On Tuesday my next book (YOU ARE HERE: An Owner’s Manual for Dangerous Minds) came out for preorder and I announced it and then went directly to my shrink’s office because I was afraid of how it would be received and I wanted her to tell me it would all be okay not matter what.  And it was.  Both because she made me feel better and because when I got back home and looked at the hourly Amazon ratings for YOU ARE HERE I saw it go from #280,000 to #24 and I literally cried with relief that you guys had my back even on something so different as this project.  And I celebrated and tweeted it because I knew it would drop back down any second but I wanted to remember that I had an amazing community of people who could make a book go into the top 20’s in three hours.

But then someone told me that it wasn’t #24 anymore and was, in fact, now the #6 bestselling book of the hour.  And then it was #4.  And then, late in the evening when Hailey and I were night-hunting for Pokemon (Pokemons?  Pokemen?) in the park I saw this:

Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 11.20.53 AM

And I screamed out “I’M NUMBER TWO!” – which, admittedly,  is a weird thing to scream out in a dark public park.  And I considered also yelling “THAT’S NOT A EUPHEMISM FOR POOP” but then I decided not to because Hailey was already embarrassed enough and also, we all know you guys are here playing Pokemon in the middle of the night so maybe stop judging me.  

And I don’t know how to thank you.  For caring and for supporting me.  For buying the book for yourself or others, or putting it on your wish lists for later.  For sharing it with others and for being happy with me and celebrating this as a victory for all of us.  I’m so incredibly lucky that you are here for me when I share my very deep downward spirals, but you’re just as here for me when I share my moments of joy.  That doesn’t always happen for everyone and I want you to know how much this community means to me…in good times and bad.  Thank you.

And as I teased in my last post, here’s the final version of the drawing that Dorothy Barker kept trying to lay on top of:

It’s not in the book.  It’s just a bonus to thank you for being so great.  Feel free to print it out and color it or hang it up or line your bird cage with it. Whatever makes you happy.

Click the image to embiggen.
Click the image to embiggen.

Thank you.

PS.  And for those of you who are like, “WAIT, YOU ANNOUNCED YOUR NEXT BOOK?” here’s where you can preorder it, and here are some other drawings and a description of why it’s sort of your fault that it exists.

Barnes & Noble

You Are Here jenny lawson

Thank you.

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  1. Oh wow, congratulations! I am really happy for you, and I am totally excited for your upcoming book. I will probably color it all within the first few days.

  2. Also, if you’re a broke-ass budgeter like me, the Amazon price has down to $10.18. GIGGLY.

    (Whoa. I didn’t even notice that. If you bought it when it was a few dollars more you’ll only be charged the lower price. ~ Jenny)

  3. GAHHHHH, I can’t delete/edit my own stupid comment with my own stupid typo. MMRRRPH…


    Also, if you’re a broke-ass budgeter like me, the Amazon price has gone down to $10.18. GIGGITY.

  4. Thanks for sharing your doodles with us. Can not wait to get this in my hands!

  5. No pressure but is there a book tour for this one? (And would you consider coming out to Silicon Valley, CA? Pretty Please? With sugar on top?)

  6. YAAAASSSS! I am still working on the tree, so I’m not allowed to start on the new one, above, until I finish the tree. But I am SOCLOSE. I will post it to Twitter when I’m done.

    Congrats! I am going to pre-order it from my local indie book store and then I’ll probably forget all about it and it’ll be a surprise when it arrives. Yay for good surprises!

  7. Number 2 to JK Rowling — you’re in excellent company — and so is she! 🙂

  8. You’re the greatest ! You opened a world for me that I didn’t understand and I THANK YOU!
    Thanks for letting me understand that I’m allowed to be me!

