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  1. CHICAGO!!

    Hell yes!!

    wow, it’s like christmas. only better.
    promise me you won’t schedule it on the day of the Pride Parade, and I’m there.

  2. Um, where in NJ will you be? Please say SOUTH JERSEY where all the cool people live! Please! Please! Please! And, if not…well, then you seriously need to come to Philly or South Jersey. Thankyouverymuch!

  3. Need Leg three info 🙂 Can’t wait to come see you in BOSTON! Thanks for coming!!!!!!!!1

  4. Hi Jenny,
    I just saw you via Skype in Cincinnati. I wanted to thank you for being you and despite illness, you were wonderful. I also wanted to let you know I have passed your blog on to others who have experienced anxiety and depression. You speak so frankly and compassionately about a topic that few people are willing to address. I’m a mental health counselor and have given your blog links to clients. “Depression lies” really resonates with me and is so important for people to realize. Thank you and please plan an in person tour for Cincinnati. I would love to meet you!

  5. How long do the events last? I must attend a public meeting on May 17 from 6-8 p.m. in Charlotte. If Jenny’s still there at 9, I could make it!

  6. You should come to Arizona on your next leg. It’s like Texas only with more bigots and everyone here is really from California (I am still trying to work that one out).

  7. Ha Ha Ha. I love your blog Jenny. I am going to get your book for my wife Helen. She will love your writing. Unfortunately we are in South Africa so we’ll have to take a rain check on that glass of wine. If however, you ever get to South Africa…

  8. Please come to Tallahassee, Florida! Or Jacksonville, Florida or even Sopchoppy, Florida! I promise me and all my friends will shower you with adoration while you are here!!!!

  9. I’m so excited that you’re coming to Chicago!! I don’t care if the tickets are $75, my boyfriend and I are definitely coming!!

  10. Because of you I’m the girl on the el laughing maniacally, so of course I’m giddy with anticipation at your Chicago visit. Not to mention I’ve got ALL the puppets up at my desk at work. Like a creep.

  11. Jenny, Friend….Listen, I’m-a gonna need you to head to Arkansas, K? It is close to you. On your way back from any number of places…. I absolutely MUST meet you in person and get a picture and an autograph. If you can’t schedule a “tour stop” just swing by my house, OK? Drop me an email…..


  12. Please come to Philadelphia! Pretty pretty please!! With snow cones on top!

  13. When are you in Los Angeles Jenny? Maybe I can get Lindaloohoo to join me to come to the signing. Reading the book now :D. Keep up the great work!!

  14. Can you please be in Chicago June 21-23?? Our “cheesy blogger” meet up is that weekend in the city. We’d ALL be at your kick ass book signing!

  15. Any way you would be coming on tour to mississippi? Btw…texas doesnt have shit on mississppi when it comes to redneck states but i would still LOVE to come to a book signing! You are flippin awesome!!!!!!

  16. Never followed a blog before, but just finished reading your book and laughing thru the whole experience! Consider me a new member of the fan club. You’re invited to stay at our house, if you can get a gig out here in San Francisco.
    Best wishes for making POTS of MONEY with your writing!

  17. SEATTLE! I need a Seattle date! We just moved from Texas last fall and I could have gone to all the Texas dates had I still lived there, but now I am anxiously awaiting your PNW tour. Portland could work or even Vancouver. MAKE IT HAPPEN!

  18. I bought your book because of the cover. I laughed so hard it started annoying my husband. Please come to Houston.

  19. OOOH K…You are awesome 🙂 Come to Canada 😉 BC to be exact! You are one funny woman! I haven’t laughed out loud at a blog for a LONG TIME!! Thank you for that! Just picked up your book…can’t wait to read it!

  20. Jenny, please come entertain us in Arizona!?!? I’m about half way thru Let’s Pretend and I get stared at in waiting rooms when I’m giggling like a school girl at my Kindle. You crack me up. I have some anxiety issues too and your book has made it a lot easier to embrace my bat shit craziness. LOL Toynbee got a bright future Mz.Thang!! Thanks for a great read! 🙂

  21. I hope you come closer to my area. (Kansas City)
    Unless, of course, I missed you on your first leg, which would suck, since I just finished the book.)

  22. Wanna know whats a real pisser… living less than one mile from Blue Willow in Houston, planning on going to see your fabulous ass, and then getting diagnosed with not one but THREE auto-immune diseases, being in and out of the hospital for 2 months and then checking the dates of the appearance, getting excited because April 24 is NEXT week… and then it dawning on you that today is your daughters birthday which means it is in fact MAY 19th and you missed the gdamn appearance, less than a mile from your house because you suck and while you are carrying a steroid-baby of poofy faced (think Fat Bastard) and Apple Belly loveliness and getting married in 2 months in Vegas and not going to be the Pin Up Bombshell you had planned to be… the thing that makes you want to cry is not seeing the f’ing Bloggess. last. month.

