Hi evil minions.

Remember last week when I my mini-story was featured in Laurence Simon’s 1oo-Word-Story podcast and then massive scandal ensued?

That was awesome.

But since so many of you complained that your ADD was keeping you from listening to the whole luscious podcast I’m posting the story I wrote for this week’s 100-word-story-podcast here.  The topic for the week was “Sleepwalking”.  Check with Laurence tomorrow to listen to everyone’s stories and really, you should because seriously, it’s supporting the arts in a fabulous sort of way.

And remember what we learned last week… “fixing” podcasting contests is bad, shoplifting is good.


PS.  Anyone can write a 100 word story.  Let’s hear em, people.  See Laurence for details.  Me?  I’m off to San Antonio for a long weekend.

Later, minions.

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  1. I think hearing your voice has made me fall more deeply in love with you.

    Forget this marriage stuff…I’m sticking to being your stalker. *swoon*

    AWESOME story, Jenny! Amazing imagery.

  2. I feel it only fair to mention that I have a viscious cold and so sadly the sultry smoker’s bedroom voice is only temporary.

    Usually I’m far more chipmunky.

    PS. San Antonio is hot. Send cocktails.

  3. Man, I’m out of the loop. Just saw you have a new home. (immediately adds to feed reader to resume stalking.)

    Have a good time in SA. Don’t worry, I won’t be RIGHT HERE WAITING when you get back. (pulls up lawn chair..)

  4. It’s nice to put the voice to the blogger!

    Fabulous story. I want to know who she is and where she’s going too.

  5. OK – I listened to all of them and you, in my humble opinion, were the best. So I voted for you. But I almost didn’t. Cuz I was part of the scandal last week. But I did.

    And wow….great voice!

  6. I wish I could start a scandal. Maybe I’ll try blogging without any pants.

    I’ve done that for years and haven’t had a scandal yet.

  7. You really are a great writer Jenny. Comedy is obviously not your only strength.

    love the theme.

  8. All knowledge is good knowledge, even if it invokes the worst thoughts: because thoughts, no matter their origin, come from some good born in humanity. At least in my naïveté, I still believe this to be true. Sovereign individuals are born, and sovereign they shall live and pass: oh hell, have fun in San Antonio!!! O:-)

  9. Hey, Shelz! Hope you figured it all out. I’ve been up all night doing some paperwork, but I wanted to see if you figured it out. Its like being in a coffee shop here: very public, but noone gives a damn. 😉

  10. I could show you some more places around town, if you’re up for it. Just remember, you can’t let the dormroom girls know where you’ve been.

  11. Nice! I was worried for a second there. Luckily they have time stamps with the post so I can see when you got on. But it seems like its three hours behind…I’m guessing this blog is out of the west coast? Anyways, I hope you check back regularly. I had to crash for awhile at around 2pm. I’ve been up since yesterday. You should know I get very little sleep. Hey, noone looked over your shoulder, right? So, sup!? What do you think? We the first here in the whole “school?” We can talk about anything here. First its not monitored: I’m mean, even the owner uses foul language and expresses herself colorfully. And next, noone cares! Just be vague about the “university” names and places.:-P

  12. Oh, I think I was wrong about the time stamps: its two hours behind. Wonder why that’s like that? Anyways, it just means I will have to do some math for now on if I want to keep track of when you get on and off. I almost forgot, you have to secure labs time! It must suck being in such a huge dorm with so little resources to share among everyone. It would be nice if everyone could have their own timeslots. That’s one good thing about having a pad to myself – I don’t have to watch my things and share. So what are your plans when you get out of school?