  9. Just posted how you saved my life, again. Can’t afford to buy you right now. In two weeks. Yeah. LOVE YOU.

  10. Hey Jenny,

    I’ve been listening to Furiously Happy on the car for the past month or so. It takes me time because every time I clean out my car I lose the car with the discs on it. My wife, Sarah is an ardent fan b of yours and your books and blog have profoundly influenced our household in many ways, bothh humorous and serious. I receive your blog posts but only occasionally read them but that is because I am overloaded on every area of my life and I have a backlog if everything. Thank you for your vulnerability and I find myself identifying very well with many of the things you describe which has helped me take some important steps towards finding my own ways to cope with the absurdity and beauty of this place and these people that surround us. I am worrying my thesis on Autobiography. So I will probably read your first book next. But I am sure my wife will request the hard back of your new one, and I will eventually read it. On Audiobook. Because it is nice to have company when I drive back and forth to work, unless it’s not. In which case I can take a break. Love to you.

  11. Vancouver BC on your next tour? How about some Canadian love? Eh?

  12. I’m so happy for you. Though it was a weird conversation with hubby explaining why I had ordered more than one. “Cause” wasn’t accepted as a full answer

  13. OK, you’ve gone on 2 book tours with readings for Let’s Pretend and Furiously Happy. This tour can be a coloring tour. How much fun would that be? Everyone sitting at tables, drinking stuff and coloring pictures. But not close to anyone else and not talking if they don’t want to.

    (I kinda love this. ~ Jenny)

  14. Thanks for the new drawing. I really like the unfinished one with Dorothy on it as well! Congratulations on being number two. Only J.K. could top you!!

  15. You are basically doing a year’s worth of birthday gift shopping for me. Bless you for that and a million more reasons!

  16. So, I went ahead and preordered my copy of the book, which I had forgotten was a book of drawings (breathtaking ones at that) and so I guess we will have to Suttle for the paperback and alas, No audiobook

  17. I’d write you in for president to solve my Election 2016 dilemma, but that would be mean. To you. So I won’t.

    But… could I maybe write in Ferris Mewler?

  18. You get us so we’ve got your back! You could probably do an album of amateur throat singing and we’d get it to top the charts.

  19. You Rock! You are the queen! Another AWESOME drawing!! I don’t have a book out (yet) and I haven’t posted my blog (yet) but I am so happy to have found this group of awesome people and our awesome leader…Will ALWAYS have your back Jenny!!😘😸💖

  20. Your new design is simply gorgeous, even without Dorothy Barker’s snoot in the corner. You’ll be number 1 soon enough, dear lady. Because you’re made of awesome and honesty. Congratulations! My sister is going to LOVE this book.

  21. You are gifted in so many ways… I just ran to amazon and pre ordered my very own copy. I only wish I was 1/2 as talented as you are, my dear!! So happy for you… keep it coming!!

  22. Depending on how the elections go, we’re all going to need this book. Perfect timing!

  23. Ordered it for my daughter who has had some really rough times lately. Thought your humor and creativity would definitely do her some good. I love your books so keep on writing. Always looking forward to the next one.

  24. If you DO do a coloring tour, come to the Midwest? Kansas City or Omaha (OMG PLEASE COME TO OMAHA WE WOULD LOVE YOU AND PROBABLY GIVE YOU STEAKS OR JACKALOPES OR SOMETHING) or even Iowa again. I will take time off work to come color with you.

    And for anyone wondering, I just checked, and the B&N price is also $10 and change.

  25. Love this drawing AND the fact that we’ll be coloring in your book next spring! I mean, I guess we could be coloring in your other books NOW but that just isn’t as cool (the coloring in your other books, not that your other books aren’t cool… because OF COURSE THEY ARE).

    And it’s Pokemon. Kind of like moose — same spelling whether singular or plural. But it’s much safer to be surrounded by Pokemon in the park in the dark than by moose.

    (Did you know that Pokemon is short for “pocket monsters”? Which when you think about it could be a really awful euphemism… “Pikachu, I choose YOU!!” “Bulbasaur, GO!” …I might have raised my older boys during the height of the TV show’s popularity…)

  26. I just took a closer look at the cats in your drawing and it made me think of a movie my kids loved when they were little…My Neighbor Tortoro! Loved that movie. So your drawing has already sprouted a happy memory for me, and I haven’t even printed it out yet! Thank You!

