I’ve hardly been to any blogs in weeks and yet you guys still come and listen to me complain.  I’m sick and depressed but still you remind me how lucky I am.  “Thanks” isn’t enough but it’s all I can manage right now. Also, since you can’t see how pitiful I look in real life I’m includingContinue reading “Funbags”

The Pee Cheerleader

I’m too tired to even go into the details because this mono/dog disease crap still has me mostly bedridden but I have to tell you that yesterday I left my bed to take Hailey to the doctor because she had a thumb infection and I mentioned that she’d been complaining about her tootie (the name she gave her vagina) hurting for aContinue reading “The Pee Cheerleader”

The post where I finally crack up for good

I just got back from the doctor.  Apparently I have a grab-bag of illnesses, including  a respiratory infection and sinus infection and severe mono.  But at least it’s a sexy disease to have, right?  After all, mono is “the kissing disease”.  And who have I been kissing?  Dogs.  Apparently.  I say this because the blood work also revealed thatContinue reading “The post where I finally crack up for good”

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