One to nothing

Earlier this week I was involved in a big fight with the famous blogger, MeMo.  I totally won.  And not just because she didn’t respond to me at all.  Not knowing I exist is pretty much the same thing as admitting that you can’t compete with me. 

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  1. I can’t compete with you. Is that pretty much the same thing as not knowing you exist?

  2. BTW, WAAHOOOO on your new blog! It’s already Bloglined and lurved :).

    1) I know you exist…

    2)…not gonna even try to compete with The Blogess.

    3) When I FINALLY get around to creating a Pensieve blogroll, you will be there not once, but twice :).

  3. I just read her post. I think she was trying to be all flip but ended up looking like an A-wad.

  4. More people don’t know that hack exists than don’t know you exist. Comparing posts, you was worth reading, hers was drivel, you got 55 comments, she got 13 (even with a link from your blog) and two of them were Mama Dram bloggers.

    I’d like to use a word that has become fairly popular over the last few minutes..fuck her.

  5. So I post my first comment, and it comes back:

    Ed T. Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Does anyone else see the irony in moderating comments on a blog that comtains (or will soon enough) more F-bombs than there are nuclear warheads in the combined arsenals of the WORLD?!?


  6. I’m only 5 years late, but who or what is a MeMo???
    Jenny Lawson / Bloggess = household name. Quoted daily.
    Jenny wins.

  7. Jenny. It is 2015. Just read your first book. Fell in love and found you on Twitter and Facebook.
    Am now starting at the beginning of your blogs and reading through. I was reading backwards from 2015, but this seemed easier 🙂

    Bless your heart for your kindness and truthfulness and generosity.

    New “tribe” member.

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