So.  The vet at A&M called with Dottie’s test results.  You’ll want to read this.

Her CT scan showed that weird thickening of the bladder but nothing that looked like a mass or lesion and there was no sign of cancer in her bones or lymph nodes other doggie pieces.

The cystoscopy showed a bladder that looked pretty dang healthy.  They did a biopsy of the places that were thickening and they came back negative for cancer.

So what does that mean?  It either means that either the cancer is so early that it’s tiny and that means that we have more time with her…or that the initial cancer test that is almost never wrong was wrong and that she doesn’t have cancer at all.

Either way?  WHOOP!

They’re going to meet with the people who invented the first test this week to get a better idea of whether to keep treating her for cancer or not.

I don’t know about you but I needed some good news this week and I’m certainly counting this as a win.  CAN I GET AN AMEN?



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  1. Yay!!! That definitely is a win Jenny! So happy for y’all!

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  3. AMEN!!! We all want more time with her. 🙂

  4. OMG! That is the best news ever! So happy for Dottie and you all.

  5. Fingers crossed that she doesn’t have cancer at all. But so far this sounds great!!!!

  6. Best weird news ever!!!!

  7. WAHOO!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Amen sister

  9. Amen!

  10. Yay yay yay yay yay!!!

  11. This is wonderful news that makes me furiously happy!

  12. Total win!

  13. OH MY GOSH YAYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!

  14. And we have a small, important miracle! Amen!!!

  15. YAY! That is wonderful news! So happy for you all 🙂

  16. 16
    Jennifer A.

    I’ll say a prayer for sweet dottie!

  17. AMEN!!!!!

  18. I love this! So happy for you and your family!

  19. Woot woot!!!!!! That is fantastic news!!!!!!! Go Dottie go!!!!

    Rebecca recently posted There’s a tear in my beer….

  20. This is wonderful news Dottie!!!! But better safe than sorry, I’m so happy for you Jenny!

    thehuntress915 recently posted Not In My Town…..

  21. AMEN! Hallelujah! and all those things!
    So happy for Dottie and all the family! 💜

  22. That is really and truly great news!

  23. Amen! I needed that news almost as much as you did. That’s so great. Just Really happy for you all.

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  25. That’s wonderful! Yay, Dottie!

  26. AAAAAMMEEEEN!!! That’s the best news!!!

  27. Amen! So happy for you and Dottie and your family. And us, because we are all rooting for you

  28. I’m so happy for you all!!

  29. W00t!

  30. Very happy for you, Dottie, and the fam. I had to put my beloved cat of 11 years to sleep this morning, so I needed some good news.

  31. Hallefuckinlujah! What a good way to start the week. Love to you and your family (pets too!)

  32. That is great news!!!! This made my day! Our fur babies are so precious! 😊❤️

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    Kristy Mallet

    OH MY BUDDHA I’m so stoked to hear this news!!!!! Yay Dottie!!!! Yay Jenny!!! I’m so happy for you all!! Happy tears all over the place!!!

  34. Aww! Sweet Dorothy Barker! My pup basically had a mastectomy in April. Her little tumor was cancerous. I have her on doggie cbd oil now and what felt like another little teeny tumor has vanished! Highly recommend cbd for pups!

  35. Amen

  36. MAZEL TOV!!!

  37. This is AMAZING!!!

  38. Oh, thank goodness!!! Losing a part of your family (even the ones with four legs and fur – or maybe especially those?) is always wrenching. So glad this particular hurt is delayed indefinitely!

  39. This is such wonderful news whichever way it is, Jenny! I really needed a win today and I’ll take this one for sure!

  40. It’s times like this when I don’t mind that annoying LEGO song getting stuck in my head… “Everything Is Awesome!”!!!!

  41. Amen!! Great news!!

  42. Hooray!

    Ryan M. recently posted Dear Max - Month 48.

  43. Combining my feelings with dyslexia: Thank Dog!

  44. 46
    Lee Ann Perez


  45. AMEN!!!!!!!!!!

  46. Furiously happy!!!!!

  47. Amen! Good dog!

  48. WHOOP WHOOP !!!

  49. Whoot Whoot!

  50. Oh happy day; AMEN!

  51. Sweet Baby Jesus!! AMEN

  52. Amen!

  53. 55

    Did you pray to James Garfield? ‘Cause you just got a miracle, baby! So happy for the Lawson clan.

  54. So glad that she’s doing ok!

  55. This is amazing news! I hope it’s a case of the test was just completely wrong.

  56. Just when you were holding your breath, you can finally let out a sigh of relief. Woohoo!

  57. 59
    Alan Burnstine

    Thank goodness!

  58. 60
    Ingrid Hanson

    I’m so incredibly happy for you all!!!

  59. F#ckin A!!

  60. Yeah yeah! Go, Dottie, go!!

  61. YAY! BACON FOR EVERYONE! (and margaritas, obvs). I’m so happy for you!

  62. Amazing news! Hooray for you and hooray for lots more Dorothy Barker stories. Now play your ringtone so she can sing the song of her people! 🙂

  63. 65
    Terri J Perozzi

    Amen! Also, I love the fact that they put all of her sweet names on the X-ray. No chances of mistakes here!

