The awesomeness of Amazon, part 3

Um…Ow.  Have you tried just rubbing them?  Because they’re only going to retreat further if they see that coming.  And no, I don’t care if you did “warm it up in the oven first”.  Put it away, asshole. 

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  1. I’m a bit frightened, and wondering who would be buying this and disposable plastic vaginal speculums. Put the two together and I am pretty sure that would constitute cruel and unusual punishment.

  2. I agree, Mark. Why would *anyone* be buying plastic disposable speculums when the old-fashioned metal ones are so much better for the environment? Love the planet, people.

  3. I clicked on “share your own customer images” with eager anticipation!

    And got nothing 🙁

  4. Groowwwwllll, I think I need to go tell Kevin about this! (Where the hell do you find this shit anyways?)

  5. HA! I clicked over thinking it was going to be some kind of La Leche League device for moms with inverted nipples, and… no. Or hell, considering the sadistic, snotty, superior hag I got for my La Leche Lady, maybe it is. Although maybe that’s not necessarily a home improvement.
    I just woke up. I’m punchy. I dunno.

  6. I’m new *waves* and very scared at the moment. Make it stop.

  7. Only 2 in stock – ORDER SOON! whhhuuuuut the fuck!?

    i have small nipples (or maybe my ungodly huge boobs just make them look small) but never in a million years would i try this shit…

    great, i’m going to be holding my boobs all day now, reassuring them that everything is ok

  8. OMG – these must be popular if there’s only 2 left! I clicked on the comments there and they are hilarious!!!!

    Who knew?

  9. okay. only sells books, cds, videos & games. I used to be kind of mad about that, but now I am SO greatful.

    where does this stuff come from?? and who, for the love of god, is out there buying this stuff??

  10. Speculum is one of those words that make me curl up into the fetal position and clamp my va-jay-jay shut.

    The word “marriage” used to do it to me too……

  11. Marnie, don’t start talkin’ vajayjays…the comments will take over the blog.

    Is that thing for HUMANS? Or barnyard animals?

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