I love this so hard.

A lot of high school kids do monologues or speeches or interpretive scripts based on my books but I almost never get to see the finished products.  This one was online though and I just watched it and it made me (cough) furiously happy.  It’s based on Let’s Pretend This Never Happened.  Thought I would share:

(PS. Skip to the 2 minute mark if it doesn’t do that for you automatically.)

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  1. And how accurate is this? I’m guessing pretty close.

    (It’s abridged and altered a bit but it’s still remarkably accurate. ~ Jenny)

  2. As a high school speech coach who has done plenty of pieces from your works, I love seeing other schools discover the magic that is cutting all the curse words from Jenny Lawson books so high schoolers can perform it in front of their parents.

  3. That was really excellent, especially in light of the fact that they were high school students. Thanks so much for sharing it with us. 🙂

  4. I need someone who has seen this to be okay with me yelling “WHAT’S WITH THE TONE, WHORE?” at them once in a while.

  5. This was wonderful! They are both very good. Do you and Victor think you are watching home movies?

  6. Made my day. I was not having the best of days and this just turned it around. I love how honest you are. Keep your head up.

  7. So much more than PHENOMENAL!! I am so happy for you! You make a difference to sooooo many peoples lives and for that I am grateful!
    You have definitely made a difference in this misfits life!
    Keep on being awesomely YOU!

  8. I think I’ve figured it out…TV isn’t the right venue for your stories. You’re meant for Broadway. Well, actually, you could stay in the green room while actors play out your stories. Wait…what we really need is “Let’s Pretend This Never Happened: The Musical.” With an original score by Amanda Palmer and paper collating by Wil Wheaton. Just a thought…

  9. Im sure my neighbours are not utterly convinced they live next to a crazy person because I just spent the last 10 minutes laughing out loud at my phone. 🤣 (and then cried just a little at the end there)

    I hope these kids have an agent!!

  10. I am still wiping the tears of laughter from my eyes! You gave them awesome material, and they did an amazing job with it!

  11. Brilliant–what lovely kids. They totally deserved the win, and I loved how they and the other remaining couple hugged before they announced the winner. Classy:-)

  12. I love this so hard too! I had forgotten the “GPS Whore” line. I call her the BITCH – she has tried to kill me too.
    GPS: Turn right!
    Me: NO, Bitch – that goes right into the RIVER!!!
    GPS: Recalculating (why does she say it in a tone that sounds like “you f’in loser!’)

  13. Oh yeah, and that girl in the video is so near to exactly the “Jenny voice” that I hear in my head.

    (Weirdly, me too. She does me better than I do me. ~ Jenny)

  14. Wildly! Funny!! Those two extremely talented young actors truly did justice to your writing, Jenny. I wish for the two of them all the success in the world, as they deserve it.

  15. HOLY CRAP! It isn’t about me or my life but it made me cry out of being so awesome! 😀 I can’t imagine watching people act out episodes from my life. 😀

  16. That was better than what Hollywood puts out! I laughed and cried and made a really weird noise when I laughed too hard for air to come out. Ah-maz-ing.

  17. That just made me so happy, I laughed through the entire thing. They are so talented! You really should get a movie deal in which Victor is prominently featured, what a great husband you have 🙂

  18. Awww……you guys are so fucking cute! And it turns out that watching re-enactments of you are more fun than reading about you. Just a tiny little bit because reading your shit made me laugh so hard The Viking thought I was choking and started the Heimlich. Loved this.

  19. Love it!! This is how it sounded in my head when I was reading this passage.
    Also, what awesome kids. 🙂

  20. This just made me laugh and cry, and they totally nailed you guys! Erm… I mean they nailed your characters, not literally nailed, or euphemistically nailed, oh gawd I should probably stop typing now, shouldn’t I?

  21. You’re going to reach out to them and give them a photo op with your giant chicken or something right? Let us know when they come to visit. I’d like to hear the outcome of Part 7.

  22. #1. I had no idea people are actually acting out passages from your books and #2 this is so EXCELLENT!!!

  23. So much fun to watch! I joined your tribe when you were altering signs for a missing bitey rattlesnake – guessing this was Snake #1 in their skit.

  24. They are SO good, and I cried at the end. So happy there is so much love in your book and for your book!! 🙂

  25. Laughing, crying, laughing, crying…and just feel the need to hug anyone right now. I sure hope the first person I see is agreeable.