  64. !!!!😁

  65. As i sit here with tears in my eyes – too many reasons to count today – this is something that made me smile:) Courageous Dot and her sidekick Jenny have saved the day once more!

  66. Doing a happy snoopy dance for y’all 😀

    Brian recently posted Not Alexa.

  67. This is awesome news! Sending love to Dottie and your family!

  68. 70
    Betty Moreno

    Fantastic news!! So glad to have good news on a Monday!

  69. After a really terrible month, this is such great news. I’m so happy for you, Dottie and the rest of your family. ❤️

  70. !!!!😁

  71. So happy for you! This made my crappy day better 🙂

  72. Oh praise dog!!!!

  73. Doing a happy dance around my studio!! It’s ridiculous and too big for my small space and I may have knocked a few things over (oopsie🤪), but I’m so happy for all of you and I love a good (and needed) pick me up!

  74. AMEN!

  75. 77
    Mary K Catalfamo

    AMEN!! Such wonderful news when it’s really needed!

  76. 78
    Ingrid Hanson

    Again, so very, very happy for you and Dorothy Barker! I ran into this article last week, and I wonder if something like this could happen with bladders?

  77. AMEN!!!

  78. 80
    Nicki Marie


  79. WONDERFUL NEWS, either way!!! Sending love to you all. Your poor hearts have been through the wringer! I hope that it was a false positive and Dorothy Barker has many more dog years left.

  80. So, if this is very early stage (I hope there’s absolutely zero cancer cells, but walk with me)… what does your vet say about CBD oil for dogs? Just wondering. I’m a cancer survivor, so I certainly hope Dottie doesn’t have to deal with that crapola.

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    Laurie Baum



  83. AMEN indeed!!! What wonderful news!

  84. That is the BEST news!! Yay Dottie!!

  85. Amen!

  86. Yippee!! The video of her singing was GREAT.

    askyermom recently posted How can I get my advisor to advise me?.

  87. AWESOME! So happy for you all, wishing continued good news.

  88. HOORAY & AMEN!

    So happy for Dottie, you, Hailey, and Victor!

  89. Yay!! I’m so happy for you!

    margomusing recently posted Present Laughter - Old Vic.

  90. YAHOO! Best news ever!!

  91. YAY!!!! Best news I’ve heard in quite some time! I’m so, so happy to hear it! She still gets all the cuddles and bed-jumps though, right? 🙂

    romcomdojo recently posted My Girlfriend / She’s At The End.

  92. Yay!! That is pretty damn good news! I’m so happy for you guys.

  93. YES!!!! This is the best news! GO DOTTIE! Thank you for this wonderful news! ❤️

  94. YAY, yay, YAY!!! That is the very best news of the day and I am so HAPPY for Dottie and her family! XOXOXO


  96. WOOOOOOOOOOOO GET IT DOTTIE. <3333333333333333333333 (SOOO needed to hear this. I’m emotionally invested in your pets dammit.)

  97. 99
    Dick Carlson

    I guess my prayers helped, then. Such good news.

  98. AMEN!! So thrilled to read this!

    amusingsoprano recently posted Painting pictures.

  99. 101
    Jackie Lorden


  100. AFUCKINGMEN!!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🔥🔥🔥✨✨✨

  101. AMEN!

  102. AMEN!

  103. 105
    Joan Tinnin

    Amen and hallelujah ♥️

  104. 🙏 AMEN !!! I am so happy for you all. Now you can finally take a good deep breath and celebrate. I’m so happy for your good news.

  105. YAY Dottie!!!! Lots of treats for her today 😉

  106. Something happy…thank you for sharing! We all needed a little hope today!

  107. Great news Jenny. Now it’s a matter of watching and waiting and hoping the malignant cells never appear in Dottie’s bladder (or anywhere else).

    Gary recently posted MEATER™ made sirloin steak (24-hours).

  108. YaY! I’m crying happy tears for you and fam!

  109. 111

    Amen, Dotty! 💕💖💞

  110. YAY!!!! Go, Dottie! 🙂 <3

  111. Wonderful news!
    So happy for you and Dottie.

  112. I so to remember that you have to be religious to give an “amen”, so I won’t do that as it wouldn’t mean anything, but the general sentiment is all there. That’s amazing news. It appears that boopsies give good results….


  114. Hell yes! <3

  115. Whoop Whoop!!!!

  116. 118

    Fantastic news! And love the official name on the film. 🙂

  117. Amen! Sending long distance hugs and head scritches to you and Dottie!

  118. Hell yeah you can have an amen!! And a whoop whoop! Xx

  119. YAAAAAAAY! Kermit flail

  120. Amen,sister! I needed to hear some good news today!

  121. Amen!!

  122. 124
    Susan Frang

    Amen! I am so happy for you both!

  123. Amen! And hooray! Thank you for sharing your great news!

  124. Hooray!!!!!

  125. 127
    Anne, Cranky Cat Lady

    YES! YAY!!!!! I am very happy for both of you, please give Dorothy some extra snuggles for me.

