Lost in translation?

Just saw that there’s now a Vietnamese edition of Furiously Happy, which is amazing and surreal. I always do a google translation on the covers, but this translation is probably one of my favorites: Cover translation? Of course, that’s just what my computer auto-translated it to and it’s probably wrong so I decided to useContinue reading “Lost in translation?”

Hello, strangelings.

TWO BLOG POSTS IN 48 HOURS? WHAT. Honestly, I’m feeling more motivation than I have in a long time and I am taking advantage of that to catch up on a million good things that need attention and one of those is the Fantastic Strangelings Book Club, which is keeping me sane and helping toContinue reading “Hello, strangelings.”

Adventures in ketamine. What it’s like to get way too high to try to cure your depression. (Part 1)

So. A month ago I was in a really dark place mentally and couldn’t get out. I considered TMS because it’s worked before (for about 9 months each time) but I didn’t have the energy to commit another 35 hours in the chair so instead I decided to try psychedelic ketamine therapy for treatment resistantContinue reading “Adventures in ketamine. What it’s like to get way too high to try to cure your depression. (Part 1)”


I’m still alive. And…better? I think. It’s hard to tell for certain but I know you worry when I go missing so…I’m here. And I can’t tell if this is a positive and hopeful post (because I tend to only write when I’m feeling better and so it’s good that I feel up to writingContinue reading “Hi.”

You need a break, friend.

I am feeling almost back to my normal depresso-expresso self (low energy but with bursts of normalness) rather than the super dark unable-to-fuction-as-a-human stuff I was swimming in, so YAY FOR SLIGHT IMPROVEMENTS! Also, spellcheck is telling me that “normalness” is not a real word and I am going to agree because I think weContinue reading “You need a break, friend.”

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