Booksgiving. An experiment.

Last September when Furiously Happy came out I was so terrified that people wouldn’t like it, wouldn’t understand it, or would run away after realizing I’m quite a bit crazier than I ever let on.  But you stayed – for the most part – and then even more of you showed up, and now it’s February and Furiously Happy is still on the top 20 NYT list.  This is because of you.  You share quotes, and pictures of yourself reading it, and tell others that it helped and pass it on to people who you think will need it to understand you or to better understand themselves.  Every day I see people online sharing it and it makes such a difference to me and to the people who every day discover that they are so much less alone than they thought.bookplateforfuriouslyhappy

As a thank you I’d like to give you all a box full of live kittens but I don’t have that many kittens or boxes and also I don’t have your address, so instead today I’m giving out copies of Furiously Happy to people who haven’t been able to afford a copy.  If you’re struggling right now and you need a copy just make a wishlist with Furiously Happy on it.  Or if you have Furiously Happy but need someone to buy you another book to get you through a rough time then make a wish list with that book on it.  A book you loved as a kid.  A book to calm you, or revive you, or to read to children.

rory furiouslyhappyI’m going to give out 30 copies of my book.  If you need one I’m going to tell you how to do it.  And every time I do this sort of thing others want to get involved and help so if you want to give books to someone in need you can click on the wish lists in the comments section and send hope and stories and escape to lovely strangers.

Will this work?  No idea.  But let’s try.

Here are the rules:

  1.  If you’re in a rough place and need a book to transport you somewhere else make a BRAND NEW wish list with nothing on it but the book you want.  (Exception: If you have a kid who needs a book you can add that too.)
  2. Here’s how you make a wish list:  Under “Your Lists” on the right, top side of Amazon select “Create a list”.  Choose “Wish list” and name it something like “The book I really need right now” and choose “Public”.  Then click “Create list”.  Now add a book to your list by going to the book and clicking the “add to list” button on the bottom right.  Now here’s the most important thing that everyone forgets to do.  You have to assign a shipping address to that specific wish list or it won’t go to you.  So click on the wish list and click on “public” and it’ll take you to “List settings”.  Click “view details” and where it says “shipping address” add yours.  (Your city will be shown to others but not your full address.)  Then save changes.  Now leave a comment with a link to your wish list.  Click here for my sample wish list so you’ll know what one looks like.  I have about 20 books listed on it for inspiration if you don’t know exactly what you want.  In your comment say which book you want in case someone specifically wants to buy you that book.  Feel happy.
  3. Here’s how you buy a book for a stranger.  Click on their link.  Choose a book.  Select their name so it goes to their address.  If it doesn’t give you the option of picking their name it means they didn’t add a shipping address so delete what’s in your cart and go to the next person.  Send a story to someone in need.  Feel happy.

The only rule is that this is just for books.  No gift cards or clothes or anything else because it gets out of hand really quickly.  Just a simple book to take you away from the world and help you find new ones.

And as always, thank you.  Thank you for supporting my words and listening and passing them on to others.  I’m hesitantly starting book 3 right now and you’re giving me strength to keep writing even when I doubt myself.  I owe you one.  Or 30.

UPDATED: Here are screen shots of what you should see while making a wishlist and add a shipping destination because it’s really easy to mess up.

Create a list under “Your lists”.

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 1.39.39 PM

Make it a wish list, name it and make it public.

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 1.40.30 PM

After you click “create list” click on the “public” button below:

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 1.40.53 PM

Click “view details” to add your shipping address to this wish list:

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 1.41.27 PM

Choose a shipping address and save changes.

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 1.43.02 PM

Now you’re ready to add something to your list.  Pick a book and choose the “add to list” button on bottom right side:

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 1.44.32 PM

If you have another wish list set as your default then you’ll need to click “move to another list.”

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 1.44.57 PM

Just click the list you’re going to share here.

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 1.45.28 PM

Now go to the wish list and copy the link and paste it into the comments.  That should work.  There might be a better way of doing it but that’s how I do it.

PS.  If you click on a wish list that says it’s empty that’s because the book has been bought for them.  🙂  If you leave a comment and don’t see it that’s because my blog puts people into moderation for a bit so I have to approve the comments and sometimes it takes me a minute.  It’ll show up.

PPS.  In the time it’s taken for me to write all of this a ton of books have been sent out to strangers (I prefer the term “strangelings”) on the internet and I haven’t even started giving away my own portion.  Thank you.  For asking and for giving.

PPPS.  It’s 10:30pm Texas time and when I try to buy people books it gives me an error message during checkout.  I’m just going to assume we broke amazon with our awesomeness.  If you get error messages too just try again in a bit.  Also, a ton of books have been sent out all over the world so you might have to search a lot to find a wish list that hasn’t been filled.  Keep looking though if you want to help.  New comments are approved every 15 minutes (until I go to sleep, at least) and they’re still coming in.

UPDATED, DAY 2:  Technically yesterday was Booksgiving but Amazon crashed for like 4 hours yesterday so I say we keep going today.  Besides, it’s a leap year so we get an extra day this month anyway.  Might as well use it for good.

Also, are you reading these comments?  Because you should be…

Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 8.56.21 AM

I love you guys.  Off to buy more books…



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  1. Will you come to Australia for a booking signing?

    (I want too. So expensive though. ~ Jenny)

    Gary Lum recently posted How to make crab with udon noodles.

  2. I love this idea. I already have your book and have more books than I will ever be able to read, so I’m looking forward to seeing what other people have on their book list.

  3. Book 3!! I will gladly send a book to a stranger if it keeps you writing Jenny! PS: Ignore my blog post, book clubs are officially back!

    Kristine @ MumRevised recently posted Book Clubs are SO Last Year.

  4. I got one from your last giveaway, and I cannot thank you enough! On days when I feel like I’m so far in the dark, your book has been a little bit of light helping me find my way out.

  5. Terrific idea! I’ll give someone a book. And I will offer a copy of my novel along with their wish book.

    notquiteold recently posted Being Read.

  6. Great idea. I love gifting books.
    PS I quoted Furiously Happy TWICE in my holiday letter, even footnoting for attribution.

  7. I just want to say this makes me so happy! Books are truly the gift that keeps on giving. For more than a year now, I have been sending my little sister (age 11) a book every month just to keep her reading and thinking. I look forward to sending someone else a book this month too.

  8. I am so excited to buy a stranger a book! Can’t wait to see some links~

  9. This is a brilliant, brilliant idea. Hooray for technology enabling us to help our fellow humans!

    Gina W. recently posted THE CREEPY GUY POST! Part One!.

  10. This idea is awesome! 😀

  11. 11

    I have the skeleton vulture on my wish list. Just saying.

    BTW I bought a copy of your book for me and one for someone who needed it. 🙂

  12. Keep writing and we will keep reading (and loving). I would say something more relevant and motivational, but I have a bad case of the blahs.

    Love Booksgiving. Super duper awesome.

  13. Oooh, I can’t wait to start buying books for people! I LOVE THIS! (And you. And really, I’d love a box of kittens except that then I’d need a lot more litter boxes, and I can’t deal with the two I already have, so thank you for not sending me those.)

  14. Now I kind of wish I’d bought the hard copy instead of the kindle so I could share mine with somebody…

    Adrienne Cook recently posted Dream #25.

  15. I bought both your books for my adult daughter (she has Epilepsy and and suffers from anxiety). We’ve shared favorite passages, shed tears together over things you wrote that we both identify with to our core. For anyone who loves to laugh, has darkness inside that they are fighting, or simply needs to be uplifted, I can’t think of a better gift.

  16. I guess a box of live kittens is preferable to a box of not live kittens?

  17. Thank you, Jenny for a reminder that there are good people in the world. Even when it’s so very dark in mine.

  18. 18
    Tara Robinson

    I could use a copy of Furiously Happy, Jenny. <3

    (Leave a link to your wish list, sweetness. ~ Jenny)

  19. I put yours and one other for me, and a few of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books for my son, who recently begged me to just please BUY a couple of those so he could keep them instead of us always getting all our books from the library. 🙁

    Single struggling mom here, like many of you. If you just pick one, pick one of my kid’s books. Thanks for thinking of me.

  20. This is awesome and I’m on board (happy, delighted, ecstatic, etc!) to buy a book for someone. 😀

  21. I hope I’ve done this right – I didn’t see anyplace to designate a shipping address, but here it is.

    (Try this. Right now you don’t have a shipping address so if I bought it it would just go to me. You have to assign a shipping address to that specific wish list or it won’t go to you. So click on the wish list and click on “public” and it’ll take you to “List settings”. Click “view details” and where it says “shipping address” add yours. ~Jenny)

  22. 22

    As I have already received your book due to your (and others’) generosity when finances wouldn’t allow me to buy it (and still won’t, really), and I have a plethora of other books I can read, I will refrain from creating a list, but I wanted to -endorse- this idea. I think it’s a lovely one and I can’t wait to see how it all pans out.

    I wanted to say, too, that I’m still in the process of reading Furiously Happy. I feel like an Ent of the book world: “We only say[read] anything unless it is worth taking a long time to say[read].”

    In my darkest moments, I turn to Furiously Happy, read a few pages, giggle, cry, clap or whatever happens naturally depending on what I’m reading. This is how I am reading it. And once I read through it, I will likely go back and re-read it. 🙂

  23. someone here can explain me please is that I am new to this and do not understand almost nothing
    please if anyone knows and can help me Please

    (Check the update. ~ Jenny)

  24. You’re a wonderful, non-zombie mammal, Jenny.
    This is a phenomenal, caring, remarkably-decent idea.

    Book 3, h’uh?
    I can’t even get one book published!
    But I’m (furiously) happy for you and all you’ve accomplished.

    The Hook recently posted A Little (Sad) Truth..

  25. You are one of my heros in life. Thank you for making such a difference in my life. I really appreciate your courage and willingness to share your humanness.

  26. Yes!
    My book club is going through Let’s Pretend This Never Happened this month, and I fully intend to heartily recommend Furiously Happy to the people who “get” it. You are wonderful, and this idea is fantastic.

  27. Love your idea, love your work!!

  28. Yay Jenny! I love when you do these things and will try to come back in a day or two and buy someone a book!

    Also, I’m thinking about my very first tattoo for my 40th birthday this month. First thought was “Pretend you’re good at it”, then thought “Rory! It would confuse everyone!” but I just can’t decide what to do. It will be small, on the inside of my wrist. Any suggestions anyone??

  29. You know what I love about you? In every post, I feel like you and I would be biffles in another world. But then, that’s kind of what you want me to believe, isn’t it? =)

  30. I give my little twin nieces, now nine, books for their birthdays every year, just as my own daughters received. Nothing more valuable than good books! Love this idea!

  31. Love your idea, love your work!!

  32. 33
    Demolition Puppy

    You should come to Alaska for a book signing! We like to taxidermy animals like you would not believe here, think of all the treasures you could potential take home. And there’s bears, and moose! Which may kill you so, yeah maybe not, stay indoors when in Alaska! That’s it, and oh, come during the summer, winters suck.

  33. I’m way ahead of you. 🙂 I love this book so much, I have the e-version and the paper version, and I’ve gifted both of your books to two of my closest friends. So I’ll pass on this contest in order to give some other lucky people the chance to win this. Jenny, your book makes me laugh when I need it, cry when I need to, and it always helps me — I read it when I need to know I’m better than I want to believe I am, and more importantly, that I am not alone. P.S. About wishing you could send kittens, I’m highly allergic to kittens, but it’s the thought that counts. 😉

  34. I got a copy form the library but they made me give it BACK before I was done. Now 3 other people get it before I can check it out again. First world library problems!

    (Go in and add a shipping destination, okay? ~ Jenny)

  35. I put together a wish list for my son. We are struggling right now, behind on medical bills due to his asthma issues hes had since birth. While I’d love my own copy of Furiously Happy, I would love more for him to have something to make him furiously happy.
    this blog reminds me of all the good there is in the world. and I promise, when we are on our feet again, to return all the good I can.

  36. I read your book over Christmas and it totally got me through the holidays with the family. So, so perfect for anyone who needs to get through a crazy or rough time! This is an excellent thing

  37. I already have Furiously Happy and adore that book! You need to write more! Much much more!

    I would love another book to transport me away from bills (ahh! Bills!), winter, and the general ick of life right now.

  38. I’m asking for an ebook since I live in Germany and shipping books are expensive. Thank you so much.

  39. I bought your book for someone I thought needed it. I did it anonymously because I didn’t want them to feel bad about it or like they needed to pay me back, which was great except that I can’t go ask them what they thought : )

  40. 41
    Jessica Ballard

    We tragically lost our 13 yr old son, Austin Parker,on Nov 22, 2015. To say we are going through a rough time is an understatement. No, I am not a troll. Just a very sad mom

  41. A friend did this for me. With Furiously Happy even. If I could, I would definitely pay it forward. :^)

  42. Oops, sorry, Jenny. I got too excited. Here’s the link to my Wish List. Thank you!

  43. Okay, I think I’ve got it squared away – I’ll leave my link again just in case.

    Many thanks. <3

  44. This is probably going to make me cry like the James Garfield Miracle but I’m in for providing some books. Books are my favorite and sharing them with others is one of the best things!

  45. hi – I can’t believe I’m asking for a book, but I could use one – both of Jenny’s books are on the list, and either would be fine – thanks muchly

  46. For anyone trying to overcome childhood trauma at the expense of their parents, may I suggest Toxic Parents: Overcoming Their Hurtful Legacy and Reclaiming Your Life? I found out about it via RuPaul, of all people! I don’t have the money to grant anyone a book, but I can give you the pdf so you can still read it for free. It was a tremendous help to me and I hope it will help someone here, too. <3

  47. I have your book(s) and love it (them). Without going into detail, I’d love to get a book.

  48. 50
    Jessica Ballard

    Not sure if the first post went up. But here it is again..

  49. I love this idea and can’t wait to find someone to gift a book too. Love your books but I have two small requests – keep being the narrator of your audio books. You are hands down one of my favorite narrators. Two – Please come to Indiana on your book tour…..

  50. 52

    I’ve sent a few out now, and much like the Miracle of James Garfield, it always perks up my day. Thanks for being the pivot point for all of us to reach out to each other!

  51. Loved your first book. Can’t wait to read the second, however I get a copy of it.

  52. Love this! I’m doing it.

  53. Thank you for spreading goodwill. Especially in the form of books.

    Two days ago, I had my first ambulance ride and among other things lost total control of all my bodily fluids for a few hours. I know there is comedic gold in my experience, but for now all I want to do is hide under the bedcovers with a book.

    (Get some rest. A book is headed your way. ~ Jenny)

  54. 56
    Jessica Ballard

    Could use some distraction..Our family is going through a tragedy. This is such a great way to reach out to others. Would be very curious to see how others deal with death, anxiety and sleep deprivation

  55. I managed to borrow a copy of your books from the library but would love to get a copy of you book. I read your words and all I can say is they are magic. I love knowing that there are people out there as weird and crazy as me and that we arent alone.
    We bond together with our broken pieces, lets make a weird puzzle.

  56. This is so amazing.

    (Add a shipping address, okay? ~ Jenny)

  57. I hope I did this right. My link is below. I used a gift card from the holidays to buy a copy of Furiously Happy. Reading it right now. It’s for sure made some hard days seem less dark.

  58. I hope I did this right. Here goes!
    Hi. Check out this list:

    (Add a shipping address, okay? Thanks! ~ Jenny)

    (I hope I did that right)
    I recently lost my job–a week after my husband moved out. It’s been a crappy couple of weeks!

    (Book coming your way ~ Jenny)

  60. I hope I am doing this right. I would really like a copy of Furiously Happy, but my psychiatrist says I need The anxiety and phobia workbook. Either one would be great, because we are broke right now.

