Happy birthday to you! Yes, you.

Happy birthday!

Is it your birthday?  I KNOW BECAUSE I AM PSYCHIC.

Is it not your birthday?  Yes it is.  You are wrong.  Because I SUCK at remembering birthdays and have even forgotten my own so I decided that today is everyone’s birthday.  If you want to go up a year you are a year older.  If you want to go down 10 years that’s fine too.  These are the rules of Universal Birthday Day.

And what do you get for your birthday?  You get something lovely and it’s entirely up to you what that thing is.  Go take a hot bath and listen to true crime podcasts.  Go buy a bunch of facial masks and oils and give yourself a spa day.  Go buy that thing you’ve been wanting but haven’t been able to justify.  Sit in the grass and read an amazing book.  Binge-watch Doctor Who.  Go to the movies.  Call the person who makes you laugh.  Forgive yourself for that thing you’ve been feeling bad about.  Dress your pets up in costumes and have a small parade.  Snuggle with rescue animals at a no-kill shelter.  Have a pillow fight.  Learn a new hobby.  Eat an ice cream cake.  Go to the library.  Pull out the slip-and-slide.  Have a whipped cream fight.  Take a nap with your pets.  DO WHATEVER YOU WANT BECAUSE IT IS YOUR BIRTHDAY!

And that means it’s my birthday too so I am going to finish this post and then give away presents because that makes me happy.  So leave me a comment telling me what wonderful thing you’re going to do for yourself for your birthday and I’ll randomly email some of you gift certificates for books or bath bombs or whatever strange thing makes your heart sing.

Happy birthday, y’all.


And on an entirely different subject, it’s time for the Sunday wrap-up!

Shit I made in my shop (Named “EIGHT POUNDS OF UNCUT COCAINE” so that your credit card bill will be more interesting.):


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  1. I’m gonna blow bubbles with my dog on my deck!

  2. I am going to lay in bed and read because I finally was able to afford central air. AND IM USING A COMFORTER. IN SUMMER.

  3. Its actually my birthday today!! 😊 Im visiting my grandparents and eating my favorite lemon cake

  4. 4
    Brenda Robbins

    I’m going to make some glittery calm down sensory bottles and felt figures for my classroom next year. Then I’m gonna watch the staircase on Netflix. Maybe all of it. Happy Birthday everybody!

  5. I’m going to pet my kitty then go away from my kitty to play my flute (because my kitty doesn’t like my playing). I’m guessing that you are going to “Dress your pets up in costumes and have a small parade. ”

    Happy Birthday Everyone!!!!

  6. I napped with a pet and am binge watching Anthony Bourdain on the Travel Channel while drinking coffee and eating pecan kringle.

  7. Its actually my birthday today!! 😊 Im visiting my grandparents and eating my favorite lemon cake

  8. I am going to make myself a cupcake and eat it while drinking a glass of wine. Happy birthday to me! 🙂

  9. A very merry unbirthday to you! I’m going to curl up on the couch with a good book this afternoon and not think about anything work or school related. And my hubby is home and he’s making dinner. Double win!

  10. I’m going to make a raspberry pie! And then, I’m going to actually let myself eat it like a child would. Without fear. Or guilt.

  11. It is my actual birthday!

  12. Happy Universal Birthday Jenny! I think 🤔 my daughter and I will snuggle up and stream all our favorite Marvel movies! Thank you for reminding me of this special day!

  13. My birthday was this week – so thank you! I’m going to eat sushi and cake!

  14. 14
    JoAnn Stack

    This blog blows my mind! I honestly wondered how you knew it was my birthday… For real, 59! I don’t my sharing the day and am happy to wish yuh the best universal birthday. Right now we’re drinking daiquiris and watching Ingrid Bergman in Notorious! Next up, Rear Window. Hey Birthday to all!

  15. It was my birthday on Wednesday! I got my tonsils out. 🙁 I’m sick of popsicles. I bought some new books today and will take a bubble bath later 🙂

  16. 16

    Going to go out for salted caramel frozen yogurt with my 11year old son and than maybe a quiet peaceful hot bath while our roomba cleans the house. Yay for robots. Happy birthday everyone!

  17. My birthday was yesterday! 💜 I’m gonna have all the chocolate (dark for me).

  18. 18
    Ragdoll Poet

    Happy birthday to everybody! I’m going to go out to dinner with my husband to celebrate. Because we’re all still here.

  19. I am going to watch DEADPOOL2 and when they ask for ID I’m gonna tell them it’s my birthday

  20. 20
    Dawn Belue

    I’m going to float in pool and read Val McDermid’s latest crime novel. Happy Universal Birthday all!

  21. I’m going to make myself a hot cup of green tea, snuggle up nude in bed and watching gameplay for horror games although my heart is fragile and I get the hibby jibbies very easily 🙂

    findingsatoriblog recently posted 5 Days of Gratitude: Life..

  22. 22
    Joan Taylor

    It isn’t my birthday, but how nice to be thought of. I bought a foxglove plant for my flower bed. Flowers make me happy, hummingbirds make me happier. Have a great day!

  23. I’m going to pull out my art supplies and a pile of books, create a nest and alternate between reading and creating colorful chaos on paper. I’m also going to drink a lot of tea and hope my anxiety decides that since it’s my ‘birthday’ it can take a break.

  24. 24

    I’m going to take my little doggie outside to hunt for lizards–her absolute favorite thing to do because it’s her birthday too!

  25. Yes dress up my 4 cats and put on our rollerskates for a roller-disco. Exactly that! (It’s their birthdays too)

  26. I’m going to a friend’s Tony Awards watch party and I’ve been trying to justify the cost of driving there vs bus/subway. Universal birthday justification it is!!! My actual birthday is in a week and a half and I’m trying not to dread it too much. Why do birthdays have such complicated feelings attached to them??? I like Universal Birthday much better.

  27. It’s my birthday month! I will finish writing two grant applications for (1) our teachers’ professional development and (2) kids’ lunches and go sleep and recover from my walking pneumonia/ebola/chicken pox (whatever kids at school are spreading this month)

  28. 28
    Jennifer Starkey

    I’m going to read and cuddle my cat because I have a people hangover.

  29. 29
    Kelsey Hughes

    We are playing host to a sweet 3-legged rescue dog who is probably going to become a member of our mess of a family. So, I’m going to spend the day cuddling with the 3 dogs in our house and laughing as they get used to each other.

  30. 30
    Darlene Black

    I’m going to give my Dad a new recliner for my birthday. He’s old and his bones hurt, and he misses my mom. He was going to get it for Father’s Day, but now it’s going to be for my birthday. Gotta go shopping…right now.

  31. 31
    Feral woman

    Geezus. My birthday is coming up – this email blog update of yours arrived like a trash panda stalker’s wet dream. Are YOU PSYCHIC???!

    It doesn’t matter. I have to share my birthday with Men around the world every so often. As a child, I was very conflicted about Father’s day…until I met the kids whose birthday was shared with Jesus’s…

  32. Today is also National Lazy Mom’s Day! I’m celebrating watching my son play ice hockey and working towards getting me in a better “place.” And finding a yummy gluten free chocolate cookie. It’s the little things!

  33. Well my birthday was a week ago but close enough. It was my 60th! Went to Niagara Falls with my hubby and our best friends surprised me by showing up at our hotel with a bottle of champagne. Great birthday!!

  34. I’m going to finish my LaCroix and book and then I’ll have my birthday nap! Happy birthday!

  35. I’m going to binge watch Brooklyn 99 and read! I actually have them house to myself so I can actually do these things. 😄

  36. Well, it’s actually bed time here for me, but I’ve had a good day listening to cricket (the sport, not the insects!) and also watched Rafa win undecima, in between reading fic and watching my favourite show on DVD (NCIS:LA) so happy unbirthday to me and all of us!

  37. Mm don’t know why i showed upad anonymus…rollerskates are on as e speak!

  38. I’m going to get a deep tissue massage and buy shorts that actually fit!

  39. Yay! I had ice cream earlier because it was super hot so I’m gonna go have some cake too. because it’s my birthday guys! – Jenny said so.

  40. I’m going to drink wine with my main squeeze (my English Mastiff, Maisie).

  41. I’m going to drive around and hit some pokestops while listening to an audiobook.

  42. 42
    Colleen Gilgenbach

    I’m going to paint, on paper, not walls (because that sucks)

  43. 43
    Petra Dashner

    In a funk today, so encouragement for self care is very appreciated. I’m going to snuggle my sweet 8 cats and maybe take a bubble bath and read awesome books. Thank you for being you and creating this Blog!

  44. Im going to do some self care, work on my CBT homework for depression and drink copious amounts of coffee…. if im lucky i will have time to do spme reading as well!

  45. I’m going to sleep in for as long as I want. Then I’m going to the nearest animal shelter and adopting a cat!

  46. After being surrounded by a billion strangers at my boyfriend’s employee picnic I’m going to go home and hide in a blanket cocoon and read all the books.

  47. 47
    Kimberly Cornwell

    I’m going to hang upside down like a sloth in wall yoga…because, well, just because….

  48. Happy birthday, everyone!

    I’m going to try to tackle some things in my ever growing end-of-the-school-year To Do List. I’m also thinking I may need a nap and to eat icing straight out of the jar because pregnancy allows me to pretend it’s a craving. 😉👍🏻

  49. I’m going to alternately binge watch TV, and work on writing fan fiction. I have been putting my writing to the side so much, I have forgotten how happy (and sad, and angry, and frustrated, and all the other things writing can be) it makes me, so that’s what I’ve been doing a lot lately.

    Happy Birthday to you! (Also, my real birthday is July 5th, so you’re super close, psychic friend. 😉 )

  50. I’m watching “I Saw the Light “ because there is never enough Tom Hiddleston in my life. My actual birthday is on Friday. I’m going to see “Ocean’s 8” with my girlfriends.

  51. I’m going to knit, which feels fantastic, because a month ago i broke my hand (and foot, and back, but i don’t knit with those things) and i’m just able to knit again and it feels very, very good to do so. 🙂 It also feels great to be able to walk my dog again, so he thinks it’s his birthday too now that we’re walking again. ^_^

  52. I’m going to have a nap with my kittens and watch Doctor Who on my laptop because my 5th anniversary camping trip got cut short by me getting poison ivy.

  53. Im currently writing a paper on the story telling elements in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows…no really Im having fun ♡

  54. Awwww. Happy universal birthday. I’m going to celebrate by cooking dinner for some on my closest friends and drinking wine! I love cooking especially trying out new cuisines and tonight’s theme is Indian. Smells like garam masala and cinnamon in my house.

    Have a beautiful birthday everyone

  55. I’m going to try to forgive myself for feeling like a failure for not doing all the things I think I should do and for feeling like I spend too much time working and not enough with my kids. I’m going to play a board game with them and once they’re in bed in going to read a book or colour a picture or both!

  56. Have a beautiful birthday, Jenny Lawson. You are a precious treasure.

  57. I’m going to have pie n ice cream…. because it’s been an awful month … and pie always makes it better.

  58. 58
    Stephanie Heller

    I’m going to turn off my phone, ignore the dishes and sit in bed with my cat in my lap and bingewatch British mysteries and get empanadas and ice cream delivered

  59. I’m going to curl up on my couch and binge watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine and drink water and take painkillers and hope my headache goes away. This helped brighten my day, so thank you!

  60. So, my 60th Birthday is a week from today. I saw this email and freaked out. I already got my gift to myself. My mom gave me some bling and I had a new piece of bling made for me! Thanks Jenny… Happy Birthday to you too. Love you!

  61. Happy birthday everyone! For my surprise birthday today, I am going to do something that I think we could all benefit from. I am going to try to be kinder to myself and not torture myself because I have anxiety. I will also snuggle with my dogs and pick something new on Netflix to watch. Jenny, I think the pet parade is a wonderful idea, but my dogs disagree. They say that I am only allowed to dress them up twice a year (Halloween and Christmas).

    My Superpowers Have Yet To Come recently posted Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain.

  62. How did you know it’s my birthday??? (It isn’t) I’m relaxing and listening to Hamilton.

  63. 63
    Donna Klie

    It was my birthday a week ago but close enough. It was my 60th! Went to Niagara Falls with my hubby and our best friends surprosed me by showimg up with a bottle of champagne. Best. Birthday. Ever.

  64. 64
    Katie Brown

    I am going to sleep like there is no tomorrow. But there is, and I have to go to work. But before that, I shall sleep!

  65. Happy Birthday to you too!
    I’m going to grill up a nice juicy steak for supper.

  66. Thursday is my actual birthday. So I’m making myself a delicious cake from a new cookbook I got

  67. 67
    Charlie Wilson

    I did some crafty things for the new house and later will break my no sugar, no carb, no dairy all-to-keep-my-lady-organs-happy diet to have one of my grandmother’s favorite chocolates in her memory since today would have been her 100th birthday!

  68. 68
    Jeff Magnani

    I’m going to read! I have / want so many books to read! Thank you for this message that made me smile, Jenny.

  69. I’m in my 9th month of pregnancy so I’m giving myself a nap and some chocolate.

  70. I think I either didn’t post properly or it ended up anonymous.

    I’m going to celebrate universal birthday by cooking dinner for 5 of my closest friends. I love cooking especially for other people and I enjoy trying all kinds of new cuisines. Tonight’s theme is Indian so my house smells like garam masala and cinnamon.

    Happy birthday to everyone!

  71. I’m post surgery so I’ll spend my universal birthday cuddled up in bed, eating soup, and watching random YouTube videos.
    Damn, can’t drink but at least I get to be post surgery high? Maybe I’ll go buy that taxidermy squirrel I’ve always wanted but my roommate told me wasn’t welcomed into our home.

  72. I’m going to cuddle up with my kitties and read until I fall asleep.

  73. 73
    Linda Levitt

    My birthday is later this week so I’m going to start celebrating today!

  74. 74

    I already slept in epically so that’s nice. Now I will relax and read cheesy romance novels for the rest of the day. And I’m going to hire someone to mow my lawn this week because I don’t wanna.

  75. Since I’m in Germany and my day is about over, I did send my day reading, napping, and eating lots of cookies.

  76. Fighting a little flare-up so it was nice to wake up from my nap with the dogs and be reminded it’s everyone’s birthday! Happy Birthday to us! I’m going to stay on the couch and cheer you all on 😀

  77. I am getting dressed up, including sparkly dangling earrings and red lipstick, to go watch theTony Awards with friends. I also painted my nails which always feels luxurious.

  78. Nothing productive! Watch ols Star Yrek reruns!

  79. Today I’m drinking iced coffee and enjoying the sunshine before the rain starts with my favourite person in the world.. and then when the rain inevitably comes I’m gonna go home and watch something stupid on Netflix that makes me belly laugh and not feel guilty about not doing chores on my only day off this week.

    Also… sidenote: when you mentioned be careful out there… I thought you might be referring to the recent string of crow attacks here in Vancouver that have gotten so bad they made a digital map of them. Check it out… http://dailyhive.com/vancouver/crow-map-vancouver-2018

    (Or don’t if you’re afraid of crows.. or have seen the movie The Birds.. or if you just don’t feel like it cuz that’s how birthdays work, right?)

  80. What a fun post! I’m lounging on the couch with my cat Chalupa Batman and watching episodes of Live PD I have on the DVR (they’re recorded because I don’t stay up late enough to watch them live). Well, I’m watching. He is napping. Except when the sirens go off and he gets woken up. This offends him but not enough to make him leave.

    I’m also enjoying a glass of wine because it’s not drinking alone if your cat is at home.

  81. I’m going to go to this smash room called Le Smash with my sister and have an awesome time smashing things/being destructive. 😎

  82. I’m going to plop on the couch with my cat (that recently had surgery) and binge watch Supernatural while cross stitching.

  83. 83

    It’s not my birthday but I think I’ll buy some ice cream, pet my rabbits, and listen to a good book on Audible.

  84. I’m going to cuddle my cats and read a book until I fall asleep.

  85. I am going to try to read as cats compete for my attention.

  86. I’m trying to find the energy celebrate a friend’s birthday after having a anxiety/depression/meltdown crisis yesterday. It’s not working very well. -_- I did bake a cake, though, so maybe I’m not a totally horrible friend. Just mostly. 🙁

  87. 87
    Sarah Boehmer

    I just discovered goodreads. I’m entering my “to read” list into the app. And painting furniture with my daughter.

  88. Take a bath, then watch the Tony’s!

  89. I’m going to make spaghetti and enjoy it with the homemade sauce and meatballs I made last week. Also garlic bread. Then the Tonys.

  90. Take a bubble watch then watch the Tony’s!

  91. 91

    I’m going to snuggle on the couch with my cat, who recently had surgery, and binge watch Supernatural.

