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  1. in my house, the gender roles in this cartoon are reversed.

    reading these makes me want lemonade. or possibly a tom collins.

  2. The dude has got a sense of humor but then again, if you laugh, you only encourage him……I would laugh.

  3. These are awesome. I can’t even imagine the number of painstaking hours you must put into creating these drawings.

    BTW, how does lime milk taste anyway?

  4. 1. The little clip-art girl may not have my skin color but she has a stronger similarity to me and that would be the ubiquitous cocktail in hand.

    2. It’s actually a Singapore Sling. Lime milk makes me gag.

    3. Oh the effing joys, I need you to *show* me that you love me. Oh sorry, I’ve been watching too many after-school specials.

  5. Anyone else concerned about the size of Dora’s head? It’s rather frightening.

    And the Dora-ball joke. Straight out of my friggin husbands mouth. Do husband’s go to camp for this crap?

  6. Snort. I must say Caillou and Dora are on my shit list. Caillou such’s a whiner and those pregnant pauses of Dora’s make me fill in the blanks with cuss words.

  7. I’m digging the cartoons. Also, the picture in your description (with curlers) should be the author’s photo inside the book jacket of your collection of blogs/essays. I shit you not.


    That’s so sad both our men think they’re so funny when they’re so clearly not. But I suppose they did have a good enough sense of humor to pick us…so I’ll give ’em that.

  9. Ok. There are normally so many of those bad jokes from Mr.Tango that I forget them all. But today I paid attention just so I could tell you. Here was the most recent exchange:

    Me (after buying some palm leaves) : I’m gonna make you fan me with these and feed me grapes.

    Him : Grapes?

    Me : Yep, you’re gonna be my slave and feed me grapes!

    Him : Yeah…grapes…of wrath maybe. YAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

    (He sometimes yells either “OOOOOOOH!” or “YAAAAAAH!!!” after his stupid jokes. That usually signifies they’re especially terrible.)

  10. OOooooh, reminds me to share one of my favorite words with the blogosphere: “Adorkable”. I first heard this word used by my 10 year old friend who was describing herself. 🙂

  11. Soooooo…I ran across your blog via my Pinterest addiction while perusing other peoples LOL and Humor boards and found your post about Beyonce. My husband and I proceeded to reread it severla hundred times while wiping the tears from our cheeks and the pee from our diningroom chairs. Since then we have been occasionally coming back to your archives and trying to “catch up” on the witty posts we had missed. Tonight I decided to go as far back as my computer let me. At first I wanted to see the stuffed animal chair you posted about wanting to make, but my computer kept sending me to some sight advertising a Blinden Brush, which looks like a 10 lb dumbbell with steel wool bristles on the end and I cant figure out what it is for because my computer freezes up at that point. The next post I read was the A-Dora-Ball, and just had to laugh. In 2004 at my oldest DD 3rd bday party we had a dora theme and someone bought her a small Dora ball. The person writing the gifts on the inside of the cards asked “wait…what was that again?” And I said, “It’s a Dora Ball”. And they responded, “I know…you said that twice now, but what is it?” Me: “A Dora Ball” Her: Or for the love of Pete…hand it to me!” And I did. And everyone stared at her blankly for about 7 seconds then we all got what had happened at once. I knew there was a reason I resonated with you…from the beginning (or atleast what my computer forces me to believe is the beginning) we had a parallel experience with a dollar store toy. Funny that.

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