    (Book coming your way. ~ Jenny)

  61. This is a great idea. I’m not in a rough place and work somewhere where I am surrounded by free books. but I will pass this on and look at the wish lists to see if I can help. Also, I would like one of those miniature giraffes from the directv commercials. Can you help with that?

    theycallmetater recently posted On Day 24 We Can Do This the Hard Way Or.

  62. I would love a copy of Furiously Happy. I have been struggling with a psychosis because of a steroid they gave me on Christmas Day to treat my asthma. It’s been a month of hallucinations and delusions and none are the fun kind… All this to say, as I don’t want to make this a SOB story, this would make my February. Many thanks, and this is a great and fun idea, Jenny.

    (For some reason I can’t order from Amazon Canada because Canada hates me or something. Putting a note here if there are Canadian people who use ~ Jenny)

  63. This is such an awesome idea! I’ve added a book for myself, and a book for my girl Amelia (we call her Amelia Bedelia and she loves the books =) )

  64. Unemployed teacher here … unemployed due to mental health issues leaving me unreliable to do a job I love … kinda sorta sucks, but I’m pushing hard through this bout of depression.
    I haven’t read your book yet …. or had access to the dialectal behavior therapy exercises employment (and health insurance) covered, so there are two books in there. I’d also love a book recommendation if ANYONE could help – I’m going to be raising a step-daughter whose mom will have passed from cancer … I don’t even know WHERE to start searching for that book!

    If you mail something, please include a return address (can you?) so I can mail a real thank you card (I love to send mail). <3 ~Sarah

  65. You’re good people, Jenny.

  66. I’m on my THIRD listen (in a row) of “Furiously Happy” on audiobook! I’m grateful for “pretend you’re good at it” because I can’t imagine not hearing your voice reading your book.

  67. I don’t know if this worked the first time. but here goes.

    I would love to be able to give my son a Diary of a Wimpy kid book. we are struggling right now, medical bills upon medical bills due to his multiple hospitalizations due to his asthma. id love a copy of furiously happy, but would rather see him furiously happy with this book.

    this blog gives me hope for the good in the world. I promise to return the good when we are back on our feet.

  68. What a beautiful idea. I could really use a book right now, so let’s hope I did this right 🙂

  69. I would LOVE a copy of Furiously Happy!

    (Book on the way! ~ Jenny)

  70. I love you for doing this kind of thing.

    Karen Marie Peterson recently posted Christmassing.

  71. This would be so great! I sold all but a few books when I moved from KC to NOLA and would love to have a copy of “Furiously Happy” to place next to “Let’s Pretend This Never Happened”! My bookshelf and I would be so grateful! It’s been a very rough year and your tweets and blog posts have helped remind me how important it is to stay connected to our friends. Or even with strangers! But just to reach out and remember we’re not alone.

    (You had the paperback on your wish list but it doesn’t come out until September so I sent you the hardcover instead. ~ Jenny)

  72. I happened across your book in the library and enjoyed reading it in a very sad way. Many of your statements on pages 57-58 -132 -133 -134-135 were especially powerful. Could have been written by my beautiful and brilliant 22 year old daughter. I know she was able to help many people….they told me so. However she could not help herself. Finally lost the on going battle with depression and ended her own life just a few months ago. I know she did not intend to emotionally end her parents life as well. I can see by your book that my daughter realized that she was facing a continuous battle that maybe she just got tired of. While going to college she had also worked at a mental health center……maybe was taking on too many additional problems. Don’t know……. but miss her terribly

  73. I’ve been anxiously awaiting having the extra money to buy this book! I discovered your Let’s Pretend This Never Happened and lent it out so much that it certainly looks tired and worn, which is my favorite way to see a book! Also, as a high school teacher, I have bought Kindle copies of this book for former students who I KNEW would totally relate! They have loved it!

  74. I’d love some distraction and help to get me through my first pregnancy. It’s a hard ride, y’all. How have women been doing this for all of ever?

  75. This makes me beyond happy. Thank you for being you, for your words, and for helping others.
    To hear you are starting book three fills me with joy, not just because ANOTHER BOOK but because it is my dream to attend a book signing and meet you. I was going to go to Portland this past tour and the Saturday before lost my beloved dog. I wasn’t up to travel even though I knew it probably would have helped to be around others who adore you and to finally meet you. So please tour again, and thank you. Just thank you.

  76. Your books always make me feel better! I’m excited for a book 3!

  77. I think I’ve done this correctly to create my shopping wish list. Here’s the link: Books I need right now to make me furiously happy Link:
    It’s on my mom’s amazon account, so it probably says “Linda Smith”, but I put in my information for “Lorin Smith”. Sometimes I’m technically challenged and sometimes I’m not. Reading your blog and your first book always makes me happy. A box of kittens would make me happy too, but they don’t ship well. 🙂

  78. 80
    Margaret Mortensen

    This is a fantastic idea, and as someone who is low on cash and in a down slope right now I really appreciate this! The book I could really use right now is Let’s Pretend This Never Happened, as I am set to finish Furiously Happy today and it’s been giving me some much needed laughs. Thank you!

  79. Thank you for doing this. Books are a luxury I can no longer afford – even for my own mental health & well-being. Someday, I’ll be able to reciprocate. So awesome!

  80. I live in England so I dunno if shipping is crazy or anything and if it is, don’t worry about it. This is super cool!

  81. Can you ask rockandrollmama to make her list public? Thanks!

  82. My niece needs this book. We keep telling her it gets better. But she’s having a tough time believing us. I have the kinks version and she can’t have doctrines in the hospital. So… Here’s to hoping.
    The book my niece desperately needs right now

  83. 86
    Amber Oppenheimer

    Making a new wish list with your book. The last book was one of the best things I’ve ever read. I’ve shared my copy dozens of times. If I get the new one, I plan to do the same thing. I would love to be able to buy it but I just can’t right now. Thanks for considering me

  84. Can I buy someone a book and then we can swap books and we can be friends and hey, do you need a friend today? Because I am so ready to be someone’s friend today.

  85. 88
    Sarah Middleton

    I could really use this. Being down is draining.

  86. I wish I had the money to buy books for others. I’ve had struggles with depression in the past and Jenny’s first book really helped. Lately I’ve been feeling a bit lost again, but haven’t had the money to read her new one. There are a lot of people more deserving of books, so please, start with them. But if you make it through the list wanting to give and there’s nobody left, then here’s mine. Hopefully next year I can pay it forward. Thank you in advance

  87. Would love a copy of your book! We’re struggling a bit money-wise right now, so this would be wonderful.

  88. 91
    Margaret Mortensen

    Forgot to include my link. Oy. Here it is, and thanks again!

  89. Feeling alone lately. I’ve been struggling with some inner issues and trying to figure out what I want to do with my life. I love to read and it helps get out of my headspace when it’s just too much to deal with. Thank you for doing this, I love reading your blog!

  90. 93
    Nicole Altizer

    I would really enjoy a copy of Furiously Happy. I look forward to being able to do this for someone else one day : )

  91. I gave out 8 because i thought it was a nice way to share part under that old rouse of ‘I have this friend who….’ I lurve booksgiving

  92. You are my hero, Jenny. In medical school and I’ve always struggled with depression and anxiety… The struggle is so bad sometimes. Love you and your blog. You have gotten me through some of the darkest times.

  93. I wouldn’t usually say I need something, but I just put my cat to sleep last night and I’m feeling a lot of pain at the moment. Here’s my link:
    Thank you for this idea, Jenny, I appreciate you!

  94. Here is mine. I find it difficult to spend on myself. But I figured I would post mine and then buy someone else’s. Except they are all empty. I’ll find one eventually And that makes me furiously happy.

  95. Ashley K: Your son’s book is in the mail

  96. 99
    Jennifer Irvine

    Wow! I really hope I get one, I’ve been desperate to get my hands on this book since its release but I’m poor 🙁

  97. Amanda Palmer did this with her Art of Asking (appropriate, no?), using the Mosaic website. That was SO much fun—I met quite a few people in both the giving and getting. I’m covered on both ends with Furiously Happy—I gave it to my aunt for Xmas, and my parents gave it to me. My aunt and I were trading bits from the book over the dinner table the other night and laughing so hystericall, the rest of the family was scooching their chairs away from us…

  98. My mother-in-law got me your newest book for Christmas. I haven’t laughed so hard in a LONG time (the beginning of the book – part where you list all the things you think about at night…tears streaming down my face and my husband looking at me with concern!). Thank you!

  99. What a neat idea. I’m being RIF’d at work and could use a cheer me up!

  100. Ive tried posting this now 3 times so if it is a repeat, please delete.
    I was able to borrow your newest book from the library and all I can say is your work is made of gold. I am so happy to see that someone else feels and lives the same way as me. I suffer from major depression and my ex left me for another 6 months ago. Times have been really tough, not just emotionally but financially too. I love your writing and knowing that its ok to be sad and feel anxiety as it wont always take over your life.
    We are a weird bunch of broken pieces that fit together to make one strange puzzle.
    Thank you for your books Jenny. They mean the world to me.

  101. Happy Booksgiving! I am a graduate student right now and I need all the help I can get. Some days are pretty dark and I can’t find my way out of my own writing. But I press on. I have to keep thinking that I’ll make it, that I’ll get my thesis done. I love what I’m writing. I even think it’s an important topic, but it’s still hard. Sometimes I think at the end of the day – maybe tomorrow will be better, maybe you’ll have a breakthrough. But also maybe you’re just delusional. But the delusion helps because it gives hope to keep going. I put on my wish list two of your books Jen, because I could use some laughter as well as some courage to write what I know to be true. What I know should be written.
    I also added a 3rd book for children — young adults, a YA novel. It is by one of my favorite authors and actually one of my old professors from undergrad days. The book I chose is a book about an orphan boy who goes through some real life hardships. I added this because I work with kids who experience these things, who know hard break and I’d like to be able to share stories with them. Thank you! And Happy Booksgiving to everyone! Sharing stories is the best.

  102. You are such a great writer, borrowed a copy from a friend, but would love to reread my very own copy as many times as I need it. I’m so glad that you are brave enough to share your life with us! Can’t wait for book 3!

  103. My mom has had it pretty tough for the last 10 years or more. i have lent her your books in hopes that she will recognize her own depression/mental illness and realize she is not alone, but I do think she should have her own copies. She is 56 years old, and clearly has some mental illness happening, but won’t admit that it’s a medical problem- partly because she doesn’t have any health insurance I’d guess. We love her very much and hate to see her struggle. Slowly but surely, she continues to plug on in her day to day things. Like we do.

    She does have a blog where she talks about things in a vague sense, and if you’d like to send her some love, hop over to

    Here is a link to a wishlist of books she needs, but doesn’t realize it

  104. 107
    Theresa Saylor

    I sure hope this works. Here is my link….. I found you during one of my darkest major depressive episodes to date in mid 2015. I read Lets Pretend This Never Happened and I actually SMILED. A real honest to goodness smile. I have Furiously Happy on audio book but I would love to have a copy I can actually hold in my hand and mark the pages and feel.

    Thank you Jenny for bringing a little bit of light into the darkest corners of my world.


  105. My first time!!! Hope to receive the book I really want.

  106. 109
    Jennifer Irvine

    My comment isn’t showing up, but it could be my crappy computer that’s the issue – but just in case, I’m re-entering it…

  107. Such a beautiful idea. I am very happy that I got to gift 2 books already 🙂

  108. Oh no! My link didn’t make it into my comment. I wrote in already but here is my link:

  109. 112
    Anne Lantto

    I do not need a copy as I bought it for myself for Christmas as well as copies for 3 friends going through a hard time right now. However, the book plate I had been holding onto for months until I could afford to buy the book was thrown away by mistake. I would LOVE another book plate if you are able.

  110. 113
    Jennifer Irvine

    wow! lots of people must be posting right now, cause 3rd time trying to post this comment – oh well, 3rd time’s the charm???

  111. Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god!!!!! I can’t wait to read book three!

  112. I’ve been in a crap place lately. It’s not pretty. And, this book is NEVER available at the library. Jenny’s just so damn popular!

  113. I was able to borrow the first and second book from a friend and I LOVED them both. I would love to be able to access them anytime I need them because these books are gold and it’s great to have other people that feel the same way I do.

  114. I believe I have figured this out! Great idea Jenny!

  115. My birthday is tomorrow, getting this in the mail in the near future would certainly brighten it up. Thank you so much for doing this; know that I’ll repay the favor when I can!

  116. 120
    Beth Damiano

    shuffles over and nudges link forward I really want Jenny’s book. I bought a copy, but gave it to my best friend because I thought she might need it more than me. But I’d really like a copy of my own to laugh at and feel understood by. I’m an out of work actor (and even when i am working, I don’t make very much) and with help am just barely getting by as it is. I haven’t gotten a new book that I get to keep (I frequent the library because I can’t live without books, just without keeping them) in quite a while. Summer maybe? Anyway, I’d be very grateful if anyone felt like helping me. 🙂

  117. Hiya 🙂
    I’ve been a follower of yours on facebook for a couple years. I have anxiety and depression and I could stand to learn about being furiously happy 😛 Also I put a book by a naturopathic doctor I really respect on my list, because I’ve got fibro and chronic fatigue and I really need to figure out how to get better. I’m not doing well.

    thank you so much! This is a wonderful idea and thank you to anyone who might help me.

  118. To the person upthread, my “books I need right now” list is public, has a shipping address, etc. xoxoxox

    If you can’t see it or something, let me know and I’ll try to futz with it some more.

  119. Haven’t been able to afford a new book for a while, need something escapist. Here’s my link:

  120. This is such an amazing idea! I want to be able to click on someones list and purchase for someone else, but I am unfortunately at the mercy of someone clicking my link and purchasing for me right now. I have saved this link so that when I am not in such a tight spot, maybe there will be someone else who I can purchase for..

  121. Okay, I’m going to get this right now. Here’s my link and my reasons for putting it together:

    Happy Booksgiving! I am a graduate student right now and I need all the help I can get. Some days are pretty dark and I can’t find my way out of my own writing. But I press on. I have to keep thinking that I’ll make it, that I’ll get my thesis done. I love what I’m writing. I even think it’s an important topic, but it’s still hard. Sometimes I think at the end of the day – maybe tomorrow will be better, maybe you’ll have a breakthrough. But also maybe you’re just delusional. But the delusion helps because it gives hope to keep going. I put on my wish list two of your books Jen, because I could use some laughter as well as some courage to write what I know to be true. What I know should be written.
    I also added a 3rd book for children — young adults, a YA novel. It is by one of my favorite authors and actually one of my old professors from undergrad days. The book I chose is a book about an orphan boy who goes through some real life hardships. I added this because I work with kids who experience these things, who know hard break and I’d like to be able to share stories with them. Thank you! And Happy Booksgiving to everyone! Sharing stories is the best.

  122. This idea is amazing!
    I need to read more books that make me happy and help me grow in my own personal development goals.

    minic00 recently posted All I Want For Christmas Is A Muffin Top.

  123. I checked out a digital copy of furiously happy from my library (loved it!) and I’m currently waiting on the audiobook. (14 people ahead of me!!!! I don’t know whether to pout or be happy that there are so many around me that want to listen to your book, too!) I do not have my own hard copy. I do have a signed bookplate which I would love to put inside it- It would mean the world to me!!!! If there is someone who wants it and has not read it, please pick them first. I have read it, but I just would like my own copy that does not have to be returned to the library. 🙂

  124. My birthday is tomorrow, this would certainly brighten it up. Thank you for doing this! And please know that I’ll pay it forward as soon as I am able! (If I posted this twice I apologize, technology isn’t always my friend!)

  125. I think you are amazing. I am so glad another blogger recommended your blog. Some days, when I don’t think I can get up and do it again, I think, Jenny did, you can too. I’d love a copy of your book and it’s on my regular “wish list” too but here is the link of the “special” wish list. You do really good things. Thank you.