  92. I’m going to finish watching the F1 Canadian Grand Prix, take a bath with a Lush bath bomb, paint my nails and do a sheet mask, then get an early night with a good book. Gotta be up at 6am for work tomorrow, so soothing and quiet is the plan.

    Happy birthday, everyone!

  93. It’s my unbirthday?!? I’m spending the day on the porch listening to the rain with Dorothy Barker’s boyfriend (my 6 year old Papillon, Toby) asleep on my lap.

  94. I’m going to pretend my cat can’t keep getting into the crawl space at our new house.
    Maybe I’ll pretend we don’t live here.
    Maybe I should make an order at Sephora for some retail therapy.

  95. You’re psychic! It actually is my birthday!
    I’m trying to ignore the heat index, and heading to the botanical gardens to visit the roses. Then music and dinner with partner and my mom.

  96. I am going to take a day off from worrying about being unemployed and be grateful that I have family and friends. I’m also going to binge watch Bates Motel.

  97. Right now, I think a banana split would make my heart sing. That, and running away from everyone and everything but that can’t happen at this exact moment because I have to adult tomorrow. Sigh! I’m really going to enjoy my banana split.

  98. It actually is my birthday today, so thank you. 😉

  99. My birthday began right after midnight when I bought myself a copy of Appetites, Anthony Bourdain’s last cookbook. (Sob)
    I’m going to cook something and pour a glass of wine too.
    Happy birthday to you too , Jenny, and happy birthday to the rest of this tribe. It’s been a rough week.

  100. 100
    Vernon Balbert

    My birthday is on Friday and I just bought a tablet so I can listen to music and audio books and fall asleep.

  101. I went to the gym in my apartment complex… but it was 81 degrees in there! It’s cooler outside here in Virginia! At least I did 1 mile on the treadmill!

  102. My kids are over at the neighbor kid’s birthday party and I am going to ignore the rules of polite society and not stay and talk to all the other parents and instead I am going to take a nap on the couch in my nice quiet house!!!

  103. I haven’t willingly celebrated my birthday since I turned thirteen for a variety of reasons, none of which have anything to do with age. I love your kind heart though and wish you and everyone else a wonderful birthday! I’m singing the happy unbirthday song from Alice in Wonderland to you all.
    ❤️ Lostdotter

  104. 104
    Krishna J

    I will spend the day forcing my son to buy dress pants for his high school graduation. Because he neglected to tell us he has grown out of his old ones. Did you get taller? No, he says wider. I spin around for him and say, this is what you’ll wind up with if you don’t keep up with your workouts. A cautionary tale. So pants only, no Cinnabon.

  105. I will order myself the book on Amazon I’ve been waiting for and have coffee with my friend who I haven’t seen in ages.

  106. I’m on duty all day today, as I am every Sunday, but I’m also going to put on an audiobook and work on joining blocks of an afghan I’m crocheting. I already ordered cheap pizza because I didn’t feel like cooking AND this way I get some veggies. 😉

  107. 107

    I’m going to buy myself the crafting supplies I’ve been putting off and start a fun new project.

  108. Well, it’s my “birthday” and since my husband and daughter are on the way to Cincinnati children’s for an appointment for her tomorrow, River Song (the dog) and I are going to enjoy complete peace and quiet together. We will probably go to the dog park.
    As for what I am really planning to get for my birthday, I want to get a real food dehydrator. I have a cheapie WalMart special that doesn’t do a good job and does an extremely small amount. I have been planning this for years and never have the money so the model I have on Amazon is constantly changing. It hasn’t happened yet, but a girl can dream. I would love to be able to dehydrate Cherries every year (we picked over 150 pounds this year), and I love to keepdried tomatoes and mushrooms in the freezer to use to cook with. If you have never had dried cherries in your oatmeal you are really missing out!

  109. For my birthday I’m getting younger(5 years is good) Going for a walk on the beach, listening to music. Gonna have my treasured Marco Polo tea from Mariage Freres in my new teapot.(I have a teapot addiction) Youtube some Anthony Bourdain, then as a gift buy a Cards Against Humanity game to play with friends.

  110. I’m going to sit on my couch and relax and ignore all the housework I really should be doing. Or maybe I’ll even insist my kids do it. Nah, they’ll just do it worng and create more work for me later…

  111. 111
    Sharlene George

    I’m going to sit on my porch and read because that fills my soul!

  112. I’m going to kick back with a good book and a soft drink (yeah, they’re full of sugar and chemicals and I’ll probably be radioactive or sterile or some other horror if I finish it) and listen to my collegiate baseball team hopefully win today’s game to get to the college World Series.

  113. 113
    Amanda Elliott

    Happy birthday Jenny 😊😊this post reminds me of one of my moms favorite songs from Alice in wonderland “happy un birthday “ I love this idea..we should be treating ourself ever day to all of the wonderful things 😍so today I am going go have a margarita at my favorite restaurant and spend a nothing planned evening with my husband 💕💕

  114. Fighting a little flare-up so it was nice to wake up from my nap with the dogs and be reminded it’s everyone’s birthday! Happy Birthday to us! I’m going to stay on the couch and cheer you all on 😀

  115. I’m headed to my favorite chair to drink tea and snuggle with my cat, Mayhem. Maybe we’ll read a book….or nap…. I’ll let her decide . Happy birthday to you too!

  116. I’m gonna do a face mask and binge some Bob Ross! Woo happy birthday!

  117. I’m going to enjoy my favorite story, and maybe give some dollies a makeover. I’m also going to give myself a day off any cleaning that isn’t time required… (though I did clean up the flour my kiddo was sliding through all over the floor, because that was just going to get worse…lol).. in any case, I’m taking a break, because boy do I need one!

  118. 118

    I am sitting on my ass, crocheting and binging Deadliest Catch….because, why not?!

  119. I’m going to sew a t-shirt, and work on my diamond painting. Maybe I’ll get fancy and take a nap.

  120. I’m buying those red shoes!

  121. Happy birthday, everyone! I’m going to replace my empty pump bottle thingy of Cerave body lotion that makes my eczema itchiness settle down. Then I’m going to take a warm bath, after which I will slather on the lotion and then lie in bed watching cheesy Hallmark movies.

  122. 122
    Cory Nuckols

    Actually, yesterday really was my birthday. We just got back from a vacation late last night. Then I made myself a birthday cake after we got home and cleaned up. Then I slept in this morning. And then I woke up to not just 1 but several seperate tornado warnings in the area. So I’m thinking today may just be me drinking and eating chocolate birthday cake while I alternate between hiding in the basement, watching the Weather Channel and hoping for a new kitchen or garage thanks to Mother Nature.

  123. I treated myself and my best friend to a fancy afternoon tea for our Universal Birthday Day! PS it also happens to very nearly be our actual birthdays!

  124. 124
    Patricia Tillman

    It’s my birthday month! I’m going to read “The Sisters: the Saga of the Mitford Family” which is like eating British tea and scones for me; then take a bath in champagne. In my mind. Thank you Jenny for permission to kick my anxiety out the door today!

  125. 125

    I finished my book Dreadful Young Ladies and made chocolate chip/butterscotch chip cookies.

  126. 126

    I’m going to read on my patio while yelling obscenities at the bastard squirrels stealing all the food from the bird feeder.

  127. My birthday is a week from today. I HATE it when my birthday falls on Father’s Day, so today we had lunch with a friend. Next Sunday I will hide and sleep a lot.

    The rest of today will probably involve smuggling the dogs and the cats, watching TV, napping, and reading. Not necessarily in that order.

    Happy Birthday, everyone. 🎉

  128. I got my nails done and bought new shoes (and pjs, because who could resist very comfy looking pajamas on sale?)!

  129. Dang it, I’m crying. Saturday is my birthday but I don’t really celebrate it anymore. My husband goes to a big weeklong paintball tournament and it’s been kind of a joke that my time alone is my birthday present from him. But I hate always spending my birthday alone, trying to be happy when I’m not, so I started buying myself something the weekend he would leave. One year it was a Chromebook, last year my Google Home. I wasn’t planning on getting anything this year because my cat had to go to the emergency vet last weekend (blocked urthrea, he nearly died). That cost more than I really anticipated, but today I decided I needed the distraction. So I bought a Fitbit Versa (I’ve wanted a smartwatch for a year or so now) and while I’m waiting for it to update, I decided to read some blogs.

    This is probably the longest comment I’ve ever made, even if you combined all my previous comments. but there ya go. 🙂

  130. I’m going to work on completing my book and buy the ones I’ve wanted all winter but haven’t yet justified. And maybe go see my mom’s new kitten. Because he needs socializing. And because he’s flipping cute.

  131. I’m going to read on the patio while yelling obscenities at the bastard squirrels who keep stealing all the food from the bird feeder.

  132. I might take a nap. That makes me super happy!!! I will also read a book when the baby naps because that is my happy place .

  133. I shall have an early night and read in bed. I always intend to but never make the time. Duvets and dragons for this birthday girl!b

  134. Smuggling, really? That’s what I get for typing in the car while we go over potholes. My kingdom for better suspension. SNUGGLING.

  135. I’m going to read for fun for the first time in 2 months, paint my nails and maybe go buy the handmade jewelry that’s been sitting in my Etsy cart haunting me for weeks…and think about what kind of do-overs I want for my regularly scheduled birthday next week!

  136. 136
    Judi Waldeis

    I am going to make me (okay, I will share with my husband) strawberry shortcake and sit on my porch and continue to read Yellow Brick War, (third in the Dorothy Must Die series). Yes, it is a YA book, but I refuse to believe I am 55…so all is good. Happy Birthday to everyone!

  137. I’m going to eat homemade strawberry ripple ice cream (NOT made with Ripple wine, it’s pureed strawberries poured in the ice cream) and read trashy mysteries – I just finished I SEE YOU by Clare Mackintosh and the twist ending was so insane it made me whoop and then laugh…(SERIOUSLY?) Oh – and when my husband isn’t looking I’m going to sneak onto the large iPad and do Candy Crush “that I gave up a year ago”. I got stuck on Level 169 so I went back and started at the beginning and am on Level 30 now. SUCH a delicious waste of time!

  138. I’m going to read for a bit and then continue packing up my house because I got a new job and I can finally move away from the toxic environment that I work (and live) in!

  139. I’m going to read library books and play PS4 video games until I have to go and pick my husband up at the airport.

  140. If today is everyone’s birthday, then all the other days of the year are UN-birthdays and that’s a thing to celebrate too! I think the Mad Hatter in Alice in Wonderland made that up.

  141. I went running, which feels like freedom. But also glad THAT is over. Now I am going to continue my classic Doctor Who catch up. Maybe 7th Doctor? Hm. Happy birthday, everyone!

  142. Strangely enough my birthday was last week and you did remember it, prompting me to continue our imaginary friendship. I am actually celebrating today by making myself shrimp for dinner (hubby hates shrimp so neener, neener, make yourself a sandwich), and a Coconut Cream Cheesecake for dessert. I have been reading cheesy romance novels, crocheting a shawl for a friend who had surgery do she can have a hug from me across the miles, and plan on a long, hot, bath with a vanilla sparkly unicorn bath bomb later on,
    (This is much better than my actual birthday where I went to work and later wound up in the ER)

  143. When no one is looking, I’m going to eat hidden candy. I’m trying to lose weight so I shouldn’t have candy, but no one knows about this.

  144. I’m hanging out with my mom and sisters. We’re doing one of those weird salt water float spa things? And then we’re gonna eat dinner. Just us girls!

  145. I’m going to review 5 authors and suggest them as good reads to complete strangers.
    Then I’m going to read a bit more of a book I’m reading for a book club. I love my job.

  146. 146

    I’m going to tell myself good things today because I’ve been blue. Thank you for reminding me it’s a wonderful day to be alive!

    Happy Birthday, Everybody!

  147. 147

    Going to sushi and a movie with my boo.

  148. 148
    Diana Conces

    My kids are coming home today from a 9-day road trip with their dad…best birthday ever…I’m even baking cakes!

  149. 149
    Melissa Murphy

    I left a baby shower early without feeling bad because A) There was no baby yet to hold and they are the only ones I feel understand what I’m saying and B)The parents are health concious so their was only veggie trays. No baby and no cake so no me.

  150. In August we are going on a mini vaca. Our son is 16 and wants to do something as in anything for the summer. We are going to make it a family style honeymoon. I think a trip to Fantastic Caverns will cover it all.

  151. I’m sick, and very depressed, and lonely. I don’t know anything that would make me feel better. Geez, this is a horrible post. I’m going to attempt to read. It’s my escape. And being with my kitties. I love you. I hope everyone does something fun today. Love to everyone.

  152. I am going to finish the latest Lee Child book and take a nap how’s that for a great birthday celebration! Oh yes and I’m going to let my husband go to Costco instead of me!!!!

  153. I am going to finish the latest Lee Child book and take a nap how’s that for a great birthday celebration! Oh yes and I’m going to let my husband go to Costco instead of me!!!!

  154. I’m going to snuggle with my cat and binge watch the originals on Netflix, and then read for a bit 🙂

  155. 155

    My grandmother–Nanny–had too many grandchildren to remember all their birthdays, so every year on her own birthday she would have the Nanny Birthday Party. We weren’t allowed to give her gifts, but we’d all go to her house and she would give each of us a present. It was always something small, like bubble bath or a pair of knee socks, but it didn’t matter, we loved it. I plan to continue this tradition if I ever have grandchildren. Although since none of my four adult sons appear interested in getting married, I’ll probably be dead before it happens. Maybe I’ll come back from the great beyond and have a Ghost of Nanny Birthday Party!

  156. 156
    Channon Koty

    I spent my universal birthday day taking care of my poor daughter. But this resulted in a beautiful moment where, after a bout of throwing up she told me we are the “best parents ever.” Extremely high praise from a 13 year old girl. I told her to remember that when she is mad at us.

    The rest of the time I binge watched iZombie.

  157. Thank you for all the laughs! I love your bluntness and honesty!

  158. I’m going to read, snuggle with my cat and not do the dishes.

  159. I’m going to plant a lilac bush. I’ve never had one and absolutely love the pretty color and fragrance. This birthday gift (I am truly a June baby) will give me many years of pleasure.

    Happy birthday, everyone!

  160. I just had my birthday last month and I grew to have it again?! Okay, if you insist…

    I’m going to finish working then go home and slather myself with aloe to help soothe the sunburn I got chasing my kid around from bouncy-house to bouncy-house at a school fair yesterday.

  161. I’m at the Irish Fair in Irvine, CA with my business Hooks & Chains, so I will be selling cute crocheted creatures, listening to music, and drinking whiskey all day! 😀

  162. I celebrated by treating myself to the best pancakes in town (chocolate chip, of course) and a giant iced tea at my favorite breakfast place in my neighborhood, happy “birthday” to me and to all of you!!

  163. 163
    Michelle L (aka KarateLady)

    I LOVE THIS! It’s been a crppy stressful week for me (a death in the family + other things). Still have a huge To-Do List but just knowing that you’re wishing everyone a Happy Birthday & encouraging us to treat ourselves a little makes me feel *much better. I am listening to my old favorite songs with my favorite kitty snuggled in my lap while paying bills online and my hubby has been super sweet to me this week, bringing me snacks while I’m ensconced on the couch with said kitties, running errands, & just keeping things going in general while I pull myself together.

    Thanks so much, Jenny! (Although, if you could make more of those shoes so I could buy some, that would be AWESOME! 🙂

  164. I am going to sit down with my dog and read! It’s cloudy and cool. Perfect reading and nap day!! Happy Birthday!

  165. 165

    Ummm that was disconcerting at first. This is *actually my birthday. Today I am eager poutine, drinking whiskey, and going for a hike in the forest

  166. 166

    I’m going to make cheese, because that’s my new hobby, and it makes me happy.

  167. My housemates and I are brewing beer. It’s the 1st time for me, and it’s been almost 2 years since the last time they could. It’s been fun & boring, both. But my patio smells YUM! I’m glad we decided to brew on our birthday, because now we can nickname it Birthday Beer and celebrate again every time we drink it (in about a month)!

  168. I’m hugging one of my rescue dogs even more, an Old English Sheepdog, probably 12-13 years old and very near the end of his days. I’m mourning the loss of Anthony Bourdain, a great voice for good in our sometimes scrambled society. I just finished planting more Wave petunias in pots along my porch railing (14 pots — wall-to-wall flowers!). And I’m planting the rest of my veggies. Jenny, I hope your birthday is as wonderful as YOU are!

  169. I’m going to play Skyrim!

  170. I’m going to be completely lazy and snuggle on the couch with my cat, husband, and take out food while we watch all of the Harry Potter movies.

