One to nothing

Earlier this week I was involved in a big fight with the famous blogger, MeMo.  I totally won.  And not just because she didn’t respond to me at all.  Not knowing I exist is pretty much the same thing as admitting that you can’t compete with me. 

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  1. I can’t compete with you. Is that pretty much the same thing as not knowing you exist?

  2. BTW, WAAHOOOO on your new blog! It’s already Bloglined and lurved :).

    1) I know you exist…

    2)…not gonna even try to compete with The Blogess.

    3) When I FINALLY get around to creating a Pensieve blogroll, you will be there not once, but twice :).

  3. I just read her post. I think she was trying to be all flip but ended up looking like an A-wad.

  4. More people don’t know that hack exists than don’t know you exist. Comparing posts, you was worth reading, hers was drivel, you got 55 comments, she got 13 (even with a link from your blog) and two of them were Mama Dram bloggers.

    I’d like to use a word that has become fairly popular over the last few minutes..fuck her.

  5. I never heard of MeMaw. You are obviously WAY more famous to me.

  6. Yeah, totally. Jenny wins all. 🙂

  7. Does this mean we *won’t* get to see the “Three-way blogger-chick Jell-o Deathmatch”?


  8. So I post my first comment, and it comes back:

    Ed T. Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Does anyone else see the irony in moderating comments on a blog that comtains (or will soon enough) more F-bombs than there are nuclear warheads in the combined arsenals of the WORLD?!?


  9. Ed, it’s only your comments that get moderated. Everyone else I trust.

    As much as I would love to think that number of comments = fame and quality of work, it just ain’t true. MeMo is famous and even has her own wikipedia entry. ( Meanwhile I’m semi-famous for renaming my vagina.

  10. So since this is two years out, I decided to google to see if by now you have a Wikipedia entry. Turns out you still don’t (don’t mean to burst your bubble, you should already know this). But you are mentioned in the SexIs wikipedia entry:

    Conclusion: You need a Wikipedia entry.

    Leah Danielle recently posted Dime a dozen.

  11. I just found you today but I was curious and check on the latest wiki. And you are finally there. 🙂

  12. 12
    Lady Penelope

    I’m only 5 years late, but who or what is a MeMo???
    Jenny Lawson / Bloggess = household name. Quoted daily.
    Jenny wins.

  13. To the victor go the spoils…
    Then again, who wants something that’s spoiled?

    The Hook recently posted The Hook Dodges A Bullet – Barely!.

  14. Jenny. It is 2015. Just read your first book. Fell in love and found you on Twitter and Facebook.
    Am now starting at the beginning of your blogs and reading through. I was reading backwards from 2015, but this seemed easier 🙂

    Bless your heart for your kindness and truthfulness and generosity.

    New “tribe” member.

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