You will thank me.

No blog post today because nothing I can write will be better to the response to this tweet.  Click here and scroll until your heart overloads on cuteness.  You will thank me.

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  1. I am thanking you Jenny. Thanks for the links to follow and enjoy.

    Gaz recently posted Pulled ham hock and raw vegetables.

  2. If I fits, I sits! 🙂

  3. OMG. In the plant pot! I’m dying…. too much cuteness!!

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    clare kohlmannreason

    OOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH… Love the nap time pictures!!!!!

  5. The kitty rules in our house. Our dogs have beds that are exclusively theirs, unless the cat wants to lay on them, and then they take the floor. The cat has beds that are exclusively hers, and the dogs never, ever try to lay on them.

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  6. 6

    The floof! The cuteness!

  7. One of my cat’s favorite spots is the bathroom sink. Need to get a pic of that one of these days.

  8. The dog died more than two years ago.
    I’m allergic to cats.
    And now I’d like one of each anyway, please.

    OwnLessDoMore recently posted I was not bare in bed, but a bear sure came *near* my bed!.

  9. This. Is. Everything. I love all the fur babies!

    Chrissy Woj recently posted Distemper and the cone of shame.

  10. Unexpected Big Dog pulled a blanket off the couch, dragged it in the bedroom, and sleeps between me and the doorway, blocking the path. She’ll also sleep on the bed if invited up here. She’s a very civilized beast.

  11. Well damn. Gonna have to use my Twitter finally. Have a great Yin Yang photo of my black dog and white dog tryouts to occupy the same bed.

  12. And THAT’S how you win Labor Day!

    Kat recently posted My Big Fat Crazy Week.

  13. This is GREAT! Thank you!!!

  14. Lots of laughs here. Thanks. We needed that.

  15. Furry friends are the best! Thanks for sharing!

    D.S. Lucas recently posted Locked Out of a Walmart Dressing Room.

  16. Cuteness overload!! 😍😍 This is the BEST!

    romcomdojo recently posted Old Man Yells At Cloud.

  17. Well, that’s about the best thing Twitter has ever done! Thanks!

  18. I have never had a cat approve of a designated cat bed. The only bed they seem to like is the one I bought for myself. Amazing how much of a double bed one 10-pound cat can hog, isn’t it?

  19. So cute! Thanks for sharing!

    typicaljenn recently posted Apparently,​ Not Everyone Likes Butt Jokes.

  20. Thanks it … I’m done cleaning house. Pictures have inspired a nap with the cat. Purrrr.

  21. Awwwwww so much cuteness!! Thanks for sharing, I don’t often remember to check Twitter. … Now I need to remember my Twitter password so I can add my pictures to the cuteness pile! My last cat seemed to love my dog’s cage for some reason (which was just fine with the dog because he hates that thing).

  22. We just got back from holidays so Raven has been sleeping in between us with her head tucked under my chin. She kept stretching out her paws to touch us, like she was making sure we were still there. It’s nice to be missed:-)

    mydangblog recently posted My Week 206: Vacation Part One: All Signs Point to Edmonton.

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    Rebecca Stromgren

    You’re the best. Thank you. I needed this laugh, today.

  24. 24

    Squee!! My babies are on there!!

  25. Sweet. You’re right. Thank you!

  26. I had a cat, Benji, when I was a teenager, who loved to sleep in the baby bouncer my mom had at home for when the grandbabies (my much older brother’s kids) came to visit. 🙂 Somewhere there’s a pic (a hard paper photo!)…

  27. Thank you for giving me a place to post my cat pictures!

  28. OMG this is great! I can’t believe how much stress this relieved. I really need a pet. I can’t cuddle my fish.

    Mamacita recently posted Post Office Prison California.

  29. Yes, THANK YOU!!!!

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    Jill A Britton

    Miss Morgana Kitty Fluff was chilling out on the couch all weekend. Really, I think that’s her full time job so she never even took a break for Labor Day! If I could attach a pic here I would but alas, I have no Twitter account so I can’t even show you her cuteness.

  31. OMG the perfect way to start the morning!

    We had to buy a small rug to place in front of our fridge because the ice maker sometimes will randomly spit out chunks of ice onto the floor. I got tired of having to deal with the melted ice all over the floor, so we bought a rug to keep it from making the floor wet. Bella thinks we bought the rug (which is black and she is mostly white) specifically so she could lie in front of the fridge. So now I have a rug I have to vacuum at least once a week because of the shedding showing up really well. :-/ Ah well. That’s life with cats.

    mommatrek recently posted Who are you?.

  32. Laughing so hard I’m crying! I have two cats and they’re ridiculous. I don’t have Twitter, but if I did, I’d share a picture of Sebastian as a kitten buried inside a box of Christmas wrapping paper with a curled ribbon in his mouth and the “it wasn’t me” look in his eyes… or the one of his brother Owen inside a Barnes and Nobel bag, and then Sebastian sitting on top of cat and bag. They are such a hoot!!

    esoterica recently posted The Sum Of Passion and Perseverance.

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    AJ-The Short One

    Yes, I DO thank you! Been in bed sick for a week, and my usually stand offish yorkie, unless he wants belly runs of course, hasn’t left my side. He makes a wonderful heating pad on my poor tummy. Even with his butt in my face.

  35. Thank you!

  36. You have made my day! <3

  37. Best of the Internet! For the week!

  38. Can I post a pic here?

  39. I’m keeping this post for dark days. Thank you for facilitating a wonderful post!

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    Margot Williams


  41. This is awesome. Damn

  42. Been in bed sick for a week, and my usually standoffish Yorkie, unless he wants belly runs of course, hasn’t left my side. He makes a wonderful heating pad on my poor tummy. Even with his butt in my face.
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