  126. I’ve been going through a rather unfun rough patch with my depression/anxiety lately. I could really use some cheering up. But if there’s someone else worse off, please pick them instead. As it is, I feel rather bad for asking for anyone to consider doing

  127. I’m a stay at home mom who just got a job at night to try to pay for my husbands medical bills but they just keep coming! It feels never-ending.

    I checked your books out from the library on a whim last year and it was EXACTLY what I needed to read. I felt like I wasn’t alone and they helped me accept myself more than I ever have. I’ve been following your blog ever since the day I started reading your book. You are so wonderful <3 I hope I can meet you on a book tour one day. You came to my state just a couple of weeks before I found the books.

  128. Thank you Jenny for being so awesome and helping spread awesome around 🙂

  129. Jenny, I don’t know if you saw it, but I sent you a message on Facebook to tell you how Furiously Happy just got me through a hard time. My daughter (age 13) and I had to fly back to Nebraska because her dad was in the final stages of cancer. I read your book on the plane and I can’t even express how much it helped me. It gave me strength, and it made me laugh. I even shared some of the stories with my daughter and it was so good to see her laughing too.

    He passed away on December 29th, just hours after our plane landed. I’ve had a hard time finding books to help her cope. Most of them are for younger kids, or for kids whose parents are still alive and going through treatment. She did get a book of poems and essays through an organization called Kids Konnected, and she’s buried herself in fanfic through Wattpad to keep her mind occupied. I’d like to get her one of these two books:

    Also, if anyone has been through a similar experience and can recommend other books, I would really appreciate that too.

  130. A few unexpected life changes (move and death of a good friend, a mom of 3) have put me in a lonely place lately. I’ve always been a blog fan but never read your books. Fortunately our library has Furiously Happy, so it’s on my list of things to borrow, but a copy of my own to share with someone else who needs it when I’m done would be even better.

    Here is my amazon link…in case I’d get picked :)..

    (I can’t get your shipping address. Can you add it? ~ Jenny)

  131. I absolutely adored Let’s Pretend This Never Happened (my husband spent weeks laughing at me when I was reading in bed because of the (loud) reactions I had) but I can’t afford to buy Furiously Happy right now. I would be forever grateful, and I hope to be able to pass on the love in a few months time. <3

    (Book headed you way! ~ Jenny)

  132. Wish I could reply to a comment but in lieu of that @rockandrollmama – 2 for your son and 1 for you are on the way. ENJOY! and thank you Jenny & Nina for making my day brighter. I loved doing this – brought me as much joy as buying one for myself – likely more. Nina – I couldn’t find which Diary of a Wimpy Kid one your sone would like on the wishlist so I chose Book 10 – Here’s hoping your son hasn’t read it yet (and it was easy to buy – that or shipping costs – gotta love it lol! got the shipping free 😀 ) <3


    You guys are all amazing. This blog is the only place I make an exception to my “never read the comments” rule.

    Mary Johnson recently posted A Need to Read.

  134. I made a list for my 9 y/o who is desperately trying to get 500 AR points. Seeing her happy makes me more happy then a book for me would. (Not saying I don’t love a good book though! lol /anxiety)

  135. I love you, Jenny. This is awesome. If one of you send me this book, please send me your email address with it so we can be friends and I can thank you for it and we can swap books? Please?

  136. I’ve gone to a couple of peoples list and there is nothing there. You have to put the book in your list. Or maybe someone already got it for you. There is someone who wanted books for her son. Please update your list. I would like to help. Thank you so much Jenny for your always wonderful books and your incredible generosity to others.

    (The lists that have nothing on them are people who’ve already had their books bought for them. 🙂 I’m seeing so many wish lists already fulfilled as I pop around buying books myself. I love you people. ~ Jenny)

  137. oh for Pete’s sake – I can’t type to save my life today ;-p son not sone and now I forget what else I was going to say. Yikes, what am I going to be like when I hit 60!!?? 😀

  138. Not asking. Probably giving. And grinning like a fool in the dermatology waiting room, just adoring this alternative universe you’ve created, where people hold each other up, no questions asked.

    emrohrer recently posted I’ve gone on a lot of hikes. Today’s was one of them..

  139. could use a distraction right now. thank you so much.

    Bless your sweet heart! I am listening to Furiously Happy in my car and appreciate your insights and openness, My daughter struggles from anxiety and depression and is not at peace with having it be a part of her. She could use a copy of your book, maybe signed by The President. Thank you for making a difference. PS. I had a cat named Lando CATrissian!

    (Book coming your way! ~ Jenny)

  141. I gotcha covered Keeya. But Jessica Ballard and Tip44 – I think you need to add your shipping address!

  142. kindly, please & thank you in advance 🙂

    (Sent you a book. It’s a preorder though so it’ll be a surprise in a few months when it comes out. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  143. 148

    I love this idea! I just sent someone a book;)

    I also made a list for my daughter and I.
    I can’t figure out how to paste it. Grrrr!!!!

  144. I hope I did this right because I want Furiously Happy!

    (Sent you a book! Love, me)

  145. Jenny, there are so many time I want to give you smooches for being so thoughtful and kind. Is it possible to be very proud of someone you’ve never met?

    Laurie recently posted Happy New Year.

  146. If we wish to gift a book to someone, is there a way of knowing whether hey already got one? If there’s nothing there, does that mean, they already got one?

  147. 152
    Lou Gagliardi

    I am very nervous about doing this, but I really do need the distraction. Home problems, teeth problems, I’m writing a book myself. I’m a nervous wreck!

  148. I could really use a copy of this book right now. Really!!! Please! Thank you 🙂

  149. This is an amazing idea. I’m a single mom of 4 trying to raise good kids. I would love Momastery’s book Carry On Warriors. Thank you, thank you!

  150. 155
    Awesome Lunch Lady

    Jenny, You are the best! You have the greatest ideas and it baffles me to think that anyone could not feel the same. You put yourself out here in cyber-crazyville for the world to see and it’s just plain old awesome. I have yet to have anyone come back to me and say “that woman is completely off her crock and I just don’t get her”. What I always get its “that woman is completely off her crock and she is my people!! I love her!” So, keep on being you and coming up with awesome ideas such as this one. I’ll be looking for a wish list to send to a random stranger.

  151. I work at an inner city nonprofit that helps teen moms, and although I get to be a part of/see a lot of good be done by my fellow humans, the bad can still be overwhelming. It’s so cool to see good stuff like this happening.

    Furiously Happy helped me in the midst of depression, anxiety, chronic pain, and all of the stress that comes along with that. I had some ups recently, but I’m back in the downs right now and would love to read your first book, or Brene Brown’s Daring Greatly. Her TED talk and interview on On Being have been tremendously helpful to me as well.

  152. Done! One copy of Furiously Happy on it’s way to a lucky recipient! Enjoy! 🙂

    normalfornorfolkblog recently posted From Inside The Toilet Cubicle..


    Such a great idea! I haven’t has to purchase your new book but I loved the first one. It remains on my bedside table for late sleepless nights.

    What a wonderful idea! I’m hoping to be well enough to get off my meds soon….

  155. I’m a full-time mom who just had to put my job as a preschool teaching assistant on the back burner since my younger son has been diagnosed with autism and I have to get him placed into a school that can help him. In the meantime, I’m trying to work on getting certified as an early childhood teacher so that I can return to work in a better place. This book would be a big help. 🙂

  156. Oh how much I would love and could use this book right now. It would be a serendipitous matching.
    I love you Jenny!

  157. Hi Jasmine, I just ordered a book for your son. I hope he loves it. My grandson also loves to read and he also has to have AR points. Enjoy. Kim

  158. What a great idea! I have a book wishlist on my Amazon account and both of your books are there!

  159. 164
    Ashley Crivellone

    Well here goes, here is my wish list. It’s nice that depression has been able to slowly come out of hiding. I remember making sure not to tell anyone that I was on meds as it was not “socially” acceptable to be as most people put it sad.

  160. What a nice idea! First I had lupus, then kidney disease, and 2 weeks ago I found out I have liver disease, too. That’s a lot of doctors’ appointments, and a girl can never have too many books to take with her. Hope this link works.

  161. This is a really cool idea! 🙂 I could use some happy these days! I put both Jenny’s books on here, it doesn’t matter which as I love reading her posts I can’t wait to order her calendar when I get some spare change, too!

  162. This is great! A kind stranger sent me a copy of Furiously Happy after seeing me post that I couldn’t afford one. I wish I could afford to pay it forward today but I can’t yet. Maybe for book #3 I’ll be able to! I have read it twice now and as the person sending it told me, no one should have to wait to read it because they can’t afford it. Thanks, as always, for being the spokesperson for all of us who are too often in the shadows somewhere . It’s a good time of year for this too, for those of us up north with seasonal depression!

  163. Great idea, and thank you for doing it.

    Kathleen recently posted Invisibility of Women.

  164. We are always looking for books for our NICU book project that provides the littlest of newborns a packet of books. There is a link on my most recent blog post on how to help with this project. I am a reading teacher and many of my students were preemies. The ones who were read to have a much easier time concentrating and learning. The ones who were not read to struggle, so to honor my own twins who were born too soon and didn’t survive, I started this book project for the babies that are in the hospital where my daughter works as a NICU nurse (she was my rainbow baby). Click on the link in the blog post to help if you are interested.

    Catherine recently posted Each Little Bird that Sings by Deborah Wiles.

  165. Holy shit I went to update my list and the books were all bought. tears I seriously cannot even, as the youngsters say.

    Well, it is my 47th birthday Saturday and I am celebrating it alone with my son, so I guess if you really want to get me something, here’s my regular list, i made it public and it has several more books for my son (and for me). I will edit out the stuff that’s not books, give me a few.

  166. Never shared a list before, hope this is right:
    Been dying to read your books, but with my layoff coming up gotta cut the book budget!

  167. That was so much fun! I hope she appreciates her chosen book as much as I did! It’s now the 4th copy of Let’s Pretend It Never Happened (plus I bought the audiobook) as I never seem to get it back once I loan it out. I don’t even have my copy right now 🙂

  168. What an amazing idea. You’re awesome. So sad I missed you when you were in Denver. Please come back soon.

  169. Dear Jenny and friends,
    I’ve really been struggling the last year since I lost my job. I had to move back home with my parents to a town/community where good jobs are scarce as Hawaiian snow. (Before you get jealous, I live in coastal NC.) The resulting sinkhole of depression often makes me feel like I will never get my life back on track. I’m aggressively practicing gratitude as much as possible every day, but I could use a hand. Or just some positive thoughts. A (non-local) friend of mine on FB is currently reading Furiously Happy and really enjoying it. So here is my request, if someone has the ability to share a digital copy (I chose that because it seems most cost effective) even temporarily, for me to read, I would really appreciate it. Thank you to you, and your readers for your big hearts, and for wanting to make a difference in a stranger’s life.

    With a grateful and hopeful heart,

  170. I think I did this right but i’m not sure

    thank you jen for all you do fr your community

  171. Booksgiving is my new favorite holiday. I can’t wait til payday!

  172. Ok, I just gifted three books. Hopefully not doubles, since some wishlists had multiple books.

    Sarah R, Neisha G and Naomi S – be on the lookout!

  173. 180

    I think I figured it out!
    I love this idea. I sent one as a “keep it secret”.

    I added Furiosuly Happy. Duh. I need a good laugh and cry. Life has been too serious lately.

    The books I just bought my daughter are too easy so I added a few for her.

    Hi. Check out this list:

  174. I sure have had an awful
    Couple of weeks and could use a book

    Hi. Check out this list:

  175. Nadine, “Wolf Hall” is on the way. Jennie, your self-help book is on the way.

    Best to both of you! 🙂

  176. This is just amazing. You are amazing. Rock on, girl!

  177. I don’t even know you and I just love you, Jenny. Your spirit is inspiring. Thank you for using your position to help others. <3 You are such a gift.

  178. And I forgot my link. A teething 8 month old. I’m sucking at everything right now.

  179. Done! It felt so good to share these books with someone here!!! <3

  180. 188
    Glowing Frog

    I love you Jenny!!! (If Victor is reading this, I love you too 🙂

  181. DrMom aka Jessica – your book is enroute 🙂

    Thanks for this lovely idea Jenny!

  182. Hey, Melanie (#152) – your book is on its way!

  183. If you haven’t read this book, YOU NEED THIS BOOK!!! You will laugh. You will cry. You will be SO COMFORTED by this kindred spirit!!! GO FOR THE BOOK!!!

    BipolarOnFire recently posted Before I Die.

  184. I guess my comment didn’t go through… If this is the second comment, I’m sorry, I looked through the list twice to find my comment and didn’t see it.

    I checked out your books on a whim from the library and I absolutely loved them! I helped me find myself more and realize that I’m not alone. (It also helped me talk to my husband about everything I was struggling with and he has been so supportive). It would make me so happy to be able to read these books on my bad days. I can barely afford to pay for our medical bills, let alone a book for myself. This can be my alternative to therapy since I definitely can’t afford that!

    I have followed you on twitter, facebook, instagram and your blog since the day I read your book. Thank you for being so wonderful <3

    (Sent your daughter a book. ~ Jenny)

  185. Because my new year’s resolution was to buy no new books in 2016 and you’ve provided me with a loophole:

  186. I hope this works! I would love to receive this.

  187. I’m having way too much fun! I’m having a hard time finding lists that have things left. I’m also happy crying at my desk because people are so generous. I’d love to have a surprise book.

  188. I’ve wanted/needed this book for quite some time. I’m fairly certain I’m too late to the party, but here goes nothing…

    P.S. Thank you for being you, Jenny.

  189. This is such a wonderful idea!

    I’m a grad student working full time in education research. I love to read -school related things sometimes.

    Thanks to all of the generous folks contributing to this effort. <3

  190. I really needed something like this today. Even if no one picks my book, it helps to see that good people still out number the had and that hard times can always be brightened by small acts made by big hearts. Books are where I go when the world is crushing Me and I feel like a beetle on the bottem of a shoe.

  191. Damn, I wish there was a way to get Amazon to do free shipping w/o a minimum order for Booksgiving – I’d be doing a few more. Next payday perhaps!

  192. Neat idea!

  193. Cherise you have a kindle book waiting. And the person who wanted books sent to her mom, I hope she enjoys the random love. I LOVE AMAZON PRIME RIGHT NOW. I feel like Oprah.

    And thank you Cynthia!!!

  194. Ahhhh!!!! Book three!!!???

    I have a made a list of books, mostly for my daughters, but threw some in for me. The struggle is real.

    (Sent you books for you and you daughter. ~ Jenny)

  195. 203
    Jennifer Clark

    I would love to read Furiously Happy and I could really use some hope/inspiration right now. I can’t seem to find my happy, even though I have lots of reasons to feel joy. It’s elusive and fleeting and frustrating. Thank you.

  196. Jessi T. – Sending you a hug and a book! 🙂

  197. A friend of mine sent around some funny meme where you just add the words “with a chainsaw” to the end of the last book you read. Supposed to be hilarious. I, of course, did “Furiously Happy With a Chainsaw.” Seems about right…

  198. Hi Nicole A, comment #92 — I think your link might be wrong — it takes me to my own Kindle Wish list. Your link should have an identification number that is a mix of numbers and letters.

  199. 207
    another sue

    I tried this once, and it disappeared after asking for a password that I guessed at – I thought it might give me a break and let me guess once before admitting my incompetence. Not so. Anyway, I will try a 2nd time, as I really am struggling right now and have been wanting to read your book. I actually have not been able to buy any of your work yet. Thanks for this opportunity – as you may know, rural health care – mental health maybe especially – truly is all they say it is. Nearly non-existent, and generally miles and miles away. How does one face a 2 (plus) hour drive when one can barely get out of the house?

