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Irony is awesome – UPDATED

Courtesy of Brody Harper who pointed out why my sponsors probably hate me.  Also, I’m not sure if this is technically “irony” since I’ve been told I perpetually use that word incorrectly.  It might just be “a horrible coincidence”.    Which would be ironic, right?  No? 

Fine.  From now on I’m only using “irony” to describe things made of iron.  Like irons. 

PS.  Remember yesterday when I said I felt really bad about publishing a dumb-ass post about soup and that I’d make it up to you with a kick-ass one and now I’m just posting another post about the soup post?  That was ironic awesome.

UPDATED:  I just got an email from my ad network very diplomatically telling me they’re moving me from the mom-based ads to the sex & relationship-based ads.  So, I guess that means less caulk talk.  Which is actually kind of ironic totally hysterical.

Comment of the day: Ten thousand spoons when all you need is a knife… not irony just fucking weird.  Irony is that Alanis had no idea what irony was and English teachers quoted that shit.  The song should be called ‘isn’t that unfortunate’ or ‘I am a fucking illiterate loser with bad ass hair’. ~ Kelley