  126. Hot fucking damn!!!! That is wonderful news.

  127. Amen! And we’ll keep praying for good news for Dorothy Barker.

  128. YAY!!!!! Best news today.

  129. Awh! So happy!

  130. This definitely calls for jumping on the bed!

  131. 133
    Kristina W.

    Awesome news for Dorothy Barker “Dottie” Lawson and her family! (Seeing her name spelled out on the CT scan made me smile. :-))

  132. 134


  133. so incredible. more time is the dream. happy hugs.

  134. Woohoo! So glad for you all! Love you, Dorothy Barker! ❤️

  135. 137
    Melodie Ladner

    Yay-hooray! I DID need to read that! Tell her “arf” from me. <3

  136. 138
    Brenda Lee


  137. OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG! I am so happy to hear this that I am crying happy tears! Please give Dorothy Barker a hug from me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  138. 140
    Karen A Pirrung

    Aggie Vets for the win! 👍

  139. 141
    Judy Bloniarz

    What a rollercoaster ride of emotions for all of you to go through. I hope for the best of news once they docs can figure out what is going on.

  140. Wonderful news!! So happy to hear it! <3

  141. Woot! Woot! Good news for the Barker and her family!

  142. Woot! That’s great news!

  143. Also needed some good news this week. Yay to Dottie and your family!

  144. Im so wonderfully happy for you guys!!! XoxoxoX

  145. 147
    Elton Cooper


  146. Awesome news!! 🙂 Snoot boops for Dorothy!

  147. 150
    Bridgett E.

    Honey, you can get an amen AND a ‘Wahoo!!’ I had a cat who was failing and I took her to my vet clinic; the vet who saw her remembered an obscure lecture he had attended when he was A&M, asked me to hang out, and called the professor. Amazingly, the man was there, remembered the lecture and told my vet what to do. We did (for a lot of $$, but damn, I loved this cat), and it resulted in three more years with her… so my respect for Texas A&M knows no bounds! Nobody makes Aggie jokes around me- even though we’re up here in CT.

  148. That is wonderful news!!

  149. I’m happy for you and I don’t mean to alarm you, but I’m pretty sure there’s a squid growing in your dog. I mean, I’m not a radiologist, so it could be an alien that looks like a squid, but I’m pretty sure it’s not good to have either kind of squid growing in your dog. 😉 Congratulations on a healthy doggo!

    Taube Vallabha, PhD recently posted My Autobiography.

  150. Extrordinanairily fantastic news! Congrats on the reason to celebrate hugely!


    I’m so happy to hear something good. Sorry for yelling. 😊

  152. Fukkin’A-MEN!!!! I hope you don’t mind I’m gratuitously enjoying your good news, because I really needed a pick-up today. Dorothy Barker FTW!!!

  153. 156
    Erin Fleak

    Yahoo! So happy for you, your family and of course sweet Dottie!

  154. This was the best news for a moody Monday—amazing! Thank you so much for sharing your life with us—it helps so much! Much love to all of you!

  155. 158
    Tracey Blaine

    Amen! Yay!!!

  156. They saved my doggie in 2000. They are amazing!

  157. That’s wonderful news! Hugs to DB!

  158. Awesome! I’m so happy to hear this!

  159. Amen and AMEN! You’re still going to let her jump on the bed and sing to “Ringtone”, right??
    Fantastic news!!!

  160. Aw, so happy for you guys! Dottie is a very good girl and she deserves the most time possible on this big blue marble.

  161. That’s great to hear!

  162. Amen and then some!

  163. A-MEN! Yaaaaaaay!

  164. Yayyyyyy! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  165. Oh, I’m so happy! I’ve been in a fog all day, and this definitely perked me up. YAY!!!

    Mamacita recently posted Gentle Reminder.

  166. That’s amazing news!!!

  167. 170
    Seana Gause

    Such GREAT news! Yay!

  168. 171
    Barefoot with a Stethoscope


  169. Awesome, so good to hear she’s not as unwell as was thought and is hopefully completely well. I’m so glad for you all, you get more time, more fun and joy and more appreciation of just how incredibly precious life is.

  170. Way to go Dottie! <3

  171. I will give an amen to that! Yeah Dotty! Maybe her bladder is just thick. Or the peeps that made the test are just thick.

    Ernie @ recently posted donuts overdone, fessing up.

  172. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!



  173. Woo Hoooooooo! Great news!! So happy for all of you and for that sweet girl!!

  174. AMEN!! Fucking A, that is fabulous beyond belief! YEAAAAAAAAAA

  175. Hooray, what wonderful news to start the week with!

  176. Yay for Dottie! That is good news! ❤🐶❤🙌

  177. Amen! And then some!!

  178. A zillion amens! And a yippee, too! ♥️

  179. Yay!

  180. AMEN!! 🙏❤️

  181. Yipeeee.. However I am concerned about that test… I certainly hope the 1st vet didn’t get the lab results mixed up and there is some other little doggie going untreated. Sorry but it just popped into my head and I have to take action on those thoughts. I’ve learned this through the years. Happy high fives for Dottie and you!!

  182. 185
    Leslie C Zvolanek

    BLTs, margaritas, and multitudes of amens of Joy! More blessings upon all of you!