  200. I would love this, either hardback or Kindle edition.

    (Book coming your way! ~ Jenny)

  201. I want to read Furiously Happy but my ass is broke! I promise to give the book away to someone else who will love and appreciate it after I read it! Thank you! (Too many exclamation points?)

  202. Ahhhh! I’m lucky enough to own both of your books, Jenny. And probably more than any human should. But I think everyone has a list of books that they won’t let themselves buy for any number of reasons. Here’s mine:

    I can’t wait to give someone else a book from their list. Books are like air, an essential.

  203. Jennifer Clark: Your books are on the way ☺

  204. This page is awesome and those of you looking for friends? We’re right here. Stop by my blog anytime where I rant and bitch about everything. Nice to meet you all.

    rockandrollmama recently posted The changing light.

  205. Man, that was fun! I feel like Santa! No, I AM SANTA!

  206. I am okay to buy my own book thanks to being on a pretty good budget, but I wanted to tell you that I think this is a very sweet idea. I’ve been reading one of your books and definitely plan on buying the others. You are a great writer.

  207. Jennifer Clark, your books are on the way 🙂

  208. Emily (211), I’ve been scanning comments and I had a right snort when I read “I feel like Satan! No, I am SATAN!” … yeah my brain is in an nice place today … lol. : )

  209. Love you Jenny! I have had this book on my wish list since it came out, but could never afford it. I promise to read it and pass it along to someone else who needs it too. Please keep writing!

  210. I’m requesting this for my friend Kelly – she NEEDS this book and would never ask for it for herself.

  211. Here’s my list:

    I bought a hardcover copy of “Let’s Pretend This Never Happened” which my boyfriend and I read together sometimes. We also bought a soft cover copy for our best friends (married) because we knew they’d get a kick out of it. They’ve had a rough time recently since they lost their home.

  212. I love that the first three wishlists I clicked on were already empty. You people are THE BEST! XOXOX

  213. Your first book kinda found me when I was in a very dark place. It helped in that painful way that things do when you’re as down as you can get and not getting out of bed because of anxiety.

  214. @April (Comment 133) – I have sent a book for your daughter. My very best wishes to her (and you!) during this difficult time. Hugs!!!

  215. (Anonymous 195- only 1 of your 2 books was giftable, so I couldn’t do the 2nd one)

  216. I’m still waiting for Furiously Happy to be available at the library. They have 20 copies but they’re always checked out! It would be awesome to get my own.

  217. Michelle Douglas (Commenter 195): Happy Booksgiving!

    I feel like god damned Santa Claus right now and I’m loving it. Thanks Jenny for perking up my craptastic day!

  218. I don’t think my last comment posted, so I’ll try again.

    Here’s my list:

    We bought copies of “Let’s Pretend This Never Happened” for my boyfriend and I and our married friends because we thought they’d get a kick out of it, too. They recently had to relocate and it was really hard on them. They enjoyed the laugh.

  219. Anyone else having problems with Amazon? Did we break it?

  220. Yet another reason I love this community. I ordered the first book and loved it and waited anxiously for the second but I’ve since become a single mom to 2 kids after my now ex-husband became an addict so there’s no more money to spend on my book addiction. I now that this book would be so good for my soul right now.

  221. I would like to have a copy of your book! I’m a newcomer to your blog, and I absolutely love it. Thank you for helping the rest of us understand it’s a-OK to just BE.

  222. John Detty, your book should arrive next week. Enjoy!

  223. On New Year’s Day my life long dream to become a writer came true when I got offered a publishing contract. 2016 is going to be a wonderful year for me. Jenny, you’re making it a wonderful year for so many other people with this. Hopefully I can help a little too. Commenter #194, a book is headed your way.

  224. Jocelyn Phillips – if you can see this – THANK YOU! <3

  225. 235
    Shelley Darnall

    Here’s my link! I hope it works! 🙂

    (Just add a shipping address, okay? ~Jenny)

  226. Two more books. I <3 books. Can’t stop.

    Grad school Rachel, the YA novel is on its way.

    April, a book is on the way to you too, for your daughter. I am in my late 30s, but lost my dad when I was 13. Big internet hugs to her.

  227. Krista McKeever — your book is on the way — enjoy! 🙂

  228. My son deals with anxiety. He loves it when I read your blog to him. We’ve decided we need a giant metal chicken in our lives! I would love a copy of Furiously Happy!

    (Book coming your way! ~ Jenny)

  229. What a lovely idea!
    I’d love to read your book because I have anxiety & depression, but my library doesn’t have it and I’m unemployed.

  230. Staceylrn — you made my day and made me cry. Thank you so so much.
    Jessica (DrMom)

  231. Anonymous 193- The party is just getting started! FH is on it’s way!

  232. I need something but I don’t know what it is. I’m 17 weeks pregnant and on bedrest for super early preeclampsia and the knowledge that the baby might be born too early to survive. I can’t work so the money’s going to hell and my evil ex is trying to use this to take my other kids away from me. I can’t imagine what book would fill that need. 🙁

    (I am sending you such love. ~ Jenny)

  233. Thank you Jenny for always encouraging us to do good for one another. I’m grateful that right now I can spend a little bit to make someone else’s day.

    Bridgett recently posted Screaming Lunatic.

  234. I shipped a copy of your book to someone in the comments — their comment spoke to me! :0)

    Since I’ve already read (and loved) your newest book, I’m including a little ‘self-help for my brain’ list in case anyone feels so inclined.

    Thanks, Jenny. xx

    Sarah recently posted Redirecting!.

  235. Thank you Jenny for being you…it’s truly amazing how exposing your vulnerability has given me courage to do the same…my thanks doesn’t seem enough, but I mean it with all sincerity

    (Book coming your way! ~ Jenny)

  236. 247
    Jenny Loftis

    Thank You so much.

    (I love how often I go to these wish lists and find that they are empty because someone else has gotten there first. I love you people. ~ Jenny)

    Sadly, my entire family needs a book like this. I promise to pass it along if I get one. xoxo

    (Add a shipping address, okay? ~ Jenny)

  238. Jenny, Amazon will not ship to South Africa. I have a Kindle account with which I bought Furiously Happy but Let’s Pretend This Never Happened never came out as an e-book. Bummer. Can I put an e-book on my Wish List?


    I think this would be a nice present…I already am lucky enough to have Furiously Happy- and this has inspired me to find someone who may need it.

  240. I needed this today. Love gifting books!

    Theresa, Hyperbole and Half is on its way.

  241. Onibologna and Cynthia K, thank you both! I always thought there was nothing my kids could go through that I hadn’t been through myself, but losing a parent turned out to be an exception, so I’ve been doing everything I can to figure out how to make sure she’s going to be okay.

  242. My daughters and I love to read. I am so happy to share my love of books with them, even if they like scarier things than I do… My anxiety makes it hard for me to deal with people so books are an escape for me.

  243. 2016 is off to a rough start.

    We bought a metal rooster, about 9 months ago. We call him Beyonce Jr. Your story of Beyonce is often pulled out and read when we need a good laugh. Thank you for that.

    I promise to pass it along to someone who needs it when I’m finished with it. And if I love it too much to give away, I’ll save my pennies and buy them their own copy. xoxo

  245. Three shiny new books are on their way!!!! Enjoy 😉

  246. What a great idea. I love it. I could certainly use a good laugh.

    koalateagirl recently posted Depression, Grief, and #BellLetsTalk.

  247. Going to leave this here for my gloomy (and not so gloomy) days. I will definitely share the book with others when I’m done with it. Can’t keep all the giggles to myself.

  248. 260
    Shelley Darnall

    I guess my last link didn’t work so my eyes are officially crossed from looking for it. Totally worth it though. Here’s my link, I think. Again. 🙂

  249. Hey Jenny,
    If you cannot access accounts, just change the .ca to .com and you can buy it from there.

  250. 262
    Catherine van Delden

    Books help me get through the tough times, happy to help someone else find comfort in a good book. Thanks for setting this up Jenny! <3

  251. I have to stop now before my bank account protests too much, but being able to give a few books has made me very happy. Thank you Jenny for this initiative. Hugs for everyone.

  252. This is such a great idea! If I am chosen to get a book I will in turn pass it on to someone else!

  253. 265
    (Yet Another) Ashley

    Hi. Here’s my link (it’s for the Kindle version):

    I could really, really use a smile. Thank you.

  254. I’ve been dying to read the new book. Just been a lot of hard times lately. Thank you!

  255. I’m not sure my comments ever show. Trying once more…

  256. @ April – I lost my mum a couple of years ago. Check with funeral directors in your area – some run grief support groups for teens. This book might help. Weird is Normal – When Teenagers Grieve. Also Healing your grieving heart for teens – 100 practical ideas is also really good.
    Sending huge internet hugs.

  257. Shelly Darnall – please update your Amazon wish list with your mailing address! I tried to buy the book but could only ship it to me.

  258. Ok, this time i’m swallowing my pride and will post my wishlist.
    I’m going through a rough time (my partner of 12 years died unexpectedly 6 months ago), my financial situation is shit, i have trouble with depression and anxiety and was already on sick leave before my Lesley died because of horrible work situation.

    So all in all, not having a great time at the moment, not at all.
    And reading keeps me going, always has.

    – the books on the list are in upside order; I listed the ones I really ‘need’ first, but those appear on the bottom of the list. The ones that show up at the top are ones I would love to read, but ‘just’ for entertainment. Jenny’s books and grief related books on bottom that should be top.

    Also I live in the Netherlands, so if postage turns out to be too much, don’t worry, i appreciate the thought and totally understand.
    And; the books don’t have to be the copy I listed, paperback, 2nd hand, all would be absolutely fantastic.
    Just one book would be amazing :).

    So for my list, I hope it went ok

    Thank you Jenny for being such a special person, setting up things like these


  259. This is Brilliant! What a wonderful gift to give to people. I have several people that I want to share your book with already after reading it myself. But this is a genius way to pay it forward. I have already selected several links and intend to do more. Thank you, Jenny, for this wonderful idea to share your amazing book and or something someone else truly needs to get by in troubled times of their lives. I have lived a similar life to that which you depicted in both your books. I joke that Jenny Lawson is living my life.(I’m older and am also a Jenny, lol) So you keep writing and we, the Broken, but Furiously Happy, will be waiting to cheer you on and of course wait for the feast of written words to ease our souls. Jenny H.

  260. Gotcha, Andrea.

  261. Hi Jenny and Friends 🙂 I would so like to get this book for my best friend, she is a terrific mom & wife who works fulltime AND goes to school at night. Shes trying to make their life better. she still has time to help me, her sick friend who has anxiety & panic attacks I cant even function some days (she introduced me to Jenny’s 1st book) She’s my hero, my blessing. Jenny is OUR GIRL!!!

  262. Furiously Happy was one of my favorite kick ass books of 2015!
    Thank you for making me giggle like an idiot.
    Can we go for wine together one day? Please.
    Anyhow, I’m your greatest stalker, I mean, fan!!
    Love and Appreciation from MN. xx

  263. I have given books over the years for Christmas donations for families in need and also donate new or like new books to my girls’ school to pass on to kids that need them. Books are the best gifts to give. I love this post so much! I wish I was in a position to help others right now because I know everyone here could benefit from a book gift. Hopefully soon I can return to this list and pick some links to send books! Thank you for spreading the happiness!!!

  264. I already have a copy of Furiously Happy – I love it sooo much! Having a book magically appear at my door would be fantastic! Thanks Jenny – you are amazing!

  265. I don’t have much money to spend but I could really use this book.
    Thanks to anyone who can help.

  266. 279

    I have a wonderful little boy that loves to have books read to him! He always gets upset when we have to take them back to the library, so to have a few of his own would be magical.
    This is such an amazing community. I have been following it for several years now and its amazing to see the support of one another, no question and no judgement. It makes it so much easier to just be, me. Thank you.

    (Book coming your way. ~ Jenny)

  267. Emmy – there is a book winging its way to you! I love my beautiful messy life!

  268. I’d really love a copy. I’ve been putting it off for others things and also dealing with the loss of my 19yo daughter Kaitlyn who passed Oct 2013 from a car crash. This is a great idea, Jenny and I hope to pay it forward and purchase for someone else when I can…

    (I’m sending you such love, sweetness. The link doesn’t work though. Can you fix? Love. ~ me)

  269. Alice (240), are you on Twitter or Instagram? Bed rest sucks the happiness out of me, but being able to connect with people online helps. Don’t be afraid to friend me — in fact, please do!

    Sarah R recently posted Booksgiving! A really cool holiday.

  270. I managed to borrow FH from a friend, so here’s my list. I’m going to blow through a third of my deductible this week for an MRI, and Cute Overload just folded, so…

  271. 284
    Shelley Darnall

    Seamyst, OMG! I’m so exctied !!! I think I was able to change it. It shows my shipping address? I hope I did it right..

  272. Why: I’ve got new medical problems, generalized and social anxiety, and Cute Overload just folded.

  273. I have so been wanting this book….but things are a struggle right now…and I haven’t managed to come up with the extra in my monthly budget for this much need splurge.

    (Can you add your shipping address? ~ Jenny)

  274. Thank you so much for this, Jenny

    Books I would love to enjoy 

  275. I think the address thing is fixed now…
    A few unexpected life changes (a big move where finding new friends has been the hardest of any move we’ve made, and death of a good friend, a mom of 3) have put me in a lonely place lately. I’ve always been a blog fan but never read your books. Fortunately our library has Furiously Happy, so it’s on my list of things to borrow, but a copy of my own to share with someone else who needs it when I’m done would be even better.

    Here is my amazon link…in case I’d get picked :)..

  276. Books I would love to enjoy 



  277. Love this idea! Bought 2 copies of your book for people. Hope things look up soon for those that need it.


    I would love to have a copy of Furiously Happy!

    (Book coming your way! ~ Jenny)

  279. My best friend bought me a copy of Let’s Pretend This Never Happened and I am hooked. I would love to enjoy Friously Happy.

  280. 293
    Paying it forward

    Muse and Ashley K, happy booksgiving, I know how it feels to be in need, just paying forward the loving kindness I received. Take good care, and enjoy the books.

  281. I loveeeee thissssss. I’m going with the book that I think the tribe will appreciate-the book by Amanda fucking Palmer about asking for help. <3
    Hi. Check out this list:

    (Love her and love that book. But you don’t have a shipping address. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  282. Books are my escape. Words are my refuge when I’m stuck inside my own head. I’ve been doing pretty well recently, or I’ve gotten much better at lying to myself. My husband though had been sliding in and out of depression these past few months. It’s been everything I have to keep us both from drowning. I buy books for people as often as I can. I recommend stories to get lost in, or to help find the words that have been lost. I guess I’m the one that needs that now.

    Cassie recently posted happy to take his own life.

  283. Hello, I hate asking for help so i am using this as an exercise. I will be perfectly okay if i do not receive anything.I had a parent i was a care giver for recently pass away and i rely on books (and coloring) to relax and/or escape when i need a break from reality. I already have both of Jenny’s books so i am asking for a different one. Thank you all for your help and the opportunity to ask for help.

  284. 297
    Heather White

    Heather Mathieson, comment #165, good things shall be delivered to you tomorrow 🙂
    And Jenny, it feels really good to be able to do this. Thank you for ththe chance to brighten someone’s day.

  285. My list is of happy and interesting things about sports for a few of my middle school special ed. students because we’ve been having a very rough few weeks (there are things in life that even teachers shouldn’t have to explain to kids) and would love a bit of escapism and new reading material. I am lucky to have readers in my room but don’t always have the funds to buy them the books that they love. Love you for this Jenny, and these will get passed around and shared plenty.

