Candy bra

Shades recently wrote about how hard it is to find red-hots nowadays.  I have the same problem finding the innocent candy of my childhood.  Pixie sticks, red liqourice ropes, candy necklaces, tubble gum…somehow they’ve all been replaced with gummi bacon , scorpion pops, and banana slugs.

Of course, you can still find candy necklaces…


…but somehow they just don’t seem the same.

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  1. Yeah, I hear ya – they definitely improved on the candy necklaces.

  2. Wow someone finally figured out how to make pussy taste good, I’m impressed! (come on! you guys were thinking it too). At least I didn’t go with, “yum, flavoured milk!”

    I don’t know you were serious about finding candy from you childhood, but I found this site a while ago…

  3. I just keep grossing out on someone eating the butt floss part. What? Is that weird?

  4. Hmmm, for some reason I don’t think that will hold up in the washing machine. Even on the delicate cycle.

  5. I always thought candy necklaces tasted like ass to begin with…

  6. What a painful wedgie. 😉

  7. this doesn’t creep me out as much as the fruit roll up bikini…ick…

    what is tubble gum?!

  8. Have you tried to find candy cigarettes lately? Almost impossible! How are my kids gonna practice now?

  9. Oh that’s not right, or my mind’s not right, or something’s not right because I just keep thinking…who wants the thong (and something about chocolate jokes) and OOOHHH ICK! I am skeeved.

    Using My Words

  10. Kevin would have so much fun eating that candy necklace…..Funny thing, me thinks I’d enjoy it too!

  11. Hmm. A new wrinkle on the pearl thong… and edible undies. Progress is being made in EVERY field, isn’t it?

    You need a Sugar Mountain store in your town!

  12. I’m rather creeped out by that. Wouldn’t it be awfully uncomfortable?

  13. Gummi BACON? What the…?

    I see Pixie stix and candy necklaces everywhere, though…

  14. Do they make a strapless candy bra? cuz I have a strapless wedding dress.

    Or is that a bikini?

  15. So cool.

    We used to make our own Froot Loop necklaces. Yum.

  16. I’ve heard of edible underwear before, but crunchy edible underwear? I think people might get a bit distracted. Or full. Or break a tooth.

    And I’d be scared I’d get bitten, not in the good way.

    I’m just sayin….

  17. OK Wt’s comment was just wrong… seriously…

    but i won’t go there no i won’t… ill just say umm ok.. not a chance in tahati

  18. ok, so as you’ve probably already noticed, i’m retarded!

    your lil gift has been sitting by my front door, addressed and ready to go to the post office ever since you emailed me…

    at the rate i’m going, you’ll be healed up and haired over before i get it delivered!

  19. “Healed up and haired over” is my new favorite phrase.

  20. lmao you can thank my friggin hilarious grandfather for instilling that phrase in my every day vocabulary!

  21. Now I can’t stop thinking about what happens when the wearer gets a little sweaty. So sticky, but not in a good way.

  22. I really liked your blog! Praise Bacon and Hallelujah 🙂

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