  183. JOYOUS NEWS!! I send amens and boops and celebrations galore!

  184. I just started crying at my desk. Thank you so much for this news.

    Kelly and Geoff recently posted Today in Civil War History – the burial of Colonel Robert Gould Shaw and his soldiers.

  185. AMEN!!! 😬

  186. A-FUCKING-MEN!! 🙌🐶❤️

  187. This is amazing news that I most definitely needed. ❤️❤️❤️

  188. Oh, I am so happy about this. Dottie’s cancer diagnosis broke my heart. Now, I’m almost sick with relief. Give her a hug for me.

  189. Amen!

  190. Thank Dog!

  191. A-FUCKING-MEN!!!!!!!!!!

  192. AMEN!!! What excellent news. You are right, we could sure use some.


    Cyndi in Seattle

  193. Excellent news! I’m very happy for you:-)

    mydangblog recently posted My Week 254: I Invent More Reality Shows and Alex Trebek Hosts Them.

  194. 197

    AMEN indeed! Also, I like that the scan says “Lawson, Dorothy Barker ‘Dottie’.”


  196. F***ing Amen!!! Woot, woot and again, WoOt!!!!!

  197. 200
    Debbie Buckingham

    So glad you got a second opinion! Amen!!!

  198. Very good news!! So happy for you, your family and miss Dottie!

  199. (Insert Champagne gif here)

    Tanya Goffy recently posted July Wrap Up!.

  200. Yesssss👊🏻

  201. Fantastic news!!

  202. AMEN and Hallelujah!!! SO happy for you and for Dottie!!! ❤

  203. Oh that’s wonderful news! All fingers remain crossed for her and you all xx

  204. Amen!

  205. Super good for you for being persistent and getting more information. Here is one possible explanation. She had cancer when she took the test. We, (your peeps) all started sending her healthy happy energy and so her body just decided to get on top of those cancer cells and get rid of them. It could happen. 🙂

  206. Whoo hoo!😊

  207. YAY!!!!!!!!!

  208. Hip hip HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😁😁😁

    Jenny!!! Yippppeee!!!! So very very very happy about this latest development! Pretty please keep us updated about the results of this latest meeting! I could see sweet little Dottie being the false positive unicorn that breaks the test. 👍👍
    Going to keep praying for the little precious one! So happy for you and the whole family!!!

  209. AMEN! and YAY!

  210. R’amen! That is the very best news of the day. Way to pre-emptively kick cancer’s butt Dottie!! ❤😆

  211. R’amen! That’s the best news all day. Way to pre-emptively kick cancer’s butt, Dottie!

  212. AMEN!!!! Wonderful news!! Dottie is such a beautiful, sweet fur baby. Hope you have many more years with her.

  213. Amen and HallyLouYa! Good girl, Dottie <3

  214. AMEN! AAAAAAMENNNM! I’m so happy to hear this Jenny! Much love!Xoxo!

  215. Great news! Celebrate!

  216. WOOT WOOT up in here.

  217. 220


    My good news: 3 weeks ago I got a hip replacement. Today I drove to the grocery. Can walk a little without cane. I’m sending Dottie Reiki healing. Miracle healing for me. Here it comes dog 🐕

    Sent from my iPhone


  218. Yay Dorothy!

  219. AMEN! Great news! Sending love for you and your family!

  220. Amen and Whoop!

  221. Woohoo! WooFUCKINGHoo! Definitely the best news of the week for all of us!!! So damn happy for Dottie and you and the fam! <3

  222. You can get a whole TON of Amens as well as some Hallelujahs and a couple of Thank you Flying Spaghetti Monsters just in case! That is WONDERFUL news!!!

  223. FUCK YES!!!

    Maybe you should call this Schrodinger’s cancer..because it is either cancer or it’s not but it’s probably both at the same time.

  224. Woohoo!

    Arionis recently posted The Day I Went All Pulp Fiction On Sidney..

  225. AMEN AND HALLELUJAH!!!!!!! Fingers crossed that Dottie is that rare time that the 1st test was wrong, but either way that’s wonderful news!

  226. Awesome for you and Dottie!

  227. 230
    Enchanted Ace

    Yay so happy for all of you

  228. 231
    Laurie Philemonoff

    AMEN! 🤩😍

  229. Hooray!!

    mariner2mother recently posted Trip To The Northeast.

  230. Amen!

  231. Oh HELL yeah! Go Dottie!

  232. Best news of all!

  233. HALLE-FREAKING-LUJAH. Any time there’s good news, particularly about an animal, I’m a happy camper. Give her a treat or many treats from me.

  234. AMEN😍

  235. Super awesome!!!!

  236. HALLELUJAH!!!
    I’m overjoyed for you, if there really is such a thing. It’s easy to forget that sometimes tests are wrong. Doing a happy dance for you all.

  237. 240
    AJ-the short one

    Amen and Hallelujah! Thanks for sharing the Awesome news. Now go love that little lady LOTS!

  238. This is wonderful news!! 💜💜💜

  239. 242
    Jo Annette Self

    Yes! Amen!

  240. This is great news! Give Ms. Barker a hug from me!

  241. Amen! Great news!

  242. Wahoo!!!

  243. So happy for you and your family. We all need some good news this week!!!!

  244. 247

    This makes my day! SO SO HAPPY for you guys. AMEN!