    (I love this. Sent the kids a book. Thank you for what you do. ~ Jenny )

  286. 299
    Shelley Darnall

    I still don’t know if my address was added even though it shows it is. 🙁

  287. Shelley Darnall – now the link isn’t working. Could you repost it?

  288. I’m overwhelmed by the generosity if someone I have never met. Seriously, tearing up. Thank you, LS.


  289. Someone… someone mysterious, generous, and just every which way WONDERFUL bought my book! I want that person to know that you have moved me to tears of pure joy. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, to this beautifully kind stranger. My gratitude is immeasurable ♡

  290. TheKiddosMom (#275): Another book coming your son’s way, hope he enjoys it as much as my little one does!

  291. 306
    Shelley Darnall

    Seamyst, I think it’s because I had a wish list that was empty and then the wish list that I named. This is it. I hope, Lord help me, LOL.

  292. Booksgiving should be a national holiday! And we should all get the day off to read.

  293. TheKiddosMom (post 275) — your boy has a frog book coming his way! :0)

    Sarah recently posted Redirecting!.

  294. This book has been on my wishlist for forever, but I’ve been spending my money on silly, grown up things like groceries and my son’s massive medical bills 😉

  295. I finally got “Furiously Happy” from my library last night after putting it on hold in October and am voraciously reading it currently, but my wish is for the next Stephen King book. My best friend and I were gigantic fans. We were going to get matching Dark Tower tattoos, but as you’ll notice, I am speaking of her in past tense, because she succumbed to the rare autoimmune disease that we both have, so now, I have to carry on reading all of Mr. King’s books without her, and hopefully, some how, magically, they are getting through me to her.

    J Rose recently posted Feel the Bernentine!.

  296. Summer (305) — that was a really important book to me, so I’m sending one to you! xx

    Sarah recently posted Redirecting!.

  297. P.S to post #262
    I feel a bit embarassed; it seems my list is pretty long compared to other lists..
    But obviously i’m not expecting to get all of the books (if any of them); it’s just..Amazon..books..can’t help myself.
    Sorry for coming over all greedy


  298. Because you’ve got to kick at the darkness until it bleeds daylight…

    (Both books coming your way~ Jenny)


    I tried again. Does it work now, Jenny? Thank you SO much!

    (Book on the way to you! Kindle version so check your email. ~ Jenny)

  300. Jenny, this is the greatest thing ever, and I love you for it.

    I need to close the tab on your site, because I’ve sent books to 3 people, and if I keep the page open, I’ll keep sending more, but I just wanted to say thank you for being you and being awesome.

    Sarah recently posted Redirecting!.


    Not sure if this worked before.

    (It works but there isn’t a shipping address attached to it. Can you fix? ~ Jenny)

  302. After five children and 23 years of marriage I discovered my husband is a sex addict and had been cheating throughout our entire marriage. I am furiously angry, resentful, sad and depressed while trying to raise our youngest three children alone. This blog has been helpful in letting me know I’m not alone. I would love to be furiously happy! Thank you.

    (Sending you love, and a book. ~ Jenny

  303. Shelley Darnall – that did it. 🙂 Look for something on Thursday!


    This book mad my heart thump when I saw it in the book store! Thank you.

  305. 320
    Shelley Darnall

    Seamyst49 – You don’t even know how thankful I am. You’re the best!! Thank you!!

  306. I would love your book but reading these comments, there are so many people more worthy than I. Although I have a very limited income I just can’t ask for one. But what you do is so very awesome. Thank you.

  307. Hope I do this correctly. Still up and down in the New Year. Heard great things about this book and since I have read everything I already own 50 times, I need a change. Thanks!

  308. My heart swells at this idea. I really wish I was able to do as much as you do. A little reading could really brighten some dark days.

  309. I went back and added the address. Hope it works!!

  310. J Rose (#(306)–the new Stephen King will be at your door on June 7–I hope you remember your friend fondly while reading.

    I’m not too proud to beg. This was my birthday wish 6 weeks ago, and still no extra bucks available.

    (Happy late birthday! ~ Jenny)

  312. Daniel from AL, Abigail from MO, Erika from CA and Megan from Canada – Enjoy your books!

    And to Jenny – this is just FANTASTIC. Thank you for making this happen today!

  313. This is amazing. YOU are amazing.
    I’m not great at asking for help… But I’d love a copy of Furiously Happy. I have Let’s Pretend This Never Happened as an ebook, and you made me laugh till I cried. It would be nice to laugh again.
    P.S Please come to Australia!

    Your book would speak to my darling daughter who struggles daily and is too far away from me. She’s in England and I’m not. I loved your first book!

  315. I’ve already read and loved Furiously Happy but I have a friend who I think would really enjoy it and I’d like to be able to pass it along to her.

  316. Rachel B, your books are on the way <3 You are not alone, love.

  317. Thank you so much for the person who bought me a book. For the first time in a while, I cried, but with happiness. You really did give me hope. I’ve only really became part of this community recently (though I’ve been reading Jenny for a few years now) and you are truly amazing.

  318. This is such wonderful idea! I was lucky enough to get “Furiously Happy” for Christmas :). At the moment I can’t justify buying myself books when the money is better spent on things my toddler needs…

  319. Thank you so much for this Jenny! This just makes my heart so happy! I feel a little awkward about it, but here is my list: Books I could use right now Link:
    Since my son was born theres been a lot of joy, but also some pretty hard times. Sometimes it feels like who I am and definitely my creativie side has been lost in the shuffle of diapers and naptimes. I found Brene Brown’s book Daring Greatly through this blog and it’s been very inspirational to me, I’m hoping her other books and the books on nurturing creativity will be a much needed boost. Much Love to you all <3 <3

  320. Book on the way, Missicat! Enjoy!

  321. Stephen Carter (post 23) and Rachel B (post 104) – something is coming to y’all on Thursday. 🙂

  322. 337

    someone gave me furiously Happy because he got it for free but didn’t understand it. I read the whole thing in one sitting. It gave me the push I needed to face my depression, ADHD and anxiety. I have recommended it to everyone i know,and i hope that one day i can pass on the gift that was given to me.

  323. 338
    Ashley Mortensen

    I could really use this book right now. Mental health stuff is out of control and I’m trying to stay out of the hospital while the meds kick in but I could really use a laugh and to feel like somebody understands .

  324. Wish List

  325. Oops. I think I fixed my shipping address now. 🙂

  326. My husband and I have a “little free library” in our small town and I’m putting my copy of Furiously Happy in it so that anyone can enjoy it!

    educationalmentorship recently posted My Week 70: PaintNite, Reality TV.

  327. Wow, this is wonderful! I have been wanting to read this so badly but our budget is very tight right now. I hope it’s not greedy but I added a book for my 10 month old too! Even if nobody can help us, I think this is such a great thing and I hope lots of people get books!

  328. Let’s see if I can make this work. I’m in a bad place with med adjustments and a new psychiatrist and stress at work and credit card debt and so I added a book for me (Kindle edition since it was cheapest and I have an old Kindle) so I can afford to participate in book group this month (the library wait list is far too long, I won’t make it in time) and one for my son, who deserves something nice and loves to help me cook.


  329. Book should be there Thursday, Ashley Mortensen. Hang on; you’re not alone, okay? Hugs to you!

  330. I am in between books right now and have added a few to my “Books!!!” list. I’ve read both of your books, Jenny, and they were so open and honest. Thank you for that. I have a couple of busy kids, one with ADHD who keeps me on my toes (mostly because of all the stuff she leaves around the house!). We are always financially strapped for cash and use the library, thrift stores, and garage sales for most of our reading material. A shiny new book would be so exciting!

  331. I loved “Let’s Pretend This Never Happened ” ! I remember I learned the hard way NOT to be eating or drinking while reading it ! I would love to read “Furiously Happy” ! Actually I would love any books to read ! Lately reading is the only way to run away from all the depressing things happening everyday. I know I shouldn’t do that but should deal with it head on and beat it. Some days though I just need to escape ! And books are low on my list of priorities money wise. My daughter is finally getting to where she likes to read and given a choice, please choose her a book instead ! Thank you !

  332. I don’t know if I did this correctly.

    My husband left me, abruptly, at the end of October. I’ve been struggling, but surviving, ever since. I’m a part-time church secretary. Our whole marriage, he and his (my step kids, still in contact, of course!) were my first priority. I need help now. A new book would be so wonderful. Thank you.

  333. Aww, this is the best. Thank you, Anony (#325) and Jenny for being so awesome. cries all ugly
    I should add that Tracey (my lost friend) was always my book fairy. And our shared disease is Behcet’s Disease. It sucks and more people should know about it.

  334. Testing to see if this comment posts – I tried to post with my wishlist and I don’t see the comment. Maybe the comment is in moderation? (Crying a little at the anxiety of maybe missing this chance, because of course I am.)

  335. I just sent your book to a random stranger here. Thanks for the opportunity to have such a feel-good experience. You rock, Jenny!

  336. 352
    Dawn Betts-Green

    This is the most amazing idea! All of the lists I clicked were empty. Paying it forward is a beautiful thing.

  337. Thanks for this! I open to a second hand edition.

  338. Here is my link, I hope –

    I’m so sorry, but I could really use this. I’m going through a hard time and just can’t afford to buy it. I feel horrible asking for it, but if by some lucky chance I get one, I would really appreciate it. And the next booksgiving I promise to give back.

  339. If anyone would like to share a book I would be most grateful. This winter has been a tough one mentally, have been trying to find the energy to climb the uphill battle again back out of this hole. I promise to pass it along once I read it, I know several folks who I think could use some laughs and understanding. Thank you!

  340. I <3 you! Still not working and it’s not looking like a job will be coming my way anytime soon, so disheartened….. TIA <3

  341. Ok, I’m putting one out there. My son has severe autism and loves nothing more than road tripping with mom. So we pile on the car and find some new place to make a spectacle of ourselves. But we run out of ideas if places to go. This has been in my wish last for at least a year.

    Also, I’ve got lots of good used kid books that I could totally pass on to others if there would be a way to set that up? Yeah…

  342. Anonymous #296 make sure you check your email since it was an ebook.

  343. I love you even more than I did for doing this. An online friend, I had never met her IRL, gifted me your first book on Audible to get me through the beginnings of my divorce. I did jigsaw puzzles and cross stitched while listening and crying and laughing. When Furiously Happy came out it again helped me through a rough patch in my relationship and now my boyfriend and I are listening to it together. Thank you for sharing yourself with us and making me feel like I was less alone in my anxiety and depressive moods. I really wan to give someone else the chance to escape, cause life can take all your spoons, but maybe I can give one back.

  344. Thank you, Jenny!!! (post #317) Sending much love to all the givers and receivers and the entire bloggess community.

  345. As a librarian, I ❤️ this with all my feelings!

  346. Thank you. Thank you, friend. I can’t believe that was so kind, and so quickly after I posted. I have been amazed at how wonderful people can be. Thank you, again. A mystery to distract me. You made me cry, I am so shocked and happy. Thank you.

  347. Is it too late to join in? I’m trying to make it through my first year of grad school, my chronic health issues are just grinding me into the ground, and my friends & family are all 2000 miles away. Would love to be able to get away from homework & life for a bit. Thanks!

  348. what a wicked cool thing. For the last few months there are only two I’ve desperately wanted to get my hands on: yours and The Art of Asking, and both of you keep doing this “sharing economy” PIF type thing.

  349. Thank you for the kindness of G.J. You know who you are!! Can’t wait to start reading! So grateful. #319 💛

  350. Janet (354) your book is on it’s way! Delivery is Monday as I do not have Prime. x

  351. Are your raccoon’s stalking me? How did you know that I posted about your book on facebook and bought one for a friend who was in the hospital? 😉 …I am sure you read it over and over again. And you should keep on reading it… your awesome. This was my post and raw feelings on why you are awesome (and you really are my long lost twin, I just sucked out your extrovert and took a little too much, the vacuum got stuck, what can I say…).

    “Life, we all live and add to the adventure every day. Adventures aren’t all smiles, rainbows, and the good side doesn’t always win (though second time around I beg to differ). wink emoticon
    I have been wanting to write this for a while but in the past week I have had a lot of friends express their struggle and I have had my own as well. The struggle is always real, but it doesn’t mean we are loosing.
    I feel it is important to be who we are in our own skin. That may seem somewhat cliche these days with the “pc” movement, but I’m not talking “pc” or any form of movement. I am talking knowing yourself, the good and bad parts. We all have them. We reach into our bag of hope and usually show just the good part, that we shine up and make presentable. The thing is… you can still have hope when talking about the bad because when your down, there is only one way to travel, and that is up.
    You won’t be the same, so don’t try to be. When you dig deep into that hope, you will find that piece of joy, that feeling. You don’t have to be a past you. As a friend recently said, just be the best version of you. The best Becky. I’m not telling you to put on a facade. I’m saying, do something silly that brings you back. Have an ice cream fight with your 5 year old (or someone elses), say yes to something you are struggling to interact with.
    The only time I have been clinically assigned a label is when I had the baby blues after having Noah. It changed me. I would not wish it on my worst enemy. I will have moments of massive anxiety and sometimes light depression. Last year was my first panic attack I have ever had in my life… people think that means I flipped out… no just felt nauseous, heart acceleration, sweat, and like the world was closing in. I had a friend to help me through it.. walked it off. I was at work when it happened early in the morning.
    The thing is… I am not alone. I have never been alone. I have thought that I was alone because in the past, no one talked about it. I have been a tough cookie my whole life. I go after elephants in the room, I have no problem speaking up and out, but I am human. When strong all the time, I have to give myself weak moments. We ALL do. It IS okay.
    Do I consider myself mental? Hell no… maybe a little crazy, but when respectfully looking at my past and present. I am doing pretty damn good.
    I don’t know about you, but when you share your story with me I am pretty freaking proud of you for sharing your stories and life with me. It is all about coming to terms with ones self. We are all different and really quite awesome.
    I have been reading Jenny Lawson’s (The Bloggess) books. The second book is called “Furiously Happy”. There is a point to being Furiously Happy. Because battling with depression and anxiety makes you not so happy. It is tough and it affects everyone around you. If you haven’t read her books (she is quite crass by the way but I feel that she may be my long lost twin), they made me seriously bust out into laughter at 11 at night while Dave was attempting to sleep…. they make me cry because I “know the feeling”, but what is the biggest thing for me in her books is her choice to try, really try to be furiously happy… not marginally happy, not putting on a fake smile… BUT OMG IN YOUR FACE LETS DO THIS, cause I AM GONNA HAVE BAD DAYS… so lets make these good days KICK ASS! Then after a while, I will remember more GOOD DAYS than bad days. Lets face it, misery loves company, but when bad days get ninja kicked in the face, they are down for the count.
    So, lets kick some ass right this minute. Not this week, not this day, right now. Cause it is about now.
    Try to say yes to those things you use to do that brought you joy and that may make you anxious now.
    Don’t stop inviting people to things who have anxiety about social events, keep inviting them!
    And if you need to talk, lets talk.
    If you need to get coffee, lets do it.
    If you want to buy a marshmallow gun and shoot my husband, I’m game! (I may need to tell him first and you will need to supply the guns, I can do the marshmallows).
    Paint, color, sing, be SILLY.
    Laugh and take the time to invite people into your space.
    I’ve tagged some of you for different reasons. And I know I missed many tags and I didn’t include family, cause your stuck with me… Some of you I spend a small amount of time with, some a lot. Thank you for being in my life when I need it most. Sometimes you bring joy. Sometimes perspective. Sometimes laughter. Sometimes a listening ear. Thank you for listening and sharing and being a friend in my life. The world is better with you in it – don’t forget that!
    Here is a video that Jenny did about her book. It pretty much sums it up. We all have our broken pieces, but we truly are so amazing.

    Furiously Happy – Official Book Trailer
    Jenny Lawson is furiously happy. Are you?