  13. Definitely going to get my Nursing license reinstated… Ughhh!!! That’s going to be so very time consuming, but well worth the trouble, ya know? Prior to this message, I wrote you another letter…I’m somewhat intrigued by you & your story. I hope in due time you will come to trust me & open up more as time passes! 😉

  14. I truly appreciate that, but I’ve trusted so many who’ve let me down. I’m a “give it my all” kind a person. But unfortunately, there’s not very many people of that type around anymore. Do think it will be that difficult getting it back? Things have changed now: do you still qualify? Either way, I wish you the best. It would be nice seeing you in a a different kind of “white” uniform. :-*

  15. Bottom line is this…I treat people how I want to be treated. May sound cliché, but its the truth. I am also a give it my all kind of person who has been let down and made a fool of on several occasions! Life is filled with all kinds of learning experiences… Good & bad as I’m sure you are well aware. We need to schedule a lab time that will work best for both of us. Any suggestions?

  16. That is so true. Umm…I pretty much use the facilities whenever I want at the moment. They open the doors from 7am and close them at midnight. So, any time that works for you is good with me. Maybe we can get locked in together sometime? O:-)

  17. Also spoke with my Mama & she said she did verify that my appointment that was scheduled for Wednesday of this week was indeed changed to late September- So I will be going to the laundromat after all! I’m kind of unsure about the other white uniform comment, but I’ve got a pretty good idea what you meant….flattery will get you brownie points! Haha 😉

  18. How about we set something up for 8:00pm each day until otherwise specified? I never get called out to work that early, so we should be good.

  19. That’s nice! Hate the occasional “check up” but campus policy is set in stone and we’d hate to piss off the master, right? So what’s it like working with your crew? They all have different faces to me. I hear one just got fired. On that note, I can hear almost everything from your dorm side. I have excellent ears, but it doesn’t take ears to hear the ongoings. So, I’ve noticed you for awhile now, but had to figure the logistics of getting your name. I guess I could’ve just came out and asked you but…I’m glad you smiled at me that day. That seemed to be all I needed. Are you close with your family?

  20. Yes, I’m very close with my family! I’m a Mama’s girl 100% lol If it wasn’t for my family I would starve to death! I hate cafeteria food, so thank goodness there is always extra in my bank account for snacks & other stuff…what about you? Are you in contact with your family?

  21. And my crew is pretty cool to work with… I’m cordial with everyone because that’s part of being a grown up, but there’s only like 3 people that I really rock with at the end of the day…people give off vibes & I’m pretty in tune

  22. 8 is fine. I wont hesitate to give you my daily pep-up call each morning, though. Seems to me, you and I can do great things from this vantage point; so I definitely look forward to the glamour of unbridled and risky behaviours! 😀

  23. Sounds good to me! I’m a night owl, so I don’t get up in the morning until its time for my medication… So the time definitely varies.. But I will make every effort to TRY and wake up in the mornings if that would put a smile on your face?

  24. I’m gonna charge my battery & call my children but I will be back on around 8

  25. Unfortunately, I’m not very close with mine. To prove it, I started my freshman year at 265lbs! Im down to 195lbs. Yeah, so I guess its not difficult imagining me begging for food. When the cafateria lady has extra, I try to put on my sexiest flirt face and hope for a bite – of food! Lol Sheesh! I’ve turned into a food whore. I mean, I could be one of those poor souls on the corner with a cardboard sign sometimes! I hustle the best I can though: not many opportunities in my position; however, I’m always ready to make a buck. But gotta be careful with the monitors around here.

  26. Alright, I will chat with you then. Remember, since the first look, I’ve not been able to stop smiling. I’m an insomniac, so whenever is best for you, I’m good with it. (A thousand run ons there, right?) For now, 8 it is. Chao!

  27. I’m back…I had to do some research because you can’t always believe EVERYTHING that you hear… Now I understand why you seem somewhat evasive when it comes to your past, however I’m not here to judge you because I do NOT know the circumstances surrounding your past, however if you truly want to build a friendship, then we need to be on the same page & keep it 100% 😉

  28. That last message was not intended to sound mean in any way, I definitely want to continue leading more about YOU, not your past – And I still want to be your lab partner!