  245. So very happy! Yippee!!

  246. AMEN!

  247. 250
    Cynthia Hyde

    AMEN! Great news today!

  248. BEST news all day!!!

  249. Amen and hallelujah sister!!!! Best news all day!!

  250. 253
    Dannine Duncan


  251. Whoopwhoop for Dorothy!

  252. 255
    Elizabeth Hansford

    AMEN!!!! Here is to clean pipes.

  253. Amen!

  254. This. Is. Everything.

  255. Amen 🙏

  256. Yay.

  257. I’m crying over a dog I never met and I feel like these are the most important tears of the week

  258. Yes!

  259. 262

    So, so happy for you and for Dottie! This is cause for serious celebration.

  260. 263
    Suzanne Sutherland

    I can’t tell you how much I needed good news today. This is awesome!!

  261. AMEN!!!!! I am so happy to hear the good news!

  262. I’m gonna cry! (Happy tears, of course!)

  263. yay for good news!!!!! oxoxoxox

    LadyPamelaRose recently posted Chronic Pain Is A Thief (And How You Can Stop It).

  264. AMEN! This is wonderful news and I’m so happy!!!

  265. Amen! So happy for you ❤️

  266. Great news!

  267. I confess-I prayed for your puppy.

    And this news right here made me tear up. Yes it’s wonderful amazing news! I needed it today 🙂

  268. Amen! What good news!

  269. Praise all the holy things! So happy for you guys!

  270. Hooray!!

  271. This is fantastic news! I’m so doggone happy for you all!

  272. Amen to that! How wonderful 🙂

  273. 276
    Kate George

    I am so glad! Thank you for good news!!!

  274. That is the best news!!!

  275. Amen! Power to the pup!

  276. 279
    Chris Condon

    Bless her little doggy heart!

  277. AMEN!!!!!

  278. So very happy for the good news!!!

  279. Dottie for the win!!!! So great to read this with everything else going on in the world. Hugs to Dottie!!!

  280. This made me so happy for that I am now crying. On the bus. Come on, Dottie!!!!!!❤❤❤❤❤

  281. Amen!!!!

  282. This is such awesome news!!! Yay!!

  283. Amen, Sistah!

  284. Squeeeeeeee

  285. Amen and Hallelujah!

  286. Amen and a glass of wine! 💃🍾

  287. 290
    Whoa Nellie


    (We lost our doggie last month (on my bday), so I”m glad your story is working out much better.)

  288. AMEN 🙌🏻

  289. I just listened to a This America Life podcast where no one told the grandma (this is set in China) that she has stage 4 lung cancer and three months to live …. and she was still alive three or four years later … maybe you’re doing q great job washing out sorrow with joy. Either way, I’m so happy you get more time with your baby!

  290. Very happy for you.

  291. I’m thrilled for you, your family, and Dottie!!! Has to be such a relief. Celebrate!

  292. Heck, yes, AMEN!! Thanks for this great news! A nice start to the week. Hugs to Dorothy B. and you all.

  293. My old girl had a thickening of the bladder wall, which was found when they did an ultrasound during a UTI. Was told it was most likely cancer. Some bad cells were found. My vet said she still wasn’t sure. She pushed off a biopsy & asked me to trust her. She was right. Infection was so severe it was showing up on the ultrasound. I’m hoping it’s something as easily treatable for you! ❤

  294. My old girl had a thickening of the bladder wall, which was found when they did an ultrasound during a UTI. Was told it was most likely cancer. Some bad cells were found. My vet said she still wasn’t sure. She pushed off a biopsy & asked me to trust her. She was right. Infection was so severe it was showing up on the ultrasound. I’m hoping it’s something as easily treatable for you! ❤

  295. I am so happy for Dottie and your family!

  296. That’s great

  297. Ruff. (Amen in caninese).

  298. 301

    Hallelujah! (strong words for an atheist!)

  299. That is wonderful news! Thanks for sharing something happy with us, though we’re here for the not-happy, too.

  300. Told you so! #74 in previous post. Now, when will you listen to the voice of reason and science;)

  301. Amen! Hallelujah!!!!!💖

  302. 305
    Megan Lemcke

    I was going to reply to the last entry, but I was so stricken with vicarious pet grief that I couldn’t. Now I can…I’m so, so happy for you and your wonderful family.

  303. 🙌🏻

  304. Amen!!! Celebrate this wonderful, wonderful news. Dottie can jump on allll the beds 🙂

  305. You get an Amen and an Aggie WHOOP! 👍

  306. Amen & hooray!

  307. 310
    Shannon Gail MacLean Fielding


  308. 311
    Susan Forsmark

    AMEN! Yippee! So glad for a bit of good news.

  309. totally worth the mega scroll down the comments to express a resounding amen and thanks be to Dottie’s creator for inexplicable healing. Love moves moutains.

