Quick, narcissistic announcement pulled from Publisher’s Weekly roundup of noteworthy book deals:

In Memoirs ~ Author of the No. 1 New York Times bestseller Let’s Pretend This Never Happened (A Mostly True Memoir) and thebloggess.com, Jenny Lawson’s FURIOUSLY HAPPY, about life’s highs and lows and the absurdities in between, again to Amy Einhorn and Amy Einhorn Books, for publication in Spring 2014, by Neeti Madan at Sterling Lord Literistic.

Translation:  Book two has begun.  Terrified.  Excited.  At a loss for words.  Which is probably a very bad thing for an writer, now that I think about it.


PS.  Thank you.  There’s a reason why LPTNH is still on the NYT list, and that reason is you.  Everyday I get emails from people who have just now discovered this amazing, hysterical, bizarre online community and who finally realize how very not alone they are in their awkward weirdness.  You’re helping people find their tribe and I’m so incredibly lucky to be part of that.

You are the very best kind of weird and I can’t thank you enough for sharing it.

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  1. Woo Hoo!!! Can’t wait to read it. I’ll be ready for your next book signing in Boston!-Gail

    Gail recently posted Bridal Headpiece Rhinestone Barrette Handmade with Freshwater Pearl Sprays on Sterling Silver by gailjoseph.

  2. Yay, another book! Can’t wait. I love being the very best kind of weird!

    Catherine recently posted DIY Felt Tablet Sleeve.

  3. Congrats on Book 2! It’s going to be amazing and if this blog is any evidence, you won’t be at a loss for words for long.

  4. Nothing beats hysterical, bizarre online communities. Except hysterical, bizarre, dancing babies. But I’ll take the online community in a pinch.

    neal recently posted Read all the comics!.

  5. I am so very proud of you for: 1. making weirdness not only acceptable but downright cool, and 2. making weirdness profitable. You go girl!

    Molly Dugger Brennan recently posted This Old House.

  6. Hang on, I still haven’t read the first one yet. I’ve bought it… but I have this problem with procrastination. You guys understand me, right?

    (Totally. Call in sick and read it right now. ~ Jenny)

    my honest answer recently posted I Was Her Maid of Honor. Does She Have to be Mine?.

  7. Congrats! Way cool. Even though I’m fairly new to the Bloggess world, I’m excited to hear about this.

  8. I may or may not have peed myself at work upon realizing that you’re writing a second book.

    Ashley recently posted Good vs. Evil.

  9. Too soon to pre-order?

    Eric Philipp recently posted Twitter.

  10. Can. Not. Wait.

  11. Congratulations, lady!

  12. Yay! Maybe I can get to a signing or reading for this one!

  13. I’m so excited! And I’m really happy for you.

    Tragic Sandwich recently posted How Was Your Weekend?.

  14. yay!!! i can’t wait to read the new book!!!

    ann @ my life as prose. recently posted finding the private/public balance..

  15. HOLY WOW! AMAZING! Congratulations and I can’t wait to check it out =)

    Brooke @ BlushingNoir recently posted My Experience With ACNEASE: A Review & Photos.

  16. Well, you have “fuck,” so that’s a start–and quite a hook, I might add!

    Abby recently posted My Hairy Little Roommate.

  17. Awesome, congrats! Inspiring to one still finding his place in the Writing World :)

    @bluenotebacker recently posted After the Fire.

  18. SO EXCITED for book TWO! You rock! :)

  19. As always, so happy for you and proud of everything you’ve done. It’s amazing, and so are you.

    Avitable recently posted The Time I Would Have Died If The Amateur Doctors Of The Internet Hadn’t Saved Me.

  20. CAN’T WAIT!!

  21. Wonderful! Congratulations!!!

  22. The fact that you’re writing another book makes me Furiously Happy. The fact that you’re calling it “Furiously Happy” makes me even more Furiously Happy. Did I ever tell you I have a pinterest board entitled “Furiously Happy”?

    Kalisa recently posted Time to Write.

  23. Good luck with writing for the new book! I’ll be first in line to buy a copy. :)

    Allison recently posted What to do When a Recipe Stinks (or You Set the Kitchen on Fire)?.

  24. Yay! I really have something to look forward to now! Thanks for being one of the great tribal leaders. :)

  25. 2014 – well, shit, what will occupy my time between now and then? HST pictures, I hope!

  26. Yeah! That is great. Congrats!

  27. With a furword by Hunter S. Thomcat? Please?

    Becky recently posted My League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

  28. You’re the bomb!! I’m laughing already.

    Michelle Roman Higgins recently posted Evolve or Die Single…is it for you??.

  29. Tear it up. I’m still staggering from the “vagina” drinking game.

    J. Kevin Tumlinson recently posted i follow people on twitter because that's what every good stalker does. first..

  30. Well, now I’m doubly jealous, doubly overwhelmed, and double-millionthedy in awe. Good for you. Go be furiously happy for as long as you can.

  31. When can i pre-order?!?! When will your tour schedule be posted??!?! Have you officially announced your quest for world domination, or is it just understood that you’ll be in charge of everything pretty soon??!?!

    Diana Lark recently posted I Don't Trust Shortcuts. By Which I Mean, I Don't Know How To Use Them..

  32. I have packed every book in my home except LPTNH. I’ve read it twice this week.

    I don’t unpack books for at least 10 days more.

    I see nothing wrong with this “problem”

    Heather recently posted 2 in 6.

  33. Awesome!!!! Congratulations!

  34. Congratulations! That is exciting news. Looking forward to reading it.

    Co-Pilot Mpm recently posted How to Bake Inedible Pizza Muffins.

  35. I want your life. I want to be you. And I mean that in the most sincere, non-stalker way imaginable.

    Kat recently posted A Very Important Debate.

  36. Fuck me, Jenny! What a great title!! Yay for you!!!! Yay for me when I get to read it! I can not wait!!

  37. 40

    Waiting patiently….ok not so patiently…hurry the hell up!!! ;)

  38. Congrats on book two! Now I can’t wait to see who will play you in the movie!

  39. That’s AWESOME! I can’t wait to read book #2. Congrats, Jenny. But I have to. Because you take FOREVER to finish books. 2014?!?!? Isn’t that like, 2 years away? Well. It’s Sep, so maybe not 2 full years. BUT STILL. To announce a book in 2 years (more or less) is like saying “We’re going To Disney World! In 2 years(more or less)!” to a little kid.

    tracey recently posted Just Write....

  40. Weird is solace! Your blog provides me with solace when the everyday gets me down. Congratulations!

  41. Shut up! That’s awesome!!!! So furiously happy for you. :)

    Desiree recently posted Tired and overwhelmed.

  42. Bought it Friday. Finished it Sunday. A fun, if not sometimes disturbing, read. Looking forward to book 2.

  43. Yay!! Can’t wait to read it!! And maybe, just maybe, you’ll come out this way on another book tour & I’ll find some other adorably strange thing to cross-stitch for you! :)

  44. YAY! Congratulations! I’m so looking forward to it already :)

    Tonya recently posted 7: An Experimental Mutiny in Excess – Possessions.

  45. w00t! Congrats on your literary domination! :D

    Wendy Whipple recently posted Comics!.

  46. YAY! I can’t wait!

    Bonnie recently posted School Days.

  47. Exciting! Congratulations and best of luck with the rest of the writing process!

    SarcasticNinja recently posted St. Anthony and the Funnel of Doom.

  48. WOOOHOOOOO!!!! Now I’ll have something to add to my ever growing list of pre-ordered books! :) SO EXCITED!!!

    Bri recently posted Easier Than Breathing.

  49. YAY YOU!!!! That is awesome news! And yay us! So, can we preorder yet?! ;)

    Robin recently posted Sometimes Monday Is All Weird And Stuff.

  50. Book #2! Oh yeah! :) I’m excited.

    Did I ever tell you the airport story? Reading your book in an airport is pretty awesome! Talk about looks from strangers! I can’t stop laughing while I’m reading and that gets a reaction. I had a lady ask me what I was reading that was so funny and I showed her your book. She said her daughter had also told her about it and she will have to get it! :) Spreading the love in the airport. It’s just what I do.

    LeAnnWoo recently posted How I spent my summer....

  51. LOVE!

    Audra recently posted Let the petty stuff go!.

  52. super loved the first one. [i laughed so hard i nearly shat myself. don’t try to pretend that wasn’t what you wanted from me! :P]
    super looking forward to the second one!

  53. Congrats!!! Now, write faster, write faster… I can’t wait for book 2!!! Please don’t make us wait 11 years.

    Keitha recently posted Arrr! Talk Like A Pirate Day Lunch and Giveaway.

  54. I’m totally and FURIOUSLY HAPPY that you’re writing another book! How wonderful for us masses who can appreciate the dark side of life. And Hunter S. Thomcat.

    Sarah B. recently posted Signs of Growth.

  55. The day I accidentally stumbled here was a happy one, and one that came at the right time. Thanks for being here, writing with humour and heart, and also for all the dressed up dead animal pics. Those are like whipped cream on an already yummy dessert.

    Kat recently posted Thievery is sucky.

  56. Hearing that one of your favorite authors is writing a new book always makes it a good day. Of course, now for all of the WAITING for it…

    Phenomenal Lass recently posted Iceberg Dead Ahead.

  57. How incredibly awesome! Congratulations!

  58. Congrats on your new book deal! I will be greatly looking forward to you new book and all the zany, crazy, hilarious things you will wrote about in it. LPTNH was probably the funniest book I’ve ever read!