  352. I’m not working right now, but the next time I have some extra money, I’ll be getting a couple of copies for one of our local mental health centers to add to their lending library. This is definitely a book that needs to be read! 🙂

    P.S. You don’t need to send me a box of kittens — I’m good. I just finished fostering a mom and her litter of six. The dog is still recovering from all the kitten-squee (and I’m still finding poo-paw-prints in the foster room)!

  353. 369
    Rebecca McBrearty
  354. Amber – your book is on it’s way! 🙂

  355. This Australian girl may be left behind thanks to silly shipping costs but it’s still worth a try.
    Much love to all of us just trying to get through the days, one at a time.

    (Amazon won’t let me send to Canada but somehow it’s okay with Australia. It won’t get there for a few weeks though. ~ Jenny)

  356. What a marvelous idea. We all deserve a bit of kindness since we survived January, right?

    (Happy Surviving January Gift coming to you. ~ Jenny)


    Please please please! I

    (Surprise coming your way. ~ Jenny)

  358. jenny…i need your book. i have a kindle. 😊

    (It’s on the way! ~ Jenny)

  359. 375
    Heather Marie

    I love Bloggess books and this place!!
    One of my favorite recent books is Landmarks by Robert Macfarlane. He writes so beautifully about a tiny gem of a book call Living Mountain by Nan Shepherd. I want to get my hands on Living Mountain so much. <3

  360. Loving this. Things are tight and I’m feeling down these days. Would love a little brightness.

  361. I had preordered your book and then things got tight and I had to cancel it. Thank you for doing this!

    (Surprise coming your way soon. ~ Jenny)

  362. @k8heron – a book is headed to you down under!

  363. Iceland has a tradition where they give books on Christmas Eve. It would be wonderful to do this again during the holidays.

    (I did that on Halloween. All Hallow’s Read. I think it was invented by Neil Gaiman. Kids seems to love it. ~ Jenny)

  364. Rebecca #369 – book is on its way. Lots of love!

  365. I’m in a bad place with depression and while I have a copy of furiously happy I desperately want something to read to drown out the hate in my head…but it would also make me happy if my son got a book. So….here Book-gifting via AmazonUK

    I hope this becomes an on going thing so the next time I can help someone.

  366. Thanks so much for doing this, Jenny! You are my hero for so many reasons.
    I always feel strange asking for things, but I’m struggling right now with my depression and figuring out my place in the world. I had to leave my job last year due to my bipolar and panic disorders, money is tight, and I always put my wants as last priority. There are some books I wasn’t comfortable asking family for for Christmas. If someone would be so kind to gift me any of these books I would be so grateful.

  367. Here’s my list. Read an excerpt from this book and found it totally engrossing – that’s a rare thing:

  368. I feel guilty for posting this, but I keep wanting to buy myself books but stop because I know that $10 should go to paying bills instead. My request is a very low priority – make sure anyone with kids, major bills and/or who needs to be cheered up get books first. Thank you, Jenny!

  369. I loved your book so much. I don’t need a free one. I just bought another to make sure I can actually give the one that was loaned to me back. Thank you for your honesty.

  370. Howdy everyone!

    What a cool idea – thanks Jenny! I’m sure looks of books will be shared 🙂

    Why might I need a book?
    I’m in Marketing, mid-twenties, and I recently just left my ‘big-kid’ job because the environment was really rough. Loved (seriously loved) the job, but the small-company-crazy-emotional-owner was just too much. I was the first of three to leave within a month. I left without a plan, and the confidence within myself that I’ll figure out a new one. I still have that confidence, and the book on my list is from the POV a relatable figure (though I think she drinks a lot more than I do?). Maybe it’ll be a fun distraction while I figure it all out!

    Here’s my Amazon link:

  371. Not sure if my first comment went through but I’m having a really hard time with depression at the moment and I would be really happy either to get the book on my list (I already own furiously happy) or for my son to get the one I put on for him. Book-gifting via AmazonUK

  372. YAY! This is an amazing idea. I look forward to looking at everyone’s wishlists and doing some gifting. Thanks for making this possible.

  373. Are we making this an official book loves holiday? I support it. I am also happy to buy a copy for someone if we are doing that. I like that idea.

  374. Okay, I’m trying one more time in a different browser – I’ve tried to post twice and nothing is showing up, and maybe the comments are in moderation, but I’ve commented here before and I’m now giving myself a legit panic attack about doing this wrong and messing up and missing out and I’m crying. Because of course.
    Mom of one, things are tight right now. Medication issues, a new psychiatrist, stress at work, credit card balances, etc. I added an ebook for me so I can participate in a book club this month (I usually use the library but the wait list is too long), and one for my son who loves to help me in the kitchen, because he is the best thing in my world.

  375. I already have both of your books, thank goodness. I read them over and over.
    I’m struggling with some financial difficulties right now, on top of chronic illness that is flaring up. So as nice as a fiction book would be, what I really need is a book with some ideas.

    Thank you for doing this, I love how many wish lists are empty when I click on them. 🙂

  376. I wanted to add to my earlier comment (258) by saying that my audiobook of “Let’s Pretend this Never Happened” was one of the things that got me through when mum died and I had to move home (you really should never return home as an adult) to help dad and the dog adjust and cope. If I couldn’t escape into that when I got into the car, I’m not sure what would have happened, but it wouldn’t have been pretty. I literally wore out one of the CDs because I needed to hear the stories on it so often. I’ve since got a softcover copy of the book, and it is very well loved. So thank you Jenny – for those of us struggling to get through a day, your wit brings smiles and laughter.

    koalateagirl recently posted Depression, Grief, and #BellLetsTalk.

  377. To Val (comment #194) here’s hoping you love the book as much as I do. Happy Reading. 🙂

  378. Totally AWESOME book and I’d tell my starving daughter in grad school to sign in for a copy except I already sent her one which she will send on to a friend and she will send on… well you get the idea. IT IS GREAT to know those of us with similar issues are not alone out here.

  379. Thank you,thank you,thank you!
    You are an amazing person with so much spirit!
    Your blog and books have been a
    Light for me.Thank your for setting this up, it’s an amazing idea!

  380. Apparently I’ve been outsmarted by technology yet again. Here’s my link

  381. I cheated (a little).

    Caroline (#385) and Sarah (#384), your books are on the way!

  382. Whole lotta “Wow” to the community! I can’t wait to hear “Guess what I just read Ms. K?” from my kiddos. Thanks all!

  383. Sion @ 364
    Ask and ye shall receive <3

  384. This is awesome! Had I seen this two days ago, I’d have posted a wish-list in a skinny minute. Today things look much, much brighter. Perhaps I can help someone else’s wish-list.

  385. Ok, mine is absurd, but there’s also some Roald Dahl for my kids. But, here. The reason I want it is because it reminds me of my grandmother, who got me the similar version of LOTR the year before she died and my head wants my copies to match. Feel completely free to skip me.

  386. My daughter is at college, and she has had anxiety issues since her pre-teen years. She borrowed my copy of Furiously Happy and really enjoyed it. I am hoping the book I put on the Wishlist will allow her to laugh through some of the tough times as well. We really scraped to just afford text books this semester as my husband was laid-off over the holidays.
    My gratitude and appreciation, if the book is purchased or not, is ten-fold. Any one who chooses to make their struggles public helps those who haven’t quite found their footing yet.

  387. Jenny you’re my hero. I love this idea and hope that when my husband finally goes back to work I can fill someone’s wish list. Thank you and the tribe for being such awesome people.

  388. Sent books to a few more people here. Am so happy that most of the wishlists I clicked on were already empty!

  389. I could use a book


  390. I hope this works. Love you soooo much, Jenny. You make me smile. Retired senior on fixed income here. Make sure the ones(with real problems, children etc.) who really need it before I get mine…..And if you run out…Oh, well…..

  391. Jenny you’re my hero. I love this idea and hope that when my husband finally goes back to work I can fill someone’s wish list. Thank you and the tribe for being such awesome people.

  392. Hi there – I am asking for this book for a friend…I have a copy, and I have read it at least three times since the day it came out, and I still read it. However my job situation has changed since then, and I can’t afford to purchase one for my friend Barbara. I met Barbara last year when we were both at a facility for different issues (mine was alcohol detox, hers was depression, both of us voluntarily admitted). That place wrecked us both even further, and we have since been having even worse issues than when we went in (although thank God the alcohol problem is over!). She has been suicidal at times, and calls me for support because I understand her depression (I have it too, but not to the same degree – anxiety is worse for me). I truly believe she would get great comfort from this book, because she feels so alone right now, and doesn’t want to get help like the last place, for fear it will be the same (believe me, it was horrible, the stuff of horror movies and nightmares). If anyone can please help my friend, I would be so so thankful! This blog and Jenny’s books have been a tremendous help to me, and I thank you all!!

  393. I feel odd asking for a book but I’m a library paraprofessional (despite having a Masters in Library Science and sitting on 120k in debt to get it) and get paid squat. I’ve wanted your books for a while but haven’t the finances to buy books right now (getting less than 10 hours a week at the moment at just barely over minimum wage). My libraries have them but the wait is about a year long. I could wait, certainly, but if anyone is feeling generous I put both of Jenny’s books on plus The Catcher in the Rye for my oldest son. Anyways here is my link 🙂

  394. Damn. Respect to the step by step screen shots! Keep doing good things:)

    kstewand4cats recently posted At Least the Teats are Covered.

  395. This is the best idea – Thank you Jenny! Caroline #385 From one Downton Abbey fan to another – Enjoy!

  396. Okay. I thought a lot about it before I did it. My depression and anxiety is sky high right now and it sucks.

    I put both of Jenny’s books on here. Either one I think would help.

  397. I’m trying the theory of this book’s title before even reading it:
    Thanks, generous human 🙂

  398. Jenny, you restore my faith in humanity with things like this!
    Cayla, Ashley, Heather, Nicole, Levi, Petrina, and Amanda – your books should arrive on Thursday!

  399. Love you, love your books, love booksgiving! What a great idea!

  400. Loni (403) please add your address – I cannot send to your wishlist without it 😉

  401. I posted awhile ago and I had to put in my address. I did but I didn’t include the wishlist link….

    I am including now in case its needed by a generous soul. Either way, I had a little hope today that something good would happen and that was a nice feeling to have. Thanks for doing this!

  402. And 410 as well – please add your address. Thank you!

  403. 423
    Rebecca McBrearty

    p.s. My book club is meeting tonight…to ‘discuss’ “Furiously Happy”. I can’t wait to tell them about your experiment! (Also, we’ve decided to watch comedy bits and play telestrations as part of our meeting tonight).

  404. Commenter #143 has fulfilled a wish from Commenter #165. I wasn’t sure I was going to, but I knew I’d know the right “need” when I saw it. Lupus will get my attention every time, because of our dear niece, Maddie, who left this world too soon, and who would have loved Booksgiving.

    emrohrer recently posted I’ve gone on a lot of hikes. Today’s was one of them..

  405. Thanks. It’s been a really tough 4 months of the first time with my teen’s collapse into major depression. I promise to pay it forward when I can. Furiously Happy probably is something we can read now, and it would be good to give it to her.

  406. This is a great idea. Here is my list!

    shannonistired recently posted Anxiety Forever.

  407. 427
    Kristie Roe

    This is the darkest place I have been in for a very long time. I don’t even know where to begin to pull myself out of it. I would love something to distract me and take me away from the tumult that has become my life since my parents car accident.

  408. 428
    (Yet Another) Ashley

    Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! <3 (Tears for now, but they’re happy ones.)

  409. Hi
    I’ve never asked for anything like this before as I figure so long as I have food and a place to live, there are people more in need of help than me. But I’m facing a rough time – my depression and anxiety are really high, I lost my job, and because my health prevents me from working outside the home, I’m really scared about that. My local mental health team will only offer me group therapy so I try to cope on my own, but today I woke up to find one of my teeth had crumbled so I have to face going to the dentist which both costs money and really terrifies me. It all feels a bit like the final straw and it’s hard to find a reason to smile right now. The Bloggess always makes me smile even when it’s hard going, so I think being able to sit and read Furiously Happy would keep the darkness at bay a while longer, maybe long enough for me to get a handle on it and find my faith in myself and life again.

  410. 403! You need an address, hun. I would love nothing more than to send a copy of Matilda to someone.

    recently posted Redirecting!.

  411. It’s been a rough few months in our family as our teen has struggled for the first time with major depression. I think she’s up to reading this now, as she begins to turn the corner. Thank you, Jenny, for the idea, as well as for the phrase, “Depression lies.” It’s kept her alive at times. I’ll pay it forward when I can. Thank you.
    PS I thought I posted this, but couldn’t find it again. My apologies for spamming if it’s here twice!

    (It’s on it’s way. Sending love. ~ Jenny)

  412. Tamar (#270 and #312), sending both of Jenny’s books your way. Amazon says they will deliver between February 15th and February 23rd. Enjoy!

  413. Thank you to my amazon benefactor for the lovely gift – I can’t wait to dive in. I’ll keep this list handy and see if there are a couple I can help with in the next day or so. Wonderful idea.

  414. Delightful idea, I’m thrilled that I am in a position to gift. Happy Booksgiving!

  415. This is really nice. I saw a TON of lists with no books on them.

  416. From #403: Eep! Thank you for telling me I hadn’t done that. Updated.

  417. I agree, Booksgiving should be a national holiday and we should get the day off to read! This is a FANTASTIC idea. Someone start a petition!

    rockandrollmama recently posted The changing light.

  418. Thank you so much Sarah (311). You just made my whole day, week and month! (And thank you Jenny for being so awesome and assembling this amazing tribe of misfits)

  419. I want to contribute. Really do. But when I click on the links no names come up. I have a HORRIBLE head cold and can’t think. Any screen shots for those of us that want to give? I understand the click on the link part .. .after that . .fog .as to what I am supposed to see or do next?

    (Try clicking the most recent comments. Lots of the first ones have been bought so they just show an empty wish list, which is a wonderful thing. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  420. @Erica B who posted a wish list for her mom – from one Massachusetts resident to her, she should have all three books from the wish list tomorrow. Give her my love and I hope she enjoys.

  421. Hey Wish List Makers, just a head’s up: if you order an e-book/kindle version, Amazon keeps your email address private on the confirmation page on its website, but NOT on the confirmation page it sends to the buyer. I will contact Amazon for the one incident I experienced, but please proceed with caution that someone may be able to obtain your email address.

  422. Jenny, thank you so much for this! Yes, PLEASE finish your third book. I need something wonderful to read next winter! ❤❤❤ Dixie

  423. Even though I should be watching my money instead of spending it, I convinced my brain it’s okay to buy someone else in need a book. I went though a LOT of empty wishlist but finally found someone. I hope it brightens their day & that they find a way to pay it forward somehow. Everyone deserves a little light in this dark/tough world.

  424. I don’t have either one of your books, Jenny. I’m also going through a rough patch the last few months with my autoimmune diseases ramping into overdrive after my cancer surgery. Oy. Anyway, I know it looks like I’m way too late for the 30 books, but I will leave my list anyway. My birthday is in 28 days and that’s kind of freaking me out. I’ll be 45. With a tween. Lord help me. lol

  425. I have no idea if this actually worked. I hope so. I received your book for Christmas my 14 year old dtr loves it so I want to get her her own copy.


  426. This may or may not have been asked earlier but can I also add your first book to send along as well? I LOVE THIS IDEA…was just talking up FH at a “transition party” (going away party for a dear friend who lost her job) this past Saturday and think I moved another five copies for you Jenny.

  427. Almost finished with Furiously Happy from the library but would love to have a copy to own and lend. Family members have actually come to check that I’m okay because I’m snorting with laughter so often. Put a book for each of my older children. Also Bill Bryson’s new book for some armchair traveling. It makes me so happy to see my kids with their nose in a book, and not just because it makes them quiet. (But bonus!)