  310. Amen, Sister Woman!

  311. AMEN!! 🎊🍻

  312. This is amazing! 💖

  313. I am so happy to hear this! Y’all have been in my thoughts.

  314. Amen! Hallelujah! Thank you for sharing this, Jenny. Positive vibes, only!

  315. Best news ever !!!🎉🎊🎈🤗😎😘

  316. I LOVE this report! Thank you.

  317. My grandfather from Topeka once told me that medicine is not a settled science. He also told me it was not rocket science. And, also the one about rolling stones. Amen to you.

  318. this is a HUGE win. either way, yay!

    ah Dottie, we’ve been beaming the good at you, baby girl. we’ll keep it up.

  319. That’s such great news. Definitely a win!

  320. Saying a million Amens for you all!! Awesome news!! I will continue to send the good vibes your way! Yay, Dottie!!!

  321. Yippee!!! Congratulations!!!

  322. I needed some good news this week! So happy to read this!!!

  323. AMEN!!!! 🙂 This a good thing. A very, very good thing. Still sending you guys lots of love because right now I’m spreading that shit around like glitter. So I guess I’m sending you glitter love, but in a completely appropriate way. This was so needed, Jenny, and tonight I’m crying good tears for the first time in 3 days.

  324. Amen amen amen! That’s great!

  325. AMEN!

  326. Thank you SO MUCH for the great news!!

  327. AMEN AND AMEN AND HALLELUYAH SISTER! This is AMAZING news and I’m so very very happy for you and your family! Who says miracles don’t happen any more!!! YAY!! I’M DANCING LIKE A MONKEY** !!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    ** From INVADER ZIM

  328. I’m so very happy for you and Dottie! Last week our senior dog developed a fast-growing tumour on her eye. She already had a small tumour there, but it was so slow-growing as to be of no concern. The sudden rapid growth was worrying though – if it continued she would certainly have eye damage and infections, possibly leading to major surgery. A preemptive operation was indicated, which would be no big deal for a younger dog. The problem: you need anesthesia for surgery, and the risks of anesthesia increase as dogs get older. For a senior dog, there’s a good chance of simply not waking up. On our vet’s recommendation, we took her home under observation in the hopes that the growth would stop. It didn’t, and even worse, it started to bleed. Profusely. We called the vet on saturdy, who told us to keep it disinfected (having special-needs animals means we have an extensive collection of veterinary medicines on hand) and give it until Monday – and to come in if things got worse in the meantime. The bloodflow slowed by Saturday evening, so we waited. Sunday was full of treats and snuggles, because we knew there was a good chance Monday would bring surgery that she might not survive.

  329. I didn’t finish my post… stay tuned for the finale

  330. Monday morning came. There were tears.Hugs, but no treats, because we couldn’t risk any food in her stomach if she needed surgery. A long slow walk, just her and me, in the cemetery that she loves to explore. And finally, a visit to our lovely vet. She gave Eva scritches and looked her eye. “It looks great”, she proclaimed, “I was worried that it would look much worse than it does.” So what happened? Instead of witnessing rapid growth in a tumour, what we saw was a blood-blister that had formed atop the smaller bump. Probably because Eva, in her inherent clumsiness, had knocked into something face-first. What we took for a massive blood-flow was just the blister emptying. Our disinfection efforts kept infection away, and now she just has a cool scar that all the chicks will love. She’s still very old, and we will lose her someday, but today is not that day.

  331. Monday morning came. There were tears.Hugs, but no treats, because we couldn’t risk any food in her stomach if she needed surgery. A long slow walk, just her and me, in the cemetery that she loves to explore. And finally, a visit to our lovely vet. She gave Eva scritches and looked her eye. “It looks great”, she proclaimed, “I was worried that it would look much worse than it does.” So what happened? Instead of witnessing rapid growth in a tumour, what we saw was a blood-blister that had formed atop the smaller bump. Probably because Eva, in her inherent clumsiness, had knocked into something face-first. What we took for a massive blood-flow was just the blister emptying. Our disinfection efforts kept infection away, and now she just has a cool scar that all the chicks will love. She’s still very old, and we will lose her someday, but today is not that day.

  332. All paws were crossed here for you! Amen, sistah!

  333. AMEN!

  334. 338
    Jen barucco

    So happy for Dottie and all of you!🤗🤗🤗🤗

  335. 339
    Jen barucco

    So happy!🤗🤗🤗🤗

  336. Wish I looked as dainty and elegant as Dorothy’s insides do in scanners and MRI.Love Dottie, love you, Jenny.

  337. Best news ever. Actually the best news would be that the test that is almost never wrong, is wrong, I am so happy for you. No one wants their precious baby sick and hurting.

  338. Amen! <3 That is good news.

  339. AMEN!!! So glad you took Dottie for another opinion!!
    You must be a pretty happy dog mom right now❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  340. AMEN!!!!!!

  341. Ame! Love the good news!

  342. 346
    Nina Eagle

    Yay, and congratulations!

  343. AMEN! AMEN! and AMEN! That is fanfuckingtastic!! So glad to read the news about Dottie!!

  344. AMEN, Jenny! So happy for you and Dottie!

  345. AMEN! And bonus points for the ‘Cabin Boy’ quote.

  346. Oh yay! This makes me furiously happy!! Funny , my counselor and I were talking about Dottie and her results and my husband was completely confused! I love being able to talk to my counselor about you and how helpful your books and this blog are. They help so, so much!