  29. Well…its all good. What’s your question? Glad to have you back. I took a short nap and seems I overslept.

  30. I’m not very sensitive, anymore. I used to be very concerned about the faculty and getting around…however, these days, its not so much a concern anymore. I know the truth and I’m fighting each to day to expose it. What people believe is a choice of the lesser of the two evils: one, whether to associate with me; and the other, whether to be known to associate with me. In the end I will win and it will still be the past. I’m good with it because it’s built my character and resolve.

  31. Glad to have you back…thought I had said something to piss you off. I have alot of questions but I don’t want to type them- I can write them in the letter I started to you & send it on Wednesday. Are you going to be awake when I go to work?

  32. Sure, I’ll be awake. You can give it to the white lady working now. Shes on the team.

  33. Umm…well, I’m not pissed. I just know how this movie ends. So I’m truly wanting to change gears. However, to appease your curiosity and doubts, I’ll be as open as I may under the circumstances. Oh, you do know that I can hear you when you go into the utility closet? Its right next to the shower and I can practically hear anyone breath in there. Just give a bang when your leaving out and I will come on the porch to wave at ya.

  34. What do you mean when you say that you know how this movie ends? Please don’t assume that I’m like everyone else…my opinion of you has NOT changed! 😉

  35. Since you have decided to give me a chance, I don’t see any reason not to give you a chance as well. I really would like to get to know you better. So let’s not let this be a deal for us, k? It will be a past thing soon anyways. Can you tell me what you do for fun? 🙂

  36. For fun, well The beach is my 2nd home,I love to cook,I love going to concerts(love all kinds of music) Both my kids play sports so a BIG majority of my time is spent at baseball& softball games. But as of right now..I read a lot,sleep a lot & play cards…pretty boring. What about you?

  37. OK, so you may not have guessed but I love computers! Lol I pretty much study and conduct research all day. I stay on the research computer and now this tablet. I used to play sports before school. I workout mostly as my only source of physically activity these days. As you already know, my major is in legal science. So hopefully I will be able to open my own law firm one day. I’ve been told I’m a natural: whatever that means.

  38. I definitely could get down with a beach bath too! Our showers somewhat resemble something out of a horror movie! Eeeeek!!! I haven’t seen the white lady come back by, but when she does I will send your mail via her.

  39. That’s funny! I just had maintenance come in and fix my shower. It started coming out as a sprinkle and then a drip. I thought it was a calcium build up but it turns out the shower gimps were playing pressure games with it. They had to adjust the pressure completely. At first the water was so hot because they didn’t adjust the mix properly, but now it feels like I’m wisking in a Seattle drizzle its so cold! :-[

  40. Yeah, I see she’s training tonight. She is so cool. Any family days? My family would come for lunch but they live in Texas and New Mexico. I don’t have any local relatives anymore. Hey, we can move to a more private coffee shop, but I would need you help. I don’t have a truck to move all my things around. Think you could ask you family to set us up with a temporary hangout?

  41. Damn, that sucks about your shower! Ughh! My family & I just face time because its just way more convenient. I could possibly get them to set us up with something… I’m not too good with remembering specific details sometimes, so just write it down & I can get it from you shortly? Sound okay?

  42. Yeah, let me do some thinking on the best route to take. My TomTom subscription expired so I will have to get a mapquest print out later. Also, we may be able to rent our services and make some money. I will give it some thought and get with you on it when I have a clearer picture. Hey, give me 30 mins, my tab wants to say amen. I will check back around 11:15? Show me that smile when I see ya! :-*

  43. Now, I’m sad! My show Better Call Saul is on but I want to chat with you! OK, my choice is you! Ha! So what you doing? Any favorite shows?