  428. Thank you, this is amazing.

  429. How cool! I’ve just recently started following your blog, and today I read this post and thought – Hey, I think I’ve read “Let’s Pretend This Never Happened!” And I have! I love your writing and POV!

  430. love this idea. books are one thing that really take me somewhere else when i get to the dark and twisty places my brain tends to go. plus i love sharing all my readings with my 14 year old niece who is a super book worm.

  431. 453
    Shoshana Simon

    My daughter gave me “Furiously Happy” and you sent an autographed book plate with this wonderful glitter which is over everything and it makes me happy. Where can I get some??? I was so jealous, initially, when my daughter got to meet you and get her book signed and then she gave me one and my heart melted. Please write more books! And tell me where I can get this wonderful glitter/fairy dust.

  432. It’s a long story, but I’d really love to have your book sent anonymously to my nephew’s fiance. She’s had a crazy couple of months with surgery and an unpaid month out of work, followed by emergency surgery for her dog who ate a rubber ball. I just think she could use this book. Her name is Alison, and I’m not sure whether the wishlist will show up correctly, but I put her address in the list.

  433. 403/436 one book on it’s way to you (arriving by the 10th). After a very long, very crummy day, it was so much fun to do something small for you…may you have better times soon!


    I hope my wish list works! I’ve never tried making one public before…

    I’ve tried to stay positve through all that the universe has thrown my way, but this year is testing my resolve. I checked out Let’s Pretend this never happen and it kept me going during the beginning of the year and helped me to feel less alone with my social anxiety. Thank you very much.

    Again, thank you for doing this.

  436. I am adding a list with a book for my pre-teen daughter. She is soldiering through anxiety, depression, loneliness, some social isolation, and some very scary times – we had to involve Crisis Response, which was just heartbreaking for a 10 year old. We are responding in every way possible. She is an incredibly talented artist and she adores My Little Pony. She’s asked for this book for a while but I’ve never been able to get it for her. A surprise gift would absolutely make her week. Thank you, you wonderful, beautiful people, for being so open and generous. Regardless of whether this wish can be fulfilled, the fact that some of these get filled is so incredible.

  437. Liz S, one of your books is on the way. Jenny, a lot of the lists are empty. Is there any way to post all the lists with books left on them so no one gets left out? Thank you so much for doing this! Such an awesome idea!

  438. I’ve been wanting to buy this for some time now, but life always finds something new I need to spend money on. So to whoever hooks me up, thank you, very much.

  439. Turns out Amazon US accounts easily work on Amazon UK, as a result #124 admiralandrea and #382 Beth, your books are on their way. Amazon UK says you will receive them the 4th.

  440. In addition to Jenny’s amazing, incredible books I will gladly buy a copy of Allie Brosh’s book Hyperbole and a Half:
    Add it to your wishlist and I’ll send it your way, especially if you already have Jenny’s books. I give both Jenny’s books and/or Allie’s book to friends who need a little pick me up. And because my work is to support young women recently diagnosed with breast cancer, I give away A LOT of these books. 🙂

  441. I am adding a list with a book for my pre-teen daughter. She is soldiering through anxiety, depression, loneliness, some social isolation, and some very scary times – we had to involve Crisis Response, which was just heartbreaking for a 10 year old. We are responding in every way possible. She is an incredibly talented artist and she adores My Little Pony. She’s asked for this book for a while but I’ve never been able to get it for her. A surprise gift would absolutely make her week. Thank you, you wonderful, beautiful people, for being so open and generous. Regardless of whether this wish can be fulfilled, the fact that some of these get filled is so incredible.

    ETA: I’m not sure if this posted or not originally – my Internet hiccuped as I hit post, and I waited about 15 minutes for it to show up, but I’m not seeing it. So sorry if this is a duplicate!

  442. The love and kindness in your blog and the comments never ceases to amaze me! I’m just coming out of the worst episode of depression in my adult life. Furiously Happy really helped me through it. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and there is one book from my childhood that could always lighten my mood and make me smile.

  443. Thank you for doing this. This is a beautiful thing to help people. I’m not doing so good lately and am struggling in the darkness of depression and grief and the bad thoughts in my mind. Pretending to be happy around people is getting exhausting, when there are days I want it all to stop. Just to be hugged and held being told it’s all going to be ok. I almost lost to depression a few months back. And some days I’m ok with that. Other days I want to fight. Sorry just needed to get all that out. This here, makes me feel less alone. Less like a freak as I’ve been called. So thank you again. Here is my wish list. Hope I did it right.

  444. I sent a book to someone here in Canada, but it wouldn’t let me use my prime shipping, so you have to wait a few days…Sorry!!!

  445. #287/289 and #429 looks like there isn’t a shipping address associated with the wishlist, if by chance you see this comment later today please add a shipping address and I’ll check back. With the time difference, it might be on the 3rd US time when I’m able to check back.

  446. Hmm I checked my address book to make sure it was in there. I’ll see what’s wrong. 🙂

  447. 469
    2broke2choke College Student

    I must say I’m hyperventilating a bit. I usually don’t do anything for myself in terms of mental health but I’m trying to start. Admitting to anxiety and depression myself is terrifying when I feel like I have an obligation to be my college roommate’s rock (because of his own serious metal illness and recent ftm transition, this is rather futile) Besides the normal pressures of double majoring, trying to graduate in 4 years and ya know, Life, some days I’m not sure I can deal with normal life let alone all the craziness. Sorry, this was not supposed to turn into a diary entry. But here. here is the link so someone, anyone might help me:

    ps- now i’ll go spend the rest of the night beating myself up for reach out. But if you see this and you’re the one that buys this book- Thank you. A million times, thank you.

  448. Dixie,
    The Bone Clocks is on the way. Should have it by next Wednesday. Enjoy!

  449. Getting through school and having to spend my money on food rather than books that would help my depression has really taken a toll on my capability to cope with stress. I try my best to get to libraries when I can but there’s something about owning my own copy that makes me feel 10x better. I don’t expect anything, but it’s worth a try! This is an amazing concept and it shows how much this community cares!

  450. Ah fixed it! Can’t do it from the mobile site :p

  451. Oh my goodness; several books of my list were bought. I can’t believe, i felt so insecure and clumsy in posting my list and now i’m crying. I’m so grateful, not enough words for that.
    Friday is my birthday and the 6 month anniversary of my Lesley’s death.
    This gives me something to look forward to and to distract me

    You people are amazing and i can’t wait to gift some books too at some point in the not too faraway future.

    (Jeannette, thank you so so much for getting me both of jenny’s books <3 .
    Other gifters i cant see who you are i think but you made a very hard day a lot brighter) xxx Tamar

  452. 474
    Monique Rowe

    I love this idea but sadly I am in the camp of ” I really want to give a book to a strangeling but can’t afford the price right now”. Anyone else in this camp and bummed about it ?

  453. 475
    Monique Rowe

    Good luck Savannah!! I hope a stranger bought you Furiously Happy 🙂

  454. Mama Fox, your daughter’s books are on their way. I hope they help.

  455. #463, mamfox I saw your request and couldn’t resist. From one MLP fan to another. One book arrives the 4th, the 2nd comes the 5th

  456. uh oh, mama fox may get duplicates. Looks like Jayme and I may have purchased around the same time (unless you had more than two in your wishlist?)

  457. Savannah (#471) — your book is on its way and will arrive on Thursday. Furiously Happy reading!!


    My mother is in a very interesting place and could use something to shine light back into her life. I have purchased both of your books and they bring much needed insight and most of the time uncontrollable laughter (that seems to come out when the room is full and I am oblivious) in great times of personal reflection.

  459. I have and love Furiously Happy. I also love this idea. I’m at the bottom of an ugly hole right now, and this community is something special and bright and helpful. I’m not able to be a “real” person right now, so hiding in books is it. My go-to “I just can’t right now” author is Sir Terry Pratchett. The book below is one that he mentions as one of his favorite books.

  460. OK 434 – Alison’s book is on the way. Hope it helps. (Thanks Blogess – told her I loved the book LOVED it ..except the cussing . .. .lol . .had to be truthful.) Going to find someone whose kid needs a book now

  461. 2broke2choke – your link keeps taking me to my own wish list, can you check to make sure you’ve got it showing correctly? Thanks!

  462. I need some cheer in my life. I hate asking for help but I’m trying to get better at it. Jenny, you’re amazing.

  463. This is seriously the nicest thing ever! I only have 2 books on my list, both by Jenny Lawson. 😉 I want to send them to my sister who could really use them. Thank you to whomever looks at my list! <3 <3 <3

  464. I’m so happy about this!! I’m telling all of my bookworm friends about this! Thank you for the opportunity! By the way, my list has a bunch of random weird books on it. Here’s my list!

    angiem23 recently posted Following Your Heart.

  465. Jayme and Andrea, there were a few books in the list and now it’s empty, but if I do get duplicates, I will definitely send them forward to other struggling kids. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I am giggling and crying at the same time. She will be so excited.

  466. Jenny you are amazing! Thankyou for sharing you.


  467. Jenny- can you let commenter 129, Charity, know that her wish has been granted, but she added the paperback to her wishlist so it was a pre-order and won’t come until September 🙁 I’d be happy to upgrade her to the hardback though, if she gets in touch with me. You can give her this email address.

    Thank you for being the center of our wacky tribe!

  468. I feel weirdly guilty asking for help, because my daughters birthday is coming up and she LOVES books, but the budget has been tight lately. We have been hitting all the thrift stores, but the books she really wants are Harry Potter, and they’re never in the stores.

    I know if she gets a new book she’ll be so excited. I only put one book on her list bc I didn’t want to seem greedy. But if anyone has any used Harry Potter books (Mostly the first 4) I’d be happy to rehome them. We aren’t picky.
    Thanks so much. In advance. Even if we don’t get it. Thank you for letting us ask.

  469. Heather Rivet, your book is on its way! Know that someone in Colorado loves you and feels your pain. Thanks Jenny for leading the way!

  470. Thank you Jenny for such an awesome idea. I’ve never asked for anything before but it’s been a rough year (yeah and it’s only Feb!) I wouldn’t ask except for my kiddos. I love to read and love that they are starting to love to read as well. The youngest is special needs and the only books he likes is Llama Llama ones but they don’t have this one at my library. The older one wants to be an astronaut and devours any thing space related. Thank you in advance these books will be loved and read a 100 times

  471. Tyler L, can you double check your link? It just sends me to my own instead of yours.

  472. I love this idea. I’ve been blessed with a large tax refund and have fulfilled someone’s entire wish list. All the littles are getting books in that home this week. 🙂

  473. What an incredible idea(s) you have, Jenny. You are like Mother Teresa only better. Mother Teresa would approve.

  474. 497
    Jennifer Finley

    Jenny, thank you so much for doing this. Sometimes a little something in the mail lifts the spirits. It’s been a rough year, that hopefully is getting better. Thank you for all you do to help us. I hope I did this correct.


  475. 498
    Niki McAdams

    Tyler L – Your link takes me back to my own list. Can you check it out and make sure your link is ok?

  476. I’d been doing well for such a long time, and then had a really bad slide back into depression this past week. Not quite as low as I was, but still could use some extra light this week. I’d love either of Jenny’s books, and promise to share it with others after reading!

    (And if any buy-ee feels comfortable providing their address in return, I’d love to mail a thank you!)

  477. wow. overwhelmed. thank you jenny!!

  478. Kelsey, just to let you know that someone in snowy Colorado hopes this book helps in all the ways that it can.

  479. Sarah, one of your books is coming soon! I picked the first one I saw on your list, and it seems like you must really be in need of this one. Your post struck me, and I’m sending air hugs from Colorado. It’s all going to be ok. <3

  480. Thank you so much to my book donor! I’m seriously in tears from your generosity. You are all amazing people.

  481. Buying a few books for others is the best feeling- thanks for this opportunity. The last few years have been a huge struggle and your books are one of the tools I’ve used to dig out from the bad times and laugh during the good times. Your projects and belief in everyone else is a real inspiration, Jenny.

  482. Jenny,

    Thank you so much for doing this. You are such a light. I hope I did this correct.

  483. 506
    Jackie Kalbow

    The video for this book is possibly one of my favorite things ever!

    Book I NEED

  484. wanting a book to relate to while struggling, confused, and in college right now:

  485. Purple Haired Liz #491 I’m sending you the whole Harry Potter set because everyone should have them. I’m also sending you a duplicate Chamber of Secrets because Amazon wouldn’t let me remove it and still send the other books to you. I know you can help it find a good home!

  486. I have 3 books in mine, but I only want one of the 3. Any of the 3. Its howls moving castle. Ive had these books on my to buy list for months but everytime I go to buy them, something else comes up and the money has to go towards that. Thank you.

  487. I need a copy of Furiously Happy, like whoa. It really is awesome, and I relate to so much of it. And coloring books… seriously, adult coloring books are so great!

    Between school, dealing with mental health stuff, taking care of my (awesome!) kiddo by myself during the week because my husband’s job hasn’t let him switch shifts yet, potentially moving… yeah, there’s a lot going on, and money’s ridiculously tight. (I felt guilty spending $3 on a pair of trouser socks today, even though my dress shoes were chewing up my feet, if that’s any indication.) Someday, when I’m done with school, I’m definitely going to pay forward all the kindnesses that have been shown to me!

  488. This may be an unwelcome suggestion, but Ima gonna do it for the good of the world. I was able to read Furiously Happy as an audiobook for free through my local library. It’s very easy. For iPhones at least, you just download an app called Overdrive, then connect to your library and put in your library card number, and voila! Free books! You can checkout up to four at a time for fourteen days each. And listening to Jenny read the book is an absolute JOY!! I really, really loved it and I cried when it was over. So, for Jenny’s book and for lots of other great books, for all you economically disadvantaged peeps (or cheap peeps like me), try your local library. I think audiobooks ROCK!!!

    BipolarOnFire recently posted I Got Sixteen Inches.

  489. Sharon/Sion – your book is on the way! #364 – though I fear you added one that is backordered – it said it will ship in September!!! Still, with love <3

  490. Books were purchased for me and I needed to say thank you so much. I’m humbled and touched by the generosity. It is very heartening to read the comments and to get to witness the selfless kindness and understanding of this community. Thank you Jenny for providing this opportunity.

  491. Christie (commenter 485), your book will arrive Friday!
    Hope it’s a ray of sunshine this weekend for you!

  492. Thank you for “It”, Laura B (ed leader!)-DY

  493. Melyssa who wants carry on warrior. There is no shipping address

  494. I could use a book. I’m having a hard time lately, among those things, panic attacks, which are new for me. Something else to try and focus on would be nice while I try to get a handle on this.

  495. Bipolar- though a good suggestion in theory I couldn’t get a library copy in any format, the waiting lists are hundreds of people long. I suspect a lot of us have run into that issue :p

  496. To whomever sent along a book, I am soooo thankful. I tried panning through the comments to give credit but don’t see it. Thank you thank you. It will be paid forward!

  497. I’m a writer too, and some day, I want to have a booksgiving. You’re inspiring, Jenny


    I’m really hoping this worked! I would love a copy of this book to read and then to share with a friend 🙂


  499. I put Furiously Happy on my very lengthy book wish list, and posted…hoping for Furiously Happy, but some wonderful stranger purchased five of the books I’d wished for for my son, who will be born in April. I can’t wait to tell him that a beautiful stranger on the internet had such love as to send us those books! Thank you, whomever you are – I am paying it forward as soon as I can find a list that still has books on it! I am planning to write inscriptions in the books you purchased for us, so we never forget where they came from. LoveLoveLove!

  500. Somehow two people seem to have helped me out. I have no way to thank you both directly, so this will have to do: thank you, truly. This means so much to me and I hope to be able to pay it forward very soon! Caroline from #385

  501. Reading your book Furiously Happy changed my life right when I needed it. My parents just divorced and I’m trying to afford college while also helping my little brother get through this tough time. We could both use a good book right now. Thank you so much.