  347. Yay and AMEN!!!!

  348. Yay!!!!!

  349. AMEN!!!! 🐾❤️

  350. 354


  351. Omg this is AMAZING NEWS!!!!

    Chrissy Woj recently posted Princess for a day in Kinnitty Castle.

  352. Amen! And doing a happy dance for you and Dorothy Barker!

  353. Amen, amen, amen!!! ❤❤❤

  354. Great news. Sounds like you had an incredible team of veterinarians! ‘Bless you all.

  355. 359

    yay, dottie!

  356. 360
    Christy M. Barnes

    Very happy for you and your baby Dottie. A&M has an amazing veterinary school. Headed there on Sunday to drop off my baby(not my puppy, my daughter Taylor) for her senior year. Did you know that one of the vet buildings is suppose to be haunted!!!! Just a little FYI. LOL

  357. Amen!

  358. 362
    Betty Jane


  359. Furiously happy hugs all around

  360. Happy to hear the good news!

    Laurie Stone recently posted What do Florida, Bank Fraud, and Cupcakes Have in Common?.

  361. So glad for the good news.
    I love how her entire given name is printed on her x-ray, just to make sure they don’t get her mixed up with a different “Dottie”.
    Give that good girl extra treats and belly rubs!

  362. Hooray for healthy doggie lady gardens!

  363. Amen! ❤️❤️❤️

  364. YEE HA!

  365. Fantastic!!

  366. Hang in there! ❤️❤️❤️🎈🎈

  367. WOOT WOOT!

  368. So glad for this good news!
    Love and boops to Dot!

  369. So so glad!!!

  370. Amen!

    Nıco recently posted Der Genozid der Blumen.

  371. 375

    amen and fireworks!

  372. I don’t know if this has been asked before, but what is the false-positive rate of the test? It may be very good at diagnosing cancer but every test will have a certain number of positive diagnosis that are actually not cancer.

  373. Can you have the initial test redone? I once had a screening come back that gave me some very distressing medical news. It was a test, like Dottie’s, that has a very low false positive rate too. After a million other tests were done that contradicted the first bad news test, they repeated the first test. Twice. It was negative both times. Turns out the first one was a lab error. Might be worth having a repeat test done on Dottie too

  374. 378
    Sherry Silguero


  375. This good news comes at the perfect time! I’m so happy!! I’m hoping that the test was wrong and that she gets an easy peasy fix and all is well!!

    Also, absolutely LOVE that her full name is on her X-Rays!! It’s too cute to handle!!

  376. Amen Brother!

    Tobias Loc recently posted More Interesting Mortality – Nobilis RPG.

  377. 381
    Rebecca Rundle

    Hallelujah!!! Yeah Dottie!!!

  378. So happy for you and Dorothy Barker!

  379. Fantastic news! Some assays are very very good but can still give not good results due to the person running them, the temp in the lab, the lab fairies being grumpy on a particular day. So glad things are looking up for Dot and the family <3

  380. All those good vibes, baby!

    Sherry Cassells recently posted So I got chased by a Spider in one of those park washrooms.

  381. Hot diggety dog!!!!!
    Dorothy Barker is the Chuck Norris of dogs. She defeats cancer before it is cancer!
    Way cool. And I am so happy for her and her humans.😁

  382. This might be what happens when all the nice peoples think nice thoughts at you… Or it could just be you are awesome and so’s Dottie and y’all deserve this… Or maybe it’s just dumb luck. Regardless take it and run and thank your lucky stars. Hooray for happy news!

  383. That’s great! One thing to keep in mind about medical tests that is not always clear, is that a 98% accurate test often doesn’t mean that 98% of the patients tested are accurately diagnosed. The critical thing is to make sure that everybody who does have the condition is correctly diagnosed, even if that means that you get a boatload of false positives. (Because the consequences of being incorrectly diagnosed “negative” is that someone doesn’t get necessary treatment, and the consequence of being incorrectly diagnosed “positive” is emotional trauma and having to have additional tests, but not life-threatening.) So a 98% accurate test means that 98% of patients that actually have cancer get diagnosed with cancer, but it could be the case that 10% or 25% or 40% of patients that don’t have cancer test with a false positive. So if they did a second test and didn’t find anything, that’s great news, and makes it that much more likely that the first test was a false positive, and the fact that the first test has a high accuracy rate doesn’t automatically mean that it doesn’t have a high false positive rate. Anyway, I’ll be thinking of you all and hoping for the best!

  384. Amen! Sweet girl. I’m so happy for you!

  385. Amen! Sweet girl. I’m so happy for you!

  386. 390
    Jeanie Herkomer

    Amen, Jenny, AMEN!!

  387. Oh my my! So happy for Dottie and you and your family! AAAmen. AAAmen. AAAmen, Amen, Amen. Sing it louder!!!

    Donna Lucas recently posted Crabby Morning with Teenage Driver.

  388. CT tech here. The thickened bladder wall can sometimes indicate infection, although in this case no stranding is present, so that’s probably not the case. Probably just a benign growth of some sort, like a papilloma?

