Okay, if you live in California, please begin dumping large quantities of arsenic in the ocean now.  If you need me I’ll be cowering under my desk. 

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  1. I saw that this morning and wondered how many nightmares it would cause you in the near future. My condolences.

  2. Oh noes! I think your stapler could definitely be a spear gun, if you sharpened up a couple of pens to shoot from it or something. Get ’em in the beak, they hate that.*

    (* I have no idea how to fight a squid, I feel like this should be noted.)

  3. How can a jumbo squid be invading a bay?

    I mean, isn’t that their domain?

    Or does man really always get first dibs everywhere?

    Take heart Jenny…he’ll never make it around over here. I mean, what are the odds he knows about the Panama Canal? Plus, really the only danger is to people who go looking for him by diving and the success level of the fisherman’s catch.

  4. mmm… fried calamari…

    WHAT? it would be GOOD. just imagine: battered, crispy goodness the size of your head.

  5. Hmmm… has it occurred to anyone else that the guy who wrote this study is named Zeidberg, which is suspiciously close to “Zoidberg” – the lobster-esque doctor on “Futurama” who has squid-like tentacles around his mouth?

    Could these just be minions of Matt Groening, poised to take over the world? First the Simpsons movie and now this!

  6. I’m on it. Will industrial pesticides work? Cuz I was going to just dump those in the neighbor’s orchard otherwise?

  7. they look kind of like penises. squid=penis, penis=squid. now, resume your sexlife.

  8. Diesel – Industrial pesticides only do damage over generations and frankly I don’t have that kind of time.

    Very Freudian, Thelma. I’m not sure if that reveals something about me or about you.

    HMFT – You are dead to me.

    Fucking Zoidberg.

  9. You should have seen it up close and personal.


    The naked cavepeople exhibit was equally as horrifying. No photos of that one, no ma’am.

  10. The Naked Cave People. I think they’re a cover band. They have a hit called “Jenny and the Squid.” It’s a Freudian thing.

    Funny but “penis” is NOT the sexual organ that comes to mind when I hear the word “squid.” That would, of course, be “the human brain.” Because as everyone knows the brain is the biggest sex organ of them all.

  11. “That would, of course, be “the human brain.” Because as everyone knows the brain is the biggest sex organ of them all.”

    not on one guy I dated, Chuck. I wouldn’t let him get that thing near me. we’re talking join a side show and charge admission, freak! tattoo it and call it a totem.

  12. We are going to have to reprogram you to quit talking about squid

    I don’t think I can take it anymore, either.
    I don’t even like to say it Squid.
    Say it six time. It’s horrid.

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