  59. Yay!! Will you be coming to the UK to do book signings for this one?? Norfolk has 2 Lawsbians now, so we are almost a gang…..You would love Norfolk, it’s just as weird as Texas, but smaller…So the weird people are closer…

    Sam Whiteoak recently posted Baby Squirrels, Unicorns And Viagra.

  60. Book Two?!?!? Excited…cause, duh. But also sad…cause you have pretty much already ruined me for any other book that claims the genre of comedy. Tried reading one the other day and was disappointed. So, yeah, I guess you do need book two so I can continue reading…

    Jen recently posted Deconstructed Food...or, Lazy Chefs.

  61. congrats!

    Heretic Husband recently posted Privileged? Who, me?.


  63. Yay!!!! I can’t wait!!
    Also, is it just my brain fog or was that announcement particularly hard to comprehend? Glad you translated!

    Dangerous Lilly recently posted Street Harassment: It’s everywhere, all the time.

  64. Yay for our Jenny, and to her family and friends for giving her so much good material!
    Love when cool things happen to weirdly groovy people!

  65. Congrats! Hopefully I’ll make it out for the book tour this time! :D

    Jenny recently posted The Horribly Horrifying Fun House of Death.

  66. Yay! Another Jenny book! <3

    Monika recently posted Angels of Love Adoption.

  67. 2014?! :( Not soon enough. Sadness.

  68. your book is soo funny..i tell them to read it, they ask what is it about….i answer well thats hard to say but i have never laughed harder….

  69. Congratulations! You will be be awesome, as always.

    And I can’t help but smile every single time I come here and see your header. You create happy. :)

    Megan recently posted If You Ask Me….

  70. I vote we skip 2013 and just head right to 2014. Who’s with me??

  71. Tracey, considering the first one was 10 years in the making, this one is practically coming out at warp speed!!!

    Yay for you, our Queen of Weird and may the words ever flow in your favor.

    Cindy recently posted ADHD Awareness Month.

  72. SUPERAWESOMESAUCE! I sill haven’t finished the other one because I don’t want the “experience” to be over. So I’m saving those last 30 pages. Yes, as I type this I realize how effing ridiculous I am being.

    Any chance I can pre-order the new one two years in advance? ;)

  73. Super excited now! You are the best story-teller ever!

    Ann Schaffer recently posted The Pajama Loophole.

  74. Whoa. We’re a tribe? Do we have tribal colors? Can I get in on the cave paintings?


    Steph Auteri recently posted How to Find the Right Balance Between Connected Writer and Crazy Recluse.

  76. I can NOT wait! yayay!

  77. i love being amongst those that are the best kind of fked up! who wants to be “normal” anyway right?!?!
    i have found an outlet for my sarcasm and learned that it is okay to not question the large metal roosters that i want every time i pass them when driving down hempstead hwy! i am leaning towards the cement gorilla .. cause nothing says “don’t fk with me” more than a ginormous concrete gorilla staring at you as you contemplate knocking on the front door.
    still looking for something that say “don’t be a ShiThead and park in front of my back door because i don’t go park in front of your front door” … of course i live in little mexico apparently so i would need something that would be bilingual .. suggestions please!

    can’t wait for #2!!

    Amber recently posted What The What?!.

  78. YAY YOU! From my brand of batshit crazy to yours…we are in it together!

  79. YES!! Now, PLEASE come to the armpit of Florida on your next book tour. I know that doesn’t SOUND like a good place to go, but, we’re nice here!

  80. YAY!!!

    Also, yesterday I forgot we had just added a frame under our mattress, fell the extra 6 inches trying to get up, and gave myself a black eye on the laundry hamper. I figured if anyone would laugh about that with me, it had to be you :)

  81. Congratulations. I know I’m looking forward to it, I know this is a subject close to a lot of our hearts.

    Ashley recently posted Dating In Your Late 20s Sucks - Part 3.

  82. This much awesomeness will surely tear a hole in space and time!! BRING IT!!!

    Mona recently posted Has Star Trek taught us NOTHING!?!?!?.

  83. Next book can be a photo album, like a shutterfly book, with all of your absurdities documented and a little essay to accompany each one. It can be called, “Let’s Catch Up On What Already Happened.”

    Julie the Wife recently posted The Scoreboard.

  84. What?! Wow! Congrats!

    Stephanie recently posted Caption Contest Winners! Yes, Winners!.

  85. Congrats! Cannot wait as there is a complete lack of weirdo literature for which I feel a kinship with, and that is not because we both take meds.

  86. A SECOND baby?!? Aren’t you still peeing on yourself from the first one?? I would be… But yeah.. I say pop ’em out like Pez. You’re simply awesome. Can’t wait to read that second bundle of joy! xo

    RachRiot recently posted Tickle me, Manganiello.

  87. Yay! I can’t wait!
    I wore my tour shirt to work the other night and some random person got excited cos she was a fan, too- it was the greatest thing!

  88. A second book… which might mean a second book tour… which might mean I get to meet you again (and hang out with the awesome Tribe of Intellectual Misfits!) This news makes my day much better (even though I will have to wait until the book comes out… you WILL let us know when we can pre-order, right?) also, please record the audiobook of book two yourself again. I listen to the audiobook sometimes while I’m soaking in the tub because I don’t want to laugh and drop my book into the water but I DO want to “read” the book again.

    I hereby decree that the world simply cannot end (as the doomsayers are saying) in Dec. of 2012 because that would mean book 2 isn’t going to happen and I refuse to believe that is even a possibility.

    You’ve made Wednesday awesome! Well done!

    MsDarkstar recently posted Window Shopping (via the Internet!).

  89. Congrats! Cannot wait as there is a complete lack of weirdo literature for which I feel a kinship with, and that is not because we both take meds, mmmm tasty meds.

    Steven Schwartz recently posted New Themes: Gridspace and Ascetica.

  90. I’m so very stoked to hear this! And I’ve been thinking about re-reading Let’s Pretend This Never Happened, so perhaps I’ll do that now! (erhm, tomorrow as I’ve got work and then plans tonight – man, something is always in the way)

  91. This makes me furiously happy.

    I totally stole that.


    Alicea recently posted This is most definitely an adult book!.

  93. I should probably make sure I get a copy of the first book before the second one comes out! (Damn that being broke thing.)

    But you do realize, of course, you’re the one bringing people together? So many people may have this kind of weirdness in their past, thoughts, feelings, wants, etc. and yet never knew that it was okay to say anything about it. It’s awesome that you’ve let people know it is.

    Katy recently posted July 5th, 2012 - Daniels, Maryland; The Churches.

  94. Let’s get it going! I’m so happy for you!

    I shall pre-order or go on a waiting list or anything you want me to do.

    Brian recently posted Tunnel of MURDER Love.

  95. SO EXCITING! Clearly, we all know it will be every bit as fabulous as your first book…and I expect to see Hunter S. Tomcat somewhere in it! ;)

    thedoseofreality recently posted If The Shoe Fits…Don’t Bother Buying It.

  96. AWESOME!!! I am soo happy for you! I can’t wait for your next book to be published, I will be running to the stand to get a copy! Quick question: Would it be possible for you to come to HICKORY NC to the Barnes and Noble for a book signing when your second book is published??? I would love to get a signed copy, and our tiny town needs someone like you to shake things up! I promise you will get lots of fans coming to see you if you do! Thanks :D

    Amber recently posted Families Are….

  97. This made me FURIOUSLY HAPPY! :D
    Yay! for you Jenny and Yay! for us Lawsbians :)

    Cara(Eli) recently posted Summer Ramble.

  98. Not until 2014? Why is time so slooooooooooow?
    Right, ’cause I’m sure you just have that second book all whipped up and ready to go. I do know it is a lot of work. But I can still be excited and wish it were sooner, right?

  99. HURAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY for book number two!!!!!!

    Lindsey recently posted Stillness.

  100. I’m excited and Furiously Happy to hear your good news. Put L.A. on your next tour agenda NOW. or San Fraancisco. Love and Hugs

  101. Woohoo!!!! Go Jenny! That is beyond awesome and I am furiously happy for you. And the rest of us since we now have more to look forward to.

  102. Yay! Spring 2014 seems too far away!

    Alicia recently posted Weekend Recap-NYC.

  103. Congratulations!

  104. Awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome! Rock on with your bad NYT bestseller self and I supremely cannot wait for the second one!

    Lisa Marie Mary recently posted Science, Space And Technology News.

  105. Congratulations Jenny! I’m so glad that you are sharing something FURIOUSLY HAPPY with us today! You’ve given me something to look forward to and you’ve brought me a huge smile on a very blah day and I thank you!!!

    When you were on tour you mentioned a second book in the works, but you said at the time that it was your “little secret” project and it had a special audience (I’m being vague here since you said it was a secret). Is this book you’re announcing today a 3rd book?! If so I’m even more furiously happy!!!

  106. I cannot wait for book 2! The idea of it… Well it makes me Furiously Happy!

    Katie recently posted Ermagerhd! Awerds!.

  107. *Taps foot impatiently waiting for new Bloggess book to appear on Amazon’s preorder list*

    BTW, I found your site when I was researching how to do a blog four years ago and was looking up blogs by other Texans as part of my research. So on the bright side, I found your blog. On the less bright side, I still don’t have a clue as to how to do my own damn blog. I’m a very slow learner.

    Zippy recently posted Sorry I haven't written in a while.