  27. I just preordered my copy. Can’t wait!! And because my memory is faulty, when it shows up it will be a happy surprise. 🙂

  28. I love how your posts always pop into my message box on the days when my anxiety is extreme and I just need to get out of my own head! Twinning 12/29/73 ~ babes! Oh, and, of course I bought the book on Amazon the day you announced it. It will go nicely with You’re The Shit coloring book. ❤️❤️❤️ You and Jen Meyers are the shit! 😘

  29. Congratulations! That’s an amazing story. The new book looks amazing and it’s fantastic hearing how excited you are and how excited everyone here is. Way to go!

  30. I’m going to order this as soon as I can. I think you’re drawings are beautiful, and I’m not surprised that your book is selling so well.

  31. After it’s out, a Livestream where we all hang out and color together would be neat.

  32. So happy for you, and for me….in March….when I get my new coloring book (I haven’t had a coloring book since my kids were small, and technically those coloring books weren’t mine). I already ordered a new “art set” full of colored pencils and pastels just for coloring this book. Thank you for giving me something to look forward to, it means a lot.

  33. I just added it to my cart and thought it was pretty interesting that “Westcott Stainless Steel Office Ruler with Non Slip Cork Base, 6-Inch” appears in Amazon’s list of “Customers Who Bought You Are Here: An Owner’s Manual for Dangerous Minds Also Bought These Items from Other Categories”

    Is that one of your tools Jenny? Are there other things you use to make the awesome drawings? And thanks for creating this book!

  34. Are you kidding me?!? #2 is THE best spot!! People are always trying to knock down #1. Not safe. AND, it is no accident that #2 is the euphemism for poop, because to make ot to number #2, you have to be THE $#*+!!! Untouchable! Jenny, you are the poo. But in a good way. A really good way. SO EXCITED!!

  35. Jenny, it is never difficult to like/love/support true talent! I printed this picture because the cat remind me of the ones from the Youtube cartoon series, “Simon’s Cat.” Going to frame it and put it on my desk at school. And maybe print another one to color when I get stressed out there….

  36. I’m sooo excited for you and this project. I’m not saying it was me who brought you from #3 to #2, but it happened right after I finally remembered my stupid Amazon password and got my order in. And now I have to get my printer working today! 🙂

  37. I would never line a birdcage with your art, but since you keep mentioning it…

    It occurred to me that this^^ picture is a circle, and if you had a round-based bird cage like Tweety-bird, and cut out the picture to line it exactly, your birds would be so terrified looking down that they’d probably quit pooping and the picture would stay clean! HA!

  38. printed it out and will redecorate my blue wall when I get home from work

  39. Oh, Happy day!! Lots of love to You, Jenny!! I was delighted to see Dorothy Barker pictured, “on top of your new Release”!! It’s going to be EPIC!! 💜💕
    ps It’s 100+ degrees here in OC 🌞 we’d be happy to share the sunshine with Anyone coming out of dark days. Love, xo DD & Muffin 🐶

  40. So thrilled for you, Jenny, and as always … glad to be a part of it.

    The book success that is. Not “number two”. Well, okay, I am glad to be part of that, as long as we’re specifying that my pride is in a non-poopy kind of way.

  41. Yes!!!! So happy for you and not remotely surprised! And this drawing is going to be further embiggened (should Kinkos allow) and is going on my wall. Thank you!

  42. I second the idea of coming to Vancouver BC- we have lots of raccoons – Rory would feel right at home!

  43. This group is amazing for many reasons. When I am down – I come here and feel support too. When I am up – I come here and remind myself that others are not there with me….. Keeps me from having blinders.

