The happiest four words. The saddest four words.

Conversation with Victor at lunch:

Victor: I read something about a contest where you have to come up with the saddest story in just four words, and I think I’ve nailed it.

me:  Okay.  Hit me.

Victor:  “She loved someone else.”

me:  Ooh, that is a good one.  How about… She’d forgotten his smell”.

Victor:  Hmm.  “He never became himself.”


Victor:  Um…subtlety?

me:  “The baby spontaneously combusted.”

Victor:  Jesus, Jenny.

me:  Well you said it should be sad.

Victor: Okay, let’s switch to happy.  The happiest story in four words.  “He loved her back.”

me:  Okay.  “The monsters never returned.”

Victor: How about…“She became his world”.

me:  Ew.  No. That sounds like a stalker.  Oh!  “More gravy for everyone!”

Victor:  “They made a family.”

me:  Aw, I like that.  How about…Knock knock mother fucker.”

Victor: No.  Also, “motherfucker” is one word.

me:  Fine.  How about… “He never questioned her.”

Victor: How about…“She stopped acting stupid.”

me: How about…“Her divorce came through.”

Victor:  Hmm.  We should probably stop this.

me:  Yeah.  Agreed.

And they lived happily (ever after).

Your turn.  Happy or sad story in four words.  Go.

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  1. This too shall pass.

  2. Her hair grew back.

    notquiteold recently posted Decisions, Decisions.

  3. I am so broken.

  4. The shoes fit perfectly.
    There was enough tequila.
    The cats slept elsewhere.

    Becky recently posted Writing My World.

  5. She stopped being afraid.

  6. We’re out of pie.

  7. Happiest story:

    He fulfilled his dreams.

    Saddest story:

    His dreams weren’t fulfilling.

  8. Sad: She never looked back.
    Happy: She never looked back!

    No. That’s too cheesy. How about:

    Sad: She’s waiting for you.
    Happy: I found the dog!

  9. They left me alone.

  10. 10

    One pizza slice left.

  11. “Jenny’s smarter than Victor”

  12. She has two cats.

  13. Happy “And there was love”
    Sad “Good bye my love”

  14. Anything with gravy or a baby could go either way.

    Manicmom recently posted Come to think of it, I’m probably more of a pie person.

  15. 15
    Kelly Stoker

    The probing eventually stopped.

  16. Happy: She reads The Bloggess
    Sad: No new Bloggess blogs

  17. How about, “Bloggess is a zombie”?
    Or “Bloggess ate our dog”?

    Those words would make me sad…

  18. I survived the accident.

  19. All charges were dropped.

  20. Her state legalized marijuana.

  21. The house finally sold.

    emrohrer recently posted Two steps forward, one oh-shit-is-that-a-snake??? jump back.

  22. They never found out.

    ( could be happy or sad)

  23. Sad: Who ate the cake????
    Happy: There was extra cake.

  24. There was always enough.

  25. Jenny, I think I came up with the perfect one! And it’s up to the reader if it’s happy or sad: The pain will end.

  26. 26
    Loving Granddaughter

    Then he was gone.

  27. Happy: The anxiety finally faded.
    Sad: The anxiety would return.

  28. He told her no.

  29. Their child smiled warmly. The conditioning finally worked.

  30. “Blogges is a zombie.”
    “Bloggess ate our dog.”

    Those words would make me sad…

  31. Happy: She didn’t need surgery!
    Sad: She desperately needs surgery.

    My daughter has a heart. First we heard the sad, then we hear the happy. I prefer the happy.

  32. She thought for herself.

  33. She never said hello.

  34. They had a family.

  35. Help me! I’m almost…

    Janet Coburn recently posted A Little Means a Lot.

  36. ha! heart CONDITION. Of course she has a heart. That would be horrifying if she didn’t.

  37. IVF was too expensive

  38. Bacon has been banned.
    Free bacon for everyone.

    Kristine @ MumRevised recently posted The 10 Most Important Lessons from The Princess Bride.

  39. The kids got along….

    onegirlbreathing recently posted The Gifts of Yoga.

  40. Your beer is free.

  41. Depression became her friend.

    Depression never came back.

  42. Saddest: She would never know.

    Happiest: They found each other.

  43. The softest kitten ever.

  44. Chocolate made her thin.

  45. The Blue Pill worked.

  46. The medication started working.

  47. They named her Beyoncé.

  48. This too shall pass.

  49. coffee never runs out
    she finally smiled again
    he never looked back
    the cat never died
    it was a dream

  50. She was born asleep.
    All yarn is discounted.

    Gabriela (@cluelesspixie) recently posted that day we saw the shopping trolley in the river.

  51. How about, “Multiple comments won’t appear”?
    Because that keeps happening – and it makes me sad…

  52. Sad: We’re out of cheese.
    Happy: Surprise! I brought cheese!

  53. My friend on Saturday.

    I (just) lost my husband

    What I told her this morning:

    You are so loved.

  54. OMG I love you guys. Wait, that’s not it.

  55. 55
    Patti Morfeld

    Knock knock mother fucker!

    The asshole moved out.

    He is potty trained.

    Sober for ten years.

    The new antidepressant works.

  56. The cheese was gone.

    Quirky Chrissy recently posted 5 Things to Avoid When You’re PMSing.

  57. I suppose this might work for either. The cat came back.

  58. The test was negative.

  59. The wine ran out.

  60. The test was positive.

  61. Saddest:
    She would never know.

    They found each other.

  62. “Your hair smells nice.”
    “However, you have lice.”

  63. She waited for him. He was finally exonerated.

  64. Happiest: will you marry me?
    Saddest: I don’t love you.

  65. 65
    Heather Johnson

    It became spring forever.

  66. The Bloggess Saved Her

  67. She was finally free. (probably works for both cases)

  68. “I lost my job” “I won the lottery”

  69. Only the dog survived.

  70. Happiest: I love you, Daddy. (my four year old son at bed time)
    Saddest: Daddy, are you full? (my four year old son pointing to my belly)

  71. Their cats got along. (Big, right? I have a cat, my beau has a cat, and I worry if we ever combine households that the damn cats will ruin everything with their incessant fighting. Because they are cats. But we love them. So yeah; “Their cats got along.”)

  72. Your vagina looks normal -gynecologist
    That’s not my vagina!- from you

  73. She lost her mind.

  74. Happy for one, sad for another: You can have him.

  75. Happy or sad…reader’s choice: The scan was negative.

  76. Helium made it funny.

  77. I love you people.

  78. “Five miscarriages, one baby”

    (This is my sad AND happy sentence and true story).

    Gina W. recently posted In a Russian State of Mind....

  79. And he died alone.

    Her dreams became reality.

  80. Their vacation never happened.
    The laundry was completed.
    Love blossomed in them.
    Fear kept her anchored.

  81. Happy for one, sad for another: You can have him.

  82. If They knew Her

  83. He got a vasectomy

  84. I laughed out loud.

  85. Bathing Suit Looked Great

  86. Her stabbyness went away.

  87. ILove you Olie….these were the last words my husband said to me before he died. They’re the happiest & saddest words in my world.

