I need a distraction

Sometimes when my head is a mess I have to distract myself with movies. You’d think that ridiculous comedies would be the best thing for depression but I’ve found that the cognitive dissonance on not being able to laugh at something that I know should be funny actually makes it worse and so instead IContinue reading “I need a distraction”

Hello, strangeling!

Every time I type out “strangeling” my blog turns it into “strangling” and it’s a fair guess but at a certain point you’d think it would learn. Anyway, if you are a member of my book club (The Fantastic Strangelings – JOIN US!) then you are used to me apologizing for opening the discussion threadContinue reading “Hello, strangeling!”

Help us, Kenny Chesney

Did you miss seeing Victor and me answer a million ridiculous questions while I wore frozen ice packs because being anxious makes me overheat? If so you will not understand this piece of fried gold that my friend Michael Nachoff sent: But you are in luck! Because the whole ridiculous evening was recorded so justContinue reading “Help us, Kenny Chesney”

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