  108. I am sure number 2 will be awesome. Much more fulfilling than number 1.

    ilikebeerandbabies recently posted She's Crafty (What's My Mutha Funkin' Name?).

  109. Hi there Jenny – what amazing news.. I found your blog about a week ago, and I have to say that it’s more addictive than crack. Well, actually I have never done crack, so I am really only just guessing here… But I am completely hooked: have reached 2008 so far, and can’t wait to find out how everything started!

    [FYI: I am also stalking you on Youtube and telling my friends about like I KNEW you. Bizarre. Were the flights between Finland and Texas any cheaper, I might just pay Beyonce a visit in person…Ha.]

    Anywho, could you please-please-please make sure that your books reach us living on the wrong side of the Pond, near the Arctic Circle sometime in the near future?? Or like the next 8 years…or before I retire. The bookstores in our city didn’t know if they will ever get the book on their shelves.. [[Also, if you ever feel like extending your book tour to Northern Finland, you are welcome to get to know my dysfunctional family! I would be happy to introduce you to the one and only Santa Claus as well.]]

    And finally – my point is: thank you so much for being who you are, and brightening our lives around the globe. I would love to get my hands on your book – so if your publisher/Victor/mafia connections/mad relatives could do anything about that, I am sure that all of us non-Americans/Canadians/Brits would love you FOREVER!!

  110. Sooo looking forward to more stories!

    Cris recently posted Bouncing Back.

  111. Woah. Have you done the math on this??
    Let’s put it in the form of a word question:
    If Book One (LPTNH) took 11 years to complete and Book Two (Working title Furiously Happy) is scheduled for publication in 2014 (spring), how many bottles of wine will be needed to keep Jenny from doing something dangerous?
    Answer: It doesn’t matter. Wine doesn’t keep anyone in this band of fools from doing dangerous things. Wine sometimes actually exacerbates the dangerosity, actually. However, 1.5 years is a lot less than 11 so I expect some panic.

    Erica recently posted COMING SOON!.

  112. My copy arrived yesterday :)

  113. I’ve been a long time reader and fellow weirdo. I haven’t read your book yet but me and 126 other people at the library are waiting for the next copy!

    Thank you for continuing to be your wonderful self.

  114. It is we who should be thanking you! And congrats on the new book deal. Maybe you could employ a variety of Google searches of your site to “write” a few chapters for you? ;)

  115. YAY!

    Michele C. recently posted Well-Being Wednesday ~ 9/19/12 #wellbeing.

  116. Continue kicking the world’s ass and bundling up the leftovers for your babies! You’re inspiring us all!

    Renia Carsillo recently posted Staying true to the title: Renia Grows.

  117. “Terrified. Excited. At a loss for words.”
    Sounds pretty much like normal writer feelings to me! Fortunately, when things look the blackest and the deadline is staring you in the face the words force their way through somehow. At least that’s been my experience. More often than not.

  118. Congrats!! You loss for words….No way. :)

  119. You are awesome! I feel proud of all my weirdness because of you. I am pretty sure I could match you story for story in terms of how weird my childhood was! I now can look at it all with a humorous twist versus one of complete horror. I am grateful!

  120. YAY! I literally just finished LPTNH and said to myself “I wonder when Jenny’s next book will come out?” It wasn’t a matter of IF, but WHEN.

    Mindy recently posted Trip Report - Day 3, Part 8 - End of Reception.

  121. Sooo, excited!! Let us know when we can get on a pre-order list :) I’m sooo there!

  122. That is so awesome. I hope you use a rat on the cover again – my kids just got one, and I have fallen in love. (Sorry if it’s a mouse).

  123. I finally bought your book this weekend and I am LOVING it! I have laughed out loud so many times reading it. You are awesome and I’m so happy for you!

    Rebeka recently posted Exciting News.

  124. I’ve taken the liberty of selecting light fixtures for the move to a gothic mansion that is sure to follow your continued success. Upscale, contemporary, taxidermy. Elegant in fact.




  125. HUZZAH (much classier than YAY)!! I think you should just go to Gruene now and check in to the big hotel.

    Jami recently posted Going for a record.

  126. Hurray! I just re-read LPTNH and I laughed till I peed again. Then I thought, “When is she going to write another book, this chick owes me!”

    I don’t know why you owe me, but good to see you are addressing the issue.

  127. This makes me so happy!
    Now comes the hard part…. Deciding who to put on the cover! I vote Mr.Pill Popper himself, Hunter S. Tomcat. Maybe we can get you banned from elementary schools before that shit even comes OUT!

    Sarah recently posted Suicide Prevention Month.

  128. Wow. My jealousy know no bounds.

    Kaitlyn recently posted Empathy.

  129. Is it possible to be so completely happy for someone that you’ve never met? So happy for you!!!

  130. 134
    Anna Wynn Therien

    Very many congratulations. I’ll be preordering for sure!

  131. Again, I want to be you when I grow up.

    Mom Off Meth recently posted I play with Jon Hamm.

  132. I’ll see you at the next signing!! SO excited for you!!

    Rea recently posted A fair day indeed.

  133. Wowza! That’s fantastic!

    Sharon recently posted Do It Anyway.

  134. This MADE my day.

  135. 140
    Flatlander In Vermont

    Hooray! Can we pre-order it yet? And any chance we can convince you to come to VT for a book signing this time around? :D We’re all weird up here!

  136. Loved your first book – I tell everyone that you are the Mark Twain of our generation.

    suburbancorrespondent recently posted I Prefer Whistling.

  137. This is so awesome. I can’t wait to see it in print and read it!

    Joely recently posted Uncle Boris: Church Warden and Ninja.

  138. I can’t wait till it comes out. No seriously, why are you making us wait. :(

  139. Congratulation honey. Is it possible to pre order book two already? I cannot wait

    Ginger Blog Man recently posted Man-Boy vs. Logic: Vol 3 or The Unlabelled Suspect White Powder in my Suitcase.

  140. Can’t wait. Come to Columbus Ohio on your next tour….PLEASE!!!!!!!

  141. Damn right you should be saying FUCK.
    …Good “fuck” that is. As in “fuck yeah bitches, I’m on a roll!”
    Congratulations. :)

    Claire J recently posted Imperfect.

  142. So excited! But holy crap 2014 is far away. Glad you bring the love and funny here!

    Beckles recently posted Win a 12-day Trip to Europe? Yes, please!.

  143. This is seriously the best news ever. Can we pre-order yet? ;)

  144. Damn right you should be saying FUCK.
    …Good “fuck” that is. As in “fuck yeah bitches, I’m on a roll!”
    Congratulations. :)

    Claire J recently posted Imperfect.

  145. Yay! More stuff from you!
    Thank you so much for this wonderful, weird, funny, REAL coomunity of people. :). You ARE like Mother Theresa, but without the pesky leprosy.

  146. Wait. We’re awkwardly weird?? Shit. I thought this was normal!!

  147. Cheers!

    Margaret recently posted Hey, You! Yeah, you….

  148. Wow! You deserve it! Congratulations. (Just breathe.)

  149. Well fuck yeah, this is awesome! I was hoping another one would be on the way. I was going to write more, but it came out sounding inexplicably dirty and weird, and I couldn’t fix it, so I got rid of it and will just say good luck and it’ll be great. Yay!

    Adrasteia recently posted I'm tired of posting about the tree. So... Dracula!.

  150. I will add to the chorus of hurrahs assume that the lack of a pre-order button on your website is just a technical oversight that will be rectified shortly. ;)

    Furiously happy for you.

  151. Looking forward to your second book, Jenny!
    Can we get a stop in Northeast Florida on that book tour?

    I promise we have sunshine and I’ll bring you a vodka slushy. Because we practice Southern Hospitality like that.

  152. Looking forward to the new one! My wife can’t put your book down and is telling literally everyone and their mother about it. She also obsessively gets her picture taken with every metal chicken she sees (holy shit, they’re everywhere)!

    Thanks for sharing your particular kind of crazy with the world. It makes my wife literally giddy to find a kindred spirit :-)

    SW_Dad recently posted I Built a Bucket of Bolts!.

  153. Wish I were ready to be out about this with my followers on Twitter…but I’m not…so I’m telling you here instead (since I can’t DM you). I’m #furiouslyhappy that this month (Sept 2012), it’s been 10 years since I *didn’t* kill myself. Life is so sweet now. I don’t know if 16 year-old me could even imagine what I have now…but I’m so glad that I’m here to live it.

  154. 162
    Keely Tolbert

    Squee!!!! Can.not.wait. Such exciting news. :)

    Please please please come to Kansas this time!!

  155. That is fantastic! All of it! I can’t wait to read it!

    If there are more conversations with Victor in Furiously Happy and you do an audiobook again (please say there will be another audiobook), would Victor be willing to read himself in your conversations? Because that would be awesome.

    Grace recently posted Racing Like A Turtle.

  156. Ok, when can I preorder? ^_^

    meg recently posted I really don’t recommend it..

  157. Proud to be part of your weird and awkward fan club!!


    Kristen Mae recently posted Birthdays Are Stupid.

  158. you are my hero :) YAY!

  159. YEAH! *KickPunch*

  160. Congrats on the new book! Hope to see you on the tour this time!

  161. This all couldn’t be happening to a better soul! Congratulations!!

  162. I can’t wait for the new book! I laughed so hard while reading LPTNH. Added bonus: I read it on a plane, so everyone was looking at me like I crazy person, and I couldn’t explain that I had just read about a child running into the inside of a deer or why that was funnier than it was horrifying. I’m really, really looking forward to the new book. Congratulations!

    yetisaurus recently posted Dinosaur Intervention.

