Dear Hank and John and Jenny and Dorothy Barker and Sharknado

Last week I got to be John Green because Hank Green needed a cohost for their Dear Hank & John podcast, and I’m afraid of speaking but I love that podcast so I surprised all of us by saying yes. Then I promptly forgot everything that I said and when it was published today I listened to it with a mix of shame and pride. You should listen too. It was very fun and surprising safe-for-work and if nothing else it’ll make you feel better about yourself in comparison.

Click below to listen to Dear Hank & John Jenny:

Thank you, Hank, for inviting me on.  And thank you, John, for letting me be you. Sorry about the anal glands.

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  1. Oh my gosh I’m a huge vlogbrothers fan. Running off to listen now. Need this, am having shitty week.

  2. Hi Jenny, I will have to agree with “My Superpowers Have Yet To Come” in that you and Rory need to have your very own podcast. And for the record you don’t sound the way you think on that Podcast, you are being you. And that IS a WONDERFUL thing! You go girl!

  3. “Sorry about the anal glands.”

    I think I’m going to end all of my correspondence like that from now on 🙂

  4. Jenny, that’s fantastic. I SO want to know what the chicken-looking anal gland cleanser tasted like . If you haven’t already, PLEASE write a blog post about that. 🙂

  5. You have no idea how much I love Hank and John and everything they do. They were literally the first internet people I ever followed on YouTube AND the first podcast I ever listened to. And now this. I love you all. Can’t wait to listen to it IMMEDIATELY

  6. Love this- we are huge John and Hank ( and Crashcourse) fans here. Good on you for surviving the chicken nugget .

  7. Great to listen to! And, I’m not the only young reader who gobbled up all the Steven King and V.C. Andrews at a totally inappropriate age. Yay!

  8. I hate having to prepare lettuce for salads (I only buy Romaine and I hate the stalk part) but I make these awesome salads with green grapes, tuna, mini Club crackers, etc. Recently, I realized, I don’t have to put lettuce in my salad, it barely has any nutritional value. So, I’ve started making lettuce-less salads.

  9. RE Salad mixing: When I get bowls at Chipotle I get a lid so I can close it up and shake it to make sure that the sour cream gets thoroughly dispersed and all the ingredients are well mixed. People look at me funny when I’m shaking my bowl like a maraca, but it works.
    RE Books: I stole all the books out of my mother’s nightstand drawer in my early teen years. I learned a lot I was NOT supposed to be learning at that age. (Nancy Friday’s “Secret Garden” was NOT the secret garden I had read about in childhood.) Also, I LOVE Harry Bosch novels. And I had already written the note above about Nancy Friday before Hank mentioned Burnett’s book, so I LMAO’d when he mentioned it.
    RE Innocuous life curse: Billy Joel’s “Tell Her About It” gets stuck in my head if I hear it. Or even just thinking about it now is getting it going. And since Anthony Scaramucci came into the news cycles I can’t hear that name without thinking about Bohemian Rhapsody, and that song gets stuck in my head, and as much as I loved it until then, I now hate it intensely.

    I’ve never seen a Sharknado either, can I come over too? 😉

  10. This. Is. Awesome!! I literally listen to my audiobook of Furiously Happy almost every single day while on the computer, and while I still love it I do sort of know it by heart by now, so it’s wonderful to get to hear you talking about stuff I don’t know!

  11. I worked at a veterinary clinic in high school, so “Sorry about the anal glands” is something I’ve had to say way more often than most people. Glad I’m not alone in that.

  12. We LOVE Hank and John! I’m so happy that these two universes crossed!

  13. Jenny, I love you. Why is it shave ice and not shaved ice? I find the omission of the ‘d’ at the end so confusing.

  14. you have such a sweet laugh! loved the podcast; sounds like you had some fun.

  15. Omfg you are an anal gland not chicken nugget cleaner bawhahaha I’m f-ing crying at work. I have never in my life heard it go down hill so fast in the most amazing way possible. I so want to be you in life but not till after we find out what that anal glad cleaner does to you. God I love you Jenny. Last night I was having a very hard time staying on this planet but girl you make it all worth it. NEVER CHANGE :0)

  16. Ps ate and anal glad not chicken nugget cleaner. I don’t think you “are” an anal glad not chicken nugget cleaner. Omg I can’t believe I just had to write that 😂😂😂😂

  17. Jenny, You were a great stand in! So I listened to the whole thing and my favorite part was the discussion of the floating lighter rock on the melted heavy rock. This made me think of Randal Monroe’s XKCD comic about it from Friday

  18. I opened my podcast app to listen to their new episode yesterday. When I saw your name I thought “MY Jenny Lawson?!” and then I realized that’s possessive, and weird, and I needed to apologize. Anyway. Thanks for saying yes even though talking to multiple strangers on the internet with another internet stranger is weird. I really appreciated it!

  19. I did have my birthday on 10th. I ate a lot….which I am not able to justify in general,….drank my heart full…! Thanks for Wishing 😀

  20. Anyone on here have LQTS? Also, time for me to get podcasting. Second referral in a week, my sister told me to try the guilty feminist podcast….I think I’ll also try a little anal gland action. So to speak.

  21. Those guys are the bomb! I’ve followed them at least as long as I have followed you (a LONNNNNNNG time). Can’t wait to listen to the podcast!

  22. Dorothy Barker piping up around 8:20 is the BEST. I am not a little-dog person in general but her little face is so expressive, especially when she’s being sarcastic/channeling her namesake.

  23. Just heard Dear Hank and Jenny: shout out to Ms Dorothy B for holding in the barks. I suggest you spend the day in a victory lap with the fur-fam; watching clips of that raccoon go up and over the top of the skyscraper on your big screen TV. And eating sausage…
    Well done Jenny! You have a nice bright, engaging speaking voice and sounded wonderful against Hank’s lower-pitched tones. I ate leftover pizza for breakfast and laughed. An unexpected and fun start to my day! Thank you!

  24. Jenny Lawson you amaze me I’ve read your books bought all them and read them over and over especially when I’m drilling with my unit. The army of course has its own way of treating people with mental illness, and I completely understand their reasoning behind it which is why I’ll be getting out but you still make me feel so much better!! Any advice on starting a blog? I wanted to be a writer since I was very little.

  25. I haven’t listened to the podcast yet, but I just want to say that your apology for anal glands made me giggle – the way it is written it sorta sounds like John maybe couldn’t make it to the show because his anal glands were giving him trouble!

  26. Jenny, after listening to you (first 2 books on CD), I have enjoyed you, your voice and sweet laugh. Thanks for being brave and doing the podcast. I am learning so much from you; a blog and now a podcast. For an old woman, these are amazing things. Very impressed with your sense of humor and all of your abilities.

  27. I thought this was great! Although your voice surprised me, for some reason…I have read your blogs & books for years but never heard your voice. Which is one of the super weird things about knowing people from the internet.

  28. Ha! I was laughing to hear Hank being unable to comprehend that you, as a southerner without much of an accent, cannot enunciate the difference between pin and pen. That may be my personal innocuous curse. I do not generally enjoy podcasts, but you two were highly entertaining!

  29. I love watching Hank’s science clips (and showing them in my classroom). It was a blast to have both of you on the same podcast! You guys are hilarious! Hope the anal glands are nice and clean.

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