    Your success make me happy and hopeful – as I think it does many of us. Just as if you failed – we would be happy that you TRIED and we would all get participation trophies. RIGHT? We get a trophy right? OH yes we do – it is your BOOKS!!! Those are our trophies for participating in your WILD AND WONDERFUL LIFE!!!! (from afar for all of us how fear crowds and people)

  44. Hi Jenny, I adore this drawing! Thank you so much for sharing it. You’re hard work and amazing talent and perseverance are very reassuring to me. 🙂

    Since i have so little wall space in my small home, i’d like to propose using these drawings for something else – like plates? mugs? bicycle seat covers? car decals? textiles? i dunno. Just a thought. xo

  45. March ’17 feels so far. Totally anticipating now. I absolutely love your books and always figure out ways to drop them into my conversations on and offline.. lol

  46. I am SO happy for you! I never doubted that it would catapult up the charts, we all love you and wanted this from you too much not to lose our cool getting it! I just can’t be chill when it comes to getting my hands on another Bloggess book! You’re my patronus. Even when you don’t feel like one.

  47. Can we turn The Church of Bloggessianism into a coloralong group? I just pre-ordered mine because I got distracted after the first post and forgot. It arrives a couple of days after my birthday, so it will be a late birthday present, which will be awesome!

  48. Love you, Jenny, and I can’t wait to get your next book! Congrats!

    On a side but entirely related note: My 13 year old daughter’s experiencing some really rough mental and emotional issues right now, and I gave her Furiously Happy to read. I wish you could have seen the look on her face when she told me how much better it made her feel. You’re an inspiration, and you should know that you are loved by SO many of us who have never even had the chance to meet you. Your books let us know you, and for that, we’re grateful.

  49. Fantastic! I love this awesome community you have created and I’m glad to be a part of it 😍

  50. I am in awe of all your talents…especially your talent for being real. You are a such a brave soul. Thanks for being an example of being perfectly imperfect!!

  51. “Click the image to embiggen.” Embiggen!! I love this new word, it needs to go straight into the dictionary immediately!

  52. How could you doubt us for even a moment. 😉 You must know we are always here for you and each other and for ourselves. Keep them coming

  53. Uh – you’re not in second place. You are adjacent to Jo. Your work is parallel to Harry Potter himself. That’s pretty cool.

    Can we do a hashtag or photostream or whatever where people post their finished versions of your images?

  54. I am deeply grateful that you speak your truth — and make me laugh out loud!

  55. This is one of those few occasions in life where I get to FREAK OUT WITH HAPPINESS!!! I’m so happy for you, so happy for the people who will enjoy your newest book, and THRILLED for all of those out there at will find you first time and finally feel as though they, too, have found their tribe. <3 Way to go, Jenny! <3

  56. Amazing to be number two and the book isn’t even out

    Sent from my iPhone


  57. My cat loves me too-and rubs his face on mine. Often I find cat boogers when I comb my hair.

  58. I’ve searched amazon for the answer and can’t find it, but I’m sure somebody here can help me. How does the preorder work? I’m assuming it charges you on/near the release date. Do they send you a reminder that you are going to be charged or just charge your account? I will undoubtedly forget, and living paycheck to paycheck the unexpected charge would really mess me up. Tia! Love to you all.

  59. Thank you! I needed this today. My kitty died last night, and I’ve spent the afternoon digging a grave with my seven year old son.

  60. I love to say I told you so, cause I did! I knew you would make the bestseller list because it doesn’t matter what you create, you’ve got a waiting audience. Congrats.

  61. I am literally in tears of happiness for your success! While it may be difficult for you to handle, you definitely deserve it for giving a “definition” of how depression and anxiety affect so many people who keep silent about it. Love love love you…#everybodyloveeverybody

    -Damn, I wish I could get this, but I really don’t have money, and I’m paying off a shitton of bills, and nice things for myself just have to take a backseat right now.-
    -Oh, hey, it’s like ten bucks! That’s actually not too bad, maybe I can manage that.-

  63. I giggle whenI read “embiggen” EVERY SINGLE TIME!! 😆😆😆 So happy for your Amazon success!! Janski

  64. Ditto ditto ditto…beautiful and you are helping us too. Gracias 🙂

  65. With my Crohn’s disease, I am an expert on poop. I will never confuse you with poop. You don’t stink!

  66. Pre-ordered on Amazon Prime! Woo Hoo!

    Thank you so much, Jenny. Now I can’t believe I gotta wait until March. Dayum.