  163. HOW DO I PREORDER??!! Because if something happens to me between now and then, I want this book read out loud to me over my gravesite.

    Phoenix Rising recently posted From There to Here in 3 Short Years.

  164. That is so awesome! I cannot wait to hear about the writing of book two, or to read it!

    Sarah recently posted Cooking Post: The Ubiquitous Breakfast Burrito.

  165. We are NOT the weird ones.. We just see through the stepford bullshit that is the cookie cutter woman,wife, mother facade!!!!!! I love you, fucks and all!

  166. In the famous words of Lewis Carroll….

    We’re all mad here.

    Jennifer recently posted I clearly have no patience....

  167. My daughter’s language arts teacher here in Austin mentioned it to the class (as a great book) but said that it was probably inappropriate for them (10th grade). My daughter announced to the class that she had read it. What can I say? I love it when my kids read! And, as my daughter would point out, it is not like I don’t talk that way at home – although I am trying to be better!

  168. SO EXCITED.

  169. that is absolutely amazing!!
    Hopefully I will remember not to have anything to drink while reading your next book. My nose is still sore from all the liquid that squirted out of it!

    april recently posted yarrrrr!! avast. buckle and swash and that sort o’ thing.

  170. Fantastic! I love hearing that such great things are happening for someone who gives so much of herself to the community. You’re the best, Jenny. Love it!

  171. I’m sure someone else has said this, but:

    “There’s a reason why LPTNH is still on the NYT list, and that reason is you.”

    Not /entirely/ the case, Bloggess. If you hadn’t written such an awesome book and didn’t have the writing skills to do so in a way that people like, that would’ve never happened.

    Give yourself some credit for this – YOU DESERVE IT. :)

    Can’t wait for the second book!

  172. YAY! Jenny, please come to Tulsa. I know Tulsa City-County Library and/or Booksmart Tulsa would love to host you…

  173. Yay!! So excited for a second book! How amazing! You are awesome.

  174. 182
    Debbie Whitehead

    HURRAH!!!… Bigger pictures this time!

  175. 183
    Trista Visser

    I am eagerly anticipating this book! Thank you!!

  176. *squee* Doing a tiny, workplace-appropriate happy dance here at my desk, but in my head it’s a full-blown music video with smoke, lasers, and backup dancers in silver spandex.

    snarkinator recently posted O, tiny victory (Part 1).

  177. Fell down my porch stairs this morning and noticed the twit neighbor kids watching me as I did. Stood up, dusted off and smiled cause I know Im not the only major catastrophie (trying to) walking around….I have my bloggertons behind me.

    They laughed hysterically.

  178. Is Victor prepared for this? ;)

    Good luck. Can’t wait to read it. Don’t kill yourself trying to get it done. Be well.

    Misty recently posted Fried and Seek.

  179. I just have to say…thanks for always making me smile. Love your cat pictures, because while I like dogs, I GET cats…they have different NEEDS than dogs.

    francerants recently posted Just Give Me My Damn Coffee Already.

  180. Totally representing today as I’m wearing my LPTNH tour t-shirt today. Yay you. No stress. You are good at it. We are here for you. (Those are all like bullet points. Imagine a drill sergeant yelling them at you.)

    Kara recently posted OWH Midweek Throwdown Color Challenge.

  181. where can we pre-order?

  182. Can I pre-order now or… now?

  183. I am usually a silent reader around here but I truly love your blog and your first book. So congrats and I will be first in line to read the second book!

    P.S. You looked amazing on the Katie show the other day! :)

    Erika recently posted Flowers… by Walker: September 18, 2012.

  184. That is excellent anticipation news. My 14 year old daughter, whose phone signature states “Weird & Proud” says to me on Sunday, “I’m going to read Let’s Pretend This Never Happened again, okay? She read your book for the first time last month and immediately decided she wanted to meet Jenny Lawson. “She’s my kind of people Mom.”

    Tracey recently posted All but the willow.

  185. Sooo happy! Your book is one of my top ten most favorite books. I can’t wait for your next one, but want to give you encouragement…..you can do it! Your loyal fans/readers believe in you!

    GDavies recently posted Hiring Sald Tossers ROTFLMAO.

  186. HOORAY!!!!!! I’ve already started re-re-reading LPTNH! May I suggest that HST has a chapter to himself, maybe what it’s like to live with you? Of course, the hilarious photos are required with that :) Yay Jenny!

  187. I loved your book (read it twice already)! I’ve given it two as gifts, and recommended it countless times to people that aren’t ‘in the know’ yet. I look forward to your next one!!

  188. I’m furiously thrilled for you. To celebrate, I will go have a jumbo shrimp cocktail for lunch!

  189. Well. This makes me furiously happy!
    I’ve been missing Saint James Garfield – I hope he makes an appearance.

  190. Holy fuck.

    There is a God.

    Christine recently posted And then the World was Ending..

  191. I made the mistake of reading LPTNH in bed with my boyfriend last night – I kept waking him with my hysterical giggling. But it was the best way to end the day. Love your blog, book and all you do. Thanks.

    Cassandra Cuppy recently posted Determined to get my blog on.

  192. Can’t wait for #2.


  193. Fuck yea. This is better news than a giant metal chicken drunkenly stumbling into a tardis.

  194. Congrats! It will be all sorts of awesome. You can totally do this. You rock! And anytime you doubt that, just look at how far LPTNH has gone. Can’t wait to read the Furiously Happy!

    And remember . . . No one expected the Spanish Inquisition.

    Lynn recently posted Bad Dog Owners (or Why I’m Going to Start Carrying a Brick).

  195. OMG I cannot wait! And this time I’m going to come to a book reading. Please come to San Antonio again! I missed you the first time.

  196. I made my sorority alumnae book club read the book for this month’s meeting! First we laughed about the hilarious absurdity that is the book, and then we started talking about how childhood may have shaped who we are, starting with our Formative Years (for example, I take special umbrage when new people I meet swear profusely (websites and general absurdity are the exception, p.s. I love you) because when I was 3 and said “F*** You!” to my dad, he chased me around the house and took the hinges off my door (which I had slammed and locked) proceeding to give me the whooping of a lifetime). Your discussion of personal fears and discoveries led to me getting to know these women better and having a deeper discussion than perhaps we would have had we read 50 Shades of Disgusting, or whatever. So THANK YOU, and keep up the good work :)

  197. Mazel tov! I’m so happy for you. And I’m happy for me — another book to look forward to!

    Sharon Wachsler recently posted Interview with Sinclair Sexsmith, Editor of Best Lesbian Erotica 2012.

  198. Wonderful news! Congratulations!

    Kathy Harris recently posted Sweet! A Special Edition Anniversary Cover for Blue Straggler.

  199. 207

    This is wonderful news. I can’t wait to read your second book. Congratulations.

  200. So super duper awesome! Congrats! You deserve all the success in the world!

    Lisa recently posted Why yes, it IS bigger on the inside!.

  201. I am FURIOUSLY HAPPY for you Jenny!!!
    seriously, so proud and happy for you. you really deserve all of your success.
    can’t wait
    maybe i’ll make it to a signing this time (thought they are bound to be even more crowded) :)

  202. Long-time lurker. Just a word about the new book. I’m 77 years old so please don’t dawdle.

  203. Please don’t take this the wrong way – it’s about fuckin’ time!

    So awesomely deliriously happy for you.

    (and that is TOO a word)

  204. Can’t wait to read it! :)

  205. YAY!!!! Can’t wait to read it.

    PS….I think you need a book signing close to Waco for this one…so close that it actually is IN Waco! :)

  206. Oh boy, another fabulous book from my new favorite author! I have LPTNH in Kindle, hardback, and audio versions, so I’ll be first in line to preorder the second it becomes available. That’ll be soon, right? I mean, there’s the piddly little fact that you still have to write most of it, but hey, if you get 10 million preorders, that’ll just provide you with incentive to finish faster, true? :)

  207. Even if it takes another decade to write this one, I’ll wait patiently for its release. Your first book was the first of MANY fantastic tales, I’m sure. Thank YOU for sharing with all of us!

  208. I finally got tired of your bool sitting halfway through the pile of to-be-read books. I pulled it, and I am half way through after 2 days. It is an awesome read! I cant wait to finish it, and I am looking forward to a new book!

  209. Woohoo!

    Heather/muirnait recently posted Whitewashing the Fence.

  210. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!! 2014… about as long as you’ve got to wait for the average new Ken Follett book to be published. You’re right up there with the big ones, Jenny! Can’t wait to read the new book when it comes out. I’m my own kind of weird…

  211. Oh hell. I’d better get my rooster outfit ready for this book tour. Or perhaps I’ll just old-school it and just come as a zombie.

    You’re awesome and congrats.

    Rhana @ Dumb {Squared} recently posted Dyslexic Memento.

  212. YAY!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy you’re starting your second book! Thank you!!!

  213. So, I told my hubs that we were moving to Austin next summer (when he retires from the AF) to be closer to my family, but really we’re moving there ’cause Austin has a greater chance of a Furiously Happy booksigning than the Georgia backwater we live in now… (Don’t tell him though…)

  214. I too recently discovered you. I picked up your book after seeing it on Pinterest. I was reading it in a hospital waiting room while my mother was having surgery. I had tears streaming down my face I was laughing so hard. (So, thaks for making me act inapproriately in a hospital) Anyway, someone came up to me to ask what I was reading and vowed on the spot to go buy a copy for herself. I now follow your blog religiously. And cannot fucking wait for your next book.