  502. ChimeraCat, your Brene Brown book is on its way and should arrive by Feb. 4th 🙂

  503. I’m trying to read 100 books this year. Most will come through the library or even be listened to, but I put a few on my list that I would love to own – including Furiously Happy. There are many others who deserve to get a book more than me, so please feel free to skip me for someone who deserves it.

  504. Alison – You’ll be receiving “Choosing Me Before We”. (It’s a sign… from the universe…) 🙂

  505. This is really amazing! I have a list that’s been accruing items for a while but alas no money. If anyone can help that would be great. I read a lot of YA but I share with 3 kids and usually donate finished items to a local literacy charity. Thank you in advance!

  506. Hello. It is rare that I am in the position to help but today I can. If some fellow Canadian is in need and wants to share their Indigo wish list, I would be send a book.

  507. Jennifer-#519–your book is on the way.

  508. I spent all of my book allowance on Furiously Happy and have already passed it on. I would love something new to read for me and something to read to my daughter before bed.

  509. I’m in a deep hole trying desperately to dig myself out. I have lots of books I’m too anxious to read, including Furiously Happy. But, I realized it would make me feel so much better if I helped someone else feel better. The only problem with this little plan is that I can’t find a wish list with any books left! This community is full of awesome people and that alone makes me feel better. (I’m going to keep looking)

  510. Hello. It is rare that I am in the position to help but today I can. If some fellow Canadian is in need and wants to share their Indigo wish list, I would be send a book.

  511. #508 – from me to you <3

  512. 537
    Jocelyn Biedrzycki

    Jenny, this is an amazing idea. Honestly your first book saved my life, it helped me realize that there are other people that are going through some of the same difficulties that I am and helped me realize I am not alone. My parents have just separated and I am trying to put myself through college while being there for my brother. I think we could both use a good book right now, thank you so much.

  513. 538
    Jen taggart

    Wow! You are so generous. I wish I was in a place to be this generous to those around me. If I do get a book, I will share! Promise. Thank you for your humor and wit- truly God give talents!? Hi. Check out this list:

  514. For my daughter and me during a brave new year for us : )

    I have had 15 surgeries in the past 14 years because of ongoing health problems and have been waiting on disability for 3 years! I cant work and have no income. I have hunted & fished all my life, I grew up on a farm and am very handy…so thankfully, I managed to still raise my two sons after my husband passed in 2002. In doing so I have exhausted all my savings and retirement. So I am tapped out and unable to pirchase your books. I have had social anxieties since as long as I can remember. I have borrowed your audiobooks from my library thru my Overdrive app but I have to return those. I have never been one to ask for help, so even something like this is extremely hard for me to do. But I would love a copy of your book Furiously Happy. I’ll end this here, while there is a lot more to my story, I am not ready to share it right now. Thanks

  516. Jackie Kalbow #506, wish granted. Should be in your mailbox on Friday. I know you’ll love them!

  517. Great idea, Jenny. You may also want to donate copies to public libraries who don’t have it to reach people who not only can’t afford to buy the book, but who don’t use computers. (Personally, I’m good. I bought both the book and audiobook for my library.)

  518. Kylie and sticklady1, check your links…they’re not linking directly to your lists, just sending users to their own lists.


    Thank you Jenny! Thank you for giving me the strength to be ok when ok is all I can manage.

  520. 2broke2choke, sending a second note in hopes that you’ll see it: your link takes me to my own wish list. Would you please repost the link?

    P.S. I know reaching out is hard, but I’m glad you did. You’re safe here.

  521. I love this! Two more payments and I won’t owe the hospital anymore for my weeklong visit last year for meningitis.

  522. Jocelyn #537–you need to associate a shipping address with your wishlist 🙂

  523. I read Jenny’s first book and loved it so much. I’ve had a really rough year financially, and have been looking at this book and waiting for things to stabilize before I can justify spending $13 on something that’s a want rather than a need 🙁 if anyone wanted to get Furiously Happy for me it would legit make my week.
    Wish list is for an ebook, since it’s easier and cheaper.


  524. I changed my list and the link broke! Here it is again and thank you.

  525. Been going through a rough time lately with accepting myself exactly where I’m at. Most of my money goes to medical bills and tuition so I havent been able to get much for myself recently. This is such a blessing, thank you so much!

  526. Ugh I think my comment got eaten. Anyhoo, thanks Jenny for setting this up. I hope to embody even a small amount of how kind and warm you are. I gave and I hope the person that receives the book enjoys it!

  527. I don’t want to use pity to curry favor with anyone. But this is the truth: Today was a rough day. I was physically sick, and found out, after the second interview, that I was rejected by a permanent job I badly need. This prompted a shame spiral, but no suicidal thoughts – so progress?. I went to the local bookstore to calm myself down, and found myself staring at this book longingly. It was $20, and I couldn’t justify spending that much. One has to eat, and my savings are going to dry up soon. It will get better. I will find somewhere that appreciates me for me, and I won’t have to pretend to be someone that I am not. One day. It will come. Thank you Jenny. I saw you in New York, almost had a panic attack at the Barnes and Noble, but I made it through the line and you saw me. I think you could tell I was struggling because you wrote some incredibly nice and supportive things in Furiously Happy. I read that dedication sometimes and it helps. Maybe I’m just one of millions of your readers, lost in a sea of anonymity, and you write something like that for everyone, because you’re decent and kind, but, in my magical thinking world, that dedication makes me feel like I matter. Just a twinge.

  528. It took me forever to find a list that wasn’t already empty. This makes me happy.

  529. Make sure you double check your list to make sure you have a book on your wish list. And that you have an address associated with it. Happy reading!

  530. 555

    Wow, this is amazing! I would love for a book to be sent anonymously to my mom. She has been suffering from depression from a long time and I do my best to help and support her, but sometimes she really struggles. She spent half her life taking care of me, and as a new mom myself I am struggling a bit financially, but I want to take care of her too! Let’s see if this works….


    Having a not-so-hot day…whether I receive a book or not, this is a wonderful idea. Planning on coming back to this later this week to do some giving myself.


    this is an amazing idea/offer, and this is an amazingly kind and generous community. I expect absolutely nothing out of this for myself (though it would be awesome, since I’m still job hunting and haven’t been able to afford the latest book), but whether something shows up at my door or not, I’m absolutely going to be paying it forward.

    if you ever doubt the positive good you do in the world, Jenny, just look at what an amazing load of people you’ve brought together!

    if I do wind up with a sweet, generous book-giver, thank you in advance to you. it will be so very appreciated! 🙂

    laurie recently posted Peridot "She's a Star" Faceted Gemstone Pendant -- sterling silver by IntermezzoDesigns.

  533. Jennifer #519…sending you love and light. Keep reaching out when you need to.


    I have been waiting to buy Furiously Happy but have been trying to hold back on spending money on the unnecessary items. (why am I saying books are an extra expense!! yikes!) With planning a wedding and trying to pay off debt or not create more at least I’m trying to watch my spending.

    I’ve given copies of Let’s Pretend this Never Happened as gifts for the past couple years. Can’t wait to read this one!

  535. I love this, Jenny. And you! I’ll be picking a list and sending along a book. 🙂 My runner’s soul could use a boost too, and I hear this is very much worth the read! Thank you for doing this.

  536. I just want to say I wish we were all together and could have a glass of wine (or lovely sparkling water if you are a non-drinker) together. I love you, and this page, and you completely made my day, week, month, possibly year.

    Those of you struggling, know there are people out there who care.

    rockandrollmama recently posted Strangest life I’ve ever known.

  537. 562
    Kimbery Nelson

    I love you so. You are amazing. Thank you.

  538. My fist link didn’t work so I’m trying again. Fingers crossed this one works because my child isn’t going to give me another chance to try again. I spent all of my book allowance on Furiously Happy and have already passed it on. I would love something new to read for me and something to read to my daughter before bed.

  539. Oh my god, already? Jenny, how?

  540. I feel odd about doing this, because I’ve never been good at asking for things, but I’ve been following your blog for two years, and resonated so deeply with your words. I’d love to be able to read your book, but I’m in college and can barely afford food right now.

  541. Laurie, your books should be there by Thursday. Good luck with the job hunt!!

  542. @purple haired Liz I had purchased the one book on the wish list but then I saw someone else had bought the whole set for you which is so amazing. I tried to cancel the order but if you get extra copies, please pay it forward. Best wishes to you & your daughter. Every child deserves the magic of Harry Potter.

  543. I got a check today for ad revenue on my blog and I just spent the entire $27 buying books for strangers! This is such a delight.

    Baddest Mother Ever recently posted On The Teaching of Kids.

  544. I love this idea! I’d also love to buy someone a book they are in need of, but so far everyone’s list that I’ve looked at has either already been purchased or not have an address. I hope people will update their list to add addresses. Also set everyone has a bright and shining week because you thought of this lovely idea.

  545. Helpmymommy…hope your mom enjoys. Take care!

  546. Been one of those weeks, where a person needs an escape, so I though this was worth a shot.

  547. Haven’t read any of the comments. Need no books from you. I just want you to know you’re book is currently downloaded on my Kindle via library loan. Thank you so much for all that you do.

  548. Books were my only refuge growing up. I don’t want them to be my sons only refuge, but I want him to understand how incredibly important that they are and what they can be. I REALLY want to read Furiously Happy but from what I’ve seen, 30 copies will go soooo fast. So, it’s my tax time item to look forward to 😉

  549. Whomever picked up my list (#486),THANK YOU so much!! ❤️❤️❤️ You just sent a care package to my beautiful little sister who’s about 1200 miles away from me and I miss her dearly. She needed a pick-me-up. Thanks again…and again and again. ❤️❤️❤️

  550. Thank you thank you thank you anonymous person who bought me and my baby our books! The thought that someone would do something so nice for a complete stranger is just amazing! I can’t wait to read my book and read all the Curious George stories to my little man!!!

  551. I discovered “Furiously Happy” somewhere on the internet, in an article talking about some of the best new books of 2015. It sounded just up my alley (didn’t mean that to sound dirty!), so I endured a long wait list at my local library to get a chance to read it. I enjoyed the book so much, that after just a couple of chapters, I went out and got a copy to give to my sister for Christmas. We both share your sense of humor and battle some of the same demons, she especially so. My partner heard me laughing and going on about the book so much that she went and bought me “Let’s Pretend This Never Happened” for Christmas, and I am savoring that right now! I’d love a copy of ” Furiously Happy” at some point, but I was lucky enough to have already read it, so I’ll let this opportunity go by so someone who hasn’t read it can enjoy your book. Once everyone in the world has read it though, I hope you have another giveaway. I’ve never hated to return a book to the library so much. I miss that raccoon smiling at me everyday!

  552. Kylie, when you’ve got your list open, click on the share button and it should give you a pop-up box that has the link.

  553. 579

    Hey 🙂 this is the first time I have every posted here but I could really use your book. I’ve been having a rough time lately and could use a bit of a pick me up. I’ve been healing from a broken ankle (my cast just came off today which is a good thing!) and I just found out my mother is very sick. I have severe social anxiety and find it hard to leave the house a lot of the time so anything I can do inside is a good thing! I have taken up amigurumi which I highly recommend to anyone who is crafty- it is a lot of fun. anyways… here a link to my wishlist. keeping my fingers crossed!

  554. Books were my only refuge when I was a kid. I don’t want them to be my son’s only refuge, but I want him to appreciate literature and understand how important literature can be…and what it can, if that makes sense. I really, really want to read Furiously Happy, but from what I’ve seen 30 copies will go extremely fast. So, this will be a a tax time gift for myself 😉

  555. Checked out the audiobook from the library since it had a shorter wait list after hearing about it on NPR an catching my attention. It’s an amazing book and would love to have a copy for when I need that pick me up.

  556. 584

    I really want to read Furiously Happy because I think it will be good for me. Things are improving for me in a lot of ways but I’m in a tight place budget-wise and have been holding off buying it since before it came out.

    Thanks for this experiment, oh wondrous bloggess!

  557. Thank you so much for the help April! I think between bad weather and Mickey Mouse playing all day my brain is giving out.

  558. YAY FOR BOOK #3! You can do it (of course), but take your time and enjoy the journey of it.

  559. Happy to join in the swap!!! Great idea! Your book has helped me incredibly. Thank you, Jenny.

  560. I devoured both your books and tell everyone about them. We are struggling now and books are a luxury.

    Please Please do this again so I can pay it forward. This is a beautiful thing.

  561. 590
    Elizabeth M.

    I have already have copies of both of Jenny’s books, so I don’t need another one. However, I suffer from really horrible anxiety and depression, and one of the things that helps me through it is baseball. I’m in the middle of a years long project where I go to see the Detroit Tigers play at every single ballpark in the MLB (I have 13 parks already with four more scheduled for this year!). I play fantasy baseball (and have two different teams). It helps me stay focused on why I need to stay here – I have a goal to meet.

    Well, this book can help me with that, and I’ve been thinking about getting it for myself but it just seemed frivolous.

    If you’re a baseball fan, and want to help another baseball fan get through the days? Please consider this request, and I’ll definitely pay it forward once I can find a list that still has anything on it!

  562. For me, this will be a huge step in learning to ask for help and trusting that help will come. Thank you, all my heart…

  563. Jill Marie Sainte, be on the lookout on Thursday!

  564. For me, this will be a huge step forward in learning to ask for help and trusting it will come. Thank you, all my heart…

  565. Ashley Crivellone, comment # 164 – two books heading your way. xo

  566. Such a great idea. Maybe this can help to pull me out of my depression. Hi. Check out this list:

  567. I’m not in a terrible spot, but it’s been a rough couple of weeks, and I could use a little cheering up. And I’ll admit I still haven’t gotten to read your book.

  568. Maybe this will help get me out of my depressive funk xoxoxo

  569. Please do this again. It is a beautiful thing and I would love to be able to send a book. Right now things are right and books are a want not a need.

  570. 600
    Annie Vogel

    You are amazing, Jenny. Truly amazing. I’m a huge fan. I just love this idea. I know I’m late to the dance but thought I would share my wish list here just in case there’s one more copy floating around out there.

  571. 601
    Leslie O'Donnell

    It isn’t just James Garfield that is a saint-in-the-making, you know! We’re still struggling a great deal, but the blessings bestowed upon us by that Christmas endeavor have been our hand-holds to keep pulling ourselves out of the metaphorically chiched quicksand. In fact, our son has been rationing out his gifts over the weeks — there are still two left unopened! (This is why I haven’t posted a public thank-you gallery to share, yet.)

    As a family of bibliophiles (and, ok, since “Furiously Happy” has still been waiting on my wish list since then), I can’t help hoping for a little more luck and kindness. I have three books on this new wishlist, at the moment — one for each of our birthdays. I’ll be scanning the lists to see if anyone both needs something we have, and lives close enough to simply hand it to….just because we can’t buy anything, doesn’t mean we might not still be able to help!

  572. Maybe a weird request, and possibly way too late in the game, but for those that are asking for books other than Jenny’s, can you put the name in comment? I am looking for book suggestions and by the time I go in to check out people’s requests, and maybe send a book, they have already been bought and nothing is listed on the wishlist. Or maybe a suggestion for next time? Because I have a feeling this amazingness will happen again!

  573. This is a lovely idea. Just the boost I needed after two back to back shitty days. There is goodness in the world. yeT

  574. You should name book 3 “A Box of Live Kittens.” I would definitely buy extra copies so that I could tell people I was going to send them “A Box of Live Kittens,” just to see how many would freak out thinking I meant actual kittens.

    I have & adore both your books. You are amazing, and so much stronger than you think. Thank you for sharing so much of your life with us. It has helped more than you will ever know.

  575. 605
    Swimming away from my problems one stroke at a time