  88. Happy: It was all enough.

  89. She won the lottery.
    Unlimited breadsticks for everyone!

  90. Saddest: She never found love.
    Happiest: Love finally found her.

  91. She always remembered happy.
    Ha that’s a trick one yeah, because you could read it as happy OR sad.

    Shannon recently posted Promises, Promises.

  92. I love you, Nana
    I miss you, Nana

  93. He survived the accident.
    The accident was fatal.

  94. her depression came back. she overcame her depression.

  95. And then, winter ended

  96. Both: the kids grew up.

  97. 97

    Sad: He saw her disfigurement.
    Happy: His heart saw beauty.

  98. He stopped writing stories.

  99. Both: Nobody ever found out.

  100. Happy or Sad

    The test was positive.

  101. “I won the lottery” — 🙂
    “Dog ate the ticket — 🙁

  102. There is no heartbeat.

    The sun warmed us.

  103. She never woke up. (both)

  104. I’m out of wine.

    RachRiot recently posted How Not To Talk To Your Kids About Sex.

  105. Sad: It’s just Penny’s time.
    (Penny’s our lab. She’s 13 it’s time to say goodbye)

    Happy: You’re so fucking brave!
    (Said to Jenny at the book signing in Boston)

  106. The mothership finally arrived.
    Death was a relief.
    Her dreams required sunglasses.

  107. Congratulations, it’s a girl!

  108. 108
    Stephanie Geyer

    They held on anyway.

  109. All the obstacles disappeared.

  110. You make me laugh

  111. I closed her eyes.

    Anubis Bard recently posted Down to the future.

  112. She lost all hope

  113. Happy: Will you marry me?

    Sad: And she walked away

  114. Life must go on.
    These wounds will heal.
    Wonder Woman is Supreme!
    Creative juices are flowing.
    Creative road is blocked.
    Shitty people cause catastrophes.
    This house is clean.

  115. 115
    Gribble Girl

    Sad – “I never loved you”

    Happy – The water was clean

  116. And then he vanished

  117. I am still here.

  118. He broke her heart.
    She mended it herself.

  119. Sad: Lost son to drugs
    Happy: Her son got sober

  120. “She welcomed her death.”

    Maybe both.

  121. The cancer is gone!!

  122. And then, things changed.

  123. Her boss is horrible.
    She won the lottery.

  124. 124

    Hello. I’m the Doctor. (I know I’m is a contraction and technically two words but this phrase makes me extremely happy.)

  125. Stricken with explosive diarrhea

  126. She discovered she was enough…..

  127. The Cat Came Back!

    She held her breath…

    I Love You More

  128. It doesn’t get better.
    I am truly loved.

    Michelle Stoner recently posted A Sucker for a Swing.

  129. And the sun rose. Happy
    Only the darkness waited. Sad

  130. She lived another day.
    I never stopped looking.
    They raised their glasses.

  131. Challenge accepted!

    Sad story:
    She’d lost it all.

    Happy story:
    Her prayers were answered.

  132. Saddest:

    The dog eventually died.


    The pup kissed me.

  133. Antibiotics cleared it up.
    She’s still a slut.

  134. I cannot taste food

    Gary Lum recently posted Here is my Australia Day roast lamb dinner.

  135. That was hilarious, and I can completely see my husband and I having the exact same conversation with the same result.

  136. Trump, sobbing, walked away.

  137. 137
    Jennifer Aldridge

    Both: Then she woke up.
    Both?: She never hurt again.

  138. I lost my Rose…
    Donna can’t remember anything…

    I blame Doctor Who for all the feels!

  139. The darkness became light.
    The light became darkness

  140. Happy:
    “Every day is Saturday!”
    “Music in my head…”

    “Abe Vigoda has died.” (really, he did)
    “My home is empty.”

  141. 141
    Ryan McGillen

    Happy: Everyone got a pizza.
    Sad: Pizza has been outlawed.

  142. She saw the world.

  143. 143
    Glowing Frog


    The donuts are free


    Doughnuts make you fat

  144. I dropped my ice cream.

  145. 145

    Sale: baby clothes. Unused.

  146. Saddest… Her troubles were many.
    Happiest… She forgot them all.

  147. But they had cats.

  148. Good – I finally could sleep
    Bad – I never woke-up

  149. Sad and happy
    And she walked away

  150. Everything stays the same.

  151. And there it was.

  152. Sad: It didn’t work out.
    Happy: You don’t need pants.

  153. @Emma Rose: are you thinking of The Sure Thing (aka the greatest John Cusack comedy no one seems to remember)?

    ‘Do you love me?’ she whispered. ‘Do you love me?’ It would not be tonight. The answer was no.

  154. Sometimes the dark wins.

  155. One bullet left… BANG!

    Thank god you’re alive!

  156. 156
    Nah Nah Na Nah Nah

    Happy and/or Sad…your choice:
    “Welcome to Hell’s VIP”

  157. My internet went down

    Cassandra recently posted Still Cassandra.

  158. Her fears never dies

  159. I love Jenny Lawson

  160. The saddest words I ever heard “there is no heartbeat”

    Laura recently posted So Lonely.

  161. I got a puppy!

  162. Antibiotics cleared it up.
    She’s still a slut.

  163. Saddest: No more Bloggess books!
    Happiest: Bloggess books for everyone!

  164. Saddest story:
    He’d finished my pizza.

    Happiest story:
    There was another pizza.

  165. Hank…two words shorter than the original! ‘For Sale: Baby shoes, never worn.’ By Ernest Hemingway! Great authorial company! ☺

  166. The driveway is shoveled.
    (REALLY happy right now.)

  167. he didn’t make it.

  168. From one of my dogs: “They left me here.”

    Brian recently posted 50 Beans of Grey.

  169. snuggle bunny came home (i just think this sounds warm and fuzzy)

  170. I think this is based off of the story about Ernest Hemingway’s saddest story in 6 words. His supposed response was “For sale: Baby shoes, never worn.” Which can be looked at really sad, or maybe the parents just had so many pairs of shoes from the baby shower that the baby didn’t need them all? Or because babies don’t even need shoes until they are toddlers? Happy thoughts.

    Mine are:
    Saddest – Willy never got freed
    Happiest – Dreams can come true

  171. Ha! Totally worth it!

    So not worth it.

  172. Saddest = I can’t do happy.
    Happiest = week off with pay!

  173. That is MY potpie. (Thank you Victor…)
    They’d learned to punctuate!

  174. She got the job.
    London Fog Latte Drink.
    You want to come?
    Get in the car.
    Stop creeping me out.

  175. The meeting is cancelled.

    On a side note, I’m impressed it took 137 comments for someone to steal Hemingway’s apocryphal baby shoes story:


  177. She’s all grown up!

    That’s both furiously happy and sad at the same time when “she” is your daughter.

  178. You Were Never Loved

  179. She married Tim Brewington. 🙂 Happiest story ever in my life!

    Marca Tanner Brewington recently posted Civil Procedure in Divorce/Child Custody Part 1: Certificates of Service.