  215. Awesome! Also, I TOTALLY judged your first book by it’s cover and it did NOT let me down. I read it while my waiting for my kiddo to fall asleep and woke him back up more than once due to actually laughing out loud. It was touching and hilariously funny, I’m recommending it to all my friends!

  216. Come to Vancouver British Columbia. You can stay at my house, and HST and Victor are welcome too…..did I mention I have a very chaotic, and small house, but hey, the more the merrier. I

    Your book was my godsend this summer. I am newly retired, and can’t travel cause I am suffering from plantar fasciitis in BOTH feet. I spend my days reading, but when it was your book I was reading and laughing uncontrollably. Sometimes I had to put the book away to get control of myself before my husband resorted to having me committed for hysteria! I was so sad when the book was over, but now I can look forward to #2.

    Yay, you!

    Mary-Anne recently posted Could be a metaphor for my life right now.

  217. Yay! You’ve GOT this!

    Kelly at Cibatarian recently posted We'll be right back after these short messages....

  218. Delighted to hear your very happy and well-deserved news! Congratulations on the new publishing contract, Jenny! :D

    Super Earthling recently posted This is Why I Shouldn’t be Allowed to Write Erotic Romance Books.

  219. Won’t lie, I read it and nodded along, some of that stuff is scarily similar to what went on in my childhood. We are not alone

    Annie recently posted Final Days.

  220. Book Two: Rise of the Weird.
    I can’t wait!!

    Melissa recently posted Meet my new friend Lieb.

  221. Woot woo! So very happy for you…and so very happy for me to find this tribe! Cheers!

    Julie recently posted 4-H Fun with Chickens..

  222. I’ve never considered myself part of a tribe before, more like a lone island, but I like the tribe idea. I look so forward to reading the second book!

  223. Ooooh – it’s like waiting for Christmas morning!

  224. YAY!! So delighted for you, and for me (along with all your other readers)!

    Meg recently posted On Re-Reading, part 1.

  225. I hate you bitch. which of course you know means I love you but am struggling with my envy of your (well deserved) success. and am glad (thrilled) to know we are getting (to read) more of you

  226. Yessss! I’m so excited! Very much looking forward to your second book.

  227. 236
    Heather Greywolf

    ROCK ON, Jenny!! Hopefully, I won’t miss you in Boston this time around!!! (And if I do, I swear, I’m traveling to Texas and taking you out for coffee!! LOL …)

  228. I shall unleash a cadre of pygmy squirrels in my neighbor’s living room in celebration! I’ll report back on how it goes!

    But first, I’ll need to hand-stitch them some teeny tiny matador outfits … “them” being the squirrels, not the neighbors (I’m pretty sure they have their own matador outfits).

    This might take a while. Don’t wait up.

    Trish Sammer Johnston recently posted Sins of the father: Making peace with my dad’s anger.

  229. Yay! Congratulations, Jenny!

    Girl to Mom- Heidi recently posted Providence Brace- Scoliosis.

  230. I’m sure you stopped reading the congratulations about 200 comments ago… but I just can’t help myself. **CONGRATULATIONS!** (The one in capital letters surrounded by asterisks was the official one, in case you’re wondering. The other 233 that preceded mine were unofficial. Proper formatting counts, people)

    Todd recently posted Defriend… a Verb Invented by Facebook.

  231. Yay! Can’t wait for book 2!

    Congrats :)

    Danica recently posted Fun at the lake.

  232. Last time I asked for a jump to comments button. Either it was already there or you added it since then. Anyway, Thanks!

    Michelle recently posted Summertime Fun!.

  233. SQUEE!

  234. YAAAY! BOOK NUMBER 2!!!!!!!

    take your time, have fun with it :)

  235. Kinda funny – I was looking around for something to read last night and thought, “Why not?” and started rereading (for like the 4th time) LPTNH. Love, love, love that book. Can.not.wait for the sequel. Or prequel. Whatever.

  236. Looking forward to number two! I have no doubt you will find the perfect words.

    Kat (@BeingMama) recently posted The River’s Bottom, Lost In Fading Light.

  237. Congratulations! I loved the first book; so excited to read the second!

    Sarah Rooftops recently posted Celebrating the Sports Stars.

  238. Ahhh, that’s awesome!

  239. Will buy the next one in hardback just so I can get it signed in person by you!

  240. OH LORDY!!!! I can’t fucking wait!
    congratulations beautiful lady

  241. Oh YEAH!!! But WTF? How am I supposed to wait for 2014??? Me want book 2 NOW. (please) :)

    Lolia recently posted Guest Post: Political Asylum.

  242. Jenny we love you!!! Thank you so much for helping us “come out” as it were about OUR issues. Can’t WAIT to read the new book. NEVER CHANGE. Except if you want to.

    Ashleigh recently posted Suicide Hurts..

  243. YAY! and YAY again! *happy dance*

    Alyssa recently posted Ramblin'.

  244. Yaaaaaaaaaaaay! Congratulations, Jenny! I can’t wait! :D x

    Nat recently posted Short Cuts and Side Roads.

  245. After a wonderful lunch date with friends trying to explain the awesomeness that is your book I gave up and just gave them the book. I got 4 text messages before the day was up about what part was their new favorite.

    Veronica recently posted My D'Oh Moment.

  246. Yay!!! Can’t wait!!! 2014?????

    Mamie recently posted In The Studio: Steampunk Art Doll Faerie.

  247. Loved your first book and am excited to hear about this one. Can’t wait to read it. Love your blog, love your tweets – thank you for making me laugh so much!

  248. Wow awesomesauce

    Amanda Jillian recently posted Mermaid Coffee.

  249. 258
    Louren Wolford

    While I know that writing another book will be very probably a stressful event sure to make you want to tear your hair out and hide under your desk; i cant quite help but to be happy for me because i get to read another one of your wonderful brain children!
    thank you so much for the laughter

  250. oh my goodness* bounces up and down*
    I’m so excited it’s going to be on pins and needles until I have a new book from you ….. I guess I’ll just have to make due with listening to your audio book over and over again … I’ve been trying to get my friends to listen to because they would then find themselves saying things like “thats how civilation brakes down” or unexpectadly wanting to write helpfull postit notes to my house mates.

  251. Thanks for bringing me the laughter I need everyday and the understanding of knowing there are others when I need it the most!

    I’m very happy to turn everyone I know who doesn’t know about you into one of your followers!

  252. 261
    Allison Burroughs

    I knew if I asked you enough you would do it!!! :)
    Thank you.

  253. Woo Hooo! I can’t wait!!! Doing the dance of joy for you! I loved your first one; I know this one will be just as awesome!

  254. Yippee! I am furiously happy for you and for all of us readers!

    Jen recently posted Santa's on His Way! (to the show).

  255. I have been telling all my weird friends about The Magic That Is The Bloggess, and that would include my weird son, as well. I told him “She’s awesome! She uses the F word alot and is big into ethically taxidermied animals and….” And he interrupts with “Wait. What is an ethnically taxidermied animal?!?!?!?” I was like “No, no, no, it’s ETHICALLY not ETHNICALLY!” So then we had a delightful time imaging, perhaps, giant stuffed angry badgers with their caps on backwards, throwing gang signs….

  256. Congrats – I also can’t wait to read book #2!! I love LPTNH – it is both hilarious and relatable on so many levels (even though my Dad never let wild animals loose in the house, but you make it sound fun so now I’m convinced that I missed out). Thanks for sharing your stories with the world.

    Theresa recently posted The Art of Giving the Wrong Advice.

  257. Is it weird that I read it as FUR-IOUSLY HAPPY and was really excited about life with Hunter S Thomcat and his taxidermied friends?

    Sarah recently posted Election Season.

  258. YAY for you! I’m so freaking proud of you Jenny!!

  259. I love it already!!!

    anna @ HaHas for HooHas recently posted Are You There God? It’s Me….

  260. 269
    Ron Mitchell

    I doubt that I could adequately describe how happy I am to see that you have another book coming out. You are a fantastic writer. Looking forward to it.

  261. That’s awesome! Congratulations.

    Courtney recently posted Musically speaking, I’m still in junior high..

  262. book 2. halleluia! my life is complete. :D

    monica recently posted Apparently Hell is freezing over square foot by square foot..

  263. Whaaaa??? Cool!!! and I love the title, it’s Furiously happy right?
    Congrats, I shall purchase that one as well :) so happy for you!!! (And me ’cause I get to read another book)

  264. AWESOME!!! I left your book with my mom for her, my sister, my baby brother and his friend to read. Frankly, everyone in that house needs a good laugh until you’re crying so hard you can’t see episode!! :-D

  265. i love your work and your book so much, i’m not entirely jealous…


    Simone recently posted An Open Query to Book Publishers & Agents.

  266. you are a fantastic ‘leader’ of the tribe! the tribe is what it is because you decided to put yourself out there… be authentic (as Brene Brown would say)… and let ‘er rip (as Mary Katherine O’Connor would say)!! thanks so much for being YOU! your courage is contagious! <3

  267. Congratulations!! Can’t wait!

    Claire recently posted Slip Slidin' Away.

  268. I am so excited! Congrats, Jenny!

    Untypically Jia recently posted Thirty-One Review and Giveaway!.