  67. You and J.K. Rowling! That’ some damn good company. You are special Jenny Lawson! You have reached a LOT of people!

  68. You hit no. 2 on Amazon and your book comes out March 2017! The FUCK!!?? Listen, I “have your back” and shit, but fuck if I’m not kind of relieved that an ALREADY AVAILABLE Harry Potter book kept you out of what Ludacris calls “THE NUMBER ONE SPOT!” Yes, I’d rather read your stuff than good ol’ Harold Potes any day, but I’d much rather read about Hermione’s growing titties NOW than your book in MARCH!!! hashtagimpatienceyo

  69. Hey wouldnt it be fun to set a record for the most people coloring at the same time, the same picture when it comes out next year? It would be the best book club meeting EVER. You are the best and I owe you for all the laughter, sometimes through tears. So I will pay it forward by giving copies away next year in Fort Worth.

  70. ShiT. I FINALLY GOT TO THE END OF YOUR COMMENTS.. We all know ppl who talk in large caps, are so excited about shit, and want you to know it too, or just forgot caps were on. I’m a goof, it was a bit of both. I actually calmed myself down, by small capping it. ( Kinda feel like a large cap hedge fund director) True? Dunno.
    What I DO KNOW is that your first book, which I finally never got back on the fourth lend out, ( knew it was coming, as first three said they were gonna buy it, after they read it) at that point, I said, buy the NEXT book.I think they skipped the second to buy this one. SHIT. Coloured pencils are in order.

    LOVE YOU LONG TIME. You might have saved my life. Will send pix.

    Best regards


  71. how can you for one minute ever doubt how wonderful you are? love from a Colorado fan and follower.

  72. It’s amazing to me that someone who struggles with so much darkness in their mind can spew things into the world that cast beauty far and wide. It’s incredible. I hope you think so too.

  73. I love you. I have so enjoyed watching this happen from the start. <3 My phone is being horrible and not letting my WP cooperate, so hi from Janika at

  74. OK, I pre-ordered it! I hope this pushes you back to #2 (not euphemistically speaking), as it seems you are temporarily displaced by Armageddon: How Trump Can Beat Hillary and we can’t let that happen.

  75. WOOT WOOT, I want this book now!! So glad you did this book, I was one of many who thought your fantastic ‘doodles’ would be a great coloring book. So fucking annoying to have a brain that always tells you ‘everything will suck 24/7’, I have been dealing with that for 30+ years.

  76. Perfectly broken and perfectly happy that this is really happening!! All my support and love to you and for our tribe. :taps colored pencils impatiently: We are ready for your beauty and are with you in the dark. 😃

    Angela – writing words for film on a good day

  77. Congratulation Jenny! I’m so happy for you. Today when I went to preorder it, it’s listed as “#1 in self help books”. Way to go. Thank you for being our light and our voice. I’m definitely giving one copy to my daughter who is 15 and really struggles. Even though we don’t know each other, I feel like you fight for us all out here and I’m more thankful than I could ever show.
    Congrats Girl! You rock!

  78. I love your drawings and will buy the book and have bought stacks of “Furiously Happy” and gave them as gifts. Merchandising idea – your drawings would make great giant wall decals. Even cooler as giant wall decals you can color when you feel stressed. ❤️

  79. Just ordered my copy and cannot wait for this beauty. Thanks Jenny!

  80. Absolutely THRILLED for you!!!!! (And pretty pleased for me, too, since I’ll be getting the book when it is released. 🙂 )

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for doing this. <3

  81. My sister sent me several similar coloring books (although yours are better and more appropriate for my state of mind) and some coloring pencils several years ago. It really helps….

