Savings- a little more creative...

  370. Love it, I would really like to know where you bought them from so I can get some for my kitties! haha.

    (You can buy dog wigs that work well (http://tinyurl.com/mcmtrrf) but I used wigs for my ball-jointed-dolls and Blythes because I collect them and had extras. Google “BJD wigs” and you’ll find a ton, but most are in Asia. ~ Jenny)

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