  171. BTW, I am a first time commenter. My cake and presents day is in the beginning of June and I celebrate my birthday the whole month! I start reminding people beforehand and this way no one can ever say they forgot or missed the date! I accept birthday wishes, cards and gifts all month long! I hope to get a gift from you too!

  172. I’m going to finally go see Solo with my husband and kids and eat lots of ridiculously overpriced and ridiculously delicious popcorn!

  173. I am spending the day with my sister, working on a scrapbook for my nephew’s upcoming high school graduation open house. We are doing it in chronological order from when he started school up to the present, so it’s fun to look back on how he has changed over the years. It’s also a chance for us to go through all the supplies we have, searching for just the right thing for each page we are creating. It’s fun to ‘work’ on something that really isn’t work at all.🎂 Happy birthday everyone!

  174. 174
    Dallas Ann

    I’m going to knit on a project that’s just for me while I hang out in my boyfriend’s kitchen, listening to him sing along with the playlist while he cooks us dinner.

    I hope you have a wonderful day!!! Xoxo

  175. Happy Universal Birthday! My 40th was two weeks ago, so I’m quite happy to continue celebrating! I’m going to finish reading Furiously Happy for the 4th time whilst drinking some Michigan Made Bubbly. I’m also going to have a photo shoot with my dogs with their new Pride BowTies, because it makes me happy. (@frankieandfrisco if you want to see ridiculously cute fluff balls). Then I will probably shop for more bow ties, because OMG, dogs in bow ties are fucking adorable. Probably work on a new foodie post for our website because we had some stupid good noodles earlier today.

    Tara in Detroit recently posted 5-on-5: Metro Detroit Food Trucks We Love.

  176. I did some much needed cleaning. Not the best thing to do for yourself, but this weekend was my 20th high school reunion, so it looked like a tornado went through here with clothing and shoe discarded choices everywhere. But now that everything is clean, I’m going to sit on my ass with my cats, drink some iced tea, and read a book on natural magic.

  177. Happy Birthday, everyone!
    Most of the day here is over, but I’m going to spend the rest of it rebingewatching ‘Lucifer’ and recalling the fact that I got to see Paterson Joseph live on stage yesterday.
    Also I may snuggle the cat, but that one is still up in the air because right now he’s still sulking that I left him, to go see Paterson Joseph.

    margomusing recently posted A Monster Calls : Bristol Old Vic.

  178. We just got back from a week in Sedona and I got to see the Grand Canyon for the first time. Now for the rest of the day, I’ll be doing “birthday laundry.”

  179. I am going to read in my jammies for a bit and then play some video games 🙂

  180. :O its my Birthday in 2 days LOL

  181. 181

    I was coloring in “you are here” but I saw ice cream….drop the mike, I’m going to get some!!! I might also drop the 10 years ☺

  182. 182
    Jessica Green

    I’m giving myself the gift of a clean house today. We’re moving across the country in 51days and I’m in an eczema flair because stress is thing. My house shows when my brain is in chaos and it. Is. Bad. So I’m ignoring my depression brain today and making my healthy brain happy by getting out of this fucking recliner and picking some shit up. Because I love myself. Even if I don’t always believe that. ❤❤❤

  183. I am going to unashamedly kiss my 17 year old all over his face when he gets back from a week at Boy’s State!

  184. I’m gonna take the worlds best nap

  185. I’m going to snuggle in and read a new book. My husband is watching sports in the living room, so I have the bedroom all to myself! Happy Birthday to all – may you spend it doing whatever your heart desires!

  186. Lay in bed with my cats and read!!!!

    Julie recently posted Santa Brings Joy and Cheer, Not iPads.

  187. 187

    Happy birthday, all! A relaxation day for me 😌

  188. 188
    Sarah Van Huis

    I danced in the rain with my eight year old son. Best part of Summer rains!

  189. I’m currently having one of my worst emotional melt downs. I’ve been crying all morning while the voice in my head keeps telling me to knock it off. Everything is constantly, mundanely hard. Finding out it’s my universal birthday is the bright spot. Going to celebrate by taking a bath and going to bed. ❤️

  190. I was coloring in “you are here” but you said ICE CREAM….drop the mike, I’m going to get some now! I might also drop the 10 years ☺

  191. I am going to tell myself it’s okay to be me and then bake some cookies.

  192. 192
    Bast Ravenshadow

    I’m going to spend the day reading cozy mysteries. Happy Birthday to you, too!

  193. 193

    I’m going to watch E3 coverage and later…some old hitch hikers guide to the Galaxy! melodyamoran@gmail.com

  194. I’m going to read then do some journaling and writing. I checked out Writing Down the Bones (haven’t read it in years!) and Lunar Abundance for inspiration. Trying to make shit happen here!

  195. Happy birthday Jenny and everyone else.

    Gary recently posted Yummy Lummy Leftover KFC cream of mushroom casserole recipe.

  196. Today is my birthday for real, but I don’t celebrate it. I struggle with depression and have had too many sudden losses in my life to make me want to celebrate anything. The current faux POS not my president has not helped. Thanks for being a strong voice in the wilderness we call life, you make my smile and chuckle on days when I don’t feel like I have any left.
    Keep up the fantastic crazy woman you are!

  197. 197
    Teri Robinson

    My birthday is usually spent working and ignored by others. I don’t let it bother me. Honestly I just don’t have the time. I work 7 days a week caring for an elderly woman with Alzheimer’s. I love my job but I am tired. I am going to ask for a few days off so hubby and I can celebrate our 25th Anniversary, have dinner and relax. If tgat doesn’t work out it will definitely be Doctor Who therapy. Ten and Rose always lift me up. This year has been filled with so much loss and sadness and putting my headphones on and tuning out the world helps when you’ve cried every tear you can.

  198. I did some yoga and now I am lying in bed with my chihuahua. It’s too hot outside to do anything there, so I’m having an inside day today.

  199. I’m going to work in my garden because flowers make my soul happy!
    Happy Birthday everybody!

  200. 200
    Teri Robinson

    Happy Birthday to you too, Jenny. You are splendiferous and full of serendipity and covered in unicorn sparkles.

  201. I just treated myself to a lunch consisting of a burrito the size of my head!
    And it was from a taco truck parked outside an abandoned gas station in Washington state, so there was some measure of bravery involved.
    I have no regrets.

    OwnLessDoMore recently posted The 49-year-old whippersnapper, or: how I survived the over-55 RV park by acting my age. Sort of..

  202. I’m at work, working a 12 hour shift! Hooray overtime!

  203. 203
    Donna Mayes

    I’m going to take a bubble bath.

  204. 204

    For my birthday, I am calling my therapist. I have been so terrified during my current physical health scares (ruptured ovarian cyst plus other cysts plus allergy reactions to meds I was put on to treat PMS) that I can’t follow TV and am losing touch with reality. I am currently convinced that me and my family will die violently and that I have Something Bad healthwise that the doctors are all conspiring to lie to me about and say I’m fine… It’s time to get a non-borked brain in to help. Hope everyone else’s days are being celebrated for less messed up reasons…

  205. 205
    Catherine Allen

    I’m going to curl up in bed to read and listen to my favorite music.

    Happy Birthday everyone!!

  206. I’m going to sit on my patio with my dog and a giant mug of coffee and finish Michelle McNamara’s book about he GSK, I’ll Be Gone In The Dark. It’s freaking BRILLIANT.

  207. I’m going to spend the day being crafty (I am starting to weave!) and maybe taking a nap.

  208. I am gonna pack for vacation!

  209. I volunteered at a youth football camp. Many of the kids attending were there on scholarships. And we had some terrific girls there, too!

  210. I’m going to finish the laundry and get ready for work tomorrow. I’m also going to stop crying about the guy who dumped me two months ago. The one who said he still wants to be friends. I’m going to celebrate the fact that I unfriended him on social media. And I’m going to focus on me for a while. I am going to focus on getting better. That men’s im going to make my lists of things I can do when I get sad, things for self care, books to read, things that make me happy. Because I fucking deserve to do right by me.

  211. I went and sat by the waterfront for two hours (in the shade) and watched the boats and the parasailers and the rollerbladers! It was beautiful and sunny with a nice breeze!

    EccentricElena recently posted A Lesson From Carrie.

  212. Today for my birthday. I let myself be lazy. Haven’t done any chores, nearly fell asleep on the back deck, read some, and walked to my friends to chat to make it like i did something. Now I’m at the swim area with my younger son so he is .hope your day was great!

    blondechick80 recently posted Picture this: Sicily. 1965:.

  213. I’m going to lay on my porch in the sun and drink coffee, then borrow a friends dog and go for a walk 🙂

  214. It really is my birthday!!!!
    I’m going to have dinner on a waterfront patio because anywhere I can sit and look at a lake or an ocean is my happy place.

  215. I’m going to knit today…not that I don’t do that pretty much every day, but today I’m making something pretty for ME, rather than for a customer. It’s a gorgeous duster (essentially a long cardigan), with pretty lace panels. I won’t finish today by any stretch — but I’m making some good progress, and it makes me really, really, happy!

    Jen recently posted So. Many. Blankets!.

  216. 216
    Christian Davenport

    I’m going to finish putting up a shelf in the laundry room and make a chocolate chess pie, because my pregnant ass is nesting and hungry.

  217. Binge watching Nailed It, because somehow all these fucked up cakes is making my day.

  218. I broke my wrist and needed a plate and screws put in and am feeling super sorry for myself. I am going to sit on my deck and watch my boys on the trampoline while drinking pink wine. Happy Birthday Everyone!

  219. I am going to nap with my cat while listening to my son play transformers and/or video games.

  220. 220
    Courtney pierce

    I’m just going to pee alone .. no kids no animals .. then I might just take a nap .. right there Lol ! Happy birthday to all ❤️

  221. I’m going to draw and read some manga for inspiration! The best thing about my recent breakup from my ex I was with for ten years is that I realized he was hindering my creative process, so now I’m back to reading and writing again and I’m going to school for animation or illustration.

    I cant decide if today I’m going to treat myself to the sappiest romance comic in my collection, or the scariest and grossest. I’m a creature of dualities. 😂

  222. Happy Birthday! I’m gonna go shower and then go to bed. Maybe I’ll even get some reading in before I go to sleep. Wild, I know.

    Lisa recently posted Positive things, day 40.

  223. I’ve been having a rough couple of weeks so I went to Sephora today and got a makeover. I then spent a couple hours window shopping at the Mall of America. Sometimes retail therapy really helps to clear the mind.
    Happy Birthday Everyone!

  224. I bought myself a windshield shade thingee so that when I touch my steering wheel I don’t burn the skin off my hands. I’m trying to watch Anthony Bourdain, but don’t know if I can continue. His death is just still so fresh.

    Happy Birthday everyone!

  225. 225
    Johana Mathis

    This is awesome! I will snuggle with my pups and listen to MFM while eating rocky road 🙂

  226. I am going to let dicks be dicks and keep on prepping for this exam that’s coming up.

    We were supposed to meet and study together and now we’re not.

    Because dicks.

    I want to tell myself that I am enough, that my preparation is enough and I don’t need the stupid dicktards to get in the way of my awesomeness. Yup that’s what I am doing on my birthday.

    Happy Birthday everyone!

  227. My son had a piano recital today, and was wonderful. My daughter played her flute in church. No better gifts than hearing their music. I like this, because my hubby won’t be in town for my birthday. The oil only thing that would make it better is a trip to the candy store.

  228. Baseball & Nap!! and maybe day drinking and twinkies…

  229. 229
    Colin Thirkell

    Going to have a bath and reread kitchen Confidential in memory of Anthony Bourdain, such a sad loss, sadly not the only one recently.

  230. I’m picking new wall colors for my house! My husband commented that it might look like an Easter egg and I’m like- you mean colorful and happy? And now I can’t stop smiling

  231. I’m going to shower until the hot water runs out! Happy birthday, everyone!

  232. So it really is ok that I’ve called in sick to work cause I’m getting a cold and my mood has been low. I will spend the day hiding under my blankies with my 2 cats and 2 dogs and do some reading.

  233. 233

    Lovely idea! Today I’m starting the planning phase for a short solo road trip to a town that has a beautiful hot springs. Why? Because I need a vacation from my super stressful job (and maybe life?), so I’m doing some self care! A hot springs visit and an alcoholic beverage will happening be in short order! Hope everyone else is enjoying their un-birthday!

  234. I’m going to go to am aqua aerobics class

  235. 235

    I got up to 208 and no one had made any Frosty the Snowman reference.
    Before I knew about Universal Birthday today, I re-hung some lovely drapes against the bright freshly painted wall and new door. Then I hung up some excellent vintage cut glass from a raided chandelier that I had on heavy clear line, that haven’t been up in ten years. They sparkled in the sun and it was more than enough.

  236. I’m going to go to our local used book store w/ my kids and husband (the “Book Barn”… it’s awesome)! 🙂 Happy Birthday to you all!

  237. I’m getting rid of junk in my house for my universal birthday!!Hooray for less clutter!!! It would be weird to get a present for this, so I gladly accept your gift of nothing. It’s just what I wanted, thank you! Hugs 🙂

  238. Nothing that costs money because we are trying to figure out how to pay for a medical convention for my son and going to say goodbye to my grandparents in a month. Those will be gifts to us. But, today, in trying to recover from illness and stress, I’m sneaking some time to watch a couple of episodes of something while the kids and husband are out for a bit. I should be doing paperwork, cleaning, etc., but I need these few minutes!

  239. 239

    I am taking photos of several art pieces that will be part of an exhibit this week! I can hardly believe I get to participate, but I do. And I am grateful!

  240. I’m going to give myself permission to practice self-care and take a nap. My psoriatic arthritis can affect me in many ways; one of them is severe fatigue. Usually I bully myself to not give in. But fuck that today. It’s my birthday cause Jenny said so, so I’m going to take a nap and NOT set an alarm. 😉

  241. I had a cupcake and a donut. I’m going to take a nap and snuggle with my puppy before doing some crafting later on. 🙂 Happy Birthday!

  242. 242
    Jenny Cardenas

    Everyone needs spontaneous birthdays and gifts. Totally onboard. Going to read a book next to my sleepy puppy Teddy Bear. And maybe snuggle up with him for a nap.

  243. Happy Birthday Everyone! I painted my toenails and fingernails bright pink. Now I have bright pink dots on the ends of my limbs…I do fancy quite well

  244. The day after tomorrow is actually my 40th birthday, and I’m going to dye my hair a beautiful rainbow and pierce my nose! I always wanted to be Rainbow Brite!

  245. I’m going to read a book while cuddling my cat 🙂
    Happy Birthday, everyone!

  246. 246

    I have been laying on my couch binge watching OITNB! And it really is my bday in 11 days!


  247. I am NOT going back to Target again today even though I discovered aneeded item. I am going to finish building my grape trellis. https://possumscatsthingsgnawingatme.wordpress.com/2018/06/07/almost-literally-pouring-cats-and-dogs-at-least-in-underground-piping/

  248. 248

    After reading this, you’ve inspired me to give to others on my birthday as well, which is coming up in a couple of weeks.

    Thank you for spreading love and light on the interwebs. I’m sorry you’re having to deal with a challenging reader. Not everyone is able to meet light with light. Hugs to you.

  249. 249

    So my birthday is coming up in a couple of weeks and I’ve been struggling in general for a while now. This is a brilliant idea! I’m going to bake some brownies, and putter around on this story I’m writing, and when it’s cooler, take the dogs for a walk. Since I need a watch and you’ve got Rory watches for sale, I think a self-gift is in order! So hooray for universal birthdays!

  250. What a wonderful idea!Real birthdays are always so depressing. So,today I will take a nap,and a bath, and give myself permission to not feel guilty. Thank you Jenny, for helping to keep so many people going.

  251. I am going to eat a piece of cake (clearly my husband new this was coming because he bought some yesterday), try to write on the couch with my cat while watching Project Runway, and possibly have myself a drink. Happy birthday!

  252. Oh happy universal birthday, Jenny!! This is just what I needed to read at this very moment! I was feeling angry about someone trying to make me feel guilty for planning a day away just for me me me. He did not make me feel guilty, but the attempt did manage to pee-dampen some of my anticipated joy for my Thursday away. BUT…since it is my birthday today (and yours, too!), I’m throwing away the anger, washing off all the pee, and going back to being joyfully anticipatory!

    Also, I’m reading my face off all the rest of today!! Thank you! 😘

  253. Happy Universal Birthday to you! 🎉💙

    I’m going to enjoy the quiet and read a little.

  254. 254
    Lauren Thompson

    I had breakfast with my very favorite person this morning (after spending all night last night with him). Then I napped for the better part of the day. Going to eat leftover breakfast burrito and peanut butter cookies for supper and drink some alcoholic foot beer because I am a goddamn adult.