  26. Jenny,

    I used to do public speaking at my school (at Boston Latin, it is called “Declamation”, and is required as part of your English grade every semester — I was one of the weird ones who liked doing it so much, I’d compete on the school’s main stage). I cannot even TELL you how much I had your book back then to pull material from. I could have crafted some AMAZING monologues from what you’ve written … and I may suggest it as source material for the students at the school now. Meanwhile, these two kids did an INCREDIBLE job. They not only cracked me up, they made me cry, and that’s a pretty amazing accomplishment for two high school kids to pull off in less than ten minutes.

  27. This is AMAZING!!! I think it’s so incredibly awesome that students act out your books… As hysterical as it is to read, it’s even more hysterical to see it playing out! Wow.

  28. So. BatDad came on at first. And i was really confused because I didn’t remember a scene in Lets Pretend.. that involved towels, bats or kitchens. But since I read it a few years ago, maybe memory fails? Maybe some scene where you say “dearie” a lot? Get bigger towels? Towels were in your first book….
    That’s the shit going through my head.
    Turns out it loaded the wrong video and a refresh showed the right video.
    They were adorable!

  29. What an adorable tribute, that’s what I am calling it:) I found that to be so sweet, that has to make you smile Jenny!

  30. who do you think should play you and Victor in the movie version? this two kids look pretty good.

  31. That’s awesome! See Jenny, even the teenagers and college students are touched by you…well not literally, unless you’re into that kind of- nevermind. You get the point. Everyone, everywhere loves you. Little ol you! How flattering!

  32. Fantastic! My favorite things: Jenny Lawson and great humorous acting. You must be so proud. PS – from now on, your voice in my head is really that girl’s and Victor is about 17.

  33. O. M. D. !!!! This was wonderful! I am soooo happy for you! You are a gem and I’m so glad I found you! Your sense of humor was the ladder I climbed out of the depths of despair on. Thank you. Thank you. 😂❤️✌️ Your fan, Lynda

  34. Aww that was so great. I’m so glad you came across it and shared it with us. I hope you are doing well also.

  35. Your book translates ridiculously well to the stage! Thank you for sharing this, and BRAVO actors!

  36. Wow. They are great. And she kind of sounds like you. I read the book, but hearing it played out like that makes me realize (all over again) how perfect you and Victor are for one another. Kismet.

  37. So glad I have found somewhere to laugh out loud everyday !!! Thanks for this post and the many more to come that I can visit and realize that life is worth laughing at !!!

  38. that was wonderful! thank you for posting it and giving me the out loud laugh I’ve needed for days.

  39. Benjamin Franklin said that the biggest compliment that an author can get is when another author writes about them with praise. I think this counts. That was amazing and you DESERVE to see your life acted out. Imitation is the best form of flattery. Love you so much.

  40. That’s awesome that high school kids get to do your books, and those two were perfect! I’m trying to imagine it from your point of view, though; that must be surreal watching people act out your life.

  41. This was awesome. Was watching it with the hubby in the room while he was trying to work. He gave up, watched it with me, and laughed his butt off. Thanks!

  42. I coach high school speech in Minnesota; this is well done! We had a student use some of your material last year in a program about mental illness. She (and the coaches) LOVE your books!

  43. Omg she just gets u. She’s soooo good at being you I’d send her on book tours when your having a bad day. Ps this made my day thanks Jenny

  44. That was freaking awesome. It’s been so long since I read LPTNH that I now have to go back and reread it because I forgot how freaking funny it was. You need to have someone put together a whole stage production of Jenny scenes and do a tour, because that would be awesome and you’d make a shit ton of money. Plus, someone who looks and acts like you would go around the country making people happy on your behalf and you could just stay home with the animals!

  45. Love love love love love!! I was in Drama Club in HS and really wish your books had been around for me to pull a scene from in class. I only did the acting part to get my Thespian status, otherwise I was all behind the scenes. Building sets, focusing lights, running sound, staging props, etc. Good times. I’m so glad you found this to share!

  46. THAT WAS FANTASTIC!!!!! Absolutely amazing! The kids (young adults) were perfect, their timing on point, ad of course the material was superb. Jenny, you must do a screenplay/stage play/sitcom!!! Everything out there right now is drivel!

  47. It is scary how well that actress played you! And the portrayal of Victor. Oh, this was so wonderful.

  48. I was having the worst God-awful day and just opened a letter from my insurance company that my premium was going up 75.00 a month and thought I would sit down and cry before going home from work. Watched this instead and now I’m going to be fine. Thank you so much. I love you and the people who get you.

  49. The way she sinks onto the floor when he tells her not to sit on the couch — I can so see you doing that!

  50. A “lot” of high school kids do monologues based on your books??? Who are these amazing kids?? This is unreal in how awesome it is. And how wonderful that your books affect highschoolers this profoundly. This is wonderful.

