Fantastic Strangelings!

So I’m slightly late on this month’s Fantastic Strangelings book club discussion because Texas. That seems like a sentence fragment until you remember how fucked up Texas was last month. But currently we’re almost totally recovered except for one pipe that froze and burst (luckily right on the outside of our house rather than inside)Continue reading “Fantastic Strangelings!”

Book tour!

me: Hello! You: Wait. Are you talking to me? Me: Yes, I am. If you are reading this I am talking to you. About my book tour! You: Awesome! But…wait aren’t you still without water in the middle of snow storm? me: And also no electricity since yesterday. And I realize it seems odd toContinue reading “Book tour!”

Happy Valentines Day?

Today at Nowhere (if we weren’t still living in the plague years) we would be celebrating Valentine’s Day with a giant display of books wrapped up in paper with a teaser on the cover so you could pick one out and have a blind-date-with-a-book. But since it’s still bookselling-in-the-time-of-contagion I decided that instead I’d wrapContinue reading “Happy Valentines Day?”

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