  269. Oh congratulations Jenny. YAY! Also down here in Tasmania a zillion miles away from Texas, friend of mine has made a giant paper mache chicken. Charlie the chicken is six foot tall and Sally Anne leaves him on friends doorsteps who need a smile. You inspired this. Congratulations again. xx

    Kim @frogpondsrock recently posted And so we are in a holding pattern..

  270. Congrats!!! That’s awesome! This weird girl is so FURIOUSLY HAPPY to have you as our “leader”!! Thank you for always sharing your weirdness!

    Devon recently posted Fire In Ice by Devon Stewart.

  271. 280
    Elizabeth M.

    Even though I already knew about this from meeting you (TWO TIMES!) in Chicago this summer, this still made me furiously happy to read. And knowing that this one will be a titch more about the serious stuff makes me even MORE furiously happy.

    Love you, Jenny! Don’t forget to take time for you while you’re working on it. <3

  272. I can’t wait for book two!!! I actually was laughing out loud reading book one and people would look at me like I was a weirdo… Fancy that.

  273. Oh my fucking god, you made my day. I would pre-order today if I could.

    Joules recently posted Fiver – I Need Some Gratefuls. STAT..

  274. Why so far away??


    Ah, I suppose these things take time. Though reading it, feels like I’m listening to a dear friend, floating on a raft, our fingers dangling in the water.

  275. The Furiously Happy Trend on Twitter was incredible. I felt this strange sense of pride for my (in my dream life) friend, Jenny. Congrats on book 2. I’ll preordering one for me and everyone I know for Christmas…or V-day…or Easter…or, shit, when it’s coming out again?

    Casi recently posted Wednesdays are for Just Say No.

  276. “You are the very best kind of weird and I can’t thank you enough for sharing it.” Right back ‘atcha! I may have to take this as my new motto…..my old one, also borrowed (read, stolen) from you, is “Knock knock Motherfucker”. I may have to use them both. I hope you don’t mind!

    Christy recently posted Pirate Playdough!.

  277. Can’t wait to preorder!!!!!! =) Reading is fun again!

    Janika recently posted The 'Hard To Answer' Questions - Survey.

  278. SHHH! Jenny,
    I heard this on Ali Wentworth’s Daily shot… a bunch of ESCAPED convicts are in Texas. Take extra Xanax, unplug your computer, grab the family (well, not all the taxidermied stuff) and get moving. Fast. There’s always time to do rewrites on the road. Do not stop. Yours in fearful friendship.

    Laurie F. recently posted Plinky Prompt: Describe The Perfect Meal.

  279. Yay!!!! I cannot wait for the next book! And congrats on the NYT best sellers list!!!!!

  280. I still can’t stop laughing over the dialogue between Victor and yourself over the GPS. I don’t remember the last time I laughed so hard…feels GREAT! Wait until my sister reads your book; I know what she will say (in awe), “We are not alone…”

  281. I consider most of us who come here exceedingly normal. It’s everyone else who’s outta step.

    Bodaciousboomer recently posted V is for Vagina.

    Can’t wait!!!!!!!!!

  283. Awesome, awesome, awesome news!! Next time I WILL make it to your book signing. Come hell or high water. Well, maybe just the hell part……since I can’t swim.

    Gigi recently posted A new phone AND being shoved through a window....what a perfect weekend.

  284. Yes, I am one of the few who read your blog fervently and share the hilarity (via email and FB), but I have yet to buy your book. Don’t worry – it’s on my short list of MUST HAVE. So reading that book 2 is already in the works and I haven’t gotten book one – it kind of lit a fire under my butt to go ahead and order it (cuz I’m going to anyway) and I thought you’d be interested … when you type it ” Let’ ” into Amazon’s search engine, your book is the first three entries.

    and now I can’t decide whether to get it in paper, e-reader, or audio format #firstworldproblems

  285. 294
    elaine kurpiel

    I am an avid reader but, for some reason, had never heard of you until a few months ago. I was wandering in the book store and saw your book. I loved the little guy on the front, read the summary and kind of liked it. Put it back on the shelf and continued wandering. The little mouse kept calling me back. Finally, bought it and then looked up your blog. I have been among your staunch fans since then. LPTNH is so funny, I literally got stomach cramps from laughing. On my 3rd reading now. Cannot Wait for your new book. PLEASE come to Philadelphia pa for your next book signing. My self-esteem is kind of low and I felt you deliberately avoided Philadelphia because of me. PLEASE come (here) next time. I promise to be quiet but can’t guarantee it. You are wonderful.

  286. 295

    I’m new to your blog since you were on Katie Couric’s show last week. Just bought the first book and I’m reading it now…well, trying to read through tears of laughter and co-misery (is that a word?). I love it! You lived my life (except for the taxidermy part). I am such a social misfit. You gave my childhood angst the title of Generalized Anxiety Disorder. I didn’t realize that when I hid in my best friend’s bathroom at her 7th birthday party because I said something embarrassing that it was the beginning of a life of hiding in the bathroom (or closet, or basement, or avoiding social situations altogether). I can’t wait for the second book. How could you possibly top the first one?

    P.S. My username is really true, you can’t make that shit up!

    P.P.S. I had to re-read and re-write this post 5 times! LOL

  287. I hate you for announcing it this far in advance.

    No. Wait. I hate the wait – not you. I shouldn’t have said that; I was overwhelmed.

    Of course, now each time you announce it I’ll get all happy, then see the date, then hate you, then remember that I don’t hate you, then get sad that I got bitchy. Then I’ll have some ice cream.

    Ah, the joys of a crappy memory!

  288. There is not enough YAY in the world!

  289. Such awesome news! So excited and happy for you (and all of us because we’ll get to read it!). LPTNH was the first real (non-picture book) book I read since having my baby in February and I tore through it in one night.

  290. Congratulations!!!!! YOU are the best kind of weird and I’m glad I found this tribe. Looking forward to reading book 2. So happy for you and ecstatic to see that there is a place in this world for delicious quirkiness!

    Mod Mom Beyond IndieDom recently posted Avast Me Hearties! How A Stay At Home Mod Mom Celebrates Talk Like A Pirate Day.

  291. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  292. Jenny, I had already bought one copy of your book but that was for my mother. Now I finally have my own copy and I am so excited to read it again. You are so inspirational and I cannot wait until Book 2, I will have to buy at least two copies to keep up the pattern.

    Tanya recently posted Near Catastrophe.

  293. The usual fan story . . . bought book on impulse, sparked with joyous recognition and awe (she SAYS what I’m thinking!!), looked up your blog and read it all the way back to the first post , watched everything Bloggessable via YouTube , bookmarked your Flickr stream, made my Christmas list from your shop. Perhaps I should get out more. The point being, you make me Furiously Happy. Thank YOU!!

  294. I don’t know if my sides can takes another one of those books. I may be investing in new underwear…if I get to it before my family commits me.

  295. i am 301!!! jenny….don”t panic…. we love you…take your time and write when the mood strikes…we’ll wait….

  296. Second book!!! So excited.

  297. Yay!!!! If Amazon would let me pre-order two yeas in advance – I’d do it tonight!!!
    Very Proud of you and all your hard work!!!

  298. Woot!!! Let me just pencil that into my Spring 2014 agenda…

  299. Just bit the bullet and bought book one – still sniggering over your sloth prank!! Anyone who loves Tim Minchin has got to be alright (I thought only we Aussies and Brits loved him!)

  300. OH my fucking GAWD!?!?!? This is AMAZING NEWS!!!! Put me down for a cool dozen of em!!! YAY! Go Jenny!

  301. This news is the cherry topper on my pretty damn good day. Thank you! Thank you for reminding me to be furiously happy even when I’m stuck down the rabbit hole. Thank you for making me more furiously happy when I’m already furiously happy. Furious-er and furious-er.

    GurlNxtDoor recently posted Memory Lane Monday: My First Computer Game.

  302. 311
    Shana Glazier

    Since being sent a link from your blog, I have spent pretty much every waking hour reading every single post you have posted for the last four years. And I have decided you are someone I want to talk to. A lot. I have Generalized Anxiety Disorder and cyclorythmic disorder based on what my Psychiatrist has said and I feel more normal reading about your struggles. I am not a blogger and to be honest, I am not in the blogger scene. You are the first person I’ve read recently and you sound like me. This is my first post and I’m kind of leery posting because I hide what I am most of the time. I’m not sure what I’m typing is relevant to your post but the last post I read was Posey dying and it pretty much wrecked me because my cat died unexpectedly of Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy and I am still gettting over it. Ugh…..I dont know what I am trying to say but….if you have time reply to my email. I need someone.

  303. Congratulations, is it too early to put my order in? My husband is actually reading your book, a first!

    melissa wye geraci recently posted from the ghetto.

  304. Ahhh! that is so AWESOME! I can’t wait to read your first book – my BEST FRIEND EVER got me a signed copy when you were in Phoenix (since all publishing companies appear to be convinced that New Mexico is NOT a state, I promise it is! Come here next time, I’ll set up a reading in a bathroom and it will be epicness!) But she hasn’t sent me the book yet and is using it as blackmail :(. Which is why she is my best friend lol. I’ll have to be sure to return the favor when your second book comes out!

    Julie C recently posted Rambo, Hufflepuff and Optimus, Oh my!.

  305. If I ever need a smile… I just crack open Let’s Pretend This Never Happened or look at my Unicorn Success Club mug and I’m happy :)

    jessie marie recently posted Fall Boobie Beanie Giveaway!!!.