  51. DYING! That was adorable and hilarious at the same time, and I think that every high school drama/speech tournament should use your books!

  52. This could work on Broadway – especially if you cast those two kids. Thanks for sharing.

  53. That is EPIC. I have been reading the comments on the original Beyonce post (“Pick Your Battles”) and I think the troll(s) on there need to see this. By the way, he/she/it said you’d never make it to 16 years… And here you are six years later, still happily married.

  54. THIS!!! This is the best thing I have ever seen! Sincerely, those kids are wonderful and they have totally captured what I believe to be your relationship with Victor (based on your writings)! The only thing that could have made it better would be if Hailey was doing the “Jenny” role. Because we all know she is on the way to becoming a great actress.

  55. Wonderful! There’s so much about this that they get, but don’t yet “get get.” But they will. /Kosh

  56. I was in speech and debate in high school and I would have LOVED to bring your writing to life in this way! Thank you for sharing this. I hope it is a reminder that what you do is so meaningful and appreciated by so many of us. Thank you for what you do, your writing brings laughter and tears at just the right moments.

  57. They were amazing! Can I go back and do high school again? I swear I’d be so much better at it this time. They make it look so fun. Of course they had stellar material to work with!

  58. Oh my word!!!! That was fantastic!!!! The two of them were adorable, and I honestly thought I was watching you and Victor on stage! Thank you SO MUCH for sharing this Jenny!!!! oxoxoxo

  59. Who are these amazing kids!?! They have impeccable timing and a perfect understanding of your words. They captured your storytelling perfectly.
    You need to find them because they are EXACTLY how I pictured you and Victor as I read your books. We all know Let’s Pretend This Never Happened and Furiously Happy will be made into movies–hurry up already, Hollywood!–and these kids need to be cast for the movies, and subsequent tv show. (Can you imagine how much fun you’d have casting the parts of the different ages of Hailey?)
    How amazing is the internet? Such a phenomenal performance, and such a huge compliment to you and your beautiful mind!

  60. I did this in high school and I would have loved to have had excerpts from your books to perform!

  61. This is so cool! Let’s Pretend This Never Happened was the first book I actually enjoyed reading. This definitely makes me want to go back and read it again haha

  62. I think “Hollywood” would ruin it (just like they did with Janet Evanovich’s books). DEFINITELY needs to be on Broadway…with these kids starring!! Would be a smash hit for years!

  63. Thank you so much for sharing this! The fact that it even exists in the world makes me happy. Those 2 did an amazing job with your fantastic material. Thanks for making me smile on the Monday-est Wednesday.

  64. How, HOW do we get them to do a sitcom based on years ur life and cast these kids??? They are what I think in my head when I read you dialogue. And they LOOK like you guys! Are you going to try to meet them? You could have them hang out in your bathroom.

    P.S. I feel a little better than I did before watching this. Than you for posting. I’m a bit less concerned about our future.

  65. And the typos are my horrible eyes unable to read the text! It’s “based on YOUR life” “think in my head”

  66. Holy shit! That was the coolest thing I’ve seen in ages! Laura & Yianni were GREAT! Why did this take three years to make the rounds? For God’s sake people, this is the shit to share!!

  67. As someone who used to do this type of competitive drama and speech in high school, (only 1 or 20+ years ago), this is excellent! Very easy to see why they won, great talent. Of course, the material they are working with is amazing! Me? All I had to work with was Shelby from Steel Magnolias. But damn it, I KILLED it and got to ride home 7 hours in a shirt soaked with OJ. But I had the state trophy in my lap.

    This was totally wonderful, and I’m now going to start searching for more students doing your work!!!

  68. That was so awesome that I clicked through to YouTube in order to put a like and leave a comment on the original video. I laughed, I cried, I stand in awe of these two young adults’ talent.

  69. Fabulous! Great interpretation of your writing!!!! Just makes me what to go back to high school so that I can participate in drama (well, not).

  70. AWESOME! They NAILED it! Although I picture you more subdued and melodramatic than all giddy. They did nail the content and the fact that you are bat-shit crazy. 🤣🤣🤣I love you. I didn’t mean to actually reference your disability status. 🤔🙀😁🤡

  71. That was so awesome. I often listen to your audio books as i go o sleep and she even sounded a bit like you! ❤

  72. OMG–this took me right back to my high school speech days. I would have totally done this with my duo partner, Eric! They were fantastic!

  73. You are fabulous and I am so very happy other (and young) people are getting to know this! I shared this with our high school english teachers ❣️

  74. This is so ridiculously terrific. I had the sound turned way up on my computer when I started watching and it scared my kitten and made him dive for cover. This is so great I want to watch it again and again.

