You are home.

This is my song for you today: Today is World Suicide Prevention Day and it’s truly wonderful to have voices speak out about something so many of us struggle with.  It’s not an easy subject or even one that people understand.  Even the people most vulnerable to suicide have a hard time understanding it. There are many things I couldContinue reading “You are home.”

1000 ferris wheels

I once read that about people who make and fold 1000 origami paper cranes.  Some do it for luck or longevity or luck or wishes or hope.  Some do it for love.  Some do it for peace.  I assume some do it for the same reason I make ferris wheels. I make them over and over again, fromContinue reading “1000 ferris wheels”

Wouldn’t it be awesome to just have to be aware of mental health one month a year?

It’s Mental Health Awareness Month so some people expect me to write about mental health, except that if you read here you’re already perfectly aware that I’m mentally ill so this feels a bit pointless.  But what if we change the game a little? Share with me.  In the comments, or on your own platform, or both.  Almost everyoneContinue reading “Wouldn’t it be awesome to just have to be aware of mental health one month a year?”

If you need help…

If you are considering suicide or know someone who is, please call a suicide hotline.  They can help.  They’re free.  They’ve saved and helped so many of us, including me.  Click here for a link to suicide crisis organizations around the world.  They listen. I find it very triggering to talk about a humorist who hasContinue reading “If you need help…”

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