Existential ennui

I wasn’t going to mention this week’s 100 word stories podcast challenge because my entry is the perfect example of why you shouldn’t record your own story while you have severe strep throat.  But then during the podcast the infamous Laurence Simon rattled on about picturing me showering and how could I not blog about that?

You can listen to all the 100-word-story entries and Laurence’s filthy fantasies here, or if you want to skip the depravity you can listen to just my incoherent, muddled story here:


And remember, fixing contests is bad…shoplifting is good.

PS.  Yes, I still feel like crap and now I have a phlemmy smokers cough to add to the mix and the antibiotics are making me vomit profusely.  My God, I’m sexy.

I’ll be back to normal soon.  Promise.

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  1. what kind of lipgloss shall i shoplift for you?? hehe

    i hope you get to feeling better soon, you sexy beast

  2. Get well soon. (I tried to shoplift some balloons for you but I got caught. They gave me one phone call from the jail and I used it to write this comment.)

  3. Great story – and I like the sound of your voice. It’s smoky and sexy, and a little bitchee too.

  4. Margaret, if anything you should be proud of being involved in the first Bloggess scandal. Embrace your bad-girl self, you naughty thing. *rowr*

  5. That’s gotta stink being that sick in the summer! I always managed to get the super-duper cold that hangs around forever. It’s the Kleenex people. Seriously- it keeps them in business.

    …feel like crap and now I have a phlemmy smokers cough to add to the mix and the antibiotics are making me vomit profusely… My God, I’m sexy… Exactly what I was thinking!

    Air Force Wife
    Special K Family
    Check out my contest!

  6. sweetness, you don’t really smoke do you? please tell me you’re not smoking on streptococcus. am i going to have to come to Houston and spank you?

  7. This is a bit late,since I’ve only just discovered you, but the title of this post isn’t perchance a Chuck Palahniuk reference is it?
    I would love you forever if it is.
    That is all.

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