    Everyone hates a know-it-all, but I couldn’t resist the opportunity to use my professional expertise on something other than a human.

    Also, the gray and black areas directly above the bladder are poo and air. Lots of poo. Get that doggy an enema :p.

  389. I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!!!!

  390. 394
    Melissa Bonney

    This is fab-fippin-tastic!!! I just knew she had much much more time on this Earth with you and your family!! Love, love, love!!! 🥰🐶

  391. Yay!! Oh I’m so glad. sends tons and tons of hugs to you and Dottie

  392. Amen!

  393. WooHoo! Excellent news! So happy for you & Dottie!

  394. 398
    Debbie Pugsley

    A dozen Amens! Congratulations. Go Dottie

  395. Yes, Amen, Jenny! Everyone loves Dottie so much. She is the dog of dogs (and I’m really a cat person!)

  396. Well, I think it’s a miracle. Amen 🙂

  397. Amen!! xoxo

  398. AMEN AND AMEN AND WOOF AND AMEN!!! (Also, omg Schrödenger’s cancer. Best. Internet Diagnosis. Ever. 50% of the time. Maybe.)

  399. 403

    AMEN Alleluia ❤❤

  400. Hi, genetics is a dodgy business. Is it possible Dottie’s braf positive is beccancer meds can be very toxic.what about some pain meds and watchful waiting?ause of benign hyperplasia? Seems entirely possible. Hang in there.

  401. Amen 💕💕 So happy to hear this good news! You deserve a good break once in a while. Yay 🎉

  402. 406
    Carolyn Bahm


  403. Very happy news! Now…what are you going to do with that awesome x-ray image??? 🙂

  404. And let’s hope that it’s an AMEN to future health issues for her, too! So, YAY to all of you, for hanging in there! Here’s to a longer and happy life for Dottie.

  405. 409


  406. Sorry. My text got screwed up. I’m thinking Dottie’s braf positive results are from noncancerous hyperplasia. That’s good. And amen.

  407. Yeah Dottie!!
    Now you and the cats will have ample time to finish your memoirs.!!

  408. Amen and Hallelujah!

    Jenny, that’s wonderful news. It wouldn’t surprise me if Dottie found a way to scare off the cancer cells before getting the new images. She’ll bury us all.


    Ruth Feiertag recently posted Occupatio,* or All That’s Missing.

  409. Amen Indeed! Pip (the pap) and her human 😀

  410. Miracle dog! I hope it’s just some random bit of testing that is usually conclusive until it meets an anomaly…

  411. Sounds great to me!

  412. From a pet owner whose pet has cancer, I’m glad for you from the bottom of my heart!

  413. 417
    Michelle Perrine

    Amen and Amen! That’s wonderful news!

  414. AMEN!

  415. Amen

  416. Oh HELL yes–AMEN!

  417. Amen! Please give Dottie a scritch behind the ears for me!

  418. 422
    Denise Schomody

    More good news. This event looks designed to make you smile:

  419. So happy to hear the good news!!! 😘

  420. So glad to hear the good news about Dottie. Blessings to you about your family’s travails/

  421. Yay, Dottie!

  422. Amazing news!!

  423. Amen for you.

  424. Amen! So happy for you and your Puppy!

  425. 429
    Kimberly Dick

    Pretty sure the original test was just wrong. That is way more common than you’d think.

    Basically, the test needs to be more sensitive than the cancer is rare. If your test is 99% accurate, then you’ll get one positive result in a hundred tests even when there is no cancer. And if that cancer only happens 0.1% of the time, then you’ll have ten times as many false positives as real detections.

    So, yeah. I think you can be pretty confident that your dog will remain healthy for a little while at least 🙂 I’m happy for you!

  426. This makes me feel like the world is not all doom and gloom. Also, just Happy Happy Joy Joy.

  427. 431
    Remy Tankel Carroll

    So happy for you and your family! Prayers that the first test was totally wrong.

  428. I am so happy to hear this about Dorothy Barker! And I’m so happy for your family! This would be such a terrible, heartbreaking loss and now she has way more time! I’m, so, so happy! Thanks for sharing. – Dawn aka Opticheart

  429. I feel your pain/relief. My pup just had a liver biopsy for what has now been ruled as 99% likely NOT cancer. At one point, you’re thankful because “Yay, no cancer.” And then you’re like, “Well, why the heck did I just put my dog through all of that?” Glad your Dottie is okay, and I hope the vets are right this time 🙂

  430. Amen and hooray!!!😀

  431. Her full name on the x-ray kills me! 😀

  432. Glory Hallelujah Fan fucking-tastic!

  433. After all the stinking bad news I have had this week, I can’t tell you how happy I am for you and yours…It’s a relief to know that there are happy things going on out there….

  434. You can get an Amen and I’ll raise you a Hallelujah!

  435. What it means is that prayer works. You sharing this whole ordeal with your online world meant that many more people praying for good news for you. Even if the good news turns out to be an extra year or two. Good news is good!

  436. A-Fucking-Men.

  437. 441

    I’m so tired of cancer being all up in everyones business, literally. This is great news!

  438. 442
    Kari L Jaquith


  439. AMEN and big hugs to you all

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