  23. Please come to Buffalo, NY! Or Syracuse! Or Rochester! Or Albany!
    I will drive anywhere. Erie, PA? I promise. Upstate NY will give you
    enough material for several more volumes.

  24. Louisville! Louisville! That is where we need you. Davis Sedaris came. I’m just sayin. He is not even as funny as you.

  25. When will you be in Chicago? When you are please come to Traverse City Michigan. I assure you its bitchen!! Oh and beautiful. 50 min plane ride from Chicago or 5 hour car ride. Michael Moore runs our State theatre and I am sure he would love to host you there.

  26. Please come back to California!! I missed it the first time :< due to impossibility of scheduling!!! Love.

  27. The Louisiana Purchase. Heard of it? Go west, little one, go west. Bring your tour to the fun side of the USA… We speak really fast, wear shorts in the snow, order coffee 150 different ways, and have a gazillion things to do outside (desert, forest, mountains, beach, city, volcanoes) just to name a few. If you’re not sure what city to pick – choose Salem Oregon!

  28. Dallas!! When are you coming to Dallas? I’ve enjoyed your book so much. You are loved

  29. Hope u read this Jenny. I was on methotrexate for a while cuz of an auto immune disorder called UC. Also blood tests for bone/joint pain indicated RA. Went through lots and lots of Drs trying to find proven alternative treatments for auto immune issues. Found something great with no side affects and have totally been in remission for almost five years. Kinda hard to find Drs that prescribe it but I did in New Mexico. Love to share it the info with u if u r interested.

  30. Any chance you will come out to Phoenix? I mean, don’t come out until at least October, otherwise you will probably melt…but is it doable? You can make a family vacay out of it!

  31. Any canadian cities in the future? Just bought the book and I’d love for you to sign it!

  32. OMG this is one of the funniest books I ever read! Well done!! If you come to Southern California, I’m there.

  33. I agree with Cathy, where’s the Canada love? Is it because we don’t say ya’ll? Because I’ve been to Texas, and I’m pretty sure I can fake it.

  34. Loved the book! Thanks for all the laughs!! I think we may have foxen eating our trash! Anyway do you think you will ever make to Harrogate, North Yorkshire, England? Maybe the Queen can fund your visit. I hear she is gone from Buckingham Palace in August maybe she can let you have a use of it! We would love to see you here. We have a small pocket of Americans here.

  35. Please, please come to Seattle? You know how ADD meds have the opposite affect on those that don’t have ADD (makes us all hyper and annoying; I know this because I’ve totally stole my husband’s meds for spring cleaning)? Well, maybe our gloomy, overcast, sunless climate will have a similar affect on you & you’ll experience bouts of overwhelming joy & happiness. Well, if that doesn’t make you want to come to the Pacific NW, we have great hipster bookstores with really standoffish, holy-er than thou baristas that will remind you how insignificant we really are in the world.

  36. I LOVE YOUR FUCKING BOOK TO DEATH!!!!! And I’m only on page 82!!!! The last chapter – couch cushions – my Mum did the.same thing. I don’t know why she didn’t rope off the whole bloody room?!?!
    Will you be including Toronto in your tour? PLEASE!!! You are hilarious and we have the F-word in common – LOL!
    I really want to start a Blog – any helpful suggestions for FREE?

  37. Your book is checked out at ALL the Montana Public Libraries. I have had it on reserve since the first week of May. Montana has less than 1 million people but all of them are apparently ahead of me in the reservation line for any copy of your book that gets returned to any of the partner libraries. This is getting ridiculous.

  38. I can just meet up with you at Devil’s Backbone Tavern. FYI… that is where I met my husband.

  39. I work at World’s Biggest Bookstore in Toronto (not actually the World’s biggest, I’m living a lie) BUT I really wish you could make it here at some point, or anywhere in Toronto for that matter. I spend all of my shifts reading your book and giggling in the corner. You know what, I will probably be fired by the time you make it here so maybe a different bookstore would be best so I can still come see you.

  40. DUDE!!!! When the fuck are you coming to LA? Make it pronto. KIsses.

  41. I just finished your book and now require a gajillion more copies for Christmas and birthday gifts. Please consider adding Seattle to your tour. It would be so wonderful if all of my Bloggess gifts were autographed. We have awesome book stores up here (e.g., Third Place Books) and if you are not partying in a bathroom after the book signing, I’ll take you out for dinner or drinks or coffee, or any combination thereof that suits you.


  42. Thank you very much for sharing your story at the BEA. It takes courage to be authentic and tell it the way it is. Lots of love! Been there with my son. Keep up the good work.

    From the lady with the short gray hair that hugged you really hard after your talk on Monday,

  43. Please come to the UK (Leeds preferably) would be there in a shot. Just finished the book and hearty belly laughed with tears +++ absolutley loved it, now my favourite book ever (taken over from Gerald Durrells ‘My family and Other Animals’) thank you xx

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