  180. He was her world.
    She was his world.
    A love never stronger.

  181. Our dog can talk.

    We can’t tell anyone.

  182. She found her longing.

    hiddenoffstage recently posted My Mom’s Chocolate Chip Cookies.

  183. Happy: cure found for depression
    Sad: then the dog died

  184. 🙁 Cribs empty; coffin isnt.
    🙂 Touch me right …. thereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  185. And they danced forever.

  186. She learned to live.

  187. You’re not your past. OR I need you now.

  188. Horses can’t outrun tornadoes.

  189. “He’s in serious trouble”

  190. She was finally sated

  191. 5yo: “Let’s always live together!”

    For both happy and sad.

  192. Mini pies for everyone! 🙂

    The pies are gone 🙁

  193. Happiest story:
    There was always wine.

    Saddest story:
    There was no wine.

    The Witch of South Mountain recently posted A Winter’s Tale.

  194. There was once one of those FB things where you pose a question: “You wake up next to me in jail, what are the first four words you say to me?”
    My (then 15year old daughter) commented, “Sorry, mom. My bad.”
    It both horrified me and cracked me up.

    Marianne recently posted Tinder is the night.

  195. I ate the food. (it goes both ways.)

  196. The Xanax kicked in!

  197. The vodka is low.
    There is no Chardonnay.
    The struggle is real.
    I just might die.

  198. Okay this is six words but I heard this as part of a longer story and it required six – super sad: For sale. Baby shoes. Never worn. I forget but think it was Hemingway. Oh – there’s more:,_never_worn

    Katy Keck recently posted Food Waste – an update.

  199. Happy: His humiliations tapered off.
    Sad: F U, bipolar disorder.
    Happy: Backyard garden feeds family.
    Sad: I overcooked my steak.

  200. It is a girl!
    She has mitochondrial disease.

  201. It’s not your baby.
    It’s you, not me.
    It’s going to hurt.
    There’s no more booze.

    lifevivified recently posted Public Service Announcement: Snow Days.

  202. Time heals all wounds

  203. And God invented bacon.

  204. Headlines blared: “Children Found!”

  205. 206

    The Last Girlscout Cookie.

  206. Dishes filled the sink.
    The dish standoff continued.
    He washed the dishes.
    She celebrated with wine.

  207. This isn’t my life.

  208. The house was empty.
    That’s scary, sad, and happy, depending on the situation.

  209. He never touches her.

  210. My brother died horrifically.

    My daughter loves me.

  211. You were worth it.

  212. Both beautiful and broken

  213. She loved him anyway.

  214. He never quit drinking.
    He never quit drinking!

  215. “She took his hand.”

    “That breath lasted forever.”

  216. Summer’s on the way!

    Shari recently posted Wyatt and other Books.

  217. You will be loved.

  218. She was already happy.

    ED left her forever.

  219. You are not alone.

  220. But I never knew.

  221. The vodka was bottomless.

    Her liver stopped working.

  222. She lived, she died.

    Happy or sad, take your pick.

  223. I do; I do.

  224. Cute Overload closed down.
    The Spam is ready!

  225. The world is dying.
    We found the cure!

  226. And no one died.
    He does the dishes.
    Pizza, pizza, pizza, pizza!

  227. They lost their home.


    A new adventure beckoned.

    Cris recently posted Courage.

  228. “She’d forgotten his smell” just punched me in the heart.

  229. Saddest: My daughter has died.
    Happiest: She was MY daughter.

    My 19yo daughter Kaitlyn died from a car crash in Oct of 2013. She was in the backseat. She was my first born. She made me a mom. My happy and my sad…

  230. The Doctor is mine
    And sometimes we fly

  231. Sandwich with extra mayo

    BipolarOnFire recently posted When All Else Fails, Help Someone Else.

  232. Books are my friends.

  233. Happy:
    She slept until nine!
    There was no coffee.

  234. The beer was cold

  235. Her Dad finally stfu.

    BipolarOnFire recently posted When All Else Fails, Help Someone Else.

  236. Free marijuana for all

    BipolarOnFire recently posted When All Else Fails, Help Someone Else.

  237. I could do this all day!

  238. Magnificent entries here 🙂 I’m just going to go with irreverent:
    The wine was free

  239. He wouldn’t accept love.

  240. Sad: They all forgot her
    Happy: They forgot her fuckups

    BipolarOnFire recently posted When All Else Fails, Help Someone Else.

  241. David Tennant loves me.

  242. 243

    I was aware of the Hemingway story (perhaps apocryphal), but I had to shorten it to fit the four word limit.

    Here’s another sad one, unique to me (as far as I know):

    I never risked anything.

  243. The adoption was final.
    We’re a Forever Family!

  244. Hmm, I think I can do both with one entry:
    “It was never the same.”

    Laurie recently posted Happy New Year.

  245. They overcame it together. 🙂

    (Not gonna do a sad one bc then I will be.)

  246. Sad:
    Never again, she said.
    Later, he passed away.

    Forever and always: yes.
    She won the lottery.

    Liz @ Yes/No Films recently posted BOOK GIVEAWAY: Movie Night Trivia, by Robb Pearlman {ends 1/31}.

  247. Happy “Got the fuck out”
    Sad: “I really miss you”

  248. A life well lived.

    The divorce is final.

  249. This could be either happy or sad…

    And so she danced.

  250. From the East coast:
    The plow finally arrived.

  251. 252

    There are more books.

  252. Ernest Hemingway was once bet that he couldn’t write a complete story in just six words. His response was: For sale: baby shoes, never worn.

  253. I’m happily not normal.
    Sanity lost its foothold.
    Pain is my companion.
    All circuses closed down.
    SeaWorld freed its imprisoned.
    Poachers all died mysteriously.
    Men suddenly understood women.
    Women suddenly understood men.

  254. Leaf on the wind

  255. Happy: “Stumbled into enternal bliss.”

    Sad: “Stumbled into an oubliette.”

  256. Cancer can suck it.

  257. Never to return again.

    Happy or sad, you write it your way.

    Allison recently posted Have I been doing it wrong or are they doing it wrong? My world is upside down now. How do you do it? No, not that it..

  258. Happy: He brought me bacon
    Sad: I burned the bacon

  259. NetFlix and…buffering…buffering…

  260. It always goes on

  261. She only seemed happy.

  262. It will be fine

  263. broken crayons still color

  264. Happy: Jenny became my neighbor.

  265. The snow finally ended

  266. The taco was free.

  267. She didn’t know how.
    He only heard himself.
    Her life went on.

    Cats, chocolate and fries.

  268. We are breaking up.

  269. My flight was cancelled.

    I got another flight.

  270. Cancer: my last day.

  271. Happy: Everyone is finally equal.
    Sad: On the news today…

  272. He died last month.

  273. She never loved herself.

    Followed by the inevitable sequel:

    Neither did anyone else.

