Depression lies

I’ve had a lot more emails than usual about depression/anxiety, which I think means a full moon is coming or possibly that we’re all on the same psychotic cycle because I’ve fought my share of demons this month myself.  In fact, today I had a monster of a panic attack that made me think I’dContinue reading “Depression lies”

Still here.

I have so many things to write about or be excited about but I’m still in that same malaise of depression and it’s one where I have such small amounts of energy that I have to be really careful about how I use the few spoons that I have. BUT! But I completed the intakeContinue reading “Still here.”


If you are reading this it’s because I am a mess and can’t be trusted to respond appropriately. I get a lot of email and it gets overwhelming so I have family help me when things get hard but I feel bad about not responding so instead I wrote you this. It is a poorContinue reading “Hi.”

Working the program

Dealing with chronic mental illness is hard.  A few months ago I finished TMS to treat my depression and anxiety and it helped but I still struggle.  I have a friend who is in AA who talks about working the program…doing the steps you continually need to do to stay healthy…and I realized how muchContinue reading “Working the program”