    Looking forward to your latest!

  82. You are awesome! And my biggest inspiration for writing these days…

  83. Yay!!! I’m so happy for you!! You’ and J.K. Rowling are book neighbors!!

  84. I pre-ordered and am so excited; i love your work and find so much hope in it!

  85. I ordered 3 of them. I hate when movies get all big like a year before they even hit the theatre but books I can wait for. Also the whole “So to sleep so I can rub on your face” thing is how I feel about my husband. I’m the one doing the face rubbing, though.

  86. That is such a great story. Glad to hear we could help you feel great. Isn’t that how the world should be? Just a thought.

  87. Your art is absolutely beautiful. Thank you for sharing it with us! And thank you even more so for being an inspiration to all of us.

  88. 60 minutes – tonight – a kid held a koala – he had cancer – but no costume

    i just finished furiously happy – u make me laugh –

    out loud

    4 real

    i am coming to another book reading

    rosie odonnell –

  89. I just wanted to tell you that I just spent 5 days inpatient because after 5 weeks of it being clear that my current meds were causing me major problems but being unable to actially get in to see an actusl psychiatrist, it was the only option left to me to get the care I knew I needed. Many of your words gave me comfort during some very dark hours – that I matter, that depression lies, that I deserve to get the help I need.

    I am now home with a new set of meds and am feeling much better. You were a part of that, even if you didn’t know it at the time. Thank you,

  90. And I hope this posts, because I figure it might make a happy Monday for you. I’ll just paste in the URL because as soon as I saw this video, I knew I had to share it with you. Thanks for all you do! And enjoy! And it if doesn’t copy, just check YouTube for Leslie Hall.

  91. Preordered my copy last week and cannot wait for it to be released. You rock. So proud of you (like how I talk like I know you personally?) 😉

  92. I was literally logging on to tell you I finished both of your books and I need you to write a new one for me to read, and you fucking came through for me before I even began typing! SQUEE! Thank you for meeting my demands. (Honestly, I’m not that demanding. Usually. I mean, clearly I could go read other books, but why would in want to?)

  93. This is fabulous news. I’ve pre-ordered two. One to cherish in my sort of hoarder-y way and the other to actually color in.

  94. Thank you for being you. Today I wanted to share “that moment when you’re paralyzed with depression and can’t even form words and your sister calls you because she’s mad that you haven’t done something and you start to cry and she says ‘I knew you would just feel sorry for yourself’ which is the most horrible thing she could have said”, and I knew you would understand. And knowing that you would understand made me feel better. So I came to your site and posted this and saw your drawings and that made me feel better, too.

  95. Hello, Jenny. I know this sounds arrogant, but could you please donate a copy of You Are Here to the Hot Springs Public Library, 2005 Library Drive, Hot Springs, SD, 57747? I’ve read and reread Let’s Pretend This Never Happened and Furiously Happy (best cover ever).

    Thank you.
    Bonnie Fairbank

  96. Saw this pop up online today and it depicts how I wish I felt with art and art books:

    I’m hoping to get a copy of your book when it comes out and to discover that I actually can manage a bit of soothing art for myself, rather than being hopelessly intimidated by the prospect 🙂

  97. My children just saw this picture that I printed to color, got jealous and I have now printed 5 more of them, one for each child, to color themselves. Thank You! 🙂

  98. Just preordered a copy! Now the hard part comes as I count down to the release date. So proud of your success and thankful for all the support you give to others!