  255. I’m going to buy new martini glasses to replace the ones that broke. And maybe something to go in them.

  256. I’m going to dress up and go to a fancy dinner which I haven’t got to do in ages and pretend like I’m a fabulous princess instead of a frazzled mom.

  257. I wish I had seen this post earlier in the day, because since 5:15am the day has sucked. Even though I have tried to change my outlook I have kept getting side swiped with another issue. After I feed my animals, I’m gonna try to blow off the rest of the day (evening). I do not have alcohol nor ice cream in the house (oh well, I need to loose weight anyway) so I’m gonna find a good movie or try to read a book. Thanks for giving me another birthday Jenny and have a great day everyone!

  258. 258

    Last Sunday (June 3) actually was my birthday. I did a sneaky double feature of Infinity War and Deadpool 2, then came home to a delivery of ice cream (Bluebell of course) and warm chocolate chip cookies.
    Happy Birthday, ya’ll!

  259. 259
    Stacy Stevens

    I’m relaxing with my kids and reading a book, while recovering from surgery

  260. Ha. My birthday isn’t til August and I’m I’m no hurry. I turn an unspeakable number this year.
    I’m happy to celebrate today though! I’ll hug all the cats – all 6! We’ll be watch Fear the Walking Dead tonight… 😃

  261. I am going to forgive myself for eating an extra two biscuits and read as many new books as possible. Happy birthday to everyone!!

  262. Happy Birthday everyone! Unfortunately it’s my husband only day off and instead of getting to enjoy it we are having to do all those wonderful chores like laundry and grocery shopping. I did work on my diamond painting this morning. It’s great for my anxiety. If you’ve never tried one maybe you could order one for you birthday.

  263. I spent the past few hours selling jewelry to raise money for sheba’s Haven palliative care dog. That was a present to myself because I had a lot of fun, made money for the rescue,met a lot of lovely people, and bought myself a piece of jewelry.
    Happy birthday day!

  264. 264
    Bonnie Williams

    I’m going to forgive myself for that thing I feel bad about.

  265. I’m out and about with the spousal unit and life is good. I’m migraine free 2 days for the first time in 6 months! And I just started a blog with my friend. I haven’t been this excited in years.

  266. 266
    Jennifer Johnson

    I am going to design my classroom layout and make a”wish list” of new books for the kids since I am going to be a first year teacher. It makes me happy to think of how happy my kindergartners will be next year.

  267. Today is not my birthday, but it is in 29 days, when i will be 39 (cries silently). Today I have to go to a party full of people I don’t like, which is outside and it’s 94 fucking degrees today. I have been living with a nasty headache that makes it nearly impossible to function some days, for 3 weeks now, that no medicine helps and botox shots into the back of my neck may help but my insurance won’t cover and I can’t afford. The other day I forgot what a spoon was or what it was for.
    People in my life keep trying to commit suicide and my mom just got diagnosed with cancer in 6 different places.
    I would like to spend today watching Chris Hemsworth take off his shirt and snuggling my kitten, but I can’t. I can’t even drink because it makes my headache worse. I’d like to go back to 27. Before health problems.

  268. 268
    Kristina Urpsis

    Nothing sounds better than taking a hot bath and letting my husband deal with the heathens. Never done a bath bomb so this is the perfect reason to finally try it out.

    I’ve celebrated by sleeping until noon, taking a nap on top of that,and reading while cats sleep on my legs (sleep is the THEME of my party). Things that would make my heart sing: chocolate peanutbutter cake, a new tattoo, setting an appointment for craniosacral therapy, adding to my Funko POP collection, or some subversive enamel pins.

  270. 270

    I’m going to a paranormal circus! Which sounds fun and a little terrifying. Hoping it leans more on the fun side.

  271. I’m going to cuddle my little boy to sleep, and enjoy the heck out of how much he still loves doing that with me for as long as I can. <3 <3

  272. I’m going to do some really sweaty yoga, and then take a really long bubble bath and read a book.

  273. Going to a paranormal circus, which sounds fun and terrifying. Hoping the fun outweighs the terrifying. Going out of my usual comfort zone.

  274. 274
    Amber Hartlief

    I am laying out by the lake reading and playing games on my phone. Then I’m going to eat ice cream and gluten free chocolate cookies! Happy Birthday!!🎂💗🎉🥄

  275. I am going to go shopping for party lights to hang in our screen gazebo, so our night is lit with fun. Then I am going to make myself an orange soda float. Take care, you.

  276. I’m going to buy a couple things on Amazon. Chew sticks for the cats and more moleskine cahiers for me….when I locate my cc…

  277. This is proof you’re psychic – it IS my birthday! I spent the morning at the pool and am spending the rest of the day hermiting it up in the A/C watching TV, reading, and eating birthday cookies.

  278. 278

    Today I went for a drive to the ocean. I ate McDonald’s for lunch and bought some new earrings. On the way home I at a small chocolate sundae, and now I’m lying in bed writing this post. For a borrowed birthday it as quite wonderful!

  279. Holy SHIT! You totally freaked me out. I visit here on stealth mode because you have some sort of psychic connection to my brain. I have never left a message. I just stalk from dark corners and then leave before I get caught.

    So I come here and the first thing that greets me is “Happy birthday to you! Yes, you.” And I’m all like, “She’s been tracking me. She’s got some cookie-thingy on her website that knows who am I and what I’ve done. She knows it’s my fucking BIRTHDAY, for crying out loud. I’ve got to get out of here and wipe my laptop’s memory.”

    Then I glance at the comments and found out that hey, no, it’s just a co-inky-dink. We TOTALLY SHARE BIRTHDAYS! I mean, one chance on 365 (OK, one chance in 366, but don’t get all statistical on me). This is like the best birthday present I ever got. It explains why your brain is so simpatico with mine. We were born on the same day. Except that I’m like decades older than you are.

  280. I’m going to spend the afternoon reading on my porch.

  281. I just bought myself some clear stamps and matching dies from aliexpress.com – and it was my b-day 5 days ago, so you’re pretty damn close 🙂

  282. I think I’m going to take a nap – that sounds so lovely. and my cat will join me (for a while) and when I get up again I’ll have a nice dinner. maybe Chinese or pulled pork – something I don’t have every day.

  283. Drive home from Dallas with fantastic eyebrows courtesy of my amazing daughter.

  284. Hi Jenny! My bday is 6/19 and today! I plan on going to an expensive dinner and working that day, fun! In opposite order though.

  285. 285

    Have a banana split – no pineapple sauce, though – and read. That’s the perfect birthday for me!

  286. I’m laying on the couch with beloved and puppets, watching Wreck it Ralph, listening to the rain fall outside. It’s a perfect moment in time.

  287. I’m sitting on a train, heading home after a weekend with family and friends, munching on free olives and drinking free wine (because, I assume, Amtrak knew it was the universal birthday).

    When I get home, I’m going to hug my cats, even though they hate it, and listen to Hamilton on vinyl!

  288. 288
    Crystal Pauley

    I’m going to spend the evening relaxing with an ice cream cake! Happy Birthday to you as well!

  289. 289
    Laurie and the "Girls"

    I am snuggling with my cat “Cheesecake” and I am enjoying a bowl of Butter Pecan!

  290. Today I napped with my kitties instead of doing the crap I was supposed to do. Heaven.

  291. 291
    Lacey Bartlett

    I’m grilling bacon and burgers and reading my book.

  292. I’m going to curl up with my dogs and take a nap and then go for a bike ride!

  293. My epilepsy is being an asshole this past week so I’ve pretty much been in bed doing nothing to begin with buuuut the next time my brain decides to focus, I think I’m going to read one of my favorite books. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna go take another nap.

  294. My epilepsy is being an asshole this past week so I’ve pretty much been in bed doing nothing to begin with buuuut the next time my brain decides to focus, I think I’m going to read one of my favorite books. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna go take another nap.

  295. My epilepsy is being an asshole this past week so I’ve pretty much been in bed doing nothing to begin with buuuut the next time my brain decides to focus, I think I’m going to read one of my favorite books. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna go take another nap.

  296. Having a really awful super depressed bad stabby day…So not such a happy birthday day. I really need some niceness in my life today. My DH is obsessing over his new fountain pen, which normally I’d find very cool. Right now I’m so sick of hearing about nibs and feeds and blobby ink I could scream. Sorry to be a downer on everyone’s birthday! Maybe I’ll go take a nap.

  297. I’m gonna bake some lemon blueberry muffins and read a book on my deck then pick up my friend from the airport. This could actually be better than my actual birthday. Happy unexpected birthday one and all!!

  298. 298
    Eve-Marie Hughes

    We had to put down my 18 year old emotional support dog Wednesday. I’m not much feeling like celebrating, but I’m going to go grab the last piece of cheesecake in the fridge and share it with my husband and call it Sadie’s Graduation Party and maybe sneak a tiny bite of that cheesecake to our younger dog Harley who is missing her something fierce.

    And I don’t need poorbabies or condolences – just for people to hug their doggies and tell them they’re the best girl/boy ever. Because they are.

  299. 299
    Pat Cedillo

    I’m celebrating by ‘watching’ TV through my eyelids. Hopefully trapped under a cat.

  300. 300
    Amber Miner

    I am going to bake myself a pumpkin pie!

  301. I did not mean to post that three times. My brain isn’t working and I thought I was pressing the delete button. Nikki wonder it didn’t work.

  302. Fun story, it is my actual birthday, so to hear that it’s everyone else’s too is great!!! I drank a smoothie for healthy reasons, and had a Reese’s Cup for other reasons. Now I’m going to snuggle up with a giant Narwhal stuffed animal (Mark Narhberg) and wait until my partner wakes me up to go out to dinner.

  303. 303

    What a lovely idea! I am going to take an unapologetically long nap then I will continue to binge watch The Handmaid’s Tale. Then, maybe cookies for dinner!

  304. 304

    I am going to have a salted caramel cookie, a latte, and order myself a necklace with the coorfinates of my favorite beach!!

  305. I’m sick but it’s my first day off in 2 weeks… so I’m gonna sleep and cuddle my fur-babies. Hooray!

  306. 306
    Brittany Rohleder

    I am going to take a nap and maybe read, and then I’ll try to convince my husband to get me something from Starbucks.

  307. I am going to finish framing my green house and then have a sauna. It will be relaxing and good.

  308. 308

    I got a tattoo in memory of my dad… happy universal birthday to me!

  309. 309
    Melissa Manrow

    Brunch with my bestie & buying a pooper scooper for the back yard! Hey, it takes all kinds, right?

  310. 310
    Laurie Baum

    Bubble bath…..Laurie

  311. I got a tattoo in memory of my dad.. happy universal to all!

  312. 312

    Happy birthday everyone! I’ve spent pretty much the entire day watching youtube videos. Planning on doing some reading this evening as well!

  313. Happy Birthday! I am going to 85C Bakery to treat myself to a slice of tiramisu! Hooray for birthdays!

  314. I’m “running away” from my family for a few hours because they are being ungrateful and taking me for granted. So I’m grabbing my knitting and gonna go hang out at Starbuck’s for a few hours. (I’m also a little over sensitive because we lost our insurance after my husband lost his job and we can no longer afford my anxiety/depression meds.) A Merry happy un-birthday to me!

  315. I am going to eat some ice cream!

  316. I am having a wee bit of a rough time lately. My husband was injured because of someone else’s negligence so he is a wheelchair for about 6 months, It’s hard to be and do everything while he is down but it’s even harder to do it all when you have depression & anxiety. So my gift to me is to stick around. I am going to keep hanging in here every day as long as I can and then even longer. I don’t feel like I need much right now except peace and hope so today I will choose hope as my birthday gift, Before this accident we were ready to buy a T@B trailer so I will also focus on that. We WILL get there. Neither this injury or my depression or anxiety will stop me from having that joy whenever it comes. Thanks for listening and thanks for including me in your tribe,

  317. I went to Target and bought my dog a PRIDE shirt and myself a dress and some fancy soap. Now I’m going to binge watch Killing Eve! ❤️ 🎂🎉

  318. I decided to stay away from things that are making my depression worse, like Facebook, and instead found myself lost down a Goodreads hole, updating my To-Read list. That’s in-between binge rewatching the first season of Supernatural, which makes me happy. And I might eat a muffin, even though it would blow my day’s Fitbit calories, because we got some on clearance and they are calling to me. Happy birthday, Jenny!

  319. 319

    Mine was yesterday, so this is a lovely way to end the weekend! Thanks <3

  320. My 60th birthday is later this month, and not quite sure HOW this happened! However, I’m having a Garlic Featival potluck party with friends to celebrate.

  321. 321

    Last week actually was my birthday. I had a 3 hour lunch with my friend where we laugh a lot.

    Sent from my iPhone


  322. My mom died this week and I am recovering from surgery. I need it to be my birthday today. Thank you for this. I’m going to take a bath and a nap and read about Rory, which always makes me feel better!

  323. Today, I bought cold medication and cough medicine… and am resting….

  324. I’m going to finish the book I’m reading, so I can start the next one. Then I’m making a new dish for dinner and playing with my cookbooks. Happy Birthday! Oh, I also have an Amazon box that I’m making myself wait to open.

  325. I am going to get off work and cuddle with my pillow. That’s about as exciting an universal birthday as I can handle today. 🙂 Or I might have a root beer float. Or both. But not at the same time I think!

  326. Took a recuperative nap with my dog (allergies!) now thinking of drawing my cat as the stealthy assassin she sees herself as…Love to you Jenny!

  327. Went for a 3 mile bike ride and got ice cream whilst on bike ride.

  328. 328
    Jessica M.

    I’m snuggling my kitties today, and I walked to the farmers market to buy flowers for the house! (Big deal because I had knee surgery two months ago, and this is the farthest I’ve walked without crutches since then! Happy birthday everyone!

  329. I just ordered some bubble wands for my wedding. I’ve been trying to talk myself out of it, because money and adulting and who really needs bubble wands for their wedding? Well, I do. I’m only going to do this once, so TAKE YOUR BUBBLE WAND AND SHUT UP, AUNT HELEN.

  330. For our birthday, I got the official offer letter for my new job! I’ve been out of work for almost seven months and I am ecstatic!!

    I also took a nap with my dog (adopted just over a month ago).

  331. 331

    I’m taking care of my self by taking the time to take a bath and relax. Play cards with my love and snuggle. Self care at its best. Also taking my anxiety medication, because depression and anxiety are asshole but they will not win. Xoxo

  332. I have napped. I am going to have a hot bath with epsom salts, baking soda, and essential oil to de-toxify after walking a charity 5 k yesterday. And I’ll re-read a favorite book while doing it.

  333. I’m out driving in the wilderness listening to a Wolverine Radio Play podcast with my fiancee!

  334. OMG! I Love This! As a person with a summer birthday I never got to celebrate my birthday at school. I was forever scarred by not being able to bring treats to school for my big day. So to celebrate this Universal Birthday Day I’m going to buy a fancy, designer cupcake at a bakery and revel in its taste. Then I’m going to binge watch Last Tango in Halifax. No cleaning today my friends….it’s gonna be a day of decadence!!

  335. I’m stealing one of your ideas and taking a nap with my dogs! Also I would get a massage for my birthday today but I just got a massage a few days ago so… idk maybe get one again? ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  336. I thanked a friend for taking the time to check in with me. It is very difficult for her to talk about my depression , but she did it anyway. I am very lucky for having such a good friend.

  337. 337

    I’m going to crochet dish scrubbers and have a few beers. Because I’m boring but happy. Happy very merry unbirthday everyone

  338. 338

    I’m going to grill the ribs I’ve been putting off for the “right” time.

  339. I read this after I finished fighting with the carpet cleaner to try and clean up our puppy’s oopsie. Wish I had read it before, I would have made someone else do it considering it is now my birthday. I think I will sneak a slice of cake and reread your blog for the rest of my universal birthday day.

  340. 340

    My man friend and I went to cabellas… And i selfishly purchased a stuffed porcupine! He’s so fluffy!

  341. I’m going to crochet dish scrubbers and have a few beers. Because I’m boring but happy. Happy very merry unbirthday everyone

  342. 342

    I’m going shopping at Trader Joe’s by myself, without children. So I will not have to break up fights about who gets to push the cart and I can just stroll along listening to the awesome music that Trader Joe’s always seems to play.

  343. I’m watching Ghostbusters with my son after a long day of napping with our cat. Perfect day.

  344. I’m having my husband teach me enough guitar chords so that I can play Def Leppard songs. I fell back in love with them when we got concert tickets. We went on Friday night and they were awesome. I even learned all of the lyrics to Pour Some Sugar on and. It’s the funnest thing I’ve done in years. So now I want to be able to play the chords and sing (badly) of my favorites. My husband’s guitar is a bit large for me, so if I like playing, I want a smaller version.