  274. Jen, #247, The plow finally arrived.. I want to like this 1000x. (just got word, our schools are remaining closed with the hope to reopen on Monday, Feb. 1st.)

    Happy & Sad, all in 1 word..

  275. Just as it is.

  276. Not defined by diagnosis.

  277. My mother finally died.

  278. The coffee is gone.
    It’s five o’clock somewhere.

  279. Happy: Dawn came at last.
    Sad: The stars blinked out.

  280. Your prescription is ready!

  281. 282
    Leslie O'Donnell

    “Everything has changed now.” <— happiest and/or saddest, all in one.

  282. Her; injured but breathing

  283. Bacon! Bacon! BACON! BAAAAAAYCON!

  284. He loved her anyway. (Come to think of it, that probably works for both.)

  285. Your prescription is ready!

  286. He hurt her again.

  287. 288
    Margaret Murphy

    I live on the east coast in the middle of the blizzard sooooo

    It never snowed again

    It never snowed again

  288. My story isn’t over.

  289. 290
    Leslie Sakaguchi

    They’re not going anywhere. (Either?)

  290. An author I know wrote a book based on her writing partners husband sitting up in bed and saying “the elves are dying”. Four words= a book

  291. I am so lonely.

    He came in first!

  292. 293
    Melissa Hibner

    “I love you so…”
    “Ummm, who are you?”

  293. Cancer can suck it.

  294. Happy: Your food is ready.
    Sad: I found a hair.

  295. There was no goodbye.

  296. Sad: Pregnancy caused my infertility

    Happy: Our only is enough

  297. It wasn’t my fault.

  298. There was no goodbye.

  299. I’m out of chocolate (or wine, or Prozac, or whatever)- saddest
    I’ll love you always – happiest

  300. Mouse fails maze test.

  301. She won the Powerball.

  302. Happy:
    Nothing slowed Clarence down.

    Mama finally left us.

  303. Happy- Hew Grew up Happy
    Sad- The office is open

  304. Both can be taken either way:

    A life well lived.

    The divorce is final.

  305. They burned the books.

  306. We lived through today.

  307. Sad:
    Strangers. Friends. Lovers. Strangers.
    David Bowie has died.

    He held my hand.
    The workday has ended.
    Bottomless cups of coffee.
    I graduate in December.

    As an aside, I think there’s a lot you can tell about someone in how they respond to something like this, especially the things they value or hold dear.

  308. Ok, mine happen to coincidentally be happy for me and sad for my husband, but they are also the biography of the past two years of my life. Here goes:

    She quit her job.
    They mortgaged their equity.
    She took up sewing.
    She still isn’t working.
    She is now vegan.

    groovylittlecity recently posted Peace, Love, and Muslin.

  309. Abe Vigoda has passed. (that’s the sad one)

  310. Sounds happy:

    She was always right

    She was never happy

    BipolarOnFire recently posted Budding Tree Haiku.

  311. Taken either way:

    The divorce is final

    A life well lived

  312. I laughed, then peed.

  313. Hobbes, lets go exploring!

  314. Sad (circa 2006): Born with angel wings.
    Happy (circa 2008): We brought him home!!

  315. 316
    John Gartner

    Hobbes, lets gp exploring!

  316. Rainfall kissed her eyes.
    She walked away free.

    Sunlight reached his hand.
    The breathing sounds stopped.

  317. Screw this, Bye Felicia!

  318. She let him go
    then she was gone

    She loved hom back
    Sandy toes in summer

  319. This is quite possibly the best I’ve seen 😀

  320. 321
    Nina Handler

    Happiest four words: The results were positive.
    Saddest four words: The results were positive.

  321. She left that shithole. Happy story.

    educationalmentorship recently posted My Week 69: Ghost Stories, A Sudden Loss.

  322. They fulfilled each other.
    They couldn’t be together.

  323. She forgave her everything.

    Love was not enough.

    Mary-Anne at Breathing Life recently posted Learning to Breathe.

  324. Sad: Abe Vigoda has died.
    Happy: Betty White is immortal.

  325. Happy: Then she smiled back.

    Sad: Grasses hid her grave.

  326. She said, “I quit!”

    Either, depending on your connotation. I’m hoping desperately for the happy one…SOON.

  327. Covered in nacho cheese.

    Donna recently posted INGREDIENTS LIST.

  328. My happiest 4 word story: She adopted a dog.

  329. All Cows Eat Grass (music people will get this one)

  330. Sad – She’ll always hate herself.
    Happy – Hope strengthens. Fear kills.

    Anyone who has read Karen Marie Moning’s Fever Series will get the happy one…. 🙂

  331. i quit my job

    Michelle recently posted What Women Over Fifty Shouldn’t Wear: Part Deux.

  332. “There was no pulse” for sad…. and for happy… “Her Child would recover”

  333. Miraculously, the fog lifted.

  334. Fuck off, old man.
    I am still here.
    I created you, Devil.
    Now you’re gonna die.

  335. We couldn’t save him/her.

  336. I got a kidney!

  337. Together they had everything.

    Apart they were nothing.

  338. Sad: She was hard work.
    Her problems overwhelmed everybody.
    She was too intense.
    It was her fault.
    She tried too hard.
    Her name was lost.
    No Who until Christmas.

    She had two dogs.
    Love was almost unconditional.
    She stroked silky ears.
    She learned to love.
    She stopped personalising everything.
    She learned about gratitude.
    She found her faith.
    People show refugees compassion.

  339. David Bowie is dead.

  340. My happiest and saddest:
    I once loved her

  341. My life is beginning. (Happy)

  342. Life is worth living.
    Mental illness never ends.

  343. There’s no more pain

  344. My marriage is legal.
    My family doesn’t care.

  345. The depression overtook her

  346. Sad: My dog just died.
    Happy: Just kidding; she’s fine.
    Prologue: She’s got one eye.

  347. Zombie Ostriches Are Real!

  348. Remember 70s morning cartoons?

  349. Her asshole ripped open

  350. This Pin from Pinterest. Sadly I don’t know where it originated. It is the most re-pinned image of all of my pins. Resonates with people I guess.

    “It’s hurting again. ”

    (Technically 4 words if you think “it is” instead of “it’s”, but it doesn’t sound as bittersweet somehow.)

  351. saddest: I want to kill myself
    happiest: we know depression lies

    Jenny Gargruella recently posted Setting Boundaries (Eliminating Negative People From Your Life).

  352. Just burned 800 calories!🙌

    Unfortunately it was dinner😂

  353. Yes, we are done. 🙁

  354. She always regretted it.

  355. Finally found her voice.

  356. We were in love.
    He never apologized sincerely.
    I dreamt I left.
    I gave notice, finally.
    It was a relief.

    Unicorn Success Club, yo.

  357. You should be proud ( in reference to bringing up my child)

    I can’t love you

  358. The pizza is ready…

  359. The cradle rocked, empty.

    Light showed her truth.

  360. You should be proud ( re my little girl)

    I can’t love you…

  361. she learned to fly.

