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  1. Thanks for the post. I needed a laugh this week. Don’t know how to forward a picture to you, but I pulled off a giant rooster caper for a friend. It’s legendary in a local neighborhood. Yes,,I live close to the skyline blight of Top Golf and Fly for Idiots.

  2. I love you! Just so you know. Some days it is nice to know someone loves you…which…now that I think about it, also sounds a bit creepy. And not LOVE love, but love….like admire love. (holy crap I am screwing this up…) Ok so I mean depression lies and that so sums it all up and you are awesome and weird and your awesomely weirdness helps me shove back on all the work people who want to stuff me in a “hihowareya box of –never mind I don’t care but can you do this for me right now because I failed to plan appropriately for it and now I need to dump it on you why are your frowning at me…… I can be meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. I am round and they are square and they all fit in the boxes and I just bounce around and sometimes their pointy corners deflate me and I have to go away to get patched up and get a refill. I am working on refill right now. You make that possible….xoxoxo I LOVE YOU!!!

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