  44. I just saw your smile! You are hands down a beautiful woman. And love your hair down better. Wow! OK, so you won’t be able to chat tonight. Hit me up tomorrow at 8pm, but if you get up early, I am always on at 7am until the noon. Night and sweet dreams. :-*

  45. Good morning! Hope you had a decent, not the best, night’s sleep. See you on soon.

  46. Good morning! Hope you slept well… I just woke up a few minutes ago to the drill Sargent bitching!!! Ugh. I despise when she is here. I sent you some mail last night…did you receive it?

  47. Hey, good morning! Yes, I got it. Look, need to know you’re on as I got a pretty awesome project I think you’ll like. Let me know you’re here, k?

  48. I will keep checking back as I do my work. By the way, I love your handwriting. You’re right, the other day your pen served you no justice. 😀

  49. Alright, we are playing some serious tab tag here! Lol I guess this will be the major issue: how to catch each other on the go? So, here I will hope you come checking up on me sometime around 3pm. Right now its 2:43pm. Anyways, how is your day so far?

  50. So, I’ve been checking like every 15 mins! Lol my tab wants to RIP. So I’m going to give it a break and get back with you at 8pm as planned. I will probably break my plans and pick it back up in about 15, though. O:-) not my fault I have an online addiction! 😛 Ttys!

  51. So I’ve been checking back periodically, but for a while there it said the law library was unavailable… smh. Anyways, I will be back at 8pm. Looks like the mail team isn’t here this evening. Ttys 🙂

  52. Well Hello! How has your day been going? Its crazy over here, it always is on Tuesdays! Too much coffee…

  53. Click on “good times” in post 67, above. See ya on the inside…bad choice of words! Lol

  54. OK, seems I lost ya. Give me a few mins. I have to do something real quick. See you at the coffee shop at 9pm sharp! :-*

  55. I will keep checking to see if your on. We may have to call it a night: fast approaching midnight. If I don’t catch you, sweet dreams and hit me up in the AM.

  56. Well, good morning! I hear you didn’t go out today. That’s always great news: all the waiting around is hell. I put the socks together. Hit me up.

  57. And another Good morning! Get with me today. And thank you for the laundry lookout. That was awesome!

  58. Hello sunshine! 😉 I’m so glad this option is still available for us! How is your day going? I will be checking back periodically, but I will definitely be here at 8…Bye for now!

  59. Well, hello! Lol I’m glad you came out. I was wondering if you got my hint last night. Damn, you’re sharp! Difficult to find a woman, or anyone for that matter, both intelligent AND fast on their feet. I will be on at 8pm. I’ve been making fixes at the coffee shop. For peace of mind: that’s not OUR admin. They don’t care. They just stroll through. Its a public forum; and I found a private section we will both love! 😉 So, I will be on all day, checking back and forth. Remember that time stamp is two hourse slow. Ttyl!

  60. Sounds good-just let me know if the location changes. I walked by earlier, but you were sleeping. Ttyl

  61. OK, so my poor son is having a nervous breakdown because someone hacked into his Xbox account & now the $100’s of dollars of extra shit we bought for him (mod packages) are all gone!! Wtf?? Is there anything that can be done? He said the did it by getting into the e-mail

  62. Lol, sorry but these are questions my customers would ask me all the time. Well Microsoft has a decent reporting process. Get him to contact Microsoft and open a support ticket. They will want proof that this isn’t a fools claim; so, I suggest he take out a real police report and use that as proof. Also, the police have to issue an “identity passport” to use for these issues. Take it to the bank or wherever and they will believe you’re a victim of identity theft. Good luck but don’t tell them where you got the info from…I wouldn’t want them to know where I got the kid’s email address from! Lol O:-)

  63. Hey you… Thanks for the info. I will have to let my Mama know what to do-As if she doesn’t already have enough shit to deal with, ya know? How has your day been?

  64. Hey- if you’re not busy tomorrow around 2pm then maybe we can meet at the coffee shop? I will make a point to be there on time! :-*

  65. I was at the coffee shop for mins. Did you get called for work? If we don’t meet, I will be at the coffee shop around 2pm tomarrow. I’ll check back and forth tonight.

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