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  1. Happy anniversary to you and Victor. We’re excited to see you in Des Moines, IA this coming Thursday, July 7, 2016.

  2. Wishing you the best, and at least another 20 years. Without poisoning if possible!

  3. Happy 20th Anniversary! You should start planning for thinking about your 25th and do a vow renewal! Hubby and I did ours at the Colorado Renaissance Festival 11 years ago. They have package deals where they cover the food and beverages and fees for everyone coming to the celebration. We got ours officiated for free, on stage, with the King and Queen We knew some people working there at that time. It was a lot of fun as we had rented costumes as well. Hubby tripped over the broomstick we were supposed to jump over that was lying on the stage (part of the ceremony).

    And feel better soonly! Food Poisoning sucks! I can’t ever eat at Burger King again because on getting it from their fries ONE time.


  4. Happy anniversary. Your book is amazing. I’d write you a book to make you feel as ok about dealing with D and A issue. But yesterday while having this epiphany. I noticed that there were worms moving under the skin of my calf muscle. This caused me to fall into the black hole of Google to find out what in hell was really happening to my calf muscles. And then after the Clonazepam kicked in. Well I just went back to listening to the book. And became semi furiously happy. Which is pretty good for me. Thanks for making me realize what several therapist couldn’t . Other people have minds that act like mine. So instead ill just pretend this comment is the book. I.hope it makes you feel a little bit less stressed about your anniversary poisoning. Cheers to you and Victor. Vv

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