Browse with me.

Last night Victor and I went to Nowhere Bookshop after everyone else was gone and I did a live video on instagram so that you could see the store and have a little browse and hundreds of you showed up and I felt like I was at a small, wonderful party for the first timeContinue reading “Browse with me.”

Welcome to Nowhere!

So God knows when Nowhere Bookshop will be open for you to stroll through in real life but I want you to see it because it’s SO AMAZING and the team has done such a fantastic job of making it lovely and filling it with fabulous books and wonderful assorted stuff, so that’s why tonightContinue reading “Welcome to Nowhere!”

Fantastic Strangelings, Unite! (But in your own homes. And wash your hands.)

Did you know that you save me? You do. In strange ways I suspect we all save each other. But this week was a recovery week for me after a particularly brutal bout with depression and so I spent the week doing what my shrink recommended…reading. It’s odd. Reading is an escape. It’s a medicine.Continue reading “Fantastic Strangelings, Unite! (But in your own homes. And wash your hands.)”

I assure you, this makes sense. Sort of.

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