  362. They kicked cancer’s ass.

  363. My life is beautiful

  364. The food was free…

  365. He baked her cookies:)
    Kids ate the cookies:(

  366. 367

    He came real early

  367. 368
    Grace Lawson

    It was all over.

  368. Bowie reincarnated as quokka.

  369. The kiss was perfect.
    She finally retired, wealthy.

  370. The pain won’t stop.

    I love your laugh

  371. Both; The first bullet missed.

  372. Happy is puppy love

  373. 374

    Her life was blessed. (Happy)
    Chocolate makes her fat. (Sad)

  374. Nobody understood her pain.
    Her light shines bright.

  375. The fire destroyed everything. 🙁
    Love goes on forever. 🙂

  376. They lived, died alone.

  377. She was happier alone.

    Sue recently posted Tell my mind I'm not decrepit..

  378. God answered her prayer

  379. The test was negative

  380. Happy: Grilled cheese is wonderful!
    Sad: The cheese is gone.

  381. 382
    Cassandra S

    He finally made parole! (That’s happy, btw.)

  382. Sad: Baby needs heart surgery.
    Happy: Boy lives. Helps others.

  383. It burned very slowly.
    I smell smoke again.

  384. The mice are dead. (Bad news, they were your science experiment to save the world.) The mice are dead. (Thank God, they were invading the house and eating all the fruity num mums.)

  385. Is that you, Batman?

  386. 387
    Margaret Flint Suter

    It burned very slowly.
    I smell smoke again.

  387. She started forgetting faces.

    He returned the ring.

  388. She thinks she’s unworthy.
    He loves her anyway.

  389. “Honey, I was fired”
    “SOOOO, Get another job”

  390. 391

    This too shall pass

  391. Stars twinkle morse code.

    She sleeps alone, again.

  392. Together they had beauty.

  393. Her book changed lives.

    Books are not allowed.

  394. She figured it out.

  395. great books to read – happy
    no time to read – sad

  396. 397

    Happiest: Hearing “I love you too”
    Saddest: Knowing “It was all lies”

  397. And then, she left.

  398. My most recent sad I got today: “You’re having a relapse.” (I have MS.)
    So my happy that I keep saying to myself: “It will be ok.”

  399. She was alone again. (= an extrovert’s reaction)
    She was alone again! (= an introvert’s reaction)

    He left his wife. (Sad for the wife.)
    He left his wife! (Good for the mistress.)

  400. Crib for sale. Unused.

  401. I finally became myself.

  402. This argument is EVERYTHING!

  403. We’re out of bacon. – 😢
    But we have chocolate! – 🤗

  404. Today, she was enough.

  405. Her soul was free.

    Free coffee for everyone!

  406. Eyes finally know others’.

  407. Darkness was her companion

  408. Your biopsies are normal.
    (I can attest that these are the four happiest words I’ve ever heard.)

  409. Both saddest and happiest, depending upon your point of view, from the East coast right now – ‘More snow expected tomorrow’

  410. The cat stopped puking. – HAPPY!
    There is no cake. – SAD!

  411. Weather delayed package delivery.

  412. Eyes lit for both.

  413. Saddest: The wine ran out.
    Happiest: The wine was neverending.

  414. There was no wifi (wait, is that a horrror story)

    It was never lost

    I still work there (sad for me 😉

    And dementor-proof: I ALWAYS have chocolate.

    I’ve added some pot/alcohol (depending on preferences) XD

  415. The cat stopped puking!
    There is no cake.

  416. She lost her balloon – extremely sad, especially when her friend hit it and it fell down several floors between some escalators
    She got it back – mega happy, because the nice lady, working on the bottom floor of the mall, gave it back to a certain girl (in her twenties)

  417. I died long ago.
    I will start living.

  418. tomorrow is another day
    happy or sad

  419. Magnificence is humans striving.

  420. What might have been

  421. She finally was enough.

  422. It’s dusty in here.

    I have never been moved to tears before about COMMENTS. This place is just magical.

  423. He never loved back.
    His impotent heart withered.
    The moon cried tears.
    They were happily coupled.
    The operation was successful.
    She licked the spoon.

  424. Depression lies mother fucker! (See how I made it 2 words! 😉 )

  425. She was always enough.

  426. Or: Srtiving is human magnificence.

  427. Deleted grandpa from phone.

    Love didn’t leave her.

  428. Rather without typo: Striving is human magnificence!

  429. Sad: Mom never loved me

    Happy: You are my world.

  430. Come inside the Tardis.

  431. We found a cure.

  432. Happy: She was truly happy.
    Sad: There is no cure.

  433. 434
    Julanne lorimor

    She was cancer free

  434. “Mongoose don’t need condoms!”

  435. I am furiously happy.
    Victor, listen to Jenny!
    Jenny is always right.
    Hailey is a fabulous kid.
    I truly love myself.
    Please and thank you.

    No more toilet paper.
    The dog ate it.
    He’s practicing trumpet again.
    The motherfucking souffle’s burned!

  436. Marty can’t fucking count: Hayley’s a fabulous kid!

  437. All out of coffee.

  438. *Hailey

    Stupid autocorrect!

  439. Will you marry me….
    I don’t want complications

  440. I still can’t breathe
    You stole my expectations
    You left my life
    You were my treasure
    I cry to breathe

  441. In my life, the sad are:

    “Mom, I wanna die.”
    “It is not viable.”
    “I don’t love you.”
    “Just sex, that’s all.”

    The happy are:

    “It’s a beautiful girl!”
    “We are so proud.”
    “Your son is amazing.”
    “I’ll love you forever.”

  442. She loves me anyway.

  443. The tumor is cancer 🙁
    I love you Mommy 🙂

    Kelly recently posted Burning the cancer chart of doom.

  444. “It isn’t your heart.”
    Could be happy or sad, depending on the context. (That’s what I’d like to hear from my cardiologist in a month.)

  445. They bought a house

    (4 words is tough – so in my usual fashion, I have to qualify: They bought their forever house)

    Gigi recently posted The Great Escape....

  446. Happy: He’s somehow so different!
    Sad: Foot fetish is why 🙁

    shurtzy recently posted A Tasty Blend of Wiener.

  447. Yoda at the doc’s:
    6 months, you have.
    In remission, you are.

  448. He still loves me.

    Not broken, just cracked.

  449. I was laughing so much at yours I cried…my saddest story is “my family is gone”

    rlstambaugh recently posted The Love/Hate Relationship I Have With My Hair.

  450. Lost weight eating doughnuts. Oh, so very HAPPY:). I like this contest.

    candidkay recently posted The silver-tongued devil in my life.

  451. What is broken-fixed

  452. He left anyway.

  453. Ha, mine’s only three words. I suck at this. 🙂

  454. Cat can pee again.
    Cat is peeing everywhere.

  455. “The baby is yours”.
    Could be good or bad.

  456. One tequila
    Two tequila
    Three tequila

  457. Happy: Her dream was achieved.

    Sad: He died all alone.

  458. “Please bring bail money”
    Could be sad or happy, it all depends on the details.