  345. I need to find a pool where I can sit by and read a book. Maybe dip my feet in the water when it gets too hot.

  346. 346
    Nortons mom

    I’d like to spend my birthday in Scotland, England, Ireland and Wales! All at once! But for now I’m going to eat some peanut m&ms and nap with my corgi & cat.

  347. It has been an extremely difficult month (2 family members died in the space of 3 weeks), so I decided on Friday that I was going to treat myself to my favourite fancy foods this weekend (it’s only money, and it grows on trees, right?!). Right now I’m having a late lunch of wine and leftover lobster bisque from last night’s dinner. Fancy comfort food is helping for sure. #selfcare

  348. I took a good long nap this afternoon, does that count? I’m going to NOT do the dishes, the laundry, or cook anything at all. I’m taking things nice and easy. I don’t care what doesn’t get done. Tomorrow’s another day, they say. 😉

  349. I’m going to binge watch The West Wing for the 329th time later this evening and gorge on leftover cake from my son’s graduation. Most of the time right now it’s a toss up between that & Time Team because watching them calms my mind 🙂

  350. I’m going to figure out the amount of chemicals I need to put in the hot tub & take a longass soak in it.. tomorrow. Tonight? Well, long soaks and reading in the big old claw foot tub we have are one of my favorite things. I just need to pick a new book to read. Or maybe I’ll find that Kitchen Confidental and read it again.

  351. I finally bought a new Libman microfiber mop. It was $5 cheaper at WinCo than Wal-Mart. While this seems like such a small thing, it’s huge for me. I’m trying not to feel too lame on my “birthday” cause I ” forgot” it was today wink, wink, nudge, nudge

  352. Ice cream in bed, nap with my cat, and reading a book in my garden

  353. 353
    Kelly Stoker

    I am going to make the best lunch and spend time with my son and new puppy. Mostly the puppy.

  354. You are close. Missed my birthday by 5 days. I turned 73 on June 5.

  355. I started early and ate a pint of mint chocolate chip ice cream last night while home alone. Today we’re campung in Pigeon Forge TN. I took a dip in the pool, now I’m sitting in the shade in a wet bathing suit people watching. 🙂 Happy Birthday everyone!

  356. 356
    Anna Banana

    Not my birthday, but hubbys bday tomorrow. I procrastinated again and have no dang idea what to get him. I agreed to take him to Chinese buffet though (yuck), so there’s that.

    Happy Birthday Y’all.

  357. 357
    Andrea L Steyer

    I laid in bed most of the day with a bitch of a migraine. I also snuggled with two of my cats. My husband has been great. He took care of me while I recovered as and then the migraine. I have one of the best husbands ever.

  358. I am doing absolutely nothing but be lazy..and it is so nice…no obligations today!

  359. 359

    I’m totally buying that true crime book in your sidebar, and then spending the day reading, playing video games with my children, and eating aaaaallll the strawberries I bought at the farmer’s market.

    Happy birthday to me, motherfucker!

  360. I gor a sunburn from outside.
    took a nap with my dog
    I’m watching sponge bob,because my kids are.
    Now imnot going to make supper, because itslame tmake food on your birthday.

  361. I’m going to call my sister and talk for hours while drinking wine. Less than two weeks before I get to see her in person for the first time in two years!

  362. I’m going to paint my nails red, and take my sweet dog Kuma Lisa on a car ride and to a park, and later I’m going to see a bunch of my friends in a bunch of short, original plays! Wooo!

  363. Jenny I want you to know that I am in the hospital waiting to start ECT and brought “I am here.” I am finding comfort in the book and I’m my own colouring and doodling. Thank you so much. For my “birthday” I’ll go grab a trashy mag from the gift shop.

  364. 364
    MightyStarGazer aka Mia

    I already had my birthday on the 7th! Dressed up a little with a new skirt I found secondhand (it has pockets! Woo!), had a yummy chocolate mug cake with chocolate ice cream (so good!) and took a stroll to buy some supplies for a gift I´m making for someone else. All in all, a quiet day.

  365. I actually like that forgiveness idea. Guilt has been eating me up. So I’ll forgive myself first and then maybe try that ice cream cake thing.

  366. I just popped some popcorn in our little at home popcorn maker BEFORE dinner. And maybe I’ll have some ice cream after dinner. A very merry unbirthday to me!

  367. I am going to snuggle up with my beloved cats, read a good book, and listen to the rain.

  368. 368
    Erika Kendron

    It really is my birthday! Thanks! When I saw the email I thought you sent everyone one on their birthday. (I feel special that you picked today to wish everyone happy birthday.)

  369. I mobes to another province…i lost wverything i knewfor the better i hope…the amount of stress that caused us is insane… Sooo i will try to go for a walk in my new town and find myself a new favorite coffee shop.

  370. 370

    Happy universal birthday everyone! I meditated in the morning sun and am going to have a very rare glass of wine!

  371. I’m going to read a book

  372. 372
    Libby Block

    My birthday is next week, so this will be a trial run for me. Let’s see, I think I’ll have whipped cream on my pancakes, a giant bag of M&Ms for lunch, and steak and roasted potatoes for dinner with a big salad which I shall share with my guinea pig (whose birthday was last month). And happy birthday to you, too!

  373. Happy universal birthday everyone! I meditated in the morning sun and am going to have a very rare glass of wine!

  374. I’m going to continue my vacation at a friend’s and sit on her couch watching movies and eating junk. Funny movies, because that’s how I roll today and I don’t have the time to mainline The Expanse.

  375. 375

    I am going to lay in bed while my two year old naps and not do a damn thing other than read my book without guilt!

  376. I’ve tried posting 3 times now… maybe its just not meant to be. 🙁

  377. We went hiking as a family!

  378. 378

    I mowed my mother’s yard.

  379. Wow! It’s my birthday! On my favorite Auntie’s actual birthday too! How fun. 😁😁 I shall follow my typical birthday plans, as laid out by Jonathan Colton in the song “Code Monkey”:

    🎵Wake up, eat a coffee cake, take bath, take nap. 🎶

  380. You wrote me a happy birthday message at your book signing (which was in my 25th birthday) and so now it’s my birthday any time I open your book.

  381. 381
    Melissa Dubois

    a me day? Why thank you. I’m reading in the back yard My favorite thing to do.

  382. Today would be my older brother’s 48th birthday but I lost him to suicide when he was 43. I love this universal birthday day. Thank you!

  383. 383

    I am going to make dinner and crochet and listen to the rain.

  384. 384
    Alexis Whyte

    Smile. That’s what I’m gonna do.

  385. 385
    Jeanette Meyer

    I am watching a Sex and the City marathon and loving it.

  386. Wonderful! I’ve spent the day doing what I wanted to do which was absolutely nothing. No plans. No stress. I took a nap. I’ve spent the day staring at words I wrote previous days with the intention of adding to them. I’ve kinda succeeded. Adding words to the WIP is what makes me happy. 🙂

  387. Aw happy birthday everyone!

    Before I even knew Jenny made today all of our birthdays I was out grabbing a bite to eat and decided that I wanted to buy myself some lottery scratch off tickets so I did…just because they’re fun to scratch off in anticipation of a mystery of if I’m a winner or not and of course if I’m not a winner I get a bit pouty and blame the lottery ticket people for being mean to me but it still makes me a bit happy inside.

  388. 388

    My sister and I just celebrated our birthdays on Friday! (Mine was in May, hers is July.) We also celebrated Shnog Day a week early, a holiday we made up. “Shnogs” is something we would say to get around the no cursing rule in our house growing up. We wanted everyone to say it, so we gave it a holiday!

  389. I hired a freelance editor to provide feedback on my manuscript. I received her email response about ten minutes ago. For today’s birthday, I’m not opening the email. I want to enjoy my day and pretend she thinks it’s a bestseller.

  390. 390

    I have been in a deep hole for three days. I just bought a Rory watch because Rory is awesome!

  391. You know my birthday was a week ago- you wished me AND on Facebook and made my day! LOL I spent today taking 4 kids to the zoo. Alone. It was great, but now my very hurt and I need a nap!

  392. I met up with my girlfriends for brunch. Caught up on all my friends lives. Had delicious food and 5 mimosas! 🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾

  393. I’m going to paint rocks to leave at BAMC, the local Army hospital to brighten people day, because no one likes to go to the hospital!

  394. Feet. Stupid phone. My feet hurt! LOL

  395. My wife is mass-stressing over an upcoming test, so we’re binge-watching Moving to the Continent on Netflix. There’s nothing quite like spending other people’s money on houses for ourselves! 🙂

  396. Happy birthday to Us! Today Im going to go ride my bike to the Pride festival. Seems like a great place to celebrate. And pie. Pie of some sort will most definitely follow.

  397. Happy Birthday to all!

    My actual birthday was Friday, and I have been celebrating – and will be celebrating – by spending time with friends and my cats and trying to focus on happiness instead of the bad shit in the world and my life.

  398. 398

    How fabulous! My birthday is later this week, and I’ll be 35. I’m getting a cake baked for me by my handsome husband and I hope to put up some bird feeders in the back yard – we’ve recently had a bluebird visiting and he is so dang cheerful to look at I want to do everything I can to keep him coming back. For my birthday I want to send bluebirds to you all <3

  399. 399

    My birthday is this week so I had lunch with my son and parents. Now I’m binge watching Big Bang Theory. Happy Birthday!

  400. Happy Birthday, All!!! Spent some quiet time with hubby. Now, I’ll continue to read my book. Chores can wait til tomorrow.

  401. I am going to draw poisonous dart frogs (per my son’s request), finish reading my new Christopher Moore book, and treat myself to Starbucks now that I know it’s my birthday. Happy Birthday to you, too!

  402. I am going to make myself a rosé infused vodka cocktail and watch the Tony’s. 💗

  403. 403

    I’m watching The Office and maybe accidentally buying a bunch of kindle books from my goodreads deals email.
    But it’s totally warranted because we’re going to the beach in about 2 weeks and I’ll need things to read!

  404. 404
    Shannon Crossland

    I’m taking the day off from responsibilities! I spend too much time doing everything I’m supposed to do. I don’t care what I should be doing im spending time with my husband and dog on the couch and I’m binge watching a tv show.

  405. I’m going to read and read and read. And then eat ice cream.

  406. 406

    Happy birthday, Jenny! And everyone on here! And myself, too?

    I have been binging Desperate Housewives on Hulu this weekend. It is delicious and very few calories!

    I hope to finish the Robin Williams bio later today!

  407. I love you….not in a creepy way. ❤️ Happy Birthday!!!
    Im writing in my gardening journal (which
    Was my sweet Mom’s.) Gosh I miss her!
    Next I’m going to watch some Frazier on Netflix
    …possibly followed by a Sunday birthday nap!
    Oh! And I’m going to order your books. 🙂

  408. Its bitterly cold winter in New Zealand, so I’m going to crank the central heating up to the high 30’s put on my bikini and pretend I’m in Fiji. (PS since only the cats are home there is no need to shave my legs… right!)

  409. 409

    I’m grilling a steak, opening a bottle of wine, and indulging in chocolate covered strawberries all for me. Well, the dog gets a little steak!

  410. Yay! I get TWO birthdays in June! I turn 50 on the 25th. I asked my love for a weekend away, since we can’t really fly off to Europe right now. (Caregiving is rough, y’all! )

    Today, I’m gonna celebrate by ordering the above ground pool I will need to survive another Texas summer. I also have my eye on a light show thingie to float in it when I’m not. Lol

    Happy birthday, Jenny!

  411. 411
    Misfit Dreams

    I worked today. Then I came home and took a nap with my dogs. Then I watched Iron Chef America reruns and listened to my tummy growl while I not so secretly coveted all the nifty kitchen gadgets from pizza stones to tiny wisks. While covetting I planned out all the nifty things I’m going to get a piece at a time for my baking cabinet.

  412. Happy Birthday Everyone!

    I’m going to enjoy a doughnut from a cute shop I recently discovered while binge watching Killing Eve. I have some catching up to do!

  413. A very merry (un)birthday to all y’all. There’s a Tentacle Kitty colouring book that’s pre-order on Amazon that I’ve been waffling about getting. But now that I have ‘permission’, I think I’ll go ahead and pre-order it. Thanks, Jenny!

    msdarkstar recently posted Not My Words… But They Are Important Words.

  414. 414
    Heather Thomas

    Rewatching Parts Unknown and traveling the world again with Anthony Bourdain. He inspired my creativity – he challenged me and made me feel uncomfortable- he taught me about things and people I’ll probably never see/meet. Seems only right to honor him and continue that journey. This is self care for me.

  415. When the grand kids visit or leave for extended times, we have “Not your Birthday” parties. Cake, presents for everyone and even piñatas. Today I think I will take myself to a movie! Thanks!

  416. I spent the day working at the wildlife rehab I volunteer at. I shall spend the evening (after I shower to clean off the the meat juice & animal shit) curled up watching a movie while snuggling my cats.

  417. I totally stayed in half pj’s until 2:30 this afternoon (pj top, no bottoms, because they were somehow wet after hanging over my towel bar in the bathroom? so undies for the bottom).. threw some clothes on, took my almost 21 year old kiddo to breakfast at ihop at 3pm, and ate food i’m not supposed to, but it was soooo tasty. A complete lazy sunday.

  418. 418

    Painted an old cement squirrel that was broken off a bird bath (I’ve had it sitting around the yard for 9 months) an awesome bright orange because cement squirrels should be happy bright colors. Happy birthday y’all!

  419. Happy birthday to us!! I’m going to go see Ocean’s 8 with friends and make a meal. Love this idea and all your posts. Thank you for being such a light.

  420. Today I took a second shower before 3pm and crawled under a minky blanket and took a half hour nap, just because I could and had the time. It was lovely. <3 I have some lavender tea steeping to make iced tea for later.

  421. I’m binge reading one of my favorite blogs. (Wink,wink. Nudge,nudge) And drinking copious amounts of coffee while my dogs snooze next to me and listening to my guinea pigs gossip.

  422. Happy Birthday to us all. It’s not an event I can do today, but I’m dying to see Won’t You Be My Neighbor, the Mr. Rogers documentary coming out later this month. I shall treat myself to that!

    The Midnight Goose recently posted Coot-Coot Doesn’t Need Caffeine.

  423. IT’S MY BIRTHDAY so I am relaxing with a book and my doggos.

  424. 424

    I am going to go bake yummy things for my coworkers because working with terminally ill patients is stressful and baked goods make everything better. And when I bring them to work, I’ll tell everyone happy birthday and really confuse them.

  425. I’m doing a hair mask and a face mask while I watch Scandal. And then I’ll probably go for a long walk when the sun goes down.

  426. I didn’t even know it was my birthday, but I went and saw Solo because Star Wars makes me happy and medical bills had made seeing a movie too much of an indulgence for the last month.

  427. 427
    Madame Fancy Pants

    Happy birthday to all!
    I didn’t even realize it was my birthday, but I’m happy to celebrate because my real birthday was last weekend and that was a bit more stressful. I enjoyed a lovely day walking around touring old houses, and now am resting my tired feet and legs in bed with my kitty, drinking a tasty beverage. But since it’s my birthday, I think I’m even going to take a nice bath later and paint my toenails.
    Thank you for the inspiration, and for trying to squeeze some extra kindness and insight into the world.

  428. I’m gonna give Precious (my faithful minivan, named after The Lord of the Rings) a full tank of gas, without cringing at the cost. She’ll be SO excited! Then, I’m hittin’ the road to find a beautiful place where I can spend the day not feeling bad about doing absolutely productive, other than treating my vitamin D deficiency with some actual sunshine, because, fuck the north, it’s so unnatural to live here. All the while, I will be effortlessly increasing my serotonin with a cooler full of yummy stuff that is in no way good for my thighs. Because, fuck the north. I’m going to celebrate that eight months of winter is finally over, and it’s my birthday!

  429. I celebrated by reading then taking an extra long nap!

  430. 430
    Linda Whitworth

    I code to ignore housework, so I went to yoga and had a pedicure. Appreciate the extra birthday, Jenny!

  431. 431
    Cherie Morgan

    Today is my puppies birthday as my dog is currently in labor and delivery – so you were right – Happy Birthday!

  432. 432

    I always get my period on my birthday… all I want is a slurpee and a few days off work.

  433. Awesome timing! It’s the Queen’s Birthday public holiday here today 🙂
    So I guess that not only is it my birthday, but I’m a queen. I just want the fun bits though – none of those boring ceremonies or making small talk with twerps.
    Happy Birthday to all!!! And let us eat cake.