  306. I love that you are writing a book #2! I currently reading book 1. I LOVE it. Seriously, I’ve only really, genuinely, laughed out loud while alone twice in my entire life. The second time I was reading you ‘Stanley The Magical Squirrel’ chapter. I lost my shit. Thank, you!

  307. Yaaaaay! Very much looking forward to book 2. But, no pressure OK? ::stands here tapping fingers:: Are you done yet? …. How ’bout now?? Oh, ok. I’ll just wait over here. Patiently.

  308. I am almost finished with LPTNH and today I was totally thinking, God, I hope Jenny is writing the next one already because I’m going to be sad when I finish this book. I have about two chapters left and I’m already anticipating the laugh/cry/snort withdrawal.

  309. So proud of you, Jenny!

    Kathy M.

    Kathy Matthews recently posted Take a Back Road:.

  310. I’m one of those weird people who are just now reading your book even though I’ve been a fan of your blog for quite some time. Thank you for being an awesome distraction to my nursing homework!

    Jessica recently posted This is turning into a cooking and picture sharing blog..

  311. Awesome. You have oddly become my best friend. Hearing your voice (literally and figuratively as I own the audio book) is my go-to when the unbelievable stress of being me threatens to take me over the edge. Thank you and congrats.

  312. Yay! I can’t wait. But, I might need to go back and read the first one. I might have been a little drunk during a couple chapters. But just a little. Yay!

  313. We desperately need this kind of weird. Thank you.

    Denise Malloy recently posted Still Holding On – and Holding.

  314. Fuck yeah, book 2!

    I shill for your book at the library where I work ;)

    Jen recently posted Wordless Wednesday September 18 2012.

  315. Congratulations! I look forward to it. Hope you’ll come Boston’s way for another book signing :)

  316. So going to preorder that book of amazing

  317. I still haven’t managed to find a copy in India!!! :'(

  318. I love being part of this tribe of beautiful, fragile people who are most definitely the best kind of weird. Every day you all stun and amaze me more with your wisdom and kindness. Keep being awesome!

    Jenny, you inspire me every day to keep putting one foot in front of the other and never give up. You are the most special kind of person.

  319. Yay! Can’t wait to read it! And hopefully if you come within a few hours of me on a tour for this one like you did with the last one, my circumstances will let me come out to see you this time.

  320. Made my book group read “Let’s Pretend…” (we discuss next week). Can’t wait to make them read the next one!

    Sharon recently posted Prayer (Ps. 46--In Response to Violence).

  321. I cannot believe you’re going to make me wait over a year for book 2!!!! :) I can’t wait!

  322. Why am I always so frickin’ late to the party? This is AMAZING news, and I can’t wait to force my husband to read your next book, too.
    [He doesn’t read. EVER. Except your book.]

    Natalie the Singingfool recently posted I Have Discovered Truth Serum, and It’s An Ugly Bastard.

  323. YES. Of course you should have another book. You can do it. Don’t let any voice tell you you cannot…this brilliance flows from you, it’s honest, it’s real, and it speaks to so many. You’ve got this, woman!

    And I want to say how PROUD I am that you went on Katie’s show…because I have an absolute fraction of your anxiety, and I can’t imagine opening up that well on a show. I think about posts I’ve read when you had a hard time…and then I see that video. You are continuously kicking the shadow’s ass. That made sense in my head.

    If you need a taxidermy animal mini-comic in the middle of your book for illustration funsies, shoot me a line. I feel that Hermione has a new story to tell, and I’m sure the rest are screaming for some limelight, too.

  324. Loved the book! Just finished it and want to read it again :)

  325. Now you have to write books for us for the rest of your life. Seriously. When you’re eighty, possibly without teeth, we’re going to expect stories from you about crashing your hoveround and what kind of horrible mishaps you have with adult diapers. Because you know we’ll still be reading your fantastic shit when we’re all old.

    Congratulations on book two! I know it will be just as amazing as the first one was. I’m already looking forward to it.

    Ashley recently posted Shakespeare is not dry! - Dr. Noel Kinnamon.

  326. Congrats on your second book deal. Very awesome. I’m almost finished reading your book, and there have been many times I’ve been doubled-over laughing!

    Good read!

    Cheryl D. recently posted Retail on the Internet.

  327. *happy dance*

    chemgirljaime recently posted shit is out of control.

  328. 337
    Lady Penelope

    If there are so many of us out there, doesn’t it make everyone else the ‘weird’ ones?

    Can you tour Australia now?
    I promise we have lots of strange animals to inspire and/or terrify you!

  329. 338
    Debs (Findawe)

    Woohoo! Well done you, can’t wait to read it. Yay for the best kind of crazy crew!

  330. Jenny, hang in there until you pass the half-century mark. Then what was bizzare and frightening about you becomes endearingly eccentric. Seriously, you can get by with being VERY wierd after 50, and people just smile and think you’re such a cute little grandmother. It’s your free pass to be yourself. And after the hormone shifts of menopause, your estrogen/testosterone ratio changes. You grow self-confidence and really don’t care what the rest of the world thinks of you anyway. This age is terrific – you’ll love it!

  331. That’a amazing news! Congratulations!!!

    Chris Dean recently posted Reality-Check I'd Rather Not Cash.

  332. We’re all furiously happy too — for the sequel.

    Congratulations on your success. Keep writing. We’ll keep reading.

  333. AHHH so awesome!!!! Congrats!!!

  334. How very exciting! Congratulations to you and Hooray for us- your dedicated readers!!
    and ps-if you are still at a loss for words I think there are a lot of them in those things called dictionaries. Just trying’ to help. ;)

    Laura Ehlers recently posted Never Surrender Your Sunglasses...at Night.

  335. Oh, terrific! That’s fantastic news! I can’t wait for book 2 :) Please never change!

    Klementine recently posted Leaving my enemies shouldn’t be so hard!.

  336. You’ve made my day…been searching my book shelves for something good to read and now I know its on its way!

    Monica Vereana Williams recently posted Rainbow Mittens.

  337. WHOOOO HOOOO!!! Can’t wait!!

    YOU. ROCK.

  338. Oh wow, can’t wait to read book 2! We’ll be here for you all the way through its creation! Y’know, I read your book and loved it, so I had to lend it to my friend. And she’d read Caitlin Moran’s book and loved it and had to lend it to me. We’ve both loved each others’ books and seem to be hanging on to them now…so you’re gonna have to get Caitlin to write another book as well so that my friend and I can do swapsies the other way round this time… :)

  339. Fantastic news!! Congratulations!! I only hate that I have to wait that long to read it!! =)

  340. Yay! I cant wait – can you schedule Philly in on your next book signing tour?? :)

  341. Cannot wait to piss my pants laughing while reading the second book!

    jaimiedubuque recently posted Shove it down (Or, the language of love).

  342. Can’t wait for the new book! Please come to Pittsbugh on your next book tour. Pretty please?

  343. I have got to save my pennies and buy your book. You can’t even imagine how much this website has saved me. I realized not too long ago that I was severely depressed and subconsciously preparing to end it all. And you have been a godsend. Something tells me that your book would do me good… Blessings to you, your website and your faithful tribe. I hope I am worthy enough to join.

  344. I love your book. I love your voice. I love you and everything about you.

    If I had the means, I would purchase hundreds of copies of your book and gift them to every person I know and care about. I am so excited that you are writing another. This makes me so happy.

    Nena recently posted Progress – and I Found More Clay!.

  345. Congratulations! Try not to worry. The words will come.

    Sue recently posted Signs and omens.

  346. When I saw 2014, I thought “YAY! A new book next year!” and eventually realized we’re still in 2012. That’s my brain at work in the morning when it, and me, gets excited.

    Maureen recently posted Is It Caturday Yet?.

  347. Awesome! Can I pre-order my copy now or is it too early? I don’t care if it is only two pages long…you are awesome and I will happily continue supporting you!

  348. Can’t wait to read it! :) When can we pre-order?? :)

  349. Congrats on book 2! I have a spot saved on the bookshelf for it. Thanks for sharing a piece of yourself with all of us.

    Sonal recently posted Tiger & Elephants.

  350. We are ever so delighted to hear that a second book is coming.

    We are also exceedingly excited about the chance to see you at the Texas Book Fair in Austin in October!

    Sparky and Buzzy wish they could meet HST, but they won’t get to, and aren’t too disappointed because whenever they start to fret about it, they see something move and all else is forgotten. Because: cats.

  351. You came along with me for 3 weeks to Italy, and you made my trip even more beautiful. Thank you for sharing “you” with us. Cannot wait to read your next book!!!

  352. I am so FREAKING EXCITED that you are working on another book!

    Issa recently posted Day 23 - Almost Fall.

  353. That you’re working on a Book Two is some of the best news this week!

    And finding your chosen tribe is the best part of adulthood. Thank you for helping people do that.

    Jen @ Bible Belt to Boulder recently posted Grandparent’s Day?.

  354. BRING IT! You are saving the world one weirdo at a time <3

  355. Thank you so much for the blog and the book. I just recommended both to a co-worker who works from a different part of the country. She has the same sense of humor and f’d up thoughts that we all seem to have from time to time and I know she will become another fan of Jenny Lawson. Keep up the great work.

  356. you are my idol. I know you have probably heard this a million times but you are amazing. A voice that the world is so desperately in need/in love with. and my only hope is i can one day be as talented as your left pinky finger.

    natalie recently posted I saw the sign, and it was Rachel Dratch fidgeting with her microphone..