  75. I really needed that. Bad 2 weeks of just existing and I felt alive and actually smiled during it. Wish that they had done more to pull me out of …. thank you

  76. Wow, they were amazing. I cried too! And since someone asked upstream who should play you and Victor in the movie, this girl makes it clear it should be Anna Kendrick. She’s definitely got an Anna vibe going on here.

  77. God, I miss speech. Speech and debate was my Thing from 7th grade until about halfway through college (when I broke up with my debate partner, ending a 4 year relationship, and just noped out of the whole thing). I showed this to my kids – “this is what your mother did for 10 years of her life, more or less”.

  78. oh that was wonderful. and they were really very good. I could see you there, delivering those lines…I loved the rattlesnake bit…Im still in awe of ‘victor’s” moves in that.

  79. Oh dear I didn’t mean to submit that with nothing else.
    They do mad-cap so well I now know who I put on my dream cast for a movie version of “To Say Nothing of the Dog”.

  80. watched it again. Laughed until I cried, and then burst into tears when he proposed. You are amazing. Victor, as you well know, is also amazing. And these two kids are, too. I forgot that this was not Jenny and Victor, totally.

  81. I’m commenting again because I’ve just changed my WordPress account and I doubt you would notice that I unfollowed you and then someone else with the same name refollowed you, but just in case you’re really that attentive to your thousands of followers (maybe that’s what you do in the wee hours of the morning, chart the comings and goings of your followers, what do I know?), I just want to say I’m still me, just trying to gain separation between aspects of my online identity. All this blathering is just to overexplain why I’m abusing your comments section; I want to make sure I still come through identifiably even though I’m not the same me I was when I commented before. I mean, I’m the same ME, just not the same WordPress me. Yeah, brain weasels and caffeine. Bad combination. Love ya!

  82. I’ve watched this at least five times now and I think I’m addicted! I watched with my youngest son, who has autism and a great sense of humor. He laughed at every single part. I believe there either needs to be a movie or a broadway play based on your first book. And I think these two young actors need the starring roles. Her timing is absolutely on point. Her hand gestures are perfect.”What’s with the tone, WHORE???” My son thought that was incredibly funny.

    How do we get these kids their own movie or broadway play???

  83. LOVED this! Thanks for sharing it with us Jenny. I just had to shared it (and you) with all my “Friends” too!

  84. That settles it.. Your life needs to be made into a movie or, even better, a TV show! It would be AMAZEBALLS!!!!

  85. That was fabulous and made me laugh when I don’t feel like there’s much in my life to laugh about right now. Thank you for sharing it.

  86. Since my name is also Lynda, go back and read comment 104 at the end and that goes for me too. Jenny, you are a treasure, and those kids were fantastic. Like others, I thought they kind of looked like you and the few pictures I’ve seen of Victor. This really did make my day, so thank you from one more admirer. Now go to 104, 🤗

  87. It’s like watching an interpretive dance of your book! LOVE IT! Thank you for writing something that makes me laugh and smile every time I read/hear/see it.

  88. I needed this today. Like, more than you could know. I saw it when it was posted and didn’t get around to it, and it called to me today. And it made me smile and laugh out loud, which is beyond immense right now. So thank you, kids, for doing such a great job, and thank you, Jenny, for not only being you but sharing it with the rest of us. It was like a giant, just-right hug on a day when such a thing might give me the strength to plod on. I survived Sept, but so far, Oct. seems to have me in its sights. I’ll be ok, just not this minute. But this sure went far to point me in the right direction. Just…thanks.

  89. oh my gosh. this is utterly fantastic! now your story needs to be on stage!!

  90. OMG no man has ever invited me over to steal all his books; I would marry him so hard!!

  91. It’s wonderful! Thanks for the laughter. Congrats on being part of another winner.

  92. Well now I’m laughing hysterically at work, and then crying a little too. Which is basically what happened the first time I read this book. Love this!!

  93. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww…..funny and sweet! So much better than a book on tape. 🙂

  94. So my husband is out playing a wedding tonite… I was feeling a little reminiscent of our wedding and kinda sad that I am sitting home alone on a Saturday night… so I baked some brownies, a lemon cake and some bagels (I bake my feelings away I guess) and oila! This comes along and just makes my night even better. Those kids…sigh. Thanks for making my night full of laughs!

  95. Oh God. I don’t know what to do as I have loads of work to do next week semester. Plus the university exams are nearing, it will be a stretch. I am already losing sleep maybe I should website to calm down a little bit. Hopefully it will all go well. Wish me luck.

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