  99. Jenny – I don’t know if you see this or read it. But felt the need to reach out to you. My daughter drug me to a book signing 3 hours from our house to get your second book. I had idea who you were or what you wrote, but I love my daughter so much it hurts so I agreed to go. We stood in line for 5 hours and you stayed to sign everyones book. We left at midnight and I got home at 3:30 am and had to be a work at 8 the next morning. Thank you for staying, even though I had no idea what to say to you, I appreciated your great kindness and graciousness. I read your first book about 3 months ago and it was very good. But I just finished your second book and it spoke to my heart. I have struggled with depression and a learned disability most of my life. Unfortunately one of my daughter has the same and I now know why we spent 6 hours in a car to see you. Thank you. I doubt I will have the strength to come out as you have but, thank you so much for your words. I know they will make my life better and I hope my daugthers as well. If you come to DC to do a book signing again, I will make the drive. Your words are magical thank you. I cannot wait to read the next book.

  100. Hi, I got nicely surprised finding out that there is a third book on the way! am reading “let’s pretend this never happened” and of course I read “Furiously happy” and I was thinking when will you write another book… Thank you for being yourself.

  101. Your drawings are really, really beautiful. I mean, I’m getting weepy. I’m feeling overcome with far too many emotions at their poignant, sad, but incredibly beautiful designs. Colouring books are fun, yeah, and a lot of them are lovely, but yours actually invoke FEELINGS. I haven’t felt an emotion like that since I first read Sark. So thank you for sharing all of that.

  102. Hi Jenny,

    Is it possible to get this image in a higher resolution? I’d love to be able to hang it on my wall. 🙂

  103. Jenny, I’ve been quietly lurking, reading your blog, for a couple of years now. I started reading it after someone forwarded me the post about Beyonce the metal chicken, because it made me laugh, and the comments from your tribe were as funny as your post, and that’s saying something. As it happens, I’ve also been struggling during that time, suddenly confronted with the fact that I suffer from depression (I somehow missed this/didn’t recognize it), and realizing that all of my idiosyncracies add up to some sort of subclinical, high-functioning autism (there are A LOT of idiosyncracies). One of the things I do to quiet the crazy is colour. It calms me and quiets the noise in my head. I just wanted to say that I love your drawings, and that I find them inspiring. I will definitely be picking up this book, as I have with your other two, and I know that it will help soothe my frenetic mind, even if it’s only for awhile. Thanks for making me feel less alone, less weird, and less crazy. Especially less alone.

  104. I was just browsing around amazon and suddenly saw that you had another boom coming out and totally screamed! Which caused people at work to stare at me.. Took a screenshot and sent it to my brother and he was really excited too! Can’t WAIT!! Congraaats!

  105. A little behind so I’m just now reading Furiously Happy. Like right now at work (August 26, 2016 at 1:57p). I can’t stop! I’m at “the President” part, then I hear this guy on the phone talking about what the President (obviously one of our executives) told him to do. I couldn’t help but think “Is he referring to the cat?” I couldn’t help but laugh. I really enjoy your books and take a lot to heart so I can’t wait to read YOU ARE HERE.

  106. I’m so glad I found you!! It’s so good to know there are so many people out there whose mind’s are either like a bag of feral cats on a merry-go-round or dead stopped.

  107. I forgot your coloring book was only available for pre-order. I was going to put it on my Christmas list. Now I’ll have to put it on my “It’s spring, I deserve a present” list.

  108. Jenny – you are the best. Love the shared pix of Ferris, Hunter, Rolly & Dorothy- wish we saw some elf or santa outfit action. You’ve brought so many people through the hard times just by being you. The joy of reading & re-reading your books make me feel like a very lucky chick, (‘ coz it’s good to know I’m okay being a little off center.)

  109. OMG. Are you using Zentangle to cope with depression, anxiety, and life? Because I totally am and that makes me feel like one of the cool kids. Off to add to my Amazon cart!

  110. I found this book at my little old library, and wandered through it pleasantly. When I got to the page with the girl “Night Swimming” in the starry pool, I stopped to get my watercolors out. I painted your image with the lovely swirly hair and silver stars on a watercolor card to send my darling Katie. She’s 11 years old and loves to swim, transplanted from here in PA to a split home at mom’s house and dad’s condo in Texas. We visited her last month, and she was most at home in the pool or the gulf of mexico, stretched out just like this, absorbing the world with her whole body. I hope you don’t mind I stole your words and idea to send her. Thank you.

