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  1. Dear Jenny – yesterday I went to your online store to do a bit of birthday shopping for my daughter who reminds me greatly of you in all the best ways. I was particularly enamored with the “Angry Cat Mug to Threaten People You Don’t Like” as my daughter has many of those (people she doesn’t like, not angry cat mugs) and this would be just the tool for her to make it through a normal day. I got as far as the checkout lane when my total jumped from $18.95 (perfectly acceptable for a mug of this caliber) to almost THIRTY FOUR DOLLARS!!! “WTF”???? I said, (in my head, since I was at work). I thought that I had inadvertently ordered two mugs – but NO. The shipping for this mug is ALMOST FIFTEEN DOLLARS!!!! Again, I thought that perhaps I had made some sort of error, so started over with a clean slate. Sadly, it seems the shipping cost is truly that high. I know that this is all Zazzle and not you – but I thought that you should be aware that my daughter will now NOT be the proud owner of this wonderful mug due to these obscenely overpriced shipping costs. (I know from whence I speak as I ship items all over the country in my very high level position ((read in a sarcastic, bitchy voice)) as admin. coordinator at the local historical association). On a brighter note – thank you for writing the things that I find in my head but am unable to articulate. My daughter and I are both big fans.

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