  459. My own sadly true story:
    My son is dead.

    Happiest we’ll get:
    We have our daughters.

  460. 462
    Billandjen Hughes

    He and I are soulmates
    Heart surgery was successful
    She loves chocolate cookies
    He is so bored

  461. he loved me back

    (happy or sad, or a bit of both)

  462. There was more cake.

    Dave recently posted Snowpocalypse Sunset: Empire Edition.

  463. His tumor came back.

  464. She let it go

  465. SAD: His penis was small.
    He ate my Cheetos.
    The flowers are dead.
    Your baby is UGLY.
    Jeff doesn’t get Jenny.
    I miss my cat.
    (Jenny, this would luckily never happen at our house. We have 800 bottles of wine left in the basement! I’m just completing the assignment. So my first two happy statements reflect this.)

    HAPPY:I was just kidding!
    There’s tonza wine left.
    (five words, really…so shoot me.)
    I’m reading Jenny again!
    We got another kitten.
    Time for more wine.

  466. Sad: The closet was emptied
    Happy: Parents are on vacation

    Both: Just one pink line…

  467. He never found out.
    We’re out of coffee.

  468. She smelled puppy breath.

    Some people can’t count.

  469. Also:
    I make GREAT pie.

  470. Sad:
    Is the love mutual?
    Close but so far.
    Alone with people around.
    Somebody help me please.
    Sometimes I hate myself.
    My fears inhibit me.
    My dreams are fading.
    I need you today.
    Best friends across oceans.

    I love my family.
    Today I feel okay.
    It could be worse.
    Four paws, unconditional love.

  471. Spiders crochet death doilies.

  472. Motherfucker is two words

  473. It’s not your baby.

  474. I’ll miss you forever
    I learned to dance

  475. Saddest: She lived in fear.
    Happiest: She believed in herself.

  476. Okay, so I was going to post this one “Crib for sale, unused.” as a sad one when I have the vague feeling I was plagiarizing. Turns out, I was thinking of this:,_never_worn

    Happy: They always had guacamole.

  477. I learned to dance.
    I’ll miss you forever.

  478. Happy: I love you… always.
    Sad: I miss you…always.

  479. Fuck you too clown!

  480. I bought chocolate tonight

  481. Sad(for the customer): the library is closed
    Happy (for me, the librarian): the library is closed

    theycallmetater recently posted Day 17: What’s Your Sign?.

  482. 484
    Ms Huis Herself

    Her ghost rested then.

  483. Happy: Ecstatic joy throughout creation
    Sad: Heat death of universe

    Adrasteia recently posted Mercifully out of Facebook's sticky web.

  484. 486
    Ms Huis Herself

    I found that book!

  485. 487

    I do not know.

    Everything tastes like lint.

  486. I love you, Mom!

  487. Happy: Fifteen uninterrupted bathroom minutes.
    Sad: Silence isn’t always golden.

  488. She found a unicorn.

    The Unicorn was republican.


  489. She’ll never be back.

  490. Constant pain diminished her.
    She learned to live.
    She dreamt of more.
    She found her people.
    Pain fought and lost.
    After rain came sunshine.
    Love brought them together.

  491. Alas, darkness was victorious.

    There’s always more cake.

    I’ll just leave you to guess which is which…

  492. Constant pain diminished her.
    She learned to live.
    Love brought them together.
    After rain came sunshine.
    She lost the light.
    I feel your pain.
    She found her people.

  493. Sad: Unjustly imprisoned, life fading
    Happy: Big pile of puppies

  494. 496
    Karyn Doherty

    Naptime was not interrupted.
    I began to paint.
    Buffy and Angel forever.
    And she was glorious.

  495. The universe survived humanity.

  496. it wasn’t your fault.

    turtlesong recently posted a turtle’s eye view – quiet neighbors by catriona mcpherson.

  497. The bacon was gone.

  498. Cat can pee again.
    Cat is peeing everywhere.Tr

  499. I crapped my pants.

    I have new pants!!

  500. 502
    Beth Damiano

    There wasn’t a choice.

  501. I should have waited.

  502. The food was gone.

  503. This cracked me up
    Well, that was interesting

  504. She became her dreams.

  505. Octopus hugs for all!

  506. I’ll love you, always. (My salute to Alan Rickman, and also a happy story in 4 words.)

  507. Anxiety doesn’t define me.
    I’m my own me.
    (do contractions count? Eh, they do now =])

    And a classic:
    We need to talk.

  508. Happy: Dr. Who’s on Netflix!

    Sad: Only until February first😖

  509. saddest one here:

    You are not original.

  510. 512

    Bradley Cooper is calling.

  511. I wrote this story

  512. Happy: I promise you forever.
    Sad: The baby didn’t survive.
    Sad: I can’t have children.
    Sad: You should leave me.
    Happy: I promised you forever.

  513. He doesn’t understand me.

  514. What is that smell? Or. And then came vodka.

  515. 517

    There was no cure.
    They found each other.

  516. Happy: We’re having a baby!
    Sad: Can’t find the heartbeat.

  517. She finally became herself.

  518. she’s outside, looking in.

  519. Failure consumed her thoughts.
    There’s always tomorrow.
    Making manhattans for Santa.
    Body bag; Amazon wishlist.

  520. The test was positive.

  521. I quit my job.

    Happy for me, sad for my bank account. Instead I’m hoping for “You got the job” first.

  522. Sad;
    What might have been
    Happy: I’m damaged but whole.

  523. Netflix has been cancelled.

  524. Another snow day, bitches!

  525. You are so awesome!

  526. She settled for less.

  527. I found my medicine! 🙂
    Our neighbors moved back. 🙁

  528. All things must pass (George Harrison)

  529. Dad forgot my name.

  530. the baby bunny exploded

  531. I have more wine

  532. It’s a bobcat, Jenny!

  533. One stop too far.

  534. Friday is a payday. 😀

  535. Congratulations, it’s a girl!

  536. All the numbers matched

    The tax bill came

  537. I’m 106 days sober!

  538. 540
    Tugboat Annie

    I stopped hating me.

  539. Manicmom: “Baby’s good with gravy.”

  540. Where is this from?

  541. I never said goodbye.
    He was born today!

  542. We need more cowbell.

  543. Her divorce was final. This qualifies as happiest iot sad first, depending on the ex-spouse.

  544. She would’ve been 46.😥

    (If she hadn’t passed 17 years ago today.) 😥

    I love you sister. 😘

  545. The stick turned blue.

  546. Sisters live on forever.

    Elyse recently posted When Porno Would be a Public Service.

  547. The drinks were free.
    She couldn’t digest cheese.

  548. New crib for sale.

  549. Drinks on the house

  550. This one could be either sad or happy:

    “The test was positive.”

  551. She just got hemorroids 🙁
    She found a proctologyst 🙂

  552. The nudist park survived.

  553. Saddest: They never loved again
    Happiest: oh look, more wine!

  554. Happy: Bigger on the inside.
    Sad: I didn’t say goodbye.

  555. Sad: It might have been.

  556. The car won’t start.
    Just needs a battery.

  557. Let that shit go.

  558. The bacon is done.

    We’re out of wine.

