How to get out of going to a kid’s party

Based on a true story.


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  1. Bwaaa haaa haa haa

  2. Sweet. That works?!!

  3. I know exactly who you had that conversation with and he CRACKS me up! I love Big Toe.

  4. I gotta remember that one.

  5. Girlfriend, I know he didn’t.

  6. That is cute. I almost bought a shirt for my son that said, “I am proof my mom likes to fuck!”

  7. note to self: never let Mr. Hubby see this site . . .

  8. I love the cartoons!

  9. My husband won’t go to kids’ parties unless they are for

    1. our son
    2. a child whose family we hang out with socially

    He came to this decision after attending a party where he was THE ONLY FATHER. Even the birthday child’s father wasn’t there.

    Of course, at our son’s party, 2 other dads showed up, so it kind of blew that theory…That might have been since we started the revolution of dads attending parties too…But then we ended the revolution.

  10. I’m loving the cartoons!

  11. Is it so wrong that I’m the dude in that cartoon? I swear I’m a good mother.

  12. I 100% admit that I stole this line at dinner tonight.

    Sorry. I was really tired, and I was out of witty conversation. Eh. At least I modified it from “moms” into “married chicks.” Does it make you happy to know that it solicited laughs? (The “moms put out” thing, that is.)

  13. Okay, remember when I said that other cartoon was my favorite cartoon, what I meant to say was this cartoon is my favorite one ever.

  14. That was the best cartoon ever. Seriously hilarious.

  15. Well, mom’s DO put out. Or at least there’s proof that they HAVE. Victor should seriously reconsider if they still do…

  16. Put out the trash or the laundry? I don’t get it.

  17. Jenny – you should totally get the shirt.

  18. I loooove this site…sorry it took me so long to find it. I think I would pay someone to put out for my husband so he’d leave me the heck alone. Oh wait, is that prostitution? Ummm…just kidding!!

  19. It’s only prostitution if you admit you’re paying for sex. Modern day hookers call it “compensation for their time”

  20. Hilarious!

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