  434. I am going to read (for pleasure) and maybe get my nails done! I know I need to be better with self care but sometimes I get too caught up in figuring out new ways to help others. As a mental health clinician it seems like the cutting of services is creating an increased desire to fight for others with all my heart which leaves my cup a little empty sometimes. But it’s all worth it. Just a little “check out” is needed sometimes.

    Happy birthday Jenny and everyone else. We should all celebrate ourselves everyday!!

  435. 435

    Happiest of Birthday and Un-Birthdays wishes to you all ! Its hot and and I have been waiting on a good pop-up storm to happen… I am gonna go sit on the porch and soak it up ! An old fashioned Virginia Natural Spa 🙂 And free to boot !

  436. 436
    Tammy Wanzer


  437. Oh, you are awesome. I want to read your next new book, but I can wait because it’s your birthday too, so we can lie in the grass and blow bubbles together. I’ll make you one of my special mochas with cinnamon and vanilla that smells like cake. You can admire the blue polish on my toenails and we’ll show each other photos of our baby kitties, dogs, and children who seem suddenly to be much too adult. We can cry a little over what they were like when they were two. I’ll tell you my terrible secret that ‘dammit’ was my son’s first word and you’ll laugh with your mouth wide open, a bit of birthday cake falling out. Be well, my dear author friend.

  438. 438

    I’m going to read for a bit outside on the freshly mown grass, do laundry, and then go see ‘Solo’ at the good theater, in IMAX, where I can buy beer at the concessions and the butter on the popcorn is real. But first, laundry!

  439. My kids and I got the party started late last night listening to some groovy tunes we hadn’t heard in a long time — of note: Wildfire by Michael Martin Murphey, I Don’t Like Spiders & Snakes by Jim Stafford, and THE BEATLES! Duh,duh,duh,duh,duh,duh…ya say it’s your birthday….duh,duh,duh,duh,duh,duh…it’s my birthday too, yeah…Happy Birthday to you!!!!
    Anyway, we’ve been continuing the fun today — brunch, naps, and about to go to dinner! Everyone have a great week!

  440. I’m going to read David Sedaris’ new book and work on a Christmas ornament I’m crocheting because it will probably take me until Christmas to finish it because I get a lot of help from the cats 😂. Happy birthday, Jenny! Love you!

  441. 441
    Jayne Ash

    I’m gooshing my cat Hanz. Reading and writing. Deep talks with my son who forever amazes me with his intellect and spirit. Being grateful for this day and for Jenny who makes me laugh out loud and appreciate life all the more. Happy Birthday everyone!

  442. It actually IS my birthday tomorrow, and I celebrated today with cake and presents with my 84 year old mother and family. In honor of my birthday, everyone reach out to a friend or family member they haven’t talked to in awhile.. make sure they are feeling OK. Take care of each other!

  443. I went to see the RBG documentary with a couple of girlfriends instead of folding laundry. Woo-hoo!

  444. Happy Birthday to you as well!!! Today I decided to make it all about me since it is my birthday. I went shopping to my favorite shoe stores and boutiques. After I popped an anxiety pill of course. Then I went to Dollar Tree and really went wild stocking up on nail polish, M&Ms, ice cream drum sticks and bath items. Then came home to have a little spa time. And since it’s my birthday I’ve decided not to cook today. I’ve text my son and put in my dinner request. 😁 Hopefully it’s not charred too badly. If it is then that’s okay because I have ice cream!

  445. 445

    I am going to cross my fingers and my toes that my cat, Meg, has lower bilirubin numbers on tonight’s test so she still has a fighting chance. Either way, I’m going to take doughnuts to the evening crew at the Vet’s office that has been helping us fight for the last 10 days. I already had fun picking out a colorful assortment for the day crew. And I’m going to ponder how just today I decided to send everyone presents on MY birthday because while I blame my meds I just forget too often and I don’t want to feel bad about it anymore. And I’m not going to feelet one iota of shame that I’m hoping to get a little present because I’ve had a rough 10 days.

  446. I’m painting cabinets for my kitchen remodel. Working on my house is my therapy. 😁

    Judie recently posted Aloha Chicken.

  447. 447
    Vickie Shields

    Funny I just told my BFF that I’m going to “act like it’s my birthday” and do all the things I want to do since my husband just left to go out of town for work!! I just hung up with her, as planned, read my email and checked the three blogs I follow, then I’m going to watch an old movie (Naughty Marietta 1935) then I’m going to Dairy Queen to have a Salted Caramel Truffle Blizzard and then I’m going to take a hot bath that may or may not last two hours or at least until the hot water heater is completely empty of hot water!! And then…I’m going to sleep smack dab in the middle of my bed and not wear ear plugs because there will be no snoring bear in my bed tonight!! Sounds like heaven to me!! Happy Birthday to ME!

  448. I am going to dinner with friends and to watch the Tony’s and I’m NOT going to stress that the cooking I did this afternoon didn’t turn out exactly like I hoped or that my car got rained in because I left the top down while I was cooking and had to run out in a downpour to put it up which led to a change of clothes before I was finished with the flour which means I should probably change again before dinner but I’m not gonna because ITS MY BIRTHDAY and I don’t care that my yoga pants have flour on them.

  449. I’m going to pop some migraine pills, read a little bit, and nap with my kittens. Might open the huge bag of Doritos and eat some.

  450. 450
    Anna Von Stauffenberg

    I am going to spend the day snuggling with my sweet pup and my best friend on her new couch in the first place she has ever lived in by herself! She just moved in and it’s time to be happy.

  451. For not knowing it was my birthday today, I went out and did a bunch of things that made me happy! I had brunch with a few friends, which was very tasty, and then we went to one of my favorite yarn stores in the city and I bought some beautiful yarn that I’m going to knit some fun things with, and then we went and got ice cream afterwards! It was an excellent day!

  452. I have been really sick with the flu for five days and now there’s bronchitis on top of it. What I am doing today is trying to stay alive (and worrying about missing more work this week). My agenda includes lost of water, tea, and naps.

    I hope everyone else is having a fabulous time!

  453. 453
    Sandy Filla

    I took my mom shopping for clothes for weddings and bridal showers. Now I get to treat myself by bleeding onto my keyboard working on book revisions.

  454. Happy birthday, Jenny!!!!! I just did some long-overdue garage cleaning and I will now celebrate my universal birthday by getting a frappuccino at Starbucks because I deserve it.

  455. I’m going to read the book I’ve been ignoring because I always have so much studying to do! Happy birthday!

  456. On the way home from the airport after visiting my in-laws. Going to order in food, take a bath, possibly listen to Furiously Happy for the 25th time and look for fun sewing projects on Pinterest. That truly apunds wonderful!

  457. Today on my “birthday” I made a cat necklace for my friends 10yr old daughter because making beautiful things for people makes me super happy. Then I went to a flee market and looked through lots of old stuff. I love a good flea market 🙂

  458. I’m gonna snuggle with my dog 🙂

  459. We went to Motor City Pride with my friends and family and dogs. We ate elephant ears and hugged bears, and gave mad respect to the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.

  460. 460

    It’s my birthday later this week! I like to celebrate all month lol but tonight, I’m going to have some ice cream and be with my sweetie.

  461. I celebrated yesterday by going to Pride Parade and taking a bunch of pictures because apparently I’m also psychic and knew today would be my Universal Birthday Day and today I am recovering because being at an event like Pride is Not Easy despite being Fun and it’ll take me about a week to get back to my current normal

  462. I’m going to lay on the floor and watch videos from my favorite foster kitten Instagrams! And then I’m going to research whether vegetarian fish sauce, which I’ve seen on Amazon, is something I can get at a store (I am a vegetarian but like Thai food, but also is vegetarian fish sauce horrifying? Please let me know if you have tried cooking with it.) I may also get on the couch and read my library book (Lindsay West’s ‘Shrill.’) Happy Birthdays all around, y’all!

  463. I am enjoying Free extra cheese pizza. Happy birthday

  464. I’m just glad you’re feeling better. You sound happy! Happy Birthday!

  465. Since I don’t get [my first full paycheck till next weekend, I can’t afford groceries let alone presents. I’ll buy myself a book or two then. For now, my free present is eating the snack size snickers bar I found in my purse, a long shower, and then binge watching corny 80’s teen movies I have on DVD until I pass out.

  466. I was just thinking about blowing off everything I need to do todat and instead snuggling with my beloved and the cats, and read or watch a movie. Thank you for the permission!

  467. 467

    Uh! I wish I would have known it was my BD before I mowed the yard, cleaned 3 toilets, and started a diet!

  468. I bought myself new spark plugs, an ignition coil and an oil change on Friday (ok, for my car), so I think that does in my Gifts For Myself budget for the year. But I did make purple potatoes for lunch today just for fun, so I’m going to declare it all good.

  469. 469

    Congratulations on another successful revolution around the star central to our solar system everyone!

    We went shoe shopping and I have been talking to friends I don’t talk to nearly enough. Later I’m going to splurge on data and binge watch something to be determined.

  470. 470
    Rachel Keane

    I a man going to sleep late…snuggle my kitties and spend hours crafting! Happy Birthday to me…and to you too!

  471. I splurged on a nice, supportive pair of sandals! My friends have been raving about Merrells for a while and I finally decided to give them a whirl. And while I was in the store, some random lady saw me trying them on and started raving about them, too.

  472. Well, for my birthday…(WHICH IT ACTUALLY IS thanks for remembering Jenny!!!!) i will sleep late, eat Thai food with my fam and be open to squeeze hugs from anyone willing to stop by!!!

  473. 473
    Karen Phillips

    I gave myself permission to take a nap when my 1yr old FINALLY went down for her’s. The chores can wait until tonight.

  474. I finished Lireal and downloaded Abhorsen from Audible. I’ve been challenged to read 61 books this summer and through audio books have completed 4 thus far. This makes my brain happy since I am struggling with concentration and focus to read physical books.

  475. Happy birthday!!! To celebrate, I’m going to try my best to be positive and kind to myself. It’s something that does not come easily for me.

  476. 476

    My actual birthday is coming up on Thursday but I haven’t been doing well at all. I’d like to go to a baseball game, visit my friends new house and go camping on the weekend but I’m afraid I won’t be able to, even showering and dressing is too much right now and I haven’t seen or spoken to anyone in a week.
    Anyway, enough of that…..happy birthdays to all!

  477. 477
    Crystal Bartlett

    I’m taking a day to rest and try to get my voice back. I don’t know if I can express how nice it is that I can’t talk above a whisper so I’m not bothering to talk much at all. So peaceful.

  478. It’s my almost half birthday, so that counts! Today I had a piece of cake with tea, and am spending the evening with my dad who is in icu after his second open heart surgery. That means while he sleeps, I get to read a good book!

  479. I’m going to read the stack of books I bought last night, take a nap, and then eat all the food without feeling a damn bit guilty about it.

  480. I’m going to actually allow myself to sit down and relax for a little bit, hopefully, guilt free. All while my three girls run amuck. Single mom life is no joke. I’m also going to try and not worry about my appointment I have in the morning to discuss a med change. Happy birthday to me! :/

  481. I’m going to read books on my kindle and shop online!

  482. 482

    You are sitting me -it is my birthday,tho I am in work on nights. (Nurse in nursing home)

  483. 483

    I am going to cuddle up with a kitten, a great big mug of vanilla earl grey tea and listen to my Smoke and Mirrors audiobook 🙂

  484. I’m going to swing in my hammock with a good book and a glass of wine with my sweet pupper under the hammock. Happy Birthday everyone!

  485. 485
    Emil C Dez

    The 19th will be my half birthday and I just got horrible news yesterday, so today I will just be …

  486. 486
    Rhonda Cates

    Funny you said that – it actually is my birthday today so thank you. I just turned 63 and I swear I don’t feel a day over 45 unless I catch a glance at myself in the mirror and realize that no, that is not my mom, it’s me. That’s ok because my mom is an 83 year old badass who has survived two heart attacks, two hip replacements and losing her sight in one eye and still goes to the gym 3 times a week. My birthday gift to myself is a gym membership because I want to be like her:)

  487. I took a nap when everyone went away.

  488. I am going to buy the new Dean Loontz book and cuddle on the couch for there of the night. Not making dinner, not doing anything else. Woohoo. Thanks for my birthday!

  489. It was just recently my daughter’s birthday, and so I had some more leftover birthday cake to celebrate my birthday (and, uh, all of y’alls’ birthday too).

  490. 490
    Lisa Sweet

    U r so nice Jenny! My birthday was the 5th and it was crap but I think after 21 all birthdays are crap.I just wish my family understood that sometimes I would like them to celebrate me without me having to plan my own surprise. Oh well I guess . happy universal birthday everyone!

  491. 491
    The Birthday Girl!

    I’m going to listen to music that makes me sing and watch a movie that makes me cry. I’m going to take a guilt-free nap because that’s what birthdays are for. And if you send me a gift, I am going to share with someone because good fortune should always be shared.

  492. So I am going to eat some ice cream & watch BBC. I’m wild like that!!!
    Actually just want to take a bit of a break from organizing.

  493. You are such a sweetie! Today I did lots of gardening (instead of laundry and cleaning) and it was lovely 🌷🌼🌺🌻🌸

  494. I took my daughter to look at cool sidewalk chalk art, icluding those cool 3D ones that look funky from the top but amazing from the bottom. And we had cupcakes.

  495. Happy Birthday! Or Happy Unbirthday! It doesn’t matter. Have a great day, Jenny!

  496. Well, huzzah! I’m gonna eat an ice cream sundae! I was gonna anyway bc it’s Sunday and my husband is flying out for a business trip and I hate when he leaves on a weekend but now I feel EVEN MORE JUSTIFIED!! 😁

    And a very merry unbirthday to you as well!

  497. It’s obvious that all of your Soulmates are Geminis. Because it’s my birthday also ??!?!!

  498. 498
    Hollie Ayres

    I’m finally relaxing and having ME time. I’m watching true crime on TV and eating chocolate covered strawberries. Happy birthday, everyone!

  499. For my birthday, I’m listening to the “Knightly Pleasures” podcast because Jack gets me out of my very depressed and lonely head for a little while. So…yeah, if I had a birthday wish, it would be to have a little extra cash to give to Jack on Patreon so I could get access to his pay stories and make it easier for him to eat something other than box mac and cheese.

  500. I’m going to help my sweet dog survive these thunderstorms that are making him shiver, while I read one of the many books “I’ll get to eventually”, in front of the fire (even though it’s summer —- thunderstorms always mean the fireplace is on!). 😄
    Everyone, have fun doing your special thing! 🙂

  501. Yay! Happy birthday to me completely justifies the blackberry cobbler ice cream I just ate!

  502. Woah, it actually is my birthday! Thank you!!
    I’m being lazy for the rest of the day, ordering dinner and laying on the couch.
    Happy un-birthday to everyone else who now shares today with me!!

  503. 503

    I’m going to give all my pets (there are 20, counting my foster chinchillas) to extra treats tonight so they can celebrate with me.

  504. I’ve been reclining on my chaise lounge all day, crocheting to my hearts content, while watching true crime on ID.

  505. 505
    Sharon Treese

    I just love you. I don’t need a gift.

  506. 506
    Karyn Doherty

    I think I’ll snuggle on the couch with the kiddos and watch Despicable Me 3 and have some gin and ginger. Maybe make some whipped cream for those strawberries I bought….. Num.

  507. 507
    Kate Frye

    I am treating myself to a trip… to Berlin to see Pearl Jam! I’ve always wanted to see them so I said what the hell, I’m gonna do it! I cannot wait!

  508. happy at home making pelicans for a client (and one for myself)
    work can be fun too!

  509. 509
    Tamara Clohessy

    Went to a local college age baseball game, Humboldt Crabs. Had a beer and some red vines. Perfect mindless fun.

  510. Spent the day with my family, and it was a damned fine birthday. Thanks, Jenny!

    mydangblog recently posted My Week 194: I Pitch Reality Shows.

  511. Happy birthday to everyone!
    I’m going to eat chocolate ice cream and then go take a bath with my cheap lavender bath salts. Haha.

  512. I took a long, hot shower.

  513. I’m going to lie in bed and read. It’s raining, and I LOVE reading to the natural soundtrack of rain.

  514. 514
    KkkKKim kim

    I am visiting my grandmother. She is 97 years young.

  515. I went shopping with my husband and then out to eat with the family! Now to finish the night reading.

  516. I want to be able to sleep in on my birthday, but with a four year-old I know that is probably impossible. So I’ll settle for a hot bath uninterrupted or a massage.