  357. thought of you when i came across this story this morning……ENJOYhttp://now.msn.com/taxidermy-gone-bad-photo-gallery-of-badly-stuffed-animals

  358. Congratulations Boobahlah!!! And for some reason Autocorrect wants to change Boobahlah to Autoban, WTH!

    JENN recently posted French Onion Soup Project – Volume 5.

  359. Just wanted to let you know that I mentioned you in my blog… :)

    Top ten bookish people you would like to meet:

  360. Your book brought back so many fun and weird memories from my childhood that I’ve never thought about until then. Uh….thanks? Just joking, I was laughing at your book just as much as I was laughing at my memories!

    Jenny Starley recently posted Oath to Myself.

  361. 370
    Tomboy w tits and hips

    I will stock up on Depends and Kleenex in advance!

  362. Please tell me you have seen this before! I saw quite a few I think you would be interested in. And if Victor asks, I do not exist….


  363. Fantastic! I can’t wait! No pressure, though ;).

    Meg recently posted Twenty-Nine.

  364. congrats! can’t wait to stand in line and have you sign it, too. will we still have lines in 2014?

    the muskrat recently posted muskrat does dallas.

  365. Excuse me. I just need to go write a note to my future self to invent time travel and bring me a copy of FURIOUSLY HAPPY, immediately.

    Dammit, where is he? Or is it where am I? Where will I have been? Time travel is confusing.

  366. Glad you won the title war and got your way!

    I recommend your book to everyone; bravo on work well-done!

    Snarky Mommy recently posted We’re going to the zoo, zoo, zoo; how about you, you, you?.

  367. For you Jenny, I hope you feel better. I know what it is like to be stuck in that cage:

  368. Can’t wait for book 2!
    Good luck!

    The Hook recently posted Don’t Bother Trying To Bridge The Generation Gap…..

  369. Almost done with first book and flailing with excitement for next book!! Yay!

  370. New book!!! *furiouslyhappydance*

    Now, where’s my TARDIS so I can skip straight to 2014? (It’s okay, I’ll bring your book back to you so you can just copy what you already wrote and skip all that hassle of trying to find the words you just lost…)

    Sarah recently posted Bird silhouette pendant - ivory on green with gold bail by mclarencrafts.

  371. I love you. If I could, I’d marry you. I’m reading your book, and look forward to reading it every night. This actually sounds like I’m a lesbian, which I’m not, but at times, I wish I was, because I think it would be much less complicated in so many ways. Anyway, I digress. Just wanted to say I can relate to you in so many ways. I think we were sisters in a past life, or maybe even in this one. Maybe we could be sister wives? Oh, and congratulations!!!!

  372. YAY!!!!!

    That is all.

  373. 382
    Chuck Hancock


    I just finished your book and loved every bit of it. Reading it really hits close to home for me. My 17 year old daughter has been dealing with depression and anxiety for the last couple of years. She is doing better but has her ups and downs. I’m going to show her your blog and see if following you will help her out.

    I’m looking forward to reading your next book.


  374. Jenny, you Beautiful Bitch!
    You are ruling the world – and are loved by many!
    Seriously. I made a point of watching you, on my ‘boy’ Anderson’s show, and you were marvelous! I read your book (which was incredible) and I was worried about you, and your anxiety issues, when I heard about your appearance. You knocked it out of the park!
    As I am occasional reader (unfortunately, only because of time), I knew nothing about the ‘Red Dress Project’. I was so inspired by you and the other ladies. I hope you watch the tape of this show and realize how lovely you are, and how you have spread that love to many others.
    Keep writing – how about another book?

    joanneinjax recently posted Antique Linen Cocktail Napkins - 1 dozen in 3 different designs by AvondaleBungalow.

  375. YOU MUST SEE THIS. 44 dioramas of dead gophers. You can even borrow a town mascot mask (a gopher of course) and take it outside for photos. Seriously, it’s 44 dioramas of dead gophers. wearing little clothes and fishing and doing fashion shows and playing hockey and some of them even have little talk balloons.

    I’m going to borrow your technique and just say YOU’RE WELCOME.

  376. Marc Salzman or Mark Saltzman’s latest book – is about his anxiety; find it and read it; i’d say; been there myself, came through it, underneath is the goodstuff, just get the crappola up and out; not easy, but you are good!

  377. 387

    jenny, i would like to inform you that this comment is my pre-order for the audiobook. so you’d better get on that shit. loved the first one. you drove around in my car with me for a week :D

  378. Excellent! I’m FINALLY next in line for your first book with the library – can’t wait to read!

    Gena@BakeAllTheThings! recently posted Adventure Time: The Craft Cabinet.

  379. So this is only partially related to this post (see asterisk) but I had to share. I went to the library today to return a book, L’Étranger by Camus, and pick up your book, which I have been waiting patiently for for the last 3 months*. I handed over Camus to Judith the librarian, who asked me my opinion briefly before giving her lengthy feelings on Camus, the French in general, and how Kafka was superior. Yes, you read that last part correctly. When she went to the hold shelf, she excitedly said, “Oh, you’re getting a great one.” I was surprised based on age and said opinions that Judith was a fan of yours. She slowed down at my name pasted on your book, but hesitated, so I told her that was the correct book. She furrowed her brow, and said “I thought you were getting ‘The Sound and the Fury’.” I told her my husband currently had that checked out. She looked at your book with clear disdain, and said “Well, any book with a cute little mouse on it mustn’t be that bad!”. I informed her that it was a taxidermied mouse, and his name was Hamlet von Schnitzel. Just like that, Judith was silent. It was awesome.

    *I know you’re thinking that me taking it out of the library isn’t going to help pay your mortgage, but I’m out of work and our house hasn’t sold, so very little is being purchased now. I do promise, however, to purchase your second book. So there’s the passing reference to book #2.

  380. just wanted to say that i am listening to LPTNH on Audible. THANK YOU for reading! It’s been wonderful and I’m going to miss your stories when the book finally comes to an end! Can’t wait to hear the next one! OH and I’m buying my BFF a hard copy for her birthday~

  381. Jenny, I am sure that by now you have seen many doctors about the panic attacks and I may not be telling you anything new, but it’s worth a try if I can help someone. Most people complain of a racing heart during the attacks. Have you ever been able to measure your heart rate? Have you ever worn an event monitor to record your heart rate and EKG’s during the attacks? I am a nurse and I work in Cardiac Electrophysiology. Sometimes people (especially women) can be having arrythmias that cause their heart to beat rapidly. This in turn can cause one to feel that they are in a state of panic/anxiety. There are procedures where doctors can go in and induce the arrythmia and “burn” the rogue cells that are allowing the rapid heart rate. It is a relatively safe procedure. One of the women I work with has worked in Electrophysiology for 30 years and only seen one person “expire.” He was very old and very sick. It may be something to look into. One of the doctors told me that they estimate 30% of women who complain of panic attacks are actually having arrythmias. Feel free to email me if you have any questions. Otherwise, you could probably ask you GP or go straight to a cardiologist who specializes in electrophysiology.

  382. oh hell yes.

  383. How utterly fantastical!

    Andrea recently posted 52 Weeks of Happiness - Week 28.

  384. Yay…book 2! I can’t wait. I just got out of the hospital myself (physical, not psychological), so I can certainly relate to your pain. I know it’s a corny old saying, but it’s oh so true…”this too shall pass”. No matter how crappy, depressing, or just plain ugly…everything does (pass). I’m rooting for you!!!! Here’s to the light at the end of a long dark tunnel!

  385. SO Thrilled for you lady!! xoxo

  386. Can’t wait for your second book. Love the first one.

    And a total non-sequiter – I heard you speak at the Chicago Printer’s Row book fest.
    Then I went to have a sandwich.
    And you walked by the plate glass window while I was at the counter eating it.
    So my image of you is forever standing on the sidewalk outside of Potbelly.

  387. In the midst of some troubling times, me…the voracious reader toiling between Post Mortem and Airframe…stumbled across LPTNH. I really, really love you. I can’t wait for book #2, because being an insomniac, I love reading Let’s Pretend in the middle of the night and waking my boyfriend and the dog due to having not mastered the art of laughing quietly.

  388. It is funny, I am part of a huge online community on facebook and twitter because of this, and I still see so many names in the comments I don’t know yet. I can’t wait to meet you all. (Online of course, meeting people in person is scary!)

  389. And apparently I cant read instructions until after I hit submit where it says “Use http…” in front of your URL.

    Tony Sepulveda recently posted The Great Pumpkin.

  390. YEAH! MORE BOOK! YEAH! This makes ME furiously happy.

  391. 401
    christa harlfinger

    Yes! I can’t wait to read the next one! I sit next to my husband reading the first book and laughing my ass off. He thinks I need to call my psychiatrist because obviously my bipolar meds aren’t working and I must be manic. I think you are incredible Jenny, and I don’t just say that because I have depression, anxiety disorder, RA, and a tendency to name taxidermied animals. Thank you so much for sharing your life with us, and making me feel better about hiding in the bathroom at parties.

  392. I love this book!! Thanks for making me laugh!!

  393. Just read Pretend in two days of staying up late when I should have been sleeping. Reminded me of doing the same thing in high school when I had to read Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison and write a book journal about it, which I did in about 24 hours. And then, when my father asked me if I would be coming to breakfast, I said I would, if I still existed. So, not sleeping to read books makes me crazy, but not sleeping to read your book made me feel a little better about that.

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