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I think I must look at photographs the wrong way.  I stare past the subject’s smiling faces to search through the little things in the background.  In my childhood photo albums I look past the photo of Thanksgiving dinner to see the plump arms of my grandmother, soft as pillows.  I glance over the picture of my 7th birthday to search out the blurry outline of a stuffed kitten I slept with until it disappeared, the shirt I wore each summer that always smelled of fresh cut grass, and the paneling in my old bedroom that I could always see faces in late at night.  None of these things exist anymore and somehow it’s these little pieces that speak to me more than the posed pictured ever could…those little details that make up a life. 

Maybe I’m the only one who sees thing in that way.

But somehow I doubt it.


Lawson Family Portrait – 2007

What about you?  Are there any pictures that you treasure for what they weren’t meant to show.  Are you taking pictures of the day-to-day things you might forget to treasure until their gone?…your child’s toes, your fathers hands, a scar, the tattoo you never reveal.

 Show me.  Post it on your blog or email it to me.  Best photo/story gets an original painting by a just-turned-three year old.

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  1. I LOVE those photos! Did I ever tell you that if I become independently wealthy, I will open an art gallery that only exhibits shoe art; photos, sculptures, ect. I’ll be giving you a call if it ever comes to fruition. 😉

  2. Apparently I’m nothing like you, because all I can see are THOSE FABULOUS SHOES on your feet. What? The sandals aren’t yours?

    You know what I love? I love taking photos where the “subject” is out of focus, bringing the background in sharply. I love this, I’ll have to participate if our home internet service is working, tonight.

  3. Hee! I love you guys.

    Mary – Posey would not be bothered with a photo. Everytime I’d sit him up he’d go limp like his bones had turned to jelly. Can cats get mono?

  4. your daughters shoes/feet are precious.. i love that makes me think of all the sweet child hood moments ya know?

    love your shoes!!!

    hairy man legs mmmm urrr yeah that

  5. I have a few pictures on flickr of X’s muddy feet and my muddy hands from working in the garden. Last night I took several pictures of him drawing because it’s not just the final result I love, but the process he goes through.

    By the way, are the pictures on the left the after and before of your waxing appointment?

  6. YIKES!!!

    IF I didn’t totally crush you before (which I did), I’m swooning now. A foot family portrait?? HOW DID I NOT THINK OF THIS????


    I’ve got a poll up right now for Fun Monday’s theme next week, and one of the choices is pics of people’s shoes (and feet)…NOW, I REALLY HOPE that’s what “wins” (go vote…go vote…go vote vote vote–polls close in less than an hour, and I’ve never been more tempted to rig something…but I won’t :/…but I wanna).

    ANYWAY…I have a “last picture” of my father…and it’s exactly what you’re talking about here. But as I read your words, I thought about the ordinary things I wish I had captured when my babies were younger. Hold onto these thoughts, Jenny…they’re wonderful…:)

  7. LOVE the family portrait.

    I’m definitely going to do this, but I have so many photos. I’ll have to think about this one for a bit. Do we have a time limit?

  8. I can’t wait to see all your entries! We’ve had some fabulous ones so far.

    I’ll pick a winner next Wednesday so just get it to me by next Tuesday and you’ll be in.

  9. Love the portraits.
    Of course, Hailey wins.
    I love Tar’jay shoes.
    Someone needs to shave.
    Where did you buy the furry slippers? Does Tar’jay sell those, too?

  10. If you can get a dog disease, then surely Posey can get Mono. Now I’m off to find a super-wide angle lens to get a picture of this ever expanding waistline.

  11. i have a picture of my papa’s dog…pepper is in the center, and in each corner there is a foot:
    papa’s, papa’s best friend’s, mine, and my precious uncle (who died in 2000).

    in it, i see all the times i spent at the car lot with papa and his buddies…and how those were some of the best days of my life…

    i’ll post it soon…

  12. That’s a great idea.

    I’m always careful not to crop too much of the picture out when I’m scrapbooking because of this very reason. The background stuff is sometimes more interesting than the subject!

  13. I love it, love it, love it. My boys are pissed off now though because I keep telling them to stand still so I can take a picture of their feet.

    Maybe they are related to your cat.

  14. This is truly awesome! I cannot believe Hailey’s feet are even that damn cute or that your feet could be that sexy! You people are one of those perfect families everyone wants to hate but just can’t!

    P.S. I love the cat one. Totally rocks.

  15. That is a great array of feet. I like Hailey’s red shoes. I had red shoes once and I loved them. The dog feet are cute too. I need to do a family foot or shoe portrait.

  16. It took me forever, but I finally finished my post (except it took three to finish it :/). The picture’s on the most recent one…

    Thanks for the motivation :).

  17. I don’t know if you’re still taking comments on this, but I just thought I’d share a few of my favorite photos:

    This one is my mom reading to my step-kids…they didn’t even know I was taking the picture. It’s the moment I really realized that she was accepting them as a part of our family.

    This one is my step-daughter on my wedding day…there’s something very whimsical about it…

    Talk about moments that weren’t supposed to be seen…but I love that this captures the fun we had on my wedding day…

    I love photos where you’re, like, “caught being happy”, just a natural state of happiness:

    The kids, caught being kids:

    I will always and forever wonder what the heck he just whisphered in my ear to make me make this face:

    And last one, I promise:

    Thank you for letting me share these with you.

  18. So I recently became a fan due to Beyonce. I’ve enjoyed your subsequent posts so much, I decided I’d go back and read you from the beginning. (Yes, I know you have other blogs, but I’m starting here for now.) TOTALLY worthwhile so far. Apparently I see pictures differently too. Before I read the blog I saw the photo and thought “wicked witch, tin man, cowardly lion, and Dorothy.” It’s so apparent to me, I can’t help but think it had to be intentional? Or maybe it’s just me. Heh.

  19. I totally do the same thing with pictures. I think it’s because, mostly, the people I remember but it’s the little things in the background that spark long forgotten memories. I do the same thing when people send me pictures online. I think because it’s easy to pose and look your best for the camera so, sometimes, the background says more about a person than the person themselves.

  20. The first Creative Memories “party” I ever went to turned me off of scrapbooking solely because the consultant was all about cropping the crap out of every thing. I kept on saying “but 10 years from now seeing the messy clothes laying on the floor in the background will be the best memory”. I’m sure she still tells stories about me at consultant training.

  21. This is Richard, the Bisaya that you’re still not yet unfollowing on Twitter. Here’s a photo of people I’m not immediately related with but are part of one of the People Postcards I took that I’m still proud of. It’s even got an austere title for effect. People love effect:

    She Laughs At The TV’s Reflection of Her Parents’ Watching Of Her Dad’s Way of Fixing The Phone:

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