I made you something.

Two things…the first is that I’m sharing drawings with you until we get out of isolation and you can print them and color them or burn them.  It’s up to you.  Usually they’re pretty enormous because I prefer to work on a giant sketch pad but today’s drawing is tiny because I’m feeling a bitContinue reading “I made you something.”

The votes are in…

Okay…the votes are in and thousands of you have made it clear that 1. we’re all a bit bored and in need of distractions at the minute and that 2. my taxidermied llama/alpaca (that died of natural causes, I assure you) clearly had one name rise to the top during our voting period. Introducing… FLEECEContinue reading “The votes are in…”

Happy New Year!

Last year was hard.  Lots of personal struggles and mental illness bullshit and seven family deaths in the last six weeks.  I had some wonderful moments but I also often felt like I was slogging through life and that I would never finish anything.  But in the last few weeks the depression that slows meContinue reading “Happy New Year!”

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