I’m slowly being murdered by my own face

me:  My allergies are killing me. Victor: What are you allergic to? me: Weed. Victor:  Then stop smoking weed. me:  No.  Ragweed.  It’s a pollen or something.  And it’s causing me to suffocate myself. Victor:  Um…what? me:  I can’t breathe.  I’M DROWNING IN ME. Victor:  Unlikely.  At best you’re drowning in mucus. me:  No.  Because I’veContinue reading “I’m slowly being murdered by my own face”


24 hours ago I published the hardest post I ever had to write.  I’m pretty open about my struggles with depression and anxiety disorder, but yesterday I finally decided I was ready to write about my issues with self-harm.  I can’t go into details because that’s a trigger for me (and for most people whoContinue reading “Wow.”

The fight goes on.

If you follow me on twitter you already know that I’ve been battling off one of the most severe bouts of depression I’ve ever had.  Yesterday it started to pass, and for the first time in weeks I cried with relief instead of with hopelessness.  Depression can be crippling, and deadly.  I’m lucky that it’sContinue reading “The fight goes on.”

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