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Existential ennui

I wasn’t going to mention this week’s 100 word stories podcast challenge because my entry is the perfect example of why you shouldn’t record your own story while you have severe strep throat.  But then during the podcast the infamous Laurence Simon rattled on about picturing me showering and how could I not blog about that?

You can listen to all the 100-word-story entries and Laurence’s filthy fantasies here, or if you want to skip the depravity you can listen to just my incoherent, muddled story here:


And remember, fixing contests is bad…shoplifting is good.

PS.  Yes, I still feel like crap and now I have a phlemmy smokers cough to add to the mix and the antibiotics are making me vomit profusely.  My God, I’m sexy.

I’ll be back to normal soon.  Promise.