  517. I’m going to start knitting the shawl I bought yarn for and have been putting off because I keep telling myself I have to do ALL THE WORK before I earn time to do something I want to do!

  518. My birthday was actually a few days ago. First birthday without my dad. I tried to just will it to pass quickly. It didn’t. But, since you insist, I’ll stop packing to move and stop working on my fourth book and I’ll take a little break. Have a hot bath with my favorite bubble bath.

    Thanks for making me take a little break.

  519. 519

    Put on some comfy jammies. Curl up on the couch under a fuzzy blanket. Bribe the cats on to the couch (and my lap) using treats. Watch Zoo (delightful and terrible show, perfect amount if ridiculous) on Netflix.
    Maybe finish the bottle of wine I just opened.

  520. 520
    Elizabeth Colvin

    Put on some comfy jammies. Curl up on the couch under a fuzzy blanket. Bribe the cats on to the couch (and my lap) using treats. Watch Zoo (delightful and terrible show, perfect amount if ridiculous) on Netflix.
    Maybe finish the bottle of wine I just opened.

  521. 521

    Binge watching Grey’s Anatomy bc its been a year yesterday that I lost my dad. I love adult coloring cuss books, I have yours already! Kendra Krebs

  522. 522

    I am going to sit on my deck under a giant maple tree and watch ER

  523. I danced in two competitions this weekend so I bought an Irish Dancer travel mug for my hot tea. I’m now snuggling on the couch with one of my rescue dogs and loving it. Hope everyone had a wonderful birthday! 😊

  524. 524

    I took my son and my mom out for lunch today 🙂

  525. I played in dirt and wasted the rest of the day cuddling with my dog

  526. 526

    I made brownies and ate as many as I wanted. And licked the bowl.

  527. You’re freaking me out. It’s gonna be my birthday in two days. So… yeah. You must be psychic.

    corinasahlin recently posted Would you do this to your best friend?.

  528. Sleep in, dinner out and read a good book.

  529. I cuddled with our new baby, took a nap and then went to dinner with friends.

  530. It is my birthday today! I am going to get the expensive camera that I have been wanting. I will treat myself better and enjoy the day

  531. 531

    I am going to ignore the giant pile of laundry from our camping trip and play board games instead 🙂

  532. I went to my local flea market and bought a poster of the anatomy of the larynx and pharynx and now I’m reading sci-fi on my Kindle instead of folding laundry or meal prepping for the week!

  533. 533
    Simply Jenn

    I joined a gym and did my first workout in a long time! It felt so good to be taking care of me!

  534. 534
    Dawn in Indiana

    I took a nap, read a magazine, and am getting ready to eat some Kringle while catching up on Killing Eve.

  535. I ate a double chocolate chip cookie with no guilt and bought myself a kindle book I really wanted! My actual birthdays always turn into disasters my daughter threw up on me this year-so I am loving this random birthday day!

  536. Today is the perfect half-year birthday 🎂 I took time for myself and read a book. Now I’m watching the Greatest Showman and my husband cooked dinner for me. Now if I had your number I could call the funniest person I haven’t met yet!

  537. 537

    Um, but you must be psychic because it actually is my birthday. And this just made my day because I was feeling a little down about it all. BUt this post made me feel warm, so thank you for that!

  538. 538
    Literally Tallon

    I’m going to drink a glass of wine and watch hummingbirds while listening to my cat chirp. It’s weird. Does she think it will attract birds? Whatever, it entertains me.

  539. I made my family a kick ass breakfast. My husband and I went and got a TON of flowers and got almost all of them planted. I drank coffee and knit for a while and I’m going to end my day watching Westworld! HBD TO US ALL!

  540. I’m going to go get my first facial then walk around the park and admire the duck pond.

  541. 541
    Julie Deroo DVM

    So close!!! My birthday was yesterday and the big 50
    I worked in the morning (pet get sick 7 days a week) but when I got home I ate an entire tub of Ben and Jerry’s while reading an awesome book.

  542. We have spent this glorious day ( and weekend) celebrating our sons high school graduation!!

  543. 543
    Linda 2017

    I’m going to eat pizza 🍕 and enjoy myself!
    A great way to end the day after doing homework all day! I am not even a kid
    I’m old, 50 and I am trying to get masters degree… what was
    I thinking?! I hope all of you are having wonderful
    Birthdays.., Enjoy! Celebrate!

  544. Today I am reading books and snuggling with my nephew. It’s been a rough few months and I am terrible at self care so I appreciate the universal birthday!

  545. I know it sounds weird, but I am going thrifting. Thrift store shopping is the hobby that is also therapy. It’s a win-win. I might take myself out to eat, too.

  546. I have a week off ahead of me! Since it is kicking off with my birthday, im going to buy one of the social justice books in my Amazon Saved for Later list and get thru it this week!

  547. Today for my birthday. I played crochet with my younger cats. They all love string so I tried to work on a project (which I finished) and spent a lot of time tossing yarn on their heads. I celebrated with a root beer float and pulling a foot of yarn out of Penelope’s mouth when she thought eating yarn was a good idea.

  548. I sat and watched Food Network, finished a book, and ate an ice-cream cone. Now, off to chase fireflies outside. Fighting anxiety today…these things helped. And of course, your blog always helps!

  549. I’m going to sing. Not because I’m good at it, I’m not. Because I can and I want to. And it makes me happy. And I’m going to dream about the day I can afford a guitar so I can sing and play.

  550. 550
    Rebecca in SoCal

    I had cookies for breakfast before I even read this. However, this IS a friend’s birthday, so I’m going to keep it special for her. HB, Fifi!

  551. 551
    Stephanie Gibbons

    Eat all the ice cream is what I’m going to do🤣. Happy Birthday to YOU! I hope your having the best day ever!

  552. 552

    I can’t get enough museums! I love them! I am going to go with my daughter who knows so much about every damn thing and is so interesting that she should go on Jeopardy (and she’s not even stuck up!- even tough she has a Masters and (almost) her PhD)! I am so lucky to have her – she’s a gift all by herself!

  553. 553

    tap a nap with my dog 🙂

  554. Koreans have everyone age a year collectively on New Year’s Day. That, combined with the tradition of assigning the time in utero as a year, means that you are either a year or two older in Korea than you are in the United States. A baby born on Christmas is 2 years old before she is 2 weeks old.

    I think I will abstain from cooking dinner. Pizza and a movie for me.

  555. I met a friend at the oldest bookshop in America, bought presents for people, ate pancakes for lunch. Then I attended the local gay men’s member showcase concert (few things are as charming as two guys singing ‘I Feel Pretty’ from West Side Story) and had dinner with my college roomie who sang a fantastic solo from The Drowsy Chaperone in the show.

    Happy birthday to all!

  556. 556

    I am diabetic, but I had an ice cream cone for dessert-since it is my birthday. Now I want my own copy of Furiously Happy to read again and again

  557. Diabetic, that was me. Silly phone wouldn’t take my name and email.

  558. This year, for my birthday, I’m just taking a day to relax. Maybe use a beautiful bath bomb, and then stay in and paint/sculpt/whatever art project comes to mind this time. Life has been too crazy. (and my birthday is less than a week away, so yeah, that’s really the plan)

  559. I had such a moment when I read this because my birthday is coming up shortly! I am going to spend the day outside and try to reconnect with nature and maybe pretend to be a tree or a rock- we’ll see when I get there haha

  560. Thanks! Especially because it is my birthday… to celebrate, I introduced my daughters to Turkish food for lunch, just for the experience.

  561. Well, damn…that what’s happens when I catch up on reading online late in the day. I’d like to just hang out with friends on their porches, but that all depends on being able to catch them at a good time, so I suppose my big excitement for the day will have to be using my brand-new Trader Joe’s rose water face toner before I go to bed. Still working on figuring out what I want to do for my actual birthday on July 15th, though…suggestions, anyone? Maybe catching opening night of Richard III on Boston Common, if it’s not too hot and muggy?

  562. 562

    I will allow myself one day to stop beating myself up about everything.

  563. If it’s your birthday today, then mine is tomorrow, because it is IRL. This morning we were at a two year old’s birthday party and now I’m sad because I didn’t get a balloon. So I think tomorrow for my birthday I’m going to get a balloon and a piece of chocolate cake. I’ll probably have to get one for my four year old too, because I don’t want to share.

  564. 564

    Thank you, and happy birthday to everyone! I’m still wired from a busy 9.5 hour Sunday workday, so I’m enjoying a brew or two and watching “Splitting Up Together” on Hulu. It’s a clever show, but not one that requires much concentration. Looking forward to having tomorrow and Tuesday off.

  565. 565

    Sit in the hot tub which is now the cool tub because it’s 100 fricking degrees out so we’ve filled it with hose water. We’re fancy like that.

  566. I drank right out of the gallon of milk because that makes me Fuckin’ happy.

  567. I am binging Marple for some reason, and every episode has Doctor Who actors in it, so it’s like doing that but not as good and more murder. I also gave my mom a Cuisinart food processor and ordered myself an Instant Pot. Not the sale one Amazon has today, the more expensive one. 🙄🤷🏻‍♀️ And I’ve hugged my rescue animals, and not dressed them up. Win-win.

  568. 568

    I’m going to buy fancy expensive yarn to knit that sweater I’ve been wanting to knit for ages, instead of crappy cheap yarn.

  569. I spent all day in bed watching funny YouTube videos. I am going to get coffee and snuggle my cats and not feel bad for accomplishig a single thing today

  570. We went to the Haight Ashbury Street Fair, hit the vintage clothing shops and bought vinyl records at Amoeba Records and then we somehow got lost getting back home and decided that stopping for a beer at small beer / bottle shop with a bar was a great idea.

    It was a great universal birthday. 😀

  571. You are psychic! It’s my bizarro birthday. Back when I was having a background check for the Vancouver 2010 Olympics the RCMP switched my birth day/month to month/day and I was told my birthday is June 10th. Works for me! Two birthdays a year are more fun than one. On October 6th and June 10th it’s party time.

  572. 572
    Jennifer scoggin

    I made Cotten candy with my 9 year old son. We even have some to the neighbor kids. What a great birthday

  573. Today is literally my birthday (I’m thirty, yay!) and this was eerily timed and also awesome. I spent my day lounging around doing nothing in a pile of chores that will just have to wait until tomorrow.

    Adie // The Cupcake Witch recently posted Happy-Happy Birthday-Birthday!.

  574. 574

    It is my birthday on the 14th! :). I am binge watched season 2 of the Crown on Netflix while snuggling my pups and eating boxed Mac n cheese cause I’m a big girl and I do what I want! 😁

  575. 575

    Happy birthday everyone! Today I spent working in a travel journal, playing with my dogs, and relaxing. Hope everyone else has had a stress free day!

  576. 576
    Robin Mead

    Happy birthday everyone! Today I spent working in a travel journal, playing with my dogs, and relaxing. Hope everyone else has had a stress free day!

  577. happy universal birthday. today was very weird for me. i went to a seminar to learn how to respond when people make anti-semitic remarks. that is a tough one for me. then i tried to get my 2nd dose of the shingrix vaccine, but apparently there is a shortage & EVERYONE is out. seriously? i think this is a ploy by the mfr. to make me wait so long, i will have to get the 1st does again…. then i used essential oils to rid myself of an impending migraine, napped for 1 hr & went to a visitation for a former co-worker & friend, whose adult son committed suicide. my heart breaks for people that have to go thru that. and a child of theirs, to boot…. my husband moved out a couple months ago for various reasons, but 1 of them was “you have too many health issues”. like i didn’t warn him of that 18 years ago. and still i have to think – i’m so lucky. my young son is still alive. now i am sorting thru essential oils to keep my depression from creeping in & taking me down the rabbit hole. and why is it called a rabbit hole? do rabbits get depressed? having so many babies, i’m thinking ‘no time to be depressed’! and my mind is off & running…. just before bed. great.

  578. I like to sew, making new clothes for my daughter or other people’s babies. I always think about how fun it would be to put your drawings on fabric to turn into dresses. For my birthday, I will make something fun and new!

  579. 579

    I went to the bookstore, took a nap and had some wine with dinner. 🙂

  580. I took a nap with my kitties and am now binge-watching Supernatural while knitting a hat for a close friend.

  581. It’s actually my birthday a week from tomorrow but I’m all for Universal Birthday Day. We could all use a little more reason to celebrate the small things, no? I actually did this today before I even knew it was Everyone’s Birthday: This morning I was out at the ballpark at 8am for my daughter’s softball tournament. It was hot and humid and gross and they played like the fierce little warriors that they are and they still lost and that’s okay. As I hiked up the hill from the field where we were playing to the bathrooms, I found myself with major deja vu and I stopped for a moment to just reflect. 20 years ago this summer, I started my first ever job at that very ballpark, working in the concession stands. Before and after shifts, I’d sit on the hill behind the building and watch the games on the fields below. This morning I stood on that very same hill and found gratitude. This is where I fell in love with softball, a game I never got to play but came to adore. This is where I found some of my best friends, many of whom I’m still close to today. This is where I met a person who became so much more than just a friend, someone who was smart about softball and about life, who became a mentor of sorts and helped me find my way to the other side during one of the darkest times in my life. He’s gone now and I miss him terribly, but I’ll always carry those moments in my heart. I stood there in the sunshine today and I was able to appreciate that not every day is a good day, but today was. And for today, that gratitude was enough. Find the beauty in the little things, guys. Sometimes it’s hard, but it’s always worth it.

  582. 582
    Emily Maxwell

    I went to my step moms and floated all day in the pool. And drank bubbly rosé all day. Thanks for the unexpected birthday Jenny!!! Happy Birthday to you too!!!! 😉

  583. 583

    Napped on and off all day and listened to guilty pleasure romance audiobooks

  584. 584
    Pamela Barnette

    Yesterday really WAS my birthday, and it freaked me right the fuck out to read the beginning of your post. I was feeling kind of bummed out, because it’s time for that musical question, “Will you still need me, will you still feed me, when I’m 64?” But I’m going to stay in bed all day tomorrow and binge-watch both seasons of “Stranger Things” and eat Cherry Garcia and not feel a single moment of guilt about it!

  585. I wasn’t expecting it to be my birthday today since I usually celebrate it on July 3rd which will be my 25th birthday (again) so I did homework today. I just started college as an adult student. I’ll try to do something good for myself tomorrow.

  586. 586
    Randy McKay

    It really is my birthday, 63, and I Really needed someone to remember it… Thanks, I love ya.

  587. Today is my actual birthday and my 20th wedding anniversary. I spent the day at my daughters dance recital helping her thru every costume change, hair malfunction.. whatever was needed. My husband I had a lovely breakfast out at our local spot before the dance craziness ensued. The family I have made for myself over the years came to my house for a lovely dinner from our favorite Chinese joint. We laughed, told stories and celebrated being in each other’s company. The best part of today was when my dear friend )who has a very bad last feed years mentally) remembered to make me orangesicle fudge. It made my heart sing. I finally realized I am worth celebrating, my friends and my marriage accomplishments are worth celebrating and I am allowed to enjoy it.

  588. I’m going to get myself another feather pillow. I’d get myself a new mattress because the one I have sucks, but the one I want is VERY expensive (it’s the westin hotel mattress. Best. Sleep. Of. My. Life.). I miss having a bed that I can be a little bit in love with (some of y’all know what I mean, right?), but good feather pillows are amazing and can make up a little bit for having an otherwise crappy bed. I sleep for crap these days, so anything that makes a difference is worth it. Why haven’t I bought a bunch of these before now? Oh, right. Cuz I need to get a job first! (I’m hoping to have that locked down by my actual birthday–aug 31)

    Laurie recently posted small "f*ck it." pendant -- Hand Stamped Sterling Silver Necklace (mature language) by IntermezzoDesigns.

  589. I’m going to buy a beach umbrella. I’ve wanted/needed one since last summer

  590. It was my birthday exactly a week ago (and it didn’t go as planned at all) so I will totally take a birthday day! …… Does it count if the thing I’m going to do is something I do almost every day? I’ve been mildly-depressed lately and have been combating that by watching a ton of funny YouTube videos, specifically Goggle Translate Sings videos. (If anyone wants to see two hilarious people attempt the Whisper Challenge with translated sentences that make no sense, it’s freaking awesome! https://youtu.be/jeMWrFqpS9g )

  591. I baked 2 pans of brownies for my local Senior Center. I decided sharing my birthday goodies was way better than eating a pan of brownies all by my lonely self.

  592. 592

    Be here another day and keep getting older…one day, one week, one month, one birthday at a time.

  593. 593
    Julianna Cahill-Dutiel

    Lay in bad with my puppers, watch anime, and eat ice cream!

