Stop the Abuse

Today at Mama Drama I’m writing about my personal experience with abuse.   Speak up.  Together our voices can be heard. 


I’m too sick to write two posts in one day so I’m just linking to here. I’m not lazy.  I have mono.  And I’m lazy.


This weekend my friend Terry (aka Cancer Diva) invited me to photograph her head-shaving ceremony.  I was honored and excited but I didn’t really know what to expect.  I mean,  I loved the fact that Terry’s hairdresser (who’d once battled cancer herself) served us cocktails at 7am, and I enjoyed the feeling of comradery and celebration as Terry’s friends and family gathered near toContinue reading “Control”

Toddlers and psychotics

 I’m oftened haunted by a thought that with all the great writers and thinkers in the world that there is no original thought left, that I’ll never string together a truly innovative series of words or write something that hasn’t already been said in far better ways.  Still, I struggle to string together pretty words in my notebook, always disappointed in the results. Continue reading “Toddlers and psychotics”