  559. He burnt the bacon.

    The bacon didn’t burn.

    He couldn’t math.

    Andrew Krehbiel recently posted That One Time I Partied with 4 MILFs Because I Memorized a Kids’ Movie.

  560. Labs look stable now

  561. 563
    Barbara Snow

    You don’t have cancer.

  562. And her heart shattered

  563. 565
    dogbreath mcfuzznuts

    Salsa enemas cure everything!

  564. Lost soul, never found.
    (Kind of a sentence fragment, but whatever.)

  565. I couldn’t save them…

  566. My patience almost depleted. Good or bad TBD.

  567. And so it ends.

  568. Sad: The Bloggess quit writing.

    Happy: The Bloggess posted again!

    On a side note, my phone didn’t want me to be sad, and auto-corrected the sad one to “The Bloggess quit whoring.” I cracked up laughing!

  569. She feels it now.

    Exactly as she imagined.

    This is not life?

    That wasn’t dairy-free.

    Here’s the library key.

  570. Where there was darkness.
    Jenny brought them joy.

  571. I am getting better.

  572. lonelier than I thought.

  573. Oh shit. He’s alive!

  574. Your BMI Is 40%

    Here is a sucker

    (Same visit)

  575. I laughed out loud!

  576. Quick, get the shovel.

    sjhebig recently posted 10 Things To STOP Doing After 50.

  577. could have been better

  578. 581
    Curiouser & Couriouser

    Congress enacted Naked Day.

  579. The kiss never ended

  580. maybe it’ll grow back?

  581. Sad: Life not as anticipated
    Unexpected betrayal – so completely
    Kids leaving the nest
    Regret many past decisions
    Yummiest foods most unhealthy

    Happy: Mom’s 96: healthy, happy!
    Kids becoming independent, successful!
    Wonderful friends, very blessed
    More cats? No problem!
    Funny stuff, this exercise!
    All shelter dogs adopted!

  582. Don’t make me beat you. (Thoughts transmitted to other drivers in traffic.)

  583. I’m out of wine. 🙁
    Wait, I have vodka!!! 🙂

  584. I prefer the ones that can go either way:

    You are my everything.

    The final bell rang…

    I made you cookies.

    Confess now: who farted?

    Is that my period?

  585. Sad: Dogs don’t live forever
    Happy: All shelter dogs adopted!

  586. The doctor banned chocolate.

  587. It’s my real hair!

  588. She grew up alone

    Nevertheless she found love

  589. then there was one.

  590. Harry Connick Jr. standing near yarn sounds perfect to me! ~ A Music Loving Fiber Artist <3

  591. The test was negative…could go either way

  592. Knock knock motherfucker. Too good to top. Even if it is only three words.

  593. The guacamole cost extra.

  594. The pain was gone.

  595. Happy: “Free bacon for everyone!”
    Sad: “Donald Trump is elected”

  596. I love you more.
    Let us snuggle, darling.
    Get a whole pound.
    My program is on.
    Yay, new Bloggess post!

  597. Sad: His demons finally won.
    Happy: I still have tequila.

  598. Sad: I finished your book.
    Happy: I restarted your book.

    Happy: The smell was gone.
    Sad: everyone else was dead.
    Happy: she was not dead.
    Sad: she could not die

  599. It powered off automatically.
    It was not real.

    (You decide)

  600. My husband did laundry.
    Prepare for the apocalypse.

    Mrs Fever recently posted ante meridiem.

  601. Happy:
    Yay! I won Powerball!

    We’re out of coffee.

    what sandra thinks recently posted weekly perk. #1.

  602. Happiest – I can finally retire
    Worst to hear – We need to talk
    Saddest – Your puppy has Kidney Disease.

  603. Happy: The snow plows arrived
    Sad: I have to shovel
    Hey we had a lot of snow this weekend….

  604. Strangers. Friends. Lovers. Strangers.

  605. “They jumped holding hands” from my hubby,and “the cheesecake is off” are my saddest four words

  606. The sun rose again.

    Do you remember me?

  607. Aww you two make me laugh and do that kinda emotional but happy weird face!

    Laura Morrigan recently posted Personal Tarot Spread 26th January: Ellen Dugan- Witches Tarot.

  608. 611
    Kelly Mucalo

    The doctors were wrong (could be happy OR sad, open to interpretation, was happy for us 🙂 )

  609. Gay marriage is legal.

  610. we,re having a baby

  611. saddest: the wifi was gone.
    happiest: the wifi came back.

    sorry, I’m a simple creature. 😉

    mashiaradream recently posted A whiny post.

  612. Eight pounds, three ounces.

    There is no heartbeat.

  613. 🙂 I found the dog!
    ;-( Can’t find the dog!

    Unsure: You did f…. what?

  614. The Doctor is in
    Bigger on the inside
    Just don’t even blink!
    Are you my mummy?
    Who frowned this face?
    Fish fingers and custard!
    Wait, there was cake?

    emelle recently posted I HATE streaming video..

  615. This will be the last.
    That day never came.
    He never stopped waiting.
    The sun burnt out.

  616. Trump just a dream

  617. We have more cake.

  618. Your last happy day

  619. The cookies are done.
    The kitten has died.
    Free vodka for all!
    My monkeys are sad.
    Wine slushies are ready.
    The squirrels are revolting.
    This bacon is delicious.
    I love The Blogess…

  620. Canada Bell Let’s Talk

  621. Doctor Who is cancelled.

  622. Him: it’s not you…

  623. Lullabies silenced in Titanic. (Anyone else unable to watch anything to do with Titanic because of the children locked down below? Devastates me).

    Mum? It’s me, remember?

    She hid the knives.

    That’s. Not. Mr. Kittywhiskers

    Collecting shells before tsunami

    Grandpa seemed so small.

    Endless walls surround her.

    I can’t hold on.

    (Hmm, I’d better start on happy….)


  624. She could smile again.

  625. Okay…let’s get happy:

    Noah welcomed the unicorns.

    Two words: Snape lives.

    Kittywhiskers lives! Two cats!

    Blue bees are real.

    I love Blue Bees.

    That sounds like Boobies.

    Heh. Boobies. Heh heh.

    Seriously, love Amegilla Cingulata.

    He loved me forever.

    (I could go on….hope that was a bit happier than the last!)

  626. 629

    She found her strength.

  627. Saddest 4 words:

    chocolate red wine extinct

  628. Firefly season twelve finale

  629. The test was negative

  630. She never followed the rules 😉

    Lavonne @ *Our Wish* recently posted Adjust..

  631. Pile of orange kittens
    It’s time to go

  632. Happiest, saddest and scariest words. I used to hear them from my parents when I was young, now from my wife… not too long before my kids say them too:

    We need to talk.

