The Winning Shot

So many of you sent me lovely photos for the bizarro photography contest we had last week that it was impossible for me to choose a winner so I pawned it off on my 3 year old brought in Hailey as a guest judge, which only makes sense because her artwork is the prize. 

And the winner is…

Happy Katie’s family portrait!


Says Katie: “We are perfectly emulating the newborn Ella’s pursed lip / googly wide-eyed look that we laughed at non-stop for about 3 months of her early life (yes, we realize her psychiatrist bills will be enormous)”

Hailey agreed.  “That baby is funny!  She’s making a fishy lips face.  See my fishy lips, baby!”

And then she did fishy lips.  And then I did fishy lips.  Hell, you’re probably doing fishy lips right now.  And only a great photo can inspire laughter and smiles and international fishy lips.

So send me your address, Katie.  This art piece is yours:


Fishy lips forever,


PS.  Is it just me or is the font all screwed up in this post?  Weird.  I blame the Canadians.

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  1. I love it! Great choice, Hailey!

    Is that an abstract painting, or is it supposed to be of something specific? It looks like a penis flying through outer space to me.

  2. Great picture.

    I was going to try to do this, but corralling 3 cats and a busy husband proved very difficult.

  3. I don’t know if it’s just my whacky imagination, but I see a cabbage rose next to penis/testicles, with little ducks following behind…an early inductee to the TS, perhaps? hehe Anyway, all are cute pics. 🙂

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