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  1. ; this time right now is just a pause in the sentence. We’ll still be here when your ready to right the next part. You are worth any wait.

  2. I’m in a similar boat, but my depression is pretty major right now. I’m just trying to survive it.
    You need to start putting together a coloring book, with your drawings and curse words and stories about your life and family m

  3. Sending heaps of warm, fluffy, silly love.
    And baby goats by the truckload. Not quite sure where you’ll keep them, but you’re resourceful.

  4. I love your doodles! I have a friend who asks me if I’m okay. I’m always afraid to say no, I’m not. All I want is to be held and told it’s alright to not be okay. I always think of Donna Noble and The Doctor in the Library when she asks him if he’s alright and he says he is. If “alright” means not really alright, then I’m alright, too. I’m alright, even if I’m not all right.

  5. Thank you for sharing. This is exactly how I’ve felt lately and it’s kind of comforting to know someone else is there too. Hope your lights come back soon, I’m looking for mine now.

  6. I knew I’d been struggling badly with anxiety for the last few months, but hadn’t noticed the depression. Until yesterday, when for 10 minutes it lifted and I had a glimpse of joy and contentment and energy. It appears to have been a brief window, and I’m sinking again. It’s almost worse, having gotten a glimpse of what could be/was.

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