The first cartoon I ever wrote

first cartoon

Does it count as “writing a cartoon” if I just stole some clip art and wrote my own captions?  Because it should.

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  1. Did you come up with that all on your own?

    Cause you’re really twisted if you did. Funny, yes, but definitely twisted.

    If I was gonna bat for the home team…AND I wasn’t married with children, I would wine you and dine you and whip Wil Wheaton’s behind. And maybe Victor’s.

  2. Some guy emailed me and asked me to write jokes for his cartoons (and I thought your cartoons must be so way lame if you’re asking me)but anyway, yeah it totally counts.

  3. I had a witty comment and then got all excited thinking when I read Robin’s comment about whipping Wil Wheaton’s behind. That sounds fun!

  4. Actually my coworkers were outside of my office and said the stuff in the first box, then I didn’t hear the rest of their conversation so I just made up my own. Then I found out her father really *did* choke to death on a dime. Is that coincidence or irony? I always get those confused.

    Lotta – Cyanide and Happiness. Hell yes.

  5. ok, somehow I left my comment under the cancer one, and not the “moms put out” one. This one’s funny too though. Don’t know how I can use it in real life though. I’ll get back to you on that I guess.

  6. Choking to death on a dime? Really? If I’m going to choke to death on money, I’d want it to be a million dollar stuffed down my throat. Not a measly dime.

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