Maybe they were just hot

I can’t decide if this is a really great way to die or a really shitty way to die.

 I’m leaning toward really shitty.  

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  1. Jenny, Rachel’s (my 14-y-o daughter) first sitter who now works and lives in Columbia–the sitter who watched her until she went to college, told me about this today. Her brother (who also sat for our kids) dated a girl who was with them the night they died! He knew them indirectly…! She told me a few details, but I guess they’re “off the record”.

    Bizarre that I’d read this right after I talked to Kayce…

  2. in the sense that death under any circumstances kinda blows, yeah, it was shitty.

    otherwise, it doesn’t seem like such a bad way to go.

    (if ya gotta go, go with a bang … sorry. now I’m ashamed. *hangs head*)

  3. I HATE when that happens. Did you know that in some Romance languages the phrase “the little death” refers to ORGASM. Well now you do.

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