  633. Series I haven’t read

  634. The crib remained empty.
    The pants fit perfectly.

  635. 638

    “Died in car accident.”
    “You’re moving to Maui”

  636. SAD: The cancer came back.
    HAPPY: The X-FILES came back!

  637. Bacon prevents heart disease.

  638. Sad : The Cat threw up
    Happy: Not my fucking problem !

  639. The kids are asleep.

  640. Her prison was home.

  641. Heart scars always bleed

  642. She missed the deadline

    Can you tell I’m a student?


    She found the Nutella

  643. Her heart lives here.

  644. Sad: she always felt invisable.
    Happy: she travelled the world
    Sad: I’m sorry dads gone
    Happy: let’s adopt a cat
    Sad: too many kill shelters
    Happy: always adopt don’t shop
    Sad: my thoughts scare me
    Happy: bell let’s talk day
    Sad: I almost wasn’t here
    Happy: getting help saved me

  645. She had many regrets
    The herpes cleared up

  646. He broke her wings.
    She learned to fly.

  647. Seldom did it hurt.

  648. He would never know.
    She could breathe again.

  649. The babies giggled

  650. The disease erased her.
    She beat all odds.

  651. This could work for either happy or sad… I’ve used it for both:
    “Oh my fucking GOD!”

  652. Finally, she did it.

    mindyqs recently posted In Switzerland Know your Metric System.

  653. The tumor is benign!

  654. Happy: He loved her anyway
    Sad: Was only a dream

  655. It wasn’t butt cancer!!

  656. He left me behind.

    Catherine aka "Bird" recently posted Postcard From Hell – IAmNotCrazyDammit.

  657. The DoctorDonna is saved.

    Mini human hugs soon.

    Text message not delivered.

    Random tiny ninja hugs.

    The wine is gone.

  658. The show has ended.

    We have another keg!

  659. I love you as is.

  660. True Story:Sad- He said no Chickens. Happy-He bought her chickens….

  661. It never snowed again.

  662. He returned from war.

  663. “Duck!” But he didn’t.

  664. We will be alright.

    You’re OK, I’m here.

    I miss you brother!

  665. Home from mental hospital!

  666. It all worked out.

  667. No one remembered me.

  668. I survived another day.

  669. Cake arrives at noon.

  670. Engagement ring, half off.

  671. Mother grieves at grave.

  672. They never spoke again.

  673. I have a horse. (happy me 🙂
    She has a horse. (sad? husband)

  674. Sad-“She just likes attention” said by my mother to the child protection worker when asked why she thought I was being molested by my father when I was 8 yars old.

    Happy:”It wasn’t your fault” said by my Great Aunt when child services took me out of that house.

    Sad:”I’m not pressing charges” said by my mother even though my father admitted what he’d done and there was physical evidence I’d been raped.

    Sad: “I’m not leaving him” (she still hasn’t left him)

    Sad: “She should come home.” (still my mother)

    Happy: “She’s staying with me.” said by my Great Aunt my hero.

  675. He just didn’t care.

  676. They turned and fought.

  677. It will get better.

  678. And then she woke.

    It is a girl!

  679. Happiest: She believes in love.

    Saddest: Some people never learn.

  680. Then the rope broke.

  681. @Maureen – The Sure Thing is the best movie ever! When my husband and I met, I couldn’t believe he and his friends knew all the quotes as well as my friends and I did. We even named our son Nick. (“Nick’s your buddy. Nick’s the kind of guy you can trust, the kind of guy you can drink a beer with, the kind of guy who doesn’t mind if you puke in his car, Nick!”) And those four words “the answer was no” make me smile. 🙂

  682. What if, too late

  683. Twelve gauge shot gun

  684. Fireball and family reunions

  685. Sad-What might have been
    Happy–The test was negative

  686. The unibrow was gone!

  687. Happiest: And there was love.

    Saddest: They’ll never get old.

  688. Mom thinks I’m pretty.

  689. 693
    Eddie Roosenmaallen

    Happiest: “I found The Bloggess”
    Saddest: “Then she left. Forever.”

    My happiest story is autobiographical; finding Jenny (and all o’ y’all) quite probably saved me, at one of the darkest times (yet) in my adult life. My saddest story hasn’t come true yet, but I constantly fear it will. Yay anxiety!

  690. Sad- He’s dying of cancer.
    Happy- I live in town.

  691. Happiest and Saddest: In pain no more.

  692. happy: “There is more wine”
    sad: “Doctor stop giving Xanax”

    deliriouspancake recently posted My super powers.

  693. They got a kitten.

    We brought our new family member, Jynx, home from the shelter yesterday. There’s a lot of love in our house today!

    Jade recently posted Taking cats by the horns.

  694. The electricity is back!

    He learned to flush!

  695. happy or sad…can’t decide… “This IS six inches.”

  696. Then the book ended.

    Lindsey recently posted We Already Knew Him.

  697. He pulled the trigger.

    We will be alright.

  698. The cancer came back
    I am in remission

  699. there was no party
    she woke up alone
    he made fried bologna
    rescue rabbits love pets

  700. I forgot my book
    You made me laugh-snort (at work)

  701. I love them both.

  702. Then there was one.

  703. Her cancer is winning.
    She has no pain.

  704. His demons never returned
    They finally had children
    Or most recent
    She graduated with honours

  705. After all this time?

  706. The wine is gone.
    He got more wine.

  707. “You’re allergic to chocolate.”

  708. He got the job.

  709. “We need to talk”. Those were the first awful words that my doctor said to me after my ultrasound during my pregnancy in 2003.

  710. If only he’d tried.

  711. No win for Trump.

  712. You broke my soul
    I hate my life
    My life is yours
    Your skin smells bad
    I think I’m dying
    I have no legs
    I just had sex

  713. You make me laugh.

  714. I made chocolate cake and The cake is gone.

    TiredMama1 recently posted I'm beautiful, just the frumpy way I am....

  715. Mine are about pet rats. In one of Jenny’s books she says something about people having a rat emergency. This is what that looks like.
    Sad: My rat passed away.
    Happy: A new baby rat!

  716. I can’t take credit for this, another librarian came up with this. Because I work in the public yelling motherfucker wouldn’t probably work well for me. Her suggestion? yell, mutter…what ever… this instead “Oedipus!” I can’t tell you how much I’m enjoying this!

  717. She wanted for nothing.

  718. I can’t take credit for this, another librarian came up with this. Because I work in the public yelling motherfucker wouldn’t probably work well for me. Her suggestion? yell, mutter…what ever… this instead “Oedipus!” I can’t tell you how much I’m enjoying this! Just had another thought…what is it that the mother is always the one getting fucked? Oedipus works for either a motherfucker or……yeah….it works….fatherfucker……now there’s yet another reason for me to giggle at this.

  719. It was too late.

  720. My prolapsed anus hurts.

  721. Everything will be okay.

  722. Your nightmares are real.

  723. She always sleeps alone.

    She does not mind.

  724. The clown waited patiently.

  725. And then I pooped

    Aaron Cully Drake recently posted More confirmation of my character.

  726. Sad: married her for sex.

    Sadder: admitted 30 years in.

  727. The sun came out!!!!

  728. (Happy) You make my dreams