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  My friend Kimberly is an amazing artist and fabulous woman, as evidenced by this painting of a dog having more fun than I will ever have in my whole life.  That dog is an asshole.  But he reminds us to have fun no matter how ridiculous we look.  That asshole dog is my hero.  And so is Kimberly because her proceeds go to helping animal welfare groups.  Check her out.  Buy a painting.  Commission a portrait.  Save a furiously happy asshole’s life.

My friend (and former zoo-keeper) Linda wrote a book called Animals Behaving Badly, which covers everything from dogs with guns to why lions are afraid of umbrellas. It even gives examples of kittens committing arson (which will be very helpful in defending all those pending arson charges.)

Also, it rather conclusively proves that dolphins are often brutal murderers and occasional rapists, and that you should not ride on buses with them.

You should probably buy this book for your own safety.


Relish.   Delish.

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In my head, this cat is screaming: “Come say that to my face and I will SLAP THE BITCH OUT OF YOU“. Probably it was just yawning though. You’d have to ask the artist, Kimberly Kelly Santini, who paints a dog a day. My guess is that she has severe OCD.

You should totally take advantage of her possible mental illness and have her paint your pet. Because she’s awesome.

Awesome, and probably mentally unstable. (In the best possible way.)

Plus, she made you your own special page.  With dinosaurs.  And zombies.

And that’s how you do advertising.