  111. So I just finished your book. In a day. I hugged the book at the end, as if it were a person, tears in my eyes, because nothing and no one has ever really put into words the feelings I’ve had, and matched them with words I needed to hear (Er, well, ‘read’ I guess…).

    I can’t thank you enough for this gift. It makes the darkness of this life so much more bearable knowing I have your book to lift me up, make me laugh, or calm me down. It is a powerful tool, and you are an amazing and brave woman for providing your insight and experiences. I love this book more than I could ever express.

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

    <3 Meredith

  112. i cannot tell you how much i am enjoying this book!! i’m treating it like a box of chocolates. Not the crap you get at Walgreens but he good kind you have to buy in a real chocolate store and spend a couple days’ pay on. The kind you delicately nibble at, one piece at a time, and then shut the box and try not to eat another one for a few hours. Or days. The book came at a very appropriate time in my life and spending time with your images and words while i color it has become a kind of meditation for me. Thank you for this!

  113. Hi just thought i would tell you something. This really is the 2nd time now i have landed on your weblog within the last four days hunting for totally unrelated points. Spooky or what?

  114. It’s not my first time to go to see this website,
    i am visiting this web site dailly and take nice information from here every day.

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  116. I gave this to my DBT therapist when she went out on leave for a hip replacement. She was so excited and I wanted to grab it back from her the minute she opened it. She said she usually gives things like this to people and was looking forward to playing with it. I assured her this was NOT the normal coloring book because it was created by the BLOGGESS!!!! 🙂 I am asking for mine for Christmas (which means buying it for myself and putting it under the tree from Santa).

  117. Jenny, you are so funny. I love your books. They are laugh out loud with potty mouth. I will order your new book for sure when it’s on Kindle. Maybe you’d enjoy mine-Drinking from the Trough, pre-ordering now, Kindle and paperback for 8/28 pub. date. Keep up the good work. I especially enjoyed the geometry post. I bet you have taken geometry. We had to sophomore year in HS.
    Be well. Mary Carlson, Colorado.

  118. Jenny, I will get ‘You are Here” when it is out on Kindle. Your books make me laugh out loud, causing my cats to flee the room. I hope you will get my book, pre-ordering now, Drinking from the Trough. I’m going to try my other email, as no blog likes aol. Mary Carlson.

  119. I consider buying this for a mother’s day gift, since my mother is really into making her own artwork these days; but I debate between using the birthday money that she gave to me for this OR for a freewriter. I lust for both, and I think that she will judge me either for my misguided talent or for my misguided taste. (She abhors f-

  120. P. S. to “Bombs”
    …she abhors f-bombs. (I got twisted around the navigator on my previous message, obviously.)
    Anyway, I appreciate your frankness and your realness.
    ~Laura Flanders, a previous writer (#557?) in response to your “Let’s be friends” post

  121. I needed to compose you that tiny remark to be able to say thanks a lot as before for the gorgeous information you’ve discussed on this website. It was simply tremendously open-handed with you to offer unhampered all numerous people might have distributed as an e book to get some profit for themselves, most notably now that you might well have done it if you considered necessary. These guidelines additionally worked to be the great way to be certain that many people have a similar interest just like my very own to find out much more pertaining to this problem. I’m certain there are a lot more enjoyable occasions in the future for many who read through your website.

  122. Your next book Jenny. I want to read your next book. No pressure, I can wait.

  123. Hi there! I just received a copy of You Are Here that you kindly personalized for me (thank you so much!)! I was wondering if it would be ok with you if I made copies of the drawings FOR MY PERSONAL USE so I can keep this book at work to show my clients (I’m a psycho-ologist/therapist). I would not give them copies, but could at least then show it to them so they have another resource/outlet for their mental health. It’s a good example of therapeutic use of art and could potentially be a good “advertisement” for you 🙂 I feel weird making copies, even for myself, without author consent.

    Thank you!!

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