  594. 594
    Janis Turner

    Wow! Lots of birthday celebrations! I hung out with my family’s family and watched the Tony’s. It was great! Happy Birthday to all!

  595. I went to a friends house. She has struggled with depression stemming from 7 years of chronic pain. Today marked a year since her chronic pain spontaneously self-resolved and has (mostly) stayed away. So we had a fucking party, ate strawberry cupcakes , and celebrated each little moment she had enjoyed off her new freedom. ❤

  596. I’m gonna take my sleep medication early like a responsible human being instead of waiting until 2 am and ruining my tomorrow.

  597. I know you probably won’t see this but Thank you so much for this. I’ve been feeling bad because I’m trying to save money but I bought a perfume that I’ve wanted for two years but it’s $275 a bottle yes that’s right $275 a bottle but I found a new authentic bottle on eBay for only $65 and I couldn’t resist but I still feel bad however now I don’t have to because it’s my birthday. Thanks Jenny. Ps in case your wondering it’s Christian Louboutin Bikini Questa Sera. HAPPY BIRTHDAY EVERYONE

  598. It really is almost my birthday. Just 4 days away. How did you know? Next weekend, I am celebrating turning 45, and losing 80lbs, by going to an amusement park. Because I can totally fit in those stupid molded seats now.

  599. 599
    Charlene Andrew

    Where does one locate these True Crime Podcasts of which you speak (write, whatever)?

  600. 600
    Sara Jean McCall

    Totally going to forgive myself for the thing that I didn’t think I’d really fucked up on but someone convinced me I had. So maybe not self-forgiveness but more like self-acceptance and a small (birthday) fuck you to the person I let get in my head. And peanut butter m&ms. Smccallmph@gmail.com

  601. Planting flowers and snuggling my cat❤️

  602. 602
    Patricia Tillman

    Oh I wrote something before but I’m not sure if it posted itself correctly and now there are one bazillion comments and I feel bad for posting twice. So I’ll forgive my self for that. My birthday is in two weeks and this post made me happy on a hard day. Thank you.

  603. 603

    My birthday is on Friday, and after months of planning on taking a paid vacation day, it turns out I need to save it for when I’ll actually need it later in the year. Because it has been a shittastic few weeks chock full of anxiety and panic and general worry, I might take the day off anyways. Because SELF-CARE. And I will buy all the hand-dyed yarn on Etsy and spend the day knitting and napping and drinking iced coffee.

  604. 604
    Laurel White

    This year I am 50. Last year I decided to make the jump from Art Lover to Art Maker. I am teaching myself watercolor. I have a chronic degenerative nerve disorder called CRPS/ RSD since 2004. Art makes me ridiculously fucking happy so I decided to see if playing with paint would do the same. It does and more. My anxiety is lower. My depression is almost in remission. I can walk away whenever I need to and not feel like I’m wasting precious supplies. And if I have a flare up I lie in bed binge watching and taking notes from generous Art YouTubers. Which has lowered how long the flare ups happen because I am so zen’d out and excited while focusing on learning than focusing in on how much pain I’m in. Artist grade watercolor brushes are pricey.


  605. Actually my birthday is a week from Tuesday (really). I’d love to go on a spa day; I’ve hinted it God knows how many times to my husband and twins, but they never seem to remember. Since this family is busy climbing out of the hole three years of unemployment can make, I doubt I’ll be able to afford it this year. But I would like a cake that I don’t bake myself. I make everyone else a cake, but rarely get one myself anymore. So, yeah: a cake. With fudgy icing and pretty flowers. Or tiramisu (yum!) I’m not picky.

  606. For my universal birthday party my husband and I got a load of “poopy dirt” (compost) for our garden beds and played outside for 8 total hours. At hour 4 we went to help my mom clean up at the relay for life, she runs the silent auctions, then my dog started getting sick. Which was awesome (not!) and then threw up 9 times, she apparently doesn’t like the antibiotics she’s on. Can we have one more chance at a universal birthday??

  607. Happy Universal Birthday! I have been procrastinating on sewing a skirt that I bought EVERYTHING for back in February. I’ve been scared of messing it up, because it’s gorgeous embroidered ivory rayon and very…shifty. Plus invisible zippers are still intimidating. Well today I finally started stitching because I re-realized it’s better to make the attempt, succeed or fail, and learn from the outcome. Plus I’ll never enjoy the fabric if it’s hidden in my stash. And it felt so good to START!

  608. I’m in Paris for the first time and I’m going to skip seeing the churches and museums to go to the catacombs and stare at skulls up close! …..and then that came out more deranged and Dahmer-y than I intended. The point is, catacombs are cool and scary and like a real life haunted house so since Hereditary isn’t showing in Paris yet I’m going to get my horror kicks in another way!

  609. 609

    I’m going to give a lovely person her front tooth to smile with, because I’m a dentist and it’s her birthday also. In giving her the tooth she needs to make her feel better about herself after an accident she had I get the feel good feeling for my birthday gift.

  610. I’m going to do nothing for my birthday because I’ve been spending time taking care of everyone else. If anyone wanted to get me a present, I really need this package of plastic goats for…reasons. Important reasons.


  611. I’m a day late for the party, but I spent the actual Universal Birthday at a BBQ to celebrate someone else’s birthday. I will spend my ‘I’m a day late’ birthday pottering around my garden. Might even get washed and dressed first 😉

    The Lockwood Echo recently posted A Charlatan Funeral.

  612. I went to yoga and then took a loooooong nap. Best birthday! Happy belated birthday to everyone!

  613. 613

    I love this idea. Every day should be a celebration! We need more free things and less buy things though because some of us are poor.

  614. I went for a hike for my birthday. It’s not a family hike without thunder and the littlest screaming in panic that we are all going to die. But the dog had fun.

    Happy birthday, world! Now, it’s time to put on my birthday suit and go to work!

    becomingcliche recently posted Notes From the Zookeeper: How DO You Move a 525lb Tortoise?.

  615. I received the deluxe edition of Neil Gaiman’s “Death” comic miniseries and a sleeping bag. Thanks, Jenny 🙂

    Jay recently posted A Run 65 Million 25 Years In The Making..

  616. I treated myself to a DVD from Amazon and a few books on preorder, because future me needs surprise gifts too.

  617. 617
    Carmina Piranha

    I’m going to browse secondhand books and paint my toenails with sparkles.

  618. I’d like to give my birthday gift away to my good friend, who recently lost their pupper. That’s all. <3

  619. It actually IS my birthday today! And part of me weekend celebration included reading aloud the story of Beyoncé the giant metal chicken, to my girlfriends as we drove home from a spa day. I feel like I have a personal birthday message from you! Thanks for remembering!

  620. Ha! It WAS my b-day on June 9th. 🙂

  621. Well that was wild – you are psychic! My 70th birthday was June 8th, but on the 10th, I had a birthday party – decided to throw one rather than feeling sorry for myself because nobody had given me a b-day party since my high school boyfriend (Gene Salvatore) had a surprise 16th birthday party for me in 1964. And this was so much better than whining, I think I may do this again in 2028!

  622. I’m going to try to find my cat behind the crates in my closet, cuddle him, get an ice cream and read one of the many books I want to read right now. Or probably I’ll read 20 pages in 5 books because I’m very indecisive right now.

  623. 623
    Lady Macbeth

    A very merry un-birthday to all! Today (even though I’m a day late to this post), I’m going old-school Doctor Who. Tonight, at various theatres across the country (put on by Fathom Events), Genesis of the Daleks (Tom Baker’s fourth episode) will be showing as the director’s cut followed by a recent interview with Baker. I’m going with my mom (whom I have to thank for most of my geekiness/nerdiness)!

  624. I going to run away with my cat, Lucy, for a week or three. Just get in the car and go somewhere.

  625. Wow, I want to do all of those! What a great birthday that would be 😉 But maybe I’ll settle for reading a book while baby naps in stead of being productive around the house. I only have 50 pages left!

  626. I’m going to get myself Starbucks and I’m going to get soy milk in it! I may buy the coffee of the person behind me in line because it’s THIER BIRTHDAY TOO!

  627. 627
    E. Connell

    I didn’t get to tell you what I was doing for my birthday because I was doing it. For my birthday, me and my cat Keanu spent the very early morning in the yard, sipping coffee with Amaretto and deadheading and watering my flowers. He was chasing butterflys. Happy Birthday to us!! I hope you enjoyed yours as much as I enjoyed mine.

  628. 628
    Crystal Evans

    Happy Birthday! I will be taking a van full of kids to the zoo because that’s where they keep the giraffes.

  629. I’m going to read an awesome book!

  630. I’m going to the library!

  631. I’m going to slap a piece of duct tape over my babbling husband’s mouth, watch “7 Seconds” on Netflix, and eat macaroni and cheese till I have to lay down. ❤️😊

  632. 632

    I’m a day late because yesterday was a depression day (rare these days, I mostly have anxiety) but I celebrated by calling my mom who reminded me who I am and have always been (I’m 47 btw) and then I watched Big Bang Theory until I started laughing. And ate a salad to redeem for the bag of chips I’d had earlier and also OJ with banana vodka b/c – well, fruit.

  633. For this very merry unbirthday? I have a 10hr shift on what is typically our busiest day. Can I call a mulligan for Thursday?

  634. I spent the day cutting hedgehog quills out of fabric for a quilt I’m making. 120 big quills for the quilt, and 120 little quills for the matching throw pillow. The floor is covered with scraps and my hands are sore. But it was soooooo worth it.

  635. I am going to not beat up on myself for mistakes, focus on why I am awesome and let Frankie B and Benny (cats) get into my closet and kick everything out of the drawer so they can burrow.

  636. I just had a scary result from my Cologuard test. While I worry about what happens next, I’m going to sip an iced coffee and treat myself to a new pair of shoes for my unbirthday!

  637. You’re amazing- I love this blog. I’m a librarian working with my local no-kill shelter on a program where kids read to the animals. It’s the next best thing to having a library cat of my own.

  638. I’m gonna sneak out of work early and go for a bike ride!

  639. 639
    Mikaela Spence

    Aww man, I didn’t check my email yesterday and missed my own universal birthday….

  640. Today (Monday) is actually my birthday, but I’m not in a celebrating mood. I’m rather in a “be a turtle and curl up under the covers because I don’t want to deal with people” kind of mood – BUT – I have to be at work Instead, so I’m a turtle inside my head. 🐢

  641. 641

    Happy Belated Birthday everyone! (What can I say, I’m always late, but this way, you can extend your birthdays and have more cake!) I’m going to read a sad book, cry ugly tears, and sleep.)

  642. 642
    Sheila Stout

    I’m going to visit with my parents who just came home from camping, and give my daughter unlimited mommy time. Which can’t happen all the time, but CAN happen today!

  643. I’m going to bake some bread and binge watch some TV (best combo ever).

  644. Even though I got a bit tender the other day, I’m heading back for a tanning session. I get 3 more free sessions, courtesy of my daughter. BONUS. And then I’m going to find myself a box of pizza logs for my new adventure with paranormal podcasts. I love horror, btw. And finally, Happy Birthday to all!

    Mamacita recently posted Backwards Sequence of Dreams.

  645. 645

    Just got Story Worth for my Dad – thank you!!!!

  646. 646
    Leslie Saunders

    Snuggling with my 10 year old son who is home sick and watching tv. Best birthday present ever since he hardly wants hugs from mom any more!

  647. My sister and I have birthdays 2 weeks apart. Every year we pick a restaurant we have never been to and then go. Most times it is “Cut to the Chase” meal – appetizers and dessert. Then we give the Maine Coons catnip to watch them get derpy.

  648. 648

    I’m going to jog with my dog then cuddle on the couch with my other dog that’s blind and deaf while reading my book.

  649. 649
    Rachel Resciniti

    Today I will rearrange my bookshelves in order to make room for more. I will also spend a not insignificant amount of time browsing Amazon and dreaming about what books I will add to my collection once I finally get hired for the school year (recently graduated new teacher still looking for my first job).

  650. I’m going to jog with my dog, then cuddle on the couch with my other dog that’s blind and deaf and read.

  651. I’m going to put sangria in my travel mug and drink it at work! And then snuggle my cats when I get home.

  652. I won my state outdoor archery tournament for my universal birthday…… And now just want to sleep… can I have another birthday?

  653. 653
    Dani allen

    I’m supposed to be packing the house to move in 3 days, but I am passing a kidney stone, sooooo instead I’m going to lay in bed and watch Harry Potter

  654. 654

    Thank you, Jenny! Reading these posts about what everyone is doing for their unbirthday makes me feel less alone (something I have been struggling with most days). There are other people who love to alternate between reading and coloring in a blanket-made cocoon while cuddling pets and fighting desperately to quiet an anxiety-riddled brain?!? Can we please be friends?

    Happy Unbirthday to you all! 🙂

  655. I went to a country fair with lots of good food and weird dancing.

  656. OHMYGOSH OHMYGOSH OHMYGOSH! I am constantly dreaming of receiving free stuff! I will trade you 48.7 kittens for free stuff!!!

    (I’m realizing now that if I bribe you for free stuff, it’s a trade and therefore not “free”. I am a living contradiction. Forgive me, mother.)

  657. On second thought, I require only your validation. Validate me, blog-mother. Validate me.

  658. 658
    Allyson Baldwin

    The weird thing is, it IS my birthday so I think you are right about being psychic. I’ve suspected it for a while. I’m going to take a walk in the woods with my dogs. My favorite thing to do! Happy birthday to everyone else too! <3

  659. 659
    Kate George

    My house if full of people because my youngest graduated high school. I’m going to hide from all of them. I’ve been nice for three days and now if I don’t get some alone time I’m going to turn into a screaming ball of nastieness. So I’m going to be sneaky and hide in my room.

    Not very hostess like, but necessary anyway.

  660. 660

    I bought a new bottle baby goat!

  661. After throwing my daughter’s graduation party over the weekend I have secluded myself in a introvert recharge haven of books, snacks, social media (minus the interacting) and general curmudgeon-y awesomeness interrupted by the occasional teenager asking for permission to leave the house. Ummm yes. Please do that. After you bring mum a glass of wine.

  662. 662
    Penni Ellington

    Spent the day binging both For My Next Guest with David Letterman and the all of S2 of Santa Clarita Diet. Viva la Emmy voting! (Then I read book 8 in a series).

  663. After my son goes to sleep, I’m going to watch New Girl and eat some ice cream, rather than running around the house to do chores in my brief spot of free time. There will also be dog cuddles.

  664. I’m gonna buy myself one of those awesome wheeled suitcases with 4 wheels that just roll effortlessly through airports! I just got back from an amazing week long trip to Cancun and after struggling with my gimpy two wheeled rolling suitcase that barely fit my stuff and schlepping a non wheeled carry-on that was awkward at best and downright painful at worst through the airports, I almost bought new luggage in the airport on my return trip!! The expense of that would have been tragic so I managed to calm down and can now shop around to find something that will make my next trip way easier!!

  665. I didn’t know it was my birthday but I spent it watching once upon a time for hours and drinking coffee. 🙂 Happy Belated Birthday!

  666. I must have known yesterday was Universal Birthday Day because I let myself take a break from work and watched some funny youtubers play video games all day instead. Doesn’t sound like much but it was a welcome break from my overstressed brain 😖

    Happy belated birthday everyone!

  667. I’m going to drink some Sparkling Apple Cider, play with my pets until my person gets home from work and then play computer games with him before making tasty foods for dinner! ^_^

  668. Thank you for this. Just yesterday I was told that I am not taking care of myself and this little reminder to be kind to myself, too, is the smack upside the head I needed. Today I am going to let go of the hurtful comment from a stranger telling me I look like my son’s grandmother and I’m going to pick some flowers from my garden and bring them inside to remind me that beauty is everywhere in everything and everyone.

  669. 669
    Maria Gonzalez

    I’m going to take a hot bath under the close supervision of my cat Harry, who enjoys getting his tail wet and nice smelling from the bubbles I use.

  670. 670
    Kellie Young

    It was my birthday on Friday 🙂 I caught 13 whiting surf fishing with my parents. Really enjoyed it! Best birthday in a long time!

  671. board games!!! i am going to play as many as i can convince others to play with me and then play some more in solo mode!

  672. I sent flowers to my friend who recently miscarried. Birthdays aren’t always happy, but we can do our small part to make them brighter for each other, even in the darkest of times. Wishing great joy to everyone out there.

  673. 673
    DeAnn Seneff

    Funny enough Friday was my birthday, and thank you I needed this over the weekend,

  674. And Happy Birthday to you too! Hoping you had great birthday with all your wonderful plans and a bit of something sweet on the side and some wild joyful abandon. We should all celebrate life like a kitten in a basket of yarn balls every now and then. Thanks for the reminder to put aside so